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Q Anon: Undiscovered Facts Emerge? Heat On Who? (Video)

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Even the MSM conservatv media cannot now ignore any longer that Q Anon had predicted all this way before their ‘discovery’ yesterday that the IG Report (Released June 14) has been modified/redactd. Nunes ready to imp e ach RR by Wednesday June 20 (unless he releases ALL original material OR resigns / recuses willingly). Strzok Cooperating witness ready to testify willingly. More requests for EOs to force disclosure of unmodified/unredactd material. All confirmed. Future proves past again.

My name is Andy Giardina, I hold 2 M.A. Degrees (Political Science and History) and am a published author/independent researcher who has worked for 2 decades in the non-profit, business, public and government sectors. I am also the ‘voice’ of the US metal band TOTAL ECLIPSE.

The recent slurry of news and intel drops prove the swamp to be in defense. The reactionary attempts by the swamp only deepens the proof that they may be coming to heel.

Drain the swamp is a term which has been used primarily by American politicians. The term alludes to the historical draining of swamps to keep mosquito populations low to combat malaria. Ronald Reagan, who called for “drain[ing] the swamp” of bureaucracy in the federal government in 1983.

There has been an interesting turn of events in regards to the person known as QAnon, who has been posting anonymously cryptic and predictive posts on 4chan that have been constant since October 31 2017. QAnon posted today this message. Note the times. And note the +++. Nothing is Random. 

On October 28, someone calling themselves Q began posting a series of cryptic messages in a /pol/ thread titled “Calm Before the Storm” (assumedly in reference to that creepy Trumpquote from early October). Q claimed to be a high-level government insider with Q clearance (hence the name).


I host the Church of Mabus radio show and it is going on 8 years. I’ve been in the paranormal community for 20 years. I provide content from a network of sources and guests and allies. Ranging from Politics to the Paranormal and the Spiritual. You can check out my other articles here at my BIOGRAPHY at BIN and you can check out my free radio show at this link HERE. Thanks for showing your support and stopping by.

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    • PaTaNiKi

      what i find interesting in all of this is a0 we think that we are citizens but actually we are colateral- the constitution was altered in 1871 and as such we are in reality not a nation but a corporation-and as such property of corp- b) our educational system thanks to the rocki-floppers et al mis-informs and decieves- in regard to truth and reality-they teach distractions not applicables-like what are taxes and how to manage your money-esp on false money ie credit c) anything federal-in name or nature is corrupt-apparently owned by the FEDERAL/FEDS to do their bidding-which is not a humanistic orientated endeavor but a make FED more money- d)when our soldiers put their lives on the line for our country-its not the truth-they are protecting corporate interests-land/resources/money machines- so this current war is factions of the same bird-one with higher morals vs no morals yet we are as a people or country not treated with respect-restricted by laws-(THEIRS-they wrote them to benefit themselves and we are under admiralty law-think england-in law and money) and then that old kill all info-national security act-they hide decieve and destroy and deny-sad esp in light of all the apparent immigrants comming to this freedom-for the fed its more money-and then the issue that the rich need-want-demand more cheap labor and modern slavery-sad the changes necessary are overwhelming-THIS WILL ALL CHANGE-one way or another-if they really wanted to clean up the government and wall street and other bad actors it would be easy-but if a large part of the population is also movtivated by greed and power then its more than a moral issue-this disease of the corpus americanum is beyond serious-its terminal especially with modern medical methods-and opinions-it needs a gerson fix-if this cancer is to be reversed if not mother earth will bring in the castor oil and withhold the orange juice-but momma earth will give the cure until the patient is healing or until it dies-all these earth manifestations volcanoes and eqs are a manifestation of humanity taking the legal ease road rather than the cleanse purify and move on-we have very little time to correct this-these injustices globally or we just start over when and if we are allowed to return to this gift of life called earth

      • Anonymous

        Undiscovered fact is that QIAduh has ignored again the HUGE news that we’re sending up to 10,000 more troops to the Middle East for War. THAT is big news. Not minutiae of Drumpf’s admin infighting

        • Anonymous

          QIAduh’s job is to distract Trump’s base from his numerous sell-outs and betrayal of them. Nothing illustrates this better than how QIAduh assists in pushing the NWO agenda of Israel’s 911 Wars. Tavistock meets Mossad
          Trojan Horse Drumpf is another zionist tool and just another zionist puppet POTUS like Hillary, Obummer, Bush and the rest. Remember during campaign when he ranted about the $20 trillion national debt? Its over 21 trillion now and this prostitute POTUS is spending more than Obummer on war, or as QIAduh says “Iran is Next”. Not to mention trying to recycle Reagans Star Wars under a new name.

      • CeeLeeRose

        Well said & totally correct…




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