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Mobilizing for War - US Ships/Planes to the Panama Canal - 4K US Soldiers to Syrian Border - UK Braces for Anthrax Attack

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Mobilizing for War – US Ships/Planes to the Panama Canal – 4K US Soldiers to Syrian Border – UK Braces for Anthrax Attack


There are a serious of simultaneous events involving massive movements of troops and equipment indicating a mobilization for war. Here are 5 of 12 reports I have received in the past 4 hours.

American Military to the Panama Canal

A highly trusted source, highly decorated ex-Green Beret, John Moore, has sent Paul Martin and myself evidence of a troop buildup within the Panama Canal. This is information is highly sensitive and carries profound implications.

The implications are two-fold:

  1. These troops are moving to block a Red Dawn invasion that will follow the breakout of the ground war in Syria
  3. These troops will also be in position to check the Chinese part of the invasion. Remember, China controls the Panama Canal.

Here is the unredacted version of the email.

John Moore

Attachments1:41 PM (5 minutes ago)


to office, radiodude419, davehodges


The below report is from a friend of mine. I have sanitized it to protect his identity.




Reports of much more US military hardware arriving in Panama.

This came from an associate 2 days ago:

Since this morning, they have landed in the Canal Zone at a former air base in Panama called Howard Air Force Base, 35 F-22 Raptor aircraft, 50 Chinook helicopters, 15 Galaxy 5, and 13 Lockheed L-1110, of Intelligence and aerial reconnaissance and 22 Stealth bombers. The question is: Why?

The above has not been confirmed but the attached picture of the B-35s in Albrook airport and the destroyer are confirmed.

Under the canal agreement, if the US feels that the Panama canal is in danger they can deploy military assets to Panama which it seems they are doing right now. And Venezuela breaking diplomatic relations this week may well be the justification  for this.

Just got this at 1:50pm EST today from a very trusted source who lives next the old Howard Air Force base near the canal:

“Sh-tload of helo’s in and out this morning with troops hanging out of them”.


Please confirm received.

These American planes were photographed in the Canal Zone and sent to John Moore who forwarded them to Paul Martin and myself.

This American ship was photographed in the Canal Zone

American War Games On the Syrian Border

 Paul Martin just informed me that 4,000 American soldiers are engaged in war games on the Syrian border.

Syria attack: 4000 US servicemen launch major WARGAMES on edge of Syria

ALMOST 4,000 US servicemen began major wargames in Jordan today – just hours after neighboring Syria was bombarded by more than 100 missiles launched by America, Britain and France.


PUBLISHED: 18:22, Sun, Apr 15, 2018 | UPDATED: 18:24, Sun, Apr 15, 2018

Iran Threatens the US

world war 3 syria airstrikes iran president hassan rouhani donald trump assad

World War 3: Iran will RESPOND to ‘CRIMINAL’ Trump in ‘less than a week’

IRAN will respond in “less than a week” to US, UK and French airstrikes after President

UK Braces for Anthrax Attack


ww3 anthrax fears vaccine chemical weapons britain gavin williamson

WW3 fears: Britain makes anthrax vaccine available amid chemical attack preparations

THOUSANDS of anthrax vaccines are to be made available….

Is there any turning back from this?  The world needs to engage in prayer.



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    • FauxScienceSlayer

      Screwball Q says this is Trump/Putin headfake….Tomahawks hit terrorist weapon lab….Nobel Peace Prize pending….

      • Anonymous

        Q crumbs
        Q piss
        Q leaks urinate on truth seekers
        Tavistock social engineering experiment of 2011
        Track radicals even as you Create them
        Like ISIS
        ISIS in America
        36DD Q porn chess
        Limited Hangout; plagiarize existing memes- claim its breaking news
        Recycle whats already revealed long ago
        Sorcha Faal 2007 Sucha Fail.

    • Takealook

      If the planes really are being re-located to Panama it is more likely to either remove them from pre-targeted
      destruction by Russian Kalibers of to ready them for a massive assault on the western hemisphere’s dollar-
      hater: Venezuela. Either way it is for the bankers and all Americans can just die as far as the Deep State
      is concerned.

    • Pink Slime

      Just taking care of the garbage left behind by the sodomite Negro. Democraps start ALL wars. Republicans are tasked to shutting it down.

      That is why this great country will become desolate. A housed divided will fall. I have long called for a BAN on the Democrap party. But now I call for its DESTRUCTION since the Twittard owner declared WAR on the Republican party. :twisted:

      • Raised in Detroit

        Stop the ridiculous trash talk. 👎

        • Pink Slime

          Somebody has to talk out the garbage. :wink:

          • Rockledge

            I think Raised in Detroit just tried to.

    • truck driver

      Iranians used to have their own convenience stores in a ghetto in the united States in the 1980s




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