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Q Anon: Message Decoded - Mystery Solved (Video)

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A Patriot has surfaced that is giving many hope and he goes by the name of Q.

Let me start off by saying that the Q Anon / Q Clearance Patriot posts are so vast in scope, to summarize ‘everything’ is nearly impossible. The posts paint a huge picture around the basis that ‘everything is connected and everything has meaning’.

This amazing video details how things will go in the final so many days and shows several things he saw that have already have happened confirming it.

It is apparently designed to propagate the promise of Cabal Arrests and Elites being tried at Gitmo as a kind of Soma to pacify the growing online audience that are raising questions about the actions of the Deep State on a global scale!

I host the Church of Mabus radio show and it is going on 8 years. I’ve been in the paranormal community for 20 years. I provide content from a network of sources and guests and allies. Ranging from Politics to the Paranormal and the Spiritual. You can check out my other articles here at my BIOGRAPHY at BIN and you can check out my free radio show at this link HERE. Thanks for showing your support and stopping by.

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    • RAIN

      hey Jeffery..

      you wearing your decoder ring? haha

      Following up on yesterday’s “smellin’ like a-rose” and “1122 is risen”… I’m reposting this from Jan 17 2018:

      Show me the stone the builders rejected, that is the keystone. Pay attention when a stone is lifted. A true significance to what is spoken.

      Superposition. the ability of a quantum system to be in MULTIPLE STATES AT THE SAME TIME until it is measured.

      The matter of matters:
      Word and context, defined and refined
      IS all that is thought what is known?
      True apprehension fears nothing.

      What is the superposition of a word? The key to understanding the language.



      Nice bit of work here, thanks for providing. :grin:
      JAN 17, 2018, 7:43 PM

      “the key to understanding the language”

      MS 13.. who. what. why…

      from July 31, 2017

      The “93 society” is a conjured phantom.
      an Open question to mr.cateye: Are you an idiot or a deceiver? You can’t swallow what I’m thinking.. I’m thinking
      It’s in your numbers, Ha Ha! I’ll tell you the matter and you’ll need not ask what’s the matter, ever again. Mary Sidney and the Thirteen. There is a Circle that has existed for well over four hundred years and recently “reared” it’s heads like a railing hecate! Dark in there, haha.. such wayward sisters.
      A mockery of behemoth proportion and the number of the quilled entity is 1122.
      There are two keys, no doubt about it however one will open and one will lock. How’s that for an opening?
      JUL 31, 2017, 8:15 AM

      ..and here’s a golden oldie.. cuz I run through the world thinkin’ ’bout tomorrow

      • CUB4DK

        There is always an idiot and deceiver around…and then there is the brother or sister that is the deceived!
        Luv to listen to Stone Temple Pilots…thanks :grin:

        Cheers, Uncle Hexy

        • Anonymous

          “Initiative Q is building a new payment network and giving away significant sums of their future currency to early adopters. It’s by invite only

          Initiative Q’s payment model
          Initiative Q is creating a modern payment network that will aggregate the best ideas, innovations, and technologies developed in recent years. The Q payment network will allow safe, fast, and low-cost transactions, using a global currency.

          Many of the ideas that Initiative Q will include already exist in some form, but thus far they have gained only limited acceptance, and there is no universal system that integrates them all. This is due to a classic chicken and egg barrier: No buyer wants to join a new network with no sellers, and no seller will offer a payment option that no buyer uses. Initiative Q will overcome this barrier by distributing its currency—Q—for free to early adopters, creating incentive for its adoption and use.
          This paper gives a taste of the innovations and improvements that the Q payment network will offer.
          QIAduh trains its lemmings to go cashless. Pushing Deep St agenda, using faQe patriot labels.
          TRUST the SQUM!! TRUST the SQAM!!!

        • RAIN

          haha.. I hope you or anyone knows that this wasn’t directed at Jeffery.. this concerned someone else. The reason for reposting this is that it contains a few important points delivered as a riddle.

          I mock Q.


          Q ruined 4D chess, the dumbass…

          • Jeffery Pritchett

            RAIN anyone that really knows me knows I dislike politics and I share this well because its popular. Before Q alt media was dying.. BIN was in trouble. No matter what you think of Q it regenerated alt media. That is a fact! As for me I think both sides and even the middle are nutter butter. I think we as citizens get cheated by corrupt asshats. Whose only cure for helping people is to give more money to the rich and in some off shoot miracle its suppose to rain down on the rest of us like candy corn in October. If I could resurrect one leader thru the reigns of history it would be Vlad the Impaler and well we know what his cure is for cheats and liars and vermin. Instead I get harassed and stalked by QIK everyday. He calls me a pedo he calls me a traitor to America. I’ve seen many BIN members stand up to his stupidity and defend me from his psychosis. Thanks to those good people. QIK also lied and said one of my guests said something bad about me. But when I asked the guest he said QIK was a liar. That’s all I needed to know to know his true character. Everyone is welcome to think what they wanna think about Q. But if you get on here and LIE about me. I’m gonna call you out. I don’t care who you are. I hate liars. RAIN I can tell you have a heart.

            • Anonymous

              Alt media was dying cause its unique of Truth telling was being subverted by covert agents like Jones covering up REAL explosive facts.
              Now its occurring on a bigger scale with the QIAduh sQam.
              Lies, coverups, distractions, OMISSIONs of data to MANIPULATE the masses are what killed alt media. It got infiltrated and usurped by same powers that run MSM, zioinist affiliates.
              Q manipulates the stupid sheeple better than old alt media cause its INTERACTIVE and enlists the audience into believing they are effective insider “part of the ‘Plan’”. Though like in Masonry, the lower level proles are being used to carry out an agenda they know nothing about. Same sponsors, same dupes, same outcome.

            • RAIN


              We’ve known each other a number of years now and I’ve used your forum as a chessboard innumerable times throughout the years. Thanks for providing.

              Maybe check archives once in a while… You’d be shocked by what you’ll find.

              ..and I hope you do keep posting Q. I’m on a mission. haha. You actually make my work much easier by providing so much.

      • 2QIK4U

        I think you mean Suposition? Don’t know what a super position is other than a great position?

        • RAIN

          2QIK.. superposition .. taken from quantum systems, the superposition of a word means that all definitions and meanings of the word apply simultaneously. Events or circumstance then determines which meaning dominates. This is fundamental to understanding jesuitic writing.

          Think of the word STAGE.. or DEFCON, e.g.

          • RAIN

            ..because THIS is how you prove the Q deceptions.. haha..

            • RAIN

              sorry.. just one more point..

              Assessing the Q deceptions, (coupled with stellar info, but no actionable intel), is why I believe that Q is a deep state operative, controlling the Patriot narrative.

      • ROSEBUD

        68 65 72 65 20 63 6f 6d 65 73 20 74 68 65 20 52 41 49 4e

        Stones and Roses.

    • 2QIK4U


    • grayeagle40

      Democrats think that the Strzok hearings are joke and an opportunity to make a free public speech on TV for their base. I assure you government corruption is no joke nor a photo op. Strzok appeared arrogant, and is lying his way out of it. My opinion. Cutting edge. witty, clever, flippant, commentary. click here




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