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Alert: ISIS Targeting Schools, Malls, and Power Grid? UPDATE

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As the ISIS threat increases and our borders stand weakened, new information has surfaced on Steve Quayles website about these possible coming attacks. Here is the official alert from his site:


MAJOR HEADS UP–’Middle East’ looking man videotaping the school from inside a van. WENDELL


“ATTENTION TEACHERS/PARENTS: Spoke to a VERY close friend today, he went to a tactical rifle training course yesterday in Hattisburg, Mississippi. The class was told of a “recent” incident in LaMar County a noisy (alert) parent dropping her kids off at school saw a ‘Middle East’ looking man videotaping the school from inside a van. She went reported it to the school security officer, who called the police. Police came and stopped the video, and there were actually 4 men inside. Arrested the men, and once they played the video, there was actually (4) FOUR schools they had videotaped. The police called the FBI, and they came got the 4 men……..the guy telling the story was a retired deputy from the area……you didn’t hear that on the NEWS I bet. I wrote on here a while back that the Intel community has stated in the past that our schools are IN FACT targets much like now the US shopping malls. Stay Alert….SQ NOTE -SUGGEST PARENTS CONSIDER KEEPING THEIR KIDS HOME ON 9/11 TOO MUCH CHATTER THAT THEY ARE GOING TO HIT SCHOOLS-ALSO BE WARY AND ALERT TO ALL PANEL VANS AND BLACKED OUT WINDOW SUV’S -THE MALLS ARE ALSO TARGETS DURING THIS TIME-CARRY YOUR CAMERAS AT ALL TIMES WITH YOU_REMEMBER THEY WONT ALL BE MIDDLE EASTERN LOOKING MEN-KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN AT ALL FOREIGN OWNED AND STAFFED CONVENIENT MARKETS AND GAS STATIONS.”


Once the claims were published on the Steve Quayle Website WDAM 7 News, the Local News Source for LaMar County, quickly came out with a retraction stating the entire thing was a “Hoax”. Here is the link to the news sources retraction:


As of today Steve Quayle’s website has also corrected the alert. Here is the latest on his website: 




“This is pretty simple when you look at it. Clint told my friend and the class this story last weekend, and made it sound like it took place in the last week or 2. Clint told Geri, it did take place after she inquired to him… BUT now it was 5 years ago. So Clint is now changing his timeline, but did tell Geri it took place. I’m CONVINCED what my buddy told me, and I do try to debunk alot of this stuff, as Steve knows from the past. We are way to close from a real event for BS. Clint is the key here. He told the original story to my friend, he told Geri something different (5 years ago story), and as Geri told me, the police dept said it NEVER happened. So from never, to 5 years go, to a few weeks ago………..Clint is the key to the answer. I was just the messanger, trying to put the alert out. At this point does it really matter at when, he admitted it took place. So they was here (terrorists in Hattiesburg) at some point, with recent events, ISIS, etc……….more likely recently….wouldn’t you think?? I provided a contact name and even a phone number for the source, Clint. I think I did enough at this point to help prove to someone (myself or my friend) that we just didnt make up this story, maybe Clint did? Personally I think at this point we’re beating a dead horse, so I’m moving on with the news of today. I’m sorry if this left Steve in the hot seat, having to take any un necessary heat. I don’t BS, fear monger, etc. Some people out there are depending on people like us to give them that notice to “bug out”……….so I do take this VERY serious, like my buddy who told the story. This is ONLY one piece to the puzzle, of the coming events…….let’s focus on the rest of the puzzle as this next week comes………….Wendell”


Although a correction was issued, I would not minimize the threat. Schools, malls, and public places should be considered possible targets should any terrorist strike on American soil. This is common sense. They have beheaded an America and placed the blame on Obama, who knows what their next target will be.
This is just one of many ways ISIS is crossing our borders. 

Judicial Watch has also made this statement:


“Agents across a number of Homeland Security, Justice and Defense agencies have all been placed on alert and instructed to aggressively work all possible leads and sources concerning this imminent terrorist threat” 


According to the Texas law department, some 32 Facebook and Twitter posts by jihadists have been found expressing interest in the US-Mexican border, with even “calls for border infiltration.” ISIS knows that there are a large amount of people crossing into American through Mexico, and plans on using this to their advantage. As the Texas law department reports:

“This Twitter account holder, who is the administrator of an ISIS propaganda trading group, stated that the time was right for such an action because “the US-Mexican border is now open large numbers of people crossing”


ISIS already has drones and as I have said it is possible that they could use them in attacks on Americans. More Muslim violence in America is on the way, and we may see carnage worse than 9/11.


With that said, there was another alert issued on Quayle’s site that came in this past Friday claiming the disturbing news of a possible news terrorist attack that could impact the country. Here is the other breaking alert:


“Hi Steve, I work in the media and just received some disturbing news from our editor-in-chief. He has a longtime friend he has known who works in one of the 3 letter agencies (you know what is meant). Our editor just received an email from him (using an alias of course) and told him to “start immediately buying canned goods and non-perishables. We are going to get hit and hit hard and it is going to affect the whole country.” He also stated they (terrorists?) are already here and in place. The message ending by saying “God bless and you were right”–meaning a post on the internet our editor had made about his theory on the missing 11 aircraft. Don’t know how much of this info you have gotten from your sources. I’ve tried to tell as much as possible without giving any possible idea to the ptb where this came from.”

Furthermore according to Evangelist Anita Fuentes latest video it is also possible that we could see an attack on the power grid and malls. Here is her breaking report…  



Whether or not any of this will come to fruition only time will tell. But either way, this is your heads up!! Just in case… 



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    • simpel

      Quote from “The Fate of Nations”

      Here politics and even religion itself will be used as weapons of war, as a leverage to separate people and to pit them against one another in a great conflict, not over ideology, but over the resources of the world.

      Here the conflict will be masked. It will be clothed in the disguise of politics and religion, but in essence it is a competition for resources. It is a conflict over access and distribution of resources.

      Humanity now faces great danger as it begins to encounter a world in decline—a world whose environments have been degraded, a world whose climate has been affected, a world whose life-sustaining resources are being depleted and ruined by human ignorance and human greed. It is for this reason that a New Message from God has been sent into the world.

      Consider now that this cannot proceed into the future lest the entire human family enter a state of permanent decline, lest you make yourself vulnerable to intervention and invasion from forces from beyond the world, who even now are planning to take advantage of humanity’s conflicts and dissolution.

      More to read at As revealed to God’s Messenger Marshall Vian Summers

      • Bonzo

        8th of October will be the next appearance of the blood moon. The second of the tetrade 2014-2015.

        Things are about to happen; the war of Ukraine, the ISIS movement in Iraq and Syriah, and the ebola have already killed 2000 people in Africa.


        Seek the Lord Jesus Christ while it’s time of grace and mercy.

        • Boxed in Freight

          Who worries about ISIS when Ray Rice is walking the streets of America?

          Who worries about ISIS when Ray Rice is featured on NFL Network as a paid performer?

          Who worries about ISIS when homes all over America have jerks like this living in them?

          The only memorabilia that is applicable to you Ray Rice would be your number from the penitentiary.

          :wink: :wink: :wink:

      • upchuck

        The coming EXPLOSION & AWARENESS of NEW controversy surrounding the Pope.

        Its important to understand the enemy is a lot bigger than just the Rothschild Jesuit Zionist CIA manufactured ISIS. I mean it truly is amazing how everything is being revealed right before our very eye’s..

      • Anonymous

        Another Masonic piece of $hit by 777 numerology Steve FAYLE. Beginning to think this guy is evil, like Pat Robertson and not just misled.
        Anyone with military background can tell you that the logistics and long term planning for shopping malls to be blown up across America (as Jim Garrow was warned of by Mossad), would be impossible for a rag tag group of infighting, disorganized psychos.
        But guess who has Mossad agents at shopping malls all over America, in EVERY state? Israelis and their ‘perfume’ kiosks who have ample years to stake out, plant and detonate bombs- to then blame Arabs.

        For God sakes people, PLEASE wake up. FREEMASONRY is ZIONISM for the stupid goyim- and Quayle has to be among the stupidest- or most insideous of them all.

    • Anonymous

      Nice dress, Lisa. Terrible FEEEEEER POOOOOORN©, however.

    • AnonMitchimo

      Daash» identifies areas in America to target the organization in response to the attack in Iraq

      Translated to English

      Select the organization of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, known as «Daash», a group of places in America, to target, in response to the attack, which was carried out by the Air Force, elements in Iraq, on top of those areas, the city of Las Vegas, to frequent nightclubs where, and Times Square , and subway stations, buses and hotels.
      The organization said that from what he called the b «individual wolves» in reference to America At Otball- would target areas referred to soon, and select the organization targeting mechanisms, and how to make bombs, which would use them.
      The organization, in a message posted on a jihadist websites belong to him, the bombs prospective use in targeting those places, easy setup, and explain how manufactured, noting at the outset that the purchase of bomb components does not raise suspicion and mistrust, and easy to get rid of them, and in a day or two, can be processed to eliminate ten people, and in about a month can make a bomb lethal eliminate dozens.
      And explain the organization, the types of bombings, saying: «There explosions chemical, which is what happens pressure terrible kills organisms in the circle radius particular, and those materials used militarily, such as TNT, C4 and RDX and there are explosions, mechanical produced from burning material flammable in space tight, for example, the development of gunpowder in a metal tube closed completely, leaving very small aperture for detonation wire, produces tremendous pressure when the ignition of gunpowder, which turns into a gas, and blow pipe metal, to become a metal fragments, flying at very high speeds. Turning «regulation» in his message, to how to prepare the device to explode the bombs, adding: «for the success of the blast, and the achievement of its objectives must put the package in a crowded place, and camouflage it does not hinder the starting material fragments Kalkrton».
      Organization and dissemination of some caveats, to avoid the risk of explosion, and the failure of the operation, calling those who made it to wear gloves during the preparation of the bomb, to avoid leaving fingerprints, and care should be taken when dealing with the explosive device, or transferred.
      And places the prospective target, the group said: «must hit tourism in Texas and other states, and the subway, and there are several targets such as buses, restaurants, and nightspots, and the best places military, and Times Square, where is the battleground of the most famous tourist destinations in the whole world , and not only in America, and this arena located in New York, a place for gathering of thousands of people a day, and where many of the theaters, cinemas, shopping centers, restaurants, other than the high-end hotels in New York ». He continued regulation: «There is Las Vegas, which is more tourist places to visit and famous in the state of Nevada, and is considered one of the hallmarks in tourism America, owns the Las Vegas many bars and restaurants, and a number of hotels in America high-end tourist resorts brilliant, and visit the city about 31 million visitors each In general, to get to know one of the signs of tourism in America ».

      The Egyptian Today

    • ArmyVet502nd

      Stay alert, stay alive….

    • lizard8910


      • Sean


    • Anonymous

      isis is not real… cia can see we are board with other made up groups and needed to create a new enemy…

      • Terminator

        Why they hiding faces if they are army and IS?
        What they are hiding?

        • mississippi

          I’ve posted that first link before,you’re right.It’s hiding in plain sight.

        • ACIM

          ISIS NASDAQ ticker, ISIS… services include ISIS Pharmaceutical which was the beneficiary of the ice-bucket challenge (they made it up. The research and drug was in trials last year and designed for only 15,000 known cases in the US.), ISIS Pay is the Verizon pay by phone system as is ISIS Money, ISIS Ready and ISIS Cash. ISIS isn’t made up, it’s the machine of global control for the NWO starting with WWIII to reset the global system. ISIS controls information, biological research and pharmaceuticals, the moneyless system, communications, information technologies, war…all of it. ISIS controls the world now. She is the Egyptian goddess reborn and worshiped today, the mother of Horus, the wife and sister of Osiris….I can’t go one, you know this already.

      • Volcano

        I Agree, Not only has ISIS been trained by our CIA but there other groups on there way trained by the CIA also, Do not worry about anything happening on 9/11 they do not celebrate that date, they the so called “Terrorist” Did not take out the Twin Towers

    • Archon

      I know a guy who heard from another guys girlfriend’s room mate that we are going to be attacked! That has got to be real!
      You know what is going to happen this 9/11/14? NOTHING !

      You people are nuts !

    • westgate

      It is pretty widely accepted now, that 9/11 was an inside job. Cruise missile hitting the pentagon as caught on cctv, building 7 inexplicably going down, etc. The Trade Center complex proprietor admitted in an interview when asked about building 7 that, “We were planning to take that building down anyway.”


      Nothing will happen on the 11th. The fear mongerers are beating the war drums. If anyhting happens it will be least expected by the populace. Only those on the inside will have the knowledge. :mad:

    • slamdance13

      nothing is going to happen.

    • Leo

      Islam DID not do 911 the Israelis did

    • joanofark

      We have to worry about our own US military these guys can’t wait for marshall law. They are already raping civilian women and kids.

      • jc

        You only have to worry about the military or vets if you are on the wrong side and try and harm the people of this nation or undermine the God given rights of human beings. The Constitution does’t give us rights…it clarifies the Rule of Law for this country. You have rights because you exist and they were given to you by The Creator…our loving and merciful Father in Heaven. God hates the shedding of innocent blood….but for those that are guilty…those have chosen wrong!!! Stop using the same 1 bad apple story and be at peace. Jesus loves you!

      • jc

        Furthermore…stick to the subject…they have already infiltrated our leadership and government here….on a positive note….the end is already known. They lose! God loves!

      • Ted

        You’ve posted the same thing for Months like somebody at a job. Who would want to break the connection between the Military and The People?

        • jc

          Right on Ted…let the brood of vipers say what they will….We will never fail the people of this country. God bless America and i beg He forgive us our sins!

    • Anonymous

      I live in this city and of course the media is reporting that this is a hoax from a bogus website. I need to know if this is true.

    • The Real Deal

      This girl, Lisa, can’t wait for the end of the world. How sad. What a miserable life you must have.

      • Wretched Infidel

        No, you are the one who is unaware, and ignorance is definitely not bliss as they claim; to be trying to warn people is noble of Lisa, so why are you trying to make her feel bad in saying ‘what a miserable life she must have’? How do you come to this conclusion? Your understanding is greatly lacking, and you call yourself the Real Deal? Haha that is funny.

        well thanks for the comedy… it’s much better than TV… ty

        It is better to spend some leisure time tring to help people other than your own self all the time, real deal. So that you may come to some understanding of what we face and possibly avoid a miserable death.

        How is that miserable, pleease, pray tell us.

        Anyway, let’s be real. This world is not lovely and it is miserable. What is good about it now?
        I look forward to the new heavens and the new earth, because this one’s shot to hell because of humanity’s sickness, the DNA tampering of humans has made us all the devil’s slaves and pawns.

        Living like this (in warfare and destruction all around us) is not what life should be, nor was this the plan of IAUE, but of the enemy, whom we all have served as our chosen God.

        We have all been fooled, Real Deal. Even Lisa is, still in important areas. But there is still time for all people here in the USA to get the rest which has been hidden from us, and do something with it, for our people and our own future – eternity.

        At least Lisa is doing what she knows to be the truth, what she understands to be the truth, and acts on it.

        You seem to be in a place of delusional la-la land. Most people know something very wrong is happening to earth now. Why do you not see this is a foreboding which is sent to us in order to get us to reverse our entire understanding of things that we have been doing and that we have been taught?

        So, it is going to happen, as prophesied. You should read bible (King James or Wm Tyndale) and history, fast, alright?

    • DoninLouisiana

      This was proven false by authorities in LaMar County(They are saying it is a hoax anyway) Regardless everyone should be especially vigilante this week. God Bless America..

    • nonexistent

      Do you know what the game plan is?

    • David Montaigne

      Whether events on an upcoming 9/11 are real terrorism or a false flag designed to speed the process towards martial law and dictatorship, it seems very likely that something could happen soon. There is a lot of agency chatter about something big like Ebola or nukes being used.

      I still say by 2016 America will be in a horrific lockdown, with society as we known it gone – and that by the end of 2019 everything in prophecy will have occurred.

      • Wretched Infidel

        I think you are right. Some horrible things are planned for soon.

        And with the 2 years of blood-red moons on the feast/sacred appointed days of commemoration for ever, plus with the warning of America and Israeli nations in Western Europe (as well as Israel the tiny nation in the middle east) on November 28, 2013 directed at USA and Israel with their national holidays being feted at the time of the zoom towards and around the sun at the same time as those two nations are celebrating (Thanksgiving and Hanukkah simultaneously – again – ) the direct warnings of imminent doom for our nations cannot be more clear.

        Comets and blood moons on feast days, simultaneously on the chosen holidays of America and Israel/Jews, who are descendants of the nation of Israel’s twelve tribes cannot be given to us more directly, or clearly, can it?

        What more kind of signs do we require to understand and fear the upcoming days/years are ones of complete and utter destruction.

        We all err, greatly in these countries, to whom much was given, much more is required.
        Yet we all chose the same God to serve as the people in Egypt and Canaan. What more patience can a righteous Creator/s have, after 2000 + years of patient suffering with our continual sins in rejecting Him, (Yahuweh, IAUE) and Yahushua (Yahshua), I think we are at the time of the prophecies of Israel’s attack by the Assyrian, who comes to take a spoil and destroy our people.

        It is not a glad time to be in, now. thank you for your prescient and ominous thoughts on this David Montaigne. And May IAUE help you to be safe, and your family and friends ~ we need to return to Yah and He (and His sent Messiah Yahushua) will direct our paths and keep us from the things that are coming upon the earth.

        ‘And the earth is burned, and few men left…’

      • Wretched Infidel

        You may be interested in this, David

        please go down to the last two comments, regarding September 11 2014

      • Wretched Infidel

        sorry, the link:

        last two comments..

        The Star of Isis or Inanna (Ishtar who I think is the same as Ashtar, and is the same of course as ‘Easter’)
        is what this strange radar star anomaly was, that is another warning or portent/omen of evil to come on this country.

        if you look at the maps provided there, the star’s 8 rays go out over I think 4 states.

        Washington D.C. (District of ‘Colombia’ who is Venus/Ishtar/Inanna, ISIS) the spirit of the Horned God
        who is destructive and bloody/hateful;
        Pennsylvania (connected to the founding fathers’ startup of this country and the declaration of independence, and Constitution)
        Maryland (same)
        West Virginia

        If you see the Virginia map, the epicenter is just between D. C. and Warrenton, like. (it’s real creepy place, Warrenton, let me tell you) but that may be like Sterling as it says, and Leesburg, Alexandria maybe? historical places all

        it goes down past Fredericksburg, Va, and down further to Petersburg, Norfolk, (where the FLOODING IS, historical flooding very bad, which is simultaneous to the Phoenix AZ flooding and Nevada floods) and Williamsburg, etc.

        I just thought you might be interested in this, it is very interesting/fascinating. ISIS has her district, and it emanates from there outward from June 28 the sign of Isis/Ishtar is over us (from our Capitol and historically-connected places).

        Very very troubling to think about actually…
        but for some reason I do not think D. C. will be hit, only other places, like obviously, New York City and maybe West Coast L.A. Seattle, Phoenix, Las Vegas, maybe Atlanta ?
        maybe Miami, Philadelphia

        What do you think of this?

        Alright, Goodnigh !
        Thank you for this important thread Lisa Haven and the other warnings you giva to the people

      • simpel

        Quote from “The Race to Save Human Civilization”

        While everything appears to be normal in these days, Great Waves of change are coming to the world—change on a level never seen before, change that will affect every person in the world. Greater than the world wars, it will be. Greater than the great pandemics of the past will it be. Great Waves of change, as humanity has plundered the world and has destroyed your natural inheritance to such a great degree that the world will change now, becoming a more difficult place for the human family.

        Millions of people will have to flee the arid regions of the world. Coastal regions will be flooded and impacted by tremendously powerful storms and violent weather. People will have to move due to economic reasons—failure of local economies and in some cases national economies. Where will they all go, these people, who did not see and did not recognize? And who will accept them into their nation? Who will accept the floods of thousands and millions of people who must now leave their homelands or who must relocate within their own nation? The social disruption will be immense. The political tension will be immense. The call for compassion and the ending of grievances will be immense.

        You cannot stop the Great Waves of change. You can mitigate them and their impacts and you can prepare for them, but you cannot stop them now. If people cannot change, based upon their conscience and their vision of the world, then they will have to change in the face of demanding situations and crises. It is a poor way of learning, of course. It is a fool’s education, of course. But the education must happen because humanity must adapt to a world in change, to a declining world.

        Do not think you have no power in this matter, for your future will be based on the decisions you make today and the actions you take today. These decisions will be dependent upon the people you associate with and their influence upon you.

        More to read at As revealed to God’s Messenger Marshall Vian Summers

    • Evangelist Anita Fuentes

      —— UPDATE CORRECTION —— (AS OF 9.9.14 we have just been informed as of 7:33AM PDT that the “Alert” sent to us may have been a hoax? We work extremely diligently to ensure hoaxes, false reports and the like do not make it on our programs. We are highly disappointed to learn one may have past through our stringent filter. We are working to ensure this does NOT happen again. Our national security proves to be a daily risk and as we report on the end-times breaking news headlines and alerts to prepare the body of Christ and all who hear the last thing we want is to add false narrative to the mix. You have my deepest apologies as we move forward. God bless you.
      - Evangelist Anita Fuentes

      • Evangelist Anita Fuentes

        Also please note it was the Muslim School Alert that was a possible hoax, the EMP and Mall Attacks have ALREADY been confirmed. God bless.

    • Macanan

      I have a few thing’s to say to though’s that say Nothing will Happen, who’s to say though’s that are saying nothing won’t happen to get people to get out there to maximize the agenda to kill as many as possible, if something does happen and your out and about and an emp hits YOU ARE STUCK your car will not work anymore, if the sign’s are there HEED the warning’s, WHY would the government and who ever ell’s is warning everyone to this, for people to stay home on that day and loose MILLION’s of dollar’s from putting fear into the public ? and I for one would love to see everyone stay home that day to show the ELITE’s there not getting there money.

    • MrAnthony

      Quayle and Lisa Haven = False Prophets.

      • jc

        Watchpeople on the wall…get it right.

    • stevesmitty79

      This Fuentes character jumping on the Hagmann/Qualye bandwagon is about as credible as they are. More rumors, speculation and unvetted bogus reports than the Enquirer. Actually the Enquirer is a much more responsible news source than all the alternative internet news. Anyone with a schtick and internet connection can become a news “celebrity.” BIN has certainly proven that.

      • The Real Deal


    • BStallard

      Again FEAR PORM! It WILL NOT HAPPEN! There is a reason people post these articles. Watch tomorrow will come an go an nothing will happen.

    • Pix

      If you believe the poli-tic claims of ‘The War Against Terror’, you have been TWATTED.

      Let’s have more love and peace for a TWAT free world, instead of playing their game of divide and conquer where before we know it everyone is forced back into barbaric state instigated mass murder. Not that America has ever been for peace, it’s about time you walked your talk, but you seem to be self destructing in any case.. end of global problems.

    • Болеслава

      Trust “Lisa” to push the MSM propaganda about “ISIS” at a time when America needs to be doing the exact opposite…exposing government complicity with the hidden government, ie. the financial rulers of the world and the USA, in their plan to destroy America by any means.

    • David Montaigne

      With Britain and the USA on the highest terror alert in years,
      and all the propaganda in the news about ISIS planning something,
      it seems likely that some terror will occur today.

      Hopefully nothing catastrophic like a nuke or an intentional mass release of Ebola.

    • BStallard

      LOOK AT THIS PEOPLE ! It is the 9/11 ANNIVERSARY and nothing has happen, PEOPLE SAY STUFF LIKE THIS because they have something to gain!

    • Saber

      There will not be any terror attacks inside the USA today. NONE.

    • caribbean critic

      Quale is full of it! none of his predictions happened!

    • Man

      still waiting for that terrorist attack




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