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Putin Issues Warning: Something Worse Than a Nuclear Bomb Is Coming - A Must Video

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From Michael:

NORAD spotted 4 Russian Tupolev airplanes (nuclear bombers!) flyingover 3 Major US Cities

And it’s not the first time… this has been going on for months now.

The media were forced to keep this shy from the public’s eyes and ears until they knew exactly to what kind of threat we’re dealing with.

See video to find out the full extent of Putin’s sickening strategy and how it will inevitably affect the lives of all Americans.

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  • No time

    It’s the vomit weapon. If you get zapped by it, you will wolf your cookies.

  • Jamison

    It is the fear mongering produced by the West and the Deep state and this is an example… :eek:

    • Jeffery Pritchett

      Saint Putin right? :shock:

      • Anonymous

        Bitchett the Mossad Monkey, spewing his zionist hasbara bullchett. Pushing the agenda to have WW3 between US-Russia so the Zio Sludge FaQe Khazar state can be the world hegemon. Why is it always the Talmudists behind this fearmongering, war pimping garbage and strife? Are they genetically feces derived?
        We know they claim to be the descendents of the Fallen Angels and their racial supremicism “entitles” them to rob cheat steal and mass murder the goyim (“who only exist to serve them”-Rabbi Ovadia Yoseff.)
        Keep bankrupting yourself for these bottom feeders America, you will get what you paid trillions for.

  • Slimey

    Do you trust a petty ring thief??

    You shouldn’t. Because if he sweats with the small stuff you can be assured he’ll sweat it out with the big stuff. :cool:

  • duffer

    fear mongering at an extreme level. putin knows if he sets one of these off it’s game over for the planet. the us has DOZENS of subs each of which is equipped with ICBMs. Any strike against the US at this kind of level and its launch them all at russia and china. if we go down, they go down.

    so, putin, if you think you want to turn the planet into a nuclear wasteland…go ahead. see what happens to you comrades too.

  • 3RD BORN

    A sales commercial, Jeffrey? Are things THAT bad that you must bait & switch your loyal followers with an infomercial?

    I am insulted and angry about this trickery, and I don’t know if or when I may be back. SICK.

  • wheeties

    hey jeff– i value your entertainment a bunch–keep it up–these idiots who think they are going to turn into einstein by reading this entertainment stuff are loonies!!!

  • 2QIK4U

    Russia Russia Russia…all I hear now is Marcia Marcia Marcia so when something really does happen nobody will believe it and stay sitting ducks….

  • Jeffery Pritchett

    Putin is a mafia thug and I’m getting my superhero suit soon. I’m coming for you Putey!

  • Andy

    nice distraction, go entirely opposite to truth to scare the sheeple

    Putin & Russia are not the enemies of the U.S. but they are a thorn in her side when it comes to the U.S. breaking treaties and parking missile sites all around Russias’ border, or when it comes to instigating coops and setting up puppet governments e.g. Ukraine or when it comes to the U.S. fighting illegally in Syria, Iraq & Afghanistan. Russia is the only country fighting legally in Syria, assisting their ally as legally requested by said government

    the ONLY enemy of “We The People Of The United States Of America” is government itself, engaging in illegal wars, criminal acts & false flags, repeatedly using its’ own citizens as guinea pigs and much more, in order to further its’ agenda of destruction & conquest – and all in the name of the Almighty Petro-Dollar

    take note of the similarities between the rise & fall of the Roman Empire and what’s going on in America today

  • No time

    It’s great that he is finally coming out of the closet!

  • prashi

    The bolsheviks (joos) are no longer in power in Russia, and they hate Putin for it. They are the creatures who created communism and then starved millions of Russian people in the early 1900′s after they overthrew the Czar. This was done as revenge to the Czar for evicting these satanic creatures from the Russian countryside. The bolsheviks were gathered up in NY City by bankers Jacob Schiff, and Paul Warburg who then sent them in to Russia to start street demonstrations and rioting that lead to the eventual overthrow. Sound familiar? The bolsheviks especially hate Putin even more now that their agenda can’t be implemented. They’re not able to bring in all the african tribes, install a homosextual/pedo culture either. Many laws have been created in Russia to prevent an out of control bolshevik run, luciferian media as well. Ohhh yeah, they really hate Putin so much that they have to try to create lies about him and Russia in every society that they control (US for one). These creatures are easy to spot. You can find them all over this site… Even commenting on this article…




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