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Is Russia Coming For America? If Not Then Why Did Putin Just Do This…

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By Lisa Haven 


As many as 50 senior naval officers have been “purged” by Russia’s Vladimir Putin due to the fact that they are refusing to confront Western ships…at least that is the claim surfacing from International affairs analyst Peter Coates, who states that the “buzzing of the USS Donald Cook by Russian Su-24 fighter-bombers was meant to be part of a broader series of Russian confrontations against Western ships in the Baltic. But the Russia Baltic Fleet, however, refused to follow such dangerous orders—hence Putin’s retaliation against his own naval officers.” 

What brings this particular event prime attention is the fact that such a massive amount of officers being ousted has not happened since Stalin’s error and as a result it is ringing many alarm bells. 

Considering Putin has been instigated by the West could this be a warning to the White House? Or is Russia truly preparing for war with the West.

The video below details all that and more… 


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    • Pink Slime

      Hello Angle#1,

      Charlie here. Yes, it is quite unusual for someone to sack SO MANY leaders in the military at one time. Is something up? YES! Putin also has to watch his back for this could be a sign of mutiny by the military also. These are scary times all over, including in America and what happens when you put the left and communist in control, here and abroad.

      (Speaking of a broad, do not put Hillary in!) :mad:

      Their mindset, if your read about their father and leader Karl Marx, was always about DESTRUCTION of capitalism or the blessings of Yahuah to the descendants of Abraham.

      Also, not many people have also been paying attention the the constant sabotage and amazing neglect of your electrical grid of which a report just came out today. Do you want to eat raw doughnuts? Not many people do but Charlie does. :lol:

      Somebody wants US all dead.


      Charlie (who will fight to death for the last doughnut, even if it’s raw!) :lol: :lol:

      • deano

        The DESTRUCTION of KAPITALISM is what is needed> Socialism. Workers funds going back into their own welfare……not Priests,Politicians,Armchair Generals using it for their own devices you FASCI…..

        When the USA Capitalist system has exported all the labour offshore, how will a patriotic consumer unemployed be able to afford imported products? Let alone basic Health Services…….
        as another nuclear sub/carrier/blackbird rolls off the production line…SKUNKWORX(it Stinks!)

        • Pink Slime

          IF you destroy capitalism how would you have gotten your message out? Communist don’t invent or build anything.

          They usually steal the secrets and kopykat the kapitalist system it is so backwards and inefficient. Why don’t you go live in Russia or North Korea if you like kommunism so much??

          Come back in a year and tell US.

          • Danika

            I have a better idea. Why don’t YOU educate yourself about the Corpiration that is for profit, which is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC., who is owned by the IMF and thus owned by the British crown.

            If you go down that rabbit hole, and you should, the truth of the US leaders comes out and will enrage you.

            Your own country literaly enslaves you; they trade your being on the stock market to other countries, like dirivetives.

            Putin doesn’t want the West.

      • sitrep

        My gosh,
        Are you serious!!!!!

        It was on many websites in great detail explaining the purge.
        How did you miss it?

        I bet when you do Internet searches you get recommended sites, and or search results from previous searches, Right!!!!

        And right now you cannot even figure out what’s really going on.
        Clean your computer get rid of windows OS, learn how to do real searches, Get Out of the Bubble.

        Can you say, infiltration.

        The events unfolding are typical tactics used by the powers that be whom are in the shadows.
        They fund groups, radicals hijack them to do dirty work, like rip apart whole countries.
        It is happening now, up close too. You no longer need to do Internet searches, just open your eyes, and wake up.

        • b4

          if the russians came now they would be met with open arms! save us from our own gov..

      • Danika

        You are aware that the USA passed a law that it is legal to toss propaganda out amongst the nations own people, right?

        I watched the pleadings from Mr. Putin at the recenr International Energy conference for the West and NATO to STOP their proxy wars along the Polish boarders as this is a direct action against Russia.

        Anyone who watched that speech can see that Vlad was sincere; he does not want war!

    • smfresh82

      your information is beyond ridiculous Lisa. you have no inside military contacts. if you did, you would know that most of our military is allied with the russian federation right now to take down the NWO including our own government. you are paid to pump out this fear porn and i’m sick of you people. your news is all coming from the same masters. you read scripts & stick to the armageddon end times delusional shit. if you took 5 minutes to browse through veterans today website you would know your “news” is bullshit. shame on you, Lisa. shame on you and your archon masters.

      • Ted

        “Archon Masters” caught my eye… I can only hope you’re right.

      • Hi NSA, kiss my artichoke

        Not trying to burn anyone.
        The only one on BIN I have seen promote VT is Glenn.
        Who ALWAYS has the comments section off.
        I would call him a chia pet haired wussy, but he doesn’t have any.
        You contributors that turn off the comments?
        Not trying to start any web fights, but if YOU POST IT, be ready to DEFEND IT!!!
        After all YOU have ALL the FACTS, RIGHT?!

      • sitrep

        She prob got the info from Alex Jones.
        Yeah Alex says after coming back in after a field assignment, he ingest one of his products to get rid of the parasites.

        Wow that must be a real powerful product to get rid of all those evil parasites.
        For Alien type parasites surely he must have advanced formulas.
        Not sure if it is ingested, or some type of wand passed over the body, while dressed up in the goat heads reading ritual scripts from the book.

        If you want to tune into Alex site, get ready for non-stop Product advertising selling,
        of course they claim to take it to, What the money to the bank?

        • The end is upon us

          Alex jones is like,,,, I take this mens testorones everyday for free and my balls are gone now.

    • Neanderthal

      Give Vlad a call and fkn ask him.

    • Charas Mayhem

      Another one who should be banned for peddling fear porn and lies! You represent the dark side of human nature! Unlike religion, karma is very real :evil:

    • apache5

      you must be pretty close to the truth as you brought out the TROLLS, so thanks again to your insight!! keep up the GREAT work you do!!!!!!!!!

    • Don - 1

      Could Russia ”take over” America? Absolutely yes….they could do it to ”save and love” Americans. Most ignorant Americans would applaud….that would be approx. 90%.

    • Detergent

      Please, become familiar with the Montreux Convention. This is a treaty that covers access to the Black Sea. Although the U.S. never signed it, the U.S. has honored it for 80 years – until now. In that time the Soviet Union → Russia have regarded the Black Sea as their own private lake. They are perturbed that the U.S. is challenging that treaty that had been honored for so long, and they are making their displeasure known.

      • Danika

        Please become familiar with the Act of 1871 and its ramifications to YOU, this very day. It’s a doozy.

    • my2pesos

      Tee Hit ‘y’ RT HR ~ ‘Thirty-three’
      Bear The ~ Breathe
      Bear The ~ Bet Hear
      Bear Hear ~ Ha! Be Rear
      Bear Hear ~ RE: Baa! Her

    • VirusGuard

      Well maybe Mr Putin has got the KGB to hack the maps that the US war ships use and sent them to the black sea and they think they are visiting the UK lockness monster in Scotland.

      The USA is out for trouble and this is why they are placeing missiles all around the Russian borders and want to involve Europe in this conflict so nice try lisa but none of the facts on the ground seem to suport what you are saying but just so you know, i hope that Russia does sink ships the next time the US pokes it’s nose in where it’s not wanted.

      >>>>>>> GO HOME YANKS WE DON’T WANT YOU <<<<<<<<


      How does this “Russian purge” compare to the purge of military leaders under the Ohomo administration? Yes, I thought so.

      Also some of the other people in the comments section need to catch up. Russia is no longer communist.

      The US political leadership, is no longer the “good guys.”

      • VirusGuard

        I’ve been waiting to give you a good kicking for some of your comments to me in another post but i must say that i agree with your comments here so maybe i’ve got you wrong.

      • b4

        obum mer fired over 200 generals

    • Astral Silence

      Why did he bag them? Hmmm…because they refused orders, I bet. Just a wild guess though.

    • The Real Deal

      Russia? LOL, you really are a ditz. Russia is the least of our concern. Police abuse, the evisceration of the rights of the citizens of America, and the possibility of a civil war… Now that’s what should concern Americans. Not Russia firing 50 military commanders. Perhaps he saw a mutiny or a coup coming his way and he took precautions. That’s not very unusual at all considering what happened during the Yeltsin presidency. You keep distracting Americans from the real problems we face with your air quote BS, the rest of us will go ahead and just keep an eye on, and report on what’s happening here. Russia… you really are a gas bag.

    • Tedx

      If you have ever watched the Special Olympics, you have never seen anyone as severely mentally retarded as those who believe a single word that spews out of the face of low-grade neocon propaganda agent Lisa Haven. If you believe anything she says, or has ever said, you know you are severely mentally disabled.

      Why would Putin give the US the excuse to start WW3, which it has been trying to do for years, especially when Putin and everyone with an I.Q. above their shoe size can see that the US, NATO, and the EU are going down the toilet drain because of reckless economic policy? Putin just has to sit still and prevent an attack on Russia and its allies. And that’s exactly what he has been doing and will continue to do, while Neocon propaganda agents befuddle the retarded masses of American vegetables into attacking Russia and starting the war that will kill off all the American Stupid Genes once and for all.

    • James R. Calvert

      The idea that Russia is the aggressor in the current geopolitical scene is pure nonsense. When the U.S.S.R. collapsed back in 1991, the West promised Russia that it would not expand NATO eastward to Russia’s borders. Then the West did just the opposite. Now NATO is deploying missiles near the Russian border. Back in 1962, president Kennedy refused to allow Russia to deploy its missiles in Cuba. Why should Putin now allow NATO to deploy missiles near the Russian border? This scapegoating of Russia by the West is unmitigated hypocrisy.

    • El_Puerco

      HEY!…People!…How about this Writing?!…

      Not fiction: Putin really did fire all commanders in the Baltic fleet

      And the reasons why he fired them are shocking

      At first I blew this story off because I did not believe it. Evidently, the U.S./Nato/whoever got enough plants into the Baltic fleet to make its entire command structure, in the eyes of Putin, “unreliable and of divided interest”. Translation: They were not following orders of aggression against American forces in the Baltics.
      As it turns out, the near-miss fly by incidents that happened earlier this year involving the Russian aircraft and U.S. warships were ordered directly by Putin. Then Naval commanders in the Baltics started defying orders to do so. And Putin was not interested in playing games. So he fired a shocking 50 commanders, which amounted to virtually the entire top command of the Baltic fleet, and replaced them with people who would follow orders. Evidently, when the commanders stopped obeying orders to confront the U.S., Putin saw that as them being infiltrated and of divided interest, so he purged them all.

      Quite a hard story to believe, but I am saying it now because it ended up being true. It is being described in the Russian media as a “Stalin style purge”, and at the top of this purge were Vice Admiral Viktor Kravchuk and his chief of staff Rear Admiral Sergei Popov. All of this was done because Putin wants a Navy that will act aggressively when told to do so, and FOLLOW ORDERS. :twisted:

      If anything can signal the fact that Putin believes an upcoming war with the U.S. is inevitable, this would have to be it. I’ll take that prospect seriously now, it is not all just smoke and puff anymore.


    • Constance

      “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”
      ― Vladimir Ilich Lenin

      Putin (crypto Jew)100% in the pocket of the Usurers‬‬‬‬‬

      Just as the Rothschilds funded both sides of the American revolution and starved soldiers.

      The Prophet Mohammed, a Jewish pseudo-Messiah

      The founder of Shia Islam was a secret (Crypto Jew) Pharisee

      The Jewish (Pharisee) secret Satanic bible the Talmud was written around 400AD.
      The Prophet Mohammed, a Jewish pseudo-Messiah

      ‪Zionism in Argentina, Iran, Russia & the USA‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

      Just as the Rothschilds funded both sides of the American revolution and starved soldiers.

      You can bet that the Orthodox Church is controlled by Jews! Like all the Churches of the world including the 35,000 PROTESTant cults controlled by J$ws:

      Putin and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are both Crypto Jews – nuclear arms

      ‪Dave Hodges On The Coming Three Prong Invasion Of The United States‬‬‬‬

    • dagiles

      where have you been of course Putin is preparing for war with the west what would you do if you were Russia? There will be no war there will be no nuclear holocaust the real issue is incoming! All of this crap is smoke and mirrors.

      Look over there not over here :eek:

    • LindaJoyAdams

      Powers no one human should ever have and the USA founders knew it when they gave us the US CONSTUTION TO BA;ANCE POWERS AND PUT CHECKS ON ABUSES OF POWER. In the COUP OF 2002 the us congress in the e governing laws gave authority to this international cabal which only the UN has world wide authority and it was not set up as carefully as the USA founders did for us. Putin vs Obama and who else wants the job? Linda Joy Adams

    • Syco247

      Putin has no desire for mutual annihilation, russia will do nothing.




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