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WW3: Syria the Terrifying Truth of What Is Really Happening (Video)

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This is what every person needs to know about what is really happening in Syria.

French President Emmanuel Macron said Sunday he “convinced” President Donald Trump to stay in Syria before the United States, United Kingdom and France launched strikes against targets at three sites Friday night.

“Ten days ago, President Trump said the USA’s will is to disengage from Syria. We convinced him that it was necessary to stay,” Macron said, during a two-hour televised interview with several French media outlets.

Syria, officially known as the Syrian Arab Republic is a country in Western Asia, bordering Lebanon and the Mediterranean Sea to the west, Turkey to the north, Iraq to the east, Jordan to the south, and Israel to the southwest.

On Friday, the United States, France and the United Kingdom launched a series of strikes on a research laboratory and two storage facilities associated with Syria’s chemical weapons program.

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    • truck driver

      I seen an article on before it’s news that disappeared somewhere that Russian hilacopters had a UFO in a net under it and another article that Russia and Turkey have been fighting annanokie, reptilians and reptoids in Syria and they have been harvesting dead body’s

    • beLIEve

      Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, April 15th, 2018

      I did take a close look at that “missile attack” by the French, UK, and US forces (Which appropriately can be called “F.U.K.U.S” or just “FUKUS” for short) and I have to laugh at the Jew spew media and the US government “reports” that are still claiming that the attack was “successful”…. I have instead turned to other news reports from the alternative media as those sources are calling that “attack” an unmitigated military disaster…. Yes, the facts are now coming out that FUKUS has failed miserably and that only some 32 out of the 103 ‘Tomahawk’ cruise missiles actually came anywhere near their targets…. And we can thank the Syrian S-200 and S-300 missile defense forces for shooting down many of these missiles, while there appears to be some indication that the Russian electronic warfare countermeasures took care of the rest of the 71 missiles that failed….. It can safely be said therefore that in terms of “success” that the US is claiming, they are so sadly mistaken….

      * *
      I am indeed wondering like everyone else what what is next for FUKUS and THEIR STUPIDLY IDIOTIC PLANS for more “missile strikes” against the innocent nation of Syria? Apparently what is not being talked about, and I mentioned it in one of my articles yesterday, is how the US is so “quietly” moving up thousands of combat troops into northern Jordan as well as positioning thousands more around the illegal US “base” at Al Tanf in southern Syria… It should be obvious to even the most brain dead observers that these forces will indeed be used for offensive ground operations against Syria… All that is needed now for the US to begin their long planned ground operations and full invasion of Syria is another “excuse” that may come in another “false flag” somewhere in Syria… Maybe another fraud “gassing”? When we consider how the gullible people have so easily swallowed the bullshit of the one at Douma just last week, I would not put it past these criminals to try again!

      * * *

    • patann

      -Early To Mighty, The Fields Are White Unto Harvest, ETE 6:15 AM, 04/16/2018
      All hail to the Bride reigning in heaven readying the specialty stone, the antichrist murderer, (Dan. 2, The Sevebth Trumpet, Rev. 11),

      Prophecy Links

      -Seen to be seeing in lowercase, bold, black letters, the single word (error), seen to be hearing in my ear, 01/13/2018, “one hour with the beast,” beware, Apb, see Rev. 17:16-18


      The Mockery Of David Meade’s April 23 rd, Rapture

      -Well said, but I fear what is not being said about false flag Syria has the petroyuan and ruble, as in super powers China and Russia written in plain sight the curse of eyes wide shut; that this invasion of Syria is actually a covert war as of a long time coming against the Asians and the Russians to defend the petrocurrency that America has ruled and western civilization has benefited, it’s, black blood’s galore four decades now. So you are telling me you haven’t notice, the tug of nuclear war has been empt up every since Trump made declarations of Jerusalem Dec, 5th, the 15th of April was it’s 14th, whereas now, humankind as one, we’re fastening into it’s 15th, of what could be David Neade’s April 23rd rapture. Again Trump’s December 5th, declarations, the first of the Nov. 24/25th 2017, Matrix ten day count where elephants of staying unaware by a dream that night or early morning prior ran a mighty, earth shaking, era changing ruckus right through it, causing us to lose a handle, a grip on kinsman Carter/President Carter?
      -Not only so, that said march to launching forward to nuclear, world war III pending with armageddon has all the more been on the table since the Hawaii missile alert, Jan. 13th. January 13th 2018, a 5th Matrix ten day count, they say didn’t happen right into the congressmen trainwreck, Jan. 26th, now a sixth Matrix ten day count, rumored to be about getting to fallout shelters. As I said, Jan. 13th. as of the most curious night of dreaming, since Senator Obama 2008 campaigning, pending with ancient beast reign until two weeks and seven years be fulfilled. That’s three separate nights, one three nights into the early morning of the Hawaii Missile alert and one, three nights leading into the congressman trainwreck, one may then inquire what’s so earth and millennials now man’s era, shattering about two events US oil, so entirely swept under the rug keep, kept unaware by now?
      -Apparently, while you were American Dreaming, what happen in the spirit world of prophetic forewarnings fulfilled edgewise of y’all America crying and propelling another American President along turf wars of black blood betting? Addedly sorely against God’s Will American soil, Western Rule this planet that THEY for months now threaten a Noah/NOAA cousin, as so extinction levels events as natural disasters. Need I say more? That for three nights of dreaming into the hawaii missile alert, there were sleepovers to sickbeds into the inquiry of the perfect man Jesus while I stared down the perfect dangerous man, as of intravenous Angels this planet, ascending with the bride now in imminent nuclear danger, a pending sigh, “one hour with the beast,” right into the hawaii missile alert.
      -When as of the three nights of dreaming, into that trainwreck, they were about apostle john’s witnessed of the seventh angel trumpet, the one according to angel gabriel, Dan. 534, Apostle Bradford, The RAM, 2004, is the Trump of God that’s to hearld both the Bride escape by Jesus. Evenly so, the re-entry with Jesus, as Apostle John described further it’s Rev, 10th chapter. He, the Trumpet Angel was standing on the US map, me, apostle THEY call me, 1986-2018, with him, and there was an urgency about him too surreal to describe and went like this. As I said, for three nights, Jan. 26-29th, 2018, it was pounding for emphasis on the US map and saying repeatedly in my ear, woe, woe, woe, no further delay US soil. No more doomsday passovers, Dec. 24/25th 2001-Nov. 24/25th 2017, desolations US soil are here, beware the midwest, and the eastern seaboard, those specific areas of made aware. As to be just as targeted as the inundated with such forewarnings US, Canada West Pacific.
      -There are so many now saying the book of revelation is open, but I fear and fortant that was Angel Gabriel 2004 forewarning, and that we are the generation that Jesus, Mat. 24th described to early disciples. Evidently, as the generation that wouldn’t pass away until all as of Gabriel 2004 message all things is unto fulfillment is fulfilled, explaining why commanded reapers. Those in all likeness of Ezekiel 9, doing an award of a Matrix ten day count, within a 14th, a 15th pending, stampede you hundreds of millions US soil into a Moses day exodus, judgment now as a blinking word of caution, now come. Whereas a little miya girl of apocalypse post and future lead the way skyward or southeast. As of those abandoning US to West rule, that is as the days of Noah, a prophesied 2017, NOAA’s cousin and God’s winepress of judging their weight of blood guilt these 190 years will bring it all to waste.

      Why Do The Heath Rage, And The People Of America Imagine A Vain Thing, Jesus Not Men Millennium Reign

      -You fight to preserve by abominations and blood guilt unconscionable what no evil nation could, but your fight is as to reach into the wind filtered with Britain and America grind (see Rev. 18, as of Rev, 11 and Dan 2), as commanded, into itty, bitty pieces. Where a non-exempt Canada as commanded of reapers bearing sword like syringes of nuclear, nature’s and NOAA’s worst, is now wiped from the map. With much fear and trembling of what tens of millions this nation will suffer, their unforeseen hours ahead, that such death tolls since Bush’s 2002. Right into Truexit, Trump’s 2017, inauguration, has been put at fifty million, that’s like 15% US soil, how it was demonstrated, not only as four continents to nations lead to a detrimental error unlike any other, (Dan. 7, Rev. 17), all in a block.
      -Frightfully, it was as to have a funeral reef attached to petro-handlebars a 1975th year, Nov. 4th date, once Bush’s 2003, disallowing China and Russia, now as a westernized outbreak of mortuary, this nation, this planet. Horribly, unthinkably shooting into heavens ceiling with it’s 15% this nation and two quarters this planet toll on human life, ….why doth thou marvel? Why doeth thou sit idly as those of Noah/NOAA’s day? God as Noah’s day into Moses’ day will only bless escape, that’s skyward, with God’s Trump, Jesus or southeast into exodus, America’s Brexit, to Truexit to Hilexit, pending Obama into Trump’s administration, your salvational ark is here, get it, get Jesus and get (ascend) out of it! Beware, Apb, The RAM

      Prophecy Link, Live

      First The Finding of Odd Quarters, Into Odd, Air Dried One Dollar Bills, Now The Finding Of Odd, Plastic Handcuff, Keys, See Rev. 9

    • Anonymous

      This entire action against Syria is being pushed by the Rothschild banking cartel and the evil country they founded, Israel, backed up by the ‘Deep State’ controlling the USA. The USA is run by an Oligarchy:
      America is an oligarchy, not a democracy or republic, university study finds

      The world must rid itself of these evil people or the human race will not survive. A good start would be to get rid if the entire US governmental system because it is too easily corrupted. The USA government and the elite that run our country are nothing less than genocidal psychopaths.




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