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Supercomputer Predicts Dangerous Earthquake Fault in America Is About to POP—Guess Where it Is?

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By Lisa Haven


In the video below I reveal how one particular fault line in America is ready to pop and how scientists believe this one will shake before all the others due to “creep rate.” 

To find out which fault line they are worried about, check out the video below…and if you live in the area scientists highly recommend you prepare…. 

For More Information See:


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    • Anonymous

      “Fault In America Is About To POP—Guess Where It Is?”

      Your butt crack, Haven? Do I get two more guesses?

      • Anonymous

        “Do I get two more guesses?”

        No, you do not! The Lord only speaks His mysteries through monetized YouTube videos, that are created for Jesus, of course.

    • truck driver

      Computer is runs on instructions someone puts into it. So it’s just following instructions and can’t think beyond instructions it follows

    • Anonymous

      Sister Heaven,

      I have a hard time concentrating on what you say when I am looking at your lopsided face. I’m wondering, could you possibly wear a mask when you do these? Thanks in advance!!! :smile:

      • Anonymous

        In another time, they did have those brown paper bags at grocery stores, and, in other times, I would have recommended one of those for her head. Since now days they’re all those plastic bags, they would be too risky to recommend. I am too much a humanitarian to advocate such a thing.

        On second thought, Haven, you know those grocery store plastic bags? Do you ever send tips to Pritchett or Hodges?

      • Anonymous

        “could you possibly wear a mask when you do these?”

        There is another alternative. I have a good pair of lightly used eclipse glasses you could wear. Leave your address and a credit card number, and I’ll even throw in a free set of earplugs. Since they’re survival glasses, made to even withstand your harshest blood moons, of Taiwan’s finest material and craftsmanship, no less, you can have them at a 400% discount of only $69.99, for each eye. But you must use the coupon code with your order, to receive this unheard of, spine splintering, bombshell of a generous discount. Write this coupon code down, now: CONMYPUDDEN-HEAD60. For Jesus, of course.

    • patann

      Article, in his book, comey paints Trump as a liar, a slave to his ego and clueless to his job, Article..

      I apostle THEY call would like to ask, true or false? And if true, are these truths held to be evident reasons why Pres. Trump supporters are inundated with excuses regarding him butchering 2016, campaign promises, from his being blackmailed to an alien, invasion of body snatching? Beware, Apb

      -As I stood the kitchen, 2013, readying unto my grand son and grand niece beverages, I heard it said, asked in my ear, “do they know, do their parents know, though their parents grew up in free territory, though you their grandparents grew up in free territory, they will grow up in occupied territory, in an occupied America? Get It, get Jesus and get (ascend) out of it, a predicted from Bush’s 2002 into Trump’s 2017/18, fifty million person of US soil to Western Soil, will die into a pale horse judgment to an Islamic/antichrist reign, evidently what an act of divine intervention by the Jesus’ husband, (Christ of Resurrection), June 2015, was escaping, like the days Noah, of Lot and family. of Moses, some southeast from, beware,

      04/23/2018, If Jesus Tarry, Will Be The Fifthteenth, December 24//25th, 2001, Doomsday Passover into November 24th/25th, 2017/2018, Award Of The Matrix Ten Count

      -All the worst yet to happen, how many Geoffrey still don’t know as of prophet Ezekiel crying, it’s 9th, will you, God, at this time destroyed the whole house of Israel; of Jews crying Jesus spilled blood be upon them and their children; equally don’t know as of the antichrist reign now come, an additional two thirds of Israel, Zech. 13, will be thrown down; 15% of Americans,(Rev. 18), two quarters of the earth, (Rev. 6), per Jesus explaining to inquiring disciples these are things that must come to past; as of His, Jesus forewarning Israel, Jerusalem, Jews, it is that they flee the end time cup of trembling Israel and her brother, neighbor, enemies have come; especially Jerusalem, since Trump’s, even the stampeding of elephants, December 5th.
      -As of the first December 24/25th 2001 doomsday passover into Nov. 24/25th 2017, Matrix ten day count, declarations of Jerusalem? An End, Ezekiel 7, 38, 39, Dan. 2, 7-12, Jesus Mat, 24, Paul’s II Thess. 2, Apostle John’s, Revelation book, has come upon all their houses, all mankind’s lives, lands and churches, except they escape? God will only bless escape, as escape is counted as righteousness, your life is over, escape for your immortal souls either skyward with Jesus or southeast into African coast lines, beware as God HImself, Apb, The RAM, see more here, Rev. 18, ….Thus saith the Lord, God, …come out of her my people…Apb, The RAM

      David, Meade, April 23rd Rapture, If Jesus Tarry, A 15th Matrix Ten Day Count

    • Bob DD

      Bait click headline, well I’m on to that crap now, not even going to open the article. Just tell us, ha?

      • 2QIK4U

        You already did

        • 2QIK4U

          You’ve given her your click but not the complete stranger that made a video and probably doesn’t know it’s on here.

    • dakota

      I think she is referring to San Francisco and the Hayward Fault.

    • dakota

      I won’t click the video either. She could have just told us, for pete sake.

      I think she is referring to San Francisco and the Hayward Fault.

    • beLIEve

      SOooooh……..The so-called……”$an Andrea$ Fault”…… a…….GENUINE/NATURAL fault…. :?:

      …aka………DEVOID of all “a$$i$tance”……..FROM the….fAR$E$….of….EVIL….AT ANY TIME in the pa$t :?: :?:

      $ # £ ~

      The Nuclear Warheads of the Minuteman Missiles Were Delivered to Yellowstone.

      :idea: Thursday, APRIL 5, 2018 4:38

      # £ # $ # ~

      Yellowstone Officials: There “Could be a Supervolcano Eruption Imminent”

      :idea: Friday, APRIL 6, 2018 20:43

      * * *

      ……because, I am beginning to WONDER…..IF……the “FAULT$”……in the SKIN of Earth…..are simply……

      EVIDENCE of past………ENGINEERED…….desecration$… the $ame/a$$ociated $CUM……who are attempting…..

      to DESTROY…..this exquisite ORGANIC Paradise…….at this present time :?:

      * * *

      The Evidence For Ancient Atomic Warfare

      by David Hatcher Childress

      * * *

      I deny consent to every and all criminality and perfidy the forces and fAR$E$ of EVIL and their minion$ and $tooge$ perpetrate.




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