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Vatican Joins NASA And Govt For The Big Event Soon To Be Announced To The World!

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Uploaded by on Aug 18, 2011

The VATICAN is now preparing us for the BIG MESSAGE the GOVERNMENT and NASA are planning to announce soon. This is in anticipation to more ‘ DISCLOSURE and SHOCKING ‘ NEWS soon to be released little by little.


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    • Phoebzter

      “Faith and reason go together.” Uh huh. You give me the reason, and I’ll not have a reason for faith. You can’t have faith if your given the reason.

    • building 5

      blah blah

    • Anonymous

      people and their costumes. And people really eat this crap up. I guess most like the shit sandwiches they are fed. Why is this news? Do people really listen to this crap?

    • prophecythisweek

      Catholic church is going to make way for the great deception, the evidence is so clear!

    • Anonymous

      We have a migratory planetary system approaching from the south

      I do not need never a straight answer to tell me anything

      What a complete waste of our tax money on nasa. we do have a really nice telescope though for 700,000,000 1,000,000,000,000 dollars.

    • Fred

      What an astounding revelation……life from other than our own planet???!!!! Oh me, Oh My!!! What a shock!!

      The Vatican and world governments are so stupid to believe that they alone hold all this knowledge and that they alone are the only omnipotent respected authority to pontificate horseshit rhetoric to the massesat a time that they deem it appropriate for us to swallow.
      What they don’t realize is we know the truth and have so for a very long time and that any relevation of alien life need not come from them. They are all a bunch of assholes.

    • The Doors


    • Anonymous

      Project Blue Beam is what is being unfolded.

      The Vatican, in my opinion, would not know the truth if it bit it on the ass. Furthermore, Jesus may forgive the Catholic leadership’s voracious appetite for perversion, but I’m not going to. The fact that millions and millions of people place their trust in the hands of such sinister beings is a mind blower to me.

    • Anonymous

      When an alien from another planet comes up to me and says “Hi”, then I’ll believe in intelligent ET life. We really haven’t even verified building blocks of advanced life forms on any other world. Reason requires verifiable phenomena. Faith requires trust in a spiritual realm and in a an unseen creator. Arguments for ET life has given me neither cause to believe. The vatican is just trying to capitalize on a fad to make itself relevant. Sad, really.

    • Anonymous

      this shit is not news. this is called old.

    • DaveB

      So what the Vatican is saying is, no matter what rational intelligent science discovers the Vatican will always attempt to somehow incorporate that into their own immature superstitious nonsense.

      An they think they ought to part of the rational debate? This just goes to show just how delusional they really are.

    • akaHardUp

      how long has this site been so full of crap not even worthy of redit or a tabloid rag? just seems like a major dis-info site with articles entered by government stooges or trolls trying to stir up shite

    • Anonymous

      “The Vatican, in my opinion, would not know the truth if it bit it on the ass. ”

      The Vatican, in fact, would not know the truth if if it bit them on the ass. In the old days, they were too busy oppressing the people and burning witches to notice. These days, they are too busy stealing resources and diddling children to notice.

      We would be better off if we burned all these priests at the stake and distributed their assets to their victims.

    • Anonymous

      How absolutely moronic. The Vatican has totally corrupted everything in Christianity. Now they want to get involved with science???

    • faro0485

      That girl’s reaction is all you need to realize who ET is.

    • Lliam

      The Beast of Rome meets Hitler news at 11

    • Anonymous

      Sheeple….why all the HATE?

      The Vatican is just trying to extend the love they’ve shown to all humanity (especially young children!!) to all creatures in the Universe.

    • alexblanelayder

      the great deception is comming via the nephilim. seed of the serpent.
      extra-terrestrial aliens = extra-dimensional demons.

      shame on that priest.

    • volvo544

      The pope is a non Biblical imposter…he is the Man of Sin, the son of Perdition, the antichrist. the catholic institution is the Mother of Harlots and abominations of the earth…to follow the pope or the romanist system is a sure fire ticket to the lake of fire…follow the Lord Jesus Christ and the King James Bible and you wont go wrong…salvation is in a PERSON, the Saviour, not a political, religious hell hole built on 7 hills (Rev 17)

    • Anonymous

      They trying to make the demons they worship seem fascinating and interesting, they are sorcerers and child molesters and they control Christianity and fund Islam and other religions to keep people from ever learning the truth. I advise you all to pick up your Bible and and read for yourselves, ALL religions have the same agenda and worship different demons that are over them… WAKE UP PEOPLE! These Nephilim don’t care about those who directly worship them or those who indirectly worship them… WAKE UP!!!

    • faro0485

      Everyone has read a bible already.

    • Anonymous

      Vatican spilled the beans to president Kennedy so he started the underground dumb construction………

      These fucks think we all have our heads in the sand…..

      wake up goverserpants,you fucks waited until months to inform your tax payers.those basterds have underground bunkers with supplies for up to7 years.we will see how well that underground shit works.hope it backfires on them pukes.

      One more thing to obama. There is nothing wrong with buying survival gear or guns and ammo.its our right! So fuck off and spread your terrorism fear somewhere else.we are Americans who love our country and will not do that stupid shot you say us common folk would do.

      Obama show me you love the people by placing razor wire fence around the white house when all the real crooks of the world are in there. Have a special seg block for them fucking federal banks namely the federal reserve.we are gonna vote the scum out of office sooner or fuckers sold our beloved country out to the federal reserve banking cartel.

      Just because i cant do anything doesnt mean i dont understamd the corruption taking place.we need planet x to equalize fucks. We the people will wake up and realize we dont need fucking government at all,wven though governserpents would love to keep us dumb andnd thinking otherwise.what will you do when you have to answer to our creator???????

      Have not thought about that huh??????

    • Anonymous

      I am one of Gods witnesses. I bring a message of warning. I am not E-li’jah, God will send him before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord:
      I live in New Mexico one of the states that connects to the four corners of the world. I have walked with the Lord on the bank of the great river. This was seen by Daniel the prophet. Brothers and Sisters there is nothing hidden that won’t be revealed. I have seen what is behind the veil that hangs above our heads. It is an abomination. These are the latter days and it seems that many would be deceived. I fear God and you would be wise to do so also. Keep from idols brothers and sisters and turn away from evil. Seek righteousness and repent and be meek in that day of wrath, call upon the name of the Lord. The meek shall inherit the earth and those who are left will be caught up in the clouds. If you are you love ones have not found the LORD, and accepted that Jesus came in the flesh and died for our sins so we could have everlasting life now is the time. God Bless you Brothers and Sisters.

    • colossus

      for as long as mankind can go back on its own history, (about 11,000 years) we have had religion and we have had government, both hide the reality of what our world really is. both make us serve a higher power, its time we stopped the oppression and the lies humans have lived under. do you really think a all knowing mystical invincible and unquestionable being created anything and everything? because if you don’t the system says you are forever damned to hell, and the system is full prof to keep your mind where they want it.
      people, break free from your mental prison.

    • colossus

      and people like anon above my first comment are the exact kind of loony bins that keep feeble minded people from thinking outside the iron clad box of religion

    • Anonymous

      The Pope will Try and Explain how Millions have just vanashed! He will blame it on aliens. The real answer is we will be with the Lord very very Soon. The Comet that is going to arrive on Feast of Trumpets is the Sign of a Lifetime. But if you don’t know your bible than You will have no clue. Repent While You Still Have Time. Weeks away from the Coming of Our Lord. ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT WILL THAN TAKE OVER!

    • Phoopfist

      Wow some of you are real nutcases, i really wonder how you manage to function in society

    • Nim

      Except millions havn’t vanished, and Christ is not coming back before the great tribulation, but after. One world government will come before Christ returns.

    • Anonymous

      The real nutcases are in government, the central banksters and Wall Street. They are not functioning anywhere near normal. They are breaking countries with outright fraud and scores of other crimes.

    • Anonymous

      Wow, I am happy the Vatican hands out a hand to science and accept it, and i think that we can find a lot about God in the future.

    • Anonymous

      Armani Watches

    • Pix

      “It’s really not that much different to what we’ve seen in the news”.

      What like bent politicians claiming we should impoverish the impoverished because we ‘MIGHT’ be attacked by aliens. NASA = Never A Straight Answer, and the Vatican has always been a den of murderous iniquity. Between the two of them you are as likely to get to the truth as a banana could produce an Einstien.

    • Enigmanonymous


      Yea right. The next big thing is always just soon. I’ll believe it when I see it.

    • Anonymous

      Remember, you saw it on Faux News. NASA and the Vatican are probably going to cooperate on a new telescope, if anything.

    • Synickel

      the vatican is the beast daniel and revelation speak of– all the world wanders after it, protestants included. since they are the religion of satan, they are making way for his false second coming. sounds like they’ll use the alien invasion technique.

    • Techstuf

      There is plenty of solid evidence, in order for one to fully ascertain the lateness of the hour.

      Google: Huge Media Blackout

      Google: six pointed star mark

      Youtube: shriner lucifer

      Google: 666 talents of gold

      Youtube: mark beast

      Google: D.C. Jerusalem masonic shrine

      Google: Talmud Truths

      Google: walmart six pointed star

      Google: walmart guard towers

      Google: lucifer companies

      One can easily determine who holds the power over this world, just as foretold long ago. God’s Word reveals exactly who would be in power at this quite late moment in human history.

      Read Revelation 16:8 as it reveals that the 4th bowl of God’s wrath has just been poured out. over 4,000 locations, encompassing all 50 states in the U.S. have shattered all time heat records this summer. What is to become of the throne and kingdom of the “Beast” next? Read what is just around the corner at the pouring of the 5th 6th and 7th bowls.

      As “natural” disasters of all kind are mounting, consider that as the economy “fails”, that a new one is already prepared. It is no coincidence that walmart recently changed it’s corporate logo to a six pointed star as well. As the world’s largest retail supply chain….they are well placed to be the vendor of choice in the approaching beast system.

      Blessings all in Yeshua, Jesus Christ

    • Anonymous

      Look into Project Bluebeam. The elites are preparing a fake alien invasion that will unite the World into the New World Order. The NWO will not be a good thing. Many will be killed for population reduction so they can have their utopia. The useless eaters(us) are considered unworthy of the World’s resources and secret technology like Tesla.

      The elites (Rothschild, Rockefellers, Bushes, Clintons, Kissinger, Bzrezinski, etc.) work for the Vatican(Jesuits, Knights of Malta, etc), the Zionists (hijacked Judaism and Evangelical “Christianity”), the Royal families and their puppets (Obama, Fed Reserve bankers, Presidents and PMs, religious leaders, Osama Bin Laden, and all other boogeymen. (false terrorists) and the Illuminati are all 1 entity that will use the fake alien invasion to invoke Martial Law and try to crumble the religions for a new religion based on New Age, Egyptian Mytery Schools, Occultism, Gaia (Earth worship). It’s all based on Masonic principles.

      Werner Von Braun said the “alien card” would be the last boogeyman, and NWO researchers Serge Monast, Rik Clay, Bill Cooper and others were all murdered for letting this info out. Read Monast’s report on Project Bluebeam. This will happen, and the sheeple will buy it, many “awake” people will too. This is all part of the ELENIN psy-op, and holographs will be used to simulate flying saucers and possibly even a comet, etc.

      Stay vigilant,,,

    • Mookie Bonging

      Hey guys, I sell Amway in my spare time. Anybody need some soap??

    • elemental

      Whatever happens in the coming weeks and months people,it is just a choice for us all between either love,or fear,and everything else will take care of itself.

    • Mookie Bonging

      I have a great deal going this week only– for just $29.95 you get two, not one, but TWO super sized pink labia soap bars!! Get them while they last!!

      After these are gone there won’t be more at this super low price—but you have to act fast!!

      Call 1-800-328-7448! That’s 1-800-eat-shit!

      Act NOW!!

    • Mookie Bonging

      how long has this site been so full of crap not even worthy of redit or a tabloid rag? just seems like a major dis-info site with articles entered by government stooges or trolls trying to stir up shite

      The most truthful thing posted on BIN since it’s inception!!!

    • Mellissa

      They have been tooting the ET horn at the Vatican for a few years now. Even to go as far as to say believing in possible aliens does not go against the belief of god.
      They are scrambling to make a way for themselves in our modern world. They may even think that they possibility of sentient ET would make them loose more of their waning powers over our minds as a whole.

      I do not think this has anything to do with an upcoming disclosure, more like them making sense of their beliefs with all of science, and the idea of ET. They have to find their groove somewhere and dig right back in.
      I also wonder how many of their sheeple have asked about aliens and so forth making the meeting important so all priests and so on are on the same page.

      Lets just be thankful they are not putting those who believe in the possibility of ET in cages and set them on fire in front of the whole congregation and or town. Burn out the wickedness and purge the evil thoughts.

    • Chris Thomas

      The Vatican, NASA and the Establishment has had the cover-up of Planet X on their agenda for a very long time. I suggest to those who are are baffled by this to ponder “What is it that these three all have in common?”: Money, power and influence, and they don’t want to lose it. But how could they lose what they already have had since thousands of years? The story is complex, but essentially these three ARE going to lose their money, power and influence and they KNOW it. Yest they desperately are trying to hold on to it as long a possible. But, Why would they bother if they knew they were going to lose most of it in the near future? This is because of the Earth physical axes pole-shift. But they will lose even their lives, if YOU knew en mass they were covering-up the presence of Planet X (sorry about the name, but _modern_ human culture HAS no other name for it) So they play a charade of lying and partial truth-telling (advanced lying) until they cannot hide the Truth of the presence of this planet any longer. Why? This is because they need to buy time to secretly prepare for the cataclysms (underground bunkers) and to do to that, they need to keep YOU ignorant of Planet X, busy producing widgets to float whatever bank-economy is left with your head down seeking the exceed the joneses, as once YOU see Planet X in the sky a few weeks before the pole-shift, you will be too busy scurrying about in fear and desperation to want to find them and tear the hide from those who have deceived you.
      Don’t allow yourself to fall into this trap: read ZetaTalk for the truth about this agenda. I produce a newsletter called: “Planet X NewsLetter”, if you want to see what is happening Google my newsletter with the quotes to read them. they are in the PDF file format and are free and based on ZetaTalk.
      To subscribe: [email protected]
      Chris Thomas.

    • Realized

      Check out 3:13 onwards. there is a ship moving along under the space station. another little “rollout” hidden in plain view? Staged alien invasion is coming soon. …. Not much else to say.

    • Anonymous

      Actually an alien invation would be a welcome event . After what we have suffered from our religious and political leaders . Could the human race be any worse off than what we have suffered from our so called leaders . I just wonder what our leadership’s reaction would be if the people joined in on the fake attack on the established power structure ? I saw roll out the red carpet !

    • Realized

      that is what THEY WANT… see? They have been planning for this event for at least 80 years. They want groups to riot and things. so they can crack down on these first cells. (google predicts the future) tightening down the police state screw even more.

      Cant you see how that would be the perfect event to finially take “the new world order” all out. They already got all they need. Europe and North America is already inflitrated and taken through NATO etc. The middle east, russia and china more or less are joining “us”. they all are inflitrated by people who wants to reduce population and create hightech tyranny regimes in the name of “democracy” funny enough. not really new ideas.

    • faro0485

      “Actually an alien invation would be a welcome event . After what we have suffered from our religious and political leaders”

      Sounds like someone is yearning for their brethren of the nephilim…

    • Enchantress

      Total BS. Trying to set people up for the false flag phony attack staged by “aliens” brought to you by NATO and the US govt.

    • ElOregonian

      believe not your ears, your eyes, your smell. Follow your gut and biblical discernment. Follow the money… who benefits…

    • Fred

      There certainly are things in the bible that smack of the truth. However, there’s overwhelming evidence that the “holy” written bible is nothing but a fraud.

      Read “The Bible Fraud” by Tony Busbee. I did!

    • faro0485

      God made an update, so rather than reject God for something that has no bearing on God… let’s read the update.

    • faro0485

      But for those who want to insist on the claims made by such as Zeitgeist and the Bible Fraud, or a conspiracy within religion… refer to:

    • 1shot

      If You really want to read bull read the quaran

      lots of prophecy there


      GOD made an update did HE call you on the retard line?

    • 1shot

      HA HA HA
      OR Let guess another relation of yours

      more fluff and cockswallow

      here better still we all have a common relation from adam & eve

      bang the drum slowly so the other tards can pick up the beat sandy.

      “IF” YOU CAN

    • faro0485

      1shot, I have no relationship to King John… but the muslims are just replying to what he asked from the muslims. We might be late, but here we are.

      So accept these laws so that you can know how to defend yourself from Nephilim who control the Vatican and the banks.

    • 1shot

      Oh like this reply from VOM

      Monica Dra and her husband heard the marchers outside their small home in Nigeria on July 26th They heard the chants of “Allahu Akbar” and wondered what the night would hold for them and other Christians in their village.

      “We had heard rumors all night that there were going to be problems,” Monica told VOM, “and now I could hear them walking and slaughtering people as they went.” Monica’s husband, Daniel James, grabbed her, and they ran outside to escape the radical Muslim mob. But the radicals grabbed Daniel and hacked him to death with a machete.

      Monica began to run, with her Bible and hymnbook tucked under her arm. But members of the chanting mob grabbed her and began striking her with machetes. Seeing a cross on a chain around Monica’s neck, a militant began to chop at her neck, nearly decapitating her. By the time Monica got to the hospital, she could only breathe through the gaping wound left by the lethal blade.

      Those LAWS?

      I know how to defend myself and others just fine, ask your brothers in Gaza, got a Ouija Board?


    • 1shot

      The Nefilīm נפלים
      Whom you call the Nephilim spirit is also in the murderous actions of those who kill innocent people because of their beliefs, funny you cry for that freedom when they protest about a mask going up at the World Trade Center, and look for equal rights in religion, yes a mask, the hidden face, something that covers the true face.

      The psychobabble, just misdirects from the truth that your people are killing others because of their beliefs, you don’t have to just look at vom look at the news around the world.

      Your confused or deceived.

      Is not the Dijjal the author of confusion and deception?

      When your not facing Mecca looking for the Imam Mahdi or waiting for Hadhrat Isa bin Maryam, or trying to kill the Zionist Jewish Infidels, put down your ham sand-witch book, see that is just a rework of The Torah, repent and be saved or die eternal.

      People have been trying to wipe The Hebrew Nation off the face of the Earth since its inception with Abraham, to no avail, WHY? Because of the covenant with YAH, even the Hebrew language lost for thousands of years, returns, being the only one ever to do so WHY? Cause GOD let it return.

      HIS chosen people have waxed cold, and have strayed from HIS ways, yet HE will not break HIS word to HIS chosen people, many false religions have risen, using bits and pieces of the truth to make them sound true.

      Yet they are false, including yours, there has been a war, there is a war, and there will be a final war, all based on religion, and just when the overwhelming masses look like they are going to over take the prize, GOD will intervene.

      Not with the lamb of the Christians, but with The Lion of Judah.

      The Israelis will gladly send them to your GOD, like they gladly send the peaceful Christians to theirs, battle against the warriors, and loose.

      The dome will fall, and the gold will be used to make menorahs, once purified and blessed, of course.

      Oh the truth about the 72 or 70 or 600 threescore and six virgins, they are all Nephilim, lust after that.

      Do you even know where Allah’s name came from?
      Some dyslectic scribe.

      The word God is from a Hebrew translation and is used instead of “EL” (ALE) this being a component of “E-aleim”, which is commonly pronounced (EL-O-HEEM’) “Elohim”. Which means “Supreme God” or “Mighty One” or its component “EL”

      Simply put means deity or god.
      The “El” in “Elohim” puts reference to god or deity. And the “ohim” refers to the ending or “im” and makes it a masculine word similar to like him…

      Even the mispronunciation or spelling of “E-aleim” has great consequence.

      Since many took “Elah” the Aramaic equivalent of “Eloah” (EL-O’-AH), both mean god and by either misspelling or mispronunciation created the word “allah” thus forming the deity used by most Arabs and Muslins worldwide.

      Now just answer the questions don’t misdirect, misdirection is of the jinn’s lead by saytan, funny how his name sounds the same too.

    • faro0485

      You only made one question. And 3 rhetorical questions which you answered yourself.

      Dajjal arabic meaning false/impersonator.

    • 1shot

      Even the people that commented on this video says its crap

      You still cant not answer any question, you point to a video, showing you have no mind of your own.

      Here I will lower the thought patten and place links that have ex-muslin’s tell that how they were wrong like you. your people kill any Christian’s this Arab spring the news say yes want a video to see that too.

      Be Careful Watching It Might Convert You to a
      here is a few

      Here is the facts
      Simple enough for you or should I write in crayon

      1) Is Your Favorite Hobby, Honor Killings of Woman?

      2) Do You find Honor in Killing your Own Family?

      Hide little sister here comes faro, he has a knife. is that for his for his ham sand-witch? Nope run little sister run.

      3) What is The Religion Of All The Terrorist Groups?

      Hey I know… you should come down to the trade center this 10 anniversary to protest, I will be there honoring the dead firefighters, police and EMT personnel, we can chat have coffee, and donuts, maybe a bagel.

      Some hummus and matzos?

      3 Questions for you, or is 3 a bad number?

    • faro0485

      Gentiles don’t like Jews, that’s why the illiterate church known as the Vatican tries to confuse the illiterate masses.

      You’re going to enjoy and stuff your face on hallowed ground?

    • 1shot

      Your a JEW?

      WOW what great answers.
      Again you cannot answer the truth.
      Just misdirect, over and over, regurgitating the same thing over and over, that must be how they get you believe all the backwash, you constantly spillover

      Oh the Vatican, oh the Zionist, oh the Christians, oh you Americans.

      Cry cry cry, is your turban on too tight?
      Or your panties?

      Zeitgeist, zionist, zebras all misdirection from the truth.

      I was going to stuff YOUR face on hallowed ground… You dullard.

      After all…It’s my treat…I invited you.

      A good host would treat, didn’t your mom teach you about being a good host?

      Poor manners too, shame I though down south was good mannered people. there’s always one bad apple to spoil the barrel.

      Just ask Munkar and Nakir. about that and they will say you have bad breath too.

    • faro0485

      Only God is good, and I rather have the treats from God.

    • 1shot

      Questions Answered-Zero-WHY?

      Is truth not a treat in God’s eyes?


      Does this mean I can’t come over for dinner?
      Meet the family?
      I thought you were going to introduce me to your sister.
      Teach me how to knit a kappa.
      Read the 3 Books of Enoch.

      Watch that Passion movie.
      Fine Be that way.

      Only GOD is GOOD
      For Sure.

      HE showers HIS rain on all…




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