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Staged NFL Protest Explodes! Who Are the Real Perps and Why Now?

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Exploding Professional Sports Fiasco: 
The Hidden Back Story



Trump Takes His Wrecking Ball To The NFL—WHY?

Baltimore Ravens players kneel down during the playing of the U.S. national anthem before an NFL

State of the Nation

Here these guys are: game-playing millionaires, who experience more annual arrests per capita than rap singers, complaining about … … …WHAT ? ! ? !

Then they demonstrate their extraordinary ignorance in glowing color by disrespecting the American flag and nation and people by using their prime-time platform to stick it in our faces.

These guys must be crazy. Or, maybe — just maybe — the concussions are really getting to them.

After all, in one study, 87% were found to have chronic traumatic encephalopathy, the serious brain condition caused by repeated concussions sustained during professional football games. NFL Concussions Much More Serious Than Previously Known — Study

This particular medical aspect of NFL culture must be seriously considered and is respectfully offered as to why these folks are so easily stampeded in their current misguided direction.

Crash & Burn

It’s inconceivable that the whole National Football league would go into a total “crash and burn” mode.  It’s as though all the owners and the players and the league officials are competing in a race to the bottom.  And, they’re all winning!

All President Trump did was to advise the NFL Commissioner to tell the football players to stand during the anthem.  Is that too much to ask of multimillion-dollar earning crybabies?  Trump Sports Feud Escalates: Demands NFL Chief “Tells Them To Stand”



Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump

If NFL fans refuse to go to games until players stop disrespecting
our Flag & Country, you will see change take place fast. Fire or suspend!


Never has a POTUS run into so much stormy weather for simply suggesting that the highest paid athletes in the world show some basic respect and dignity.

Think about this wild and crazy predicament for just a moment.

These guys are really going out of their way to disrespect the paying public … … … especially in those red states where football fever is by far the strongest.

It’s obvious that the South and the Midwest are where football mania reigns supreme each and every fall season, and has practically forever.  While Southerners are the most conservative of the bunch, Midwesterners are a quite patriotic lot.

And, yet, these overpaid and over-armored spoiled brats (NFL ball players) have the audacity to disrespect their fan base every Sunday in the big stadium!

We know that these guys — football players in general — are not the brightest bulbs in the room, but why go out of your way to turn off your primary source of income?

We know that the NFL owners and league officials and coaches are also not the sharpest pencils in the drawer, but why shut down all of your major revenue streams?

This has got to be the craziest situation ever seen in professional sport.  Honestly, there is nothing even close to this self-destructive madness in league history.  Any league in any sport! Which begs the question: Who’s really running this game on the American people?

It’s not about NFL disrespect or Trump tweets, it’s about Soros’s social engineering.

Whenever things make no sense whatsoever, you can be sure that the George Soros tribe is squarely behind it.

For any social engineering endeavor of this magnitude that is foisted on the American people in real time has Purple Revolution written all over it.

Soros & Company couldn’t care less if all professional sports go down the tubes—forever. Ditto that for the Motion Picture Industry and the Music Industry.  Hollywood has already seen its fortunes diminish in the face of so much gratuitous Trump bashing.  So, too, have some of the more famous singers seen their fans dwindle, especially those who have carried water for the Soros network of seditious NGOs and subversive non-profits.

That’s it in a nutshell.  Social engineering run amuck by George Soros is irreparably tearing the social fabric by the day.  These increasingly tumultuous episodes are just more seeds of chaos and confusion being sown for the purpose of advancing the Clinton-inaugurated, Obama-led and Soros-sponsored Purple Revolution.

Continuation of Obama’s Race War

It ought to be clear that Trump inherited the race war deliberately started by Manchurian Candidate Barack Obama.  This is the primary means by which Soros & Company plan to destroy the American Republic.  Of course, the nation is deeply divided along many lines, but racial tensions have been festering for centuries.  The provocateurs are just waiting for the right time to light the fuse.  Then all of the other deep divisions exacerbated by the prevailing identity politics culture will catch on fire like the tinderbox that each one has become.

Everyone knows that police brutality and outright murders by law enforcement is at an all-time high.  However, it’s both blacks and whites, browns and yellows who are the victims of these unjustified killings across the country.  Nevertheless, the social engineers have framed this police criminality as directed at blacks alone.  Not only does this inflame the other injured demographics, it further empowers the black communities to claim their victimhood above everyone else’s.

Now look at the preceding photo of this character named Colin Rand Kaepernick.  He has a striking resemblance to Barack Obama for a very good reason.  His pedigree is also somewhat similar, and for the very same reason(s).  Kaepernick is the one who the social engineers quite intentionally used to start the whole “NFL players kneeling during the anthem” stunt.  Here’s his Obama-like personal history:

“Kaepernick was born in 1987 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to Heidi Russo, a 19-year-old white woman of Irish and Bohemian descent who was single at the time. His birth father, an African-American man, left Russo before Colin was born.”[1]

Just like Obama, Colin Kaepernick is not really black; he’s not entirely white.  His mulatto appearance gives him an appeal to all the different skin colors of America by purposeful design.  In this fashion did they set him up as the “prototype of protest” within professional sports.  Kaepernick probably doesn’t even know how he’s being utilized to inflame a race war across the nation.  Given the intensive mind control programming he’s been subjected to, he just does what he was trained to do.

There is one other key formula of this ongoing Soros-funded social engineering experiment that is stealthily setting up the Purple Revolution laboratory.  The real perps know that there is a major class war going on throughout America.  The banksters have systematically stripped Main Street bare in favor of enriching Wall Street since the bubble burst in 2000.  Therefore, these globalists look for every opportunity to re-channel the sporadic class warfare in the red states into a full-blown race war in the blue state urban jungles.  They know that they will soon face existential threats when the US dollar collapses, and that they will need some serious cover.  As follows: Race Riots Incited To Overshadow Raging Class Warfare

KEY POINT: You can be sure that this exploding NFL saga is also serving as a major distraction from other schemes that Deep State is running under the radar at this very moment. Exactly what those machinations are will surely emerge in the days ahead. Whatever our attention is being diverted from is very BIG indeed.  This volatile NFL debacle is simply too engineered on the face of it not to have a specific purpose over and above what is stated in this article.

Hidden Back Story:
The U.S. Intelligence Community has it in for Donald Trump.  The various intel agencies are doing everything within their power to implement a soft coup which Soros himself has promised to carry out.  In fact, the C.I.A. completely controls Professional Sports, Hollywood, and the Music Industry.  Also known as the celebrity culture, the most famous actors, musicians and pro athletes are totally controlled via the agency system.[2]  When the agent and/or attorney tells the celebrity to join the protest movement, he or she will blindly follow orders lest they jeopardize all future contracts (as well as their stellar reputation).  Should the celebrity decide to leave the reservation of political correctness, they will never get back on it.  They also risk their life, their family and their future by not following the dictates of Deep State. For the more famous personalities like actor Morgan Freeman, they are forced to perform ridiculous propaganda pieces like this: Who turned Hollywood liberal Morgan Freeman into a flaming Russophobe?

Soros PsyOp + CIA Black Op = Purple Revolution

What George Soros & Company is really doing here is empowering every person in the USA to protest anything they want, anytime they want, anywhere they want.

In other words, they are normalizing that it’s perfectly okay to use your workplace to protest, instead of to work.

They are setting a dangerous precedent that it’s now acceptable to disrupt any venue or setting if you have a beef, or disagreement, or protest-worthy issue to vent.

In this way, Soros & Company is surreptitiously engineering the slowly emerging Purple Revolution.  When the right times comes, these Bolsheviks at heart will use these naive and suspecting celebrities to do their dirty work.   This is how communist revolutions are always executed; they use those who can promote their ill-fated cause until they are no longer needed.

Consequently, there are now available countless, and many clandestine, co-conspirators who unwittingly participate in this rapidly evolving insurrection.  These purple revolutionaries are not only the social engineers, agents provocateur and COINTELPRO operatives indigenous to Deep State, they also include the Sultans of Silicon Valley, Hollywood moguls, East Coast intelligentsia, among many other highly-placed representatives of the power elite.

The bottom line: When Soros pushes the button, as he has done across the Middle East (Arab Spring) and Europe (European Union collapse due to massive immigration), he will once again attempt to forge his twisted order out of the manufactured chaos.
Continue reading HERE.

Solution: Only the patriot movement can stop this burgeoning Purple Revolution. How so?  Stop attending all professional sports events and turn off TV sports coverage. Don’t go to the movie theaters or the stadiums or the concerts.  Only amateur sports arenas like college games are okay, perhaps.  Avoid all the pop musicians that fill the airwaves with their utter cacophony.  Stay away from all the big retailers like Walmart and Amazon. Patronize those corporations that have signaled their patriotism and/or nationalism.  Same with restaurant chains and other food/beverage franchises.  For instance, Panera is obviously superior to Starbucks, at least for the time being.  Let’s face it, “This Is A Great Time To BOYCOTT Hollyweird.  And that’s how it’s done: hit them in the pocket book and they will cave in a New York minute.


Fall is the season of change in the Northern Hemisphere.  Fundamental changes often take place in American society after being initiated by powerfully transformative events (e.g. August 21st total solar eclipse, 2017 hurricane season).  For example, the false flag terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 set the global stage for the Third Millennium.

This past week, starting on September 20th, served as a defining moment in US history for several reasons that are discussed in this essay: 2017: Year of the Great Turning.  The convergence of so many profound events — both mundane and celestial — will greatly accelerate the oncoming transition.  It will be helpful to have the best tools and techniques for dealing with this unparalleled period of societal flux.  As follows:

“Time of Transition” Is Upon Us – Essential Knowledge For Navigating Through The Storms

From this point forward, the forces of chaos will manifest throughout the USA as never seen before.  The entire nation will undergo a metamorphosis that has been long in the making.  It is critical to understand where these forces come from and how to best respond to them.

Deep State will pull out all the stops.  The U.S. Intelligence Community will continue to coordinate a soft coup until Trump is out of the White House.  The C.I.A. will oversee the Purple Revolution, as George Soros plays the frontman and funding agent.

For the third time since World War II, the American people will witness a full-blown coup d’état unless the patriot movement takes back the country from the shadow government.  Of course, the $64,000 question is: Who controls the World Shadow Government?

Let’s get busy!

State of the Nation
September 24, 2017

Author’s Note

Never has it been so urgent for every patriotic American to do their part to starve the beast.  Truly, It’s Time To Starve The BEAST!


[1] Colin Kaepernick

[2] PRINCE: American Celebrities Are Never Allowed To Leave The Reservation—NEVER!


THE MILLENNIUM REPORT: Reporting the Most Important News in the World Today

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    • stompk

      Who controls the CIA?

      • Problem, Reaction, Solution

        Fuc Kapernick and the NFL… I used his $ embroider special edition jersey to pick up dog poop in the backyard. Wiped my A$$ on it and threw it in the trash! America first!

        • Problem, Reaction, Solution

          Who controls the CIA and FBI…? Globalists do! (United Nations, trilateral committee, bohemian grove, council on foreign relations, federal reserve) All pieces of hot steaming fecal matter. -1% reptilians.

          • Josie

            That’s a fact!

            • Equalizer

              This has absolutely nothing to do with black vs. white, republicans vs. democrat or up vs. down. This is about globalism vs. nationalism, and your Freedom, Constitution and future is at stake. Screw these NFL players that many million$$$ of dollars every year and laugh at you hardworking Americans. Wake-up or jump into the meat grinder. Trix are for kids.

        • Anonymous

          If you picked up dog poop with your jersey and then wiped your ass on it like you say, then you aren’t too bright.

          It would have been a much better idea to wipe your ass with the jersey and then pick up poop. That way, you don’t get dog poop on your ass.

          But, to each their own. :smile:

          • Equalizer

            Must give credit where credit is due mitch51…no one wants to cross contaminate.

            • Anonymous

              We agree on much more than you think, in a lot of different areas. It’s kind of surprising in a way. :smile:

    • ElOregonian

      “who will guard the guardians themselves?”

      The original context is that a husband might lock his wife in the house to prevent her adulteries, but she is cunning and will start with the guards; hence, who guards the guards? The phrase has come to be applied broadly to people or organisations acting against dishonesty or corruption, especially in public life.

      The hardest thing to bear in moral poverty is the fact that it makes men ridiculous.

      No man ever became extremely wicked all at once.

      • Just me

        The REAL back story is that Trump tried to sue the NFL years ago and LOST. It cost him his bid for a new USFA league. Trump HATES to lose – you do the math.

    • dr Meno

      I support the NFL players standing up for their support for Colin.

      • dennis48309

        And I assume you’re probably a cop killer in your spare time.

        • CAPTAIN CHAOS!!

          No, but he does rob liquor stores at gunpoint and use his EBT card to pick window locks.

      • RAINCAT

        dr, dr..

        I see you, have from the start. -9 now…

        Stand up joke didn’t land. Pity.

        Better work on your routine.

    • Man

      I mean lets put this in perspective.

      It is unpatriotic to take a knee during the NFL to put focus on the police brutality and the loss of Life cause by it.

      But when you have a KKK, White nationalist and NAzi sympathizers protesting about a Confederate general, That is more patriotic somehow.

      Yeah…. that makes no sense

      • Man

        and apparently against free speech to do this NFL protest.

      • Problem, Reaction, Solution

        Wo-Man…Your too the ignorant to realize your stupidity. Berkeley graduate?

        • Man

          please explain why protesting against police brutality is unpatriotic

          • LifeIs

            Man (1) being on the field and standing for the anthem is required by NFL rules

            (2) the players are accusing the white majority of being criminal in its treatment of blacks, and that is a false charge

            (3) the country protects the rights of black persons, with laws and policies, criminal justice and civil courts of law. The police protect NFL players at games, too

            (4) blacks have been a privileged class for two generations, 50 years of preferences in college admission and employment

            (5) we have welcomed 1.4 million black African immigrants in the last couple of decades. Black immigrants from Africa get good jobs and prosper here

            (6) black NFL players are the overwhelming majority of the 855 players arrested for serious crimes this century, and they were not arrested for being black

            (7) NFL rookies get 435,000 dollars, starting salary, and the players are expressing contempt for the public that made them rich

            (8) the players are hypocrites. If they don’t like the country they live in, nobody is stopping them from leaving. In all of history, about 13,000 American blacks moved to Africa.

            • Man

              1) and it isn’t required to play the national anthon in the rules… so what does that tell you?

              2)No they are accusing that Police brutality agianst black people should be adressed. they are not blaming white people

              3) So i guess rape doesn’t happen because we have a country that protect the rights of women? Laws and rights doesn’t stop criminal behaviour. So when it happens it should be adressed. You know, just like those Oregon ranchers

              4) what has that got to do with police brutality? Is police brutality justified because of preferences in college admission and employment?

              5) What has that got to do with police brutality? Is police brutality justified because of percieved better jobs by black people?

              6)Need better clarification for that. what does ‘serious crimes’ And why are you taking the last 100 years? were there NFL players in 1918? Is the number cullulative of all the players during the century? i can go on with this. You also seem to forget that police brutality is about how the police handles a suspect wheather or not the person is a criminal or an innocent.

              7) what has this has to do with police brutality that they are protesting about?

              8) Who stated that they hated their country? it is an improvement of the country if Police brutality is addressed. The white people of America forced them to America. Or was it happy fun slavery back then?

            • LifeIs

              (1) When your employer decides on a performance of the anthem, that IS the rule.

              (2) You are manufacturing a “police brutality” charge, and “race based” as well, with no evidence.

              Police body cams were invented to debunk false claims by criminals and their supporters.

              That is why the Movement for Black Lives, which includes Black Lives Matter, demands the abolition of body cams. See item 7.

              Of course the false charge of race based “brutality” is directed at the white majority.

              (3) Laws exist to prevent or to punish criminal behavior.

              (4) Black privilege (affirmative action) for 50 years proves that the white majority is not “racist.” Law enforcement by the white majority is not “racist.”

              (5) The fact that the white majority invited millions of blacks (1.4 million from Africa and more from the Caribbean) and gave them good jobs PROVES that the white majority is not “racist.”

              So does the election (twice) of a black President, and the election of black public officials at every level of government.

              (6) Serious crimes by NFL players in this century (this is the 21st century, which began in 2001) include murder, domestic violence, DUI, assault. Look it up.

              (7) Players are saying the NATION (the one represented by the anthem) is wrong. The government, the laws, the white majority. The nation protects the rights of black people.

              (8) Police conduct is always under scrutiny, by departments, by the legal system. Police misconduct is ROUTINELY addressed, by the system.

              The players are telling you they hate the country. By disrespecting its anthem.

              (9) NO white people from anywhere ran around Africa capturing slaves. Those slaves were PURCHASED from other Africans. White Christians decided this was wrong and abolished the practice.

              There were 500,000 slaves in 1776 and 4 million in 1860, that’s 3 or 4 generations, before abolition by 1865. Less than 10 million slaves TOTAL.

              The 40 plus million American blacks to day have suffered no loss, from the enslavement that existed 152 years ago. They have ALWAYS had the highest standard of living for blacks, anywhere on Earth.

              If their ancestors had remained in Africa, they would have been ritually sacrificed and eaten as food. If they had been sold to Arab slave traders, they would not have survived.

              (10) Contrary to your claim, the NFL is a private corporation, a private business. They make their own rules and policies.

              “Freedom of speech” refers to the 1st amendment, which does not apply to private business.

              No, you cannot “speak your mind” whenever and wherever you like. And the NFL does not have to give a PLATFORM to seditious criminals like Ray Lewis.

              Yes, Ray Lewis knelt in protest of the US anthem in London the other day.

              He was protesting the system that set him free, after he was found with the blood of 2 murder victims (black men) on his clothing. He got probation for obstruction of justice.

            • LifeIs

              Here is the latest example of what’s been going on in sub-Saharan Africa forever:


              So don’t try to tell me that all the many scholars (Muslims and Christians) who reported this, century after century, made it up.

            • Man

              The whole argument you are making is Racial. If you think that White people are also the victim of Police brutality, then you should support their efforts and expand to include more effective general regulation to reduce police brutality. Would you be for the protest if it was about white Police brutality? By not addressing Police brutality, it will no change for the better. That is the whole point in this protest.

              1) no you can still protest at the decision. That is part of Free speech. An organization isn’t autocratic. Even if a person gets fired because of speaking out of disagreeing, that goes against labour laws. See them as Free speech laws in this analogy.

              2) There have been accounts of police brutality. And it is great quote mining because the explainer of that Body cam is linked. They are addressing the issue facing bodycams on maintain footage based on privacy laws that can be abused. Have you even read the explainer?

              3) like I said, laws exist but people still break them. It is better to evaluate their effectiveness them when people are breaking them

              4) Still has nothing to do with the fact that police brutality happens

              5) Still has nothing to do with the fact that police brutality happens

              6) you sate NFL players. So that means any person. You provided statement that needs proof. Since there is no link for the report I can’t check if you r statement is true.

              7) It protect rights of any person but that doesn’t mean that police brutality doesn’t happen. That is why we have courts. If there weren’t people making offences there would be no reason to have courts. Just to have something on paper doesn’t mean people will not abuse rights.

              8) You have just stated that Police brutality happens. So if continues to happen then the system isn’t working and it needs reevaluation.

              9) you stated that American Africans should go back to Africa and now you are stating that they should be happy that they were taken away from Africa. They are also legal citizens of the US. This argument is getting dumber by the minute.

              10) A company still has to abide by the constitution and the laws of the government. They are not their own nation.

              I’ll repeat, Would you be for the protest if it was about white Police brutality?

            • Man

              also, what has that link about cannibalism in South Africa got to do with US police brutality?

            • LifeIs

              (1) No, I didn’t say African Americans should go to Africa. You need to learn to read.

              I said the flow of immigrants has been one way. 13,000 to Africa in the 19th century, and 1.4 million to the US from Africa in the past 2 decades or so.

              And those who don’t like America should go elsewhere, and not be hypocrites.

              (2) No, I didn’t say African Americans should be happy to be here. I said they and their ancestors were better off, for being here.

              (Boxer) Mohammed Ali was happy his ancestors came here. After the Foreman fight in Zaire, he was asked what he thought of Africa. He answered, “Thank God my granddaddy got on that boat!”

              Africans come here, instead of African Americans going there, because they are better off here.

              (3) The whole PROTEST is racial. The claim is that BLACK persons are persecuted FOR BEING BLACK by police. Which is a lie.

              (4) Complaints about misconduct are handled within the system that NFL players are protesting against.

              (5) For the 3rd or 4th time, private businesses are not governed by the 1st amendment. Only the federal government is.

              Yes, private corporations ARE “autocratic.”

              (6) The Movement for Black Lives says explicitly why they are opposed to body cams. “They target and criminalize the black community.”

              By which they mean, they expose lies that black people tell, about their encounters with police.

              Think. What’s private about your encounters with the police?

              (7) Again, you can’t read. Police misconduct against ANYBODY is dealt with, within the system.

              The protest by NFL players is AGAINST the system, and the basis of it is hatred of white people by black people.

          • Man

            you didn’t even answer my questions and rather are going into semantics about issues that aren’t involved with police brutality.

            it is easy.

            do you agree that unjustified police brutality occurs? yes/no?
            do you agree that unjustified police brutality should be stopped? yes/no?

            if both yes, then it shouldn’t matter about the race issue because you agreed that it should not exist.

            then taking a knee during NFL should not be those stupidly offensive to you since it raises awareness for it to be changed.

            as i already said if white people are more effected by police brutality, you should actually join them and demand for equal protection against unjustified police brutality.

            • CAPTAIN CHAOS!!

              So? Get on your knees bitch.

            • LifeIs

              Man: It is for YOU to prove that the American system of justice should be changed.

              YOU must prove there is a problem. If you get around to an example, please avoid speculation and stick to established fact. Prove it.

              You are asking me to validate your emotions, without facts.

              Awareness of WHAT, exactly? You don’t mean awareness, you mean AGREEMENT. You want everyone to ENDORSE your emotions, without facts or logic.

        • Just me

          So you expect liberals to allow you to express your beliefs, but you deny them the same opportunity? Sounds a little like a double standard. The 1st amendment doesn’t require patriotism. It applies to speech you consider objectionable.

          • LifeIs

            Just me the first amendment has nothing to do with this. Leftists (as in Kaepernick’s Fidel Castro shirt) hijacking an entertainment program is the issue.

            The NFL has allowed itself to be a donkey, ridden by leftists who think criminals are the good guys and police (as in Kaepernick’s pig-faced police socks) are the bad guys.

            The NFL doesn’t have to do that, and the public doesn’t have to support it.

            Divisive politics of the Left, where the national anthem should be? I’m not going to watch, or attend. Or care.

      • Equalizer

        WoMan…Stupidity follows you like a shadow.

        The number of black on black homicides outweighs ANY police on a black homicides bar none 1,000 to 1.

        Now – Lets get real and interject FACTS…Black women had 12,925 (49.7 %) of the 25,995 abortions performed on Michigan residents in 2015. Your want to get on your knees? Get on your knees for all the black unborn children or be the water/Gatorade girly bitch for your favorite NFL globalist association.

        • Man

          Do you know ow what a strawman is?

          The number of homicides or abortions has no bearing on police brutality that is taking place. Police brutality is happening and it should be addressed. If a persontakes a knee to raise awareness. Good for them.

          • CAPTAIN CHAOS!!

            “Do you know ow what a strawman is?”

            Pfff. Like, the Scarecrow WORKS for the Joker. Dumbass.

          • LifeIs


            Saying something (over and over again) does not make it true. Show me.

            Crime by blacks is part of your discussion. Because the players are saying the problem is the police, and the justice system. Listen to them! You’re missing their message.

            Abortion by blacks is part of your discussion, because the players are saying black lives are not valued by the white majority.

            What you are missing is, it’s all about power. Most blacks are fiercely tribal. They resent power in anyone else’s hands. They’d rather let black killers go free, than see white authorities punish them.

    • The Real Deal

      GOOD! F*ck the National Anthem. It’s SOOO overplayed, and I voted for Trump so save it. Look I understand the national anthem being played at like the Olympics and shit, but at EVERY single sports even? Good god, give us a break already. When I turn on a football game, I cringe anyways just waiting for the singer to screw up the lyrics, so I’m happy if they never play that f*cking thing again. As for the players? Yea f*ck those overpaid meatheads! Don’t get it twisted, they will do whatever the league says as long as they get to keep bringing in that paper that allows them to show up they homies with mansions and rides, and bling.

    • unidentified

      soros and his thugs might be behind the national anthem protests because he is white jewish and extremely wealthy, soros is anti american and a first class asshole

    • Jay

      Silly boys getting paid crazy money playing a game that was intended for adolescents , but not for long young children today have no interest in it they rather play computer games. The NFL will go the way of vaudeville.

      • Anonymous

        You are right but it doesn’t have anything to do with computer games. It has more to do with having 100% of players in the NFL retiring with brain injuries. Parents are getting smarter and not allowing their kids to play little league football. And believe it or not, that is where the feeder system starts for the NFL.

        The NFL is going to be DOA at some point in time.

        I am a professional sports bettor based in southern Nevada and I make a living betting. So, I’m forced to watch this crap at NFL stadiums when you are not. I much prefer betting MLB where the players generally act as adults. Have you ever noticed that a baseball player (Arron Judge was a prime example the other day) when they are asked by fans to leave the dugout while they are getting a standing ovation, they really don’t like leaving the dugout whereas NFL players can’t get enough adulation. :cool:

    • David Gordon

      A Bronco got call for unsportsmanlike conduct for not helping a QB he sacked up after he offered to. The kneelers are clearly in violation as they are present in the stadium and in uniform. Fifteen yards for every anti-American protester and ejection from the game. First Amendment rights are not recognized within private venues otherwise we’ll be protesting the pro-abortion/murder standpoint that is likely part and parcel of being a spoiled, stupid ball-chaser.

      • Man

        Nfl is not a private venue. All constitutional rights still apply eitherr way.

        What kind of country do you want to live where constitutional ends at private property?

        • Problem, Reaction, Solution

          Wo-Man…Again your ignorance precedes you. NFL are paid “actors” constitution applies, always. Again, Berkeley graduate? These paid entertainment slaves can be dumped at a moment’s notice by their owners. Free speech ends with treason against America.

          • Man

            Seriously, is anything you don’t agree a False flag or a conspiracy?

        • LifeIs

          Man What the heck are you talking about. The NFL is a private business. Here, educate yourself.

          Freedom of speech DOES end at private property. The Bill of Rights limits the powers of the federal government. Not the power of your employer.

          Good Lord, where did you go to school, and for how long? And how did they manage to avoid teaching you anything?

          • Man

            No People can still act Their freedom of speech on private property.

            The link has nothing to do with what you are saying.

            People can say hate speech on a privabe property like your house op NFL building. How the Owners of the people act towards freedom of speech is up to them. they can kick them out. but they can’t stop people from speaking their mind

            That is some weird orwellian shit that you can actually bar people from saying anything on a private property. Because that is freedom of speech.

          • Anonymous

            How can it be private property when it is our tax money that builds these fidiculous stadiums?

            • LifeIs

              My remarks about private property were limited to Man’s assertion that “freedom of speech” trumps the rights of property owners.

              Yes, the stadiums are government owned, financed by tax exempt bonds, and federally guaranteed bonds, and taxes.

              Yes, the NFL itself is tax exempt.

              But the NFL is a private business. The teams are private businesses. The TV networks are private businesses. They make their own rules.

              Man, notice the searches of fans entering the stadium. Assert your fourth amendment rights and you won’t get in.

    • Anonymous

      Sowell has said , “In politics, few talents are as richly rewarded as the ability to convince parasites that they are victims. Welfare states on both sides of the Atlantic have discovered that largesse to losers does not reduce their hostility to society, but only increases it. Far from producing gratitude, generosity is seen as an admission of guilt, and the reparations as inadequate compensations for injustices — leading to worsening behavior by the recipients.”

      Then, what happened.

      All of the gym coaches were Sandusky-an pederasts, gave social promotions to blatant quota cases, for three generations. The stadiums were made of melted guns, until communism ran out of other people’s money.

      The too-big-to-fail has failed.

    • Freeus

      I would be fired unless it was on my dime. Our dime, taxes and subsidies go hugely into their million dollar fields where every citizen in that city, county and state has some hand. Then they pay for the tickets to boot and gear. Protest on your dime and besides the fact BLM matters why not talk about bad cops -not all cops and Chicago’s death rate, the failed leadership, that has made it a battlefield. Time to walk the talk or get off the stage.

    • diane

      thank you for a terrific article. My boyfriend kept asking why? Thank you for answering our question.

      I also personally believe our president is under a great deal of stress form the globalists. The president has a family he loves and needs to protect, plus himself. These globalist are evil. I can not say another word to describe that bunch of hooligans.

      We are living in some really difficult time. God bless the president, god bless all of us.

    • Anonymous

      Cultural appropriation –
      The gay rainbow was stolen from Noah, and the Kaepernick kneel was stolen from Tebow.

    • Bob DD

      Mother wanted to sense that big “Thang,” did and was abandoned in baby & child bondage as a single mother for 2 decades. Nice going!
      One negative thing with standing and pledging, in a sense, we are supporting the corruption, fraud, pedophilia, money stealing DC politicians. Perhaps it would be more appropriate to just parade the flag around the field and spectators can place their hands over their hearts or salute. Many people have a sour taste about how our country has been hijacked and We the People have become irrelevant and subservient to the Power Elite? GOD bless the Republic of America, or what’s left of it?

    • desertspeaks

      Very well said!

    • Cinders777

      Move your dollars to NASCAR.

      Team owners said that this type of protesting will not be tolerated. Obviously they know who’s providing their paychecks during the racing season.

      • Hi NSA, kiss my artichoke

        Move your dollars BACK into your pocket and mattress.
        STOP supporting the “Gladhe’aters” in ANY form.
        ALL SPORTS have been WEAPONIZED against us.
        Boycott them ALL!!!
        Focus attention on politics.
        We work our asses off every day just to keep our heads above water, and they provide 10,000 distractions.
        Keep your eyes OFF us while we F*ck you.
        This team won! YAAAAAA!!!!
        That team won! YAHHHHH!!!!
        AND YOU LOSE!


      The Constitutional right to free speech is a ban on Government prohibiting free speech. The football field is a workplace like any other. Political acts that are detrimental to the business may be prohibited, or punished by firing. The owners are responsible for this nonsense because they have allowed it.
      I can live without football or beer. Can you?

    • kris

      The “paid protests” have behind pervert-minded psi-ops insinuating that American people
      does not hate the PERMANENT GOVERNMENT but the national anthem/USA flag.
      They are desperate in attempting to divert the American people’s hate against the permanent government towards the national anthem/USA flag.
      Permanent government: Pervert-minded psychopaths.

    • kris

      The “paid protests” have behind pervert-minded psi-ops pretending that American people
      does not hate the PERMANENT GOVERNMENT but the national anthem/USA flag.
      They are desperate in attempting to divert the American people’s hate against the permanent government towards the national anthem/USA flag.
      Permanent government: Pervert-minded psychopaths.

    • 2QIK4U

      Simple. They’re at work so have a coke and a smile and DO YOUR FKING JOB! OR OTHERS WILL HAPPILY.

    • Sucking Chest Wound

      Are the bin Ladin retrieval team still around?

      We have a new mission.

    • liber8

      the organic constitution is not in force! just like the state constitutions where destroyed during the civil war! ya the one wrote by our for fathers for the government is GONE! we now have the one the gov serv agn wrote for us! why salute a military flag? the gold fringe on the flag means our for fathers laws no longer exist! we have british law. look up what the BAR stands for. the real flag has not been flown since before the war!

    • liber8

      protest the nfl watch games online! see how that ratings drop works!

      • LifeIs

        liber8 Alex might tell you that viewers online are counted. And who wants to watch seditious criminals, anyway?




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