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On a Collision Course for Civil War and it Will Begin in California

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On a Collision Course for Civil War and It Will Begin In California

Over five years ago, I was chosen by two military sources to break the real story behind Benghazi and how close Obama came to being exposed by Ambassador Chris Stevens and two command military officers in the Middle East. Two military officers had conspired to rescue Stevens but were stopped and arrested and their careers were ruined.

I had no supporting evidence, other than what I was being told by two trusted and high-ranking sources. They grew very impatient with me because I sat on the story for 10 days. These two men were trying to accomplish what the 2 field commanders failed to do, which was to expose the abject criminality of Obama and Clinton. After 10 days of consternation I published the story and within 3 months, the story was validated by many. I am in a similar position at this very moment. And I learned a very valuable lesson 5 years ago, which is, don’t sit on a big story.

One of the biggest fears for a journalist stems from being proven wrong. And in stories like Benghazi and the story I am about ready to reveal, the events are so fluid that even if the early reports are accurate, the fluidity of the situation could lead to a totally different outcome and this could lead to a loss of credibility. In this instance, I say to hell with caution and it is time to tell the story that is coming from a trusted source. I will even name the source and I am beginning to get partial and fragmented confirmation from parallel events as well as other sources.

I want to be clear that I am asserting that a civil war could very well break out in California against what they call federal overreach. The participants, initially, will be California Democratic politicians, including Governor Jerry Brown. ISIS, MS-13, the Mexican government, China, former Obama administration officials are deeply involved along with George Soros. This series will appear to present some very outrageous claims. Therefore, I have decided to start with information that is mostly background to build the case that what I am being told is factual and America is about to enter a new  and dangerous era.

Will America’s Civil War Begin In California?

Last night, during my show, former CIA clandestine operative, Robert David Steele, was asked if Trump would have to resort to martial law in order to effect arrests and prosecution of the Deep State. Mr. Steele answered in the affirmative.

After The Common Sense Show aired on March 11, 2018, a trusted source, Paul Preston, called me as I was finishing dinner. He informed me that he thought it was likely that Civil War II was going to begin in California and we would not have to wait long for this event to occur. Paul Preston is one on the primary leaders of the New California movement that is in process of creating a 51st state which is breaking away from “Commiefornia”.

New California has 40 counties in full support of this movement. They are breaking away from radical California government that believes they do not have to follow federal law and intend on breaking away from the US as an independent country. This has traditionally been known as the Calexit movement is fully endorsed by Governor Brown and most of the Democrats in the California Legislative Assembly. Also in support of the movement is China, the Mexican Consulate, the Mexican government, George Soros, various crime families in Asia as well as former key members of the Obama administration including Eric Holder (spokesperson), Loretta Lynch and closet support from the Clinton Foundation and the United Nations.

The lawlessness of California is off the charts. The unpunished murder of Kate Steinle by a several times deported illegal alien angered the country. Mayor Schaaf of Oakland obstructed justice when she warned illegal aliens that ICE was going to conduct a raid in Oakland. Here is the story behind Mayor Schaaf’s criminal actions.

Many Democratic state and local officials are in outright rebellion against federal immigration authority. In fact, on a national level many Democrats are proposing as part of the 2020 Democratic platform, that ICE be eliminated as a federal agency.

The Democrats in California have drawn a line in the sand and are defying federal authority. A showdown is coming and it is not going to be a show down resulting in civil disobedience, according to Paul Preston, members of Fox News and the leadership of the New California movement, this is civil war.

Phase One

I have warned, through this site, on several occasions that the unbridled admittance of MS-13 into the United States along with members of ISIS would constitute a 5th column which could bring both California and major parts of the United States to their knees. Here is a partial list of references in which I documented the dangerous presence of MS-13 on our soil in great numbers and the onslaught of their growth continues unabated.

I made this video about the continuing illegal immigration of MS-13 on January 24, 2018.

On August 1, 2017, I published a summary, with links that went back as far as 2010 to document the unwarranted presence of MS-13 in America. This article summarizes no less than 5 previous articles I have written on the subject. This is an excellent reference that traces much of the history of the terrorist invasion that has been going on our southern border for years.

MS-13, along with ISIS has been implicated in the Vegas Massacre and I documented this last fall:

Vegas Is Only the Beginning- This is Antifa Along with MS-13 and ISIS Sympathizers


Calexit: Open Rebellion Against the United State and the Planned Violent Overthrow of California

Unlike my Benghazi story, I have a lot of supporting documentation to support the fact that a civil war is coming and will start in California. The preparations are coming from both sides of the conflict.

On September 19, 2017, I reported the following:

According to Paul Preston, reports are circulating that numerous state legislators from California, including “California Senate pro tem Kevin de Leon), State representatives from Florida, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Utah and Colorado have been meeting with members of La Raza, the Mexican government (consulate), Mexican Mafia (“La EME”), California’s violent Mexican gangs (Nortenos /Sureños/ Sur 13), La Familia () and religious leaders (Catholic / Jesuits) to come up with a plan to separate from the United States as well as the above mentioned states”. Governor Brown, his aides, and the Bank of China have been in attendance in several of these meetings designed to sever California from the US. Further, The Common Sense Show has learned, independent of Paul Preston, that George Soros is bankrolling some of the costs associated with this movement. In addition to Soros, the United Nations and the Chinese government have had representatives at the Calexit meetings.

Paul Preston had an embedded sources at some of these meetings and the drug cartels along with MS-13 pledged “extreme violence” if Calexit was not successful. If one wonders how serious this movement is, consider the fact that Calexit opened an embassy in Moscow in 2017. The following is a picture of the Calexit embassy which was opened in Moscow.

Courtesy of Russia Today

On December 19, 2016, I published this video which covered the opening of the Calexit embassy in Moscow and an explanation of Calexit just as the movement was gaining steam.


Send In the 101st Airborne

There was a very telling article written by Mark Tapscott that appeared on Fox News’ Laura Ingraham’s site.  

In the article Tapscott interviewed University of Tennessee Law School professor, Glenn Harlan Reynolds. Reynolds asserts that New California is the old West Virginia. West Virginia became a state because Virginia declared its independence from the Union in 1861. Even more telling in article, Reynolds states that Trump will likely have to send the 101st Airborne to California to quell the open rebellion.

As far back as January of 2017, Paul Preston and I publicly speculated that President Trump would have to send in the troops with tanks to California to meet the rebellion. When you visit the link, you will see that YouTube took down the related video which is almost as telling as the event itself.


It is at this point that the dots would be connected. However, in this instance, this plot is far to complicated to summarize at this point except to say that rogue California and former Obama cabinet Democrats, foreign influences and terrorists are preparing to unleash hold hell after standing up to President Trump over the immigration issue.

Also, indictments are being unsealed against the Deep State and this has accelerated the timeline for inevitable conflict.

The US military has been conducting urban warfare exercises in Phoenix. I have been told that they are primarily concerned with IED’s, this speaks to ISIS, attacks upon the public (MS-13 Vegas Massacre style) and snipers in tall buildings.

Paul Preston is in contact with very powerful people and when he called me last night, he made it clear he could not come on my show and he may not be talking to me for awhile given what he will be allowed to say.

In the next article, I will be introducing sequence of anticipated events who all will be involved and what the threat will be to every American.

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    • Pink Slime

      Notice how Caliphonia is as far as you can get from Washington?

      They swore an oath to obey the Constitution. Federal government takes care of immigration, NOT the States. It sets the standard and safety. At least they are suppose too.

      Why the breach of oath and open rebellion then? Man’s nature to be evil and disobedient to rule of law, guidance and a god. Man’s nature must change or we will get repeated wars and violence.

      Look, China and Russia are building up their military at the expense of their economy and citizens. Yeah, after we welcomed them with open arms and dètente. Do you think they want peace with you? They do not trust you!

      War is coming abroad and open rebellion is occurring on your own soil already. Man WANTS WAR and he’ll get it. Liberalism is destroying the West. :twisted:

      A TURD world war is coming. Your land is to be devastated and invaded. Your military CRUSHED. You will be hunted down one by one by the sword.

      • Mercenary

        What delusional LSD Kool-Aid did all of the communist democraps in CA drink? WTF???

        • Pink Slime

          That is what your God is saying will come upon you.

          You will be hunted down. Your AR’s won’t save you. Not even your buck-n-ball slugs. Your MRE’s your enemies will eat, then your dogs. Your women and children raped, all in front of you.

          Then they’ll take out your eyes. :lol:

      • Wity

        Slime ol Pinko uv got it a bit wrong Boet…

        Get rid of your 3D device an stay away from Cel towers

        Culifornia Also Arizona and Taxas ~ are not yours never were…
        Same as Hai-why-i……. You got to give em back !

        Also Iraq Iran Syria Palestine Ukrane ….etc etc !

        Youve got to stop and realise nobody really likes you bully boy’z an soft cock commi lliberals

        Because there are bigger dudes on the block now that you just wont stop looking for shit with
        your like a fekin turd ~ stiicks like shit and really smells bad…..

        Russia and China have never lost a war while you Yanky- go- homes have lost every war you ever…. started…..

        We all know you are only in eye-rak for cheep crude oil and Afghanistan for opium …..

        We are looking forward to you war with North Korea AKA Commie China ~ but note Trump is backing down ????

        Thats bad cause thats put Puntins plan to take back Alaska on hold……

        No one wants to pay US $ levies on oil weapons and trade to the USA anymore
        we are sick of your thieving

    • CUB4DK

      They’ll be no war in Californication,,the kids are all doped up and hypnotized by their cell phones…lol
      Best Regards,Dr. Cannabis Rex :mrgreen:

      • Anonymous

        You got that right. Nice call, Dr. Weed. :cool:

    • Everette

      You mentioned MS-13 and Isis . You forgot the Russians O idiot brought in with executive orders in 2012 to protect him from the American people . And the plane loads that landed in South Carolina in Russian nuke bombers that was allowed as a friendly jesture by O nut case bring in over 150,000 Russian troops . And then in 2015 Christmas , fly drawing ass signed a UN treaty for them to take over America . They began sending in UN troops . Trump needs to have this treaty destroyed or when Obama becomes head of the UN Muslim nuts he may try to use this treaty he signed against us in some way . When Jade Helm was pushed on and into Texas and other surrounding states it was reported that those troops was Muslim UN and Russian troops that was running thru the back yards of Anerica citizens . So we have MS-13 , Isis Muslim refugees , UN troops and Russian troops . What about Koreans loyal to North Korea , Or Iranians . When the war starts up the Muslim refugees , The NWO Esau vatican bunch in our Washington Capitol , Russians , MS-13 Mexicans Iranians and Koreans may all be fighting against us to take us down . Then lests add in the nuts of our own country that has allowed them to crawl into their beds . What a hellof a fight we have ahead of us ! Get a chance watch London has fallen ! This will give you some idea of what we are about to face in America ! They are among us , acting as one of us ! Do you know who they are ? Some of them may be on our side , or they may be pretending until time to start . The Koran tells the Mulims to deceive the infidels ( you ) gain their trust , then once you have gained their trust , kill them ! Now are you sure you can trust them . Better make ready with pig blood dipped bullets ! They like this because allah will not let them in or give them their 7 virgins to defile . This above all things scares the hell out of them . Nothing else gets to them . They will blow themselves up to get to their new place with virgins . But pig blood will stop them cold . Mc Author in the Phillipines fighting them realized these people don’t care , how can we beat them . Hr found out the allah hates pig blood and I’ll not low them in if they have it in them . So after capturing some of them he had them dig a grave . They were not afraid ! He then ordered them shot and placed into the ditch . He had saved one of them . He ordered pigs cut and blood drained on the bodies . Then he had the pigs cut up and thrown onto the bodies . The one he saved was turned loose . He ran and told all the other Muslims of Islam . They then left the island and did not return . Remember this you may need it . These people are the hardest to destroy , death is their strength , they hope for it , death does not scare them . They say our weakness is our love for life and their strength is their love for death . I say when it starts give it to them !

    • Detergent

      So why not just say “Bye-bye” and good riddance?

    • unidentified

      that is a lie, what is really happening is the same that goes on around the country where the experts in the know say the country needs to be divided into regions, california being part of the western region, new york part of the eastern region and so on, just incase there is a horrific natural disaster like so many conspiracy sites claim will happen someday

      • 2QIK4U

        The Hunger games

    • Inquiring Minds

      A few facts that were not mentioned:

      Over 45% of California land is Federally managed.

      There are numerous military bases, plus the largest Marine base, Camp Pendleton in So Cal.

      CalExit will only make up the extreme coastal areas, since New California region is sick of their hard leftist bullshit.

      My opinion:

      It would not surprise me if they already have all the intel on the La Raza group and others.

      If it had to come to martial law, which we are under a national emergency, they might already be going after them, quietly.

      Something to consider.

    • 2QIK4U


      • CUB4DK

        is that an Order Sir…lol
        Best Regards,Dr. Cannabis Rex :mrgreen:

        • Anonymous

          I notice that he says this when he’s halfway around the world. :smile:

    • truck driver

      Russian Bolshevik people live in California

      • Anonymous

        So do truck drivers. Lots and lots of truck drivers. :smile:

    • raburgeson

      Damn right he’ll go into hiding. He’s going to hide instead of going out there on the front lines fighting for what he’s telling people he believes in. He has his delusional cannon fodder. If that does not work he will try to sneak into another country. Bottom line is he triggered a bunch of people with propaganda and will put them in harms way. Sounds exactly like the federal government you are having so much fun with doesn’t it.

      These states allowing gun grabs are going to pay. We in PA will stand back and watch the idiots. Everything will look fine for the first 3 years. All of this has been planned years ago and they aren’t in a hurry to drop the draconian hammer. The FEMA camps are already built and waiting for the day they do. You live and breath by the Constitution and obey the wishes of the founding fathers and you will keep your country and your freedom.

      California there is a right way to get the laws changed and one of the step is to put politicians in that agree with majority. Instead you elect crooks that you harbor and put on a pedestal. It is exactly what half the country is doing.

    • Tempus Fugit

      They are free to leave, but the land stays in America.

    • Anonymous

      Things haven’t reached a critical point, yet. Don’t expect civil war to erupt, until Sunday Night Football or Dancing with the Stars get cancelled, despite all the mobilizations for civil war being reported on BIN. The mobilizations aren’t really even a problem, since they go away as soon as a monetized video is done about them on YouTube. As long as there’s YouTube, we’ll manage to prevent the eruption of the civil war, as well as reverse any outbreak of WWIII or economic collapse. That’s why the videos are “must see” and so bone chilling, obviously. Gives me marrow frostbite, over and over, just thinking about it!

    • freedomfirst

      I know the scrum elites have two sets of law books that sets a matrix world for us laws we are tricked to believe are the truth and they don’t have to play, but there is truth we know to be Devine with morality and values we call this good vs evil. Justice must come to these evil Satanist worshipers the pedophiles baby blood drinking killers the rapist the murders the enslavers, here in America they are our politicians like Shumer, pelosi, waters,ryan,mcCain, mcCain, ellison, green, connerly, 80% of our Congress have sold their souls the top cartels are the clintons,bushs, berry parks and obama, this is just the tip of the world’s human filth that our DOJ must put away in jail or 20 feet under…..GOD IS WATCHING AND WAITING for us to do the right act to save our humanity are world

    • Counter Analysis

      The rebel forces have no chance to win by force alone. They will need to cause a constitutional crisis and attempt to get at least a portion of the US military on their side. This may have already been partly accomplished during Obama’s purge of high and mid ranking officers. There are a number ugly scenarios that could play out. If the Dems capture control of the house, they may press some bull crap impeachment against Trump who then may refuse to step down creating a constitutional crisis. Or, in light of continuing developments, Trump may publicly declare martial law and suspend congress, postpone midterm elections, and order the arrest of prominent politicians including members of congress, governors, and judges.

      I believe this has been planned and anticipated for a long time. The UN may me be present to provide a buffer between the US military and civilian unrest. Trump has this under his control and it will not end well for the rebels in my opinion. Once a purge of the rebels has taken place, Trump may put forth policies that immigrants and liberals like, but that are not weaponized in the same way the current Dem and deep state backed policies are designed. He would likely offer a big olive branch to bring the country together. Trump will either win the next election, or it will be postponed while the national crisis ensues.

      I’m rapidly becoming convinced Trump is unstoppable.

      I don’t know how any of this will play out, but the above mentioned scenarios are easy for me to imagine.




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