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President Trump Is Cutting-Off the Deep State Supply Lines - Dr. Dave Janda Must Video

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Operation Freedom

Published on Mar 19, 2019

The spotlight of this Briefing focuses on President Trump & The Freedom Movement’s efforts at cutting the financial supply lines of the deep state. For additional information on becoming a member of Our Freedom Family check out


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Free The People

Pinned by Operation Freedom

Free The People4 hours ago

Thank you for getting this info out to the masses Dr. Dave. I am an Afghan war veteran and I can confirm what you are saying is 100% fact. I was there. I witnessed it. I personally believe that maintaining the opium supply line was our main purpose of being there.

Jan smith

Jan smith6 hours ago

and get that trump tv started. hire true conservs. and pluck the few left on fox that are any good and let fox sink like cnn

Kim Shaw

Kim Shaw5 hours ago

Everyone, pray for Truth and Peace. Pray for President Trump.

Bren Primo

Bren Primo5 hours ago

Dr. Jadan, please good care of yourself and your family. These people, hillary and barrack are criminally minded. God bless you, sir!!!!


wiron5555 hours ago

Central Banking is the fourth supply line he’s cutting when taking over the control of the FED.

Jack Oldham

Jack Oldham4 hours ago

Looks like opium is being replaced by fentenyal, from China

Wasa Bista

Wasa Bista4 hours ago

Brilliant report, Mr. Janda. Thank you for your hard work and God bless President Trump.

Ronda Kelly

Ronda Kelly4 hours ago

Birth pains, just means JESUS CHRIST is coming for his 👰🏼 bride. 👍🏻Love your videos.

Leande Wessels

Leande Wessels4 hours ago

No wonder PRESIDENT TRUMP IS not popular with the Dems

Michael Goldman

Michael Goldman4 hours ago

Thank you for the Truth about POTUS actions not well publicized to cut off DS sources!

Brian Burrows

Brian Burrows4 hours ago

Please read about the opium wars conducted by Great Britain against the Chinese! That little old Grandmother Sitting on the Throne is the largest drug dealer in the world!

kevin colbert

kevin colbert4 hours ago

It is crazy how much other content providers rob your image and audio for clicks. And they COMPLETELY misrepresent you when they do!

Jessica Mordacz

Jessica Mordacz4 hours ago

Thank you Dave, just subbed! No more “old fake “ Dave Janda channels for me anymore!😉🙏💜🕯🇦🇺

clara merchant

clara merchant5 hours ago

I have a weird theory. Anyone notice how HUGE the Lottery pots have climbed to over the last year. All of a sudden every Mega Millions and Powerball goes to a half a billion or more. I wonder if they are using it as a slush fund


dedguru6 hours ago

Dr Dave, you will be my news. Since FOX has stabbed conservatives in the back, I trust you the most. God bless you.

Rick Williamson

Rick Williamson4 hours ago (edited)

And everyone was wondering why we had an heroine epidemic in the United State. Like I’ve said many times in other threads, until Hillary, Barack, George W and every last one of their cronies are tried and executed publicly for their treasonous crimes, I will have zero trust or tolerance of those in control of the Federal government. Its the people running the system not the system itself that’s the problem.

Free Runner

Free Runner5 hours ago

We the people hear this But not a darn thing is done! I never knew that our government was really like this. It’s a no wonder people all over this world hates America. I thank you for your show but I honestly don’t know how much more I can share and talk about! I will Back Trump but how many more have to die before he just puts it out in front of the Americans


TOP HAT5 hours ago

YouTube is trashing the 1st Amendment.

M Bruggemeyer

M Bruggemeyer5 hours ago

ATTN DAVE JANDA Heroin whistleblower!!! I worked for fedex ground for years as a truck driver. I drove loads from shippers to hubs where they were sorted and shipped to hubs throughout the country where they get loaded on delivery vehicles and distributed. So i have acces to alot of information about shipping and tracking. I also had a heroin addiction. I purchased heroin from the dark web or silk road as some call it. I would recieve it via fedex. Without a shipper address. A little wierd since these boxes have to be marked and picked up from a shipper. Unless… they are picked up by willcall delivery trucks. Instead they scan the label and scan a barcode where they picked it up. I decided one day to see where my packages had came from just for fun. It was picked up at a hub in hope arkansas. . . . . Contrary to popular belief, fedex is the only company that doesnt have drug dogs, scanners, or anything. They do if you ship via fedex air or freight. But fedex ground or home delivery does not get checked at all. This is why i was comfortable ordering and receiving my dope this way. However…. a week after looking the tracking number up, i started getting harassed by my contractor. Fedex ground and home delivery doesn’t have a single driver. They use contractors who wear fedex uniforms and fedex logos on their trucks. The only thing fedex owns is the semi trailers. That’s it. Then i put two and two together. Fedex is in on this. Thats why they use contractors, and thats why ground and home delivery make anonymous package delivery easy. As soon as i started investigating more packages, things started happening. I got drug tested 6 times in 5 months. But in the 8 years i worked there i never got tested. My contractor started stalking my Facebook. Harassed me daily about posts that were not work related. Finally i gave up. And just left it alone. Wouldnt ya know it. Harassment stopped immediately. I quit FedEx a year later, went into rehab and have been clean since. I dont believe in the disease bullshit. Which keeps people on heroin. I used methadone to quit which most ppl are against it. But if you use methadone with the intentions of quitting your very successful. You also have to participate in the classes while on methadone. I was only on it for 7 months. I know that methadone is also owned by the big pharma drug dealers. But keep in mind. I wanted to quit. Thats a big factor in my success. But if you put those pieces together… you find coincidences that are mathmatically impossible. Anyways i hope you find this info useful. If you comment on this, click my name so it tags me. Otherwise i wont see it.

mark stewart

mark stewart5 hours ago (edited)

why hasn’t Trump exposed the Patriot Act?

Splinter In The Mind

Splinter In The Mind4 hours ago

I will never watch your content on another platform again Mr. Janda. I see your point . Thank you for all you do sir. WWG1WGA

G Marshall

G Marshall4 hours ago


malcolm mattice

malcolm mattice5 hours ago

REMEMBER WHENYOU SAID , IF TRUMP DOESNT DECLAS FISA BEFORE THE NEW CONGRESS IS SEATED ITS OVER? that was true, dragging out all this BS and absolutely NOTHING IS DONE, except more of our freedoms eroding

Sweet Jesus

Sweet Jesus6 hours ago

Great Benghazi interviews lately, Dr. Janda. We need to keep it in the public discourse. Thank you so much for all of your hard work, sir.


tennwalt4 hours ago

We must remember that Faux News is part of MSM, they proved this by hiring lier/leaker Donna Brazil.

R Coyote

R Coyote4 hours ago (edited)

Explains why democrats do not want a wall! Follow the money!


jackwagon4 hours ago

Deep State Stole 2.75-BILLION ounces of Silver from Oak Ridge TN The Manhattan Project

Ronda Kelly

Ronda Kelly4 hours ago (edited)

America needs to take over the cash reserve and put GOLD back in Ft. KNOX.

Laura Fontenot

Laura Fontenot3 hours ago

FOX has been kissing the libs since they announced the DNC is blocking them from the convention.

Dorothy Thomas

Dorothy Thomas4 hours ago

If what you say is true. Then the corruption was happening at presidential level through four presidents.


J F3 hours ago

Dream big and dare to fail. Indeed, Dr. Janda. Thank you!

Jean Marston

Jean Marston4 hours ago

They were killing out the competition all for financial gain

A Fewox

A Fewox4 hours ago

The deep state is embeded throughout ALL of our Government…working behind the scenes to take down The United States of AMERICA 🇺🇲…The enemy is embeded in The U.S. Congress…Be careful Congressmen and women…watch your backs…the enemies are plotting against you possibly in the office next door to yours. This enemy will…and wants to cut your heads off in the name of their Allah God. What a God they serve huh? The God of death [satan]. Who will remove these enemies from our Halls of THE U.S. GOVERNMENT ? 🇺🇲 WATCH YOUR BACK FOLKS…HEAD ON A SWIVEL…BE VIGILANT…BE PREPARED…THEY CARRY KNIVES. YOU IDIOTS, RUNNING THE GOVERNMENT BETTER WAKE UP ! WE WILL NEVER BE A COMMUNIST SOCIALIST NATION…MANY AND NUMEROUS FOLKS ARE SWORN UNDER OATH TO PROTECT AND DEFEND OUR NATION FROM ALL ENEMIES…FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC…VETERANS INCLUDED…SO GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF WHERE THE SUN DOESNT SHINE AND GET A GRIP…WAKE UP. THE ENEMY IS ACTIVE…BIGTIME. “Si vis pacem, para bellum” is a Latin adage translated as “If you want peace, prepare for war”.

David Carlisle

David Carlisle3 hours ago

I’m an Australian and have been watching everything Q and Trump for a while now. Your video is very insightful of current thoughts and ideals for myself who Question everything. Thank you.

Bruce Rioux

Bruce Rioux4 hours ago

Thank you so much, Dr. Janda.

Phoenixhiace Rooster

Phoenixhiace Rooster3 hours ago

I love and respect you Doctor ☘️🏹🎯👍

Faith inthefinishedworkofthecross

Faith inthefinishedworkofthecross4 hours ago

1 Corinthians 15:1-4 (KJV) ❤️

KittySunshineBandit 123

KittySunshineBandit 1235 hours ago

We do need our own network. They are censoring everyone before the 2020 elections. Those CORPERATION lied to Congress.

Robin. Verne

Robin. Verne4 hours ago

Thank you for your service to others.

Colt Magnus

Colt Magnus4 hours ago

Doc, do you think Trump will go after the worlds gold and return it?

Lori Smith

Lori Smith4 hours ago

John Kerry needs to be charged under Logan Act. Undermining and continuing to work with Iran and foreign powers. Guaranteeing Trump WILL BE OUT BY 2020. 😠

santos guzman

santos guzman3 hours ago

Thank you for all th-face even information 👏😁,I didn’t know about these facts that you laided I can educate others about these things 😁🤗😎

Randy Connare

Randy Connare5 hours ago

Today is the day [21]. Times up for Q. It better be big.

Kerry Hubbard

Kerry Hubbard2 hours ago

Oh My Golly, I never made that connection of “Poppy Bush”, Sr.

twice blest

twice blest5 hours ago

Shills still here. Now attacking Boomers. Without US, little boy, you’d have been done already!


Jan3 hours ago

Ty Sir great news! I share your stuff but do not use in no other way!👌👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

JB McGregor

JB McGregor4 hours ago

Dr Janda as usual has another great blog. This man reveals so much information that would never be made public. He does so much research to report the facts.

Chelita 7

Chelita 74 hours ago

Dave, so was Stevens good or bad guy? Couldnt figure from what u said…

star light

star light3 hours ago

I only watch you on your channel, I know what they are doing.

Jay Morgan

Jay Morgan3 hours ago

Why can’t we get a real cable news channel ? Answering my own question – probably because the cable t v conglomerate is run by the deep state.

Sea Sands

Sea Sands4 hours ago

One question. What are they doing with all of those poppys? I ask this b/c they sure aren’t doing anything to help people in real pain with all of these drugs. Not even Veterans, let alone the general population that has pain issues.

Mark Shumate

Mark Shumate2 hours ago

All of this is so sickening. Thank you for bringing all of this to light Dr. Janda. Everyone please pray for all of the soldiers, our President, and patriots that are fighting for our freedom from these evil people. WWG1WGA!!! MAGA!

Trish Vincent

Trish Vincent4 hours ago

All of the deep state needed to be supported, I’m tired of the harassing of our president, the lies, the blockage of the media, not showing the real border security, all the violence thousands of people crossing , breaking the law!!!! Sick of the democrats , and their on tv disrespecting him, I’m sick of it!!!!

Henry Sanchez

Henry Sanchez3 hours ago (edited)

I always suspicious why we were there and the reason we were in Afghanistan was because of the “poppy fields”. Russian was “hell bent” on securing Afghanistan during their failed invasion because of the lucrative herion trade. What POTUS needs to do is “agent orange” that whole crop of evil for good! MAGA! TRUMPENCE 2020! KAG! WWG1WGA! Q!

C Garvin

C Garvin2 hours ago

I suspected from the beginning after we were there for over a year that it was due to the POPPU FIELDS.

Lakeia Burgess

Lakeia Burgess2 hours ago

This makes me want to cry, I am angry, I feel bamboozled, and I hope and pray, that these fake soldout Americans pay!!!

Debra Ross

Debra Ross5 hours ago

We are fighting so much evil! Thank you for the info!

spray of laughing rapids

spray of laughing rapids3 hours ago

Every citizen needs to watch this.


:Clive-Albert4 hours ago

[" Thanks :D ave appreciate what you research and allow us to view. We need hope and you and a few others do give us that in spades. "]


ART WILMETH1 hour ago

We came, we saw, he died! ” hrc , then laughs like the psychopath she is.

Artbookends Meyer

Artbookends Meyer1 hour ago

President Trump is pulling us out of the drug trade. Good job!😀

myra mateus

myra mateus2 hours ago

They never thought she would lose! Thank you for your time today Dr. Dave. I appreciate your work and dedication to getting the truth out. I also appreciate the work President Trump and his ‘team’ are doing for us. President Trump is a true Patriot and a Great American. TRUMP 2020! KAG! WWG1WGA!

Temporary Billy

Temporary Billy3 hours ago

The media needs taken over by honest people ..the sheeple must wake up . It blows my mind how many intelligent people just don’t get it . Great work my friend !!

Ramona Silvestri

Ramona Silvestri2 hours ago


Sharon Vess

Sharon Vess3 hours ago


Gerardo Sanchez

Gerardo Sanchez3 hours ago

To all God’s people full armor most be placed 24hrs 7 days a week on Prez-T and his famlies “ASAP” and hold down your ground the sword of his spirit is about to fall on satan and his people. Hold your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ to the end amein GBUA. All “P” are being called to “SERVICE”


Scott.4 hours ago (edited)

The channel “Economic Reset 2019” is spoofing you, SGT Report , Liz Crokin, and the Q Anon channels.

Doomsday Survivalist

Doomsday Survivalist3 hours ago


Taraxicum Officinale

Taraxicum Officinale4 hours ago

When the central banks only create $ for loan principle but NOT for interest, war to rob neighbors of their wealth is inevitable. Where else where would the interest $ come from?

Emunah Oxendine

Emunah Oxendine2 hours ago

I thank you for my confirmation from all knowing.

mlynn garces

mlynn garces1 hour ago

I fully support President Trump snd his efforts to rid us if this evil. God Bless our Brave President and those who support him.

Nancy Corkern

Nancy Corkern2 hours ago

Pray for America!! America fight tell your friends this will be another big fight for the next Presidential election

Bitoni Lane

Bitoni Lane2 hours ago

videos have been surfacing of the poppy fields being burned under trump’s admin. :D 

Pamela Wanamaker

Pamela Wanamaker3 hours ago

Great presentation, David. Thank you. More and more is being openly exposed.

Exousia Global Services LLC

Exousia Global Services LLC3 hours ago

Hello Dave I have been following things since JFK was assassinated searching for answers and learned along the way that our government was not doing its job. That the global elite was being used by Satan to bring this whole world to its knees and under subjection to them. I can’t even begin to express the intent of the global elite however when I started putting the pieces together and found that our President with his background and previous relationships and associations helped him put the pieces of the puzzle together for over twenty years and then moved to execute his plan to make things right. This is something no other President has ever done to this degree to bring forth reform in our Country. I thank God for him and for those who uphold him with understanding.

Peter V

Peter V3 hours ago

Dava Jana=Q Anon for baby boomers!

michelle rosemarie flynn

michelle rosemarie flynn2 hours ago


Ryan iverson

Ryan iverson3 hours ago

If they are the all seeing eye, we are the hot needle.

Michael Lennon

Michael Lennon1 hour ago

All that was stolen must be returned to those injured. Period.


lamont8141 hour ago

“The devil comes not but for to steal, kill and destroy, I come that you should have life and life more abundantly.” -Jesus (John 10:10)


unchainedmelody675 hours ago

Human trafficking is just a euphemism for SLAVERY. Isn’t it weird that the left never stop talking about slavery 150+ years ago but they can’t be bothered to care about it going on today?

Wendy Willson

Wendy Willson3 hours ago


Crystal Lady

Crystal Lady1 hour ago

Thanks now I understand. I have subscribed and am praying.

Mike Stanovich

Mike Stanovich1 hour ago

Hey Dave, you forgot one point – The Banks. The military protects the product, the banks move the money…

Rosemary Rosemary

Rosemary Rosemary2 hours ago

Thank you Dr. Janda looks like I’m going to become a new year new members very soon thank you for all you do to let us all know what exactly is going on.👍🇺🇸👍

Da Truth

Da Truth2 hours ago

Thank You for your service to The real AMERICA ! 😘🏁

whatsyurprob ?

whatsyurprob ?3 hours ago (edited)

ANGER!!! . . . just ANGER!!! Love your work though. Salute!!! WWG1WGA

Derek Drakes

Derek Drakes1 hour ago

Thanks Dr. Dave for your total commitment & honesty, its so hard to find real people these days.


ByHisLove1 hour ago

The deep state is like the mafia, truly except they are global. Just watch how the mafia runs in Milan, Rome and Napoli, and expand that.


R FLO3 hours ago

shadow ban 👍 like….. had to submit multi before acceptance. btw, it’s #LAMEdream reference George Carlin gotta be asleep to accept the CRAP shoveled

Dewey Self

Dewey Self1 hour ago

Thanks president voting for you.


Trev143 hours ago

Great synopsis dr. Janda. Thanks for getting the word out.

Keith Mundy

Keith Mundy1 hour ago

Bless You.. Big Poppy.. My Livonia Family laughs at me when I explain that. Sadly like many they’re looking through Wool Claiming they can see Clearly. Your For Real. Your Honest. Your Brilliant. This coming from a man who only fallows our heavenly Father. To me.. Too often.. Man is good.. or. . bad But ither way, they foolishly fail to realize.. There just a man. To Men acting like .. They could be .. “God!” God sees All. You all will Fall! Blessed Be You Dr.J 💌🎆🇺🇸💟

Doxxy Lover

Doxxy Lover1 hour ago (edited)

Don’t let Eric Holder off the hook. He was in the middle of this, as well. Also the poppy fields have never been destroyed. They are alive and well.


augreich4 hours ago

Rothchlilds just never stop!

Sean 333

Sean 3331 hour ago (edited)

dont forget wilson and cater, they ‘looted’ the us too… semper fi

J Don

J Don3 hours ago

Well I decided to hear u out based on the name of the video and I got to say your very well informed and I like your interlect , subscribed 👍 WWG1WGA

Berta Bragg

Berta Bragg4 hours ago (edited)

Dr J TY for providing the info as you do, here on YT. Many of would love to join your other outlets but are very sincerely financially strapped due to past floods (and etc).in areas that were never in zones that required to insure for such and are often older and on fixed, survival only, income, trying to do repairs as we can manage. And now so many areas continue to be devastated, likely via man-made weather warfare, to add to lack of such preparedness as well. So what you share here is very much appreciated, because as you say, it’s critical information we’ll not get elsewhere. Do you happen to have insight to share on the direction of possible near future government work on stopping/curtailing those who do such weather manipulation, if any? Again you and your sources are providing hope, in so many aspects, so please know that our thanks originate from the heart. God bless you for the work you do and all that you kindly, and generously share with us on YT. ❤



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