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Haunting Warning Sent to Congress: North Korea EMP to Kill 90% of Americans, “Considering Striking Now”

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By Lisa Haven


A terrifying warning has just been sent to not only Congress but also the president of the United States by experts who are commissioned to assess the threat of Electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attacks.

Their stark warning was in regards to North Korea’s Kim Jong-un’s instability. Their warning was two-fold. First, they are taking the threat real. Second, they believe the U.S. should issue a preemptive and retaliatory strike. All that and more below…


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    • Anonymous

      Dear Sister Heaven,

      May I enjoin on you not to let people see your sex toys when you pose for your blog? I am just totally…well, there just are NO WORDS!!! And as if one of your toys would have been enough you had to pose with TWO!!! I am AGHAST!!! I have never seen anything like this before, WHERE ARE THE BIN CENSORS!!!???? :eek: :shock: :eek: :!:

      • TheMightySeamam

        Can I get a link?

      • You People Are Nuts

        LMAO – That smirk on her face kind of tells me her toys aren’t working too well.

    • beLIEve

      Kim Jung Ill…..follows the ODOUR$…..of his ..PUPPET mAR$E-tear…….RAT$child. :mad:

      Rothschild Mythological Dictator Creature Kim Jong-un Crafted In “Neutral” EU Switzerland / Backchannel Masonic Cult Scripting
      Saturday, August 12, 2017 4:26

    • DangerWillRoberson

      just put 100% killed you retarded dumb bunnies! most of the stories and people who post here are traders 101! :razz:

    • Ideas Time

      60% OF people in this county are fat and obese. They are paid to have kids who also are mush buckets.

      They what the elite call useless eaters.

      How many of us want to make sure they survive?

      The third world people have tons of kids and they, the elite want to bring them all to America, pay them to have kids, which they do.

      The elite hate the white race because the have an above average intellect that is a threat to them. They want stupid slaves.

      Once the have the stupid people people working for them, they will eliminate them too. 500 million is the goal

    • Ideas Time

      Mitch 51, Cheep shots do not work.

      I have watched you for years and have never commented on your behavior.

      To be fair, I am not sure the Lisa is not also a click bate information source too.

      It is clear you work for the state. You blow your paid cover when you use sarcasm to attack. Rules for Radicals.

      No real man or woman who gets what is going on would buy into the ridicule you spew.

      Tell your bosses your cover has been blown.

      Cover this if you are a good guy or another state operative. I will be watching.

      All collections of income tax paid to the private Federal Reserve are retired from circulation the same way they are created by banks in the so-called loan process—by computer-keypad keystroke, in exchange for the borrower’s promise-to-pay; to wit:
      The purpose of income tax is to remove from circulation a substantial portion of the digits of credit “loaned” into circulation by banks by bookkeeping entry in the so-called loan process.
      Unless a significant amount of the digits “loaned” into circulation by the banks are collected by the IRS in the form of FRNs from (1) payments of income tax, (2) seizure and sale of real and personal property, and (3) seizure of bank accounts and paychecks and thereafter gifted or bequeathed (31 U.S.C. 321(d)(1) and (2)) to a non-U.S. Government employee and proxy / agent of the private Federal Reserve, i.e., the Secretary of the Treasury,[19] for transmittal to the private Federal Reserve as payments of interest on the national debt and thereupon retired from circulation, inflation skyrockets, prices go through the roof, and the fraudulent nature of the fractional-reserve banking system of the private Federal Reserve can be concealed no longer.[20]

    • unidentified

      korea is a distraction from bush clinton obama homo sex scandal

    • Reality Checker

      Stories like this are complete and utter BULLSHIT!! North Korea would NEVER attack anyone without being attacked first . . . especially the USA . . . because they know damn well if they do that would give the green light in the eyes of the world for them to be bombed into the stone age! Whatever you want to say about Kim Jung Un, him and his regime are NOT suicidal! The purpose of garbage stories like this are for; 1) to make morons in the USA scared so they will support more trillions of dollars in military spending and 2) to set-up a potential false flag event in order to kick off the war that the warmongering neo-con assholes in D.C. want. DO NOT FALL FOR BULLSHIT LIKE THIS!!

    • The Ferrett

      Yes Anonymous – well said. But it goes WAY deeper than that. This woman has proven herself a shill for Christian Zionism for so long now with her outright avoidance of critical topics, where her cover has been well and truly blown, for most out there to clearly see.

      Time and time again we see her under reported and largely useless information from MSM or largely Jewish sources, covering supposed “reveals” and so called “exposures” that have turned out to be total duds. We’ll be . . “floored” our . . “Jaws will drop” we “won’t sleep at night” , bla bloody bla!

      Week after week with the same ole’ shit, that SOMEONE out there pays her good money to put out for the dumbed down goyim to digest. An absolute sell out traitor to Christ – simple as that!!




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