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People of Colorado Prepare to Defend Yourselves

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People of Colorado Prepare to Defend Yourselves

Before Colorado is made the capital after the destruction of Washington, D.C., Colorado will be the target of an EMP attack which is designed to reduce the resistance against the UN takeover of the capital of the United States. That entity will be the United Nations, the same entity that is, in part, sponsoring the break-away of California from the United States (Calexit). This article will demonstrate that the UN is planning to establish the capital in Colorado, subjugate the people of Colorado through an EMP attack and attempted foreign troop occupation. This is all being done to ensure a defeat of the United State in World War III. In other words, we are being defeated, at least initially, from within.  The Deagel data at the end of the article demonstrates how bad America will lose WW III. 

Overwhelming Foreign Troop Presence In Colorado and Wyoming

In the previous part of this series, I provided several examples of foreign troop presence in Colorado and Southern Wyoming.

Previously, I presented pictures taken by an ex-Intel that provided Paul Martin and myself the evidence that the United Nations was preparing to have its communications systems survive an EMP attack. Here are a few of the photos that Paul Martin and I were sent. Since, we published these photos, it should be noted that Paul has had face-to-face meetings with this individual.

From Rawlins, Wyoming

I previously published a series of articles about the strange “UN” goings on in No. Colorado and So. Wyoming. Both Paul Martin and myself have received voluminous reports about foreign/UN troop activity in the region. Some of these reports led me to file the following report in December of 2017 along with photographic evidence of UN EMP proof communications equipment, as identified my expert, in this region. Here is the previously published report:

Over the past 18 months, the small town of Rawlins, Wyoming has come to my attention because of its intimate association with DHS and the UN. Further, this small town of under 10,000 people has played host to some very large scale bioweapon response drills as well as testing the efficacy of the Federal authorities to be able to respond to a terrorist chemical attack.

I have taken the following photos to military personnel who tell me this is an United Nations operation. The particular equipment you are looking at is designed to operate and persevere through an EMP attack. Most recently, Paul Martin and myself have received an identical communication from the Rawlins area. Please take note the following photos:


rawlins 1

rawlins 3           rawlins 2

rawlins 4

rawlins 5

rawlins 8

Now we see UN EMP proof communications in this very bizarre place.

What an optimal environment for the UN to operate in.

Now, we have more information of EMP-proof communications equipment being installed in Aurora, Colorado.

The UN’s EMP Proof Communications Equipment is Showing Up In Aurora, Colorado

I received two reports from readers regarding the following installation along Buckley Road In Southeastern Aurora, Colorado. My experts tell me this is the same type of equipment that we see in Rawlins, Wyoming.

This is damning proof that the UN is part of a conspiracy to weaken the resistance to their takeover of Colorado through an EMP attack that the UN communications equipment will survive.

There will, no doubt, be other examples. Please send me photos to [email protected]

Remember, Obama Showed the Russians and the Chinese How to Take Down the Grid

With the news that Hackers can take over the grid on command, we must consider the fact that when Obama allowed the Russians and the Chinese to participate in the EMP prep drills calls Grid EX, he gave our enemies the know how on to simulate an EMP attack and take down the Grid. This has potentially dire consequences for every man, woman and child in America.

Here is the complete story…

Obama committed absolute treason by letting the Russians and the Chinese on the inside.

Former UN Official Confirms UN to Shut Down Access to Some Mountain Roads in No. Colorado

The Intel source that provided the UN EMP proof communications equipment has a relative who one had a high position in the UN. This person told our Intel source that the UN is preparing to shut down key roads in the No. Colorado mountains. Paul and I know the identity of this source, but out of concern for their safety, we will not identify them.

I recently interviewed Paul Martin on this issue:

This is undoubtedly why we have multiple sightings of foreign troops in No. Colorado.

Who Wins WW III?

Deagle is a CIA front research group that is projecting that America will not only lose WW III, but lose it badly. The country will be decimated and our enemies will actually prosper from our defeat.

Here is the projected data. But first, here is a list of Deagel partners, leaving little doubt as to their CIA affiliation.

A Partial List of Deagel Partners 

National Security Agency –

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO – OTAN) –

Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) –


Russian Defense Procurement Agency –

Stratfor –

The World Bank –

United Nations (UN) –



(All figures are Billions USD)

United States of America

 Population Change


 84% Reduction in population


2025    1,358,640,000
2016    1,370,000,000

1% Reduction in population


2025   142,167,300
2016   142,350,000

No real change in population

GDP 2016-2025

United States

2025   $921,157
2016    $18,560,000

 95% reduction in GDP


2025  $15,244,348
2016   $11,390,000

34% increase in GDP


2025   $3,951,028
2016   $1,270,000

211% increase in GDP


United States

2025     $8,046
2016    $612,000

99% reduction in military spending


2025  $269,952
2016  $148,000

32% increase in military spending


2025  $154,243
2016  $63,600

143% in military spending


The economy is destroyed, our military is dismantled and we are dead broke and most of us, 90% to be exact, will be dead.

This all starts in California (Calexit) and in Colorado.

People of Colorado, America, prepare to defend yourself.

Prior to taking over Colorado and establishing the new capital, the UN will have to eliminate all resistance. This article explains, in part, how they will do it!




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    • Busta Myth

      Sounds like that HollyWeird Movie RED DAWN when North Korea and the Ruskies invade America after an EMP

      …or that movie “Man in the High Castle” about what America would be like if the Project Paperclip Nazis took over

      Freemason Trump from Bavaria seems to really like Putin, Xi Jinpin and Frau skanky Smerkels of Germany (who;s probably Putins Girlfriend AGENT SALTY)

      You know what they say about people in “Secret Societies” …..they $$$$$$UCK :twisted:

    • Central Scrutinizer

      Show me 1, single, solitary instance where EraserHead has been right about……… ANYTHING….?????

      Take your time, I’ll wait.

      (In my holding cell, beneath a non-descript Texas WalMart, retrofitted as a guillotine surrounded FEMA Camp, with HUGE telescopes to view Comet Ison, whilst Jade Helm 15 rages on, trying desperately to deflect Plant X from it’s inbound journey to wreck the big splash thought ought to be attributed to the Yellowstone Supervolcano!!!! ……. Man, I’m tired just thinking about that mess!). :mrgreen:

      • wheeties

        hey there cs!!! some day your gonna be dead so think about those apples eh!!!!

    • Pink Slime

      There is no doubt in my mind the Negro betrayed this country along with Democraps who are communist. I cannot believe Americans would vote for their own DEMISE and DEATH by installing or voting known communist in power.

      Every time you install a Democrap you are putting in a VILE communist and betrayer to your nation. One who has NO LOVE for your country. Mostly ignorant liberals, Negroes and women.

      But to wake the American people up you need more evidence of Russian and Chinese troops on our soil. We need the “Kevin McCarthy” moment. Russian and Chinese troops and Muslim sleeper cells could wipe out your command and infrastructure very easily. Police will be a shooting duck gallery for them and laffable.

      Everyone will be surprised. Might just be like that “Red Dawn” invasion. Only the WISE will perceive and see it coming. The rest will get caught with their pants down…. and I hate to say, deservedly so. You wanted the Negro in, you take the Negro out in your underwear. :lol:

      It’s just like in Matthew. I tell people to prepare, be aware, some laff it off, otherwise prepare half-heartily, then others take it seriously, till the cares of life carry them away. Eat drink and be merry, we have our supplies.

      FOOL, don’t you know the end will come like a thief in the night?? :arrow: :neutral:

    • Man

      with all the crap posts placed on BIn, i would say, prune it.

      I am still waiting for that Purple revolution by millenium reporter
      I am still waiting for that Jade helm Military takeover by Dave
      and the WW3 by John Rolls

    • utube/user/dcbourbonireland

      Yes The evidence exists and one way to prove it might now exists. There is UN movements to recruit Republic of Ireland into a UN army .Ireland’s constitution requires Ireland to not be part of any large army grouping like NATO and remain neutral except in defense if Ireland is attacked .Then neutrality can be over ridden to protect Ireland. Ireland remained Neutral in world war 2 . However over time things have changed the neutrality of Ireland is severely compromised. The Republic of Ireland is now part of the UN forces world wide for 40 years on UN peace mission. That UN Trojan horse now looks to make neutral Ireland a important cog in the UN plan to destroy the USA . Many Irish people are unaware that that their armed forces do not have any legal right to leave Ireland as a armed Military force as they are a defense force and not army .The successive Irish governments ignore this legal problem as they are owned by the globalist forces that control communist controlled EU and Europe . The UN knowing that Irish military forces being a defense force and not a army like the UK or USA and therefore under Geneva convention laws have no legal right to leave Irish shores to do military actions keep the Irish military in the back lines and use them exclusivity for their UN communications .That reduces the risks the Irish military forces will have to partake in fire fights where in effect they would become a mercenary army under Geneva convention regulations . All attempt by Irish peoples to expose the UN as the most evil organization in the planet and Irish military are a illegal UN mercenary activity have been suppressed by globalist media and globalist controlled Government .Now the Irish V have joined a EU army under a treaty called PESCO .Now the Irish military forces are expanding their size and expanding their military abilities especially in communications . This week the Irish President a hard core communist has gone to the UN in New York to rubber stamp Ireland’s application to be a member of the UN security counsel ( a two year chair position normally reserved for major nations ). This attempt to make a small countries armed forces join the UN at highest levels will be sold as Ireland is neutral where in fact it it is not NEUTRAL but a UN Trojan horse to destroy the USA .The only logical conclusion is that Irish military forces will be part of the UN forces to attack the USA .Time remains for your group in the USA to high light this situation embarrass Ireland expose their total lack of neutrality and their illegal activity and remove Ireland from the UN forces .The communications hole this will make in the UN forces will slow down the UN .It will also hopefully create a media storm that no country outside the USA can be trusted as they are all owned by the communist UN globalist forces and should never be allowed into the USA .For extra info contact the peoplesinternetradio dot com where expertise on Irish contribution is available .Make no mistake this information is only part of the EU army plan to join the UN and attack and destry the USA against the wishes of the peoples of Europe who cant stop the Globalists now in charge of the European armies under NATO , PESCO, And other Trojan horses they have youtube/user/dcbourbonireland .Notify stone ,alex jones, rebel radio ,coast to coast and any others that can defend the USA from this plan to destroy the USA using UN forces .Hopefully the USA will evict the UN from the USA soon and later help the peoples of EU and the world remove this globalist Trojan horse from the planet earth .Ask any peoples where the UN came to bring peace they will tell you whatever war they had before the UN came was made much worse with the UN intervention who have mission to bring death and destruction to the entire planet .Now the USA is the new target .They have to remove the USA to make a one world government to bring the planet under globalist control under communism

    • blazemaxim

      You need to do better research mister mh370 gonna crash in to the super bowl. The device chained to the sign is a video camera used for traffic monitering.
      Its a mobile cctv device made by miovision. Was very easy to find it using a simple search with the name listed on the box you took a picture of.

      • wheeties

        good job blaze–bin is so insane but entertaining….




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