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Planet X Pole Shift Proof! Is Nibiru Hurling Asteroids At Us? Harvard Astronomy Chair's Shocking Find

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via Jacob Israel and Coast to Coast AM

COAST TO COAST AM. The oceans are going to come up 700 ft and a new continent will emerge in the South Atlantic. Planet X photos and videos continue to be posted at, he reported.

After the apocalyptic events, humanity is transitioning into a higher frequency, Gianninoto remarked, and there will be a new race of half-human/half Zetas who’ll have a life expectancy of 400 years, IQs of 300, and be entirely telepathic.

His wife, he revealed, has given birth to hybrid children that she’s visited while aboard ET spacecraft.



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  • Central Scrutinizer

    Any dates to share with the Class, Jeffrey? (Personally, I’m in the ‘Don’t Believe It’ Camp, but wanted to give you the option to toss out a date, like Lifels / Capt PE / Tim The Enchanter). :mrgreen:

  • grayeagle40

    Revelation 8:8 And the second angel sounded, and as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea: and the third part of the sea became blood;
    Planet X is the cause of climate change. What the PTB don’t want you to know. OBTW he Bible never gives dates. “Elenin, Planet X, Nibiru, is Wormwood: The logic is Undeniable” Prophecy page video: Click my name.

  • beLIEve

    Earth’s magnetic field is…..NOT ABOUT TO REVERSE :idea:

    A study of the most recent near-reversals of the Earth’s magnetic field by an international team of researchers, including the UNIVERSITY of LIVERPOOL, has found it is UNLIKELY THAT SUCH an EVENT WILL TAKE PLACE anytime SOON.

    There has been $PECULATION that the Earth’s geomagnetic fields may be about to reverse , with substantial implications, due to a weakening of the magnetic field over at least the last two hundred years, combined with the expansion of an identified weak area in the Earth’s magnetic field called the South Atlantic Anomaly, which stretches from Chile to Zimbabwe.

    In a paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, a team of international researchers model observations of the geomagnetic field of the two most recent geomagnetic excursion events, the Laschamp, approximately 41,000 years ago, and Mono Lake, around 34,000 years ago, where the field came close to reversing but recovered its original structure.

    The model reveals a field structures comparable to the current geomagnetic field at both approximately 49,000 and 46,000 years ago, with an intensity structure similar to, but much stronger than, today’s South Atlantic Anomaly (SAA); their timing and severity is confirmed by records of cosmogenic nuclides. However, neither of these SAA-like fields developed into an excursion or reversal.

    Richard Holme, Professor of Geomagnetism at the UNIVERSITY of LIVERPOOL, said: “There has been speculation that we are about to experience a magnetic polar reversal or excursion. However, by studying the two most recent excursion events, we show that neither bear resemblance to current changes in the geomagnetic field and therefore it is probably unlikely that such an event is about to happen.

    “Our research suggests instead that the current weakened field will recover without such an extreme event, and therefore is unlikely to reverse.”

    The strength and structure of the Earth’s magnetic field has varied at different times throughout geological history. At certain periods, the geomagnetic field has weakened to such an extent that it was able to swap the positions of magnetic north and magnetic south, whilst geographic north and geographic south remain the same.

    Called a geomagnetic reversal, the last time this happened was 780,000 years ago. However, geomagnetic excursions, where the field comes close to reversing but recovers its original structure, have occurred more recently.

    The magnetic field shields the Earth from solar winds and harmful cosmic radiation. It also aids in human navigation, animal migrations and protects telecommunication and satellite systems. It is generated deep within the Earth in a fluid outer core of iron, nickel and other metals that creates electric currents, which in turn produce magnetic fields.

    The paper, `Earth’s magnetic field is probably not reversing’ is published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) doi/10.1073/pnas.1722110115.

    The research also involved :idea: The UNIVERSITY of ICELAND and GFZ GERMAN RESEARCH CENTRE for Geosciences. :idea:

    * *

    SOoooooh :cry: ….WHY are the $CUM at the top running $CARED :?:

    Because “apparently” THEY HAVE BEEN TRYING to ESCAPE this EARTH… SMA$HING the FIRMAMENT :?:

    Which is WHY THERE ARE So MANY ROCKETS going off….around the place. :wink:

    THEY have failed to $MA$H the FIRMAMENT and REMAIN TRAPPED in an ENVIRONMENT that is not theirs.

    According to Michael Tsarion…..a group of DEGENERATES….were being PURSUED across the UNIVERSE……leaving in their


    Unfortunately THEY “accidentally” arrived on Earth and……

    Prime Creator TRAPPED/INCARCERATED THEM by placing an UNBREAKABLE DOME above Earth…….whilst….Prime Creator

    dealt with the CARNAGE CREATED by the $CUM across the Universe……indicating that…….

    Earth is to be the….FINAL CLEARANCE OPERATION……in the AIM of CLEARING the…..FILTH…….from the FACE and

    EVERY NOOK and CRANNY in Creation :?:

    There are indications that THEIR TIME IS UP.

    CHEMTRAILS….obviously a GENOCIDAL OPERATION…but, there is another facet to the criminality which is to ERECT a

    …SCREEN….to STOP PEOPLE witnessing what is going on above our heads.

    There are indications of UNUSUAL ACTIVITY in the sky which, could be INDICATIVE of the $CUM at the top coming

    UNDER GENUINE ATTACK….as opposed to “STAGED attack” by FORCES keen on EVISCERATING……THEM.

    ALSO…….it is likely that CHEMTRAILS are DEMONIC and the majority of “planes” flown..MAY….in reality

    be…..”CA$ING$” cast in the SHAPE & APPEARANCE of genuine aircraft.

    * *

    Earth’s FIRMAMENT…..

    CIA DOCUMENTS….approved for release 15th June 2000 :idea:

    In a DISSERTATION originating in the USSR written in the 1950s and titled…

    ‘INVESTIGATIONS Of Light Scattering In The Earth’s Atmosphere’ :idea:

    It becomes apparent that….Russia/USSR….was conducting research into…..

    FLAT EARTH & the FIRMAMENT. :idea: :idea:

    Should anyone be interested the relevant references can be found on…..Cards numbered…6/21 and 7/21.
    The card numbers are given in the bottom left hand corner of the pages.

    For those short of time….the text is typed below……..

    Card 6/21
    “In the investigations two instruments, designed by V.G. Fesenkov were used; one of these was a visual photometer of the daytime sky intended for measuring THE BRIGHTNESS OF…THE FIRMAMENT….the other was a photo-electric halo photometer for determining the brightness from near-sun halo and also from the sun on a surface perpendicular to these rays…..”

    Card 7/21
    “The dissertation contains a certain formula of the brightness of the sky, taking into consideration only the brightness of the first order and……DERIVED ON THE ASSUMPTION OF A…”FLAT” EARTH….and giving some conclusions derived on the basis of this formula.
    A method is also proposed of determining the brightness of the clear daylight sky at any point based on measuring the brightness along the almucantar of the sun and of…5-6 POINTS OF…THE FIRMAMENT…located at various zenith distances.

    :arrow: SEE original document for full information.

    * *

    Hillary Clinton: GLA$$ CEILING Will Be Shattered Some Day

    November 1, 2018 :idea:

    @ 1:50 in the linked video…….HELL-airy….. states…….

    “I know we have still not shattered THAT HIGHEST and HARDEST GLASS CEILING but, someday someone will and hopefully sooner

    than we might think right now”.

    * * *

    Operation High Jump; JOURNEY to ANTARCTICA to FIND the DOME :idea:

    Immediately after WWII the U.S. Navy rushed launched the largest military operation ever down to Antarctica called Operation High Jump. Admiral Byrd, a 33 degree Freemason led the expedition of 30 ships and 4700 militarized soldiers. The mission had 3 task forces that were sent out in different directions and was to last 6-8 months but the fleet came back in just 6 weeks. Admiral Byrd reported UFO sightings, but that was a public relations ruse, they were really trying to find out about the electromagnetic field above the ice wall and the edge of the dome.
    Just several years later the U.S. and the Russians began firing over 49 high altitude thermo nuclear rockets up into the dome with OPERATION FISHBOWL and DOMINIC. :idea:
    ROCKETS WENT HAYWIRE and MANY HAD TO BE ABORTED as THEY TRIED to BLAST THROUGH the DOME. In this presentation we chronicle the history of Antarctic expeditions as well as demonstrations of how the dome functions as well as how tidal changes and Sun and Moon movement occur in Flat Earth model.

    VIDEO…….linked below :idea:

    * * *

    So…IF……Earth has a FIRMAMENT/GLASS DOME………does that mean that….Prime Creator…..replaces it

    EVERY 2,600 years :?: …….following the “vi$it-ay-$HUN”….of so-called….nibirooooo. :idea:

    The……aLIEn$……INFE$TING Earth….DISGUISED as…….so-called….government…church…trea$ury….banks…

    JEW-DIC-iary…Schooling….”HEALTH” & POI$ON PHARMA…poLICE…and…..$erve-VICE men/woman(excluding genuine

    Patriots)………ARE…:idea: “likely” :idea: now PLANNING to “acquire” a………….. :idea:


    to effect THEIR ESCAPE…..with as much “$WAG”….as THEY have managed to THIEVE from Earth. :idea:

    BLAMING the DEVASTATION on a….NON-EXISTENT……POLE $HIFT…….nibirooooo. :idea:

    * *

    The “book” of Revelations is a HOAX.

    All “SCRIPTures” carry the “dab$” of the $ATANIC so-called CatHOLIC church. :idea:


    God Denies Satan’s Book of Revelation – The Organic Gospel has been Reinstated

    Christian organizations have totally ignored the HI$TORY behind the BOOK of REVELATION :idea: AND it’$ AUTHOR, :idea: a gno$tic RABBI :mad: named CERINTHU$. :idea: The simple fact that all scripture has passed through the hands of the canonical decrees of the Roman CATHOLIC CHURCH ($ATAN’$ COUNTERFEIT ver$ION of Christianity), :idea: should raise a flag to PROCEED WITH CAUTION to use our God given Spirit of DISCERNMENT specially when it comes to future prophetic events. The version that was canonized into the bible was a version that was authored by Cerinthus.

    HERE’s THE TRUE STORY behind The book of REVELATION…… :idea:
    Historian Eusebius was commissioned by Roman Emperor Constantine and given the responsibility of creating the official Christian Bible and :idea: BY 331 AD the FIRST 50 BIBLES WERE CREATED and delivered to the Churches of Constantinople. :idea:


    Eusebius recorded the words of DIONYSIUS; BISHOP of ALEXANDRIA in the late 200′s AD CLAIMing that REVELATION WAS A FORGERY. :evil:
    There were OTHER SCHOLARS and WRITERS of the first three centuries who WERE also ON RECORD TESTIFYING in regards TO THE FAL$EHOOD and authenticity OF THE BOOK OF REVELATION and to the involvement of a Gnostic RABBI named CERINTHU$.

    A Christian sect called the Alogi stated that it was clear that Cerinthus was the true author of the book of Revelation after analyzing and comparing his writing style to that of Johns.

    :idea: According to the CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPAEDIA ‘CAIUS:’ :idea: ……. :idea: :idea:
    “Additional light has been shown on the matter VI, p. 397″ Caius maintained that THE APOCALYPSE of JOHN WA$ THE WORK of THE GNO$TIC CERINTHU$.” :idea:

    Cerinthus, a man who was educated in the wisdom of the Egyptians, operated a school that followed and used the Gospel of Cerinthus. He denied that the Supreme God had made the physical world, and denied the divinity of Jesus.


    This concept of millennialism was promoted during the second century by Montanus who according to historian Eusebius of Caesarea entered into an ecstatic state of convulsions and began PROPHE$YING that the NEW Jeru$ALEM WOULD shortly DE$CEND OUT OF THE CLOUD$ (beLIEve comment…CHEMTRIAL$ :?: ) and land in a town called Phrygia THU$ BECOMING ONE OF THE FIR$T “PROFIT$” TO PREDICT when THE END OF THE WORLD would occur. :lol:

    The Roman CAT-HOLIC “church” was successful in PU$Hing :idea: CERINTHU$’$ REVELATION :idea: into the bible canon which WOULD eventually ALLOW the powers that be, BLOODLINE of the $ERPENT $EED, TO EXECUTE :roll: THEIR NWO depopulation agenda and CRIME$ AGAIN$T HUMANITY WITH MINIMUM RE$I$TANCE from the Christian community.

    * * *

    The Great Last Days Deception Paperback – May 4, 2012
    by J.B. Hixson (Author)

    We live in an era where “virtual reality” has replaced reality. Image trumps truth. Style supersedes substance. It has become very DIFFICULT TO SEPARATE FACT FROM FICTION. This is because $ATAN is the prince of this world and he, “does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources, for he I$ A LIAR and the father of it” (John 8:44). The LIE$ of $ATAN are not limited to mere theological or philosophical discussions. They HAVE VERY REAL IMPLICATIONS. HIS FABRICATIONS have swept the globe and continue to DOMINATE the HEADLINE$ of our time. THESE LIE$ SERVE TO ADVANCE HIS AGENDA IN very DIRECT WAYS. Even many Christians have become unwitting and unknowing captives of $ATAN’$ GLOBAL DECEPTIVE SCHEME. As THE GREAT DECEIVER, $ATAN’s primary GOAL IS TO BIND THE HEARTS of ManKIND TO THE TRUTH (2 Cor. 4:4). In this book, we will examine Satan’s agenda of deception in great detail. We will learn that his deception has grown more and more powerful with each passing generation (2 Tim. 3:13). The Bible tells us that the age in which we live is an “evil age” where the “whole world is under the sway of the wicked one” (Gal. 1:4; 1 John 5:19). We will see how $ATAN’$ MURDEROU$ :idea: INTENTION :idea: TO KILL, $TEAL, and DE$TROY ALL LIFE HAS GAINED MOMENTUM (John 10:10). It will become clear that the cosmic struggle between good and evil is far more real … far more active than perhaps you ever imagined. THE STRUGGLES WE FACE ARE, “not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, AGAINST THE RULERS of DARKNE$$ of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places” (Eph. 6:12). :idea: DECEPTION DOES NOT HAVE TO BE FORCEFUL; :idea: IT IS OFTEN SUBTLE. :idea: WE LIVE IN A frightening WORLD of LIE$ and HIDDEN AGENDA$. It is a world of spiritual realities, cosmic battles, unseen enemies, and demonic principalities. IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT WE “examine everything carefully” and “HOLD FAST TO THAT WHICH IS GOOD” (1 Thess. 5:21). When we wake up to the world as it really is, it can be terrifying. Yet, WAKE UP WE MUST IF WE ARE TO SURVIVE THIS :idea: GREAT LAST DAYS :mad: DECEPTION.

  • patann

    -Heaven, earth, like mankind by Christ’s Cross, all made new, this is how, ice age to pole shifts on earth, NEO’S from heaven; warring Angels, Ancient beast to men, these tugs of holy wars, to nuclear war to Armageddon, all end time prophecy from Genesis into Rev 1-22, fulfilled to fulfilling, beware, Apb, see what and why here,




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