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Escalation: Hold Onto Your Hats, Rough Ride Ahead! West Plans Blackout and Russia Land Invasion! (Video)

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On today’s edition of TRUNEWS, while the rest of the American press is focused on the resignation of Nikki Haley as UN Ambassador, Rick Wiles comments on the continued escalation between the West and Russia.

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Is NATO about to launch a #cyberattack on Putin’s homeland on a perceived threat against Europe?

The team also continues to follow the story behind that mysterious abduction of the Interpol president, and the gruesome story of a journalist being hacked up and packed up in pieces in the Saudi Embassy in Istanbul.

Lights Out! West Plots Russia Land Invasion and Black Out


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#russia #nato #cyberattack #emp #war



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    • truck driver

      Mexican land invasion . look at those comment box videos on minitemanproject dot com

    • HTLIII

      The Bush cabal British Empire American wanker foreign policy hangs around my country like the smell of a dead rat in the sofa. I apologize to my foreign friends and the others who are peacefully inclined. Boosting Yolanda was inexcusable.

    • HTLIII

      The Bush criminal cabal’s British Empire American wanker foreign policy hangs around my country like the smell of a dead rat in the sofa. I apologize to my foreign friends and the others who are peacefully inclined. Boosting Yolanda was inexcusable.

    • KGB

      Nicki Haley is a deranged woman who needs some serious psychological help and a whole lot of prayers in order to remove the legion of demons that lives within her. I shudder at the thought of her running for any position in politics least of all POTUS. this woman is EXTREMELY dangerous and needs to kept away from the matches. Haley and all the other Zionist scum need to be straight jacketed and locked away in a mental assilum for ever. Humanity will be much better off without these psychos on the loose.

    • Canderson

      Trump has been taken for a fool.

      The head of the Council on Foreign Relations was running around

      bragging that this new agreement was NAFTA plus TPP plus 10%, and we should pass it immediately. Trump

      trusted these people, and now he has to get rid of them. I hope there are serious consequences for people

      who tried to sell out our sovereignty.”

      Alex Newman – Horrifying Consequences If China Runs Globalist New World Order

      • Canderson

        May 4, 2007 Alan Watt Blurb (i.e. Educational Talk)
        “Great Britain, Embryo of World Government – 1938 Report From Royal Institute of International Affairs’
        Global Meeting”

        Proof That Major Global Events Are Planned Decades In Advance – 1937 RIIA Global Meeting – Alan Watt

        • Canderson

          “Free trade is Piracy!” (Designed to take your sovereignty away, by them 1000 cuts or even more.)

          Dr. John Coleman- The Committee of 300 (1994)

          Stan Monteith Interview with Alan Watt – May 1, 2006

          Alan: When you go into the history of John Dee, who had the largest library in England at the time in fact, John Dee was a courtier at the court of Queen Elizabeth I and he was also an advisor to her and an agent when he traveled abroad, and just by coincidence his code number that he signed his letters by was 007.

          Dr. Stan: Right.

          Alan: He laid out the plan – he was the first person to coin the term “Brytish,” (he called it B-r-y-tish Empire), “a Brytish Empire should be formed on the basis of free trade and with favored nation trading status.” That’s in the 1500′s and he said that countries that would not join this commonwealth would be excluded by taxation, by importation duties and so on, and bypassed in trade; and that was the beginning of this whole free trade business.

          Dr. Stan: Of course, it was really a plan to unite the world under British rule, wasn’t it?

          Alan: It was and he even said in his writings that even though Britain would start it off, someone would take over in the future. We find that happening in the early 1900′s when Kipling came over and he read his poem to the Senate of the U.S., the one about “The White Man’s Burden” and what they would have to do, and that was the handing over the flag as he wrote in his poem: To you, we hand the torch over to you to take over.

    • DangerWillRoberson

      everybody wang chung tonite! :idea:

    • Arlene Johnson

      Why then would the joint US-Russia space mission have been launched recently just as President Kennedy wanted, but NASA and the military didn’t. See

      After all, Russia and the United States are allies. See

      If you want to know the truth, log onto where you will be able to click on the icon that says Magazine.
      Also click on for my newest book regardless where you live.


      Arlene Johnson

    • Canderson

      Bullshit, then you could kiss your hat goodbye.




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