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Prophetic Perspectives 2019 - The Resurrection of the Dead: More to Uncover - Video

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God’s Roadmap to the End

Published on Mar 8, 2019


When we see events that will soon occur in the world around us being mentioned and pointed at in more than one reference from the Word of God, then our excitement grows as so many people have longed to be in the position that we find ourselves in today and especially in 2019! In this video, we look at how the Word of God gives us even more clues to understand the times that we live in and how the Resurrection of the Dead will play a major, and yet, unexpected role during the Tribulation. When it comes to the resurrection of the dead, we often only consider what was written in Paul’s epistles – who provides us with a somewhat one-sided view of this event – focusing only on how believers will experience it. We do not often consider the description in the Book of Daniel and what Jesus had to say about this in the gospels, painting a fuller picture for us and showing us that not only those who will receive glorified bodies will be resurrected. I hope this will bless you and give you an idea of the horror that will await those that will find themselves in the Tribulation.

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glenn goodale

glenn goodale2 months ago

It is content like this that caused me to quit television almost a decade ago and never look back. OUTSTANDING JOB!

God's Roadmap to the End

Bernie :D

Bernie :D 2 months ago

Your breakdown of the words of JChrist is amazing, you’re doin such a good job!

God's Roadmap to the End

God's Roadmap to the End

God’s Roadmap to the End2 months ago (edited)

In the video I said 67 Books of the Bible – I meant 66: Tired… I have also had many requests to put together a timeline on which the events can be positioned chronologically up to the end of the Millennium to give a visual application of this information. I will do my best to do it in the little time that remains and will hopefully have time for one final video on it. Blessings!

Aaron H

Aaron H2 months ago

your videos are…🔥🔥🔥🔥👆👆👆🔥🔥🔥👆👆👆

God's Roadmap to the End

Laooo Floree

Laooo Floree2 months ago

Your videos are like a treat. Lol. Blessing brother. Let’s see what God has put in your heart today.

God's Roadmap to the End

Keith Walker

Keith Walker2 months ago

Brother this is EPIC!!!! The best study of the course of events ever given in the 42 years of my life!

Child of God

Child of God2 months ago

Our Heavenly Father, I thank you for revealing the truth in this video through my beautiful brother in Christ, Jaco. Oh how we long for your coming our King and only Saviour. Help us Father to serve you in humbleness whilst still here on the earth by ministering and caring for those whom have lost their way or do not know you as their Creator. Time is running out Father, use us as your vessels in these last days so your children don’t perish in vain. Bless my brother Jaco and his family for obeying you in making this teaching available. We love you King Jesus and long for your coming. Amen.


AQUILA THOMAS2 months ago (edited)

The Walking Dead fans take note~ (of which I am, and have)~what is the art/ parable of the show trying to teach us thru The Spirit of truth? This video and the last paints a very compelling understanding. Love it Jaco~just love your work brother~So look~as I take notes~I kept wanting charts~and a time line. OK ok ok~I’m a confessed timeline~ chart nerd~and I collect them, if only for the artwork sake. You have many super videos, and lots of great, technical information. Can you make a definitive~2019 distilled, updated, current timeline (or chart) laying these verses down~with the major events, in an un~puzzled piece, sequential order; like a sum total, wrap up time line, of all your videos thus far?~ (say that last line 5 times fast)~ No, we are not setting dates, and you have humbly mentioned MANY times you are teachable and just like us all~learning and looking and studying~ Your videos/ research, prayer and HARD WORK are what helps compress the olives~to make the premium, first pressed olive oil~ I use to keep oil in the lamp~ PEACE

God's Roadmap to the End

Randy B

Randy B2 months ago

Brother, how absolutely spirit inspired truth revealed. Thanks for sharing His truth by correctly dividing the word, precept upon precept, line upon line. Shalom

God's Roadmap to the End

Henry Whitfield

Henry Whitfield2 months ago

Thanks Jaco, Always look forward to your perspectives, Our time is short and looking to meet you and all the brothers and sisters very soon at our catching away, MARANATHA


fraaaaaaaaaaaaank2 months ago

So incredibly put together! Thank you Jesus for your servant Jaco!!

God's Roadmap to the End

Keith Walker

Keith Walker2 months ago

I’ve watched this video approximately 12 times. I’m guessing this understanding was sealed until this time. I’m unable to dispute this teaching. Very interesting, now we get an idea of how much of the timeline of the Bible is known in the demonic realm. Seeing as the amount of zombie movies ect…. as well as their insistence on global warming even though it looks like we’re going into a cooling period.

God's Roadmap to the End

Victor Whitehorn

Victor Whitehorn2 months ago

Thank you Jaco. Best teacher ever👍🏾

God's Roadmap to the End

Brandon Richmond

Brandon Richmond2 months ago

All praises, honor and glory to the most high Father Yahusha for everything…


Gary Jacobi Sr.

Gary Jacobi Sr.2 months ago

Great info as always! I’m thinking you’re looking at a BIG chance for a March 22nd. rapture. (me too) Scrolling thru the comments it seems I’m the only one that thinks that. (???) With x-pres. omama & John Kerry (scull-n-bones -322- man there) going to Israel/Bethlehem on Mar. 22nd. along with the Georgia Guide Stones (322 – great culling down to 500,000,000 people) & the bazillion Hollywood movies that have spewed out 322 for years now this all points to that “looserfer’s” evil mob seem to know something regarding Mar. 22nd. as well. (???) God’s speed!!!

kire kcabmorts

kire kcabmorts2 months ago

Thanks brother Jaco!! I look forward to meeting you in the air one day soon! God bless

God's Roadmap to the End

Matthew Hoffman

Matthew Hoffman2 months ago

You always do an excellent job. Not all of your thoughts align with mine. The great joy I get from your videos is searching the Scripture after you lay out your case. I admire your heart and wish I could sit down you, our Bibles and a cup of coffee. Nice work brother!

ferric oxide

ferric oxide2 months ago

I take very careful consideration into your presentations in collaboration with my own study and walk. Much ❤️ to you brother. Hallelujah

God's Roadmap to the End



Brother, I am on my way to Israel this morning. I will be there 3/19-3/29; during PURIM. I will let you know what I experience and witness while in Israel. Exciting times! JESUS IS LORD! JESUS IS GOD! MARANATHA!❤️

God's Roadmap to the End

Martin Brennan

Martin Brennan2 months ago

That is a major problem with Denominations of Christianity. They all interpret scripture their way. Read the bible, and have it jump off the page at you personally. Not one person on earth can know everything that scripture is saying. Some people that say they are called by God, seem to be puffed up, and above what they consider the laymen. As we know Pride and arrogance is of Satan..God created all men equal..Some are just luckier than others. God bless you and your family and all brothers and sisters in Christ!

God's Roadmap to the End

Jacob Graves

Jacob Graves2 months ago (edited)

I think you may have gotten a couple things wrong sir. #1 You didn’t solidify your proposal about the judgement being before the Millenial reign. Isaiah 24 does not necessarily show that the new heavens and and earth are before the Millenial reign. • One thing you assumed there is that there would have to be a new Earth because of the ☢️ radiation. I see no reason why GOD could not clean such things as radiation even during the start of the Millenial reign , as most of us scholars have said before. { Also remember the scripture about the weapons being burned and buried for 7 years….. Do you think that those 7 years are during Daniel’s 70th week or ‘Tribulation’ ? } Etc. #2 33:18 .. ” the third part of the barley harvest or the tribulation saints..” ?? Nevertheless , it is good to study these things . tC

Calvary Crusader

Calvary Crusader2 months ago


Κηφᾶς Stone

Κηφᾶς Stone2 months ago

Another excellent scriptural study video. Thanks.

Markd49424 Durnwald

Markd49424 Durnwald2 months ago

Hello Jaco. Over the years I have always found your analyses to be well thought out and thorough and you demonstrated the same precision again as only appropriate when handing the precious Word of God. I found this particular work to be rather complicated to get a complete picture of the chronology of what happens when. Not that I disagreed with any of it but only found it complicated with… flesh eating zombies, Christ’s 2nd return in the middle of tribulations (if I understood that correctly) and the great white throne judgement in front of the millennial reign. There’s a lot going on! What would really be helpful for me/us would be a ‘Scottie Clark’ type visual that would show the sequence of events from rapture to Satan’s being cast into the lake of fire. That would really be sweet to have that graphic available while listening to your presentation. I mean not to create unnecessary work for you but I do believe it would greatly help some of us, the more visual learners like myself. God bless you Jaco. (PS – I too am filled with excitement as Purim and March 22 approaches.) Looking up for His calling us home. Amen. Mark Durnwald, Michigan, USA.

Sherry Ditzler

Sherry Ditzler2 months ago

I truly appreciate your ability to rightly divide God’s Word. Bless you brother and look forward to meeting you in the clouds to meet Jesus in the air. We are leaving this earth very soon.

Anders Jespersen

Anders Jespersen2 months ago

Another sharp video from Jaco! Where is the repeat button?

God's Roadmap to the End

Jordan Clarke

Jordan Clarke2 months ago (edited)

I thought it was interesting, about the parallel of Daniel’s 3 friends being thrown into the furnace that was turned up 7 times hotter than usual.. and the passage in Isaiah 30:26 Isaiah 30:26 ” Moreover, the light of the moon will be as the light of the sun, and the light of the sun will be sevenfold , as the light of seven days …” Daniel 3:19  Then Nebuchadnezzar was filled with fury, and the expression of his face was changed against Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. He ordered the furnace heated seven times more than it was usually heated

God's Roadmap to the End

The Last Great Day

The Last Great Day2 months ago

Another solid teaching, Jaco! Thank you. John 8:31-32 Then Jesus said to those Jews who believed Him, “If you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed. And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

God's Roadmap to the End

Melinda Henson

Melinda Henson2 months ago

Blessings, Jaco. Your revelations from the Word bring so much comfort and encouragement! I believe that this is the meaning of “knowledge shall increase” spoken of by Daniel…not necessarily knowledge of men, but knowledge of the Word of God! Until we meet in the air, God-Love to you in Jesus Christ, Melinda

harry rowland

harry rowland2 months ago

Good word brother. Keep speaking the truth you are an encouragement to the saints. I look forward to meeting with you in heaven. God bless you brother.

Mark Allison 88

Mark Allison 882 months ago

Watching with you and waiting. Thanks brother ❤❤❤God bless YOU ❤❤❤

Make My Day - TJM

Make My Day – TJM2 months ago

Thank you. May God bless you

Valeri D

Valeri D2 months ago

What an insightful blessed man you are! Our God is amazing!

Jon Williams

Jon Williams2 months ago (edited)

At the 54:00 minute mark you discussed some scripture that gave me pause to do some additional study. It’s my belief that the parable of the 10 virgins is to the saved and unsaved. If we read in Luke 12:35-36 we see Jesus talking about returning from a wedding; that when he cometh and knocketh, they open unto him immediately. Luke 12:35-36 King James Version (KJV) 35 Let your loins be girded about, and your lights burning; 36 And ye yourselves like unto men that wait for their lord, WHEN HE WILL RETURN FROM THE WEDDING; that when he cometh and knocketh, they may open unto him immediately. Since this verse is in chapter 12 I believe it ties into Daniel 12 ( a mirror of Revelation 12?) and Revelation 12. Thank you for an enlightening teaching! Jon

God's Roadmap to the End

Jamie Schlemmer

Jamie Schlemmer2 months ago

Wonderful! Thank you and bless you!!! Maranatha!!

Karen Sullivan

Karen Sullivan2 months ago

Absolutely wonderful presentation! Thank you for sharing this wonderful work for us. ❤️

Nancy Anderson

Nancy Anderson2 months ago

The last part where you discuss the parable of the 10 Virgins is, as you say, obviously NOT Israel. I’d like to say firstly that Christian doctrine is never taken from Jesus’ parables. Since the 5 virgins were quick to point out that they had done many WORKS in Christ’s name rather than answering Jesus by saying how they confessed with their mouth the Lord Jesus, believing in their hearts that God raised Him from the dead in their place to save them from their sins, I believe that these 5 virgins who believed they were saved were actually apostate by adding WORKS to the Gospel. In essence, they were part of the “falling away” or apostate who really did not have the faith (oil) to believe that only in Christ’s shedding of His blood can get them into heaven. The 5 virgins who went in had the “by grace through faith only” belief that Christ’s blood was all that was necessary (no addition of the filthy rags of works). This is the main reason the Jews need the Tribulation to get them to understand that very point. This is probably why Jesus even mentioned this at all to His fellow Jewish disciples in Matthew 25, as at that time the Church was a “mystery” as it had not been established at all yet until Paul came on the scene AFTER Christ’s death. This is the danger of being hyper-dispensational as many Christians are right now as they rule out pertinent information and books of the Bible that were not just to the Jews only but also to and for Christians, as well!! Interesting about the old earth and heavens being destroyed and the new earth and heavens being made at the Jesus’ 2nd coming at the beginning of the Millennial Reign. Does the New Jerusalem come down at the beginning of the Millennial Reign, as well, because God the Father is also to dwell on earth, but I thought that was after Christ’s 1000 year reign? There will be many surprises for all concerned.

nicu marinoiu

nicu marinoiu2 months ago

As always : Excellent “job” my friend !

The Patriot

The Patriot2 months ago

This for me is the finale, there is nothing more to say. God bless you brother, you really out did yourself this time, thank you, thank you, thank you.


TheGocemakedon4 weeks ago

God bless you!

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