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Planet X Nibiru Incoming Flyby August 2015

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The latest findings on incoming Nibiru and the Planet X flyby with special guest Bob Fletcher for August 2015. Bob gives a comprehensive expose with the latest new information of Planet X, NIBIRU in 2015. Who will survive the INCOMING RETURN of Planet X Nibiru ?

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    • Saber


    • Anonymous

      It’s amazing that out of the millions of professional and amateur telescopes in the country, not one has been able to spot Nibiru. I’m talking about legitimate astronomers here and not click whores.

      • OzzieEd

        Fair point Mitch51 but what about the disproportionate number of dead astronomers with huge credentials who have died under mysterious circumstances ‘after’ discovering or trying to speak publically about Nibiru? If I was an astronomer I would be acutely aware of all these deaths and would perhaps be reluctant to place my head on the chopping block by speaking up? Just saying……

        • Anonymous

          I agree with you here. I don’t have a clue what that’s about.

      • LifeIs

        Uhhh, because you need an infra-red or near-infra-red instrument to see something so black. Like the South Pole Telescope instrument, or the ones at VATT on Mt. Graham.

        Millions of astronomers haven’t been able to see it, since they first noticed something was disturbing the orbits of the outer planets a century or so ago.

        Just like they never saw any of the small dark comets, until a satellite looking down toward the Earth saw their residue, after they disintegrated.

        • Central Scrutinizer

          Planet X will be here in 3 weeks, so enjoy my time while I can.


          Quote from none other than Lifels, circa Aug 4th, 2015.

          Well, here it is 3 weeks later, and … [cricket sounds here].

          Thanks for playing, be sure to pick up your commemorative “I should have never taken that bet!!!” T-shirt on your way home. :mrgreen:

      • 0773H

        Russia, China and Japanese TV news reports on Nibiru. Check those out. Also NASA photo, which evidently have parts blocked out, taken from the SUN God’s( Catholic church) – Lucifer telescope, They don’t block out the skies for no reason. They don’t name a telescope – Lucifer – for no reason. There is so much that humans are not aware of, but so obvious when it’s looked at together. For 200 yrs, they have noticed a disturbance in the planets, a large gravitational force, which they found Pluto; while looking for this object. This can be read in scientific journals from the early sixties. All the planets are heating up at the same temperature, global warming is just the cover story. We will see Nibiru.

    • Anonymous

      Welcome nibiru glad your back.

    • Factory Farms FEAR the MooCow

      Nibiru already passed by Earth in 2012, 2013, 2014 and now this year 2015 and every year after because I read those old articles too.

      Eat More GMO :mad:

    • MissingRonnieR

      We can not handle, as a culture, the volumes of daily information that the internet provides. We act as though only yesterday that we were still in grass skirts worshiping the Sun. It is better for society that information be withheld as we are not objective nor educated to a level of competence to understand and prioritize what is relevant… The insane rantings internet information generates on a daily basis is destructive. No one lives anymore. We would be better without its invention at all.

    • coolsaint

      That Myan calender looks an awfully like the Haldron Collider

    • Anonymous

      There was a sign on a USA airbase which referring to at the time Radiation “what you don’t know won’t hurt you, it will KILL you” This also applies even more so to things like this.

    • theawakezone

      Nibiru will NOT come any time soon. Nibiru will pass Earth only in about 500 years. Sitchin showed us all calculations and did the math on this. So keep the facts straight. And when it comes around, and a word for the people living in that future, keep this in mind:

      It is not always so Nibiru causes problems for EARTH. But when this happens, it is because the path has changed or disturbed by chaos theory. What happens when chaos theory insert is that the device is disturbed by a sudden fluctuation in chaos theory. It is therefore sometimes Nibiru just doesn’t go in the exact trajectory it had last time.

    • The Clucker

      I thought that after September came and went that all of these contributors would start pushing the events off until October to keep the charade going but not you John Ale. August now! Bravo. You can lose your credibility one month early.

      • Central Scrutinizer

        Wait.?!? John Ale, a.k.a., Agent 7, has credibility to lose?

        WHO KNEW????? :mrgreen:

        • The Clucker

          Yeah you’re right. Agent 7, erm uh umm I mean Steve Quayle ran out of credibility a long time ago.

    • iamamerican

      Well alrighty then, Planet X has only 7 more days to make it’s presence known, and if it was going to do a “flyby” then we would already be seeing it wouldn’t we, since it’s supposed to be approximately 7 times bigger than Earth.

    • WhiteDawn


      Nibiru topic is allien propaganda!
      Everybody who starts this topic is agent of our enemies!

      The truth: Only men that knows the truth.




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