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CIA Issues Major Warnings About Massive Terror Attacks Inside of America

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CIA Issues Major Warnings About Massive Terror Attacks Inside of America

I am working on a four part story which reveals the combination Deep State/United Nations plot to take down America. This story, which is about a CIA warning of massive terror and false flag activity supports Parts two and three of the is series.

Here is the story…

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    • raburgeson

      We know who pays for terrorist activity. Is this action because the people got a hold of mind control information? (Another conspiracy theory vindicated as fact!)

      • Anonymous

        Masonic Hodges specializes in clickbait fear. Irresponsible and obnoxious. Deep St needs this fearmongering to thrive

    • Pink Slime

      Yeah, that’s because they are going to instigate the terror attack. I would not go to shopping mall or any vulnerable area without conceal carry. And for god’s sake stay away from gun-free zones.

      They are a magnet for you to getting SHOT from a DERANGED liberal. It’s their shooting gallery for these sick DEVILS. And don’t wait for cops. You’ll be DEAD by then. :twisted:

    • 2QIK4U

      The first wave of migrants have just hit your border, if you weren’t so big amerika it would get as cramped as Germany. You’re about to be flooded with migrants, Mostly MALE Ages 25-40 Mostly. young males have already snuck in

    • ruk9p

      The CIA is obviously planning to do something in another effort to destabilize and destroy the nation that pays it’s bills. Except for the blatant drug and gun running occurring with the aid of their sister agency, the FBI, who is the domestic controller of sales and distribution of the CIA’s imported narcotics.

      Recent history teaches us to be distrustful of government agencies run amok. Think Boston bombing and most other “terrorist” attacks.

      If there has been any kind of “training exercises” conducted by any federal law enforcement, anywhere near anywhere you might physically go to attend any kind of crowded event within the last 12 months, DON’T RETURN TO THESE PLACES OR EVENTS FOR THE NEXT 12 MONTHS.

      Attacks have repeatedly followed such “training exercises” by less than a year, and the BS the MSM spews about every attack is beyond laughable.

      Be safe.

    • patann

      Watchman What of The Night? The CIA 2015 Debate Over Syed Farook’s To Americans Cell Phone Privacy,

      -Seen to be seeing Bush’s 2003, a build up of torture vehicles for as far as one can see, seen to be hearing a US General saying, don’t be alarmed men Mede (Medes and Perisans {Iran} is very dirty, I also witnessed as a US General hand his war horse off to the Prophet Jeremiah, Witnessed Israel surrender to an enemy who hath his name as Hamath, I witnessed further as the days of Prophet Ezekiel, witnessed rise of gog and magog now an alike fury cast at a 2016 Trump/Pence ticket, a biblical event aligned with the deaths of fifty millions, tens of millions US soil, and I heard in my ear, just as Jan. 12th 2018 passed minutes into it’s 13th day, a fifth Matrix Ten Day Count, “one hour with the beast,” beware, Apb

      -The Nov. 4th, 1975 petro handlebars are here, War, US soil, nuclear, natural, America vs. Asia/China and Russia. Jesus is here too, taking the in imminent danger Bride out, are you soul ready?; all rebellious prepare to shelter in place and prayers. Those soul ready, fret not, Jesus, and all heaven’s host assisting, I Thess. 4:16-18, are all here for your deliverance! See

      -What a mighty disaster to happen with so many Americans, Churchians and Trumpians infectious with normalcy bias making themselves such easy targets. That’s what individual Americans are to terrorist, an easy target, just sitting ducks of pleasurous unaware, these just as the days Noah, determined to remain unaware. Seemingly right until concerns about the physical is suddenly over now to the positioning of the soul, he that hath the son of God when they died, are now heir to God’s throne. He that hath not the Son of God, in the heart that is, when they die, inherits the pits of hell, if you are lukewarm, neither for or against Christ’s Cross you are equally damned. With concern, whosoever name, as in it’s been removed from this ancient scroll, and isn’t written in the Lamb’s book of life are tossed into a lake which burns with fire and brimstone. Surely if I refuse to repent and live a life of righteousness, that is damned living and or dead, I would elect not to believe any of the bible myself, but regardless, you and yours are that last generation.
      -You are living in the last days, you are living in a time of an outbreak of mortuary even released from beneath the earth. The 99 bowls of molten lava, the petro handlebars to nuclear, natural, and Noah/NOAA catastrophes one after another, no further delay, Jan. 26-29th US soil. So, an outbreak of death now come until two thirds of rebellious Israel, 15% of procrastinating Americans and two quarters of the non-suspecting earth are just no more, gone, dead, judged. Then you are to know how it actually feel to be as Noah, or an Ezekiel or even especially Apostle John of Revelation. Lest I forget, there’s the Prophet Daniel, the ancient beasts reign he prophesied are now Trump the Truexit come; those black evils who’re now ruling your leaders nationally and internationally along the elect to the genesis man complete desolation to genocide, with one question, are you soul ready? Repent or Perish, God will only bless escape! Repent, Escape! Beware, Apb, The RAM

    • Ideas Time

      The best way to keep evil at bay is to be able to respond with the love that comes from lead flying at them.


      Yea right the Cia knows when everyone farts and they predict attacks, it can only be that they will allow the attacks, likely supplied and trained em too. If they have indicators it means the attacks could be stopped but will not be, targets likely to be malls restaurants and cops, shame on the tactic many families will suffer the incitement for martial law which is the justification and goal.

    • Anonymous

      Isaeli MOAB neutralized Bush/CIA-faction’s Iranian Nuclear Weapons facility in Syria: 2.6 Richter. Prior False-Flag Retaliation was cover for Special Operations preset.
      You’re late again.




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