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McCain Criminally Implicated Himself

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McCain Criminally Implicated Himself

I actually feel sorry for John McCain. He has been my mortal political enemy for the past 14 years and it is personal. However, I get no pleasure from criticizing a dying man. Yet, he is like a bad cold, he just won’t go away.

McCain has just admitted engaging in a serious crime and he responded with, “It is my duty”.

Here’s what some others have said who have listened to the following interview. It should be noted that nobody defended him.


He is as dumb as rocks! They’re all their own worst enemies and when you give them enough rope, they usually hang themselves!!

Chella Taylor

Hi Dave, Here in ColoRATo, are news station KRDO.COM I COULD NOT BELIEVE SINGING MCSHAMES PRAISES….. OMG. HE TALKED ON AIR IN NAM, while being a “” pow”” Lord knows what he told them ! He left his 1st wife, ( she was in a car accident and disfigured her )) after the divorce was final, he married “THIS WIFE” under 5 weeks. he also got over 140 men killed, on the ship cuz he wanted to go, and hid, instead ! ( they sent a chopper, not cuz of his injuries, but b/c of his shipmates….) He got the name songbird for a reason. Do some homework on mcshame how his daddy and grandpappy pulled a lot of strings to get him his “” lifetime seat”” ! ! ! Talk to some vets, they all can’t be lying ! Under hippa we will NEVER know if he has brain cancer, but in all fairness the msm is painting him as a hero not the ZERO he is. jmtol

Leonard Washington

Chella Taylor McCain is the epitome of a traitorous swamp rat, brain tumor or not

Suzanne Fronzaglio

Chella Taylor didn’t he screw over his 2nd wife too? Didn’t he dump the 2nd to marry the current wife?


Song bird McCain is just suffering from a real bad case of sour grapes. He just needs to go away and quit talking. Why the people of Arizona kept him in office isn’t saying much for them.

Sandra mclaughlin

Sounds like treason and he should be in the jail cell!

Donna Jacobs

I’m from Arizona and haven’t voted for him for years

Kathryn Antonsen

Donna Jacobs sounds like AZ suffers from the same thing we in CA do. ELECTION/VOTER FRAUD!!!


I’m right there with you Donna. Don’t know anyone who did. sigh

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    • freedomfirst

      McCain is a top rat for cartel families who have kept him in his Senate seat, voters not needed when they have a worm they can control his real life has been a lie one he knows he would be nothing without it. Now as he watches the Deep State satanic government unfolds he is nervous since he too will be expose as the traitor to America his legacy down the drain burning in Hell.

    • Pink Slime

      It’s funny you came out with this story for you just IMPLICATED yourself also. I did not know you were an anti-Semite and against Israel’s existence, saying she was not an ally and will pull US into WWIII. You are spreading the same MUD as Democraps and Muslims.

      THIS IS EVIL. And you have implicated yourself of who you really are. You want your own skin saved and work for the other side. You side with Democraps and Muslims. No one in his right mind would say this about Israel or its land.

      Are you here to spread rumors? That is all you seem to do. :twisted:

      • CUB4DK

        PINKY…I say, lets get some ” Big Fish” into Prison and get them used to their new Lifestyle!
        ” Lock Him Up ” … ” Lock Him Up ” :lol: :lol:

        • Bob DD

          He’s been on the Senate public dole forever, so lock him up and he can get free Barrycare in jail?

      • Anonymous

        Pink’s what article are you talking about? I must have missed it because had I known about that I to would of unleashed on him God said I will bless thee Israel and curse those who curse you Israel .

        • Sub MOA

          House of Israel, not “Israel” the shitty little terrorist state/country did not exist back then.

          So all you have to do to be “chosen” is just move there, to Israel? lol….not!

          Israel and House of Israel are the same and refer to the tribes descending from Abraham, not a country.

          Find out what happened to those tribes and if you descend from one. One might find out who really is Semitic

          and who is NOT.There is wisdom.

        • Pink Slime

          IT was under “Trump Orders a Communication Blackout”. You have to play his video. :twisted:

    • ledgeduc

      I’d have to see proof of McCains illness before I would feel sorry for him. My guess its another one of his scams to avoid being indicted.

    • Bob DD

      Hey patriot Johnnyboy, with all the attempted and successful stealing of Presidential elections, how do you feel after Barry stole it from you? Yeah, Barry and the global big boyz gave you the old Bernie Sanders trick. Yeah, your pals got you!

    • Watcher1266

      McCain doesn’t care if he confesses to a multitude of crimes because he knows he is terminally ill and in the last stages of his disease which means there are no consequences for him because he will be dead before they can ever prosecute him!

      • Rockledge

        Being one of big brothers lackeys, he also knows he has survived his entire adult life with impunity.
        He is immune to our legal system.

    • The Watcher





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