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X22Report: Trump Has Showed-Us That the Elite, CB's, Are Not All Powerful, They Can Be Beat: Bob Kudla Video

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X22Report Spotlight

Published on Dec 13, 2018


ConspiracyFact .Press2 hours ago

Hey Dave, we’re huge fans & would love to interview you! God bless #WWG1WGA


2003Harleyguy2 hours ago (edited)

The NWO Globalists are fools to think they could work the plan to ultimately have Christians fight Muslims & wipe each other out so the Satanists could rule the world. NEVER WOULD HAVE WORKED! The NWO are the ones who “believed a great lie” & will see utter destruction for participating in it.

Vincent d

Vincent d2 hours ago

The Yellow vest have manifested in my street. It was chaos !!

Erica Shorr

Erica Shorr2 hours ago

Love a spot light !

James the Ponderer

James the Ponderer2 hours ago (edited)

Trump has to do this and ought to do that. No. That is meaningless. Everything is finger pointing and excuses. Trump has not brought anything back. That would take years IF it were the agenda which it is not. The current financial ponzi scheme is coming to a closure in the near term. The volatility in the markets is nothing more than the flow of money from the public’s pockets to the pockets of insiders and those at the top.

Dennis Swanson

Dennis Swanson2 hours ago

Yellow Vest USA end the divide and rule scam and end the Fed

Vicki Ragland

Vicki Ragland2 hours ago

Trump is the leader the world needed.


Chuck2 hours ago

As far as the internet & Cryptos go they are already telling you what you can say. It’s not a stretch to think it won’t be long and there’ll be controlling how and what you do with your Crypto’s also. The only way it’s truly yours is if it’s in your hand.

Erich Schneider

Erich Schneider2 hours ago

I hope occupy wallstreet comes back with middle class participation. Protest against the central banking cabal

Daniels Sister Sue

Daniels Sister Sue1 hour ago

Didn’t Trump find us? We were banding together & patriots gave him the platform in USA.


THOMAS the RAM1 hour ago (edited)

Wait till people find out they are defined as enemies of the state.emergency war powers act.

Aaron Gibson

Aaron Gibson2 hours ago

We need to stand up and fight, Otherwise all is lost

Ronald Dauro

Ronald Dauro2 hours ago

AddresseeNot Recognized

AddresseeNot Recognized13 minutes ago (edited)

The POLITICIANS ARE RUNNING SCARED, because Government and Corporations NEED YOUR PERMISSION TO CARRY OUT CRIME, THEY FEAR THAT YOU WILL WITHDRAW YOUR PERMISSION, by returning their MAIL, Addressee Not Recognized, No contract.

Preston Robert

Preston Robert2 hours ago

Once again a nobody. Thanks to MORGAN and MORGAN not as broke or pain free. Hope to buy them there fentinal fabric shirts for those cold days awaiting trial.


614jgirl1 hour ago

I like when you have Bob on your show he really knows what he’s talking about.

American EXPAT

American EXPAT17 minutes ago

Was this a paid interview from your sponsor Dave????

Diana Ashton

Diana Ashton1 hour ago

I do not believe it is as simple as that. It is more than just standing up to these people, it requires the court system, to bring them down and getting rid of the Fed.


MAGA MOFO1 hour ago

Q started all this. It’s worldwide !!

Daniels Sister Sue

Daniels Sister Sue2 hours ago

I discovered the people of France are all required to have a yellow vest.

Jac War

Jac War1 hour ago

Trump is rocking the planet…

Miss Smith

Miss Smith2 hours ago


Yak Menicou

Yak Menicou55 minutes ago

The Fed and all governments are simply puppets for the 13 family bloodlines. Unless these bloodlines are thwarted and erased then it never ends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


movado2422 hours ago

The new NAFTA May be worse than the old one.

ruth king

ruth king44 minutes ago

Heard a video this morning that over 160 countries signed the UN agreement. Only a little more than 30 Countries that didn’t sign. Have to disagree that the UN Elites movement is on it’s way down.

Modus_ Operandi

Modus_ Operandi53 minutes ago

Yes Trump started it! The great awakening ,! Damn straight.


nitdiver537 minutes ago

Bob may be a good trader but he doesn’t know jack about the globalists.


calabria196747 minutes ago

I’ve got Trade Genius and it makes me money 4-5 times per week – well worth the money!!!

Modus_ Operandi

Modus_ Operandi49 minutes ago

Trumps personalized the idiocracy


00rphb44 minutes ago

Happy Saint Lucy’s Day, hope you all celebrated it well. And remember, the Saint Lucy Bride is supposed to be a beautiful blond, blue eyed girl (she is the symbol of light), which is why the SJW’s hate it.

rampaging bull

rampaging bull46 minutes ago

Crypto is foolish one major emp from bomb or solar flare can wipe electronicrecords all wealth vanishes fo not put your life in electronic control

Justin Kirschenman

Justin Kirschenman50 minutes ago

How? The elites are still in full control.

Diana Ashton

Diana Ashton1 hour ago

Why aren’t Americans protesting. Why is only the French who have the courage to take to the streets. Are American so passive.

Shaun Commons

Shaun Commons24 minutes ago

Pmsl pure bollocks


ElijahJohn8882 hours ago

War in full/Eco crash/Planet X/Nibaru is coming & so is Jesus/Yeshua :) Be prepared for all especially the LATTER !!! ~Maranatha~… 12/13/18


ElijahJohn8882 hours ago

The END of trump is bitterness for ALL especially for his devotees . As I have said THE MAJOR TRUMP dump is yet to come & u don’t want to be under him with your mouth open when it happens ! ~Maranatha~ 12/13/18



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