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The Election Con of the Millennium: NWO Globalists Really Won! Zionist Neocons Rule the White House! Agent Kushner Directed by Israel!

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THE MILLENNIUM REPORT: Reporting the Most Important News in the World Today



Israel’s House of Kushner
Now Runs the Trump Administration
for the NWO Globalists


Is the Zionist Neocon cabal using a Kushner blackmail operation to control Trump?

“Pedogate criminality can be used to blackmail and/or bribe any politician
on planet Earth if they have been compromised.   Even if they haven’t, the
pols can still be controlled by the perps with fabricated evidence…which
the C.I.A. and MOSSAD do all the time.”

— Veteran Intelligence Analyst

The Millennium Report

The following investigative report (linked right below) discloses some extremely concerning and sordid criminal history about Charles Kushner, father of Jared Kushner.  It exposes the means by which his political power and financial influence have been exerted on government officials in the past. Hence, the question must be asked as to whether the Trump White House is now vulnerable to the same tactics.  

Jared Kushner: A Suspected Gangster Within the Trump White House (Investigative Report)

The preceding report is as radioactive as it gets.  This detailed exposé needs to be disseminated far and wide before war plans develop beyond a point of no return.  Many within the Alt Right would especially benefit from this major reality check while they wax philosophical about Trump’s rapidly increasing number of war crimes (e.g. Yemen, Mosul, Syria, Afghanistan, etc.).

Unless the American people come to understand the true depth and breadth of the various control mechanisms operating in the Oval Office — 24/7 — the U.S. government crime spree will only continue.  President Trump’s audacious war crime committed against Syria with the April 6th missile attack is just the beginning of this new 4-year crime spree.  A blatant war crime like that can literally trigger World War III.  Deep State has been desperately pushing for war because it would be put out of business were it not for the perpetual war economy that keeps it from collapsing.

Why Did Trump Really Go Ballistic And Commit A War Crime In Syria?

What happened to Donald Trump?

The following video of the President’s Easter Week address to the nation reveals a radically different person than the candidate everyone saw on the campaign trail.  It’s not so much the content of his address that is concerning, although one would think that it was created for the Modern State of Israel, not the United States of America; rather, it was his never-before-seen and quite peculiar way of projecting his presence.

YIKES! What in the world happened to Donald Trump? (Video)

The real $64,000 question, then, is: Who has taken control of the POTUS?

There are actually various answers to this question, each one being quite relevant to the present White House predicament.  As for the general mechanics of the takeover operation, the article below provides the short answer to “Who?” and “How?”.

‘Kushner Coup’ inside the Trump White House

Blackmailed  by Israel?

There is usually one reason why American presidents commit war crimes, especially early in their first term in office.  They are blackmailed by Israel for one purpose or another.   Things are no different in the case of President Donald Trump.

“Of course, the rite of passage for every new U.S. President is the commission of a flagrant and unmistakable war crime on behalf of the rogue nation of Israel. Hence, it appears that — with the criminal bombing of Syria — the new POTUS has just had his political bar mitzvah.”
(Source: Trump Bombed Syria For Israel)

It’s now clear that Jared Kushner is acting on behalf of a foreign entity to negatively influence the POTUS.  Why?  Because it was his wife Ivanka, according to published reports, who convinced her father to launch a missile attack against the sovereign nation of Syria based on a patently false accusation.  If Ivanka did weigh in so heavily with her father, then it was obviously husband Jared who convinced her.  The idea of such a risky and unprovoked military assault would never have originated with daughter Ivanka, who is well known to be the apple of her father’s eye.

Only Israel stood to gain so much from such a reckless U.S. war crime because it served the advancement of their extremely misguided Greater Israel project.  Even ISIS was emboldened by the missile strikes since they hit the Shayrat Airbase that was used to defend the Homs province from the advancing rebels and menacing terrorist groups.  That President Trump would make such a weighty and ill-advised move in favor of Israel, which would alienate his entire political base, indicates Jared’s direct involvement in the decision process.

There’s no question that Jared has been given an inordinate amount of power in the Trump White House just as he was assigned major responsibilities during both the post-election transition period and campaign season. Even his Wikipedia page provides an extraordinary list of titles and roles given by Trump that just keeps on growing.

Jared Kushner’s Wikipedia page — “Political Activity” section

This rapidly evolving situation smacks of an underlying conspiratorial plot.  To those in intelligence circles, the various April events reflect all the hallmarks of an ongoing Mossad-directed black operation.  Numerous agents of Deep State are also acting in concert with Israeli operatives to completely control Trump.  If this plot is as organized as it appears to be, then the key point-man is Jared Kushner, who was strategically positioned within Trump’s own family several years ago in anticipation of conducting such a bloodless coup. How’s that for planning ahead?


The more power that both Jared Kushner and his wife Ivanka Trump accrue in the White House, the more justifiable scrutiny they will both undergo—by everyone concerned. Naked nepotism such as this is similar to a monarchy where members of the royal family fill all the most powerful positions in the realm.  This is precisely why George Washington immediately terminated all talk of an American kingship after he was chosen by his peer Founding Fathers to lead the Thirteen Colonies.

However, in the case of Jared Kushner, we have a former zealous Democrat filling all of the most important positions throughout the Trump Administration.  And he appears to be acting on behalf of Zionist Israel in the process.  So, once again, the barbarians are inside the gates—the White House gates, no less.

For anyone who questions whether the barbarians are inside the gates, please view the following graphics which accurately depict the apartheid state of Israel (Israel’s Apartheid State In 10 Graphics).  Each of those graphics foreshadows exactly where the United States of America is now going, unless the treasonous conspiracy is exposed and the traitors are arrested post haste.

Given that the same covert Zionist Neocon leadership has been steering the destiny of the USA for decades, it’s imperative that the American people throw off the yoke of Israeli bondage asap. Failure to do so will not only result in the eventual debt enslavement of the U.S. citizenry, it will hasten the final demise of the American Republic. Just look at Palestine … as well as the rest of the Middle East. Then take a close look at the European Union, especially the nations on the southern flank, as well as France, Germany and Sweden.

Jared’s “666” Building

Even Jared’s purchase of the infamous “666” Building located at 666 5th Avenue has created LOTs of suspicion (666 was also the actual NAME of the building until it was changed).  That he paid a then record $1.8 billion (3 x 6) certainly did not help allay the fears of conspiracy theorists across the World Wide Web of intrigue.  Incidentally, Jared is now 36 years old which he turned just before Trump’s inauguration.

‘President Kushner’ owns 666 Building where the “Mark of the Beast” Chip is Developed

However, that’s not the kind of intrigue that really catches people’s attention these days. It’s that a real estate deal was brokered with the Chinese that allowed young Jared to profit handsomely from the sale of such an [OVERPRICED] piece of real estate.  Now how in the world did that happen?  And just shortly after the election of his father-in-law?

How did Jared Kushner’s “666” Building turn a potential $400 million profit so quickly?

This whole story, not just about the “Kushner coup”, but the whole wild and wacky Trump narrative gets weirder by the day.  Let’s face it, when Russian State TV says that “President Trump is more dangerous than North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un“, you know things are about to get very interesting indeed!

Russian State TV Says Trump Is More Dangerous Than Kim Jong-Un

Jared & Ivanka, Mega & Monica

The narrow gap of separation between Jared Kushner and some of Israel’s top gangsters is cause for alarm. This situation became especially acute after it was revealed that Kushner failed to provide all the requested information on his national security questionnaire forms concerning his contacts with foreign persons and interests, and has led to congressional calls for his security clearance to be suspended.[1]

The preceding excerpt, which comes from the above referenced “investigative report”, is well worth revisiting.  It highlights a common dynamic which has been at work in the White House for several decades—using any plausible strategy required, including gangster tactics, that permit Israel to closely monitor the White House.

Ever since the United Nations formally admitted Israel into that world body in 1949, the nascent Israeli government knew that it owed its very existence to the USA.  Not only did strong American support ‘legitimize’ that international crime committed against Palestine, the U.S. military has guaranteed Israel’s protection ever since.  Hence, the perceived need by Tel Aviv to forever control the occupant of the Oval Office has become their highest priority.
Continue reading HERE.

Because of the recent about-face Trump has performed vis-à-vis his base, which occurred during the meteoric ascension of his son-in-law in the West Wing, these hard realities must be addressed.  Everything points to a highly coordinated blackmail and/or bribery operation run by Israeli secret services using the young Kushner as the inside agent.  That would put Donald Trump’s son-in-law at the very center of a black op designed to effectively control the POTUS.  Of course, daughter Ivanka would play a pivotal role in this family affair, which is now unfolding as numerous affairs of state.

Key Point: President Bill Clinton experienced a honeytrap blackmail operation when he was stung by part-time Mossad agent Monica Lewinsky whose father was a longtime Israeli intelligence asset (aka Sayanim).  When Clinton refused to follow specific orders issued from Tel Aviv about terminating the pursuit of the Israeli mole “Mega” in the White House, the Monica Lewinsky affair was leaked to the DRUDGE REPORT. However, the real reason for “the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal was to force Clinton to abandon pressure on Israel to withdraw from the occupied West Bank”.[2] Apparently someone forgot to tell Bill that the POTUS never tells Israel what to do.


Special Note:
Jared Kushner was basically given his real estate empire by his father.  Likewise, Jared was given access to his father’s financing sources, political network and social connections when Charles was in prison.  Hence, Jared has a strong incentive to blame everyone but his father for the crime spree that led to Charles Kushner’s ignominious downfall.[3]  All the more reason, then, why the true nature of the relationship between father and son must be correctly understood.  There is a great likelihood that Charles has used some of the same tactics, which got him into trouble, on Jared.  Turning a blindly loyal son into a political Trojan horse sent into the Trump campaign is a cinch for a character like Charles.  The crucial point here is that it is quite unlikely that Jared would switch his fidelity from his liberal globalist agenda — so quickly — to a conservative nationalist movement unless he was compelled to do so.  A whole family of ardent lifelong Democrats simply does not become Republican overnight…unless they are presented with a rare opportunity to take over a fledgling GOP administration that is in total disarray.  As for the Zionist takeover schemes afoot in the White House and obvious Israeli control of Charles, the devil is in the details of Trump’s abrupt and militant shift in foreign policy. 


The bottom line is that Israel is always determined to control the White House, especially where it concerns U.S. foreign policy toward the Middle East (particularly Palestine).

In the case of the Trump administration, however, there is an inordinate need at this critical time to completely control U.S. domestic policy as well.  The international banksters are in very serious trouble and a ‘wrong’ move by the POTUS can bring down their whole house of cards in a Wall Street moment.

New York City, home to “Little Israel”, is the real capital city of New York State which is also known as the Empire State (of the New Babylon).  No matter what the empire or the era — it is always the moneychangers who rule the roost.  Such was the case for the British Empire, the Roman Empire, Ancient Greece, the Babylonian Empire as well as the various Egyptian Dynasties.  Guess who the moneychangers were way back then? (The banksters, moneychangers and tax collectors have always hailed from the same tribal banking class going back millennia, perhaps since the very beginning of the present Iron Age.)

The current Zio-Anglo-American Empire is no different, except that the fiat currency of today’s Global Economic & Financial System has no backing whatsoever.  Such an unwieldy and untenable predicament has necessitated a controlled demolition of the GE&FS via an unparalleled bankruptcy proceeding.  Which is essentially why the banksters chose The Donald—he’s a well-known and experienced bankruptcy artist. TRUMP: The NWO Cabal’s Nuclear Option—To Declare A US, Inc. Bankruptcy

The Millennium Report
April 17, 2017

Editor’s Note

TPTB always control both sides of the U.S. counterfeit coin of presidential politics.  They have to if they are to remain in total control of the military arm of the New World Order. (The USA: Military Arm Of The New World Order)  This is precisely why Trump recently (was forced to) back-flipped on his promise to extricate the USA from NATO warmongering.  No U.S. president would ever be allowed to jeopardize the war-making pact between the United States and the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization.

Author’s Note

With the implausible election of Donald Trump the world has just witnessed what was quite possibly The Greatest Show On Earth — EVER ! ! !  However, only time will tell if The Donald will get to star in the upcoming “craziest reality show of all time”.  Whether the title of this ongoing Israeli-American production is Trumpageddon or Trumpocalypse remains to be seen. Therefore, it’s now up to We the People to bring the curtain down on the current act before TPTB finish this show with a very tragic ending. (See TRUMPAGEDDON: The Real Back Story Behind U.S. Missile Attack On Syria)


[1] Jared Kushner: A Suspected Gangster Within the Trump White House

[2] Monica Lewinsky Was An Israeli-Placed Honeypot

[3] The sordid case behind Jared Kushner’s grudge against Chris Christie


PM BENJAMIN NETANYAHU: “THERE IS NO GREATER SUPPORTER OF THE JEWISH STATE THAN PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP” (Video) — [The Israeli Prime Minister acknowledges knowing Jared Kushner since he was a young boy.]



THE MILLENNIUM REPORT: Reporting the Most Important News in the World Today

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    • my2pesos

      Congratulations: Erdogan.

      This is the same Erdogan that reportedly purged and replaced 50,000 professionals from their positions after failed coup attempt.
      Pre-Election: President Donald J. Trump self- admittedly declared his “Trump Towers” in Turkey to be a point of self-conflict for him.

      • Anonymous

        All of this was very obvious during the election. All the red flags were out there for last 2 yrs but very few would admit it. Mark [email protected] TUT Mike Rivero @WRH Jonestwon, Haggmann, Hodges, Haven, Quayle and the other fake patriots all pushed fake POTUS while refusing to reveal the zionist garbage. Here it is from Jonestown own mouth-

      • Anonymous

        All of this was very obvious during the election. All the red flags were out there for last 2 yrs but very few would admit it. Mark [email protected] TUT Mike Rivero @WRH Jonestwon, Haggmann, Hodges, Haven, Quayle and the other fake patriots all pushed fake POTUS while refusing to reveal the zionist garbage. Here it is from Jonestown own mouth-

        In fact these fake patriots are STILL defending Trojan Horse Trump and pushing him as if he is legit. Fkkk them all. ALEX JONES the biggest fraud in internet history

    • Thoth

      This is the greatest news ever. You are nuts. He will figure out a way of getting rid of the Muslims. And that is the greatest accomplishment that any man can make on this Earth. And Israel is going to help us do it. Why do you think we’ve transferred all those bunker buster nukes over there. The very memory of the False Prophet must be eradicated from the Earth.

      • what if...

        Will Muslims stop immigrating elsewhere if we stop bombing them homeless, do ya think? :eek:

      • THOTH

        You are an imposter. You bear the name of the Egyptian god of wisdom, yet your comment reveals that you have no concern for the truth. You and Israel are hell bound.

        • Cintus Supremus

          The BIN ain’t big enough for two THOTHs.

          I think THOTH should challenge the other Thoth (mangy scoundrel) to a duel.

          • THOTH

            “The BIN ain’t big enough for two THOTHs.”

            I agree. I’m not sure who this other guy is, but as you know, I’ve been here for years and have never changed my handle.

            I dropped the gloves with this scoundrel in my initial comment…If that wasn’t a challenge, than I don’t know what is? :lol:

    • Man

      Scrap the CIA, Scrap the Purple Take over by Hillary, Scrap Pizzagate, Scrap the Deep state. THE JEWS ARE CONTROLLING THE WHITE HOUSE

      seriously… next month it is reptile aliens

    • Josie

      Trumps love for his daughter has blinded him to the dangers of his son in law….

    • Anonymous

      Please read GENESIS 12:3. I will bless those who bless you and curse him who curses you .I will always love all Jewish people IT IS God’s Covenant With Abraham.

      • my2pesos

        Abraham ~ A Brahma ~ Arab Ham ~ Ha! Bar Am ~ Baa! Harm

      • stompk

        Please read the part where the officers of the JEWISH temple gave shekels to Juda and arrest him, and then the Jews called for his murder even though the Romans found him innocent.

      • frosty

        You confuse religion with race.

        The people who founded and now control the modern political state of Israel are not descendants of Abraham but Europeans who have adopted the Jewish religion. Most of those people living in Israel are no more descendants of Abraham than the 15 million Muslims in China are descendants of Arabs.

      • THOTH

        “Strictly speaking it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a ‘Jew’ or to call a contemporary Jew an Israelite or a Hebrew.” -The Jewish Almanac.

        Jews” are not synonymous with ancient Israelites or Hebrews. They are not the seed of Abraham. They just want you to believe that they are, so you will worship them unconditionally.

        If you converted to Judaism tomorrow, you would be just as Jewish as anyone else. To be born Jewish means that your mother had converted to Judaism before you were born. Or, your grandmother converted to Judaism before your mother was born. Thus making you and your mother Jewish by default.

        The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia tells us that, “The Jewish religion as it is today traces its descent, without a break, through all the centuries, from the Pharisees.

        Their leading ideas and methods found expression in a literature of enormous extent, of which a very great deal is still in existence. The Talmud is the largest and most important single member of that literature.”

        Do you have any idea what the Talmud says about Jesus? It’s obviously written by those who murdered Him. Those who He referred to as “the synagogue of satan” in Revelation 2:9. There is only one group of people that congregate in a synagogue.

        If you converted to Judaism tomorrow, you would be just as Jewish as anyone else.

        • THOTH

          My comment is directed specifically at Anon

    • what if...

      IS the potus Jewish, a Zionist, a wealthy corporate elitist, and a 33rd degree secret-oath Freemason too?? Yes, or no?

      Has anybody else ever heard that the potus look-alike wears a blue tie, (thus may sound different) or was that just our collective imaginations??

      Have we been played, or what? Are we ALWAYS being played like gamblers in a casino?

      • what if...

        Of course I mean that we got played by another look-alike, who was obviously unacceptable, and no other candidates to really choose from. And no, apparently not many of us voted for no candidate, as if that could make any difference. Americans just got herded again. Baaaa!

        • Man

          The devil is in the details.

          Trump never got any detailed plans for anything. So you got what you voted for.

          next time ask for specifics when a guy screams ‘Make ‘Murica great again’

    • THOTH

      “…with the criminal bombing of Syria — the new POTUS has just had his political bar mitzvah.”

      Yup….On April 5th, 90 rabbis petitioned Trump to bomb a Syrian airbase. The next day, Trump bombed a Syrian airbase… In the week prior to that, Israel invaded Syrian airspace on four different occasions, to strike targets inside Syria. When Syria actually fired at Israeli aircraft, Israel threatened to destroy Syrian air defence systems. All of this was occurring as the Syrian government was making great advancements against terrorists, and it was becoming clear that their effort to overthrow the Syrian government was destined to fail.

      Since their regime change by way of proxy terrorist armies was failing, the US needed a pretext to justify direct involvement in Syria, and this came in the form of ridiculous accusations, suggesting the Syrian government used chemical weapons in Idlib.

      Israeli officials have admitted publicly to providing different types of support for jihadi terrorists. Israeli officials have admitted publicly that they would rather ISIS control Syria, than Bashar Assad. ISIS shared the Golan heights with the illegal Israeli “settlements”, for an extended period of time, without a single hair on a joo-ish head being harmed. Israel started chanting “Assad must go”, at least as early as 2011. All western nations under the Zionist boot, simply parroted the narrative. Israel is indeed the only nation who benefits from their neighbouring Arab states being toppled around them.

      Roughly a month ago, Trumpty Dumpty threatened to defund the UN, if they refused to remove a legal report which charged Israel with being an apartheid state. An under secretary resigned over it. Trump’s speech at the AIPAC convention was filled with Israeli propaganda and anti-Iran rhetoric. 100+ juze managed and sponsored Trump’s campaign, and now many hold influential positions in his administration.

      Kushner is kosher nostra, a representative of the synagogue of satan. He controls Trump like a ventriloquist dummy. Hand up the arse, working his mouth like a puppet. Agents of Israel have hijacked control of the American government. It’s nothing new, but might be more obvious now, more than ever before. If they fail in their evil endeavours, their last bridge will be burned and they will not be welcome anywhere on earth. They’ve already been booted out of about 100 nations, and they would have us believe that they were innocent victims on every occasion. To suggest otherwise brings libellous and pathetic cries of “antisemitism”. In reality, to understand the reason why they’ve been booted from about 100 nations, all one has to do is look at what they’ve done, and are doing in America. Many of their agents have made arrogant statements, bragging about the breadth of their influence in American affairs. If and when the majority of American people understand what has happened, there will be another mass exodus. Except this time, the only place they will be welcome is the bottomless pit.

      • Cintus Supremus

        “Kushner is kosher nostra…”

        As it is, fewer than fourteen percent of the hooples reading your post have any idea what that means. But include the definite article, and you’ll increase that number to forty three percent. Thus, La Kosher Nostra.

        “Hand up the arse, working his mouth like a puppet.”

        That paints quite the mental picture. Kid must have a long arm.

        “If and when the majority of American people understand what has happened, there will be another mass exodus.”

        Pthhhhhhht. Fat chance that ever happening. We’re too busy getting nose jobs and snorting oxycodone. And have you seen the new iPhones? Forgedddabouwwdit.

        • Mayhem

          Whadiya torking abou’?

          I know a fella, he say’s…

          la stessa cosa

          … it’s all the same thing.

        • THOTH

          “But include the definite article, and you’ll increase that number to forty three percent.”

          You raise a good point. Here it is from Wikipedia, of all places: Kosher Nostra

          “It has been referred to variously in media and popular culture as the Jewish mob, Jewish Mafia, Kosher Mafia, Kosher Nostra, or Undzer Shtik. ”

          “That paints quite the mental picture. Kid must have a long arm.”

          :lol: I was feeling a little creative, I guess. Although the kid controls ‘the’ hand, surely he will not be getting his own hands dirty. Ohhh no…I assume you’ve watched the Addam’s Family movies, right? You know that hand?? :roll: Kushner uses Goëtia, to command the disembodied hand of a Goyim to do his dirty work, of course! How’s that for a mental picture…

          “Pthhhhhhht. Fat chance that ever happening…” You’re right, what was I thinking…I couldn’t even tell you what the newest iPhone is. I’m still using my antiquated iPhone 5.

          • Cintus Supremus

            “Although the kid controls ‘the’ hand, surely he will not be getting his own hands dirty.”

            Which begs the question… what’s in his wallet. Or, more appropriately to this unpleasant turn of conversation — who’s got their hand up his ass.

            “Kushner uses Goëtia, to command the disembodied hand…”

            Isn’t that where they create a gollum or homonkulus little dude out of various muds and bodily refuse and such? [Plus electricity, plus blood and, well, you get the idea...]

            Why not send the whole little gremlin up there to do the dirty work. Why, he could even bring a chair and camp out like he owns the place.

            “I’m still using my antiquated iPhone 5.”

            Pthhhhhht. Got me an antique flip phone. I only turn it on sometimes. Never did own a smartphone and never will — probably not even when they make it compulsory under the law.

            Not to worry though… KID ROCK and SARAH PALIN have just descended upon the White House. All is well here in Murikkee!!!

            • THOTH

              “Which begs the question… what’s in his wallet”

              :lol: I heard, he used the same demon magic to invite the essence of Shabbatai Zevi to share his body.

              “Isn’t that where they create a gollum…Why not send the whole little gremlin up there..”

              Creating a gollum is advanced Goëtia and can take years. He’s working on one and will send it to replace the hand, when he’s finished. But for now, he commanded a lesser demon to possess the disembodied hand of a goyim, specifically for the task of working the turnip’s mouth. Apparently, when the turnip goes to bed, this hand can be seen scurrying around in the WH rose garden..

              “Pthhhhhht. Got me an antique flip phone”

              That’s awesome. My phone is only turned on sometimes, too. Although, my iPad is my “emerald tablet”, with over 10,000 pages of notes on it…

              “KID ROCK and SARAH PALIN have just descended upon the White House”

              Well thank goodness. I can rest assured, now that there’s nothing to worry about.

    • raburgeson

      I said this on David Ickes Official Forum before the election. You votes help pick one of the runners that they chose to be president.

    • Everette

      Israel is the lost tribes which if you search you will find they are America , Europe and Australia ( White A positive blood types ) . Ephraim and Manasseh was given the name Israel in Genesis chapters 48-49 . Ephraim was handed the kingship over 10 of the 13 tribes mentioned in Genesis 48 . Solomon messed up marrying women of other nations of the world . He had 300 conubins and 300 wives . The reason GOD told the children of Jacob Israel not to marry outside of their nations linage was because they would lead them into idol worship . Solomon did just that . God left Solomon 3 of the 13 tribes . They are Judea , Levite and Benjamin . Ephraim got the rest of the tribes . Thy fought each other . GOD allowed Babylon to take them over . Ehpraim and his fellow tribes was removed to Europe . From Europe they ventured to America and Australia . Judea is now back in the land of Israel . The NWO Zionist are not Israel or Judea . It is the Vatican , natzi , luciferian church . In Revelation the prophet tells that they are the ones that altered the truth leading kings and nations astray . They are the religion that alters men’s hearts . They are the ones that the Bible says is the ones that say they are Jews but are not . It’s a liberal lie ! They turn the table like they did on Trump saying Russia help him in the election . . When in actually Hillary and O nut case sold American Urainium to Russia . Are you kidding me ??? They should have been tried and shot for treason . But these basterards turned the table on the election was rigged . Did not Trump say that before the elections . The very same words . But I say video of people grabbing wrote in votes and casting them into Hillary’s box . We in Virginia also gad an idiot that voted 19 times with dead peoples votes . Illegals even voted . But how the hell did Russia alter the election when before the vote the Liberal said there was no way possible anyone could alter the votes . Here we go with backwards masking ( satanism ) . I dare anyone to fully trace the NWO and you will find the road leads to Rome . It is not Israel ( the lost 10 tribes ) or Judea the other 3 tribes . Here we go again with backwards masking . Liberals are liers , thieves and murders . Trace almost every liberal and you will find over 90% are what I say they are . Anyone trying to please GOD will not be a liberal !!! Why ? Because GOD hates liberalism . HE said either you will be hot ( on fire for GOD ) or cold ( into sin that GOD hates ) . Why does HE hate sin ? Because it will lead everyone that follows the road to the devil who will lead you to death . The Devil hates Mankind . He is Jealous because GOD made us greater thn him . The devil only has a body and spirit we have a body , soul and spirit . We are made in GODs image . The devil or lucifer was made great in as a very high ranking angel but he was a servant , not a child of GOD as we are .
      The vatican has YouTube services worshipping lucifer ( devil ) . They are not GODs called men ! They are descendants of Esau , Jacibs brother . GOD rejected Esau because of his evil heart . He is the only person that I recall as GOD saying HE hated Him . Malachi 1:1-4 . These are the Zionist , these are the NWO . They are holding hands with the UN , Muslims because Ishmael is their father . GOD rejected him also choosing Isaac , Jacobs dad . Esau married Ishmael’s daughter . Today they are working together to rule the world. These are the ones the liberals kiss ass too . These are the ones that Trump is having so much trouble with . They are the ones that the presidents since Reagan have sold their souls too .

    • what if...

      Candidates for high office are never really good because they are too very carefully controlled not to be good for the public. In fact we even get obviously bad candidates and pseudo-candidates who are controlled by no media support or publicity. These candidates are not even allowed to debate or express their positions by this control. The only candidates readily available are good for the NWO slave masters. This truth is never made clear to the public.

      Thus any votes for support of the public or humanity, will never ever matter, or count. War is always the money-making and death-dealing agenda. The election is rigged by having only two candidates to choose from that in truth do not support the public, ever. Contrary to their common claims, they are always bought and paid for by the controllers of mankind, whatever they are called. The public will always be human resources to the controllers of humanity. The controllers are the adversaries of humanity, and include our elected authorities.

    • Reaper

      Looks like my stories are being stolen and reposted for someone else to take credit :-( (N) :razz: :mad:

      • Mayhem

        What makes you say that?

        This article was published ten hours before yours was…

        … did i miss something?

        • Cintus Supremus

          Details schmetails.

          Reaper’s on a roll today.

          Earlier he claimed Adam and Eve were black:

          “[T]his is the wakening of the Black race to take back this world from the white race which is a virus come unto this world for the have gotten fat and lazy….. and their time is over as the Black race is set to reclaim their world and their rightfully place in it as they ae the original inhabitants of this world…”

          • Mayhem

            Yeah saw that.

            Typical Socialist.

            Hmm, how’s that working out for Maduro?

            • Cintus Supremus

              I hear he’s ready to start handing out AK-47s to all of his supporters.

              Consistently inconsistent. That’s Socialism for ya.

            • Mayhem

              Only so the newly armed brown-shirts can enforce tolerance and inclusiveness though.

          • THOTH

            Does he not understand that the those Talmud thumpers who profited from bringing Black Africans to America to be slaves, are the same communists who founded the NAACP, the Black Panthers and the fraudulent Black Lives Matter organization? All sponsored by juze. The whole point is divide and conquer. Does the Black racist not realize that a slave owner could purchase a White Irish slave for half the cost of a Black one?

            Ignorant Black racist thug. If your Racist goals were achieved, you would soon realize that White people were never your problem. In Merika, when it comes to interracial violent crimes involving Blacks and Whites, you Blacks are the aggressor 80% of the time. Black on Black crime is a much greater problem than White on Black crime. The only difference is that the former cannot be exploited by the degenerate media as hate crimes.

    • what if...

      For one thing, I couldnt get the voting buttons to work. And I really needed them to vote against what sounds to me like tag-team troll(s) working at changing the subject. Like all we needed to do was vote better. I expect a great deal of cog. disso. on this subject though. People just dont want to believe the sorry truth. We all wish it was not the truth!

      You did a great article though! Thanks very much! It was active for days. And your truth level seems very good to me. If it did get stolen (which I did not see) it would only be a testament to your good work at spreading the story.

    • what if...

      Oh, I found a second problem. The article comes up with the Millennium Reporter or the Reaper as the author. I checked 3 browsers and could not get the voting buttons to work anymore. Maybe Before Its news is having multiple problems??




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