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That is a powerful title to an article, especially from a Reverend. Unfortunately, in the video below, I could not possibly disagree with Eric Bolling any more when he says he doesn’t think racism has increased under Obama. The Five is one of my favorite shows, and 999/1000 I am in lock step with Bolling, but not on this one. If “RACISM” itself hasn’t increased, at the very least I think most would agree that peoples’ PATIENCE for racial issues has certainly has DECREASED under Obama and Holder’s reign of TERROR, and only because of the frequency with which those two clowns insist on injecting race into EVERYTHING since they HIJACKED THE OVAL OFFICE. 

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In my own life, with the people I come across, and the people I talk to, there is no question people are SICK of talking about race. How can they not be? For SIX years we have heard a non-stop broken record day in, day out, about how THIS group has more than THAT group, or THAT group should be able to do what THIS group is doing, and how it’s all about EQUAL RESULTS NOW, or it should be, rather than about EQUAL OPPORTUNITY.

Being someone who works my ASS off, I am SICK of hearing about what I owe as “MY SHARE.” Furthermore, ever since Obama took office, there is an ongoing narrative the media HARPS ON that if people don’t substantively agree on something, and their races are not the same, then it MUST BE a racial issue. I’ll speak for me. I am OVER it. I am so sick of hearing about race… yet every time I turn on my TV, Obama or one of his robots is carrying on about it. IT GETS OLD! 

I’m one of the few people who can say that over the course of my life I’ve made a hefty six figure income, and some years later I was homeless for an extended period of time living in a shelter for almost six months. Thankfully that was a distant past, but I remember it like yesterday. Everyone in the shelter was like family. It didn’t matter who you were, where you came from, or what your skin color was. We all looked after each other, and we did our best to lift one another up when the opportunity arose. No one came into the shelter on a winning streak, so It was a tough times for anyone there.

In the shelter, no one cared about skin color, but then again there wasn’t a non-stop bombardment on TV and radio from the President of the United States trying to rip open old wounds. Today, all you hear is how one group is different than some other group, and without exception it seems like every group is hyphenated. Worse, the hyphenated part is constantly STRESSED TO THE MAX. What ever happened to us all being American? Why the need for all the hyphens? In that kind of environment, things like jealousy, envy, or resentment can set in quick. It’s human nature. The President knows that, and he plays off it. It’s despicable. 

I don’t read minds, so I cannot say for sure if people are any more or less “RACIST” than they were when Obama took office, but I think many folks have a lot less patience for racial issues in general. These days, with cell phones, and cameras, the PC police are everywhere, and everyone is looking to cash in and get ahead at someone else’s expense. Race is a very easy way to do that thanks to the ultra liberal media who will run with anything, legitimate or not. Until those responsible for the airwaves, beginning with the President, clean up their rhetoric, IF there are any racial rifts, they will continue to get worse.



[Audio/Video below cannot be seen in Newsletter - have to go to Blog]

As a nation, once our ALLEGED LEADERS can get back to a message of self reliance and equal opportunity, not a message of equal results for all, any tension that exists presently will probably begin to fade as the message of envy or class warfare fades. I would not hold your breathe on that though. I expect Barack to keep dumping gallon after gallon of gasoline on the flames of racial tension that are trying desperately to go out. After all, “THE ENDS JUSTIFY THE MEANS!” Who cares if there is a racial divide, as long as it can be used politically for him to achieve whatever communist plank is the flavor of the month. 

In the article at the bottom titled “Why Obama Will Never Know a Full Presidency,” the author does a great job of discussing how since Obama has injected race into EVERYTHING, he’ll never really have or be able to enjoy the same experience all those before him had. It’s a shame he has to see the whole world through the prism of race.



During the 2008 presidential campaign, the media heaped praises on Barack Obama, hailing him as the first “post-racial president” who would heal America from its legacy of racism.

But America is more racist than ever before, despite the “post-racial” Obama having been elected twice as president. Far from being healed from the legacy of racism, America under Obama seems to be a country where racists are cropping up here, there, and everywhere.

Just 7 months into Obama’s first term as president on July 16, 2009, America had its first allegedly racist brouhaha when Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates claimed it was racism that led to his arrest by Cambridge police officer Sgt. James Crowley, for breaking into his own home. Gates had returned from a China trip to find his front door jammed. Seeing Gates trying to force the door open, a passerby had called police to report a break-in.

In 2012, America was in an even bigger uproar over alleged racist, the half-Hispanic George Zimmerman’s shooting of black teen Trayvon Martin.

In June 2013, America was in an uproar again over “celebrity” chef Paula Deen’s allegedly racist remarks (using the “N” word). A judge dismissed a lawsuit brought against Deen by an employee for racial and sexual discrimination. For having occasionally uttered IN PRIVATE the N-word, Deen lost all her cookery programs, publishing deals and endorsement contracts.

The next month, America hurtled into yet another uproar when Zimmerman was tried, and acquitted, for the shooting death of Martin.

We are only four months into 2014, and already we have the Cliven Bundy and Donald Sterling incidents. You can’t turn on the radio or TV without being subjected to wall-to-wall media coverage of the alleged racists.

Racism of a specific variety — racism AGAINST BLACKS — is now the most heinous, despicable and unforgivable sin (even though the racial pimps and the liberal media don’t actually subscribe to the concept of sin). A racist AGAINST BLACKS is more horrible than pedophiles, serial killers, and mass murderers.

[Audio/Video below cannot be seen in Newsletter - have to go to Blog]

Rev. and Dr. James David Manning has an interesting take on recent racial scandals. Here’s a transcription of the first part of his video:

“All this racial hullabaloo, going back to Paula Deen, and with Cliven Bundy, now with Donald Sterling, and all those black basketball players and mad people all over the world — it’s a set up.

By that I mean God is showing … that the racial problems in America have exacerbated under Obama. God is using this to demonstrate that those who voted for Obama because of race have gotten more racial strife and problem. Living by the sword, you die by the sword.

The two illegal elections of Barack Hussein Obama have produced more racism in America than two hundred years of slavery….

I am convinced without a doubt that God [Jesus] is allowing these things to be to show how ineffective Obama and the race pimps are, that they know not what they are doing and that they have no power….

Every last person that voted for Obama because of the color of his skin, God is demonstrating the ineffectiveness of Obama and He is condemning your vote. He is condemning the illegal elections … and all of the praise, all of the legislation, all of the acts and laws that Obama has produced….”


Dr. Eowyn’s article first appeared at Fellowship of the Minds.

Read the article at DC Clothesline here:


Why Obama Will Never Know a Full Presidency

It all started with the first person who ever said: “You hate the President because he is black.” This forever changed American politics and the presidency. It also forever changed the meaning of racism. It meant that anyone of a different color, especially white people, who said anything negative about the President, or dared ask any questions of the President, would be subject to a racism charge by those on the Left. They will reduce any argument, question or analysis of the President or his actions, to the vastly oversimplified and completely inaccurate charge of “you are only saying this because the President is black.”

We all know this. It has affected everything the President has been allowed to get away with, because this is the most protected, coddled, guarded, excused, sheltered, and pampered president in history. He has been allowed to live in a bubble of hypocrisy, with never a challenging question at press conferences, nor any real attempt to overturn his illegal laws and regulations. He is, in effect, without any responsibility for himself and his actions. And this is where the new racism has changed America.

The new racism, the deep racism, the racism that hides in the dark recesses of hearts and minds, the unconscious racism, the racism that so far has remained undisclosed, lies not in the opposition to the President, in those who dare to analyze, criticize and question him, no the real racism exists in those who continue to make or sympathize with the claim that “you will do anything to hurt the president because he is black,” because the real racism today, THE RACISM NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT IS FROM THE SOCIALIST LEFT!

Ask yourself why the socialist Left is so protective of this president? Why do they shelter him, coddle him, reinforce his insecurities, guard him from questions, dismiss his scandals, delay proper judicial proceedings and investigations, allow for his made up laws and regulations, cover for his hopeless foreign policy, rewrite the narratives and history, chain him to a teleprompter, and refuse to let him stand completely on his own like every other president? It is because the socialist Left is completely racist, and doesn’t believe a black man is up to the job of president. It is not the accused therefore that have the race problem, it is the accusers.

Barack Obama will never know what it is like to be a full president, because he will never be subject to the full scrutiny of office; not from the press, not from the public, not from Congress, nor from the Judiciary. He will never be fully held accountable, never have to fully defend himself, most likely never be impeached, and never be responsible for what happens during his term of office. The socialist Left has condemned not only Barack Obama to second class status as a president, but every subsequent Democrat black president to second class status as well, until this leftist racism is purged from our political system.

Every president before Obama has had scandals, and wars, and crises, and things to answer for. And no one has ever said “you are accusing him just because the president is white.” I believe Barack Obama is equal to every president who has served before him. I believe he is fully capable as a human being in every way.

Because he is as fully capable as anyone who has served, or anyone who will serve as president, I feel completely free to fully criticize, analyze, and question everything he has done since taking office, because I disagree with all of it. I disagree with him because he is a radical Marxist socialist who self proclaimed he would fundamentally transform America, and that to me is treason. His skin color is irrelevant. I don’t see it. Never have. For anyone who is conservative, or libertarian, or independent, or constitutionalist, or whatever, who also believes that a black president is the equal of any president, past, present or future, regardless of skin color, then the racism charge is a total disconnect from reality. The irony is that the people who are asking the tough questions and offering the harshest criticism of the President are, by doing so, proving they have no racism, because they consider the president up the challenge of the scrutiny every other president has faced, and treat him as equal to that challenge.

The socialist Left does not consider black Americans as equals, so they certainly couldn’t consider a black president the equal of other presidents. This is why the Left protects and shelters Barack Obama. They believe they have to protect and guide him, because he can not do it for himself. That is racism, pure and simple. If the Left believed Barack Obama the equal of every president, they would have to believe that black Americans are the equal of all Americans, and that would destroy the justification for every liberal program, and would destroy the Left’s reason for existing. That is why they have to bring down Barack Obama under the guise of protection, to keep themselves in power and to allow them to hold on to their racist core beliefs.

In psychology this is called “projection.” The wiseGEEK website: ( reports that projection is a defense mechanism in which someone attributes their own thoughts, feelings and ideas, which they perceive as undesirable, as not their own, and projects those feelings on to someone else. The site specifically uses racism as an example. When elevated to group level, projection explains how the Left, acting collectively, can project their racism onto everyone else with the claim that “you hate the President because he is black,” while at the same time acting on their own racism by sheltering and protecting President Obama, and making him a second class president, because that is what they believe, so he is never exposed to the full impact, responsibility and consequences of his office, so that the Left can never be proven wrong.

The evidence of leftist racism is everywhere, from the willful destruction of the black family, to Planned Parenthood’s “Negro Project,” ( to substandard city schools, to affirmative action, to claiming black and Hispanic Americans are incapable of getting photo I.D.’s for voting, to the substandard of living in every city with leftist leadership, to every case where the category of race is applied in group or class to put down, hold down, coddle, shelter, imprison, and propagandize that the color of a person’s skin reduces them to second class status, and requires the protection of usually WHITE, LIBERAL OVERLORDS! This is all done while blaming conservatives, Republicans, and the Tea Party for all the disasters caused by the Left. That is the essence of modern racism and the result of leftist projection.

Carson - Racism

The socialist Left has not only cheated Barack Obama out of a full presidency, they have cheated the country, and history as well. We will never know what would have happened had the President been allowed to stand on his own two feet from the beginning, without the shelter of a racism charge hanging over every detractor. We will never know what weak conservatives might have done had they not succumbed to the cowardice of racial guilt for which they have no reason to feel. We will never have a black president who can be fully scrutinized until this pattern is broken.

What will happen when the next leftist black candidate runs? Will they be coddled, sheltered, protected and imprisoned by the racist Left, or will they be allowed by the Left to run as equal to the other candidates? Will this new type of racism demand that only black candidates, or other protected class candidates, run on the Left so they too will never be criticized? Will this mean that candidates from the Left will be a series of race and gender groups, and never be individuals? Will our political process be forever changed to mean that only conservatives, independents, and libertarians can be fully scrutinized, held accountable, and made fun of?

Unfortunately the only person right now who can change this is Barack Obama, and that would require a huge input of character, and courage, and the foresight to realize that his current privilege will forever be bondage for future leftist black officeholders. People will unfortunately vote against black candidates simply to avoid this current sheltering and inability to criticize and question them, and therefore get any representation. And black candidates, who want a full presidency, and want to be fully accountable for their actions in office, will never be allowed to do so by the Left.

So the question is, when will conservatives, independents, and libertarians demand that the socialist Left get over their racism and let Barack Obama stand on his own two feet, without protection, without sheltering, and without everything they have done to keep him as a lower tier president?

That is the criticism we should be leveling, and never accepting the bogus charge that we are questioning the President because he is black. We are questioning him because he is the President.

Greg Penglis is the creator of “Penglis Online News,” a blatantly biased, conservative news channel on Youtube and Conservative News 24/7, and authored “The Complete Guide to Flight Instruction,” a blunt critique of our flight training system, and how best to get through it.

Read the article here at ConservativeNews247:







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      He has increase Anti Semitism in America caused me to be attacked when I drove through the streets of San Francisco.

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      San Francisco is Anti Semite City. Sunday this was my fifth attack in 30 days in San Francisco for being an Israeli and a Jew and on the Israel Longhorn Project. First attack was by an Arab, second and third anti Semite Americans. My Israel flag ripped off my truck twice with extreme violence. The last one was damage to my truck by self-righteous Christians. Help me get home to Israel where I will be safe with the Israel Longhorn Project




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