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California Firestorms: Why Now, Why LA and Who the Arsonists Are

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California Wildfires
Are Geoengineered
and Obviously Started
as a HUGE Distraction
from Trump’s Declaration




Trump’s declaration says that the:

“US will recognize Jerusalem
as the capital of Israel”

State of the Nation

The timing of these out-of-season wildfires is simply too coincidental with President Trump’s declaration which recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of the apartheid Modern State of Israel.

Defiant Donald Trump confirms US will recognize Jerusalem as capital of Israel


First, please view the following photo-documentary in order to really comprehend what is transpiring in Southern California at this very moment…with no signs of letting up.

FIREGEDDON: Southern California Burns Again, Wildfires Mysteriously Spring Up Everywhere (Photos)

Next, consider that Los Angeles is home to Hollywood, the “Motion Picture capital” of the world.  As such, what better place for the NWO globalists to stage yet another all-consuming drama to divert the attention of the American people?

Whatever happens of great import in the LA area is always splashed across TV sets, computer screens and smartphones the world over.  Not only is Hollyweird their key “weapon of mass distraction”, the C.I.A. owns and operates the entire industry.

Likewise, The Company, as the C.I.A. is known within the U.S. Intelligence Community, controls every square inch of the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area, especially Los Angeles County, Orange County, and Ventura County.  That’s why so many major dramas have exploded on the scene there over many decades (and seemingly out of nowhere).

KEY POINT: Given the historic California drought, as well as the prevailing weather conditions which are transparently geoengineered, it’s very easy for the arsonists to start these fires, and for the geoengineers to keep them spreading.  The Governor — Jerry Brown — has already proven himself to be a dyed-in-the-wool globalist who will permit and enable any scheme his NWO masters wish to perpetrate anywhere in the once great state of California.  See: CALIFORNIA WILDFIRES: Geoengineered Firestorms Terrorize to Advance the Agenda(s)

In addition to the endless droughts and deluges, wildfires and mudslides, urban tremors and earthquake swarms, mass shootings and gang violence, the LA region has also provided the set for the OJ Simpson Bronco chase and Christopher Dorner manhunt, the San Bernardino false flag massacre and Aliso Canyon gas leak, to name but a few other manufactured distractions.

The folks who stage all of these sensational cataclysms and shocking tragedies always do so for very specific reasons.  For instance, the 2015 San Bernardino attack was carried out the very day that President Vladimir Putin began telling the whole world that the U.S. military had never even bombed the terrorist group ISIS in the northern Levant.  Russia’s relentless bombing of ISIL in Syria showed the world community of nations that the US government had actually been supporting the Islamic State and arming the Daesh, not attacking them.


Now we come to Trump’s extremely ill-advised declaration that recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Here’s what the Palestinian president had to say about it. Abbas: US Can No Longer Mediate Israel-Palestinian Talks

And this is only the beginning of what promises to be an unparalleled outcry and intensifying protest against the flagrant betrayal of the Palestinians by the United States. The Trump Administration can no longer serve as a peace broker anywhere in the Mideast.  Trump, himself, has literally triggered an international firestorm, the flames of which may burn down the entire Middle East.

Israel’s deep involvement in Trump’s ill-fated decision is transparent.  The various trips made by his boy advisor Jared Kushner to the region, as well as his son-in-law’s quite special Mideast portfolio indicates this whole debacle was engineered by PM Benjamin Netanyahu.  The only way to correctly understand Netanyahu’s true intentions is to read what he foolishly shared with his confidantes in the Mossad.

Prime Minster Netanyahu speaks candidly about Israel’s true intentions towards America?

The $64,000 question here is whether the POTUS is really a closeted Christian Zionist.  If he is, and he is doing the bidding of Israel by making this highly consequential declaration, he will have effectively started the hot phase of World War III.

His campaign promises to terminate American wars and conflicts across the planet now ring hollow.  And this single presidential decision will prove to be the most disastrous foreign policy statement of his entire term.

Now the world knows why there is an apocalyptic firestorm licking at some of the most expensive homes in Ventura County.  This is where many of the richest liberal Jews in the country live in their California mansions… … …who also happen to oppose such an imprudent change in American foreign policy.


President Trump has no right or power to determine where the capital of Israel is located.  Jerusalem is a very complex and highly sought after city with an exceedingly complicated past.  Hence, the presidential declaration only made things much more difficult for all involved parties.

The California firestorms are meant to distract the American people from such an unnecessary, provocative and reckless initiative.  The Neocon Zionists who stealthily engineered Trump’s declaration knew there would be tremendous pushback.  And so there is.

State of the Nation
December 7, 2017


THE MILLENNIUM REPORT: Reporting the Most Important News in the World Today

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    • Man

      no natural disaster is a natural one!!!!1111

      I guess all you need to start WW3 is to move an embassy to Jerusalem.

      And all those suckers thought you had to be a Korean with nukes to start it….

      • Andy

        “I guess all you need to start WW3 is to move an embassy to Jerusalem.”

        and all you need to break a camels’ back is a straw

        • Equalizer

          Military industrial complex + Deep state + Globalism + HAARP weapon = Death, dismantling and destruction of America.

    • Philo

      You with your lower IQ than Trump have to stop your criticism of the man. He has done exactly the right thing. A move that should have been made by an American president ages ago. But they were all gutless buggers with medium to low IQ. If they had had half the balls that Trump has your nation would never have come down to the sorry state it is in now. America would never have become the accursed bane of all free and peaceloving peoples on this earth.
      And as for for palastinians that you bleeding heart are so sorry for. THERE NEVER WAS AND IS NO palastinian people. Only a rag tag bunch of Arabs , dumbed down through inbreeding over centuries. And who are from birth on raised and nurtured upon hatred for Jews and christians alike!!!!

      So and now lean back and watch how your nation and president will be blessed because he made the smartest of all moves that he could make.

      • larry4765

        Philo, you are so right.

      • Lilith

        Strange but bin won’t let me vote your horrid post down

        • Andy

          try a counter-point-post

          easy to denigrate an idea with a thumbs down – something else to put forward an alternative

          • Mayhem

            How many times have i made that very point with you, in theological debate Andy, and how many times have you put forward an alternative point of view?

            Practice what you preach, son, and man up in our conversations.

      • Andy

        Trump has rewarded an international criminal (Israel) for her manifold crimes both against humanity and international law – check out the U.S.S. Liberty incident and tell me you still love Israehell

        i’m not a fan of sheeple such as yourself, who ignorantly parrot propaganda, it demonstrates your complete ignorance of the subject matter and your dumbed-down sheeple-like nature

        you’ll willingly follow any trend of the day – but you’re a coward, you refuse to LEAD YOURSELF, you NEED someone to tell you how to live

        you’re the type of creature predatory hunters single out for dinner :wink:

      • PaulTarsuss

        Another ‘supermoon’ coming up just after winter solstice, DEFINITELY one to keep eyes on….here’s why:

        Good Journeys

        • 2QIK4U

          Also proves we’re on the globe we always have been. Solar minimums always increase earthquake especially when solstices are in effect. Solstice proves globe.

    • Anonymous

      This is BIN so I wil go out on a limb and say that Da Bigfeets are starting these fires by using the new Fire Starter gun provided to them by the lizard aliens from their 57 storey underground lab outside Dulce, New Mexico.

      Washington, D.C., you’re next. :smile: :cool:

      • 2QIK4U

        Lol you’d be correct if you were on pritchetts post.

    • raburgeson

      Well the fires are all started near Hemp. That is going to bite someone in the butt. You see all this carbon and the minerals need plowed into the soil. The campaign to destroy these crops are setting up the most perfect soil enhancement for this crop. So plow and harvest people. Get a copy of your deed and prove you are not homeless and live in a tent until insurance gets around to rebuilding. Agenda 21 is trying to chase you out. The government is looking for a win win on this and if you are smart you are not going to give it to them. Land that is already burnt is not going to burn again. A weapon was used, look at the video. If they censored it out of existence the Chinese have it.

      Here, make not mistake about government involvement.

      • beLIEve

        SUPERB link………I have re-posted to include the DESCRIPTIVE TITLE. :smile:



    • stompk

      Israel gets the embassy moved (largely symbolic) and gaza gets triple the space and Egypt gets some of Israel and a tunnel to Jordan.

    • Pink Slime

      A guy who left bacon at a Mosque and cracked some windows gets 15 years in prison PLUS 15 years of probation but an illegal immigrant who shoots an American citizen in the back goes SCOTT FREE!!

      You should know what that means and who is in power. TRAITORS AND BETRAYERS who are selling America out! :twisted:

    • Freeus

      I disagree. Obama should never have moved the Embassy in the first place. The fact the U.S. under the U.N. has given millions to pay Palestinians to kill as many Israelites as possible -at our expense- and pay the terrorists families for life if they die with fringe benefits…must end. Sure the Zionists took over Israel but the real Jews don’t like the Zionists any more than we do. It would be like killing all Americans when the globalist elite with Soros, Clintons and Bush etc dynasty families have created with mercenaries they pay to create social unrest and civilian terrorism with division of people paid for with protesters….they are the real problem.

    • DangerWillRoberson

      bull shit, its not arabs land millennium report , you nazi piglet! go sit on a tack! Jerusalem has always been Israel’s capital city! there has never been a Palestine in recorded history! go suck your Satanic master’s pee pee gate lie!

      • Andy

        you are a right royal twit, the rarest kind, the kind that actually rile me up

        prior to 1967, Jerusalem was the ‘capital’ of Israel in 1008 BC for about 400 yrs, that’s IT, NADA til the UN illegally installed israel on Palestinian land in 1947 – 700,000 people with TITLE DEEDS to their homes were forced to move out by the criminal isrealites, permanently

        do YOU read your buybull? ever read about Palestine there? how can there be a Palestine without Palestinians?

        fuk-n-imbecile – wake the fuk up infant

    • wiseoldlady

      Actually Tel Aviv is one of the most immoral deviant cities on earth…..similar to Sodom and Gomorrah. Just on that reason alone should be enough to move our embassy. I have been there. It is pretty but many muslims live there too… different than Jerusalem. So the big up roar is ridiculous.

      • beLIEve

        ISRAEL has the 33rd Parallel run across its land.

        The 33rd Parallel – MA$ONIC LINE of DEATH for Psychic Energy
        Geo-Spatial Alignment of Southern Death Rows & Abu Ghraib as Evidence of Human Sacrifice Ritual to Superhuman Entities for Temporal Power



        Krishna – Hindu god

        1) Connection between “666” JeruSALEM and El Paso, Texas /Ciudad Juarez , Mexico.

        2) Both Jerusalem and El Paso lie at N 31.47 EXACTLY. Both ISRAEL and The United

        States have The 33rd Parallel cross their soil.

        3) The LONGITUDE and LATITUDE LINES for the CENTER of JERUSALEM add up to the “biblical” ….

        Number of the beast – “666”. .

        4) El Paso is on 31.47 N Latitude –

        5. JERUSALEM, of course , were Christ was crucified and :idea: WHERE the THIRD TEMPLE MU$T BE REBUILT

        :idea: TO USHER IN the “so-called” END TIMES.

        6. El Paso is adjacent , cheek and jowl to Ciudad Juarez , Mexico where hundreds of

        Women have been murdered or have vanished. No convictions, no suspects of note.

        There appears to be organized serial killing , rape and organ extraction possibly occult

        Related. “Death Stalks the Border” … .

        7. I$RAEL has become a “ Mecca” pardon the analogy for ILLEGAL and UNETHICAL ORGAN TRAN$PLANT$.

        Transplants. .

        8. Japan, China and India are also at the forefront of the unethical organ transplant list. . They are located on the 33rd Parallel.

        9. A kidney can fetch up to a million$ in Mexico. A priest was caught once acting as a

        Middleman among numerous bizarre incidents dealing with this phenomenon.

        GLOBAL ORGAN HARVESTING NETWORK l with illegal distribution centers in many places

        INCLUDING ISRAEL & USA.- 33rd connection noted.
        AgainstOganBodyDonation/2/bgndh/Post.htm .

        10. The I$RAEL $UPREME COURT building in JERUSALEM has a PYRAMID with the ALL_SEEING EYE.

        (See photo). The BUILDINGS COS$T was DONATED by the ILLUMINATI/NEW WORLD ORDER linked

        ROTHSCHILD Clan or BLOODLINE. . The previous link talks of LEY LINES or what in

        China are called Dragon Lines linking this pyramid to THE CENTER OF JERUSALEM. :idea:

        And to the Rockefeller Museum. Thus there is a connection to the “666” number. And

        The pyramid shape of the illuminati in a building designed to make decisions over the

        Supreme Law of the land….the Holy Land. The concept of Ley lines is precisely the

        Concept behind the 33rd parallel or the concept of Feng Shui or GEOMANCY


        ROTHSCHILD “666” LINKED PYRAMID IN JERUSALEM LINKED TO POSTAL ZIP CODE 60606 – SEARS TOWER – CHICAGO AREA. ( from “NewsMeat” political Contributions in zip code 60606). :idea:

    • Andy

      i presume “energy weapon – weaponised fire-storms” are out of flavor this month :roll:

    • wunmansho

      Masers coming from solar powered satellites. Would this make a high ranking air force officer at NORAD the arsonist? One of few probably…because somebody is deciding where the fires are going to be…but given the very sensitive nature of the fact the United States is under attack by it own government…the number of people involved is kept very small. Next up is to use the haarp array to make floods and mudslides. If there was someone honest at the pentagon he’d f16 the haarp array and send a truck with a nuke into NORAD…and the liberals would still try to convince people normal weather is a ‘blip’…because they say were to blame for global warming then fuss like we have to have it anyway…otherwise they’d be wrong.

    • Don - 1

      Jerusalem is and has been the capitol of Israel for a long time. Its only been the Arabs that have objected. Trump did the right thing…as usual.

    • FrayedKnot

      Using the logic of this article, EVERY natural disaster is OBVIOUSLY the result of Trump’s actions, because there’s never a time when Trump hasn’t done something stupid the day before it.

    • Beyond Doubt

      I believe the fires are intentional but the deep state is the source and they are trying to not only distract but to cover tracts. Trump is only obeying the law which is what he claimed he would do.

      “Bill Clinton and George W. Bush both promised during their presidential campaigns to move the embassy to Jerusalem. Both later backed away from those promises, convinced by Middle East experts that doing so would prejudge negotiations for a final settlement between Israelis and Palestinians.
      In 1995, Congress passed a law declaring Jerusalem to be Israel’s capital and requiring the embassy be moved there by 1999 — or else the State Department building budget would be cut in half. But the law included a provision allowing presidents to waive its requirement for six months if they determined it was in the national interest. So every six months, Mr. Clinton, Mr. Bush and eventually President Obama signed such waivers, fearing a violent response in the Arab world if the embassy moved.”


    • harry

      3000 years ago, Jerusalem was built as the capital of Israel. It has been attacked 52 times, besieged 23 times, ransacked 39 times, completely destroyed and rebuilt three times, and captured the recaptured 44 times, and here we are 3000 years on and it still remains as the capital. The rest of the world has moved forward and these Islam fucks are still fighting each other, still trying to eradicate the Jews and all the infidels. This is all from a barbaric religion that is nothing more than an ancient ideology that has no place in today’s world. Why did |I bring this up? Because this group of haters has to put in their place and stop bullying the rest of society! Putting the USA Embassy where it does belong is nothing more than, OK guys make your best move!’

    • cj

      Regardless of the cause, California opens itself to judgments due to passing laws contrary to the moral code of God.

    • Canderson

      Everybody burns but the lib-tard?

      • Canderson

        The progressive libertarians /Bolsheviks

        • Canderson

          The progressive libertarians /Bolsheviks/ Later called the Communist revolution with (Jew) Lenin ariving out of Switzerland.

          Here is some of the background:
          Hugh Schonfield had a different idea for the origin of the name Baphomet as published in Appendix A – The Essenes and the Templars from the book The Essene Odyssey by himself.

          The Essenes, to avoid persecution and because they were a secret sect, employed the uses of ciphers and codes to hide the identities of important names. One such cipher, known to bible scholars and translators of the Dead Sea Scrolls, is the Atbash Cipher. To use the cipher you swap the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet for the last, second for second to last, third for third to last and so on. This means that Aleph=Tau, Bet=Shin, hence the name Atbash.

          Essene knowledge got passed on to the Gnostics, and Gnostics then passed it on to the Cathars. The Knights Templar was at one time enrolling many Cathar nobles as new recruits. It is likely that among the knowledge passed to the Templars from the Cathars, would have been the knowledge of the Essene ciphers, including Atbash.

          Hugh Schonfield obviously thought so, since he didn’t hesitate in applying the Atbash cipher to what he saw as the “obviously artificial name Baphomet”. So Hugh wrote out the name Baphomet in Hebrew, applied the Cipher and revealed the word Sophia! Baphomet was the Greek goddess of wisdom!

          The Inquisition had thought that Baphomet was the bearded male head that the Templars prostrated themselves before and which spoke to them and gave them occult powers. Sophia, however, is obviously female and Hugh was not surprised to note that Inquisition records also show that in Templar hands was,
          “a casket surmounted by a great head of gilded silver, most beautiful, and constituting the image of a woman.”
          But what of the male head? This was Adam Kadmon, and the head was denominated in Hebrew as Chokmah, i.e. Wisdom.

          Even before the discovery of Baphomet’s true name, the feminine side of this deity had begun to manifest. Most modern depictions of Baphomet show him with a goats head, breasts (two, four or even six), wings (angelic or demonic), a phallus (usually a very big one), and hooved legs.

          So Baphomet had already emerged as androgynous, even before the discovery of his being the blending of Adam Kadmon (essentially a god, although Jews and derivative monotheists wouldn’t see it that way) and the Goddess Sophia due to an Inquisition error.

    • dakota

      Who the hell does Trump think he is? The world’s leader?

      It’s none of his business what the capital of Israel is. Not his to declare and especially not his to declare in the name of America.

      Now…pay attention. There are foreign troops and hardware spreading throughout our country. Take pics and spread the news everywhere.





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