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Irish Citizens Coerced to House Muslim Immigrants

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Irish Citizens Coerced to House Muslim Immigrants


Do you remember your American History when the British demanded that the colonists housed British soldiers? After the war, we passed the 3rd Amendment which prohibited quartering. Unfortunately, for the citizens of Ireland, they do not have a 3rd Amendment and they are being coerced to take in Muslim immigrants into their Irish Catholic homes. One has to wonder when the globalists will ignore the law and do the same thing here?



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    • truck driver

      I heard in the Irish section of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania that your not allowed to smile at the Dublin airport you have to frown all the time

    • VirusGuard

      What onl;y house them ?

      Like here in the UK they move immigrants in to the street, they kick up trouble and anyone that
      fights back and lives in social housing then gets kicked out of home and the next thing you know is
      the property is given over to house more immigrants.

      Not many muzzie imigrants are homeless you know.

    • Everette

      It’s time for the Irish people to rise up and stomp their representatives asses ( butts ) ! They are not the government ! The catholic church a Satanist luciferian entity is not GOD’s voice ! Stomp their asses also ! The Bible plainly teaches do not mix with the nations of the world . Why ? Because they bring in their evil idols and gods that cause the nations to stray away from GOD . They live by different standards that will cause your children to go astray after evil things . Just like what happened to Solomon when GOD divided Israel and Judea because of this same happening of Solomon marring women of other nations and they had him build temples to their gods in Israel . Teach them about GOD but do not allow them into your homes to rape your wife and daughters ! It’s that simple ! Disobey GOD’s commands and like Europe pay the price ! They need to stomp their represenatives asses also . What really needs to be done is bomb Syria till the evil tyrants exist no longer ! Let the illegal imagrants stay in their own home land , then help them set up their own government after the tyrants have been removed . The vatican has set up Israel ( lost 10 tribes which reside in America , Europe and Australia ) for destruction by pushing this crap ! The vatican natzi wants to rule planet earth . They are not GOD’s representatives . They worship lucifer – devil which can be seen on YouTube as popey boy tells his people Jesus was lucifer’s son and the singer sings praises to lucifer ( the one GOD cast out of Heaven ) . The vatican stated that their created Jesus has netted them great wealth . Go any where in the orld and ask for a coca cola and you get a coca cola . Their is no J or W in Hebrew . So it is not Jesus or Yehweh , it is YESHUA . The vatican is the bastards of Esau the one GOD states HE hates in Malachi 1:1-4 . And in Obediah Esau’s descendants ( Edomites ) will come to be nonexistents when GOD finishes with them . They are reptilian sons of lucifer . It’s time to stop playing patti cake with the devil . Evil is evil and righteousness is righteousness . They do not mix ! GOD states choose you this day whom you will serve ! Don’t get me wrong , I’m not saying be mean to the imagrants . Some may one day except the LORD ! But until they do you have and evil religion on your hands that worships a black meteorite rock in Mecca and a book that tells them to kill the infidel ( you ) because you will not worship their meteorite rock . The word Jesus , name the catholic church changed which was actually YESHUA is called the Living Rock which told those that knew HIM that YESHUA is the real foundational Rock not the meteorite rock that jupiter was supposed to have thrown down from Heaven that has no power to save any one . We have to stop allowing the devil to push GOD’s people into corners putting fear into their hearts so that when it comes to what GOD calls sin GOD’s children back up and shut up ! We are commanded to tell them so that they can not have an excuse before GOD saying I was not told . We tell not in arrogance but boldness , not in weakness but in meekness . GOD said Moses was the meekest person on the face of the earth at that time . So meekness is not weakness . Want to know what GOD thinks about bringing in people of other nationalalities to mix and mingle with GOD fearing people ? Read your Bibles . Many will say what about Peter preaching to the Gentiles ? Yes preach to them ! But until they except GOD’s sacrifice for their sins and ask HIM into their hearts they are children of the devil ! They can not and will not enter Heaven . Only GOD can change a defiled soul ! Once GOD has entered into them there is a change , a new Spirit in them . The old nature wanting to do evil is now under GOD’s subjection . If they commit sin they feel guilty and the need to repent . But without GOD they can not produce fruits of good works that merits them Heaven . They are ruled by the devil ! So until that change has taken place do not except them into your homes !!! They will defile it and your families !!!




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