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Planet X Tidings--Massive Sky Anomalies, Geo-engineering, Dimming Sun all Signal the Destroyer's Approach

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Why can’t people connect the dots? Planet X is the reason for the earthquakes, the climate shift, the die-offs and chem trails. It’s the reason we march lock stop toward martial law, and it’s the reason the perverted elite prep like fiends. Keep scrolling sheep the propaganda sheep, probably sums up what they want people to do.

What neurons have been disabled in the public’s mind to ignore the streaks of toxins clouding the frigging skies. Educated, normally smart people are dumb as f**k when you point out the obvious geo-engineering overhead. It’s all over every populated corner of this planet. Don’t frigging ask why Homo-Sapien, you will be tagged a conspiracy theorist! Welcome to the twenty first century of Human civilization, likely the last one too.

Was it the fluoride that made so many people so dammed stupid to ignore the events and anomalies that signal the ancient, and largely forgotten terror called Wormwood.

Maybe when the last bug dies, people will clue in that something epic is underway,

Huge earthquakes seem to be intensifying to epic and may be coming to a tectonic plate near you.

Alaska 7.0

Vanuatu 7.6

What could be causing massive earthquakes?

The Five-Eyes trolls insist it’s all caused by a lens flare. Such warm cozy lies…

Don’t worry, those discredited stooges at Harvard are devising ways to block the sun by spraying particulates in aerosols from aircraft. Sound familiar?

So now geo-engineering is mainstream and if any sheeple look up and gasp with the toxic aluminum laced haze over the sun (and Planet X System) it’s all a Harvard experiment!

Why would governments and agencies around the globe collude to spray toxins over everything and everyone? Do you think it was for fun? Or perhaps it’s to stop people from losing it, until they’re safely in their burrows!

Now the latest is the dimming sun.

The god-dammed sun is dimming. See?

Logic would say perhaps something celestial is sucking the  energy from it, or blocking it completely, yet logic has no place in modern human society it seems.

Nobody wants to face this unlikely and distressing truth it seems. It’s far easier to lose oneself in a screen than prepare and face the signs. Or is it?

China is making an artificial sun that is hotter than the real one. Why bother?

Maybe the Chinese know the real sun is daily being eclipsed by objects of the planet X system. I for one am thankful the lying cowardly elite have stolen enough money to build an orbital fresnel array and sun simulator to keep the system cloaked and the lights on.

Hey look, they’re already talking about the lensing array suggested in the image above from Chile and Mexico. Maybe they do have some other uses too, like giant telescopes, or cloaking capabilities.

Don’t worry, you know the mainstream. The propaganda. The narratives. The three second memory and twisted distortions. You know they’re telling the truth, somewhere among all their lies, just read between the lines….as they’re discussing Planet X.

The signs are upon us. If you have eyes to see and the spirit to admit them. From anomalous reflections in sunglasses and windows, to millions of mysterious orbs and objects in imagery, the earthquakes, the climate shift, the mass chemtrailing of the skies, and UFO’s and Chinese moon and sun simulators. The strange red and purplish colours at sunset, the debt ridden climax of modern man, the march to martial law. Volcanism and the schumann resonance, the magnetosphere anomalies, asteroid swarms and surprise global storms on Mars and Jupiter. The frigging New World Order. Guess what rises from the ashes, if you let it? The King tides and die-offs, the Human race staring down at a screen reading bullshit on facebook and instagram .

The approach of the Nibiru/Planet X system explains them all….


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    • Central Scrutinizer

      Like the swallows at Capistrano, the Stupid Sheep flocks back to BIN with more bad webcam photos and horrendously ignorant rantings about something that has since been banned from public discussion here. Right, Tim the Enchanter? :mrgreen:

      • Anonymous

        BIGLY UPVOTE ^^^^^^^^ :smile:

    • Andy

      Planet X is the reason for the earthquakes, the climate shift, the die-offs and chemtrials.
      bwaaaah ha hahahahaha – Nibooboo is responsible for chemtrails??? bwaaaaah hahahahahaha

      oh and btw, climate change and rising tectonic & volcanic activity is caused by THE SUN

      It’s all over every populated corner of this planet.
      utter rubbish, my little city of 1.5 million extremely rarely sees contrails and NEVER sees chemtrails

      Wormwood? a fictional planet from the fantasy fairy-tale known as the bible? bwaaah ha hahahahaha

      yes little idiot, LENS FLARES – if it something other, give me the coordinates so i can look at it with my 16″ dobsonian telescope – what? no coords? just one of the most stupid farticles i have read in a very long time

      i have to thank you though, i haven’t had such a good laugh in a long time

    • Arlene Johnson

      This is what a gentleman said about the earthquake earlier this month (December 2018):
      From a Canada contact  -    part of a letter today
      “This morning, my hometown, Big Lake, Alaska, was targeted by a Resonance Energy Weapon, more generally known as a Directed Energy Weapon. 
Big Lake sustained a direct hit and was the original epicenter of a 7.0 Earthquake.
We saw the “Green Beam” from Elmendorf Air Force Base just prior to the event. 
Big Lake is not located on any natural fault line.  
Let’s make this perfectly clear: 
Any member of the U.S. Military targeting our soil is a criminal and a traitor. 
Anyone giving such an order or obeying such an order needs to be pre-empted with deadly force and removed from command, court-martialed and shot. Period.   
The “Nuremberg Defense” — “I was just following orders!” — has already been tried and failed and will fail again.
Any member of the UN Military targeting Big Lake, Alaska, is committing a crime and violation of the United Nations ENMOD Treaty. They also need to be removed with deadly force, arrested, and remanded to their country of origin for prosecution.
Big Lake, Alaska, is not a “domestic target” and has never been incorporated as a franchise of any Territorial United States or Municipal United States corporation.
This craven and criminal attack on our civilian population as retaliation for my exposure of the bank’s colossal theft of private assets now being offered as a bribe to the military leadership neatly demonstrates the corruption of elements within our military — in particular elements of the US Navy, DOD, and Air Force.
As the lawful Fiduciary for The United States of America I am asking all military officers to honor their Oath to protect America against all enemies both foreign and domestic, and I am asking them to assist in the recovery of our assets and the return of these assets to our lawful civil control.  
The banks have robbed us and defrauded us under the watchful eye of our own military forces, and this has been the long and short of it since the 1860′s.”
      Give it up Nibiru disinformation disseminators. Planet X is a diversion from what’s really happening. Google the USMCA and Trump to see how the American people are being betrayed again.

      Arlene Johnson
      To access my e-zine, click on the icon that says Magazine.

      • Anonymous

        Get some sleep. You apparently need it. :smile:

    • Chris

      People keep posting all of these pictures showing an epic sized rogue planet rolling through the skies but why is it that when I look up into a clear blue sky I don’t see anything?

      • Anonymous

        Because it isn’t there? Just guessing here. :smile:

    • Anonymous

      Planet X can only be seen with the brand new PLANET X 3-D VIDEO GLASSES!!! These new glasses will actually let you track Nibirooboo from her birthplace way beyond the Oort cloud right up to the point where is slams into your ass. These have MUCH more built-in technology than the previous BINNER GLASSES, but are STILL just $99.95!!! Or, if you buy two pair, they are just $199.90!!! DON”T DELAY!!! :eek:




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