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Is the Antichrist’s Peace Treaty Underway—Bloodshed in Israel—The Real Motive

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By Lisa Haven


Today, May 14th, the US officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel by opening the US embassy. A promise that President Trump made has been fulfilled. Trouble is, it is coming with lots of bloodshed and conflict.

Over 40,000 Palestinians are protesting and rioting, and the IDF has stepped in killing dozens and injuring about 1,7000.

But one must not forget the motive? Why is there such a conflict? Who gains out of this situation? All that and more below…



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    • Takealook

      Could you imagine 50 killed and 1700 wounded by police in a Black Lives Matter
      protest? In that case the Jew owned media would be screaming how horrible the
      police and Whitey are. However when the apartheid state of Israhell murders
      and steals the land from the Palestinians there is not a peep from the Zionist
      media. The country that did 911 gets away with killing any Palestinan they want
      because of idiots like Rabbi Haven the Christian Zionist idiot.

      • CUB4DK

        …it really is a SICK WORLD that We’all Live in…

        • CUB4DK

          …too bad nobody is doing anything about IT!

      • Rockledge

        The only idiots are those like yourself who buy into the Satanic anti-semitic mindset the media fills your head with. The war against Israel is an age old temporal AND spiritual struggle.
        The BLM movement is simply a bunch of mal-content crybabies who want life handed to them by those who work to build lives.
        Trying to compare the two situation is foolish.

        • Sturmgewehr

          Is that you, Sholomo?

      • The Ferrett

        Well said . .

    • deano

      Agenda?…..Who has covetted Jerusalem since the time of the CRUSADES?

      Your Vicar of Christ.

      What was the UN take on Israel in 1948?

      the CORPUS SEPERATUM….the Vatican wanted Jerusalem in its own autonomous state.

      Who really invented ZIONism? (recapture of Jerusalem)

      the Anglican Reverend called William Hechler, that promoted Theodore Herzl, pushed Christian Zionism, and even had plans/models of the New Temple of Solomon made.
      Today, its Jesuit-Rabbi david Rosen, another Knight Commnder of The ORDER of St GREGORY, a papal knight!

      Rupert Murdoch(FOX) is the media Knight Commander , Order of St Gregory, that brainwashes this shit into us all….

      and the Knight Commander, who invented IS , not Islamic State, but International Security is Lord Richards of Herstmonceaux.
      ” who planned a 100 000 rebel army to oust the Assad govt in Syria”……dealing with your “Secretarys of Defense” via NATO.

      Knight Commanders are the modern day Temple Knights~ CRUSADERS……sent by the Vatican to recapture Jerusalem.

      The only thing biblical Lisa is that Palestinians= PHILLISTINES, and Hebrews are HABIRU. :cry:

    • Truthseeker

      There will be no 7 years peace treaty with a non existing single person that is called “The” antichrist,

      Daniel 9 foretold of the 7 years that Christ will confirm the New Covenant with many — but would be and was cut short in mid week thus from 7 years to 3 /12 years.

      3 and one half years after Christ began to confirm the New Covenant He was bled to death on the stake.

      27 And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.

      Stop and think, why was the sacrifice and the oblation to cease? Because Jesus Christ as our Passover fulfilled what the sacrifice pointed to. that One sacrifice of Jesus Christ ended, cause to cease the Sacrificial Law.

    • Counter Analysis

      Moving the embassy is an act of war. That is not to say that Israel doesn’t have the right to declare Jerusalem as its capital. I feel bad and pray for the many Palestinians who are likely nice decent human beings caught on the wrong side of a conflict. If I were in their shoes and raised with their mindset, I would probably view America and Israel as the tyrannical devil incarnate. Hamas almost certainly pushed its people to provoke violence to make them look like victims and Israel the villain. This will further enrage the Pals, lead to revenge attacks, and world condemnation on Israel.

      War is going to happen. Now is Israel’s opportunity to exercise her rights as a sovereign nation, increase her defense, and eliminate enemy strongholds. Israel must do this while America has President Trump. There has not been, and likely never will be a president so friendly to Israel. Now is Israel’s golden opportunity; it will not be wasted! This has a high probability of leading to the Psalm 83 war. I bet Israel is going to mop up her enemies. The aftermath will be a peace agreement that SA will likely play a huge role in supporting.

      Will the next peace treaty be, “The One?” Not necessarily, though it could be. The prophesied treaty may occur after and resulting from the Gog Magog war. But it may also be that a near term treaty will be signed not by the ac, but will only be confirmed by the ac at a later date. If the first treaty fails, it may be reinstated at a later date by the ac. So it is unclear at this point who the ac is even if someone signs a seven year treaty tomorrow. However, whoever signs or confirms a seven year treaty is going to know full well the prophetic implications.

      War is coming and is being knowingly instigated by Israel and America. It is debatable whether such instigation is justified. Israel is surrounded by enemies devoted to her destruction, and one more president like Obama could prove fatal absent a miracle by God. Israel is faced with time bombs including, Iran nuclear ambitions, ever increasing anti-Israel sentiment around the world, the eventual end of Trump’s presidency, and the increasing populations of Palestinians and Israelis in need of land.

      Iraq was bull$h!t, but Iran has proven nuke facilities and ambitions. If Iran gets nukes, Israel will be greatly diminished in its ability to repel enemies using conventional means. Massive armies can amass against Israel with the confidence Israel will be less likely to use tactical nukes knowing Iran could retaliate with nukes. Israel would have a hard time against massive armies without nukes, and Israel’s inability to use nukes without MAD would likely draw such an emboldened army.

      It is critical Israel maintain nuclear deterrence without MAD. Otherwise the whole Middle East and possibly the world could go up in flames. Iran must not be allowed nukes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      This whole embassy move is closely tied into Iran, Syria, and everything else. If moving the embassy instigates war and causes all Israel’s enemies to activate, so be it. Then they can be dealt with at an opportune time when perhaps nuclear winter can be avoided.

      May God have mercy and compassion on the poor whether they be Palestinian or Israeli.

    • The Ferrett

      From Gilad Atzmon comes this as usual brilliantly observed comment:
      Zionism promised to solve the Jewish problem. It vowed to fix Diaspora Jews by means of a ‘homecoming,’ to make the Jews loved, empathic, bond them to the soil; in essence, to make them ‘people like all other people.’

      The horrific scenes flooding in from Gaza today demonstrate that Zionism failed miserably. The Jewish State is an embarrassment to its original humanist endeavour and to humanity in general.

      Just today, at least 43 Palestinian protestors have been killed and 2,200 wounded by Israeli troops at the Gaza border. Some reports suggest that half of the injuries were caused by live ammunition. This is devastating news. The criminality of Israel is institutional. This is not about one odd sniper who laughs as he shoots a young Palestinian in the knee, crippling him for life. Israel is displaying a systematic hierarchic murderous apparatus designed to sustain the oppression of the indigenous people of the land for an unlimited period.

      Despite the Zionist dream, the Jewish state isn’t loved by its neighbours. It isn’t loved by the rest of the world either. In fact Israel’s actions evoke global repulsion. Instead of solving the Jewish problem, Zionism has only relocated the problem and amplified the symptoms it vowed to eliminate.

      Truth can be a disturbing notion; no matter how much you try to suppress it, truth manages to come out. Accordingly, it is impossible to grasp the history of Jewish suffering without taking into consideration the atrocious actions of the Jewish state. As it happens, Israeli politics is driven by a complete dismissal of the other.

      The Israeli military operation in Gaza is simply a license to murder. One would hope that a state that names itself the Jewish State would be slightly more vigilant with its excessive use of power.

      By now I believe that Israel is going to be remembered as the darkest chapter in Jewish history and beyond.

    • The Ferrett

      IT’S ABOUT TIME LISA HAVEN WAS EXPOSED!! All of these pathetic ‘Israel Firsters’, ‘Christian Zionists’, whatever, have the same deceptive approach with over-the-top headlines and a never ending stream of fear porn stories that have virtually no basis in fact. But once the reader’s trust is gained, she cleverly veers you in another direction with largely fabricated, irrelevant nonsense whose focus and time should be avoided.

      These willingly ignorant shills are EXTREMELY dangerous because they keep us confined in large disinfo nets to contain, de-fuse, suppress and deflect away any hint of Jewish culpability.

      Anyone who stands in the way of Truth, at any level; and does not actively propagate the Truth they know and do their part to resist this Jewish tyranny at some level, is helping to create death, destruction and suffering.
      Therefore they are on the side of darkness and a traitor to humanity as is Lisa Haven.

      This pathetic media whore, will never ever have the courage to say . . . . “IT’S THE JEWS”, because that would give offence to her beloved ‘chosen’ and would end their lucrative media exposure and they KNOW it.

      So who is Lisa Haven? A willing agent of disinformation or simply a useful idiot who can be relied upon to produce all these stories that superficially appears to be a “reveal” and the appearing of some threat to the powers that be, but whose stories – in reality – are largely benign through lies of omission? Ample evidence points to her being the latter

    • Godspell

      The Zionists are the ones who gain the most out of this . Lisa if you are truly trying to follow God and His Son, then you have to understand that Jews are not the children of Israel. Israel is Jacob, not a country, it is a person who had his name changed to Israel after wrestling with an Angel of the Lord. Read 2kings ch.17 verse 34 where it says he commanded the children of Jacob whom he named Israel, so if you are really wanting to follow Him, then you have to put away this nonsense of Jews being the chosen race, because it is clear who the chosen are and it is those of the Spiritual seed of Abraham, not the physical seed by the flesh . What did John the Baptist say to those claiming to be of Abraham’s seed ? John said that for God could raise up seed of Abraham from these stones, so he is confirming that the physical seed by the flesh is not what is saved, but the Spirit that is not of flesh and is circumcised from the flesh, these things you would know if you truly had the Holy Spirit.




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