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Reverse UFO Technology Could Destroy Humanity - Why it's Time to Wake-up! - Capt. Dave Bertrand, Ret. +Video

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The Surprising Truth About What Causes Out Of Body Experiences

BERTRAND DAILY REPORT The War For Your Mind & Soul Continues

By Capt. Dave Bertrand, Ret.

Friends and Associate:

Since the 1940′s advancement in technology and flight has progressed exponentially. One technology that really came to the forefront is fiber optics discovered in down UFO’s and was reversed engineered for our use today. If you can send data, calls, or video via light through a tube, why not a human?

What we have seen in other technologies only scratches the surface of what is hidden underground in secret Military / Industrial Complex bases scattered throughout the western states of America. For many….it’s hard to relate and/or accept the advancement of how scientists and aero engineers reversed engineered UFO technology and how extremely capable (we) are with that technology.

Who is in-charge of all that technology ??

“Beam me up Scotty” is no longer fiction and the History Channel video below details how sound waves on a particular frequency can dematerialize your body and transport your body a distance away, but what is also unusual, is that your brain waves reach maximum potential, basically causing amnesia of the event…..a common occurrence with ‘alien abductions.’

The same thing happens when we die, we leave our body (in form) and end-up in another dimension. Those that have experienced ‘astral projection,’ leaving the body (in form) and seeing our body in limbo, is often a common (accidental) event that many humans have experienced. Only the most experienced ‘out-of-body’ travelers have perfected the technique, but technology discovered by reverse engineering can “make it happen number one !”

This technology opens the door to ‘time travel’ since time is irrelevant (off-of-earth) and because the theory suggests, if you travel the cosmos at the speed of light or greater and gone only an year, you return to earth and everyone has grown old and are gone, while the astronaut has only aged a year. Which lends to the theory that visiting extraterrestrials are us from the future in some cases, based-on technology WE are now [playing] with.

This technology (also) suggests the ’20 and Back’ Mars program is very real and ties-in with what has been proven to be perfected, which is Quantum Mechanics.

WE are nothing but pure energy in a water based meat covered shield for earth and can be manipulated by technology. It is our mind and soul that is unique….but controlled by a nervous system equivalent to a collar shocker a dog wears. If THEY can destroy your body with cancer, pain or drugs, THEY ultimately control your mind.

Experiments that have been used on humanity continues today by the ‘good, bad and the ugly’ and protecting ourselves from being manipulated… it 5G technology, cell phone cancer, or sound waves we cannot hear, to visual brainwashing techniques…..our existence and our extinction is less than a generation away.

WE are on the brink of extraordinary knowledge…….

Sophisticated toys in the hands of the very bad is a secret the Deep State / Illuminati do NOT want us to know about, because THEY profit from reversed engineered technology, THEY experiment on humans, THEY use that technology to control the population into (often) acts of extreme violence, and THEY can use that technology to overthrow governments.

That is why Ufologists and others want FULL DISCLOSURE…..

—Dave Bertrand

History CH: UFO Hunters: FULL EPISODE – Reverse Engineering (Season 1, Episode 7) | History – Video

From the Desk of Capt. Dave Bertrand (Ret.) Your Comments Are Welcomed and Can Be Published Unless You Specify Otherwise.

Retired Int’l Freight Captain (DC-8 & B-727), Former (State) Law Enforcement, U.S. Customs (UC) Sector 5, Vietnam era Veteran (Korea), Embry Riddle Aeronautical University & University of Alaska (Undergraduate), Interests include Border Security, 9/11 Conspiracy, Government Corruption, New World Order, Freedom vs Communism, Secret Space Programs & UFO Encounters, Aviation, and Enjoy Living Off-The-Grid.

Read Past Bertrand Daily Reports:


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  • K¡llúḿ¡ńàṫ¡✝☪ ॐ ﷲ ✡

    most people are Evil & Heartless :razz: Wakin up zombies. Wake up!
    The blind people of a million people of eyes. Lookin hard but won’t realize.
    That they will never see #FlatWorld :lol:

    “All our lauded technological progress our very civilization
    is like the axe in the hand of the pathological criminal. Albert Einstein” :wink:

    “We have the technology to take ET home,
    anything you can imagine we already have the technology to do,
    but these technologies are locked up in black budget projects.
    It would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity.”
    – Ben Rich, Fmr CEO of LockHeed Skunk Works :lol:

  • bill.crismon

    The Otis Carr/Ralph Ring technology is based on German Vortex Technology…I knew Ralph Rings Nephew…We discussed this at length…This was back in 2000/2001….The original German technology used Mercury Plasma propulsion that was given to them by Extraterrestrial sources and developed by an Austrian named Viktor Schauberger…Tesla technology was different yet came to the same conclusions…Tesla technology was based on Frequency and Resonance…Hence the Philadelphia experiment rendering a Battleship optically invisible or too the naked eye..

    My Gut feeling is that the technology DOES exist and has existed and improved over the years…But I don’t believe the technology comes from space but possibly from either a civilization living in a different time or the same time but at another Frequency and they have the ability to jump to different frequencies…The Germans stumbled on this in its crudest form…They built an unmanned drone that COULD jump frequencies, transverse TIME and on a lower level, maneuver in our atmosphere in THIS reality…Hence “The Kecksberg Bell” or as the Germans called it, “Die Glocke” or “The Bell”…Small world Huh???

    The earth is flat and domed and we are going nowhere…So, I can see GOD creating not only a Human Race but Alien Races ALL stacked on the same platform but at different frequencies…When we DIE, we are no longer viable at THIS frequency and we move our conscious and awareness to another functional frequency….We never lose consciousness…It is as real as we are…

    Once you go down this road, you will open up to more possibilities…

    Aviation and all its intricacies is about where we are as a Sailing ship is compared to a Nuclear Submarine…

    A lot of this technology will NEVER see the light of day because of its disruptive nature as our world system and governments run today…Anti-gravity would make roads, tires, asphalt, cars, Planes, Trains, Ships completely obsolete and redundant…Cities would radically change in shape and size…Fossil fuels would be like comparing Whale Oil Lamps to an LED…

    For all we know, GOLD can most likely be synthesized…Imagine what THAT would do if that technology were released???….Markets would not only tumble but it would Gut every country on the planet… As advanced as we are, we are very much Primal and Territorial Monkeys….

  • Helen

    Do we really think that we, being on a lower plain, and entering into a higher plain of intelligence wont be noticed by the high beings? That is a huge egotistical foolish thing. I can say I know this thing man is doing against its own kind. Even that is proof we are NOT to be allowed to be in an upper realm to cause chaos when we can’t even take care of our own place in this time frame! Look at our own home! It’s a mess. So much division and competition! NO unity to heal or nurture or respect what has been given to us all to work together and unite! NOPE…still can’t grasp it! Those who think they are so smart in secret may think they are doing things unaware by humanity but the grosse deeds are definetly known in other planes and by many here now even here.

    I didn’t want to experience any of these things talked about in the article but I was forced, used and am now informed not wanting to be. I can tell you, sending out radio waves into outer space is nothing and laughable, compared to the evil we have done within our own race to each other. Did you know that it is said that even when we think evil we have already done it!? Yep, imagine that kind of power and sequence! WE are no were near being able to even control our heart and minds yet alone our tongue and hands in from it’s destructive ways.

    There are high beings and they know what is being done to us by us. It is foolishness and those involved will find their payment for it all. I am innocent and a nobody to this “experiment” and I am glad my conscience is clear! WE were created NOT for this!!! I was not created for being used, tempted, brain washed against my soul and spiritual ways I chose to live in peace! Time will come when all the people in power will gladly see the truth of it all and we will finally be in peace. Until than, the stiff necked and proud will continue to gloat in their knowledge until dealt with.

    I am free in my heart and soul no matter what they did in my mind which the scriptures call the throne invaded by the lair and thief! Children of the devil. Justice is coming whether I’m here or not. Vengeance is mine sayeth the LORD! When “hidden” things are the norm against us and the apple of GOD’s Eyes are acted against, who do you think will know and go forth against it? Don’t believe there is order and justice even in different plains of existence, than you are foolish too. Everything has an order and authority. We entered were we weren’t ready and they will come. That’s that! Why should we be the ones who infiltrate and corrupt when we are not pure enough to enter in yet? Such ego thinking leads to chaos! There’s a plan and it’s slow but good! The enemy of the other dimensions were cast out for a reason and those that refuse to learn or listen will follow them and will remain OUT as well for good reason!

    Daniel 10:12“Do not be afraid, Daniel,” he said, “for from the first day that you purposed to understand and to humble yourself before your God, your words were heard, and I have come in response to them. 13However, the prince of the kingdom of Persia opposed me for twenty-one days. Then Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me, for I had been left there with the kings of Persia. 14Now I have come to explain to you what will happen to your people in the latter days, for the vision concerns those days.”…

    Jude 1:9
    But even the archangel Michael, when he disputed with the devil over the body of Moses, did not presume to bring a slanderous judgment against him, but said, “The Lord rebuke you!”

    Revelation 12:7
    Then a war broke out in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon and his angels fought back.

    Daniel 12:1
    At that time Michael, the great prince who stands watch over your people, will rise up. There will be a time of distress such as never has occurred from the beginning of nations until then. But at that time your people–everyone whose name is found written in the book–will be delivered.

    Those that choose to follow the instructions and learn and see truth will grow and become awesome and in humility the right way the KINGDOM of HEAVEN have chosen us to do so. They are the head and know better. We are the children and must mature the right way. Oh, there really is a “Right WAY” It’s hard to explain that, in this generation where everyone thinks they are doing the right in their own eyes. I am angered but I pray I do not loose love. Righteous anger is good but we are all told to do good even to our enemies – now that’s advancement in humanity and is possible!

  • truck driver

    This will replace truckers. Beam freight from one point to another




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