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The Fallacy Of Trapping Heat

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inside greenhouseMany people use a greenhouse or a conservatory as an example of trapping heat. It is true that in a glasshouse when heat is generated, the temperature of the air within will rise.

So as the Sun rises and generates heat the greenhouse gets warm, but as the Sun sets so the heat disappears and the temperature falls again, the air inside seeking equilibrium with the air outside. Ergo, in no way is heat trapped.

The same principle applies to any enclosed space, be it a hut or a room in a house.

If the heat is generated by fire in a central heating boiler, the temperature will rise, but once the boiler is switched off the heat dissipates. So everybody, especially older people, knows this law.

Many people are under this illusion that heat can be trapped since temperature can be raised in a confined space. But it is a fallacy.

Temperature can also be lowered in a confined space like a room or a restaurant or a hotel by means of air conditioning. In exactly the same way, if the air conditioning fails, the temperature will seek equilibrium and rise. Heat is never trapped.

The 1st and 2nd laws of thermodynamics are the true ‘settled science’, which can be observed and verified by any layman, any engineer, or any housewife who cooks a hot dinner.

They all know that heat has to be generated – 1st law – and that all heat by itself will always flow from hot to cold – 2nd law.

It does not matter whether it is a huge ingot of steel heated in a blast furnace or a cup of coffee brewed in the kitchen, heat has first to be generated and afterward dissipates by itself.

Since the warmists know very well that a gas like water vapor or carbon dioxide cannot generate heat, they spread the myth, which is completely unscientific, that “greenhouse gases” in the atmosphere trap heat.

This myth is swallowed wholesale by the general public, who are then exposed to a frightening scenario of climate changes, which send some bodies into fits of hysteria.

According to these warmist scientists, the temperature of the globe is rising dangerously and must be contained within 2º centigrade. How do they think that they will accomplish this self-set task? Answer: By limiting emissions of carbon dioxide!

Can one think of anything both more absurd and also more dangerous?

It is absurd because nature continues with great abandon to spew carbon dioxide into the air, from geysers, fumaroles, thermal vents, and volcanoes; and it is dangerous for, could these felons succeed, they would eliminate green vegetation, then the animal kingdom and then all the human beings on this blessed planet.

In the meantime they scare people to death with talk of high temperatures causing flooding and tornadoes and unstoppable sea rise, while they make a racket promoting wind farms, which are manifestly uneconomic and unreliable as a source of electricity; they cover good, arable land with solar panels, which only work when the sun shines – and moreover gobble up huge areas, to the great satisfaction of absent landlords.

In our cold northern hemisphere, we absolutely depend upon fossil fuels for heating and transport. The elderly in particular depend upon oil-fired or gas fired central heating, without which 80% of the retired people would be dead before the next Easter or the spring equinox.

Of course, these agencies show graphs of rising temperatures which look scientific, but which nobody can verify. Ask a warmist scientist ‘What is the global temperature today? Do you imagine that he (or she) would vouchsafe an answer? No, because there is no answer.

If there were a rising temperature, in reality, it would be broadcast every day on all the news channels in the world. The global temperature this morning shows a rise of one-hundredth of a degree. We are shutting off all fossil-fueled producers and power stations as of now.  

Just where have they placed their thermometer?

The general public is so much in awe of ‘scientists’ that they will often accept as gospel anything they say, especially if the body has a grand title, like the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). And especially if they can make ordinary folk think that carbon dioxide is smoke.

And more especially if they can persuade ordinary people that a trace gas at 0.04% of the atmosphere is causing the planet to get too hot through emissions of carbon dioxide.

So we see that all this business of man-made global warming and man-made climate change rest on this one thing: that “greenhouse gases” are trapping heat high up in the atmosphere.

Once we realize that it is impossible to trap heat, then we are forced to the conclusion that this is simply phony science. The skeptics are called ‘deniers’ but it is the warmists who deny the fundamental laws of thermodynamics.

It is they who are the deniers; it is they who deny the settled science that every layman can observe.

The atmosphere is not even remotely like a greenhouse. Far from there being any sort of physical barrier in the sky the atmosphere gets thinner and thinner with altitude, the molecules get farther and farther apart and there is more ‘nothing’, that is a vacuum, between the molecules.

So the theory of Al Gore and all the subsequent warmists is completely wrong and utterly unscientific. The atmosphere is riddled with holes and so are all the warmist arguments.

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