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Dark Truths: Government Shutdown - It's Not About a Wall! - CDC Depopulation Agenda

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The Real Dark Truths as to why the government shut down has happened. It’s not about a wall. It seems like to me they need to get the government back up and running. This is insanity and a lot of people are hurting and starving from it. Specially in areas of FL that were just hit by the Hurricane.

I saw a woman in the paper in an article about her driving back and forth to prisons to work there but had no money for gasoline. Its bad. Time to fix this. I don’t see how this is going to help anyone get votes. Though I think they have something much sinister in mind to stay in office forever this time around.. If they aren’t going to ever help the people that voted for them. Than we’ve all been had.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is the leading national public health institute of the United States. The CDC is a United States federal agency under the Department of Health and Human Services and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.Wikipedia

via  M. Mitchell The Anti Sheeple Pleaser


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  • Anonymous

    Think like a perp does. 7 billion useless eaters, and every day 1000s more born… Time is not on the NWO’s side. They either have to go in HUGE, in one big FAST fell swoop, or their depopulation dreams are OVER. And the mob takes THEM out.
    Which means a synchronized attack w/ nukes, microbes and massive geoterror in a small, compact time frame.
    These guys, who realize they’ve little to lose, are trying to preempt the Evil Ones. But they too must act w/ as much overwhelming force as they can. 60% is not bad. Every corrupt CEO should have the mob at their PERSONAL HOME mansions and estates, ripping them out of bed and doing some civil forfeiture from the Elite

    • Anonymous

      Trump is the globalists’ Trojan Horse. Vote for Israel swindle will continue until the bill to give 40 BILLION to Trump’s ziofunders in Israel is passed. Enough to pay for 10 Mex walls!

      “Political puppets of the globalist agenda are not always obvious. They may at times even attack globalism and pretend to fight for nationalism or against climate change. We call these politicians “controlled opposition”.
      The easiest way to determine if a politician is controlled is to identify the people they surround themselves with. Who do they associate with? Who is “advising” them? If they are surrounded by known globalists and banking elites on a regular basis, then they are a puppet, either knowingly or unknowingly. Their actions will only ever serve globalist interests, and when their careers are over it will be clear that their pro-sovereignty rhetoric sounded good while they were in office, but every policy they asserted pushed globalism forward or made anti-globalists appear absurd and dangerous.”

  • Slimey

    Talk, talk, tawk. No arrest…… :???:

  • Rockledge

    Perhaps the government will shut down long enough that all the clowns will go home and we can set up a new government, one that actually is FOR the CITIZENS.
    Maybe we could even go back to being a society of honesty and morality instead of a being greedy hedonistic freak show.

    Shut down the government for good. Take away all of congresses income.
    In fact, before any shutdown takes effect, there needs to be rules for a shutdown.

    Rule #1: For every day the government is shut down, everyone in Congress, the Pentagram, and in the White House forfeits their pay. After all, it is THEIR incompetence that this has happened. They should be the first to pay the price.

    I’ve never had a job in which if I didn’t complete my work I would continue to be employed. Why should the CITIZENS work under a higher standard than is expected of its’ politicians?

    Rule #2 Cots should be set up in the oval office and Congress, and they shouldn’t be allowed to go home until the job is done.

    Those 2 rules alone would make them get off their asses and be competent for a change.

  • DK

    The CDC is an administrative body, if my local library closed down it wouod have no more effect, by the time you have an epidemic you only know by the death toll and the early 19th century administration’s were far more competent in declaring them early although they were unable to save a single flu sufferer. It is simple really, your entire bureaucracy long ago became more concerned with spin doctoring, funding and virtue signalling than working. So.epidemics no longer get reported, and you get fake ones when the kitty is empty.


    “The Wall” of course could not traverse all of the topography present from coast to The Gulf. A combination of active armed personnel will be necessary to counter this long ago planned invasion to totally bankrupt the U.S.. See ex-Vatican cardinal later pen namede ‘Avro Manhattan’ in his 1987 book, ‘The Vatican, Moscow, Washington Alliance’. Therein resides the real story as to who and how this immigration problem world wide came about, and who instigated the racist genocide world wide. And it was NOT DONALD TRUMP. To hell with The Vatican and the British Empire.

    • Rockledge

      Had the cheney administration not underfunded the INS intentionally to flood us with free labor and drive wages down the toilet, none of this would be necessary.

      In reality what we need is our military at home fighting this war. We are being invaded, and the purpose of our military is supposed to be to guard us from invasion and protect CITIZENS from invaders.
      NOT to be overseas protecting big oil and the war contractors.

      In the past, kings of countries had a standing, unspoken shoot to kill policy toward invaders. For obvious reasons.

      That we as a country sit idly by and welcome the invasion we are experiencing will make us go down in history as the laughing stock of the universe. Instead of being known as a mighty nation, we will be known as the weak country that could not even guard its’ own borders.

      And the politicians who have invited this to happen such as the reagan/bush cabal who orchestrated it and the current
      sitting congress will be eradictated from history by the invaders once they are in control.
      Much in the same way we did by our evil hanging of Sadam and pulling down his statues.

      We already see our history being adulterated by political correctness and the attempted deletion and corruption of the true history of the civil war and the destruction of statues of true American heroes in the south.
      Imagine how our history will look after the invading forces take over congress and eradicate all evidence that America was ever anything but a nation built by those who were not even here, or were here and had no part in, building this country.

      Our politicians are destroying everything the founding fathers created and designed for their own childrens childrens children, not just ours. They are fools.

  • Ideas Time

    80 million kids are born to third world who’s parents can not take care of them so they turn to the white world who are about 8% OF the population to care for them. Time to cut our losses.




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