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What?! ISIS Has a Website in America That’s Linked to Our Gov? Watch Before It’s Removed…Because It Will Be...

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We have all head about the US government funding ISIS, however only so much proof has surfaced…until now!! Rather surprisingly I came across a business website named ISIS whose acronym stands for Integrated Systems Improvement Services Inc. At first glance I thought this was just another ‘run of mill’ company that had nothing to do with ado. But upon further investigation and research my initial thought was dead wrong! Now to clarify, I’m not claiming this company is linked to ISIS, however I am asking the question, and quite frankly I would think that if the US government wanted to keep this business “incognito” they would not name the terrorist group ISIS, however maybe their idea is to put it in plain sight so people deny it all together, which we all know is another strategy often used by the global elite. Either way, you really must check out this video and then you decide…..



Here is what the website says on their about page:


“ISIS is headquartered outside Fort Huachuca in Sierra Vista, Arizona. Our Washington D.C. office is located in the Ronald Reagan Building. We are dedicated to supporting our national defense and security departments, as well as government contractors and private business, with mission-critical services performed by highly skilled experts in their fields. ISIS professionals can be found working side by side with the U.S. Armed Forces, U.S. Government and Prime Contractors on the ground in such strategic environments as the Middle East…


“ISIS exists for one purpose: To provide government and business the sophisticated intelligence, technology, security and training they need to support and protect national and corporate interests in the most challenging of global environments. All with the utmost professionalism, transparency, and integrity.”



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    • Anonymous

      A US government MERCENARY COMPOUND. I bet this are the same MERCENARIES that train the ISLAMISM TERRORIST.

      • upchuck



      • Terminator


        AND IN CASE YOU MISSED IT, the latest Snowden leak outs ISIS leader as Israeli mossad and after people got to work on this, the Isis leader has been pegged as a Jew named Simon Elliott. This web site had Isis pegged on day one.

    • The Real Deal

      Excellent article! Time for people to wake up now.

    • earlcity

      Hello Dutch news -sorry, no interest, we are politically incorrect..

    • simpel

      Quote from “The Fate of Nations”

      Here politics and even religion itself will be used as weapons of war, as a leverage to separate people and to pit them against one another in a great conflict, not over ideology, but over the resources of the world.

      Here the conflict will be masked. It will be clothed in the disguise of politics and religion, but in essence it is a competition for resources. It is a conflict over access and distribution of resources.

      Humanity now faces great danger as it begins to encounter a world in decline—a world whose environments have been degraded, a world whose climate has been affected, a world whose life-sustaining resources are being depleted and ruined by human ignorance and human greed.

      It is for this reason that a New Message from God has been sent into the world.
      To those who will be tempted to take up the sword in the name of religion or political advantage: You must recognize that your thoughts, your intent and your actions go against

      God’s will for humanity. They are in violation of what God intends for humanity. For God intends for humanity to become united and self-sufficient within a universe full of intelligent life. Even at this moment, there are other powers beyond this world who are awaiting humanity’s failure, awaiting the opportunity to intervene in order to take advantage of a weak and conflicted humanity.

      If you would take up the sword in the name of religion or political advantage, you will violate God’s Plan for humanity. Though God will not punish you directly, you will separate yourself and turn away from the Knowledge of God that is within you, that God has placed within you for your own protection and redemption. And you will cast yourself into chaos and conflict, into rage and misery, and bring ruin and desolation to your people.

      Those who would take up the sword in the name of God or for political advantage will have failed their mission and calling in life, and they will lead others to failure as well. Within this failure, there will be no peace and no resolution, for they will have denied the Knowledge of God within themselves. They will have denied the Plan of the Creator for humanity. They will have turned themselves against the greater wisdom that God has placed within them and within all hearts. They will have, through ignorance and arrogance and vanity, destroyed their great opportunity to make a real contribution to their people, to their nation and to the world.

      Take heed then of this great warning. This warning is born of the love of God, but it is a warning nonetheless. It is warning you against the great possibility for error. It is advising you to turn to the Knowledge of God that lives within you—beyond your thinking mind and beyond the ideas, concepts and beliefs that have been historically established within humanity.

      Receive this warning then as a gift of love. Receive it as a consolation and a confirmation that what you most deeply feel is true, that humanity is facing great peril now—conflict from within and intervention from without. Have the courage to face this. Have the honesty to recognize it. Have the sobriety to consider it without trying to make it what you want it to be or what you think it is.

      More to read at As revealed to God’s Messenger Marshall Vian Summers

    • Anonymous

      Someone already posted this weeks ago….old story zzzzzzzzz

    • Dreamwalker

      The muslims must take action and protest against CIA IS. There is a burn ISIS flag challenge going viral. I hope they are not offended by burning the flags words. Its just a flag, let it burn. If you look at the flag as holy because of what is written, dont be fooled. Look at whats happening in Mecca and the mosque. Are relics holy to them? And what is going on there? Is it a new stone temple to worship idols, a new relic? Dont kill eachothers, there is no holy war. Dont forget the covenant if you are a Moslem, Christian or Jew. Dont let them fool you!

    • Joshua24:15

      Nice find Lisa.

    • Riding the Tilt A Wheel

      False Flag attack rind any bells? All the ISIS stuff in the news and here comes 9/11 right around the corner and now this little bit of ISIS info. plus 12 missing airliners? Nope, they wouldn’t do that to their own country.

    • YouGuysAreIdiots

      Idiot. This web site has nothing to do with ISIS/ISIL/IS. How stupid to people have to be to believe this crap?

    • DRJerkins

      There are also websites for:
      ISIS group – an organization that tracks human trafficking
      ISIS (pharmaceuticals)
      ISIS (the Institute for Science and International Security)
      ISIS (the Institute for Study of Interdisciplinary Sciences)
      ISIS (the International Species Information System)
      … and many more.

      I guess that all of these are part of the terrorist organization too…

      Does that mean that ISIS (the comic book heroine) is their real leader?

      This is like saying that the SEC (South-Eastern Conference) in school sports runs the SEC (Securities Exchange Commission).

      • Transferser

        How simplistic of you. None of the groups you mention are even remotely connected to the military, or to intelligence services. FAIL.

        But the heading at the top of the website for this group says they do both:
        “Provide International Security and Intelligence Services.”

        Their homepage also says: “ISIS provides worldwide security, intelligence, technology and training to government and private enterprises. ISIS is strategically positioned across the globe, with a highly credentialed management team and personnel. We have a superlative track record for delivering exceptional service and support to the most demanding of clients in the most challenging of circumstances.”

        Hmm, “the most demanding of clients”…”in the most challenging of circumstances”…

        It’s pretty easy to see how their “services” could be adapted to what ISIS is currently doing. In other words, they’re mercenaries.

        Not too hard to figure out.

        Note: Lisa isn’t alone in thinking this; (Jim Stone) also briefly covered this same info and website. There doesn’t appear to be a permalink to the info “blurb,” but it’s currently on his homepage. He says: “Isis is a psy op, run from offices in Washington D.C. and many foreign satellite bases. The fact that ISIS is a psy op staging company is irrefutable, and they do really fake looking beheadings with CIA/Mossad actors, CPR dolls and British rappers. First class outfit, AND IF YOU DO NOT KNOW ABOUT WHAT ISIS REALLY IS- AN ISRAELI OWNED AMERICAN MILITARY COMPANY, CLICK HERE [] FOR IRREFUTABLE PROOF.”

        • turtle

          But DRJ’s point is correct: “…and many more.”

          Yes, highly likely you will find an “International Security” or “Intelligence Service” provider among them.

          And anyone who quotes JimStone as a reference has been suckered. His poorly organised and uncorroborated “ideas” destines this disinfo agent to the same trash heap as Karen Hudes.

    • locustweed

      ISIS, CIA, same animals. The Lord God is going to smoke this country–The globalist using our tx dollars to fund, murder/behead Americans and anyone whom they see as a threat. Your votes don’t matter–THEY count the votes.

      All those guys in the photos are traitors and deserve the death penalty in my opinion. Do you recognize any of them?

      • turtle

        Locust and Einstein are 99.9% correct though

    • Einstein

      ISIS is a Mossad operation. Welcome to the Jew World Order.

    • Anonymous

      This isn’t new news. This ISIS organization was “exposed” on this website months ago. Still, it’s always good to keep bringing these things to the forefront until it begins to register with people.

      Let’s move past this now and put this ISIS in its proper position within the whole. Naomi Watts put together a rather helpful list of 10 steps that are used to convert an open society into a closed society under the tyrannical rule of a “Dictator” (at least as a figurehead).

      I have transcribed them from her speech. Look them over and tell me if you think they are useful and relevant. I have come to my own (always interim but maturing) theory of the “who, what, where, when, how and why”, i.e.., the rolling landscape of the “Grand Chessboard”. I would be happy to share it with you. Perhaps we can create a “majority of both thinkers and movers” to overwhelm the NWO (they are the real “resistance” to the natural order, not us :idea: ) by shedding light over all their plans (weaknesses in the light of day :idea: ).

      Below are the 10-steps (I have already begun to break it down further; next step will be to place necessary timelines on the strategies and then place their working tactics under those. That should give us a fairly good layout of the NWO’s working plan (with contingencies), from which we can discern our entry points to then, most effectively shed light. Think of planting timed, “light-bombs” in the right places, at the proper time (if you’ve ever experienced combat, you may recall the “strobe-effect” from successive explosions, which suddenly eliminates the tactical-element of surprise under the cover of darkness and exposes the enemy’s coordinated advance, direction of attack, troop strength, immediate objective and most importantly, the gaps in their ranks.

      The right explosions of light in coordinated succession, turn the enemy’s strengths into weakness. This is a core concept behind “The Art of War” according to Tsun-Su.

      10 Steps to Close-Down an Open Society (you’ll have to re-format the outline on your end to see it clearly)
      1. Invoke an Internal and External Threat –
      a. False-Flag Attacks
      b. Terrorists
      c. Enemies of the State
      2. Create Secret Prison System –
      a. Kidnap
      b. Detain
      c. Torture
      3. Develop a Paramilitary Force –
      a. Blackwater; Kraft, ISIS
      i. Create, train and deploy to foreign battlefields
      ii. Deploy Domestically, first in National Disasters
      4. Create a Comprehensive Surveillance apparatus – Spy on the Public
      a. Develop and implement technologies for foreign “Battlefield Applications”
      5. Infiltrate Citizen Groups –
      a. Monitor
      b. Provocateur
      6. Detain and Release Citizens through Fiat “Legalization” of “Indefinite-Detention without Charge or Trial”
      a. Foreign Citizens on foreign soil
      b. Domestic “Legal Residents” returning from “Suspect Foreign Lands”
      c. Citizens within domestic borders
      7. Target Key Individuals to Silence Dissent
      a. Ignore and Marginalize
      b. Accuse, Publicly Persecute and foment Character Assassination
      c. Indict, Arrest and Publicize Show-Trials
      d. Convict, Incarcerate and or Execute
      8. Restrict the Press
      a. Use Strategy #7 as main tactics
      9. Recast and then Outlaw Criticism as “Espionage”; Recast and then Criminalize Dissent as “Treason”
      10. Subvert the Law

    • Grover

      Joe Biden is the enemy within.



    • haha

      They can’t call us crazy anymore, but they can say we are as good as dead!

      after this, I would like to say a big “I told you so” to the shills and the people that couldn’t realize this planets evils, but I’m not going to smush it in their face because I’m not that type of person.

      We’re all dead!


    • haha

      oh you want more proof shills moles and trolls?

      go to isishq then click on “news” then scroll down and read that they operate in Africa and the MIDDLE EAST!

      if you can’t find it push CTRL+F on your keyboard and type “middle east” in the find box and there you have it.

      you can’t deny it! Show your friends and family! Look it! The slave owners they’ve revealed themselves. Even Clifford the big red dog and Curious George are in on it! :eek:

      Not too soon until we’re all goners.

      Good luck people!

    • fly soup

      IsLs what a bunch of crap.

    • Dr_Doom

      Boy this column brought out the kooks!

    • slamdance13


    • FC

      There used to be lots of articles on the web about the CIA running terrur websites out of US locations.

      Now if you search all the articles are hidden from G00gle! I am sure they still exist … you just can’t find them. I hope this one stays up!




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