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Roy Moore Not Over Yet: Will Pull Ahead After Fraudulent Votes Are Thrown Out? (Video)

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Via Washingtonpost

Far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones cried “election fraud” Wednesday after Alabama voters picked Democratic candidate Doug Jones over Republican rival Roy Moore for Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ former U.S. Senate seat.

The Infowars publisher called into question the results of Tuesday’s special election in the wake of Mr. Moore losing a race widely considered a referendum on the Republican Party and President Trump in particular.

“The election was clearly stolen,” he said during Wednesday afternoon’s broadcast of The Alex Jones Show, his popular internet and radio program made notorious for peddling misinformation and fake news.

Opponents used bogus polls to skew expectations and cast ballots in the names of deceased voters to defeat Mr. Moore, “The Alex Jones Show” host claimed without evidence.

“The swamp has struck back big time in Alabama. Massive evidence of election fraud,” he said during Wednesday’s broadcast.

I have noticed in the comments alot about Roy Moore from positive to negative. I think its good people are asking questions but in the meantime I am just providing the news. Thanks for stopping by!

There are other situations to back up that there is a Roy Moore voting situation problem and I will show you that here.

Election security experts question Alabama’s decision to destroy ballot copies

A recent court decision permitting Alabama officials to destroy digital copies of paper ballots eliminates an important tool for ensuring electoral integrity, said two experts interviewed on the day of Alabama’s special U.S. Senate election.

Both experts also said paper ballots – which are maintained for 22 months after the election – provide the most security in the event of a recount. Yesterday, a circuit court judge in Alabama ordered election officials to preserve digital copies created when machines scan paper ballots. That decision was stayed by the Alabama Supreme Court later that day, which will allow state officials to destroy the copies.

John Sebes, chief technology officer for the OSET Institute, a California-based non-profit dedicated to improving election integrity, said officials can use digital copies and paper ballots to check for glitches and fraud. A comparison of copies and originals can show whether machines are scanning and counting correctly.

“If it goes to a recount, we’re going to have to go through some legal battles to get to the point where we’re actually counting paper ballots,” Sebes said. “I think having digital backups would help.”

Alabama counties use optical scanners to record votes cast on paper ballots. Sebes said saving digital copies is not difficult, but ensuring their security would require extra work by election officials. Most state election offices aren’t very well staffed or resourced, which could make it difficult to protect digital copies.




I host the Church of Mabus radio show and it is going on 8 years. I’ve been in the paranormal community for 20 years. I provide content from a network of sources and guests and allies. Ranging from Politics to the Paranormal and the Spiritual. You can check out my other articles here at my BIOGRAPHY at BIN and you can check out my free radio show at this link HERE. Thanks for showing your support and stopping by.

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    • Anonymous

      absolutely good news!!
      hope all the frauds are exposed and all who participated in this evil be in jail, including politicians and george soros.

      • King of Shambhala

        absolutely good news!!
        hope all the frauds are exposed and all who participated in this evil be in jail, including politicians and george soros.”

        yes… and Obama. He’s the lynchpin for the whole corruption of the system.
        Obama’s got no birth certificate.

        • King of Shambhala

          Obama’s 3d cousin in Kansas says Obama’s born in Kansas (Obama’s mother is born in Topeka, Kansas too) and his real name is Barry Parks.
          The birthers won’t touch this and investigate: it’s suspicious and looks like the stystem is blocking the truth with everything they’ve got.
          They’re holding on for dear life because if the truth gets out, they’ll all go to jail for the rest of their lives certainly.

        • 72FX

          So you support a douche who used to go troll the mall for teenage girls when he was in his thirties? You’re really behind this guy? What happened to you being the messiah? No messiah would back scum like that. You think that kind of shit is okay? Then see how quickly you get off topic. Degenerate.

          • King of Shambhala

            The Leftist scum like you 72FX are the fake news.
            You supported the news that brought out the Roy Moore file right beofre the elections.
            The Messiah breaks the Apocalypse which means to call out the Leftist scum like Obama and the Islam-loving shills like you, troll-72FX.

        • The despised

          While you are right, he’s FAR FROM THE LYNCH PIN. LOL. There’s greater powers than Obama.

          • King of Shambhala

            Obama’s the Antichrist.
            He’s the “Man of the System” the man of Deceit.
            He’s got no name aka the “Man from Nowhere”, the one who hid his ID.


      Thanks BIN for great news! Go Moore Go!

    • Dswhiplash

      *a lot

    • Ideas Time

      Maybe Trump did allow this fraud to occur so he could expose them and take down a bunch more sewer rats. Let’s hope so.

      • 72FX

        Except that Trump is one of the sewer rats that need to be taken down.

    • 72FX

      Daughters, fathers of daughters, mothers of daughters and pretty much anybody else should be glad this bottom feeding parasite did not get elected to anything. He should work at McDonalds the rest of his life.

    • spure

      i’d love it if it were true, but as usual, pritchett didnt fact check before posting. this was a satire story.
      Jeffrey “CNN” Pritchett is a hack.

    • Ideas Time

      They should check every voting area of the state and do an numbers check and also pay attention to normal voter turnout. I think even in presidential elections only about 60% turn out can be expected and I am sure those numbers are much lower in low income areas. When they find a bunch of fraud they need to do a re-do election with strict monitoring and id requirements.

    • Grim

      I wish what this article says was true, but unfortunately, it isn’t. The source for this story came from a site called Patriot Post, which is a SATIRE NEWS WEBSITE. If, you go to the bottom of the source page, you will see that they freely admit, they’re a satire news site, run by an organization called PAID LIBERAL TROLLS OF AMERICA.

    • Anonymous

      We don’t need another fucking pervert in office. Even if he ie a Repug. It’s time to get these people out. Sweet Baby Jebus, this place is insane sometimes. You don’t let a godamn pervert in office. :smile:

      • Bob DD

        Just went through 8 years of ultimate perversion. Look up the word?

    • desertspeaks

      Alabama counties use optical scanners to record votes cast on paper ballots?? LIKE CLICKING SAVE?? Oh the horror!

    • Central Scrutinizer

      Don’t hold your breath.

      Wait, on second thought, all you BIN-tards, go ahead and hold your breath. Darwin’s Finest…… :mrgreen:

    • harry

      This will not happen. The electronic votes will disappear, and the handwritten ones will be destroyed. No records = no fraud. Bye, bye Moore. Sorry about that …..

    • Johann Needlesmuggler

      Ahhh…such gullible people. Will u ever learn anything?

    • Johann Needlesmuggler

      Roy Moore is a transgendered person. Beady little eyes close together and not deep set. No male brow ridge. No Adams apple. No high cheekbones. No square jaw. Tiny stature. This is a common thread among the elite. If you think that is ridiculous you have a lot to learn. The world is run by them…currently anyways and has been for quite a while. You guys stay busy arguing over race, politics, elections that were never real to begin with, and fighting among each other so they have free reign. Hillary would have been the first male president of the U.S. And folks think they know who their leaders are. Pay attention to hands, hips, and faces. There are distinct differences between male/female in these areas. “Roy” more has a vagina. Its all a show folks….confusion and chaos.

    • Pink Slime

      LOL! Watch a third party of counters get baffled by all the dead people, migrants, mongrels, megroes and moslems voting. :arrow: :neutral:

    • raburgeson

      Hold a new election and hold all accountable. People in Alabama both sides want a real election process.




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