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China Lands Imaginary Probe on Nonexistent Moon Ball

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                                                       BY LEE AUSTIN
                                          NARRATED BY MORNING STAR

Congratulations to China for finally entering the fictitious space race. This week they landed an imaginary probe a nonexistent moon ball. 

No one has landed on the ball moon, because it doesn’t exist. The moon is actually a hollow, flat, translucent, crystalline, self-illuminating disc. Yet, this week China claims to have landed a mobile probe on the dark side of moon. In the song Eclipse by Pink Floyd  is the following lyric “There is no dark side on the moon really. Matter of fact it’s all dark.” Absolutely correct. Without the sun pouring one seventh of it’s light into the moon over a fourteen day period, it would always be dark. In fact the flat moon shines it’s own unique type of cold light upon the earth. It doesn’t reflect the suns light off its exterior surface . Rather the moon eminates its own light from within its translucent disc.  There is no dark side of the moon. The entire disc is dark on both sides until it recieves it’s light from the flat sun.  In essence the sun transfers or puts in one seventh of its light into the moon. Where it is stored, illuminated and eventually extinguished upon completion of its phase cycle. Repeating the cycle again and again. Ad infinitum. 

During its full phase, the moon illuminates the flat earth and simultaneously shines in the opposite direction toward the firmament dome, which is thirty-five hundred miles above the flat earth. Image a glow in the dark frisbee, hanging on nothing but divine intervention. During a full moon cycle the luminaries can been seen shining through the moon’s disc. Confirming it’s translucent composition.  Actor/Astrophysicists postulate the moon doesn’t rotate because the gravitational pull of the earth paralyzes it into a fixed stationary position. In truth the Ancient of Days decreed it to remain in that position.  The sun and moon rotate clockwise below the sea firmament dome. As the moon alternates evenly below and above the sun.  During the day the blue sky is visible through the dark part of the waxing or waning moon. 

So why would China perpetuate their fictious version of a fake moon landing? The same reason your country did it fifty years ago. They’re hiding The Ancient of Day’s handy work. For five-hundred years I’ve propagated the fiction of planet earth to take away your hope. From kindergarten to the university, global brainwashing has been reinforced by the UN, evolutionists, religious institutions, media and scientific community. Belief in a spinning ball traveling through a black void of endless space creates a nihilistic cynical society. Obsessed with this life only, whild reinforcing a sense of hopelessness. 

I don’t want you to believe the earth is flat. You might start believing in the impossible.   


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  • Justin Case

    So how do lunar eclipses happen??? The Earth may be flat, who knows. But I seriously doubt the moon is…

  • Anonymous

    China, Russia, the US, India France all the Satanic countries that are cooperating in brainwashing their people with the spinning ball lie.
    Notice it is also the same countries where the Nukes and other fabulous weapons are stored, Satan’s Armies.
    All they can ever show is CGI blurry pictures that could be anything. It’s called Organized Crime.

  • wheeties

    you guys are mentally ill–and to argue with a nut job is even more crazy—i just hope nobody has sold you any firearms…you sound very dangerous,delusional,insane actually…who knows if the earth is flat or not? a person who is NOT insane……..

    • Justin Case

      The fact is simple dipstick. There is NO picture of a globe Earth. There simply is not. For that matter there are no pictures of a flat earth either. You have NO WAY to know what the shape of Earth may be. No more than a flea can discern the shape of a dog. You know only what you have been told. Nothing more. And I do have lot’s of guns….

      • wheeties

        you just proved your an idiot,and insane,a fool..feel sorry for your neighbors the day you come unhinged — could say i could take you up in my cessna jet and show, prove of the roundness of the earth but your a waste of human flesh,a useless maggot

        • Anonymous

          Wheaties, ok prove Justin Case wrong. Show us the photo that fooled your dumb ass so i can have a good laugh.

          • wheeties

            you can chat with my family member–dr eric becklin–famous astronomer-now retired but his last project was sopia-747 that flies on the edge of space with an 8ft infra red tele mounted in it–also head of the Keck observatory when it was the largest tele on earth-his IQ is near 200 and it appears yours is near 50/60 so you might have trouble conversing –tell him the earth is flat and the moon is bullshett–get back to me after–you can find his web mail on a ucla website that is public..your a moron,idiot or just a 13 year old boy like justin who craps his pants/barfs on himself after doing meth/video games for 72 hours straight….jackass

  • AJ

    You are a phony idiot click whore. They did do it!

  • unidentified

    if the usa was able to pull off a fake moon ‘landing’ the chinese can do the same, i recall japan also went to the moon :shock:

  • rockstar21

    the total eclipse was only 70 mi wide this means the moon can be no bigger than that…..still think your not being lied to…..

  • Anonymous

    And this is why we will fall behind the Chinese and everyone else with education and the ability to think rationally.
    To think that the moon is not a real globe is completely irrational in every sense. Those who believe the internet
    lunatics and proclaim things to be so, without any ability to prove their point, will be the downfall of the western
    world. As the other countries with science majors run out ahead of us, we will be left in their dust and they will
    also rule over the fools that can’t look up and rationalize what they are really looking at.

    I love how they make their proclamations so often.. They just blurt out falsehoods as though they were known
    facts. No pictures of the ball of the earth? Funny that the USGS satellites take them daily along with the US
    weather service satellites.. Go to either’s websites and look at the photo for that day.. Not composites, but real
    time photos taken that very day.. But yet it is so easy just to proclaim that there is no photos of the earth!
    I proclaim it, so it is so.. Duh..

    As another poster said, there is no point in arguing with imbeciles. I will only say, that as their numbers grow
    and they continue to be so adamant in their refusal to understand science itself, we will increasingly become
    in more danger as other countries overtake us in these areas. They will have the high ground, because some
    fool talked someone into their lack of knowledge idiocy, and then there were two fools instead of one fool.
    They keep increasing exponentially. We are really doomed. Please don’t respond to this comment.

    • Anonymous

      And how will they explain this photo of the Earth and moon taken from 70 million miles away?

    • Rockledge

      Fall behind? We are so far behind China and the rest of the developed world we will never catch up.
      Hell, we still don’t have high speed internet for millions of people.
      China makes better electronics, better tools, and better musical instruments than us ( I know, I am a luthier and a performing musician, I got rid of all my expensive substandard domestic instruments).
      Their employees are dedicated because they make a living wage and have access to health care, two things american slaves don’t have.
      When China starts shipping electric cars to the united states ( another technology we are far behind everyone else in) the big 3 are history ( which, they should have been a long time ago, they are but another example of american zombie businesses)

      Fall behind. That’s a hoot.

  • Rockledge

    No man. Rethink this.
    The moon is made of cheese.
    I know, Wallace and Grommet went there and got some of it. DUH!




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