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Paradise Fire: The Fire Embers Are Programable Swarming Nanobots! - Must-See Video

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Published on Jan 1, 2019

Dave M3 days ago (edited)

It’s too bad you couldn’t tweak the audio from the end of the guest, take out the high end and bring some bass into it or some such thing. It was a bit painful to listen too. The message is very important, and maybe worth tweaking the audio. Ok, I just finished listening from beginning to end. A good way to spend 2 hours on new years day, and to start a new year with more pieces to the puzzle. Jamie, “Angel” was an excellent interviewee, and provided a wealth of food for thought. You guided the interview very nicely, so it was coherent. Much of the revelations are so “hard to hear”, as Angel said. I am so bothered by the reality that untold numbers of humans were incinerated, in cars, homes, etc., an atrocity that we learned of in world war II, and it seemed we were determined to never allow again, yet here we have incinerated humans in California 2017/18, and no accounting for the criminals responsible! The word “EVIL” did not get spoken in this interview, which is strange. For me it is the only word to assign. I also understand that I myself and so many others, use the word so often to express the overwhelming disdain we feel at the activities of some factions of humans among us, that maybe the strength and power, of the meaning, of the word, may be diluted? I think so many of us are battling with getting our brains to understand that humans are behind all these crimes against other humans! Our getting a foothold, and then advancing towards then gaining, any advantage in this war, (and I am conjecturing, that the war has begun), is the identifying of every and all humans who are participants, at all levels, in this assault, on humanity and on the Planet Earth! As, I have said else where , in my comments, my brain tells me that there seems to exist, a knowledge, by those who devise the evil scenarios, which we have witnessed, and who continue to orchestrate and enact perpetual evil, that they feel unmoved, as if they have inside information, that there is no god, there is no hell, therefore no actual punishment in this life or or any potential after life, for carrying out perceived evil, and therefore, every reason to carry on with the slaughter, whereas there will be no punishment meted out upon them! Angel, describing the punk zombie militarized order followers, who would not let him go collect his own Father, who hid behind guns, also is a reminder of Nazi Germany, is it not? I do not feel confident that we can take on this war, which has many fronts, and is arranged to maximize confusion and to distract, by every method possible. We will need our own Leadership. Where will that come from? Who, and can anyone be trusted? How do we define the side in the conflict, which we want to be on, how is that “side” defined and will it be corruption and propaganda free? It is maddening in the extreme, as intended, no doubt! Are we defeated before we begin? Do we succumb, and join the dark side? Is everything smoke and mirrors? Is evil actually “good”, and is good actually “evil? Are we living in an illusion/allusion? Where do the answers lurk? How do we find the answers?

Bitcoin Beafy-2

Bitcoin Beafy-23 days ago

My wife’s great aunt passed years back. She was married, for 50+ years, with no children. Less than a year ago, when going through some of their boxes, I found a ‘GenEunics’ book published in 1921. I have to misspell it because google will delete this account too. It’s a controversial topic, apparently. I’ve read small parts, and it reads like a handbook on how to live, based on some questionable believes and alleged science. I know only what I’ve heard about ‘this topic I cannot speak about’(and what very little I’ve read), but will be reading this book, on camera with each page being turned live. I will release these on this channel starting in February of 2019. I need this time to get my ducks in a row. Each chapter will be a video. I will give zero opinion in any of these videos. It will just be me reading and showing each page as I do so. There are pictures in this relatively long book. Anyone interested in exploring this topic please sub my channel! Stay safe out there ✌️✊ Sorry for ‘spamming’ this comment. And also sorry for having to be vague. My original channel Bitcoin Beafy was terminated with no reason given. They just don’t want you to hear this I guess 🤷‍♂️. I want as many truthers as possible to benefit from this old book. Together, with more info we will be stronger, and strength is what we will need. Thank you so much for your time!

Jim Costigan

Jim Costigan3 days ago

It reminds me of what John saw in Revelation like Locust with stingers in their tail tormenting men he said they were as locusts best way he could describe it it could be those little flying robot things

Maya Solis

Maya Solis2 days ago

i am calling every truther in every city and every town across the state and across the country to hold mass protests at every masonic lodge in America/ Light candles for the victims of Paradise. Light thousands of candles. Bring fire to them since they are bringing it to us. Call them out on their genocide plans. Raise others awareness by getting right in the faces of evil and starring them down. We need to call them out on all this shit and watch them shrivel and die. This could be an epic event if we can plan it properly. or not plan it at all and just start holding memorials and protests at these masonic lodges. Fuck these evil fucks. We have truth. Let’s bring truth and represent the people who lost their lives and the millions more that will. We do not consent. I’m going to make a social media account and campaign for this. We the People Do Not Consent!! The masonic lodges around the country will not be their safe havens anymore. It’s time to get busy people!

Tammy Parry

Tammy Parry3 days ago

Why do you think Obama gave CASH for clunkers? Get the uncontrollable cars off the road!!

Faith Hunter

Faith Hunter3 days ago (edited)

I live in No. California and breathed all that stuff in. I tried to stay inside the house as much as possible but you have to go out sometimes (groceries, etc.)… but I knew this was a nano attack as I have been following Morgellons (it’s what we call it now), but these are spores that grow inside the body and they are computer chips that are programmable and replicate and go into the blood cell. so this is done through virus, mold, bacteria. You have to flush your body out and or starve it out… this takes a lot of research to keep this stuff dormant in your body. They have figured it out and how to break your DNA. It’s time to find God and I mean it! Yes, it breaks the blood brain barrier… it does replicate and I’ve seen it under a jewelers loop where I can see the black fibers and the clear translucent ones… you cannot see these with the naked eye. I’m on a fast and taking probiotics to kill the damn things. Or at least make them mute and unable to be turned on or off. We live in 2018 and have to live differently. We have to adjust to this because it is deadly and will kill you in the end. Yes it hits the nervous system, but you can shield yourself and do it at a minimal cost. Look into and other ways to block the radiation and microwaves from entering your body. Otherwise your going to hear the Voice of God!! And I mean it. We’re walking antenna’s. This is what one of the end results are. I sleep in Mylar. I turn off my computer and phone and put them under an aluminum mesh shield. You can use copper or aluminum screen so the frequencies cannot “ping’ you at night and give you nightmares, wake you up in the middle of the nigh, make you think you’re going crazy and so on. This is a very evil agenda and it will continue. So fight with all you have to keep switched off. Use yellow sunglasses (any hardware store) when watching any TV or Computer of Phone. these are habits you’re going to have to learn folks. Just research… research, research… I’m still researching… it hates light btw and grows at night. they love yeast and mold and it’s in all our food, water, air etc. Stay diligent!!

Thisrandom Girl

Thisrandom Girl3 days ago

I want to be Amish but this YouTube channel is so addictive

Janet Woods

Janet Woods3 days ago (edited)

Jamie awesome work l am so glad younger generations are waking up now!!! People need to be educated this is not science fiction its as real as 911!! Don’t people read anymore?😯📚📕 many people believe this is a conspiracy theory and its all documented fact’s!

Just Wendt

Just Wendt3 days ago

Thank you, thank you for your dedicated efforts and valued time in aiding your fellow inhabitants. Much love ✌💞✨😊

dat juggalo

dat juggalo3 days ago

I’ve been following these Cali fires for some years now and I’ve been called all kinds of shit, but I still tell people that it looks like those embers were under control.

Joel Exline

Joel Exline3 days ago

Happy New Year Jamie…. hope the truth comes out, youre doing a hell of a job and i have a strange feeling that 2019 is going to be one for the record books for the truth movement. god bless you

Able Bodied

Able Bodied3 days ago



rb*rzr3 days ago

Why is the audio always screwed?


R D3 days ago

Crimes against humanity:( These people are sick!

michael flegel

michael flegel3 days ago

People will just not believe or have any interest until it’s too late.. thank you so much for making the videos so that those of us that are interested can somewhat understand what’s happening. I wonder if you could simplify this one. It is a Tuffy!


TimedPiecesTN3 days ago

THANK YOU for telling us this!! What I don’t understand is how in the world the ppl that are developing this type of tech don’t seem to have a clue that their work is being used for very NEFARIOUS deeds! How do they NOT get together, step up and speak out?! I realize most of them are compartmentalized but they can’t say they had NO clue as to what it’s gonna be used for! There MUST, at this point, be some scientists, engineers, etc out there that are absolutely flipping out over what their Inventions are being used for! If there’s ANY good left in them that is I guess. Look out for BLUE Indeed! 😠


RICK ROLLED{FaCTz}3 days ago

watching now … looks great… keep Exposing their Works in the new year

HEY Mrs. Jones

HEY Mrs. Jones3 days ago

I literally watched the video for 5 seconds when grief and terror overcame me. This is what we have become? I’m SOOOOO glad you’re doing this video but it’s like throwing a thimble full of water on a raging forest fire. I’m afraid it’s too late for the MINDLESS MASSES to be informed about these domestic terrorist. The more you “see” the less you know!

Janet Woods

Janet Woods3 days ago

Nanothermite used on twin towers it turned those building’s and everything inside to dust within minutes no jet fuel can do that

Shieena Living Waters

Shieena Living Waters2 days ago

Electrolyte driven? Wow, now I know why they encourage Electrolyte water, and drops. We become a conductor for their WMD.


thisistheworldtoday3 days ago (edited)

Great insightful interview… all these sci-fi writers like Asminov and Roddenberry were insiders to deep state technology paid to write what masses would perceive as sci-fi fantasy fiction to bring existing technology into human consciousness. Many cartoons and TV/movie animation shows have existing technology as well. Frustrating that he wouldn’t implicate military industrial complex more but he did confirm grants given to universities are for research farmed out to independent scientists/researchers. The nanobots technology will be used to give humans better health to make them accept the transhuman agenda. Nanoparticles are already in most junk food

Stuart F.

Stuart F.3 days ago

R.Whyne Steiger channel is a good one to sub.too.Lots of good info and peeps there guys.Keep Paradise Alive!!love and light to all.👍😉

Cheryl Roberts

Cheryl Roberts3 days ago

Thankyou for helping me to wake up…stay safe


I ONLY SERVE 1 KING3 days ago


Ron Wyatt

Ron Wyatt2 days ago

I recently saw a church sign that said that Jesus was the greatest gift ever given. That sounds great . . . except something in my spirit caused me to think more deeply about that, and I realized it wasn’t exactly true. It’s just one more aspect of Christianity that has been twisted and stripped of the depth its spiritual meaning. Satan is clever . . . clever in using words to deceive us. God is precise in His wording. He uses repetition to reinforce ideas. When man gets in the mix and paraphrases or puts things in his own words, God’s words get changed, repetition is lost, and meanings become skewed. The problem here is that the Bible NEVER refers to Jesus as being a ‘gift’ of, or from, God. Things the Bible refers to as gifts are: — The grace God extends to us — The Holy Spirit — The gifts of the Spirit — Eternal life Jesus was much more than a ‘gift’ that the Father gave to us. Jesus was the SACRIFICE that God gave for us. This side of Heaven, we will never completely understand what it COST the Father to surrender Jesus to the hands of mortal men that were His enemies. We will never understand what it COST Jesus to lay aside His glory and majesty and be abused and crucified at the hands of sinful men. We will never fully comprehend the price He paid to set us free from sin, and purchase us back from the devil, who owned our souls. A ‘gift’ is something a person can afford to give from their excess. A ‘sacrifice’ is something that a person cannot afford to give–it is something that impoverishes them to some degree, or causes them hardship. It is something that one person gives up, to their detriment, to better the situation of someone else. It may be offered out of one’s free will, or out of obligation, as in the case of having to make restitution. Then there is also the aspect of the ‘sacrifice’ that ties in with the Old Testament system of providing redemption from sin. That is an example of sacrifice as an obligation, as a partial means of making restitution for one’s sins. When Jesus is rightly referred to as a ‘sacrifice’, it builds upon the repetition of the Old Testament sacrificial system. We see Him in a completely different light than if we think of Him as a ‘gift’. The Bible NEVER refers to Jesus as a gift. This is man’s attempt to reframe God’s character and the Gospel into a format that is more appealing to modern sinners. And to do it at Xmas time is an attempt to make it seem as though Jesus fits into a pagan holiday, which really has nothing to do with Him at its core–but which He was later tacked on to. The Bible calls Jesus ‘the Lamb of God’ . . . this title forever calling to remembrance that He was the living sacrifice that God brought to the altar, and delivered into the hands of the priests (the very ones that conspired to crucify Him). He forever bears the marks of His crucifixion in His resurrected body. Jesus did not pop out of a box with a neat little bow on it. Instead, He was led like a lamb, symbolically laid upon the altar, and murdered, to make restitution for our sins.

Linda Klase

Linda Klase3 days ago

Of course! Programmable nanobots……..swarming from House to house.


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    • zak1955

      Question: What device can we use or create against these things? Jam them from working with some signal??

    • church of the 1stborn

      The people from that did crimes against humanity/serial killers for gov jerry brown little berry obama vatican crips/bloods jesuit latino terrorist invasion in Santa Rosa & Paradise came up to Grass Valley for a active shooter at Nevada Irrigation District offices last week. So what we are seeing is they have roving kill teams with satellite & drone military war weapons using gov entities & tax dollars slaughtering people for the rothschilds/royal family/junker/lei families water & power & mineral companies /nazi,muslim,red chi-chome,any brand of communist new 1 world order military industrial complex being assembled working for the u.n. cabal

      God bless them & give them a drink of water

      [email protected] dot com Randy Lewis

    • DK

      The embers are at 400+ degrees originally burning at 800+ degrees and though the temperature will not melt most metals other than lead it will stop electrons flowing and will destroy any battery or capacitor functionality. We dont mass produce venus robots. It is a good way however of stopping the grey goo plague of self replicating machines when someone one day drops the test tube.

    • Anonymous

      This article is full-blown retard. Like virtually everything on BIN anymore. WTF happened here? :smile:

    • Man

      It is nanobots because I said so!




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