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“Sell Everything” – Top Mega Banks Warn that a “Cataclysmic” Collapse has Begun

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“Sell Everything” – Top Mega Banks Warn that a “Cataclysmic” Collapse has Begun

By Matt Agorist

After years of giveaways to mega banks, marketed to the taxpayers as ‘quantitative easing,’ the crutches shoved under the banker-controlled global stock trade are about to snap.

In June of 2015, former Congressman Ron Paul predicted that these crutches would fail, and the financial bubbles created by them would send the stock market into a free fall.

“The consequences will not be minor. Surprises will be many, since we are in uncertain waters and the world has never faced the gross misallocation of capital that exists today. The process is self-limiting. It will come to an end, and it’s not going to be far into the future.”


Now, just six months later, he’s being proven right.

In an eerily ominous note to its clients, the Royal Bank of Scotland has warned its investors of a “cataclysmic year.” In the note, the RBS said:

“Sell everything except high quality bonds. This is about return of capital, not return on capital. In a crowded hall, exit doors are small.”

Last week, the Chinese market opened in free fall. In an attempt to stave off the collapse, Chinese authorities effectively shut down all trading by the use of so-called ‘circuit breakers.’ On Monday and Thursday of last week, all trading was suspended in the Chinese market. A telltale sign of things to come.

“I think the world is nowhere close to where our fairly cataclysmic year ahead stands, and feedback from investors suggests such,” RBS’s credit chief Andrew Roberts told investors. “China has set off a major correction and it is going to snowball. Equities and credit have become very dangerous, and we have hardly even begun to retrace the ‘Goldilocks love-in’ of the last two years.”

In the note, Roberts goes on to point out how Quantitative Easing has failed and was expected to fail.

We have been told for 7 years now since the credit crunch, under QE, to borrow money and invest it in one of 3 things: 1) EM 2) credit 3) global equities. This is a big picture, multi-year bet that has been taken, which has worked fine, and stopped working 10 months ago, (this is NOT NEW).

RBS is not the only mega bank to predict a collapse either. Analysts at JP Morgan haveadvised clients to sell all stocks on any bounce.

“Our view is that the risk-reward for equities has worsened materially. In contrast to the past seven years, when we advocated using the dips as buying opportunities, we believe the regime has transitioned to one of selling any rally,” Mislav Matejka, an equity strategist at J.P. Morgan, said in a report.

On Monday, Morgan Stanley also perilously predicted the price of oil to drop to $20 a barrel in the coming months. 

As the Guardian’s Larry Elliott points out:

Markets have been supported for some time by low-interest rates, stimulus measures from central banks including quantitative easing, and hopes of economic recovery. But with the Federal Reserve raising rates and the Bank of England expected to follow suit, that prop is being removed.

Those who pay attention to the effects of central bankers looting their respective countries have long pointed out the mathematical certainty that is an economic collapse.

The collapse of global markets is inevitable as it is a natural correction to the wholesale fleecing of the citizens through the unscrupulous actions of central banks.

Ron Paul sums up the situation perfectly:

The credit and new money, when created by a central bank, is delivered to the market in a political fashion for which the one percent receive special benefits. It allows the pyramiding of debt to fractional reserve banking, which compounds the long-term problems.

It may be fun while it lasts, but it always ends with a crash.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world.

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    • Pink Slime

      Sell everything then what? Our cash is worthless according to you guys. Better to have assets.

      • Boxed in Freight

        Exactly right, if you have an investment account, it is better to have investments in companies, or sectors that protect your money than have it in a Money Market account. It’s even better if you can diversify yourself away from companies that are U.S. Dollar leveraged, companies that are in Asia, or Australia, or even Canada will survive if the mighty U.S. Dollar collapses – even good American companies that are strong will weather that sort of storm. But if you have your savings in a Money Market fund, it is not safe.

      • fatman45

        Depends on what you think is going to happen Hyperinflation? No way you want to be in cash! Hard assets only! Depression (i.e., deflation)? Yes you want to sell everything and hold cash until prices finish plummeting, then pick up hard assets on the cheap. So the REAL question is, Hyper-INflation or Hyper-DEflation?

    • Judge Roy Bean

      LOL… Buy everything!

      Collapse creates a lack of production.

    • last_layman

      There will be no global bankrupt because bankers are cowards, like modern Nerons they are willing to set whole Rome (planet Earth) on fire, then to face angry mob ready to tear them apart because there’s no more food on the streets and no gladiators killing each-other in (media) arena… We are entering into uncharted waters, but Syria could become WWIII detonator… :mad:

    • Wizenheimer

      the sky is falling – again

      • last_layman

        It’s not my problem that bankers and Cabal are in fact proven cowards pushing their NWO “zero year” from 2000 to 2016, with EMP, Alien, Nubiru, X planet, Bird flu, Pig flu, War on terror, Mayan 2012, etc… shift and shift, with trillions of unsolicited debt, becoming hundred trillions and now likely zillions of USD, they have no balls to bankrupt, no balls to fight, they are like terminal patient in too long denial phase, today with no hopes of recovery, just one more lie, with the false hope that sky will not fall, eventually…

      • LifeIs

        Wizenheimer some people don’t accept reality, even after it happens. You can pretend the real economy isn’t collapsing. Unemployment isn’t 23% and in terms of hours worked, even worse. Inflation isn’t 7%, which means retail sales aren’t falling and the economy isn’t contracting.

        You can ignore the numbers who depend on food stamps. (46 million) The average age of cars on the road. (11.4 years) You can ignore the drop in the amount of freight hauled by rail (Rail freight shipments are down 5% or more, year over year.) and trucks (Orders for new trucks are down 48% year over year. January spot market trucking freight was down 9.1%.) and ships. (Baltic Dry index is somewhere around 300.)

        You can ignore the drop in gasoline consumption, down 8% since 2006.

        You can pretend that other countries aren’t starting to use other currencies, instead of the US dollar, in international trade.

        You can pretend that the biggest asset bubbles in history can be maintained, by “printing” more trillions of US dollars. In other words, by adding to outstanding debt, which is snowballing as it is.

        Good luck with that delusion.

    • Due Diligence

      screw you with the links to another site. NO WAY to subscribe, & automated videos SUCK. zero control on the users end.thumbs waaay down, screw the advertising one is onslaughted with when clicking the link.

      • DK

        I am more worried about the script which runs on BIN which disables adblock to begin with. :sad:

    • 14yoESLStudent

      Hello Angle 1,

      Charlie here. Is it better to hold US dollars, British pounds, or Euros for the coming collapse?

      • lucid_ity

        First and foremost tons of water, food, guns, ammo. Then your other prep stuff … PHYSICAL gold and silver could help, but I think that will eventually be worthless as well. Bitcoin might hold some value, but I certainly wouldn’t put everything into it.

    • The Ferrett

      “Top Banks warn” . . what a joke . .

    • Intention Setter

      Stupid Commercial……..If I wanted to see commercials I would watch Lame Stream media…..You are so close to being in the same class as a big Pharma ad. Bad Form :!:

    • Gojiroiscoming

      If a cataclysmic collapse were to happen then paper money, or shares of gold or equities, are useless. Even physical gold would be unsafe to transport or exchange for full market rate. The entire economic system would collapse, and as a result, so would many governments.

      There is simply too much at stake for all nations to allow that to happen.




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