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Catastrophic National Disaster Imminent? Why Has the United Nations Purchased Most National Parks and Targeting Major Cities in the USA? The Truth Will Stun You! (Video and Photos)

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Over the years, the United Nations has gradually purchased most of our precious National parks in the United States of America, and now they are working on buying all major U.S. cities. But why? What is the bigger picture? What is coming to America?

As the Obama ‘Regime’ childishly uses our National Parks and Monuments as weapons against it’s own veterans, citizens, and especially to threaten the Tea Party, and it’s values (The Constitution),  few people are aware of the fact that we the people, United States citizens, do not control our own treasured landmarks. The United Nations (of which most member countries are our enemies) now controls most of our U.S. National Parks and Monuments including Yellowstone, the Everglades, the Washington Monument, the Statue of Liberty, Thomas Jefferson’s home at Monticello, the Brooklyn Bridge, Yosemite,and the Grand Canyon – to name just a few….while U.S. taxpayers still foot the bill.


Jon Doughtery of WND said, “…if most Americans “knew what was going on (with their national parks), the uproar would be deafening.” Dougherty explains , “…(the U.N.) attempts to “globalize” huge portions of the United States — with taxpayers picking up the tab.” Agenda 21 is a United Nations document that was signed by Clinton and Bush that will allow the implementation of a one world government by gradually separating American citizens from their private property and “redistributing the wealth” globally. Globalists like Obama, Hilary, international bankers and George Soros are using many means to accomplish this including the implosion of the U.S. economy, the destruction of the U.S. family unit, and the ‘fake science’ of man-caused (anthropomorphic) global-warming/climate change’ endorsed (knowingly and unknowingly) by the environmentalist (earth worship) movement.


“It is a well-documented fact that the U.N. is trying to gain control over vast amounts of U.S. territories to herd more people into cities where they are more manageable,” says Henry Lamb of Eco-Logic — a watchdog organization that monitors U.N. activities and U.S. sovereignty issues.  —Victoria




The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization

Please note: in the video, I mistakingly said “state parks”. I can’t get into my youtube to make a notation at this time. CORRECTION: It is NOT state parks; it is NATIONAL parks. Thank you!


*Note: I have supplied links and quotes from ‘some’ older articles as a means of showing you evidence in regards to the subject matter of this news post. Thank you.


In early February (2008), nine U.S. States began the process of re-asserting their sovereignty pursuant to the Ninth and Tenth Amendments to the US Constitution; declaring null and void any actions by Congress that violated the Constitution. The states took action to make certain the feds couldn’t give away cities or the states themselves! This situation is going to get VERY ugly, VERY fast as one sovereign power (the feds) try to literally give away the land of other sovereign powers, (the states). This is the type of thing that starts Civil War. Our present federal government makes the treachery and betrayal of Benedict Arnold look like child’s play!  —


Iron Mountain- Blueprint to Tyranny (Full Documentary)



Watch the above documentary on the globalist agenda—One World Government. (Read “When The World Will Be As One” by Tal Brooke).


More On State Parks, Illuminati


More On State Parks VS UN


And, the NWO’s choice buyer? You guessed it—China!



According to Rense News, US Gives China Eminent Domain Over US Property, Beyond High Treason:


The written agreement was brought to Beijing by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and was formalized and agreed-to during her recent trip to China.This means that in the event the US Government defaults on its financial obligations to China, the Communist Government of China would be permitted to physically take — inside the USA — land, buildings, factories, perhaps even entire cities – to satisfy the financial obligations of the US government.

Put simply, the feds have now actually mortgaged the physical land and property of all citizens and businesses in the United States. They have given to a foreign power, their Constitutional power to “take” all of our property, as actual collateral for continued Chinese funding of US deficit spending and the continued carrying of US national debt.


And, even more! See here, Investing News:


Chinese investors are buying up Detroit—Real estate buyers are snapping up dozens of properties, often sight unseen. Where else can you buy a 2-story home in the US for $39?


Detroit, broke with almost no prospects for recovery, is the fourth most popular U.S. destination for Chinese real estate investors. And it was bad news — the city’s July 18 bankruptcy filing — that triggered renewed interest. “While the bankruptcy is viewed as a bad thing elsewhere, it raised the exposure level of Detroit’s real estate market in China,” says Evonne Xu, a Michigan attorney catering to Chinese purchasers. Middle Kingdom, meet Motown.

Chinese shoppers can’t resist a bargain.Where else can you buy a two-story home in the U.S. for $39? China Central Television, the state broadcaster, in March reported that two houses in Detroit cost the same as a pair of leather shoes. No wonder a poster on Sina Weibo, the Twitter-like service, pitched, “Seven-hundred thousand people, quiet, clean air, no pollution, democracy — what are you waiting for?”


Yet, another in the American Dream News Source:


China Wants To Construct A 50 Square Mile Self-Sustaining City South of Boise, Idaho


Thanks to the trillions of dollars that the Chinese have made flooding our shores with cheap products, China is now in a position of tremendous economic power.  So what is China going to do with all of that money?  One thing that they have decided to do is to buy up pieces of the United States and set up “special economic zones” inside our country from which they can continue to extend their economic domination.  One of these “special economic zones” would be just south of Boise, Idaho and the Idaho government is eager to give it to them. 


China National Machinery Industry Corporation (Sinomach for short) plans to construct a “technology zone” south of Boise Airport which would ultimately be up to 50 square miles in size.  The Chinese Communist Party is the majority owner of Sinomach, so the 10,000 to 30,000 acre “self-sustaining city” that is being planned would essentially belong to the Chinese government. The planned “self-sustaining city” in Idaho would include manufacturing facilities, warehouses, retail centers and large numbers of homes for Chinese workers.  Basically it would be a slice of communist China dropped right into the middle of the United States.


Still don’t believe it? Here, I will show you one more! This one is from The Economic Collapse News:


Will Toledo, Ohio Be The First Major American City To Be Owned By China?


It has been said that there are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation.  One way is by using the sword, and the other is by using debt.  Fortunately, America is not in danger of being conquered by the sword right now, but America is being conquered by debt.  The borrower is the servant of the lender, and today we owe China more than a trillion dollars.  By running a gigantic trade deficit with us, China has been able to become incredibly wealthy. 

We have begged them to lend us back some of the money that we have sent them and this has made them even wealthier.  Now China is gobbling up U.S. real estate and U.S. assets at an astounding pace.  In fact, some cities are in danger of becoming completely dominated by Chinese ownership.  One of those cities is Toledo, Ohio.  In many “rust belt” areas, real estate can be had for a song, and the Chinese are taking full advantage of this.  America was once the wealthiest nation on earth, but now we are drowning in debt and we are being sold off in chunks to the highest bidder.  Is this the legacy that we are going to leave for future generations?   (CLICK HERE FOR  RECENT UPDATE) (AND MORE RECENT UPDATES)


Intentionally done in order to bring about new currency!





Do you remember cities going bankrupt back at the end of 2012? Here’s a news clip:



The United Nations (NWO/Illuminati) wants to possess everything because it gives them more control. What they are doing is setting up the kingdom on earth for end time events in which the antichrist, their god, will come and rule the world. In order for them to have absolute authority and complete control, they must conquer and own every single city, park, business, government agency, etc. there is. So, when Martial Law goes into effect and chaos grips the hearts of every man, woman, and child—they will quickly and effectively be able to squeeze the life out of anyone, and everyone, who does not conform.


And forget about hiding—there won’t be one place left that is untouched by their wicked talons!


The recent water crisis in FEMA Region Three is no more than a drill in order to test and dumb down society to their antics. Much worse is coming, but then at that moment, people will be weary and numbed to all of it. But you see? This is all part of their plan! No one will be prepared when the real alarm is sounded, and there will be every type of chaos imaginable…. Tada! Here comes the NWO one world government, led by none other than, the Antichrist.


Perfect plan, if I do say so myself. 


I urge everyone who is reading this to begin making preparations. I could be wrong, but I predict by the end of this year (2014) or next year (2015), something HUGE is going to happen. My instincts tell me it will be the economic collapse.


I want you to pay close attention to the news. The moment you hear anything…and I mean anything…about banks closing down to upgrade the system, or for whatever reason…get your money out immediately!


Be sure to have a place to go “away” from the city, plenty of water, food, and medical provisions, including a solar powered generator. If you have been putting it off, research survival and find out exactly what you need to know. People get crazy during times of crisis. Survival mode kicks in, and many will be willing to kill for food and water!


Friends (and enemies)—you have a choice. You can choose to do nothing and sit by so that when the day comes, it will overtake you and you will not know what to do.  Or, you can begin making preparations now, so that when it hits the fan, you will be ahead of the game and ready to roll. Get my drift? I can only tell you once again…and pay attention…because I may have ways of knowing certain things that I can’t reveal; VERY SOON!


Miscellaneous Facts About National Parks and the U.N.


Fact: The Clinton administration is implemented United Nations treaties without congressional or voter approval. Already 68% of our national parks and preserves are under U.N. administration.


Fact: U.N. committees are empowered to visit “World Heritage Sites” within the U.S. to judge whether human activity poses an environmental risk and if it need to be curtailed.


Fact: The Clinton administration is transferred tens of millions of acres of land to the federal government to be placed under U.N. control.


Fact: Towns in the Cuyahoga River Valley near Akron, Ohio, have lost much of their population as the National Park Service under U.N. provisions, has condemned and torn down homes, farms, forcing people to leave their land.


Fact: The U.N. Biodiversity Treaty supports the Wildlands Project, which calls for turning 50% of the U.S. into “wildlands” where humans would not be allowed, but animals could roam free. Concerned Women for America


And, a final tid-bit regarding UN/China buying out American cities:


Dot #12 Barack Hussein Obama is elected, promising “Change you can believe in.” After taking office in January, Obama sends Hillary Clinton on a critical mission to China and helps write H.R. 45 — a complete grab of America’s guns ala Adolph Hitler. State leaders who understand what Clinton and Obama agenda with China is about, are seeking legal “Sovereignty” to prevent the loss of property to a foreign power.  —


There it is. All the news and facts laid out for you. I could add plenty more, but this article is already long enough. The decision is yours to make. To be, or not to be? That is the question! What will be your answer?



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*All other links are recorded above in the document text where necessary*


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    • gruntjust4u

      Very well researched and written. Home run Lyn, thanks for the information.

      • GK

        No, this was not well-researched OR well-written. This is a load of BS meant to generate hits on youtube for monetization purposes.

        All US national parks are owned by the US National Park Service. Zero are owned by non-US entities.

        • Fr.Duffy Fighting 69th

          Hey GK. Who owns the U.S. National Park Service? Who owns the U.S. Government? Who owns the U.S. politicians and bureaucrats? Who owns the U.S. debt? Who owns Obama? When you answer those questions honestly, then you will begin to understand what is happening in this country. Pull your head out of the sand.

          • 2QIK4U


            • 2QIK4U

              I’m in Australia , for me it’s the 12th :cool:

        • dontmesswithme

          Are you Here to spin? Because you are sooooo, wrong.

          n 1972, our government signed the United Nations’ World Heritage Treaty, a treaty that creates “World Heritage Sites” and Biosphere Reserves.” Selected for their cultural, historical or natural significance, national governments are obligated to protect these landmarks under U.N. mandate.1 Since 1972, 68 percent of all U.S. national parks, monuments and preserves have been designated as World Heritage Sites.2

          Twenty important symbols of national pride, along with 51 million acres of our wilderness, are World Heritage Sites or Biosphere Reserves now falling under the control of the U.N. as outlined in the treaty.

        • Who_Dat_Say_Who_Dat_When_I_Say_Who_Dat

          What exactly do you think a treaty is? It is an agreement drafted and agreed upon by many different nations. This one basically says, “we all agreed to protect our sites and landmarks designated as national heritage sites.” So, fine, each country will protect their own sites of “National Heritage.”

          A treaty is not a transfer of ownership. So, where exactly do you read into this that the United Nations now *owns* everything because of it?

          Now, if there is some other evidence you want to point out, other than what you quoted and what you just said, then feel free to add that. But so far, you are only showing you don’t understand what a treaty is.

        • Anonymous

          OLD, very old news. Lou Dobbs at CNN publicised this widely over a decade ago. Which ultimately got him fired, despite him being CNN’s highest rated show at the time of his termination. It is good to have a review tho, especially for those newly awakened who are just now beginning to read about the topic. Reptition and reposting it as much as possible can only help.

          the big question, which Lyn, Drudge, Jonestown, Quayle and others of their ilk will never do long exposes on, is the obvious one- Who controls China? China, who only a few years ago was a rural, backwards, peasant rice paddy. WHO built them into a world power???

          Same as who built the Bolsheviks, Nazis and now the Islamic “terror jihadis”. The Freemasonic B’nai B’rith ZIONIST NWO. ALL OF THEM SAME PLAYERS for the same Hegelian game.
          Expose the khazars Lyn, or stop pretending to be a Truther

        • Obummer666

          Lies. This is another brick in the wall toward building a COMMUNIST KENYAN PRISON that incarcerates every last man, woman, and child in AMERICA. SHAME on you for toe-ing the line and bending over to these IMPERIALIST ILLUMINATI SCUM. Hell, you’re probably a shill for them.

        • realnuz

          Tell that to Frank Giustra who pretty much has the green light to mine out the Grand Canyon with the help of Clinton. Don’t you realize that anything affiliated with government is puppeteered by Globalists not living here?

        • Freeamerican

          Anonymous, I believe they kicked Dobbs because he was big to stop immigration, which is one of the jew world orders’ biggest attacks on Americans, look what’s happened since that time, millions more, look how republicans are swarming in even more legals and protecting forty millions illegals, giving them money and now ‘college loans’ for millions of leeches instead of deporting them, all while they ram up trilions debt and millions of Americans are out of work. In any case Dobbs is back to being a useless shill like all of them.
          On the bigger point you’re right on the jew tribe, jew bolsheviks killed millions of whites and christians, Mao used the jew plan, the fake American wars killing millions of dopes who joined the miliary. Then there’s their banking, media, complete control of America (there’s a couple links below on that), they’ve controlled America for a hundred fifty years and yes also behind jihadis they financed as tools for the terrorist meme to rob Americans of our rights and trillions for their war contractors whose drones are coming here now. The obummer66 troll under your post wants to redirect to the bad obama muslim and illuminati memes to distract from the bolshevik jew and zionist world order. Leahz is jewish so don’t hold your breath on that. The countries including china and russia are all part of the jwo, search cold war hoax. Have to focus on what we each have to do now, know about about the jew world order, quit buying things, protest to stop all immigration and -demand- to send back illegals and the millions of kids they’ve pumped out (extremely dire right now). Also quit voting since none of the government scums represent us.

        • gruntjust4u

          @GK no you are wrong. I have seen the signs designating Nation Parks as UN protected Biospheres. Call it what you want, hide your head in the sand if you choose but facts are facts. So I will do your homework for you as you should have done prior to your comment. Here are a few examples. Let me know if you cannot read as I can also look up pictures for you as well. :twisted:


          Duffy the Pharisee Paul convert. Might want to look into Pharisee Paul there duff boy, you really want to adopt as your own doctrine the doctrine of a Pharisee?

          Acts 23:6 I am a Pharisee and the son of a Pharisee
          Philippians 3:5 I am a Pharisee of the tribe of Benjamin
          Matthew 23:15 adopt a doctrine of Pharisees and become twice the child of Hell than Pharisees

          PEOPLE, you believing in Lynn Lehaze’s bs, she is a bona fide child of Hell. Go ask her what her opinion of Paul is, she loves his doctrine. Christians make great moron money givers. They support church altars and church rulers. Already willing slaves they are ripe to be slaves to government too:

          Hebrews 13:17 OBEY AND SUBMIT yourselves to those who teach you God’s word [of course the Pharisees spoke the alleged word of God to Gentiles]

          Romans Ch. 13 OBEY AND SUBMIT yourselves to those in government because God put them there to punish evildoers

          CHRISTIANS are moronic willing slaves to evil Pharisee doctrine.

          DID THE ROMAN POPULACE OWN ROME? DID ANY POPULACE EVER OWN THEIR NATION? For a time the Jews owned their own nation, when they had judges, no king. Tribal rule, no king. The Jews wanted a king because the Gentile nations around them had kings.

          So People, this is how kings operate, and it hasn’t changed and no nation on earth is not ruled by a king (or group as powerful as a king such as central banks):

          1 SAMUEL 8:11-18 [paraphrasing] The king shall take your sons and put them to service in his army. He shall take your daughters and put them in service to him. He shall take of your fields and vineyards, he will take your servants and put them to work for him. He shall take a tenth of your livestock and YOU SHALL BE HIS SLAVES

          The central banks of western nations are broke, have grazed other fields to bare and now are coming after the citizens because central bankers ARE AS KINGS and the people governed by kings are SLAVES to the king

        • Bronson

          Do you have any proof of what your saying is the truth?
          Do you have any way of showing you are of character?

          Is an exorcism in need?

        • Anonymous

          GK – You might have noticed that Obama, “Congress” and the rest of the “Federal Government” are all CONSTANTLY doing things that they have NO authority under law to do! First, Obama is not qualified to be President of the United States of America – and he ISN’T. He’s the hired CEO of the “UNITED STATES,© INC.” and the “UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT,© INC.” Take a look at the census paperwork if you still have any lying around, or go ask your local library for some – you’ll find the copyright mark to the upper right-hand of the corporate name. Countries don’t do that – corporations do, and that’s what they are. They’ve been masquerading as our legitimate government since the Civil War, but the legitimate American government is “in abeyance”, or “dormant”. The Congress adjourned sine die, meaning they set no date to reconvene, and there has been no real Congress since then. What we CALL “the Congress” is actually a board of corporate advisers that is semi-legitimately elected (though most of those positions are bought – with money, favors or threats with the candidates – like the Presidency – being already decided by the “elites”). The legal system most of our courts operate under is corporate law, NOT the Common Law the Founders designed this country to operate under. It appears to be almost entirely fictional; they seem to be able to pass ANY kind of law and make ANYTHING a crime. In Common Law, without a victim there can BE NO CRIME! When you step past the small gates in a courtroom, your are “legally” stepping onto a SHIP in international waters, I believe. In Common law, people or people and corporations that contract with each other must be fully aware, capable and informed of the nature of the thing they’re signing; in corporate law that’s not necessary! All of this got switched around very slowly and cleverly as the education of Americans was slowly sabotaged. Legally, Washington D.C. is not even a part of America, and the authority of the corporation in charge of it and the corporations in it only applies – legally – to the ten-miles-on-a-side area OF Washington, District of Colombia.

          The Intel agencies are ALL ENTIRELY “EXTRA-LEGAL”. The Original Constitution was itself just slightly altered. It originally said across the top, “Constitution for the United states of America.” Now it says “Constitution OF the United States of America” (I’m not sure whether that is in caps not). The governments of the individual states are semi-legitimate. Many of them, New York for instance, have “elected officials”, governors especially who are actually picked or fraudulently elected, and they are pseudo, or low-level “elites” and working for the the “elites” the Federal government and the Federal Reserve are working for. This is why it’s called the “Shadow Government.” It lies BEHIND the visible one, which is almost powerless, especially in comparison to the government we THINK we see; they’re criminals to begin with, and they’re there for power and profits STOLEN from We the People.

          What Obama has done and IS DOING – which is what he was hired to do – is to destroy, first, the Middle Class by reducing it to penury, finish what Clinton Started and destroy what was once the greatest industrial base on Earth, and then to destroy and break up the country. They’re very close completion now, and if Americans don’t wake up and ACT soon, it will be all over. And incidentally, there’s no law ANYWHERE that grants corporations “legal personhood”. The “clerk”, who was actually a lawyer, who was supposed to write a summary of a recently passed law and place it on the cover of the bill that signed into law something entirely unrelated to corporate personhood. HE LIED. The summary on the cover says, “This law grants legal personhood to corporations” or words to that effect. If that law was to be enforced, EVERY corporation in the U.S. would LOSE their status as legal persons! Somehow though, the Cabal just says, “Well, they’ve been legal persons for so long, you can’t just take it away now!” Bullfeathers we can’t! IT DOESN’T EXIST; it was a plot, a trick and a CRIME in the first place! It wasn’t true and still isn’t!

        • Anonymous

          Okay, here’s a question for all of you: the general consensus appears to be that though the U.N. doesn’t OWN the parks (and they comprise much of “the Commons,”) they do CONTROL them. Do I understand this aright? Okay, if they ARE international, U.N. “heritage sites,” how much are they under OUR control – We the People’s? Can the U.N. override OUR desires and decide that people wandering around those places causes too much damage, as does the placement of toilets, water supplies, etc., so no one is allowed in those areas anymore? (Except “blood-line elites” of course – in America, NO LAWS apply to them). So between U.N. control of much of the Commons, and Chinese control of entire other chunks of the countrysides and cities – and what ELSE is going to be handed over to people OTHER THAN Americans? By now you’ve all seen the map of North America as it’s supposed to be after it’s “cleansed” of human beings. How much of that map is now, essentially, under the control of others (which can always be increased now that they have a toe-hold there)? This is how the Cabal works: incrementally! I do NOT see a reason for all this! Americans should have entire charge of these places and NO ONE ELSE! And by that I also mean NO DAMNED FOR-PROFIT CORPORATIONS! It just about broke my heart when the sole mission statement of the Forestry Service in Oregon became to make a profit! Now on most of those lovely, scenic highway drive through the state as you drive through corridors of trees, you can walk 50 feet into the “forest” and see nothing but clear-cut stubble.

          We Americans have GOT to get off our backsides and take charge of what is ours again before it’s too late, if it isn’t already! Obama and the corporations of the foreign-owned and operated Washington D.C. corporation(s) are acting COMPLETELY AGAINST the Constitution and the good of America and Americans, claiming they have the authority to do so when THEY SHOULD HAVE NONE! (What they HAVE is around 70-some-odd “Intel” agencies who all work in an echo chamber environment that POUNDS into their minds that anyone who disagrees with THEM is a traitor, when THAT is treason against America and the Constitution), and conditioned, mind-controlled and likely steroid-saturated military and police, all with LOTS of guns and deeply-seated desire to USE THEM on somebody!) Fukushima has been left totally uncontrolled when Chernobyl was encased within 48 hours. America is getting hit harder than Japan, for Pete’s sake! We are under multiply-layered ATTACKS and no one is noticing, or almost no one. Chemtrails poison our atmosphere, our soils, our lakes and rivers, our forests, our CROPS (many of which are GMO and so are toxic by – well, NOT by Nature – plus highly toxic herbicides/pesticides are soaking much of them and NOW they want to add Agent Orange! The weather is also being altered, and first-time FATAL cases of pneumonia, once rare, are increasing rapidly. Meanwhile Corexit and oil are poisoning the Gulf of Mexico former seafood while radiation poisons the Pacific Ocean seafood to where we don’t dare, if you can read) eat ANY OF IT. That is a food supply that a great many of the planetary population depend on! America’s food stores are lower than they’ve ever been, I understand, and what there is has been rendered toxic to a great extent. Now add in fracking chemicals to the underground water tables, food additives that themselves highly toxic, and those are even sneaked into the glue on little stickers placed on fruit. They don’t miss a trick, do they? The American Medical System is the 4th largest killer in America, too. That’s with the “help” of Big Pharma, of course. Now, another silent, invisible killer: RADIATION. From Fukushima, plus all the other nuclear reactors here in America which ALL leak (women who live within 100 miles of a nuke power plant are 5 times as likely to get breast cancer as women who don’t). Microwave ovens destroy the nutrients in food, as well as leaking, themselves. So there’s microwave/RF damage from those, from cell phone and cell towers, Smart Meters and multiple other sources. We LIVE inside a house wiring harness, most of us, that itself generates an enclosing field that can cause damage, and then you can also add in WiFi, routers, and seemingly almost endless on and on and on. Is it any WONDER so many of us are exhausted, our immune systems and energy levels (mitochondria interference and damage), our “drive” and abilities to think, to plan, to ACT are all at a very low ebb?

          America was, for a very short time, truly the greatest country that had ever been, at least in our knowledge of history, precisely because so many different people of so many different countries were given the chance to anything they cold do, that they wanted to do! Self-driven, self-willed, often self-taught, Americans built an incredible place that really WAS a land of opportunity, and just LOOK what we built! now? Against an Enemy who is utterly conscienceless, who even ENJOYS human suffering (I understand they even rape their own daughters in “religious” ceremonies), and who moves so glacially slowly that the generation who saw the beginning of their destruction were generations away from those of here now who will see the end of it – against such creatures, anyone could be blind-sided – as we have been. We can, however, NOW SEE what they’ve done and are doing. They are setting us up for mass murder, and then on to annihilate the REST of the world. Or maybe they’ll just head for their private D.U.M.B.S. and stay there until the rest of the world – all perhaps 100 humans left alive – have forgotten them. And then they can have 100 new slaves. *sigh*

        • Eggzactly

          GK, Wrong you are. If you google a picture of The Smoky Mountains National Park Sign at the Bottom of the sign it states, “A International Biosphere Reserve” So look it up and continue with the learning process, would ya? :grin:

      • Lyn Leahz

        You’re welcome! Thanks.

        • N. Morgan

          “Steal not this book for fear of shame

          For on it is the owners name

          And when you die the Lord will say

          Where is the book you stole away

          And when you say you do not know

          The Lord will say go down below.”

          ― L.M. Montgomery


        • GlazDonut


          The parks aren’t owned by the UN. Just typical drama manufacturers trying to twist the facts. In 1972, our government signed the United Nations’ World Heritage Treaty, a treaty that creates “World Heritage Sites” and Biosphere Reserves. Selected for their cultural, historical or natural significance, national governments are obligated to protect these landmarks under U.N. mandate Since 1972, 68 percent of all U.S. national parks, monuments and preserves have been designated as World Heritage Sites. However, contrary to what some may say, this does not mean that the United Nations owns Yellowstone National Park. In fact, the U.S. government went through an application process to have Yellowstone designated as a UNESCO site in order to further guarantee protection of the beautiful scenery and diverse and charismatic fauna that are, in the whole world, unique to that region of the United States.

          Oh also, on your “fake science”. I’m curious if you also think Evolutionary Theory is “fake Science”…. if so….. I think we’re done here…

        • Anonymous

          Dobbs was kicked off because of his exposure of the North American Union- which is the underpinning of the integration of regional blocks which will comprise the NWO. the immigration issue was given as the “reason” with ugly hints of anti-hispanic bigotry on Dobb’s part. Pure lie because Dobb’s own wife is MEXICAN. they got him out because of his continous rant against loss of sovereignty to NAU and NAFTA Superhighway. -thats from insiders at CNN itself


          In 325 A.D. Council of Nicea, Pharisees conspired with the Roman Emperor Constantine to quash opposition to the anti-Christ’s gospel by having the Emperor back the Pharisees by punishing those who would say bible is not all the word of God.

          The jerk LM Montgomery, and now which bible would that be? The Lord allegedly has four different bibles, as they vary in number of writings in their old testament section and the four bibles are Catholic, Orthodox, Ethiopian and Protestant and all have same new testament section, 6 writings of Jews of the Lord (Matthew and John) and 21 writings of Pharisees, including forged 1 and 2 Peter.

          WHERE IS THE BOOK? which one Lord, Catholic, Protestant, Ethiopian, Orthodox? GO TO HELL, I sentence you to hell for not believing all four bibles are all my word! :lol: :lol:

          The many who are rightly sent to Hell but believe they are of Christ are the anti-Christ Christians. They are twice the children of Hell for believing on the doctrine of Pharisee Paul (Matthew 7:22-23).

          The evil anti-Christ Christians says YES WE BELIEVE OUR PHARISEE, the Christians’ apostle, that GOD LIED TO THE JEWS, sent Christ to preach LIES to the Jews because God ordained JEWS YOU BE STUPID BELIEVERS IN LIES and I want Gentiles to believe the truth.

          That’s kind of rough there, God puts his Jews in delusion, but to make it quite palatable for the moron anti-Christ Christians their master says, don’t worry God send his Son to lie to Jews so that he can have mercy on everyone:

          eVIL evil evil anti-Christ Christians, the many who think they are of Christ but the christ they follow is an imaginary figure invented by Pharisees:

          Romans 11:30-32 God put all Jews in delusion [except the Pharisee Jews of Satan!] because God decided it is time for Jews to believe lies and for Gentiles to believe the truth and in that way, God can exercise mercy on everyone

      • taptap

        what i take offence to in this article is that you try to make the tea party the good cops on the block trying to protect us, this couldnt be more wrong. when you uncover where the monies come from to operate these groups, and quote “freedom networks” and probably even this website. it is the same people with the same agenda. playing upon and pulling at the emotional strings on uniformed american population. fear that was planeted during 911. furthermore the UN does not own any US land. the UN has, though, world wide established certains areas as global heritage national sites. at no time does the US lose any rights to its own land. its the same as we here in the USA saying the great pyramids of giza are a world treasure! and we do, dont we? but we do not own egypt, we have no rights to egypt, but we still classify the pyramids as though we own them.

        • True News

          Ah, we never got a penny from anyone else, all the money came from my pockets.

      • Working the Beat

        Not really, its all cut and paste from others hard journalistic work – this is typical of lyn.

    • Болеслава

      The USA is run for the occult.

    • Болеслава

      btw the UN does not have any money. Ted Turner has personally bailed them out a few times with the possible prodding of his ex gullible wife, Jane Fonda.

      If these lands were indeed purchased by them, which is illegal, it would have been at the bargain basement price of $1 each. This is called surrender in most history books.

      • Who_Dat_Say_Who_Dat_When_I_Say_Who_Dat

        The United Nations does have a pool of money. It comes from the dues paid by member nations.

        Ted Turner didn’t “bail out” the United Nations either. He donated money toward UN causes, to help poor/Third World nations. And he didn’t do it “a few times” either. He did it once.

        God it’s a wonder people like you can even find their way onto the Internet.

        • Who_Dat_Say_Who_Dat_When_I_Say_Who_Dat

          Tell that to Bing Search. And Google search. And Yahoo search. And every other Internet search engine known to man. So, just because you think it’s true doesn’t mean it is. Of course, you won’t believe that either.

          “Facts!? We don’t need no stinking facts!” What a loser…even by BIN standards….LOL.

        • Болеслава

          I’ll be kind and just call you a factoid.

    • phoomp

      Once again, no actual evidence of these claims are offered. Just links to Monetization Enabled YouTube videos that provide the video creator with ad-revenue every time the video is played.

    • Freeamerican

      The UN, central banks, federal reserve, media, government agencies, schools, are controlled by the jew tribe, have been since they got the federal reserve in 1913 and did their holohoax. Now look what they control The UN is their scheme same as the banks, media, churches. The tribe and their masons (masons serve the jew) have plotted this takeover scheme a long time. They use their UN to take national property and make law, every scum politician part of it all these years taking payoffs, passing law against us, sent a hundred million jobs overseas, let the jew UN take over our land. The government scums work for the jew to bring down whites and America by fake wars, debt, immigration and jew communism welfare schemes, now the health bill scheme republicans refuse to defund, even though they could. In 1965 America was over 90% white. Now look at it the republicans are protecting forty million illegal leeches, more immigrant leeches being swarmed in by the day, as the jew UN takes our parks and property. The UN, banks, media it’s all the jew tribe. Americans have been extremely ingorant. Quit buying from global companies. Protest immigration. Quit voting.

      ” In this New World Order the [jew, fake] children of Israel will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition. The Governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will fall without difficulty into the hands of the Jews. It will then be possible for the Jewish rulers to abolish private property and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state. Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled, in which is said that when the Messianic time is come, the Jews will have all the property of the whole world in their hands.” – Baruch Levy. Article: Letter to Karl Marx, in magazine ‘La Revue de Paris’, p.574, June 1, 1928

      • Freeamerican

        Technically the UN hasn’t been controlled since the federal reserve and holohoax, since the UN was conned up by the jew after that time to make sheople think there was some fair global entity in the background. There isn’t. The UN is the tribe, same as banks, media and everything else.

        • enochered

          Come on Mate, pull the other one, you’ll be telling me next they control the Mafia.

          Like your style!!!!!!!! :cool:

        • RAINSCRYPT

          hah, calling me a troll is meaningless and doesn’t make the leuchter report true.. it’s still a complete fraud. your “readers” should review it, and research the facts concerning it. anyone with an ounce of grey matter would dismiss that report for being a scam.
          you keep pushing disinfo to make your case and it’s ridiculous to accuse others of everything that you are doing yourself.
          people will believe what they are capable of understanding and many are limited to their beliefs. meanwhile, i see all you “jew haters” here in this comment section attacking each other,, you guys are a riot.

        • Freeamerican

          rainscrypt, your ‘script’ needs work. Obviously you are a troll not just because I said the word ‘troll’, you are a jew troll or government troll because you are a – liar. Your scum tribe has managed to persecute many good people and scholars including Mr. Zundel, Mr. Leuchter and others who tried to educate people about your holohoax. They’ve gotten away with it because stupid Americans have been alseep and because your scum tribe controls all the media, schools and courts, so you’ve had quite an easy time putting down the truth. Now, as usual you snivel and lie trying to keep people from seeing the facts for themselves.

          Beside your lying (which is fine by your jew talmud
          you then do your rendition of the sniveling ‘jew hater’ meme that I’ve also debunked all over this page. Your desperate-but-trying-to-play-cool idiocy is showing by claiming that I argued below with others who are wise to the jew. The troll ‘whyhurtpeople’ down further is a troll, as proven there and now today as he’s been posting ‘it’s the military complex’ crap, the most worn out psy ops to distract from the jew that there is. You’ve made a fool of yourself along with the other trolls. Get lost.

        • Freeamerican

          enochered, Yes that too. The ‘italian mafia’ myth is mostly jew bunk. Research is tough because they control so much, but try a few searches.

        • RAINSCRYPT

          whine all you like. no matter to me. the report is still bull. i haven’t discounted anything else and so everything you’re saying here makes you the liar, not me. but then, i really don’t care what you say anymore so you might as well just shut up.

        • Freeamerican

          The other jew act, do the sniveling ‘hate jews’ meme, then when you’re shown up, steal the other persons words and do the ‘no you are’ crap. Calling is false hasn’t stopped people from viewing the report, and likely starting their own research on your Holohoax. Too bad for you. Your sniveling jew act and ‘hate jews’ meme doesn’t work anymore. Tell me to shut up, that’s funny, you supremacists jews and loser paid trolls don’t tell me what to do. Finally, if you don’t care what I say, then wouldn’t have responded. Idiot.

        • RAINSCRYPT

          haha.. talk yourself silly. i already told you, i hope people do research it all. either your memory or your comprehension has taken leave. now you bore me so this is the last time i’ll address you.
          have fun!

        • Freeamerican

          More lying. First you lie repeatedly trying to claim the Leuchter report it’s false to distract and cover up here and below, then after all that claim you ‘don’t care’ and ‘people should research it’, when obviously your many desperate lying cover up comments here and below prove you exactly do not want people to find out about your holohoax. You also care about my opinion because you you kept replying, now doing the ‘play it cool’ act because you’re got nothing else. Like I said below, this is the first time in a day and a half I came to this page, I responded to your last sniveling crap, and you -just happened- to be right here at the exact same time to within seconds reply to my post. You can fake ‘ha ha’ all you like, you’re obviously a jew or a government troll. Your lies and now trying to back up and try the ‘cool’ act, none of it works.

      • Savage

        It’s amazing you can find the time to type so much. I would think all your time would be spent maintaining your “Tooth brush mustache” or worshiping at your Third Reich altar.

        • Freeamerican

          You reference to the third riech and Hitler is to keep the holohoax brainwashing going. It is a proven fact there was no holocaust. No people in ovens, no six million, no holocaust.

        • WhyHurtPeople

          FreeAmerican: You really believe there was no holocaust, no ovens? You really believe that?

        • Freeamerican

          It’s not a matter of what I believe the facts just are what they are. There are many sources if you research, a link to one for the Leuchter report is above your post. Click or copy the link to your brower, at the bottom of the introduction page is the table of contents that takes you to the report and data index. There are many sources debunking the so-called holocaust though the Leuchter report is most formal and complete. No ovens, no holocaust.

        • Death of the CRAB

          “Freeamerican” is not free at all. Not even close to it. A dark claw is gripping his very soul.
          1 claw 4 U.

        • RAINSCRYPT

          freeamerican. the leuchter report is the hoax, perpetrated by leuchter himself.. your link is disinfo.

          perhaps you should read the court transcripts where leuchter was questioned to defend his allegations, and his qualifications.
          there is far far more to this. to make reference of a holohoax while providing the leuchter report as evidence to support your claim, is laughable at best.

        • Freeamerican

          rainscrypt, You trolls are extremely obvious. Just saying ‘it’s a lie’ won’t distract readers from reviewing the report and researching other sources. There are many sources disproving your hoax, the Leuchter report is well defined that’s why I referred to it. Your desperation is showing. You don’t want Americans or Germans to find out because then you lose the center of your lies and the rest of your lies will be exposed. Your distraction doesn’t work.

      • WhyHurtPeople

        FreeAmerican: You see-Here is an example of how I agree with you. Not the way you right it because “I” believe more people would grasp what you are saying if you toned down the Jew rhetoric” but that’s only my opinion.

        Did you know a major US Univerity or Private College, I believe Harvard, did a recent DNA study on the bloodlines of the people living in Israel, as well as, in the Palestinian lands and found 80% of Palestinians had true Jewish bloodlines and DNA, whereas, less than 10% of Israeli citezans had Jewish blood? The people in Israel and involved in high level of deception in bringing in this new political, monetary and religious scheme, aka the NWO aka, in you verbiage the JWO are called Khazar Jews. Very, Very bad, dangerous people. Look it up at

        • Freeamerican

          It is the jew tribe, racial, there religion is a tool, it’s not just ‘khazars’, that’s a psy ops. The s vetranstoday site is a psy ops. Many fake jew truth sites are, they do some truth then also disinfo distraction. 99% of so called alternative media including supposed jew truth sites are run by disinfo jews. The basic facts are what matter, that and people getting off the status quo. Quit voting.

    • WhyHurtPeople

      I listened to 30 minutes of the first video. Starting with the narrators comment regarding Albert Pike “purportedly” wrote a letter outlining a letter stating there would be three wars. No! Be it known, Albert Pike “DID” not only write the letter, it was part of the Illuminati Doctrine Appendage. It took awhile to finish the letter. It not only discussed in great detail the three wars but it told specifically who was to be in each war, what the excuse or reason for the war would be; That meaning, what false flag philosophy would be promoted among the people of the world. The first two wars have happened exactly like the letter, “Doctrine” specifies, without exception. The third world war has already begun but again as I commented in another post, 99.9% of the people do not know it has begun, who will fight in it or why? Also, the overwhelming majority of the world’s population is being deceived now by the “so-called” intervention by extra-terrestrials which is 100% false. What people are seeing in the sky for the most part is very advanced technology being used to scare the daylights out of everyone through psyops which is designed solely to make people give up their personal weapons for food, medicine and safety which all will be fooled in to believing these will be available at a FEMA Location. THIS IS FALSE! FEMA camps are not built for the sanctuary of anyone.

      Regarding JFK and I am moving back in history. JFK was approached with the New World Order Agenda. He formulated the “idea” of a group of sophisticated leaders in their respective fields to put together a study (to buy time). He knew upfront this New World Order was a terrible idea and would bring the world under “political mafia” rule where it stands today. This led him to make his famous speach where he stated any secret organization or society is instinctively wrong and goes against the “rule of law.” He then placed in to action many things. First was the declaration that the US Treasury would print any money the United States needed and would borrow it at zero percent interest, hence ousting the Federal Reserve which we all know is the most corrupt center of treasonists on the planet. He then went to then CIA Director Allen Dulles and told him in a private meeting he was going to “crush the CIA in to a billion pieces.” For these reasons and some others- he was assassinated very shortly afterwords. To sum up JFK. He was the last legally elected US President.

      What people of the world need to know now is this. There are many things coming your way and most are psychological warfare operations. Yes! FALSE FLAGS. Most everything you think you are seeing will not, in fact, be what you are actually seeing. I note for this posting. Everyone is discussing the massive amount of fireballs! Are they really “fireballs?” Notice more specifically, HAVE ANY HIT THE GROUND? The answer is NO!. Some observers have stated they believe they thought one or two hit the ground. I tell you this is not true. I’m also not saying the earth will not go through ISON’s Debris field because it will and many people could get hurt (not saying more as I do not wish to scare anyone at all). Satellites will most likely be damaged. Somewhere between now and when this occurs it is my belief, as well as, my associates beliefs, that the grid will be taken down. To sum up my comment. It is our philosophy on the current situation that either of two things will happen over the next two years. First, Americans who are basically asleep, maybe not the viewers here at BIN, but the main populace will remain asleep and the corrupt leadership of the world and it is the world; Please do not believe that all governments are not involved because they are. Some are more engaged than others and some would rather stay out of what is to come. These sleeping people will remain asleep and the NWO will be ushered in and all will be lost. Second, The recently terminated Generals, Admirals and other Flag Officers will retake their posts using the simple belief that an unlawful order or termination is unlawful and therefore should either be negated or not carried out and these officers will retake their command positions and take control of the US Country and uphold the Constitution. This Constitution is where all military men and womans allegiance should be too, as well as, all US Citezans. The same is true with the First and Second Amendment rights. Nothing supercedes these and they must be held on to know matter how much fear or worse is cast upon us all. I hope all of you stay safe and kepp an open mind to what is happening now and in the future. There is also a “disturbance of a great magnetic property.” There will be more news on this later. I hope anyone who reads this stays safe and healthy with their families and each of your own individual beliefs. For in the end that is what you all really have-isn’t it? Godspeed!

      • Freeamerican

        It’s not NWO it’s jew world order, JWO, illuminati is a old bunk name for masons, mason serve the jew.

        “Freemasonry is a Jewish establishment, whose history, grades, official appointments, passwords and explanations are Jewish from beginning to end. ” – Rabbi Isaac Wis

        People need to get straight on the holohoax and the fact that every scum in government is part of the jew world order scheme. Quit buying things, quit voting. No more leaders.

      • Anonymous

        Only one problem. The constitution was written by the FREEMASONS!

        • WhyHurtPeople

          Anonymous: It’s still the Constitution and it still stands-for now! The future may be different however? Who the creators or authors of the Constitution document are, at this point in time, is irrelevant to the current problem. However, we must remember the purpose of the document as history is often forgotten, yet it repeats itself!-They tried their very best to escape tyranny. I see the same problem happening again right now. It’s time to put down the keyboard and show our collective position on what is currently happening and what being planned against ud. Good luck to you.

    • WhyHurtPeople

      Lyn: I forgot to mention a few other items. I am not a good writer. I wish you were here and then you could take our collective information and put it in words. First, California, Hawaii and the Water in the Great Lakes, as well as, parts of New England have been collateralized to the Chinese. This is one of the reasons they are massing in Mexico and Hawaii. Alaska has been collateralized to Russia. This is why they are massing as well. (There is a chance Mr. Putin could go against the NWO Agenda) We will have to see what the future brings. The other reason Polish troops and some others are here is the SSG (Cabal) knows The US troops will “not” shoot on their own people. It is still debateable about divisions within Homeland Security. Certainly there are those in DHS who will. Our intelligence tells us the local police departments and sheriff departments are clearly on the local citezen’s side. It is also our HumInt which tells us that certain “obstacles” will be put in place to obstruct good peoples reason to fight and give up without doing so. BE PREPARED. WHATEVER YOU DONT NEED CAN ALWAYS BE GIVEN TO CHARITY. Again Godspeed!

      • Freeamerican

        You’re tossing around disinfo. The debt is hundreds of trilions because of the derivative scam nobody talks about, the piddling trilion owed the chinese is nothing, so pretending the country is ‘going to the chinese’ over a trillion bucks and like they are a separate force is stupid. Second, any latitude given to china business is because they and russia and all the major countires are in on the jew world order. How do you think a hundred million American jobs went to china. The jew run American government is expanding the idiot ‘national guard’ and others, there’s no need for foreign troops, but even if some were some here, again, it’s part the jew world order scheme. Had you bothered to read thezog.wordpress list and seen the DHS page you would see it’s run by jews, like everything else. There are no enemy countries. Cold war hoax. Putin is jew, Mao followed the jew with his genocides, china, russia, all part of the jew world order. The jew tribe and government scums are pushing the TPP to give foreign countries their own space in America and ability to go around all our laws, the jwo government scums are part of it. Putin is not ‘against the NWO’ russia is part of it, been that way for decades. It’s not NWO it’s jew world order, JWO.

        • LifeIs


          (1) There is something to the Clinton-to-China story. The Chinese had stopped buying US government bonds, and wanted assurances, and Hillary went to China, and subsequently China resumed bond purchases.

          It was SAID that all we gave them was a promise to stop advocating human rights for Chinese. As if that was worth anything.

          (2) The derivatives are not US government debt. They would be debts the financial institutions owe each other.

          You might say it’s an extortion racket. They extort bailouts, freedom from prosecution,
          and more, by threatening to go bankrupt. Because then, credit default swaps would have to be paid off. And, nobody can afford to pay them. All the banks would go under and the system would collapse.

          And one of the things they have gotten is the freedom to inflate the currency by “quantitative easing.” The Fed “prints money” to buy up fraudulent securities from other banks. And the banks use the cash to pump the stock market.

          China does have plans to expand into North America, and has been pretty open about it.

        • Freeamerican

          lifels, The derivatives scheme is debt against Americans in part, also the Euro. The jew bankers own the federal reserve and central banks. You do not separate them the same way you do not separate China from the jew. What China, Russia and America does or does not do is by plan of the jew tribe. jew world order, JWO.

        • WhyHurtPeople

          Freeamerican: OK! We get it. You hate Jews. The only problem is it isn’t Jews per se. It’s the Khozar Jews which is the dominate factor in the cabal. Also, if Mr. Putin had both feet in the NWO or the JWO as you call it, then why did Russia pay off the Federal Reserve and throw them all out of their country? Why did he have the number one Federal Reserve Banker from Russia assassinated in Great Britain? Why is he encouraging neighboring countries to follow his lead, like Hungary for example who paid off the IMF on August 17, 2013 and they threw them out of their Country?

          Sun Tsu said it best. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. I do know exactly what I am talking about and I know for a fact that what is coming is going to fool 99% of the population and nobody is going to stop it because they are all asleep and want others to fight their battles, it already has, and it’s not ISON or NIBIRU. It’s worse! And that is not FEAR PORN but “know it alls” and “simpletons” will all wish and pray it was!

          BTW: Hitler was a Rothchild, Abraham Lincoln was a Rothchild, his real last name was Springs. His father was A.A Springs. G.H.W. Bush’s real last name was Sherf(f). His adopting father was best friends with Joseph Mengele aka Dr. Death. They shared an office at Silsean Steel who supplied the Nazi’s with steel during WWII. G.H.W. Bush/Scherf(f) immigrated to the USA and was adopted by Prescott Bush when he was sixteen an enlisted in the US Navy. After Admiral McCain saved his rear end in WWII the continuation of the Nazi’s and the Illiminusts funded Zapata oil in Texas, after WWII in an OSS/CIA front Company where G.H.W. Bush was CEO. He was also pictured outside the Book Depository Building in Dealy Plaza on the day JFK was assassinated(HHuuuMMMBBB). Bush was also a member of the OSS at this time, the forerunner to the CIA. So Yeah! I think I know what I’m talking about all the way back 10,000 years to the OBN (Old Black Nobility).

        • Freeamerican

          whyhurtpeple, You don’t speak for ‘we’ other than for other government or jew trolls. When faced with facts about the jew you default to the ‘you just hate jews’ fake persecuted jew sniveling, then try to shift to ‘it’s not really the jews’ psy ops. You’ve exposed yourself as another troll to cover for the jew, also trying to keep sheople clinging to the constitution and jew libertarian type bunk which limited our rights and promoted communism. The old ‘it’s just the rothchilds’ psy ops is worn. You do your jew cover up sniveling then throw in a bunch of meaningless jabber. Your jabber doesn’t change thousands years of the jew tribe usury, jewish ritual murder, genocides, pedophilia and societal corruption which has killed over a half billion people, mostly whites. So much for your attempt at distraction and fake patriot meme. Holohoax.

        • WhyHurtPeople


        • WhyHurtPeople

          FREEAMERICAN: I reread what you wrote because I am still confused as to where you get the things you claim I said. I even stated it was the “Khazar” Jews who were the real enemies. They are the Jews who kill other Jews, but I understand that is over your head. I even commented on the three wars Pike thoroughly discussed which were constructed and orchestrated by these “Khazar Jews.” I believe you are trying to say what I am saying but you have a “KKK” disposition which turns people off even if your facts are correct. Learn about PSYCHOTRONICS! IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHO I AM JUST PING MY URL. THAT’S HOW I GOT YOU. I think we may agree on history but express it in different ways. You have a good night.

        • BEEF SUPREME


          Since you’re kind of new here, welcome to BIN. Also, by way of making your life easier and sparing you any unwanted protracted exercises in pointlessness, you should be made aware of the following:

          Certain commenters on these boards are less sane than others. Among the LEAST sane are:

          Universal Sign / Black Hole / Plain Jane (Three commenters, but only one INSANE [some say demon possessed] man behind the keyboard.)

          King of Shambhala (Aka Geir Smith — He’s been suffering from the same delusion for over four years. If you ever engage him in conversation, you will have lost countless hours of your life merely by virtue of the fact that you started. Progress with Mr. Smith is a mathematical impossibility, not to mention a psychiatric one.)

          Freeamerican (No matter what you do or say to this person, he will accuse you of being a paid operative troll, and an in the employ of… you guessed it: THE JEWS!!!. No one hates the Jews more than Freeamerican, and he works tirelessly day and night to make certain no one ever forgets it.)

          BEEF SUPREME (So some. Caveat Emptor.)

          Be sure not to lose any sleep, or any hair, when arguing or conversing with any of the above listed personages.

          Pleasure to be of assistance,

          Boeuf le Suprême

        • Freeamerican

          whyhurtpeple, Now you resort to all caps shouting. You tried the patriot meme then tried to cover up for the jew, now you’re doing the fake indignation act. Obviously I provided more than just saying ‘the jews did it’, while you cite ‘southpark’ which is (like all media) brainwashing made by jews. Then you try to change the subject to psycho babble. Your constitution meme is to push people to fake action groups like libertarian or consitution fake patriot setups so people are controlled.

          “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” – Vladimir Lenin
          Lenin (real name Ulyanov), Marx (Mordechai) Stalin (Dzhugashvili), Trotsky (Bronstein), all jews. If those facts aren’t enough, how about this quote -

          “Make no mistake about it, we intend to keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as the white race is destroyed – not deconstructed but destroyed.” Noel Ignatiev – jew Harvard Professor

          Your fake acting, yelling and covering up for the jew is obvious. Get lost.

          beef israeli. You israeli trolls trying to put down comments from Americans such as myself and others is just more attempt to keep your holohoax going and the billions going to israeli holohoax leeches. Your ‘pleasure to be of assistance’ to help your jew troll buddy for more distraction and your ‘you just hate jews’ sniveling is because you have no facts. There was no holocaust, the jews control all banking, media, schools and global companies proven in the links above and by searches. Too bad for you.

        • WhyHurtPeople

          FreeAmerican: This question I am giving you is off the top of my head, but you know so much I want to double-check my accuracy. Question: Six days before Abraham Lincoln, whose real last name was Springs (A Jew and a Rothchild) was killed, he told Rothchild he refused to have the United States pay usery to the Crown any longer. At what percent was the usury rate? Impress me-Let’s see who the real shill is?

        • WhyHurtPeople

          BeefSupreme: Thanks for the “heads up.” If I ever visit near him I will show him or give him a demonstration on how “psychotronics” works. I wonder when the last time he crapped his pants and had no bowel control? It’s usually in someones first year. LMAO. Thanks for the heads up. Maybe he wasn’t breast fed as a baby.

        • WhyHurtPeople

          TO: BEEF SUPREME: I saw this lunatic’s response to you. You are 100% correct. What a nutcase. I guess he couldn’t answer my question on usury. I brought it up because he uses the word a lot and I did not know if he knew what the word actually meant. You think he plays with himself too much? LMAO!!!!!

        • WhyHurtPeople

          248 Trillion as of yesterdays close of business! This is strictly derivitives. I’m sure you knew though, a Jew told you while you were getting circumcized.

        • INSIGNIA777

          Please note that there is much value in “Universal Sign / Black Hole / Plain Jane” and the like.

          At best they are, a constant reminder of that which we should avoid in life…

          and that which we should not become.

          Yes, “They” are as simple as that.

        • Freeamerican

          whyhrtpeople, I am not here every second to reply to every post. I wrote part of this previous to your rants and will post it though you/your rants don’t deserve it. – Reviewing your last post (before israeli beef and your rants), a problem may be you don’t have enough history of the jew and their level of total control in America so do more research. Don’t look to psy ops sites that make it all about the rothschilds or kazhar bunk, look for real sources, they are few but search for them. On your kkk reference, my posts are facts coupled with knowledge that hundreds of millions of whites and non jews have been genocided by the jews. The kkk was backed by jew psy ops to push division of blacks and whites, and push immigration swarms and welfare. Also it was jews who brought the slaves, but because of jew control of media and schools their ‘bad whites’ meme put fake guilt on us so we would allow their immigration and welfare schemes which have destroyed America. On the judeo masonic constitution, it was a scam. It limited our rights, also look at the ‘promote the general welfare’ line, now half of Americans are ignorantly on some type of welfare plus fifty million immigrants, all more debt to the jew federal reserve (there is far more than 248 t in derivatives, and more mortgage scheming still going on). – Lincoln was not a rothschild however he was a jew, worked for them, and was a mass murderer. His murder of the southerners had nothing to do with slavery, he killed them for planning to secede.

        • Mayhem

          Would someone introduce me? This, Freeamerican, character is a slippery little devil. Keeps shouting out the same old same old then goes all Alinsky-ite on anyone who engages him. He debates poorly and has little grasp of how words work.

          In another thread i quoted a “jew lesbo dead presidents wife” who, despite all that, came up with a pearler on catergorising 3 succinct ways of thinking. He accused me, twice, of backtracking when i attempted to defend the wisdom of the quote. I left flummoxed after wishing, Freeamerican well. I’ll not waste my time with his ilk.

          Hello, Beef Supreme, loved the maths pun aimed @KoS, hilarious. “The raffle! It’s all in the raffle!

        • Freeamerican

          mayhem, It is clear by my comments and links to viable sources that I am not ‘slippery’. However you jew trolls who’ve now decided to try to gang up my comments are obvious. You jews and israeli trolls cannot subvert the facts any longer.

        • Mayhem

          @Freeamerican… both of your aspersions are incorrect and odious in the extreme. Who do you kiss with that mouth?

          What holocaust? And i won’t bear pigeonholing as a jew just because i read my Bible. You confuse Israel the country with Israel the people and use this to, insidiously, tar me with an unfair brush.

          I don’t like you so much but what-the-hey who’s to notice…

          Mahatma Gandhi — ‘I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.’

          … we agree on many things, Freeamerican, just not philosophy, it seems. Go on: call me a zionist jew troll again, you know i enjoy ineffectual persecution, but please don’t call me christian or religious for that matter.

        • BEEF SUPREME

          It won’t work, Mayhem. No matter how many times we tell Freeamerican that we’re not Jew trolls, or even Trolls for Jews, he’ll have none of it.

          We’re as guilty in his mind as lord Rothschild himself.

          But of course, so is every other commenter around these parts who has dared let slip from his digital pen some jot or tittle which didn’t agree perfectly with Mr. Freedom’s settled-upon paradigm of persecution.

          This is just another in a long line of shining examples of what happens when one has no scriptural insight, and only oneself and one’s intellect and imagination to lean upon. It’s a formula for disorder. Enter Freeamerican.

        • Freeamerican

          Trolls mayhem/israel beef are typical, they attack the messenger, change the subject, do rothschild bunk, anything to protect the tribe. The jew tribe thousands of years scheming as a race and/or their supremacist jew religion is why they stick together, even making comments. There is nothing about ‘mayhem christian’ in my comment, his multiple subject mumbo jumbo is typical jew distraction. The jew main stream media does the same, distract, half truth, if someone states facts they don’t like they attack the messenger. Remember jews control media and everything else, obviously it’s much larger than just some rothchilds. Hundreds of thousands of jews and their lackeys are part of the jwo scheme, all banks, media, all politicians, government agencies, their intl scams like the UN (see thezog.wordpress lists for yourself) plus the trolls. Their trolls are all over the web. Americans pay for trolls by the billions shipped to holohoax israel every year and by the government propaganda scheme. This is christian psy ops site but page is ok The situation is also because Americans have been extremely ignorant. Quit buying foreign products, protest immigration, protest holohoax israel, not to change the government scums but to wake sheople, and quit voting. Politicians work for the communist jwo including the fake conservatives, look at their fake wars, debt, illegals, immigration swarms, outsourced jobs, welfare schemes, all the trolls. Quit voting.

        • BEEF SUPREME

          Suppertime at Freeamerican’s house:

          Mrs. Freeamerican: “Could you please pass the buttered peas, dear?”

          Mr. Freeamerican: “O INJUSTICE!!! O CONSPIRACY!!! Is there a JEW hiding in that bowl of peas? Then WHY are you bothering about it?!! Don’t you know there are JEWS working to swallow your very SOUL right at this minute, and in fact have been for EONS!!!???”

          Baby Freeamerican: “You’re spitting in the potatoes dad. And your eyes are bleeding.”


          Just in case anyone missed it — Freeamerican DOES NOT like the Jews.

        • Freeamerican

          Still no facts just mumbo jumbo, yelling, ‘hates jews’ blubbering act, distraction and attack the messenger. Of course I don’t like that jews took over America, your mass genocides of whites and non jews which continues, your fake wars, money schemes, holohoax, immigration communist schemes to break white America. You have a problem with facts about the jew because you’re a cover up jew. Once informed on your history and jew control of my country of course I have a problem with it. It’s called knowledge, instead of jew lies and fake history. Your distraction mumbo jumbo doesn’t work. The jew hates whites. No holocaust, holohoax. The holocaust was dresden

          “Make no mistake about it, we intend to keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as the white race is destroyed – not deconstructed but destroyed.” Noel Ignatiev – jew Harvard Professor

        • BEEF SUPREME


          I disagree with very few of your talking-points. What I object to is your wrath and your hatred. But most importantly, I repudiate your conclusion.

          You can’t land on your feet with the knowledge you’ve accumulated unless you have attained to stability of mind. You have no stability of mind, and therefore you are left twisting in rage like a windsock filled by a tornado.

          If you could press a magic button and immediately eliminate each and every Jew presently alive on the planet, you would have solved exactly NONE of the problems you consistently cry about.

          You’re an intelligent fool, Freeamerican. You have utterly failed to take a proper assessment of the nature of this war, and you have completely terminated all hope for future correction of your fatal flight trajectory by locking on to a decoy. You will follow your chosen target right into the side of a mountain at full-throttle, and you will have accomplished nothing more than self-destruction.

          There is absolutely NOTHING you can do about the problem as you have identified it.

          Fortunately for you, if you retrace and recalibrate, there is a solution which awaits.

          You can spit and spew all you want. You can do nothing else. If it makes you feel better, then go right on seeking that sort of empty satisfaction. You need a weekend off, locked in a room by yourself, totally sequestered from the world. Your data is sound. Your conclusion is junk.

        • Freeamerican

          More double talk mumbo jumbo and distraction. isreali beef pretends to agree on ‘some facts’ because he can’t dispute them, only so he can do more attack the messenger and distraction. The jew expects that even though jews control America, their theiving and genocides, that whites and non jews are to speak only as the jew tells you to. They’re called supremacist jews for a reason. The troll mumbo jumbo is more of the poor jew act, now it’s ‘wrath’, using the jew ‘hate speech’ angle yet again. My posts are relatively calm given the jew control of America, holohoax, genocides of whites, and the fact trolls like him are paid for by Americans. But if you expose facts in any language the jew doesn’t approve of they lay on the ‘wrath’ and ‘you just hate’ whining jew act. It’s jews who ginned up the ‘hate speech’, to distract, put down whites, and promote their jew communist immigration scheme, and if you protest call you ‘racist’. The jew tribe does whatever they want, but whites are to only to communicate as dictated by the jew. For ‘wrath’ read that noel ignatiev quote above again. I’m done with the trolls’ mumbo jumbo at this point. Hang on to good links people, and wake up.

        • Mayhem

          Quit already, Freeamerican, we are not hogging this thread we can chat at our liesure. I joined this 24 hrs after it was posted, you’ve all had time to facts yourselves silly. Here now we are a further 24 hours on so excuse me for straying somewhat, you sorry little tosser.

          Your posts are relatively calm? Here you go showing us you’ve hardly any idea how words work. Foolish, willful ignorance on your part.

          Beef Supreme and i agree, you’re bright enough but your conclusion prejudices your opinion. You could be doing so much good, the thing i don’t get is that you don’t want to do good. Of course it’s the Jew, most of us know this, you are preaching to the choir and your delivery is vitriolic and even worse is that you want to hurt others.

          Hey Beef, i bet if he had that jew culling gadget he wouldn’t pause to blink.

        • BEEF SUPREME

          “Hey Beef, i bet if he had that jew culling gadget he wouldn’t pause to blink.”

          I admire the way you sum things up, Mayhem.

          Accurate firepower.

        • Freeamerican

          Isreali mayhem/beef the Israeli holohoax trolls have to team up because they have nothing but more double talk and attack the messenger act. Troll mayhem claims ‘we know it’s the jews’ trying to look like an American and non jew in order to seem credible, so when he goes back to more sniveling ‘vitriolic’ distraction he thinks people will buy it. Obviously most people do not know it’s the jews, and these trolls distract so people don’t focus on that. The jew uses every tactic including just lying. Look at their whole holohoax, their media lying, movies, the school brainwashing. That’s because they control all that, see thezog.wordpress lists. They have no problem lying and distracting. A troll up the page tried to just claim the Leuchter report was ‘fake’, thinking people are so dumb they won’t research the holohoax for themselves. Lie, whine, distract. Only a jew troll would say ‘we know it’s the jews’ then turn right around and go back to sniveling ‘vitriol’ and using the jew ‘hate’ meme, again. Look over the balder link for how the jew uses their ‘hate’ meme against whites and non jews. They team up because they work as a tribe, same way they took over media so they could lie, steer Americans to war and their jwo. Remember the jew ginned up the bible for sheople, conveniently call themselves ‘chosen’, while the jew follows their talumd so they can lie and steal from and kill non jews. Can’t vouch for site but page is fine now compare this Now you see where supremacist jews and trolls get their attitude and doubletalk. See that noel igneiv quote above again for how the jew despises whites. Now see how ‘mayhem’ and beef ‘supreme’ supremecist israelis team up on garbage distraction and ‘hate’ sniveling. Doubletalk, distraction. Just research the holohoax, actual jew history yourself. Remember they control the web so searches are hard, and that most truther sites even jew truther sites are psy ops fakes run by jews. Research.

    • Ngallendou

      Well, those nice folk from the Middle Kingdom will come in to a sudden surprise when they learn that those parks were not for sale. They have, in effect, “bought a bridge.” We will not let them take over.

      First they bought the NWO crooks’ bloody debt derivatives based on fiat currency (funny money). Then they were sold our parks? Hey, with a 3000 year-old culture and language, have they not learned? What did they learn from the Western opium trade?

      If they try a military take over, then they better take a lesson from the limies and not march in rank. Say, why do we not just give them a few bankers’ mansions, yachts and helicopters. That should amuse them for a while.

    • Болеслава

      I can understand there’s no jobs but why don’t retirees buy up these cheap properties?

    • Freetrue

      The video about the iron mountain exposes the absolute truth about the heart of mankind: God is allowing Satan to gain all the world for a good reason and it is because mankind does not repent and gain a new heart so they destroy themselves over and over again. The USA would have brought the Messiah if enough people would have truly repented and received a new heart but the transformation could never happen. Everything happening is happening with Gods ultimate acceptance because it tries the people to see what kind of heart they want; a heart after God or a heart after self. The USA can try to keep their weapons and fight against the powers of Satan to their own destruction or they can take their last opportunity to repent and watch God turn the whole thing around in their favor. Repentance is not just about stopping behaviors because if the heart is not transformed, the behavior will come back over and over and over again. Here is the final outcome; after all the world has been gained by Satan as a one world government, those people who have truly repented, the saints, will be overcome along with the evil just as the evil and good both received the good while the nation is built up by the antichrist. Only after Satan owns everything in one world power will people understand the truth world wide. I had my judgment in 1992 and saw the enemy face to face and understood why man is the way he is. Only upon our visitation by Jesus Christ can the enemy be revealed hence the light alone can reveal the true darkness or it takes Christ in us to reveal that antichrist who is also within us, within the heart, because the heart is the temple where antichrist sits so everyone belongs to either Satan or God; nothing in between. Only God in the heart, his temple, his house can bring true peace. Jesus is born through the heart which is the ‘woman’ in the Bible but only a piece of the heart is ‘good’, the deep good ground (Mark 4) and if the seed (WORD, CHRIST) does not fall into that deep part of the heart, it can not bring forth the 30,60,100 fold return of the NEW MAN, the new creation. Satan knows his time is short so his wrath is great against the saints because he understands only the MEEK shall inherit the earth. Satan knows that only those who enter the Kingdom as a child will receive the ultimate gain of all these wars and rumors of wars. Christians are not going to be warmongers or lets say war mongers are not going to be true Christians, those who inherit the earth. Only those who have entered the Kingdom have overcome the heavenly wars which is where they battle rather the worldly wars. For the saints the spiritual wars is the important one, a war I have fought for 21 years. Fighting for the physical land only works according to the purpose of Satan, but spiritual war is to cleanse first the heavens or the heart of mankind and then when the heart is GATHERED of the saints, when the WOMAN (whom antichrist hates) is gathered (she is not only Eve become Israel but Israel become the Church) has brought forth the Messiah as well as experienced being killed with him so she can be raised with him as the NEW MAN in Christ: My books are available on Amazon for 3.00 on kindle. The NEW WORLD Order is inevitable because God is not going to save the world for sinners but only the saints will inherit the earth. the separation of evil and good has been going on by those of us who are angels (in the first resurrection) and we are experiencing the second death while we finish our spiritual warfare. Once we die the second death we are raised as MAN with Jesus, hence it is we who are raised and baptized into JESUS NAME. nobody is telling you this but me. The Messiah was revealed to me 21 years ago and i have held nothing back in all these years but the world was not ready to listen. Perhaps it is now: Israel is not a country but the GOOD GROUND of the heart; hence all who are part of the NEW EARTH are Israel because while Satan is working to gain the outer land, God is working to gain the inner land, the heart of mankind. When enough hearts are gained, the whole thing will be self evident to all. God will turn the NEW WORLD ORDER into the NEW EARTH order, so while Satan meant it for evil, God the whole time meant it for good; NOW if you are a Christian or a true spiritual seeker, decide how you will fight; with weapons and possibly have to wait till the whole world fist becomes Satan’s one government or will you give your heart to the true God because that is how he is gathering Israel, the true heart transformed by him which is how ISRAEL is going to be over the whole earth; My name is yvonne gordon and a book you can star looking at is THE VISITATION, or the RAPture happens all the time, or the mystery of iniquity and the mystery of godliness: and more titles










    • Bronson

      What do people think the Chinese have been doing? They have some sophisticated technology. It amazes me how they produce working electronic devices that are durable, and at a low cost.
      Not only electronics, also other goods. Sure just like on any market you can find junk, although I am not talking about the cheap junk items!!!
      I have been saying all along China is gearing up for war. When war breaks out, do you realize you will not be able to find devices, or much of anything on the market.
      You better have some resources put back, and know some skills.
      Also what is up with all the back to back Gov ads, yes even in non earthquake prone zones. Warning people to get prepared today, tomorrow will be to late!!!Is this a subliminal type warning? Is there someone trying to warn us? Seems like it. Earthquake warning ads on the air in non quake zones? what is this?
      Be Aware, Be prepared.

      • Factory Farms FEAR the MooCow

        hey only stoel copies of technology, we in the US have the original kill switch for all their copies and “adjusted use”…. Chinese still havnt figured out that we know every weakness in each tech.

    • Alan

      My friend, I find your article very informative, but I believe based on information gathered; we are in for a rough ride far sooner then mid year. I would dare to say within the next few days, possibly 18-19th Jan but definitely before winters end. But I don’t believe a financial collapse will start the ball rolling downhill. everything I have studied points toward a power grid failure, which at that point finance will be moot at best

    • Thane36425

      In the late 1980′s the Japanese bought a lot of US real estate, too. They ended up losing lots of money when the properties turned out to not be such great values. The same will probably happen to the Chinese.

      China also has serious financial problems most Americans aren’t aware of. Chinese businesses have been using borrowed money to appear profitable. Their debt burden took a major leap forward this year as businesses took out larger loans to pay off their old notes and still take extra money to seem profitable. This bubble is going to pop and when it does it isn’t going to be pretty.

      That doesn’t diminish the fact that US government at all levels is increasingly hostile to agriculture and other private land owners. At the same time parks are being rapidly expanded, particularly in the Agenda 21 zones.

    • MattStLouis

      It is time to lock and load folks. Get your food, ammo and shelter and long term SHTF plans finalized, there is not much time left to prepare. Obama will soon find a way to declare that he is the antichrist through some sort of faked/real disaster and then it will be game on. Do not set still waiting for these things to happen, get out there and get ready to defend your lives against the insanity that men are about to bring forth.

    • Bearman

      Here is the source site for most of this article:

      Unfortunately the U.S. did sign over control in 1972 to the UN our National Parks and Landmarks with the World Heritage Treaty.

      • GK

        No, they didn’t. They are still owned by the US National Park Service. They are merely designated as World Heritage Sites. There is nothing to misconstrue here.

        • Bronson

          “No, they didn’t. They are still owned by the US National Park Service. They are merely designated as World Heritage Sites. There is nothing to misconstrue here.”

          Oh Really!! “designated” wow, and what is the definition of your statement?

          You may want to do some research into Agenda 21. Also when is the last time you checked into who shows up at your city meetings……You will find some strange people there, voting, or influencing voting, converting you, and your city into a communist agenda21 zombie city.

    • Country Codger

      Very Good. This inspires me to post some of my articles which I have been reluctant to do. I did not think that survivalist/independent living articles would be well received at B4. Now, if my daughter comes by today maybe she can help repost. (She is my computer guru.)

      KEEP IT UP!

    • Anonymous

      Fundamentalist Christians LOVE their FEEEEER POORRRN!

      • MattStLouis

        It’s only fear porn until it becomes fact, and when it becomes fact it is too late for sheeple like you.

        • Lyn Leahz

          They only say that because they are trolls. I ignore it. I don’t read comments half the time, to be honest.. And, when I do and see the hate, it actually lets me know I’m right on target. Satan has a tendency to over play his cards and give himself away every time in the people who allow themselves to be used as his pawns. Needless to say…their comments, when I do see them (which is rare) gives me more motivation and helps me work even harder to expose evil. The kingdom of hell working against itself for sure. :wink:

        • Egail2

          -Satan has a tendency to over play his cards and give himself away every time in the people who allow themselves to be used as his pawns

          Like you and your disinformation/misleading articles, no? The biggest scheme is using things that appear Christian to fool/hook others into the lies or buying books :lol: . Prophets of Profit will always use the “Oh if they comment badly I’m doing something right, or Jesus said prophets will be heckled.” and fools lap that up too. Pretty sad though.

          You know if you read the bible all these exposing wouldn’t be needed, as you could tell the BS/Evil for what it is. Predicting and assuming these supposed evils isn’t what the Bible is about. But hey this is all about Soul Deceiver and its sells isn’t it.

        • MattStLouis

          Don’t worry Lyn, people need to prepare even if nothing will probably happen. Starving when you could have just did some preparing is not a solution for me.

        • Death of the CRAB

          Still crying about a book 4 sale grump Egail2. All that mouth and nothing said.
          Hope you didn’t get any on ya.

    • YellowRoseTx51

      yep, I’ve gotten a LOT of trolls for talking about all of this. Thanks for the validation.

    • GK

      Zero evidence. Zero sources.

      Some US National Parks are designated as World Heritage Sites and/or Man And Biosphere Reserves by UNESCO, but the parks are all owned by the US National Park Service.

    • Anonymous

      The ‘mortgaging’ of America was caused by the American people themselves – by continually crying out for more and more ‘government services’, and ‘entitlement’ payments that put us into debt of our enemies. We have NOBODY BUT OURSELVES to blame for this situation! The SHEEP wanted to be TAKEN CARE OF instead of living free, and they CHOSE at the BALLOT BOX, LIBERAL POLITICIANS that promised to give them all of these GOODIES from the coffers of the U.S. Treasury, which was FINANCED BY OUR ENEMIES.

      • SHARK-GULL

        @anonymous, what a PATHETIC shill you are!

        YOUR “government” is “mortgaged’ (kind of hard to be mortgaged when your “valuable” Fiat money is created out of “thin air”, FOOL) to the HILT because OF ALL THE FOREIGN WARS THAT “network” MORONS, like you, supported AT EVERY TURN OF THE WAY!
        And you DID NOT mention this FACT ONCE, IN YOUR WORTHLESS RANT!

        From Korea, to The Viet Nam Massacre, to more wars than a true American idiot, like you, can remember!

        The united Fascist states of Military TERROR, THAT CALLS ITSELF A “christian” nation………………..
        ATTACKED a former ally, Iraq, and killed 900,000 men, women and children, (while you pathetic LOSERS whine about 4,000 of your “boys & girls” “buying the farm” and “joining jesus”).

        ATTACKED AND KILLED 3,000,000 defenseless rice farmers with NO navy and NO air force, in a 10 year time frame (and you pathetic LOSERS still whine about the 58,000 DEAD “heroes” that “your side” lost during the Viet Nam Massacre).

        ATTACKED these COUNTRIES since 1980;
        El Salvador (1980), Libya (1981), Sinai (1982), Lebanon (1982 1983), Egypt (1983), Grenada (1983), Honduras (1983), Chad (1983), Persian Gulf (1984), Libya (1986), Bolivia (1986), Iran (1987), Persian Gulf (1987), Kuwait (1987), Iran (1988), Honduras (1988), Panama (1988), Libya (1989), Panama (1989), Colombia, Bolivia, and Peru (1989), Philippines (1989), Panama (1989-1990), Liberia (1990), Saudi Arabia (1990), Iraq (1991), Zaire (1991), Sierra Leone (1992), Somalia (1992), Bosnia-Herzegovina (1993 to present), Macedonia (1993), Haiti (1994), Macedonia (1994), Bosnia (1995), Liberia (1996), Central African Republic (1996), Albania (1997), Congo/Gabon (1997), Sierra Leon (1997), Cambodia (1997), Iraq (1998), Guinea/Bissau (1998), Kenya/Tanzania (1998 to 1999), Afghanistan/Sudan (1998), Liberia (1998), East Timor (1999), Serbia (1999), Sierra Leon (2000), Yemen (2000), East Timor (2000), Afghanistan (2001 to present), Yemen (2002), Philippines (2002) , Cote d’Ivoire (2002), Iraq (2003 to present), Liberia (2003), Georgia/Djibouti (2003), Haiti (2004), Georgia/Djibouti/Kenya/Ethiopia/Yemen/Eritrea War on Terror (2004), Pakistan drone attacks (2004 to present), Somalia (2007), South Ossetia/Georgia (2008), Syria (2008), Yemen (2009), Haiti (2010), etc. etc. etc. etc.

        You, see, you are RIGHTFULLY perceived by others WORLDWIDE as a bunch of WAR-MONGERING MANIACS!

        YOU ARE NOT THE “good guys” you “hallucinate” that you are, for, indeed………..


        And, now, it is time for your WAR-MONGERING country to “Cease to Exist”!

        • WhyHurtPeople

          TO: BLACKHOLE, All TRUE facts. The only comment I have is the enlisted men and woman of this country have been programmed since birth to believe what they do. Military personnel were simply following orders. My point is this: There is a vast difference between the leadership of the USA and the normal, everyday person, well at least some; I believe as well, the leadership should be gone, all lobbying should be made illegal and no damn lawyers in politics anymore. Thank you for the detailed input. Americans do not understand what the word “suffering” means. They will soon and hopefully they will work together in “Mass” to get through it, instead of going after each other. Again, the future will provide all of the answers we seek. We know the outcome though, already, DON’T WE?

        • Death of the CRAB

          Black hole, black heart. Vomit in any tongue.
          A dark claw is upon your breath.

    • hungry4food

      Can baking soda help cancer patients heal naturally? – See more at:

    • greenghost

      I am having a lot of trouble following this article. I see a bunch of non-related stuff. Fema has nothing to do with the UN the UN and China have nothing to do with national parks. Investments in real estate are not the same as owning the whole city. Yes the US is in debt to China 1.4 trillion dollars, China owns about 8 percent of publicly held U.S. debt. But China is also way in debt to us about 1 trillion dollars so they are not any where near a positioin to take over our economy. The UN does not have its own country or it’s own th own military, peacekeeping forces are voluntarily provided by member states. Its kind of silly to say that the UN is going to take over or own anything it is an international organization voted on by 77 countries. The US has more control over the UN than the UN has over the US. Agenda 21 is a non-binding voluntary agreement, it is not a law. It has to do with sustainability. The right to own property is an internationally recognized human right.

    • Marilynn Reeves

      Bend over and kiss your behind goodbye

    • J.J.


      Please forgive us for straying SO FAR from the original frame work of YOUR CONSTITUTION and what it stands for. PLEASE forgive our leaders for denying your existence and for establish parameters that that their pocket with $$$ that is brought by the blood, sweat, and tears of veterans and their families. Please forgive us for following other gods (FOX NEWS, CNN, MSNBC, and many others) and not listening to the watchmen that you have appointed to warn us and make us aware of YOUR enemies!


      We are all in agreement… Say… Amen! Amen! Amen!

      • taptap

        and who exactly are these watchmen? and who certiffies them as such?

    • Ghost Prime

      The criminals in DC cannot lawfully place liens on US property then give the lien to a foreign government. If they did, then the people need to rise up and “alter or abolish” the government as is our preeminent right.

      In the process, those responsible along with those who allowed it must be charged with treason, convicted, then executed for their crimes.

    • Pgh.Oldtimer

      OLD NEWS! …

      Do you only take others stories and push them or is there ever any effort of your own to find news?


    • DocNo

      It’s the Ashkenazi Jews with Asiatic Mongolian genes…

    • HereAmI

      Lyn is spot on the money; this is only to be expected.
      “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; a good understanding have all they that do His commandments”.
      Lyn Leahz is a true and faithful servant of the Most High.

      The basic truth we need to understand is that China is paying the tab on virtually every dollar America spends; therefore, if she is not paid back this loan plus interest, she has the right to foreclose and repossess the property. This is why she has supported US borrowing, so that at a time of her choosing, she can demand her pound of flesh.
      Her repo agents are at present living in military camps in Mexico.
      The US has been running on empty since the so-called Oil Crisis. This crisis was engineered by Kissinger, who told the Saudis that they could charge whatever they liked for their oil as long as they insisted that the whole world pay for their supplies in USD, or the petrodollar as it became known at that time. If the world must pay for oil in dollars, then they need dollars, so the US Fed can print as many as they want, out of thin air, and the US can demand whatever rate of exchange it wishes. So, despite producing nothing itself; the US currency is given a value it does not merit; it is a bit like inflating a balloon not by pressure from within, but by a vacuum applied from without. The USD is given its apparent value by a contrived demand for something which is as worthless as the Zimbabwe pound.
      But now, the chickens are coming home to roost.
      America was given its first divine warning on 9-11-2001. It received its second warning seven years later, on 9-29-08. This warning fell on the 29th Elul, the day when YHVH required Israel to settle and forgive its debts.
      I have the absolute conviction that the long-expected fifth and final bankruptcy of the United States will fall on 13th September 2015, which is our equivalent of 29 Elul; I assume that this date will see the beginning of WW3.
      On that day, the currency will officially collapse and Chinese troops will invade the US and seize their property. US citizens will awake to find that they must report to Foxconn-type sites, where, women separated from men, they will begin to experience the horrors involved in making the i-player or the i-phone etc.
      Rabbi Jonathan Cahn is the man who has put this all together. I urge each and every one of you to listen to what he has to say. I have linked to his message; I would also, in the strongest terms possible, also urge each and every one of you to access via YT the speech he made to the Prayer Breakfast in DC in early 2013.
      If you would like to know what it must have been like to listen to Isaiah or Jeremiah or Ezekiel or Daniel, I point you towards this man. In all my 62 years, I have never heard the like.

    • Anonymous

      Lyn, you know that line between crazy and something way worse? You left crazy in the first paragraph and are deep into something worse. Take your meds…please!!!

    • Joe1938

      After reading most of these posts, it is obvious that there is one more thing that needs to be posted…
      “A newly released study by psychologists and social scientists in both the United States and the UK is bound to ‘shock the world’, for it has found that those who believe in ‘conspiracy theories’ are considered ‘more sane’ than those who believe in the ‘official versions’ of the ‘contested events’ ”.

      • WhyHurtPeople

        Why pick on Lyn? If you don’t like what she writes then don’t read it. If you do like her work then do read it. I don’t see the point of all the attacks on this site. I was attacked as well. I believe we are all on the same boat and that boat happens to be a lifeboat on the Titanic!!! Think about it!

    • dontmesswithme

      THE UN…. it’s your worst nightmare.

    • Doug Danzeisen

      Well you are still working to get the word out, Praise God! By reading some of the comments your words are still resonating and causing a reaction Hope you and your family are well. I still loe my sister in Christ.

    • Nancy Bisset

      I have read this research before but Lyn people do not seem to be getting the message. People throw their hands in the air and say, “So what can we do about it?” Going on their way not giving a tinkers dang.:-)

      I personally have a suggestion….. how about all those in the world that are awakening all practice the skill we all have within each of us of going out of body and experiencing…. You see in so doing we can bypass all this crazy Matrix Drama lock-down we find ourselves in and then we can do work to see what is going on without impediment. :-) Hmmm they spy on us so why not we the people recall our skills of spying back on them and naming names and the things we find them doing in the secret meetings that are held all over our globe. Then take action. Even if they try to round us up like cattle and put us into cities to better contain us we can just move out of our body and still be free. :idea:

      Just an idea. Anyone want to join in the fight for our Freedom?

      First people must lose their fear……that is keeping us locked in this 3 D Box.

      Happy practicing doing something about this mess we find ourselves in.

      Great information and time to share it. :-) Peace. :lol: No Fear. :cool: <— My personal Guide standing guard. :grin:

    • nubwaxer

      this is just an outright lie.

      • Death of the CRAB

        Lacking explanation, your comment is something cherished, to you only.

        1 claw 4 U.

    • msjones39

      Well, I hope I live long enough to see the Foreigners steal all of America from the whites, just like the whites did to the indians…The whites were so mean and cruel that they murdered and slaughtered almost all of the men, women, and children of a people who welcome them here. I can see it all around me…foreigners getting nasty rich from cheating and stealing, using government money to get educated and buying up America with both hand and feet…The foreigners will own America in just a few years and I hope I am here to see it

    • Pix

      LOLz at the headline… all natural disasters by their nature are catastrophic. You talk about it as if it’s something extra.

      But hey, I guess you should take it up with your all mighty know it all, who all knowingly created Earth that way. Wonders if it laughs it’s head off when another million or so people die from IT’s flawed planet, because IT sure doesn’t do anything about anything as it watches theist and atheists alike die in IT’s most appallingly all knowingly created catastrophic conditions.

      Sorry but you can’t have it both ways, is IT all knowing or not,.. Which is it?

      :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

      • Death of the CRAB

        You forgot one. :lol:
        Want you to be the best.

        1 claw 4 U.

        • Pix

          One thing is certain, not a single Christian has the metal to answer the question. :lol:

    • WatchmanOfEzekiel33

      And who said UN Agenda 21 was a conspiracy?

    • Anonymous

      First off, govt is not allowed to OWN any land in this country according to the Founders ! So any “sales” tha thave been made are all on stolen land, since Washington made it very clear that the people were to own all the land, not govt. The establishment of this country is based on the people owning the land (not renting it from the govt which is where your “property taxes” come in) – no one can tax what they do not own ! So by paying taxes, you consent to the govt owning your land and home ! America was establsihed as a NO-TAX country – both the North and the South nations. This comes from the wrongful obedience to DC, when they are NOT to be our masters, WHICH PAYING TAXES MAKES THEM OVER US – they are to be OUR SERVANTS ! Another Founders Law says that no Foreign entity can own any businees or land in this country ! Only the citizens can. By not obeying our Foudners is why we are in this mess we are in now ! And it began with Lincoln in 1861 who did a complete coup on DC and establsihed his new Marxist system that we have been under since. Lincoln REPLACED everything our Founders established – EVERYTHING ! OBAMA AND LINCOLN ARE EXACTLY THE SAME and Obama has been copying Lincoln to a Tee. And believe it or not, Lincoln operated faster ! Lincoln destoryed America in just a few months and followed it by his own declared war on the CSA South nation. DC does not have the Constitutional power or authority to do anything it has been doing since 1861 ! The STATES are who have he real power – if they’d only use it ! But the States have been made into DC corporate puppets ! Each state was established to be its own NATION with its own state govt. DC has never had the power or authority to make laws over the states – it is Treason when DC interferes in any way in a state’s affairs or laws !

    • MrAnthony

      This is just bogus. The UN does not own or control America’s National Parks, as should be obvious to anyone who has ever had to pay a fee or talk to a park ranger. If Lyn actually believes this, she needs to get back into contact with reality.

      Yes, the U.S. government is in debt, but being in debt doesn’t transfer ownership to another country.

      Yes, the U.S. has signed treaties agreeing to protect its national parks. Since America invented the concept of the National Park, it just makes sense to continue to support the concept around the world.

      In the meantime, Lyn spreads Lies. It’s very unchristian and just continues to show that she is an unwitting tool of Satan, who uses her lies and fascination with evil just like a pimp.

      • CrowPie

        Luke 6:31 And as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them.

        Matthew 7:1-29

        “Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you. Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when there is the log in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.

    • zeus

      predictions for the sushi olympics!

      watch out for a major bio terror incident as plan-b.
      they most likely will spread a bad virus like the swine flue(which is already affecting the speed skating trials in utah,and being covered up. H1N1 could also be introduced on the ice or at the opening ceremonies. what better way to affect the game. by hitting the participants a couple days later and cancelling events!
      explosives are old hat and watched for now. so this might be the most likely scenario.


      a few seconds ago · Like

      39 minutes ago · Like · 1

      remember one of nostradamus predictions for a major disaster event would stem from activities on the dnieper river?…/northern…/488009.html

      Northern Shipping Route Functional but Problematic | Business
      The new Arctic shipping route running along Russia’s northern shore that opened up due to climate change will not be crowded any time soon.

      • WhyHurtPeople

        The pandemic is said to be a combination of the Spanish Flu and the Ebola Virus. That is what is allegedly planned. As in all NWO Agendas, everything is “subject” to alteration based upon circumstances and all that “circumstances” entails.


        doku desu ka?.. maybe st petersburg.. moscow.. with an attempted black out. black widows have gone underground.


        so zeus.. yesterday i asked in a crafted question, where is doku? and what is announced today? heh, doku is “dead”.
        i would seriously be looking for certain events to “unfurl” soon.


        what do you make of this hunt for a black widow in sochi now.. one penetrated the “steel ring”? i have to disagree with a biological attack.. seems too sophisticated for these people to pull off and they want to make an immediate and shocking display.. and now there is talk of chemical weapons..? who knows.
        i would still also be looking for attacks in other major cities, as this could just be a diversion again now that “all eyes” are on sochi.

    • Anonymous

      The SHTF already, only most of the American noses are blocked & they can’t smell the crap! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    • Болеслава

      When americans watch occult TV, occult movies at the pictures, listen to occult music, take part in occult parties and practises, celebrate occult anniversaries, join occult groups, wear occult symbols, elect occult leaders, worships occult “stars”, deny God at every turn, blaspheme His Holy Name and accept this as normal in video and screen, you know you are living in a time and a place which God will destroy. Nothing you do will change this fact except repentence and atonement. Nothing.

    • YouGuysAreIdiots

      LOL, this National Park myth again! LOL

      • Bronson

        No one wants to scare you, are you OK? How was your potatoes?

        • Болеслава

          Occult replies, full of pride, and sickness.

        • Болеслава

          When you see the devastation before you even now and still the penny doesn’t drop you will be given one more chance before you perish. an intimate encounter with God. If then you fail to repent of your sins, like I said you will end up in hell for eternity. Keep that in mind. That encounter will not overide your free will.

    • snake


    • Mirabolin

      The Catastrophic National Disaster will just be the disintegration of America’s roads and infrastructure. Agenda 21 is real enough. I’m sure taxpayers aren’t going to pay the billions needed to maintain infrastructure needed by the 120 people living in Montana for ever.

    • CrowPie

      WELL DONE! VERY WELL DONE! I have tried to tell people this for years! NOW, your cooking with oil!

    • Billy Garret

      Article says “Thanks to the trillions of dollars that the Chinese have made flooding our shores with cheap products, China is now in a position of tremendous economic power” like China did this. China can’t send anything the american public refuses to buy. It is not the politicians that gave the chinese trillions of dollars. It was a spoiled and greedy american public. The fact is that americans love that cheap crap or it wouldn’t keep comming here. But so many want to blame someone else instead of taking responsibility themselves. Like suing McDonalds because you bought cheap crap food.
      It’s the same with selling property and business to them. The chinese aren’t forcing anyone to sell. For pete’s sake just say NO! But most americans aren’t able to say no. They can’t deny themselves instant gratification. They receive instant gratification then invariably cry about the cost later on. This spoiled baby crap makes me sick.
      The american public has the power collectively but the vast majority are lazy, helpless,spoiled, greedy, whining, whimps who alway run from responsibility. Sell all your toys, grow up, and start living like humans were designed to live.

      • Freeamerican

        Your points about Americans are exact. The jew tribe and scums in government would be done away with if people stopped living stupid lives. They want their free crap, foreign crap, mortgages they can’t afford even with the collapse plot. Even being dumped with chemtrails they go along and still look at the ‘voting’ scheme like that stops anything. Grow up is right. Grow up, quit buying stuff, especially foreign, protest immigration and quit voting.

    • hilly7

      I didn’t watch or read everything, but the remarks were entertaining enough. The one video I did see however was the one telling of America defaulting come spring. We are in excellent shape financially compared to Japan and a few other countries, which isn’t saying much. Still, all that becomes of borrowing more and more is fiat currency becomes less and less. Red Shield don’t want to print paper we can always print our own, and countries will buy it too, they have to buy it. Oil is traded in American dollars, aka Petro Dollar, and should that ever change we’re screwed. No real money is actually exchanged, just Boolean Algebra.

      China though is heading into it’s own decline as they depend on the USA to buy their stuff. Russia I don’t think are playing ball as they threaten to protect the Middle East countries that Red Shield doesn’t control yet through their banking. Each of the Elite bloodlines have their own area and though they may appear to fight each other, they don’t. China is the Hu family. Each have divided up their “expertise” in their own region, like England the banking capitol. Ever notice how each country produces fragments of a product, each dependent on the next? That ain’t by accident. So maybe a rest wouldn’t be the worst thing that could happen, we’d have to make our own stuff and so would everybody else. That won’t happen though because TPTB own the Global Corporations.

      I see Jew this and that, and TPTB hide behind Jewish, but it is not all Jews. Least we forget Zionism, which is a political system, not a religion and not a region. Having said that, fewer people are easier to control, so being prepared just makes good sense. Then again, the world is full of arm chair warriors, and as an old Indian Chief once said, “Its easy to be brave from a distance.”

      Wanna make a difference, quit feeding the bear by buying crap you don’t need. Grow some of your own food. Make your own survival stuff instead of buying it, the stores will be closed if it gets as bad as some say. That includes water purifiers.

      • Freeamerican

        You jews trying to do your disinfo are tired. This is what Americans get for giving billions to israel, web trolls trying to protect the jew. Your preparedness patriot is distraction. It’s more important that people understand the jew world order. Zionism only means a country for jews only, the zionism scheme and meme was created byjews long after the thousands of years of jew history of genocide and usury. Trying to default to the bankers and zionists is worn out. ‘tptb’ are jews.

    • Mayhem

      Whats not to believe? China was questioned on the wisdom of buying so very many US Treasury bonds. “No worries, said China, we will accept gold or land in recompense. It’s all good.”

      Check it: They said exactly that, only in diplomatic speak.

      • Mayhem

        Need i mention? The whole “taking over the world without firing a shot” gambit. The quote is incorrectly attributed to Chairman Mao but it’s still their master plan nonetheless.

    • Jim Ludwig

      Lyn Leahz wrote, in the comment section she rarely reads, “honestly”:

      “They only say that because they are trolls. I ignore it. I don’t read comments half the time, to be honest.. And, when I do and see the hate, it actually lets me know I’m right on target. Satan has a tendency to over play his cards and give himself away every time in the people who allow themselves to be used as his pawns. Needless to say…their comments, when I do see them (which is rare) gives me more motivation and helps me work even harder to expose evil. The kingdom of hell working against itself for sure.”

      If you think that’s bad, read the first few lines of Lyn’s “novel”.

      And now Satan is playing cards…or is it chess?

      Lyn, honey, evil is but a mirror away. Mirrors are usually “…right on target.”

      “Needless to say.”

    • Cathbeahm

      Lyn please let me know your thoughts…..I am overwhelmed by this thought!!


      “”So when you see standing in the holy place ‘the abomination that causes desolation,’ spoken of through the prophet Daniel–let the reader understand–” – Matthew 24:15 NIV
      Word Origin & History

      late 14c., “action of laying waste,” also “sorrow, grief,” from Fr. désolation (12c.), from L. desolationem, noun of action from desolare (see desolate). Meaning “condition of being ruined or wasted” is from early 15c.

      17 hours ago
      Obama to pay visit to Pope
      Posted by
      CNN White House Producer Kevin Liptak

      (CNN) – President Barack Obama plans to soon meet with Pope Francis for the first time.

      Secretary of State John Kerry said the President was “looking forward” to visiting the popular new leader of the Roman Catholic Church at the Vatican.

      Kerry did not say when the trip would take place.

      The White House said it had no specific travel announcements to make, but that Obama “very much looks forward to meeting Pope Francis at some point in the near future.”

      Kerry, a Roman Catholic, met with Vatican leaders on Tuesday to discuss foreign policy and economic issues, including Francis’ outspoken stance on income inequality worldwide.

      He did not meet with the Pope.

      Obama has cited the Pope’s inequality stance himself in an economic address in December.

      “Across the developed world, inequality has increased,” Obama said. “Some of you may have seen just last week, the Pope himself spoke about this at eloquent length. ‘How can it be,’ he wrote, ‘that it is not a news item when an elderly homeless person dies of exposure, but it is news when the stock market loses two points?’”

      Obama met Francis’ predecessor, Benedict XVI, in 2009, six months after taking office. That meeting, which took place at the Vatican, was Obama’s only meeting with a Pope.

      His presidency has been marked by some high-profile clashes with the Catholic Church, including over abortion and contraception.

      But Francis’ approach to world economic issues is widely seen as more in line with Obama’s own approach than that of Benedict, who stepped down last year.

      In an MSNBC interview last year, Obama called Francis an “extraordinarily thoughtful and soulful messenger of peace and justice.”

      “I haven’t had a chance to meet him yet,” Obama said. “But everything that I’ve read, everything that I’ve seen from him, indicates the degree to, to which he is trying to remind us of those core obligations.”

    • jdspatriot

      I have a question for all.

      When so many Americans work for the Corporation and collect their pay checks from the Feds. how do we show them and explain to them that they are helping with the Internationalists agendas? They will not give up their bread and butter to help stop this insanity! What do we do? Soon it will be to late, if it isn’t already. We truly have to come up with something that works to show them! God let them see NOW!

    • jdspatriot

      GK, You are obviously a troll or FED or you are very misled. Each of the Buildings at these National park all have a little sign on them that state it is run by the UN. Stop being a detrimental uneducated sheep!

    • Theyshallbe4signs

      The U.N. does NOT own our National Parks. The U.N. is an entity that reviews and accepts responsibility by the wishes of the countries that belong to it, and who request help managing their National treasures to assure that these places are kept around in the best condition possible for all the world to see, and for our future generations to visit and see. We, and so many other countries in the world pay dues in order for Unesco to manage what our own countries cannot seem to do. If people would stop screwing up all the beautiful places, would we need outside assistance? For every nasty piece of used toilet tissue left carelessly in the forests, for every tire track, for every bit of lichen on the mountain tops you tread on in spite of how extremely long it takes to regrow just so you could take a short cut, for every place you thought it would be cool to break something of natural beauty or pollute a lake or river or mine for chemicals or leave your trash or throw it out your car window…. I guess we need National Park babysitters and yes, your taxes are going to pay for them. And you deserve to have to go in and clean up all you’ve done. But you won’t. You’ll just sit there and whine and complain that your tax dollars have to pay for something. Don’t believe everything you read and hear, and don’t sit there and criticize other writers for their inability to look up facts. Look them up for yourselves and don’t be lazy. Oh, no, I’m no sheep but I am thankful for the fact that someone is protecting those places so I can see them before they are totally wrecked. And I am hopeful that more commenters on this website can start looking up facts for themselves so they can have valid things to comment about. If the news is incorrect, correct it.

      • Prince

        We are the master of our faith, i wonder what we are waiting to save the soul.
        This fact stated before we all know it
        the same time people are afraid to healed the body , we are forever made for it.
        i want to like the world know where we are going to..
        The great of Carnegie modern Emerson sick the same let talk shame away.

        we all have to be carefuller of what we are…. we come we meant the world no one no the end.
        Save the body soul . :idea:

        Thank god…….

    • templelijah

      Yes globalized wealth and asset control starts the Daniel11:42-45 final cycle that must merge into Daniel 12 final fulfillment as Daniel 11:45 is the Daniel 12:11 4th UN placement parallel of world government. And of course a then fully existent actual global rival sovereign (8th King/King North) can then be actually confronted by Christ and the Messainic Kingdom:

      (Daniel 11:42-43) . . .And he (King North 8th King globalist government symbol) will keep thrusting out his hand against the lands; and as regards the land of Egypt, she will not prove to be an escapee. 43 And he will actually rule over the hidden treasures of the gold and the silver and over all the desirable things of Egypt (national powers symbol). . . .

      Search “templelijah” for full explanations, it all is a fourth time and repeating UN cycle, and a repeating prophetic cycle overall. We are entering the last decade of Adamic human history…

    • Saber

      Note to all naysayers… this is a well written and well researched article. If just 20% of the Country had paid attention over the past 25 years, it never would have gotten this far. This is all AG21, and its all tied together. Either wake up or lose your liberty.


      wow. quite a hippo stomp in this comment section.

      • Болеслава

        You are an annoying little creep. I’m not surprised I pissed on you at some time. Still waiting for a counter attack.

        • RAINSCRYPT

          amuse me, christian.

      • Freeamerican

        rainyscript, Playing the observer, like you’re not a lying troll who added to the garbage psy ops to the page. ‘amuse me’, other people don’t work for you, troll. Whether you’re an israeli jew troll or government troll you’re a leech not the boss so lose the attitude.

        • RAINSCRYPT

          as i said, i don’t care at all. your opinion means nothing. see ya.

        • Freeamerican

          That so. I came to this page for the first time in over a day to see if anyone had something new, and you just happened to be right here and immediately replied on my response above and here within seconds of me posting them. Troll. Also as above, with you’re fake ‘I don’t care about your opinion’ act, if you weren’t a jew troll trying to cover up you wouldn’t have been trying to cover up the Leuchter report, or be replying now.

    • Shanky

      I read a lot of crap here on B4, but this may be one of the best post I’ve ever seen here. Spot on.

    • Greg

      Oh, I get it. This is beforeitsnews. The UN hasn’t bought anything yet.

    • Mayhem

      Far be it for me not to address the topic. Aren’t we confusing mineral rights with ownership? Sure the Chinese will build infrastructure to support their workers, their workers on US soil, pay them in Rimbi’s, off shore, bypassing the need to pay tax to America. If one has the right to use land forever then one needs not own it. This was the work around your wonderful politicians came up with to avoid being impeached en mass.

      And we gave it all up for the junk China made for us, they knew they were sending us rubbish by the shipload and were incredulous that we were falling for it. Now it’s time to pay the piper, Gold or Land is acceptable.

      This very same thing is happening in New Zealand, just on a much smaller scale, The Nesian buy up is on big time.

    • marlio

      The united nations doesnt own SQUAT if we SAY IT DOESN’T!!!!

    • nihilismo

      “Catastrophic National Disaster Imminent?”- As I just said on the ‘NK Threatens US With Holocaust’ thread; I certainly hope so!! The sooner the human empire starts collapsing under the sheer weight of it’s own senile dementia, the sooner the few bright sparks amongst us can get the hell out of dodge and enjoy the show! It’s tiresome waiting around for the ‘Straw that breaks the camels back’, I want ACTION!! :smile:

    • HiPower

      What a load of crap! Evil liars like Lyn Leahz is what is giving this site a bad name. World heritage sites are meant to preserve the best of each member countries domain. Reading into it that this is a prelude to an invasion is nuts. Your take on China is closer to the mark. In Canada they have tried to staff their own companies with exclusively imported Chinese workers but the howl of protest was so loud the traitorous Canadian government stepped in and forbade it. Sensationalism may get you clicks but it wins you no respect.

      • Bronson

        “World heritage sites are meant to preserve the best of each member countries domain”
        Oh yes we have noticed, Have they placed the “World heritage” sign at Fukushima?
        In your mind who is the “World heritage” run by?
        Also, we have what is called the Constitution in the USA.

    • FarmerX

      Two dots missing on the map:

      Mt St Helens is a U.N. Peace park. The sign was on the gate a week before it reopened years back. I went to photograph the sign a week after I first saw it, but the gate was open and the sign had been taken down.

      Mt Rainier Park, NON U.S. Military Helicopters fly into the closed area’s of the Mt Rainier park via the Nisqually valley on a regular basis and there are structures in those off limits areas with no roads out.

    • HiPower

      @ Bronson. World heritage sites are not run by anybody. They are a legal designation arrived at through an international agreement. Each member country takes care of their own sites. And WTF are you bringing up the Constitution for? I think you are a retard.

      • Country Boy

        Agenda 21..globalist run…bad:

        The programme catalogues, names, and conserves sites of outstanding cultural or natural importance to the common heritage of humanity. Under certain conditions, listed sites can obtain funds from the World Heritage Fund. The programme was founded with the Convention Concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage,[4] which was adopted by the General Conference of UNESCO on 16 November 1972. Since then, 190 states parties have ratified the Convention, making it one of the most adhered to international instruments. Only the Bahamas, Liechtenstein, Nauru, Somalia, South Sudan, Timor-Leste and Tuvalu are not Party to the Convention.


      Target, date and location:

      JAN 19, 2014: Man-Made Earthquake Attack — Seattle’s Man-Made Earthquake Terror Plot Exposed

    • Judge Roy Bean

      The Federal government messing with state lands they don’t own and probably making many deals behind the scenes with UN and specific nations such as Russia and China.

      The Hammond and Bundy ranch are the tip of the iceberg and these ranchers are making to much noise for federal government comfort, so like in other countries, they find a whey to take their enemies out of the way and their enemies are not necessarily the enemies of the American people. This is a game of propaganda and right now the American people are on the loosing end.

    • Judge Roy Bean

      It goes by another old fashion name called theft of a nation.

      • 2QIK4U

        Look at the date. 2 years ago.___. NWO AGENDA ON SCHEDULE . :cry:

    • Anonymous






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