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Trump Reality Check by Q²: Everyone Needs to Read This!

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THE MILLENNIUM REPORT: Reporting the Most Important News in the World Today



TRUMP Reality Check by Q²:
Everyone needs to read this!


TMR Editor’s Note:
This submission by  is in no way connected to Q Anon or his other LARP incarnations.

The reader is highly encouraged to read the initial post by titled:
SOS: Q-squared Delivers a Set of Serious Messages About the POTUS (Updated)


What’s really going on with the POTUS?

Submitted by: 
State of the Nation

The Trump Reality Check

No one person could ever take on Deep State.

Didn’t mom and dad always say “You can’t fight city hall”.

Well, you can’t!

Even Donald Trump can’t.

Where they really got him is when they coerced him to break his campaign promises.

No other POTUS in US history ever won an election based on a promise for peace.

There were many other promises made during the campaign season that sold the patriots.

But the promise to bring peace and harmony was the real hook.

However, the globalists have cynically created more conflict for Trump.

The never-ending wars only eat away at Trump’s base.

He is now considered by many to be a war president like his predecessors.

Deep State can do this to anybody.

The Military-Industrial Complex is vast and powerful.

So is the international network of globalist organizations like CFR, Trilateral, Bilderberg.

The New World Order cabal owns and operates everywhere.

The communist Left controlled the levers of US government for 8 years under Obama.

That liberal side of the Deep State power base is entrenched and not going anywhere.

Trump can’t even get rid of agents of Deep State like the DOJ’s Rod Rosenstein.

Or Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Or Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Or FBI Director Christopher Wray.

And others who he himself appointed.

Trump was a businessman; not a politician.

He has no idea what he’s really dealing with “inside the Beltway”.

What now?

The 2018 midterms will bring a crushing defeat to the Trump administration.

The Left is organizing like mad to make sure they win and/or steal every election in sight.

Soros, Obama, Clinton et al. know that they only need to flip the House and the Senate.

Doing so allows them to impeach Trump.

Flipping governorships and statehouses will also provide needed political support.

There’s an all-out effort by the DEMs — RIGHT NOW — to capture every seat they can .

The anti-Trump sentiments are growing by the day…and will only intensify.


The Spending Bill was a HUGE political disaster for Trump.

He lost many fiscal conservatives right there.  They’re all gone—with his own signature.

The National Debt has also ballooned under Trump.

It’s now well over $21,000,000,000,000!

US Govt will borrow over $1 trillion in 2018.

Trillion Budget Deficits are returning according to the CBO.

Trade Deficits are also hitting a 10 year monthly high.

The ‘successful’ Tax Bill was mainly a giveaway to the corporations.

The rich and powerful will only get richer from that Democrat-approved legislation.

Obamacare has not been repealed even with Republican majorities in both chambers.

The Border Wall remains as elusive today as it was when Trump first promised it.

The Democrats will simply not allow a wall, and they certainly won’t allocate funds.

The DACA debate remains just that—a debate.

There’s been no real movement.

The Liberals are far too organized to permit any meaningful alteration to Obama’s DACA policies.

As for federal Immigration Policy, every Trump executive order has been thwarted.

He knows the liberal courts will overturn every EO, especially the immigration orders.

Even those orders that go unchallenged, they will not be enforced.

Next, there is President Trump’s Gun Control, and the right to bear arms.

Yes, he’s already foisting his own version on the nation.

Trump has directed AG Sessions to craft a new federal policy that is restrictive.

The right to purchase bump stocks is on the table.

So is the age allowed to buy assault weapons.

So are other serious gun control measures that have not yet been put out by the POTUS.

They’re coming… and there’s no stopping it except for the patriots to….

Foreign Policy

If there is one major area where Trump is extremely weak in, it’s his foreign policy.

His Mideast policies are a total disaster.  An unmitigated disaster!

Moving the embassy to Jerusalem fulfilled a promise to Israel.

His roller coaster ride with Russia inspires NO confidence.

Neither does his love-hate relationship with China.

Nor did his theatrics regarding North Korea’s rocket man.

Kicking off global trade wars doesn’t help either.

Trump has all but abandoned his campaign promises to MAGA…

Particularly by pursuing a perpetual war foreign policy like past presidents.

This has become his Achilles’ heel.

It was his weakness all along because of his own streak of American exceptionalism.

So the globalists will use it to turn his base against him, which they are doing.

Once Trump starts his first major war, he’s toast.

He already attacked Syria a year ago.

He has permitted Saudi Arabia to destroy Yemen—a very bad situation!

As he has approved Israeli attacks on Syria this April.

He always allows Israel to destroy the Palestinians.

He has also supported the fascist neo-Nazis in Ukraine against Russia.

Trump’s foreign policies have the potential to blow up the Middle East.

As well as trigger the hot phase of World War 3.

Each of these dismal failures has its roots in the RINO leadership.

But especially the Neocon Zionist cabal that took over the West Wing.

The foreign policy fiascos are driven by this cabal in collusion with the MIC.

Hence, much of the blame falls on the POTUS.

Trump could never do this alone.  He knew that.

He should have known that before he ran.

And yet he’s fired some of the best people to advance his agenda.

Most of those who now surround him are a part of the problem.

And there are very few left who could be a part of the direly needed solution.

Trump sabotaged his own agenda through many key appointments.

Being a top-down management-style CEO, he calls the shots.

Which is good when you know what you’re doing.

And you surround yourself with competent managers and staff.

But there’s NO ONE he can trust to implement his promised domestic plans.

Or his promised foreign policies of no more war. And peace with Russia.

What we are witnessing is an unparalleled crisis in presidential leadership. 

If there’s an upside it’s that Trump uses the chaos and confusion to expose Deep State.

To expose the seditious Mainstream Media.

To expose the treasonous FBI.

And to expose the traitors at the CIA.

This is the best that the Patriot Movement can hope for right now.

This is actually his primary task.

He’s the ultimate change agent.

He’s still a massive wrecking ball!

Which is exactly what Deep State needs right now—a controlled demolition.

However, something very BIG must happen between now and the midterms….

This is the critical time period.

The window of opportunity will shut on January 3, 2019.

When the 115th U.S. Congress is seated, everything changes.

Trump is well aware of the political calculus.

Every day that goes by his hand gets weaker.

He’s also well aware that there’s a gathering storm.

Stormy Daniels is only one example of a superstorm heading toward the White House.

When Deep State puts a POTUS in its crosshairs, how can he govern.

When even the FBI and CIA tried to prevent his victory, how can he trust them.

Now they even raid his personal attorney’s residence and business.

That’s after they started a raging fire on the 50th floor of Trump Tower.

The mainstream media is relentless in their negative coverage of Trump.

The C.I.A. has so many rogue operations against him, you can’t keep them straight.

Trump’s real vulnerability, however, lies in his decades of massive exposure.

Because of his various high-profile businesses, what might come out is anyone’s guess.

The current reality is that Mueller was appointed Special Counsel to look under every rock.

Which is exactly what’s he’s doing…

Which he will continue to do until they have enough evidence to back-channel to his new personal lawyers.

At that point, Trump either resigns, is impeached, or he digs in.

If he digs in, he will quite likely “wag the dog”.

The truth be told, Trump is wagging the dog in Syria at this very moment.

Every single move today on the global geopolitical chessboard is carefully considered.

The Powers That Be are on a serious mission.

The decisions of the POTUS weigh heavily.

However, his foreign policy actions are what really matter from this point forward.

Trump has been methodically cornered into making these decisions about war.

To say that he can make LOTs of wrong moves is gross understatement.

His actions can be catastrophic to the extreme.

Even leading to nuclear war.

This month (or year) may be the most consequential of the decade.

Or the century.

Or even the millennium.

UPDATE — April 14, 2018

Trump just wagged the dog in Syria.

He chose the path of least resistance.

Political resistance, that is.

Even The Washington Post backed Trump’s decision to attack Syria a second time.

Virtually every RINO and Democrat in Congress supported his misguided missile attack on Syria.

Because of his cataclysmic invasion of a sovereign nation, Trump is now a war criminal.

He completely shredded his campaign promises with a second egregious war crime.

He will lose his base—BIG time!

Every vote for peace in 2016 has been betrayed by this war president.

As Commander-in-chief, Trump is directly responsible for the Friday the 13th invasion of Syria.

Those who would have voted for him in 2020 for peace will now stay home.

While the DEMs will be out in force, unless he’s already impeached.

Trump did this to himself.

He should have exposed 9/11 as his first order of business.

Instead he chose to do business with Saudi Arabia, a major 9/11 co-conspirator.

Trump threw major support to the Saudi’s criminal war on Yemen.

The ensuing humanitarian crisis is a great stain on his presidency. Continue reading HERE.

By getting in bed with war criminal Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, he revealed his true intentions.

The Trump presidency will always be known as: “Israel comes first, second and third.” 

The false flag chemical attack in Douma was staged by the West.

As always, American, British, Israeli and French intelligence agencies and militaries conspired to blame President Bashar al-Assad for the chemical attack hoax.

It was a black operation executed to justify an attack on Syria to reverse Assad’s victories.

Trump knew this.

His military advisors knew this.

The governments of Great Britain, France and Israel knew this.

May, Macron & Trump are Netanyahu’s 3 Stooges!

The entire Congress knows that the chemical attack was staged to push Trump into war.

The mainstream media knowingly published fake news about Syria.

Once again, false reports were cynically used by a POTUS to wage an unprovoked war of naked aggression.

Trump knowingly trumpeted fake news about Assad’s Syria, Putin’s Russia and Khamenei’s Iran.

His false accusations were used as a pretext to launch another illegal attack on a nation already devastated by a 7 year war.

We the People have been seriously deceived.

Trump conducted this war crime in the name of the American people…

And using U.S. Taxpayer’s money.

In order to rain death and destruction on the innocent people of Syria!

S A D !   Very sad indeed!

Trump is now a stone-cold war criminal!

His enemies purposefully morphed him into a war criminal.

In this way they will attempt to manipulate him to do even worse things.

President Trump was manipulated by the Very Deep State into becoming a war criminal.


This final point on Trump’s illicit bombing of Syria is extremely important.

Trump was obviously set up to commit this war crime for various reasons.

One of those is this: Deep State has now to turned Trump into an international war criminal.

And the whole world witnessed the war crime.

Trump has joined the club of all the previous POTUS war criminals.

He can no longer criticize them like he once did.

If Deep State really wants to make his life miserable, they can even threaten prosecution.

The purposeful destruction of the false flag chemical attack crime scene is also criminal.

In other words, Deep State just backed Trump deeper into a dark corner.

There’s all kinds of actionable evidence to prosecute him should Trump refuse to carry out future orders.

The best response to this challenging predicament.

President Trump needs some serious prayer.

So do his closest advisors.

So does his entire administration.

Pray for the American people, especially for their enlightenment.

Pray for a speedy and successful resolution of any conflict leading to war.

Pray for the Syrian people.

Pray that the highest good will be served for every person on the planet.

P R A Y ! ! ! 

And May God Bless America!

Originally submitted to SOTN at:


THE MILLENNIUM REPORT: Reporting the Most Important News in the World Today

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    • MILLENNIUM Reporter

      Everyone was already put on notice by Q² in this earlier post:
      SOS: Q-squared Delivers a Set of Serious Messages About the POTUS (Updated)

      “Bolton appointment proves that Trump is being blackmailed!” — Q²

      • 2QIK4U

        Trump’s tower makes up the pentagram on the map. That’s why they cut ASSANGE’S internet because he also has Trump’s secrets but chose to get him elected instead and look how he’s been thanked! Trump had talks and was about to release him, assange went to court and the swiss dropped charges so the only reason he’s still there is Obama’s original threat’s that Trump hasn’t stopped. 71% of Trump’s Twitter follower’s have turned on him in one shot. If you consider yourself a patriot yet still support TRUMP, you are unwittingly now supporting the Illuminati DEEP STATE ! Why hasn’t New York police released that Clinton,abedin raping and killing the 14 yr old girl. Las Vegas ? Seth rich ? Uraniumone ? PIZZAGATE ? I always said Q is the distraction until War. Also TRUMP changed when Q dropped the Epstein island blueprints… Will check your Link in the comments Millennium

        • Jango

          You are right on. It is as clear that Trump is now on a leash as it is that the Deep State doesn’t care if we know they are lying anymore. They have won and proven that No One can take them down and that they don’t have to obey the Constitution or any other laws. What is unfolding is playing right into end times prophecy. It only gets worse from here with the DS in charge. You can read about the end times events and timeline as well as how to protect yourself here.

          • 2QIK4U

            How can it be regarded as prophecy if Man is the cause ? Man made prophecy is impossible and that’s part of thier tool’s for the great scam you’re all waiting for… They rely on your Faith to trick you. Until everything is released from the Vatican we are lied to :( that’s why I can’t believe in HALF A BOOK. Cheers, still remember they might destroy everything but they will NEVER WIN. Not unless you let them. Even priest’s have gun’s

        • Godspell

          Good insight. You ain’t stupid.

          • 2QIK4U

            Thank you, I am sometimes but it’s usually from boredom or a hangover ;)

          • Anonymous

            Q Team and their psyops honey trap fake insider matrix are DANGEROUS to gullible folk. WTFU and see what is being played here. You are being LED by the noses to think- just as the MSM does- with scripted hints, inane clues and useless rabbit holes to nowhere.

      • 2QIK4U


      • 2QIK4U


        • The Real Deal

          Yeah, but as far as I’m concerned, I’m glad you brought it up here since Glenda’s fragile little ego keeps her from opening her comment section, huh, Glenda Canady? Somebody give that little snowflake his pacifier so we don’t have to hear him talk about his bullshitter bathroom buddy, Stew Webb anymore, please!

          • 2QIK4U

            THANK YOU!!! Thought I was the only one not happy with the way he operates. I heard it from completely reliable sources to this day so I’m thinking/HOPING it’s True. REMEMBER it’s The government who runs the DEEP WEB so be secure… People are coming back saying it made them sick and I pretty much picture how it went until I see it myself. Every time i delete security it pulls me Back and I need to re dload it again… I’ll go look for myself in the morning. Ten hrs but it has been confirmed by at least a few dozen people. NO snowflake will believe it until the entire world watches it and look how many real slaughter’s did YouTube show when the Muslim was in charge… Fk I’m getting angry just thinking that Cnt is still walking around RESPECTED? with her deluded head held high. Thanks THE REAL DEAL. ( MILLENNIUM IS GREAT AT CHECKING UP AND ACTING FAST LIKE KNARLYDAWG NOW) and other’s, some are daily posters

            • Hi NSA, kiss my artichoke

              Will be interesting to see if Huma and her wiener have any accidents, now that the life insurance is gone?

        • CUB4DK

          …who;s Glen Candy?

          • Hi NSA, kiss my artichoke

            Generally, one of BIN’s worst wastes of space. :wink:

          • The Real Deal

            Glenn is a “Contributor” (and I use that term loosely) here on BIN.

      • Anonymous

        Q piss is Deep States real-time answer to debunkers and dissent that emerges on the net- which is where the GENUINE, AWARE American citizenry that matter, converse.
        Was Trump blackmailed when he said “Mission Accomplished”- just like Bush. Or when he bombed Syria over IRAQ-Syria fake WMDs in 2017 LAST year, while gloating about “chocolate cake” as if this destruction is entertainment for assholes like him?
        Why doesnt Q piss ever talk about WHO Deep State is and WHO is blackmailing Trojan Horse Trump?? Folks wake up. Same jewish Israel NEOCONs are running puppet Trump as ran puppet Bush and puppet Obama. Q piss is one of their spies- so will direct you EVERYWHERE but to that truth. Like his cohorts Corsi and Alex Jones.
        Q Anon, and his CIA regime change Freemason Mason-spy, Jerome Corsi (who is also fake patriot Alex Jone’s top reporter and both are Trojan Horse Trump cheerleaders)
        Corsi been war pimping for ISRAEL NEOCONS who lied us into Iraq War in 2003 w. same fake WMD lies now being used on Syria.
        WTFU friends.
        ZioTrump=ZioObama=Zio-Bush=Zio-CLinton====Zio-Maggot JEW World Order where the “goyim cattle are only good enought to serve The Chosen”

      • Anonymous

        Q Anon, and his CIA regime change Freemason Mason-spy, Jerome Corsi (who is also fake patriot Alex Jone’s top reporter and both are Trojan Horse Trump cheerleaders)
        Corsi been war pimping for ISRAEL NEOCONS who lied us into Iraq War in 2003 w. same fake WMD lies now being used on Syria.
        WTFU friends.
        ZioTrump=ZioObama=Zio-Bush=Zio-CLinton====Zio-Maggot JEW World Order where the “goyim cattle are only good enought to serve The Chosen”

        • raisnbran

          yup–the fire on the 50th floor of the trump towers was a very strong message and the downing of the Marine helicopters(trump flies in one all the time) was another strong message–he is done–they have taken over–was thinking though the russians might be willing to help the american people take back “our” goooovermint…what a thought,unbelievable actually …it might happen

      • Anonymous

        Q crumbs
        Q piss
        Q leaks urinating on truth seekers
        Tavistock social engineering experiment of 2011
        Track radicals even as you Create them
        Like ISIS
        ISIS in America
        36DD Q porn chess
        Limited Hangout; plagiarize existing memes- claim as breaking
        Recycle whats already revealed long ago
        Sorcha Faal 2007 Sucha Fail.

      • Jack Shlitz

        I predict he will fire Bolton within 6 months.

      • 2QIK4U

        AND… That’s Why #FRAZZLEDRIP Has now been dropped even though they arrested the UN worker who dropped it. He was probably killed instantly… By Trump???? Protection of Clinton we will see Very soon. Someone is going to see it soon and Hunt her until down. I’m trying to figure out if they arrested the leaker to protect??? OR PROOF trump could have turned

    • babar iley

      Betrayed does not even begin to slay it.

      • CUB4DK

        …a fool who sets himself up to become a bigger fool… :lol:

    • 2QIK4U

      Qsqaured are the other half of the baker’s that argued and split, allowing CORSI to start posting on the exact date that Q’S original tripcode was released on Reddit. CORSI tried to play both sides of the arguing mod team and have been ALL THE 8 Chan original baker’s. Including Qsqaured…

    • Kirk Fraser

      I have also tried to fight City Hall and there are two ways to succeed. One way is to run yourself and enough friends to make a majority. The best way is Acts 12 prayer. Eventually I will write more on the latter way – read my posts here and at

    • HypothesisFree

      1) Right after Trump announced his plans to pull out of Syria, the Zionists 9/11ed trump tower and crashed marine helicopters. It is the marines that protect Trump, so this was a death threat by the Zionists to play ball or die. That is apparently why Trump caved.

      2) Proof: Intel drop indicates Trump, Bolton behind Syria chemical attacks-
      American, British and Israeli military personnel captured in Syria have confirmed they were ordered to stage chemical attacks in East Ghouta by their governments

      3) Russia: Douma Medics Receive No Patients with Signs of Chemical Poisoning

      4) Insane Promise To Start WW3 Declared By Trump

      Verified account @realDonaldTrump [tweet]:
      Russia vows to shoot down any and all missiles fired at Syria. Get ready Russia, because they will be coming, nice and new and “smart!” You shouldn’t be partners with a Gas Killing Animal who kills his people and enjoys it!
      3:57 AM – 11 Apr 2018

      In fact the USA did begin the attack, and here is more what mey have actually happened which of course is much different than how the MSM is covering this:

      5) It appears Russia was going to attack, and the U.S. was threatened into stopping the attack
      This is probably the case. When this started, it was “going to be sustained, lasting days”. Then a large number of Russian planes took off, and suddenly America stopped attacking after only about an hour. Here’s what that adds up to:

      A threat was made that a 7000 MPH hypersonic missile was going to go into the center of the U.S. fleet with a megaton warhead. This is pure speculation, but think about it -
      How do you go from “we are going to attack in waves, for days” to “an hour into the battle let’s call it quits”? And it is now confirmed that the Russian missile systems knocked out virtually ALL American cruise missiles, resulting in a totally failed missile attack. A few planes dropped bombs and then went home, with nothing returning. I think America quit because:

      1. Russian defenses worked perfect, and America was watching it’s missiles go POOF on computer screens before they reached their targets, and

      2. Russian war planes took off after the air defenses were very well proven, with confirmed destruction of practically all cruise missiles. That alone would not stop an American attack, but if any planes were carrying nukes it sure would, if it was proven Russian air defenses would escort those planes to their targets unscathed.

      The big proof: the “days long attack” lasted about an hour. SOMETHING HAPPENED.

      The reporting is in it’s early stages, but I do know the lights were supposed to go out, and they did not. It is now completely confirmed that Syrians are now partying, in celebration of the attack being a failure. UPDATE: It is getting early confirmation. Now the claims are that the air defense systems were so effective that no major targets were hit by missiles and that the missile attack was for practical purposes fully neutralized. No generating stations, Assad’s palace is fine, no significant targets hit. Over 100 U.S. missiles launched, and no significant targets were hit. Russia is gloating over how well their missiles worked.

      The reports on this are too early for details, other than they are definitely partying.

      Evidently what we were getting through the American media was a lie. Maybe Russia did EXCELLENT. FACT: Syrians are already having mass gatherings rejoicing at how the attack was repelled. Evidently the Russian missile systems did excellent and prevented a majority of American missiles from hitting their targets, as well as flustering war planes well enough to prevent them from having fully successful bombing runs. Time will tell, but for now Syrians are partying. That’s really not what I expected to hear after the sun came up there. Only a full assessment will confirm whether or not the partying was justified.

      Jim Stone

      For those who prefer to see a more humorous version of the above (for all intents and purposes), check out the following awesome video! [25 sec]

      • 2QIK4U

        How can you drain a swamp when you keep hiring the alligators in it? Imagine if Trump instantly got Assange and Snowden on his board? He would of been unstoppable !

    • patann

      -Coerced, is that the same as blackmailed? Syria’s Assad is claiming America have super soldiers launch upon Syrian soil, I’ve seen such, but they weren’t under man’s command, but God. I call them the commanded reapers of God, as of Prophet Ezekiel 9, bearing sword like syringes of righteous judgement’s worst, good for stampeding elephants to procrastinating Americans, Western Rule this planet. These truths are why I say they, such leaders, as of Apostle John witness of the one hour with the beast, fulfilled 01/13/2018, again it’s why I say, they are, all of them deceived this way. Even why holy spirits cried out to you all again, June, 2017 and I quote, “get ye to repentant altars, God, is avenging martyred blood,” for which Jesus cried, “except those days,” the Angel Gabriel May, 15th 2004 into the seventh angel trumpet Jan. 26-29th, 2018, says these days, except such prophetic days be shorten, no flesh shall be saved, but for the elect (tried Israel, Tribulation saints), sake, Jesus said, these days shall be shorten, beware, Apb.

      Alex Jones’ Raging

      -I know Alex what my children and grands are saying right now, “momma said they’d been days like this, momma said, momma said, beware! Apb

      -Alex, fret not thyself, remember a fury of God, as Prophet Ezekiel witnessed rise of gog and magog, was also cast at a 2016, Trump/Pence campaign ticket. Fret not, this is why Jesus taught us to pray, God’s Will be done, I can’t live unless God’s Will be done, actually none of humankind, can, live that is, alternate God’s Will.This is an outrage, but this is how they save doomed by its weight of blood guilt, 2001-2018, for a subtraction of 190 years and a lost of 15% of its American citizens at least these thirty plus springs. Y’all called and cried it, when I was saying pound yourselves into the dust, your guns, bombs and voting booths into altars of Christ, y’all cried. It was by vast marches, signs and cries this nation, Trump make America great again, you being blood farmers for so long, didn’t you know without shedding of blood, of God reaping these petro handlebars, this American Soil, this world, there is no such remission. Again, the spirit willing, but the flesh is weak, pray with me, God’s Will Be Done on earth as in heaven right Into I know, for an additional two quarters this earth, the sounding of the seventh angel trumpet right, (Rev. 10, 11 & 17), into Jesus’ Millennium Reign, Beware, Apb,

      -I Apostle, THEY, call me, 1986-2018, told you, they were all coming, from nuclear, to natural to Noah/NOAA’s cousin, that God Will Only Bless Escape, Skyward or Southeast! Repent or Perish, Beware, Apb, see, Ps. 51

      Prophecy Links

      -Seen to be seeing in lowercase, bold, black letters, the single word (error), seen to be hearing in my ear, 01/13/2018, “one hour with the beast,” beware, Apb, see Rev. 17:16-18

      The Mockery Of David Meade’s April 23 rd, Rapture

      -Beware, In Noah’s day, by a curse of what we now recognize as a manner of normalcy bias (rebellion), they said flooding rain wasn’t coming, as these guys, they made mockery. The only lethal difference, like now, God, as one would say, as biblical prophecy says, it is again, as like Noah’s day, forewarn. Assigned by God, come an extinction level event, as, NEO’s like Nibiru, only one of many various earth to era altering anomalies to claim two quarters of the earth, as has been prophesied.
      -Equally as of the recent by the Seventh, Angel Trumpet, Rev, 17, three nights of forewarning, Jan. 26-29th, 2018, so leading right into the cups of trembling and turf wars America and world nations are right now; no more doomsday passovers, was the warning, woe, woe and woe! This additional heads up, that is actually biblical, so farsupasses any desription of serious, may God bless your escape, again beware all! Apb, The Rising Above Minstry (RAM), see more here,

    • DangerWillRoberson

      i say trump has always been a mason and was never on our side from the beginning! now you know i was correct! its not ez being right in a world of evil and eternal death!

      • 2QIK4U

        Scottish rite Mason

        • 2QIK4U

          But we knew that and still HOPED he was safer… I still think we would already be dead a year ago if Cunton won… I’m hoping the tweets about the missiles were really a warning to Putin? Remember Trump always says he won’t say what he’s doing militarily but this time he’s warning them about everything… Wish Bombards body language wasn’t banned on YouTube recently, she was spot on always

    • Anonymous

      You cannot find a single campaign promise that this fraud has not lied about.

      • 2QIK4U

        Yeah this ISIS Shit is really pissing me off! Did he forget telling the world Obama created ISIS which makes Trump thier Boss/Owner…

      • CUB4DK

        …what can we expect BillyP, from a shoddy business man with an affiliation for bankruptcy…lol
        Now the billionaire is into politics as a pastime…look out below…hehehe :lol:

    • HypothesisFree

      Politics and religion are connected at the hip. We have all these famous preachers like Joel Osteen on TV who are actually New World Order Luciferians pushing the Israel first/Stand with Israel BS.

      Trump worth ‘more alive to us [72 banks] than dead’ [Zionist banksters leveraging Trump as a good salesman to do their bidding - this is why they decided to keep Trump afloat, rather than bankrupting him personally]

      From Q²
      Trump is being blackmailed—BIG time!
      First, know that he only won the election with the help of Israel.
      Israel needed a Christian Zionist in the White House.
      Many reasons for this. Examples:
      • Israel can only contain Iran with US military.
      • Turkey can no longer be counted on to play the NATO game.
      • Greater Israel project was hugely thwarted by Putin.
      • Pipeline through Syria stopped.
      • Netanyahu under serious threat of removal.
      • Russian presence looms large in Northern Levant.
      • Israel wants Russia’s naval base at Tartus, Syria gone.
      • Mideast geopolitical chessboard is a total mess.
      • Only an Israel firster can fix it for Tel Aviv (even though it can’t be fixed).
      Enter Zionist John Bolton.
      And Neocon hardliner Mike Pompeo.
      And CIA torture queen Gina Haspel.
      And many other COERCED [and disastrous] appointments made by Trump.
      Wicked Witch of the West Nikki Haley is the worst of them.
      Guess who really picked her to be U.S. Ambassador to the UN?
      Exactly—I S R A E L !

      Babylonian Talmud, Zionism, NYC Mafia, Qanon? [Strong evidence that Donald Trump is compromised and BLOOD OWNED by the Zionist Jewish Banksters! His foreign policy has been more of the same, so is it only show on other occasions where Trump seems like a dog who bites its owner?]

      Truthers may be wrong about the intended use for the recently expanded Guantanamo Bay [it may not be related to the emergency executive order, nor to the FISA memo indictments to follow]. From Jim Stone:
      It is the contract solicitation for a FEMA camp supervised by the Navy in Guantanamo Bay to house 13,000 illegal immigrants at a time, life span 50 years, ordered by Trump. They’d be held in tents placed on concrete slabs. The purpose of the camp is to prevent them from getting back into the U.S. easily and putting an end to “catch and release”.

      It is obvious the Jews are trying to ban all religious schools, because Jewish schools will stay open! All others will be shuttered. Can it possibly be in your face more than that??!!?? What kind of idiocy do the Jews expect from the general public when they have the audacity to shut down all religious schools but their own? This strongly underscores who the Elitist controllers are.

      KILL GRID: 5G Networks And Frequency Warfare

      ISRAEL is Behind Deadly 5G Technology & The Extermination of Planet Earth!

      ISRAEL’S SECRET WEAPON – THE TALPIOT PROGRAM [This needs to be watched in its entirety - 39 min - Donald Trump is 100% New World Order puppet/theater artist!]

      Trump is specifically a product of Israeli Military Intelligence

      Alex Jones Admits Israel Steals U.S Technology – Sells To America’s Enemies
      [note: the closing portion of this 14 min video includes some VERY important information to be aware of]


      China has started banning people with bad “social credit” from flying, taking trains, or other public transit
      This is where America is headed if Google and others are not kept in check. If you post anything online that goes against the state, or get caught speaking publicly about topics the state does not want discussed, you will get a bad social credit score and then be banned from receiving basic services. From Reuters: “In a move taken straight out of a Black Mirror episode, China said it will now ban people from flights and trains if they do not have enough “social credit.”

      Public Statements From Non-Zionist Orthodox Jews:

      - The Torah Forbids a Jewish State
      - Read the Talmud – Jews in exile are FORBIDDEN to have their own state
      - Authentic RABBIS Always Opposed Zionism And The State of Israel
      - Zionists do not represent Jews
      - ZIONISM is STATE ORGANIZED TERROR and is the cause of Mideast bloodshed
      - JUDAISM FORBIDS Oppression of Palestinians
      - Zionism Is The Problem – Not Fatah – Not Hamas
      - True Jews Will Never Recognize ISRAEL
      - YOU’RE NOT ANTI-RACIST IF YOU’RE NOT ANTI-ZIONIST – International Jewish Anti-Zionist Networks

      “Most Zionists don’t believe that God exists, but they [pretend to] believe that he promised them Palestine” [WTF?] – Israeli historian, Ilan Pappé

      There was a time in history when Canaanites (descendants of Cain) started calling themselves Jews. The word Jew did not appear in the Bible until the 18th century, which is an incorrect label when referring to Israelites/descendants of Abraham (who were Hebrews – never Canaanites/Jews). To be clear, Jesus was a Hebrew, not a Jew. So whenever the Bible uses the word Jew, the reader should substitute the word Israelite. So the Bible refers to both Israelites (God chosen people), and people who claimed to be Israelites, but really were not, namely the Canaanites/modern day Jews. In John 8:44 Jesus states that the father of the Jews is the devil. Revelation 3:9 “the synagogue of Satan, which say they are [Israelites/Hebrews], and are not, but do lie [now modern day Zionist Jews].

      CRITICAL KNOWLEDGE on where the first Jews originated from

      New DNA Science Research Confirms – Jews Are Not Descendants of Abraham

      No Jews Are Israelite Descendants ~ Miko Peled Israeli General’s Son

      Son of Israeli General tells the truth about Israel’s Agenda [THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST WATCH!]

      The Word Jew Is NOT In The Bible
      But Blunt Publisher Manipulation Is
      “A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” – Mark Twain
      The word ‘Jew’ did not come into existence until the year 1775 A.D., whereas the occurrences in the bible took place from around 4000 B.C. to 70 A.D.
      The present generally accepted secondary meaning of the word “Jew” is fundamentally responsible for the confusion in the minds of Christians regarding elementary tenets of the Christian faith.
      [also explained here is why it would be clearly blasphemous to state, for example to a Jew, that "Oh, Jesus was a Jew, too."]

      “Strictly speaking, it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a ‘Jew’ or to call a contemporary Jew an Israelite or Hebrew.” Jewish Almanac 1980, p. 3.
      “Esau-Edom is modern Jewry” 1925 Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. 5 page 41 and/or vol 4 page 25. Edomites are NOT of Israel or Judah. Jews were NEVER SLAVES in Egypt with Moses: John8:33.
      “Edomite Jews began to call themselves Hebrews and Israelites in 1860.” Encyclopedia Judaica 1971 Vol. 10:23
      Jewish Encyclopedia 1925 vol 4 page 25 “esau edom is modern Jewry”.

      The Torah Is Not A Jewish Book [This 10 min video is SOLID GOLD! Nothing is as it seems with all things Jewish!]

      The Babylonian Talmud – [Satanic Secret] Religion of the ZIONISTS (CREEPY) [10 min]

      The Church of Satan Experiencing Huge Swell in Membership as Satanism Goes Mainstream in America [and if you are a Zionist Christian you may as well add yourself to the list of Satanists since this is who you are supporting - Zionists are Luciferians - look it up!]

      Zionists/Luciferians have “completely infiltrated the Christian church” – Ex Occultist Reveals The Truth! [AMAZING and will leave a lasting impression on you - Who better than an ex-Luciferian to recognize Luciferianism in today's churches - it is no longer safe to bring your children to church!]

      “Your churches will be used to teach the Jew’s religion and in less than two hundred years, the whole nation will be working for divine world government. That government that they believe to be divine will be the British Empire. All religions will be permeated with Judaism without even being noticed by the masses, and they will all be under the invisible all-seeing eye of the grand Architect of Freemasonry.” [until mind control could be accomplished through a false religion] – General Cornwallis, 1781.

      Is Christianity ANY better than Luciferianism/Satanism/Zionist Judaism?

      Christians believe God is love, yet Love would not create an innocent butterfly non-empowered to avoid getting killed by the millions each day by cars passing by. Love would not allow the majority of its children to serial kill each day sentient beings known as animals for a meal which was 100% unnecessary. Eating meat is 100% unnecessary for human survival. Discerning evil is extraordinarily easy. Discerning a psychopath is extraordinarily easy. The God of the old testament has over 100 accounts which clearly show God to be an uncaring evil psychopath. “The God of the Bible allows slavery, including selling your own daughter as a sex slave (Exodus 21:1-11), child abuse (Judges 11:29-40 and Isaiah 13:16), and bashing babies against rocks (Hosea 13:16 & Psalms 137:9).”

      God also ordered the abduction of women for purpose of sexual enjoyment, and even commands that rapists are to be punished/rewarded (depending on your point of view) by taking the rape victims as their wives:

      “Moses encourages his men to use captured virgins for their own sexual pleasure, i.e. to rape them. After urging his men to kill the male captives and female captive who are not virgins he says: “But all the young girls who have not known man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves” (Numbers 31: 18). God then explicitly rewards Moses by urging him to distribute the spoils. He does not rebuke Moses or his men (Numbers 31: 25-27)” –

      Even more bizarre here is the Bible’s account of “the rape of a betrothed virgin in a city, the Bible says that [the rape] victim should be stoned to death … because she did not cry for help [during the act] (Deuteronomy 22:23-25) … it is assumed that in all cases that a rape victim could cry for help and if she did, she would be heard and rescued. Both of these assumptions are very dubious and sensitive to the contextual aspects of rape”.

      Deuteronomy 22:28-29 (NLT) “If a man is caught in the act of raping a young woman who is not engaged, he must pay fifty pieces of silver to her father. Then he must marry the young woman because he violated her, and he will never be allowed to divorce her” –

      Also, the Bible commands God’s chosen people to: 1. Kill any friends or family that worship a god that is different than your own. Deuteronomy 13:6-10 2. Kill all the inhabitants of any city where you find people that worship differently than you. Deuteronomy 13:12-16 3. Kill everyone who has religious views that are different than your own. Deuteronomy 17:2-7.

      So in consideration of all this and much more which can be examined, is a God who is OK with child sacrifice (including his own son), rape, child abuse, slavery, selling children into prostitution, killing of sentient beings (including animals for food which is 100% unnecessary for survival, and bashing babies on rocks), is this God/religion coming from a place of love [REALLY? ... SERIOUSLY??], or is this moreover what most people would tend to associate with the EVIL self-indulging religions of Luciferianism/Satanism/Zionist Judaism?

      Some say that we were born into a prison planet, which combined with soul recycling, meets all definitions of the word hell. Others say that planet earth is a life-form laboratory in which the gods/ETs are allowed to experiment with in any manner in which they may desire, including entering into human bodies. There is evidence that there were many prior rounds of human-like species before us, and that currently we are in the process of SLOWLY being exterminated, like countless times before, making way for the newer models of human-like species. My sense is that we are under the heavy influence of EVIL controllers both in this life, and in the afterlife.

      Whoever created this reality is clearly psychopathic, and so are most of us. A shocking experiment shows people will murder others just to conform to society [This is a far cry from where society should be, as required before it can legitimately call itself humane, which is to take a stand for the following universal truths: If humans have no right to own other humans because they are sentient beings, then it follows that we have no right to own animals which are also sentient beings. Moreover, eating meat is 100% unnecessary for human survival. See also: [in under 4 minutes]]

      See also:

      Linda Moulton Howe Reveals Some of the Biggest Secrets EVER Discovered –

      Out of Body Forbidden Knowledge Discoveries this World is NOT What We Think It Is –

      Proof that would hold up in a court of law that Christianity is made up of fabricated lies: –

      The Roots of Christian Zionism: How Scofield Sowed Seeds of Apostasy –

      Even Jews Ask: Is Judaism a Satanic Cult? –

      • 2QIK4U

        He only won the election with the help of Assange and WikiLeaks. I didn’t see Israel showing the truth that turned the entire world mind’s open…. Israel are ISIS with the Muslim. Israeli Secret Intelligence Service. Funny that Q is now using a term I coined…

      • Godspell

        You are correct good research . Also the children of Israel are the children of Jacob not the nation called Israel, but it is a person named Israel. 2kings ch.17 verse 34 where it says he commanded the children of Jacob, whom he named Israel.

        • 2QIK4U

          Well there you go then, I learnt something thanks ;)

        • HypothesisFree

          @Godspell – thank you for recognizing my research, which has been quite extensive, like full time researching Zionism/NWO for nearly 30 years. I don’t know why, but it seems like it takes around 20 years pushing the best of research before a critical mass of the general public accepts it as valid. I am not looking for any fame or glory, but surely I must be a world class expert on Zionism after all that research I have done. And of course what I have published on BIN is just the tip of the iceberg of what level of detail I could really go into, but with short attentions spans and limited free time for most anyone, there is of course a need to keep things as brief as possible.

        • 2QIK4U

          What type of Christianity is this though?

    • 2QIK4U

      A REAL RUSSIAN UPDATE. I just asked my Russian friend’s if they all had thier iodine tablet’s and suits and prepared for war. They looked at each other then pissed themselves laughing! One hour ago. They know something you don’t know….

      • CUB4DK

        …that’s all you really have to know… :lol:

    • DJ

      I don’t know about you, but I’m a bit tired of any narrative. Rather than follow the Qs whether squared or not, keeping my eyes fixed upon the hills from whence comes [our] help. Whether President Trump is being blackmailed or not, we can never really know. I just keep praying “ Let the wickedness of the wicked come to an end, but establish the just”. What that looks like, only God knows.

    • Babouche

      This is a good example of. D I S I N F O R M A T I O N. Don’t believe a word !!

      :twisted: :twisted:

    • raburgeson

      The deep state has crossed the line with the military. They are not in the position they would like you to believe. A few years ago they were begging the military to not revolt. They are right back where they were again only this time I do not believe the military will except their lies. Trump does not have to defeat them, they put the noose around their necks themselves, jumped off and are reaching the end of the rope. Gitmo is not large enough, keep building.

      I point out to all that Syria is not a matter of national security or a threat to the American way of life and the military knows it has nothing to do with protecting the nation. Heads are going to roll.

    • jdpent01

      O2 is not up to date HDS is building 200 miles of the wall, in NM. The wall can be built in steps he will use Mil money for the rest of it. People of little faith a man against “ALL ODDS” overcoming all objections was elected to be POTUS, this is God’s doing not mans as a nation of MSM POLITICS and DEM’S, Libs all said no to his ascension to POTUS, BUT YES IT MAY LOOK BAD AT TIMES, THEREFORE, HAVE FAITH AND PRAY GOD will keep in in office giving him the tool he needs.

      • 2QIK4U

        The tools he needs are the tool’s that got him elected. Snowden, BRAD MANning who was tormented so much he turned into a Shim or Hemale? And Assange and WikiLeaks team… But look how he thanks the hands that handed him the presidential election! Assange was supposed to be Pardoned on DAY 1 :(

        • 2QIK4U

          And SETH RICH. R. I. P

    • CUB4DK

      Millennium Reporter…I see..You keep on REPORTING about the NEWS on Q etc.!!…Keep up with your good work Madam or Sir! :smile:

      • Babouche


        That’s not Qanon

        that’s not an insider

        that’s DISINFO

        • Anonymous

          Everything in BIN is disinfo. :smile:

        • The Real Deal

          CUB4DK is a lonely little troll, pay him no mind. Qanon is a LARP.

    • ElPolacko

      There were many people that were opposed to this strike including me. I was worried that President Trump was being goaded into this attack by the Globalists. It doesn’t matter now…it’s done. No dead servicemen, poison gas production will stop and no WWIII. I can live with that. What it did, again, is prove to the Russians and Muslims that if they get too radical we will step on them. The Obama era of appeasement and cowardice is over and there is a new sheriff in town. Russia can squeal all they want…there is a big difference between a punitive strike for the war crime of using a WMD against your own people and what Putin did in Soviet Georgia and the Ukraine. If the UN Security Council condemns Trump for protecting the Syrian people then it is time to GET OUT OF THE UN!!! I support President Trump and thank God every day that Hillary isn’t our President. Amen..!

    • curious

      Anyone who believes that a war against the satanist Dark Cabal or for that matter any great battle is to be won by lining up your troops upon the field of battle allowing your enemy to clearly see your strengths ,your weaknesses, your direction and position of attack, your motivations and your final goal is a fool and not worthy of command or opinion.. TRUMP and those patriotic forces that stand with him are eons ahead of your simpleminded analysis of actions and details taken at face value.It would be more useful to employ the same reality that the Dark Cabal has foisted upon us all for generations in our ignorance….for it is the same premise and rule of actions that must be strategically used to defeat them….and that is…..THAT NOTHING IS AS IT SEEMS TO BE. Patience, FAITH, and LOYALTY to those who are fighting the greatest battle in all of human history is what is required now. Not nitpicking criticism of a multilevel, multi dimensional chess game you cannot see and so have no ability to comprehend. ARE YOU THE WORST KIND OF SCHILL?? or just quagmired in your idiotic ignorance??

    • Freeus

      Wow I can’t believe you all can not given Donald Trump just a smitten of credit. What the heck were you expecting a Hilary type war in your back yard. Two things we know for sure he is highly intelligent and he will never say what has been going on in the last page of the book he is presently writing to keep U.S. safe. This man took down 17 candidates, Soros voting machines and his worst opponent to be president -When was the last time you ever heard that happening? Whether you like him or not he was anointed to lead this country by God. He is our last wall of hope before complete takeover of U.S. -you know if Hilary was in today we would be fighting deep state globalist here in America for their NWO with 100% certainy. Pray and have faith – don’t listen to the enemy, your only feeding them.

      • 2QIK4U

        NO, WE as one revealed all, everyone with moral’s and a concious soul slowly lifted the Veil bit by byte. All Trump had to do while The Demoncraps hung themselves was Nothing but wait to win FAIRLY. Thanks to all of the people that showed camera evidence of massive voter fraud! Nice looking mother’s and grandmother’s were caught pouring thousand’s of fake vote’s into the boxes. All the people RIGHT THIS SECOND ONLINE PUTTING THE PIECES INTO PLACE WITH EVIDENCE. All TRUMP had to do was REMEMBER WHO GOT HIM THERE! Manning, Snowden, Assange, Seth rich and the hundred or so murdered people that stood up for what’s right… TRUMP DIDN’T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING AND HASN’T DONE ANYTHING PROMISED :’(

      • 2QIK4U

        What just happened was EXACTLY a Hitlery type war. We see deep state patterns and attempts daily, We are SICK OF HAVING OUR LAST ONE HUNDRED YEAR’S OF TECHNOLOGY STOLEN OFF US ,OUR PARENTS AND GRANDPARENTS WHO DIED IN PAST WARS FOR THIS PROFIT OR DIE TYPE OF SCUM. Now we wait for the gun attack that will be blamed on a patriot upset with Trump…. Killshot?

    • Daryl 010

      Trump has apparently been tied up by the deep state war machine. He does seem to be toast, his political career, anyway. The people tried to tell him we didnt want war in Syria the first time he did this.

      I would trust Dr Assad before Trump! And Trump would apparently sacrifice him to the one-world moneylenders!

      • 2QIK4U

        YES, Soldiers will again die for CRAP IN THE GROUND

    • Babouche



    • Pink Slime

      The phuckers up there can do whatever they want.

      But lay off the 2nd Amendment. THAT IS UNTOUCHABLE. Read it yourself. No gun law can be made against.

      Yet they make law after law for law-abiding citizens to obey but NO LAW for the NONlaw-abiding citizens to obey. Yeah, Hillaryous. Go figure that one out.

      Stupid morons rule you!

      • CUB4DK

        …Oh Pinky, you and your BOY TOYS…do you know how to sling two guns at the same time??… :lol:

    • Ideas Time

      Just goes to show the entire voting scam is just that a scam, waste of money and time. Nothing ever changes and the next selection won’t fix anything. It is all rigged anyway.

    • holeshot

      WOW !! Q-Bie Doo Bie, You’re more faqued up than I THOUGHT you were. Bad bath salts, EH ??

    • CharlesH

      LOL – well now, aren’t you just the toughest meanest guys on the block? FUCK YOU!! Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

    • Anonymous

      we do not need a Q2

      • Anonymous

        We don’t need any Q’s. :smile:

        • 2QIK4U

          Well to still have the original REAL Trump doing it like the beginning wouldn’t be bad?

    • mbaynham

      You should face reality: Trump is protecting you.

      • CUB4DK


    • Rockledge

      Take it from a guy who registered democrat most of my adult life ( I am old) and jumped parties because the democrat party has gone so far extremist left I can’t vote for democrats now.
      Contrary to all the left/right extremism so man spout, there are a lot of us who are political moderates and are neither far left or far right.
      President Trump appeals to those of both parties who are pragmatic and thinking, he also appeals to those who are gut level knee jerk in both parties who are sick of all the bullshit and the political talk that doesn’t say anything.

      President Trump has the advantage of saying the right things in the right way that appeals to people who are tired of the BS, which includes a lot of people. I know a lot of democrats who jumped parties just to vote for him in the primaries.

      I doubt they have given up on him yet, I certainly haven’t.
      It seems that the political lines in this party went from being divided down the middle between the left/right to
      being divided by extreme left/everybody else.

      The extreme left being those who shun religion, aid and abet those who have silently invaded our country, and those who think we should sit idle and let the rest of the world control what we do.

      Trump is a long way from being down for the count, especially now that he said “we’re gonna teach Syria a lesson” and at least made it look like he lived up to his words.
      Even though a lot of us don’t like the way our troops are used overseas, it is a reassuring relief to see a guy, for a big change, who makes his thoughts known in simple common man terms then does his best to do as he said.
      And that, like him or not, is the image he has.


        My Mother, a Life-Long Democrat said to me in the Summer of 2016.

        “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party.
        The Democratic Party left me.”

        She passed away in January, so that observation has stuck with me.. I had only quoted it once before she passed..but now, it just seems like “it fits” more today. She was always ahead of her time.. in so many ways. I’ll never forget, she bought me a cassette tape… it was the new album by the Cars. I said “WHO is this”? (They weren’t well known at the time) She told me.. they were gonna be big, just wait and see… and that album was I think their most popular album ever… She always knew stuff like that.

        Anyway, I am with Original Q. I am not happy with our POTUS about certain things (Guns and War, specifically)..but I also believe that one way or the next month or 2, we will know pretty assuredly, if they have completely compromised him. No one man/team can take on the deep-state. I don’t believe they are “alone” in this. To believe that there are not “helpers” trying to overcome the deep state (Proper term, in my opinion has always been Criminal RICO Cabal, because that is what they are legally doing.. in EVERY FACET of our normal lives).. to assume that he is not receiving help, is preposterous! Of course he is receiving help.. if WE all (not just US, but WORLD) is sick of this Criminal RICO Cabal, what in the sam hell makes you think the “good guys” that are left, the guys that have been “freed” from whatever blackmail they were compromised over destroyed or whatever.. is not wanting them gone, as much as we all do. He has done some good, it’s pretty early yet, and I see movement.. but I do agree with Original Q.. they were so lazy, they thought she’d SKATE to a win (with all their election fraud/vote rigging), and they left all their dirt exposed (unhidden).. they are stupid! Their arrogance is stunning. Their continued belief that they have this “handled”..when I see very much that they don’t.. and their rhetoric is clear desperation, so I think POTUS deserves a little more time..and I will give it to him. Good Luck Q2..but I think you are a deep state LARP. We’ll see…

        Q2 is nothing but a jealous deep-state actor, trying to subvert this movement..because the deep-state is now trying to “manage” the Q movement. Of course there is some truth in this disinfo, NOBODY would believe it, if there wasn’t some. The reality is, Q has built trust… and Q2 has none. I can smell it a mile away.. he’s predicted nothing, he’s been correct, only if you twist it a little and I find every time I “run into” Q2, he/she is full of shit, IMO. We’ll see. I have been wrong before, I will be wrong again… but it’s not all that often, these days.

        • 2QIK4U

          R.I.P — Remember the military that’s been used, embarrassed,thrown in the gutters when they get home and NEVER forget the abuse and how Obama would keep destroying military career’s because they wouldn’t agree with Obama?… I think Trump has the best help you could want.

          • LADYBRADY

            Thank you! I agree… the Military has been used, Obama was horrible to them and our Veterans. I am still willing to read Q2.. but at this point, I just don’t have any faith it’s not a LARP. I believe POTUS is/was compromised, because frankly, I don’t think you ever get into office (not even the water board, IMO) without being compromised… I believe if they think you have a shot, they come compromise you, to make sure you are controlled. They truly were almost here, and HRC would have been the end. It IS a WAR and all of you who voted for him and have left him, concern me. He is an imperfect being, who I believe is trying to do things logically…but we have been so burned by all the CIA Disinfo/Misinfo, that NONE of us have any reasonable trust left. They have done a great job.. from their side.. they have fractured us so well that we can’t even agree with our neighbor over the stupidest things. Most of all, I still believe, he is doing the best he can, and the difference between DJT and BHO? DJT Truly LOVES America and her people..and frankly, it’s been since Reagan (and I didn’t vote for Reagan, either time) that a POTUS even pretended to love this country!

          • Rockledge

            I remember hearing a commentator say, after all the Iraq and Afghanastan fiascoes, that bush treated our military personnel like a rich kid treats his toys on Christmas morning.

        • Rockledge

          This is far more accurately my situation, in fact both parties are to the left of me now.
          It was a republican appointee supreme court that gave the green light to pervert marriage, reagan who opened the borders to illegals and did away with the fairness doctrine, both the reagan and cheney administrations who ran up massive deficits,
          and both parties embraced the bra burner movement as became convenient.

          I think you are right, within the next year we will know of President Trump is about his salt or of he is just another clever neocon in sheeps clothing.

          • LADYBRADY

            BHO treatment of our Military and Veterans was appalling! Most POTUS’s in my lifetime have been awful to our Military/Veterans. That has been one of the biggest items that should be obvious even to our asleep MSM Watchers. They just keep them busy with KK and the barfy “Entertainment World”.. by design. I agree, I was a Democrat all my life, “Joined” the Republican Party the year before we Elected DJT, before that I was Independent. They are both controlled..with the same agenda, etc.. I haven’t had faith in Party’s for many years now. I do however, believe that DJT while flawed and imperfect, love this country and it’s people. If people want to “count me” in not awake? I guess? Q has said nothing much that has surprised me/shocked me that hard in 6 months. I started following Q Nov 3. I had learned so much that I suspected and even by that point, I believed was true, even if I couldn’t “Prove it”. I also believe that all the intricate details aren’t necessary, to recite to believe something to be true. Those facts matter in a court of law (well, one would hope, but after what I witnessed in person in Portland, Oregon while attending Ammon/Ryan Bundy et al for The Refuge Occupation in January 2016 (LaVoy Finicum was killed), my opinion of the Justice System has forever been skewed. I’m no longer asleep about that one. Hearing with my own ears that “The Constitution is not valid in my courtroom” by Judge Anna Brown, was one of the biggest shocking moments for me in the last 5 years. The crimes “they” have committed have been stunning.. but did I know they were stealing from me and you? Yes, they are, in many, many ways. Do I care if it’s 5 Mil or 5 bucks? Not really, that is stealing – the amounts don’t matter to me.. the lack of justice for them, does matter to me. I don’t steal from them, they have no right or consent to steal from me. It’s that simple. Thank you for your feedback, and I agree with your assessment of both party’s and the betrayal that has occurred to “loyal” this party or that party. Both have lied/betrayed their base. Neither party has “done anything worthwhile” FOR the people in what, 30 years? This tax plan.. yes, it does help the little people some..but make no mistake, Congress put their cream in this bill, just like they screw us, and put their cream (Gravy, extra money, pork, whatever your label – I use Cream because I’m from the Chicago area, and cream is what the Mafia calls it – and that’s what we have – a Criminal RICO Cabal, running our world) in every bill they pass. Q is not perfect.. he’s not.. but like nearly all things in life.. we have to take the good with the bad..and I perceive that if we fail with our current POTUS we are done as a country. Q has now validated this thought process.

            • Rockledge

              I disagree. When bush was in the WhoreHouse I was visiting an old man who was laying on his back in a veterans hospital. I had been visiting him regularly for years.
              That hospital went downhill during the early 2000s, it was undestaffed and the place was like a dungeon inside, poor lighting, dark sad looking rooms with dark walls , no carpet, just a very dreary place.
              After obama got in he got bills passed to fund veterans, and that place changed very fast.

              The old guy I was visiting is dead now, but the last time I went there the place was like a new hospital inside, that had started redoing all the buildings. The walls were light colors with carpet on the floors, very nice ergonomic lighting, everything looked new.

              I didn’t vote for obama either time and didn’t like his politics, but I can’t deny what I seen with my own eyes.

      • 2QIK4U

        To get one pair of eyes open is another Small Victory,

    • Babouche


      CAREFUL what you believe…..

      :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

    • Anonymous

      q2, TOTAL FAKE.

    • findthetruth

      Had masses of Syrians been killed as suggested, then I would agree, but it turns out this shower of bombs resulted in 4 injuries.

    • CUB4DK

      …well now Mr. Trump is a WAR CRIMINAL…I wonder how good that would be for his KARMA!…hehehe

      Cheers, Uncle Hexy…now for some Rum and Coke! :lol:

    • church of the 1stborn

      Your forgetting something, all of these wars are all laid out many years ago at the pentagon.
      just keep praying for the peace of Jerusalem,bible says it will all happen, and hope the nukes land on top of you not a 1/8th mile away

      • my2pesos

        Pentagon ~ Goat Pen
        Pentagon ~ Pagan Net
        Pentagon ~ Pang Note

      • CUB4DK

        …but the PENTAGON is ALL AMERICAN…and all of these wars are all laid out many years ago by them…shame on AMERICA.

    • CUB4DK

      …Q2 TEAM…Ground control to Mr.Major.Special ED :lol: …ATTENTION countdown EVERYONE!! :lol:

      • CUB4DK

        Mr. REAL DEAL…you already know who the real deal is… :smile:

        Cheers, Dr. Rexy Wi-lli Willi Baumgartner

        • CUB4DK

          ,,,…the TROLL…the BAIT…and the HOOK…Ardee…Arrrr

          • CUB4DK

            …the CRAWfish…amongst the fishes… :lol:

            • CUB4DK

              …or are you all the TADpoles that run in SCHOOLS…hehehe

    • Qrob

      I love all these anonymous people who are afraid to put an ID with their

      • CUB4DK

        …the TRUTH shall always set you free Amigo… :cool: :smile:

      • Anonymous

        I’m sure that Qrob is your real name. Dumb ass. :smile:

    • Man

      I like the crocodile tears, i mean seriously, trump used slogans with no details of his plan.

      He is not a business leader, just a snakeoil salesman

      • CUB4DK

        Amen :lol:

        • CUB4DK

          …but you have to Love Mr. Trump…he’s a great 2-bit Actor :cool: :lol:

    • Babouche


      Q2 IS NOT QANON !!



    • pocomotion

      Trumpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
      Trumpty Dumpty took America to a HARD and great fall.
      All the king’s sheeple and all the king’s military men
      Couldn’t put Trumpty’s AMERICA together again.

      America has been taken over and only the timing of the purge will show everyone what the fuck they missed while following T.V. and sports.


      Syria BOMBING was the point I emailed trump to stop any further contact. No emails, no updates. Just two weeks before Trump
      said he was pulling out the illegal US Troops from Syria. I thought he was strong willed. Now what will happen-the same deep state wars, lies and total control. Where there was hope, now I don’t know.

    • Kc

      Clown shills all of you

      • CUB4DK

        SHILL Out…Us Trailor Trash Stars took the RED PILL! :lol:

        Cheers, Your Uncle Hexy :lol:

    • Freeus

      Seems no-one noticed- somehow against 220 million people odds- someone wanted Trump in more than earth itself or Trump would of lost the 17 political paid for candidates, media paid for Clinton by globalist or Soro’s machines in three states that went to paper after inside scoop. What are the odd’s any man could of won without God’s spiritual intervention to save U.S. We all know Hilary was opening borders and bringing war so her globalist dynasty cabal masters could take over with NWO. She had it in place, Obama divided and she was the last block to turn us over to our enemies. God always used the worst to show he works miracles within anyone, no matter who you are, or what you’ve done. Trump had to be bigger, stubborn, intelligent full of himself to deal with people he knows well as they were like him…were is the key word. He is hand picked believe in him and support him- most important pray for him and U.S. this is a spiritual war of good and evil.

    • Anonymous

      “Assault weapons”, eh? This counterfeit is super simple to poke gaping holes through and through. Psy-Op from the git-go. But then I guess you can fool some of the people all of the time.




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