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Putin apologist tries to paint ME and West as ProNAZI... LOL

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[Book from Joseph M. Lenard TERROR STRIKES:
includes section on FREE SPEECH assaults and advocacy
ATROCITY chapter outlining not only NAZI but Russian (even others') Genocide actions/mass-murders
and NOT just about foreign Terrorists, but USA FASCICRATS ( destroying us from within - and, yes, issue of ILLEGALS as Security risk/threat discussed therein
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Emotionally Hysterical Triggered Putin apologist tries to paint ME (Alinsky tactic style) and (all in) West as ProNAZI… LOL
Enemy of my Enemy notion (part 2)
actually really part 3, as that piece was rebooted/expanded over on in 2023 from original B4IN 2021 piece

[created Thu. Feb. 22nd 2024 16:40ET, last update Sun. Feb. 25th 2024 20:30ET]

From a follow-up Conversation (some aspects will be missing of our long discussion) after I appeared on Maverick News the other day discussing the Putin talking-point deceptions of the unprovoked re-invasion of Ukraine (after 100 years of inconvenient History to the Russian apologist of Russian oppression of/in Ukraine)…. And, follow-up, to the NOT ALWAYS CLEAN AND NICE, Black and White and The West always lived up to its own claimed principles/standards/values), one side completely Right the other Wrong, Good vs Evil, of the ENEMY OF MY ENEMY notion (from TheLibertyBeacon article I dropped there)… That I also discuss with Rick on my GREY AREAS show.

In so far as the Article title: Putin apologist tries to paint ME and West as ProNAZI… (that was really another person that contacted Rick, that was not on this show, but Kevin (I would not otherwise mention his name, not worth it, not the point to call HIM out particularly, but all like him, but you can see his propaganda peddling in the Video embedded below and his name there) too trying to keep up the DeNAZIfication talking-point going and by association supposed guilt (though over and over you can see my long Record being antiNAZI and other related opposition to FASCISM as a whole in general (see excuse also really tried imply such (there are indeed SOME NAZIs in many places, including NeoNAZIs still all across California, should Putin make same claim/excuse to invade CA (some still running around Germany despite NAZI Party being banned there, is Putin going to roll through Poland again (as Stalin did) to go deNAZIfy Germany)? (because “excuse,” just one of many he throws at the Wall, see which one’s will stick with Useful-Idiots))). Let us, just for sake of argument, make the leap/jump to ALL UKRAINIANS ARE NAZIs – still WHAT THREAT WOULD THEY (even if flying the Red/White Swastika embossed Flag all across Ukraine) POSE TO RUSSIA??? Seriously, DEAL IN THAT TRUTH/POINT!!!! They won’t, they can’t, they just MAKE EXCUSES and Useful Idiots and ProCommies PARROT THE PUTIN TALKING-POINTS. Are their NAZI sympahtizers places on the Planet still? Of course, as if anyone that has bothered with #SocialMedia at all can attest! You can find them from all over the World spewing Hate online (does not make them a Military threat to any Nation or another (never under-estimate how brave one of these buffoons may be AS LONG AS THEY ARE HIDING BEHIND THEIR KEYBOARD in their Basement)).

Remember, Russia invaded Finland long before Hitler invaded anyone; documents smuggled out of Russia post fall of Soviet Union proved what we all knew, they went into Finland for the Heavy-Water Operations for Russian Atomic aspirations leap they would not otherwise be able make; invaded Poland along with Hitler (FACT Soviet apologists avoid like plague), endless History of aggression against others from way before WWII (even before USA was ever a Nation (which is NOT to say USA is “perfect” and always in THE RIGHT, as I’ve always said I deal in Reality and will acknowledge things not always “convenient” to/for a narrative I am laying out – like Andrew Jackson (D) and “Trail of Tears” and FDR (D) and “Internment Camps”)), during, and Post WWII (Afghanistan, Chechnya, Georgia, Ukraine (now twice), etc.). Not going to cover all that ground again that is covered in PUTIN ATROCITY APOLOGISTS piece.

Kicking about (after I walked out (about 15-20 minutes in) of a bad movie I was watching at local Theater, and as you can see here I decided to indeed write this) whether I need an update to my prior “Enemy of my Enemy” ( piece (as again, Russia and West in WWII were not actual Allies, but part of a temporary “Marriage of Convenience” (again, back to that whole, things not always Black and White, and not always “preferred choice/option” but sometimes a “necessary Evil”(and temporary lax of ones own standards)) to accomplish something more difficult to do without each other.  Just as the uncomfortable temporary “Marriage of Convenience” US had with Saddam as long as it lasted after the Russians backing of Islamists helped overthrow the Shah (up to Russian backed Islamic Oppressors overthrow, Iranian Women had Freedom to wear Bikini at the their Beaches, they have NO Freedoms of any kind now under the Russian backing of Islamist Fundamentalist Rule there now) that Kevin liked to bring up.

So, yes, during discussion on “Maverick News” (Video embed down-thread), I was happy to be supportive the Shah (there have to be sometimes “Marriage of Convenience” as we CANNOT go everything alone, not practical/feasible or affordable, and I/we have NO DESIRE to be forward deployed (for our own interests even, let alone basic general interest and value of wanting help others have Freedoms and Self-Determination) everywhere to try and enforce Peace as “Policeman of the entire Planet”) and Iranians having some basic Freedoms as to what is there now with Russian backing today and Saddam as “temporary necessary Evil” (Murderous Dictator) as counter balance for necessary Geopolitical counter-balance. And how that contrasts with Kevin’s defacto support of Murderous Dictator Milosevic (History Channel Report) willingness to defend that Genocide just to be anti-NATO (as while I point out rightly many conflate NATO and UN Resolution actions, indeed in this instance was NOT UN (why, cuz Russia BLOCKED any such action by UN, Russia had chance to BE HERO and could have proposed we WORK TOGETHER to end the Genocide, instead they tried to protect the Genocide). My/our position NOT ALWAYS MORAL (again, sadly somewhat Militarily “convenient”) and in keeping with our stated principles and values, but I will argue all day long far more “defendable” than those that always, every time, side with OPPRESSORS of the majority of a territories peoples. There was/is someone else involved in this Putin Apologist NAZI excuse cling, as well as the other spaghetti tossed at wall to see what Useful Idiot SUCKERS in West will lap up, but I will not mention her as she was not part of this (embedded below) show…

I really loved Kevin’s part about the DADDY DAY-CARE REST CENTERS for Children shipped from Ukraine into Russia part (so they can rest/relax, and BRAIN-WASHING just convenient side-effect/benefit (of course he didn’t actually say that last part)). Brilliant SPIN, if only FDR had propagandists like him.

NOW THIS IS ME DEALING IN “ALL SIDES” OPENNESS – IF THERE WAS any argument to be made about West being pro NAZI-ish, at any point in some way, as I don’t play games and lay out all the good bad and ugly of everything (things not always CLEAN and NEAT and Black and White (see: (where Rick, Maverick News Ontario Canuckia (as I joke) joined me on my Show) and see part 2 of that series at: in which another Canadian “Miss Liz” joined)) not hide anything might be “inconvenient”) would be that situation with Saddam, as I’ve said his BAATH Party indeed directly formed/founded by folks that were NAZI allied during WWII – which is actually WHY we in the West were backing the Shah and Iran at that time (to counter NAZI sympathizers there, Iran, derived from ARYAN (sound familiar with anyone’s rhetoric and claims as MASTER RACE members, and whom Russia is in support of today in that region via the GIJIAS control of Iran today)). Once Iran went full Fundamentalist (just like Kevin, Russian backed just to be anti-Western contrarian, and again Russia siding with Oppressors but they deemed them “necessary” for their further aims/goals Geopolitically, AS IF Russians haven’t cozied up to many Dictators or whomever necessary just to be contrarians to The West before and will more going forward), the Geopolitical strategic decision was made to cozy up to the indeed EVIL Baathist’s in Iraq, for Military counterbalance of/in region. Not always clean, not always right or moral, was what it was, out of convenience and decided necessity of the times. [Again, I've said over and over, I deal in WHOLE REALITY, not just that CONVENIENT for my current narrative, I could have very easily just GLOSSED OVER/PAST THIS but as said over and over, on Ricks show, My own Show, other Shows, I DEAL IN WHOLE REALITIES AND TRUTH.]

What these Putin apologists and thinking I am some Zelensky ass-kiss, LOL, admittedly likely never heard and do not have as CONTEXT (or, they do, they ignore, inconvenient to their narrative/lies), is my over and over of calling out BiDUMB, Putin, and Zelensky, ALL AS CORRUPT, and why I do not support sending Money (which we all know is being Laundered) but Bread and Bullets – was a conversation I had as part of the Savaged Unfiltered team (I am no longer with them) where we were interviewing someone in Ukraine (who was Born in Switzerland, been all over, spent time in States, admitted BiDUMB supporter (more on that coming)) and while we agreed with him on SOME THINGS we called him out as a clear and purely only ZELENSKY TALKING-POINTS PROPAGANDIST in other things ASS KISS (who now runs all over Ukraine calling ME a Putin Apologist LMFAO  (again, zero doubt, he’s only concerned about his own Personal, not Principled, position for being there and doesn’t want folks to hear how we called him out as Globetrotting Opportunist)). We, in our opinion, is likely just in Ukraine and involved as he (again, our opinion, no receipts or direct connections yet to prove) is on the BiDUMB/Zelensky Money Laundering aspect side of things and FINANCIALLY BENEFITING by the Conflict (not him being moral and principled in his stances)!!! I could have very easily just let him go on with manure as it would FIT MY POSITION but were clearly BULLSHIT (and, again, I DEAL IN REALITY – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, of any and every situation, Honesty, Facts,, TRUTH – as Paul Harvey would say #TheRestOfTheStory; the whole story).

And, yes, bit of an aside, Trump is 100% correct, NATO NATIONS MUST STEP UP AND MEET THEIR OBLIGATIONS, the USA is not the ATM or (as we were called back in WWII) The Entire Arsenal Of Democracy Free Nations” of all the World. But, yes, like it or not, we cannot be FORTRESS AMERICA and AMERICA ALONE (and Trump is America First, NOT America only or America alone) in the modern age of long-range Bombers and Nuclear tipped ICBMs. And as I’ve said since start of Russia unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, EUROPE, not NATO per se, as this is in their backyard, MUST STAND UP AND DO MORE FOR UKRAINE and stop trying to keep pretending USA can be Western Nations’ ATM card and again repeat “Arsenal Of Democracy Freedom” like we were and could be for WWII (times are different, Weaponry is different, etc.).

[Some of the above covered in the Show discussion with Rick and my subsequent back-and-forth with the Russian clinging to any and all narratives he can to AVOID THE OBVIOUS. And some things NOT covered here in this Article. Hope you'll watch. Kevin is clearly NOT STUPID as he certainly understands propaganda enough to know he has to toss out a few easy to make throw-away lines to pretend he is an actual "Fair and Balanced" Journalist before, and even on occasion during, his propaganda spews. AS FOR THE VIDEO BELOW, the whole thing, beginning to end, NOT select snippets, everything for all to see. Everything, in plain view, no distortions, no partial clips that the other side of course would do (I don't need play that game like Leftists, Communists, Fascists, Socialists, do) to take things out of CONTEXT, everything there for you to see.]

Mr. Jones (movie (The Lies, the cover-ups, even way back then)):


How Joseph Stalin Starved Millions in the Ukrainian Famine

Cruel efforts under Stalin to impose collectivism and tamp down Ukrainian nationalism left an estimated 3.9 million dead.

Oppenheimer (movie (lots of Communist Russia sympathizers still today, as was then)):

[UPDATE Sat. Feb. 24th 2024 18:00ET
I HAVE BEEN CONSISTENT in opposing LEFTISM (after 1 year B4IN Archives Articles and images get stripped, to save Archive Server space, and you can see the Left/Right Political Spectrum paradigm chart that was above at: in any and all forms. PERIOD! Whether it be American Leftist Commies, Russian Leftist Commies, others. Whether it be Communists, Fascists, Socialists, even Monarchists, more... Fascists even El Duce Italian ones, Franco Spanish ones, not just Hitlerian ones (notice you don't hear others than me talk about those, NO cuz they want Dictatorial Power too but can use the NAZI boogie man to stir emotion and motivate via such (true accusations, or not)), or the stooge ex-NAZI they had in Canadian Parliament to speak on behalf of Ukraine (doesn't make Canada PRO-NAZI, just ANTI-RUSSIAN and stupidly not doing their homework before allowing that idiot to speak), or George Soros (NAZI sympathizer that helped send countless of his fellow Jews to death (oh oh, I spoke out against A PARTICULAR/THIS JEW, guess I must be a NAZI #AntiSemite, right? ROTFLMFAO) who has been working to undermine countless Western Nations financially for his own gain/benefit/enrichment), etc...

I mention CommieWood... er... I mean... HollyWeird... that has been ProCommie for a long time now, so there have been then and still now (again, see Oppenheimer movie) ProRussiaCommie but yes Democrats in 1930's did have a PRO HITLER/NAZI rally at MSG in NYC (oh oh, there is again that WHOLE TRUTH, sometimes inconvenient facts thing again, as I deal in all Reality, does not in any way make us PRO NAZI today (even though I call out Democrats as being somewhat FASCIST in their lust for Power today, no way means they are Hitlerian NAZI lovers)). Joseph McCarthy rightly spoke to Communist infiltration all through USA and Halls of Power, and has been proven correct. Even recently PRO COMMIE John Brennan (former CIA Director) was exposed as such, as he was just one of several DeepState Communist sympathizers "Intel" people that signed, knowingly false, Letter that "Biden Laptop" was "Russian disinformation Hoax" to help compromised Biden dismiss the factual information to get Elected. And need we really have to mention the whole Hillary bought/paid Russian Hoax Steele Dossier (who exactly was colluding with the Russians, we all know who, and remember the "Russian Rest button" farce, her sellout of US in "Uranium One" deal with Putin, etc.)?!?!?

I could interview "Cousin SOS" (some of you know me, know who that is from that other Show I used to be part of) on to talk his having fled Putin Russia. Could talk with Helen who way back when escaped the RUSSIAN THUGS enslaving Hungary behind Iron Curtain at time. But, would be waste of time as PRO COMMIE SYMPATHIZERS do not care, would learn nothing from those FLEEING COMMUNISM for now 80+ years.

And, sad truth is, there are some so ANTI BIDEN, if BiDUMB said "Water is Wet" they would automatically take a contrarian position to oppose him on anything/everything now feel need to Suck Putin's Dick to stay 100% Anti-BiDUMB. Commie sympathizers on American Left, and BDS buffoons (just as there are morons with TDS will say anything just to be contrarian to Trump) willing to be ProPutin just to be anti anything BiDUMB is. Again, those inconvenient doses of REALITY, the Good, the Bad, the Ugly, the Indifferent, that others dare not speak of. I cover it all, soup to nuts, as the saying goes.

ProCommie Anti-NATO retards, how's that "NATO expansion" concerns as one of your convenient dodges/excuses, throw everything at Wall, see what sticks for Suckers to lap up, working out? NATO is now expanding to FAR MORE NATIONS would ever happen, had you not Invaded Ukraine (second time in a decades time). And, again, YOU ALL KNEW that Ukraine has been DeFacto NATO since 1990's and Bill Clinton promised Ukraine protection of/by/with USA regardless of NATO affiliation/membership (which is why, regardless of POTUS, we would be aiding Ukraine in one way shape or form, FACTS and Historical accuracy), IF, and they did, give up the Nukes you all left behind after Fall of Soviet Empire. Which AIDED IN YOUR PROTECTION, kept Ukraine from having them as assurance against Russia or any potential thought/concern Nukes in Ukraine could/would be threat against Russia. Oh oh, another one of those very, Very, VERY, INCONVENIENT SET OF FACTS again.

As with ALL THE OTHER EXCUSES I have already DEBUNKED/COUNTERED with logic, reason, sound strategic GeoPolitical thoughts, in piece. Including the BioLabs thing (again, left behind by USSR, we then took over in conjunction with Ukraine (and yes while I certainly would have preferred we would have worked with Ukraine to level them all and bury them under tons on Concrete, let us not pretend Russia doesn't have BioLabs still operating (the ones they abandoned in Ukraine were operating right up until they pulled out)), and more - every EXCUSE, countered.]

Also, SPARE US the “Operation Paperclip” dodge, deflection, attempted DISTORTIONS, as we tried to find German Scientists wanting to come West (and Von Braun and others POSITIONED themselves to be RESCUED by Western forces as they were very anti-Russian) and as if it wasn’t known that Russia was capturing as many as they could to force back to Moscow to be forced labor on (and scoop up as many German Military Documents for) Russian Weapons advancements (as the German Scientists, not necessarily NAZI loyalists, no doubt some were, but they came West knowing they’d have some Freedom and NOT about being part of NAZI regime and any chance to “rebuild the Reich” in the West manure, despite some of the great Fictional Movie plots from ProCommunist Hollywood (though I do recall one great Clancy novel turned film, “Sum Of All Fears” I think that one was, was all about RUSSIAN NAZIs, so if we wanna play that game we can point to that one as being potentially quasi reality based that was foiled before developed)) as the entire Globe knew at that point Germany was WELL ADVANCED of all other Nations (except in Atomic development) in Weapons development (V1/V2 and Rocketry in General and movement to Jet Aircraft, Stealth (yes, that Norton “flying wing” built of Wood to be Stealth was based on real NAZI design in the Indiana Jones movie), Mosquito VTOL craft (so didn’t require Runways for take-off and landing, since Airfields being bombed), more/etc. (all lucky for Free loving Nations came too late to turn tide of War back to Germany’s favor at that point))…. As we knew in West RUSSIA was never our Ally, just convenient temporary necessary EVIL “Marriage of Convenience” to defeat Hitler…

And isn’t INTERESTING (aka: Suspicious, obvious what is going on) all those that oppose Putin (like those in USA oppose Hitlery Clinton) get EPSTEINed (and NOT just “conveniently” offed since the start of the Ukraine War, long before, and likely will continue long after)?!?!? 
#ClintonBodyCount #PutinBodyCount
No other World Leaders even all through History seem to have so many INCONVENIENT TO THEM drop dead (well, beside the Millions mass-murdered by tyrants Atrocities, I mean here on a seemingly Personal/local level, close to them – opposition leaders, those with dirt or willing to speak out in courts or otherwise against them, former “Marriage of Convenience” partners, etc.)!!
[below #PutinBodyCount image, which again B4IN strips images, so if you're viewing 1 year after this piece initial drop, it will be stripped as B4IN strips images on Archive Server to save space]

I just LOVE when morons say “Putin is against the NWO” ROTFLMFAO
Hey, moron, he is against some in West “IDEA” of NWO (them in charge)
He wants his own version of NWO – with him in charge!
Damn some people are really fucking stupid.

Tell BIG LIES, the hallmark of all Leftists (USA, Russian, everywhere) regimes – something the NAZIs got from Wilson (D) admin and Sanger (D) about putting people TO DEATH (for any reason) or to justify anything and everything to excuse their Violent means to Power (so, yes, there are Fascists in America, and as always they are OF THE LEFT (as covered in Death Of A Nation movie) but it is certainly not HITLER LOVING NAZI types (just use same tactics) as CONTEXT does matter (as, yes, I call them FASCICRATS all the time (but like I also say all the time, this isn’t the 1930′s and as if there is any REAL DIFFERENCES between Communists, Fascists, Socialists, just different Flags LEFTISM all with same ultimate goals DICTATORIAL POWER and “their guys” being the ones controlling the Jack-Booted-Thugs holding all not in their Ruling Elites neck under their Boots)).

Oh, here’s another Rich one, LMFAO: I have a shaved-head, OBVIOUSLY must mean I have a copy of Mein Kampf on my bedstand (this is sarcasm MORONS, but care to bet someone tries to take it out of context and make a STRAWMAN out of it?), I MUST be a NeoNAZI. Oh stop, my sides are hurting so hard from ROTFLMFAO at you loons that will say anything, try any moronic tact, to try to smear ME (and others) cuz you cannot defend your positions. You know your arguments DO NOT STAND TO SCRUTINY and (Emotionally Hysterically Triggered) therefore must Alinsky deflect (Leftists everywhere, same tactics) and attempt dismiss people (not matter what STRAWMAN you have to create as part of your distortions). You heard of this thing called Cancer (hear my interview with Talaya on Surviving Cancer Together show, among my interviews in: and Chemotherapy that usually causes peoples Hair to come out?? Yep, since my Leukemia Recovery in 2010 I have just kept it shaved (saves me ton of money on Shampoo and Conditioner, time in Shower, time not having spend Blowdrying what used to be my full head of Blonde Hair (and, for the Record, yes Blonde Hair, but Hazel, not Blue, eyes (my ExWife had gorgeous Blue eyes, but Strawberry Blonde Hair, of English descent)) LOL.

But I’m used to the Alinsky deflections, LOL. Idiots on Left in USA always with the Alinsky manure, clearly never read my TS book, because I am a ChristiTutionalist, constantly trying to call/label me as Racist, Sexist, Whateverist, Homophobic, Islamaphobic (and I love this one, tell that to Dawn Williams (Black Female American Muslim) of The Research Show who actually read my book and know what is going on in it (also among my sample interviews (can’t fit them all) at/on:, etc…

—– Below TLB article, March 11, 2023 (rough copy/paste, links to YouTube videos that were/are embedded over on TLB, not embedded here as I’ve been having “some issues” with B4IN site trying to embed more than one video in many pieces (trying to figure out the pattern why, some categories over others, and awaiting B4IN to “deal with the recent development” that was never a problem before late)) ——-

The Enemy of my Enemy notion…

[image source: (NOTE: After 1 years time B4IN Archives pieces and images get stripped to save Archive Server space and therefore thereafter image not visible)]

Ukrainian’s get a new set of Allies.

Belarusian Freedom-Fighters join the Fight against Putin’s quest to reconstitute the former Soviet Union.

Freedom Fighters in Belarus have struck Russian assets in their Country.

Belarusian Rebels now FIGHT FOR FREEDOM for themselves and demand RUSSIA OPPRESSORS OUT there, as well as stopping the attempted oppression of Ukraine (YET AGAIN, by Russia, going over 100 years’ time).

Will Russians; who are not our enemy, just their Leadership is; finally get some FACTS/TRUTH and someone finally rise-up to over-throw THEIR DICTATOR of now 2 Decades (Installed over such time every bit as fraudulently as Biden here).

VIDEO (23s): The Enemy of my Enemy is my Enemy?:


But I said all that, to say this…

Is the Enemy of my Enemy my Friend? NO, but can be useful… And how it relates to MATRIX: RESURRECTIONS….

First: Dispelling the old adage/notion that: The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend. NO! That phrase needs an update, like I will point out below…

If you are unfamiliar with the very misapplication of a temporary alliance between otherwise opposing groups – “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” is an ancient proverb which suggests that two parties can or should work together against a common enemy. The exact meaning of the modern phrase was first expressed in the Latin phrase “Amicus meus, inimicus inimici mei” (“my friend, the enemy of my enemy”), which had become common throughout Europe by the early 1700s, while the first recorded use of the current English version came in 1884. And, yes, I cover the obvious situation where we cozied up to equally pathetic Russia (who was occupying Ukraine and invaded Finland before Hitler invaded anyone, and invaded Poland along with Germany (and slaughtered Millions both in and out of Russia)) and General Patton properly warned about, and everyone knew were just as evil and going to be a problem, in my book.

Next how this applies to/with “MATRIX: RESURRECTIONS” movie
[if you do NOT care, at all, about movies in general, though this applies in the Political senses, scroll down to next section]

[Warning: contains spoilers]

A brief break from Politics… Well, not really, because Politics is steeped in all the newer Matrix drama on and off screen…

Matrix: Resurrections
Yes, Effects A+
But, you’ll see the #BernieBros pot-shots lines at real World #RedPill folks following original co-creators (full-on Leftist Commie sympathizer), in full control of this script (own admission is a Trans-allegory), following his dust-up with Elon Musk on Twitter (the whole Red Pill (as AWAKENED to Reality on Right) vs Blue Pill (WOKE Sheeple preferring the illusion/delusion) memes that became a thing, he doesn’t like has become).

I recommended then, still do now if you’ve not seen it yet, see it for free if you can via streaming somehow/someway. If IMO he wants to peddle FASCICRATS-ism in real life, deprive him of his expected revenues of this Film.

I will give credit where credit is due in so far as the cleverness of aspects of the script and making this both a true sequel and yet still a reboot at the same time. This is aside from on the Lefty loon inserts (some of them being very overt thinking he is being clever and distracting you from then paying attention to the actual indoctrination attempts by the more subtle left wing propaganda or woke ism in other parts of the film (including the usual left-wing diatribes about the patriarchy (and caricature/stereotyping of the Conservative perspectives on such about “Women’s roles” not our actual positions (of course, usual STRAWMAN manure of the left) and gender/sexual norms that would otherwise be subtle but if you know about them in advance may appear to be far more overt when you see the film)) that you will just have to roll your eyes about. Including the aspect of the beginning of the film where there’s a bit of a pot shot at Warner Bros and even poking fun at itself as the matrix itself, I like and appreciate not taking oneself so serious type jokes/humor/references. May not make sense as I just said it but I had to say it in that way as to not include any spoilers in so far as this part of the article goes and that will then make sense though if you do indeed see the film.

Do not get me wrong, ELON MUSK sure isn’t 100% Conservative Constitutionalist, playing with his Electric Cars to make Millions (including by, with, subsidies (fleecing Taxpayers)) etc…. but the enemy of my enemy (while not necessarily my friend) can be a useful idiot and temporary “partner” (in “Marriage of Convenience)! (more on that in a Post of mine on MICD12GOP site that I am the Webmaster of/for, but now that I realize it isn’t in my original BeforeItsNews version I’ve put at as part of this Article below))! But if LEFT so concerned about push to Electric, why didn’t Bernie Santards buy one (this was way back before Elon started to Red Pill and bought Twitter) instead of his Quarter-Million dollar Gas-Guzzler Sports-Car?!?!?

VIDEO (1m 03s): NYPost: is Elon Musk Conservative
(according to the Left, if you’re not stark raving WOKE 24×7 you must be):

And, for the record, let me state I still prefer THE THIRTEENTH FLOOR (c) 1999 (TTF) that came out just before Matrix. It is based upon the Book SIMULICRON-3 and frankly deals with the subject matter far more realistically. In TTF people enter and exit the MATRIX for entertainment. It is a realistic view of where we will get not too far off in VIRTUAL REALITY (the evolution of SIM CITY to the point where we will be able to download our consciousness into the game and interact with the characters (especially if we continue down Elon’s Brain implants road, might seem very real if piped directly into the Brain).


VIDEO (1m 03s): The Thirteenth Floor:



TTF is from The great Roland Emmerich, founder of Centropolis Productions, who was also behind Stargate, Independence Day, The Day after Tomorrow, 2012, and recently Moonfall, and so many other great projects!.


While I discourage paying to see MATRIX-4, it is worth seeing. Along with my mention of TTF above, I also highly recommend FREE GUY with Ryan Reynolds if you’ve not seen it yet. It is kind of a Matrix twist. Reynolds plays a video game character named “Guy” who discovered, becomes self-aware, and that he is a character in a video game. There are aspects of that in the newer matrix movie just says that concept was in the original matrix movie becoming self-aware that you’re not in actual reality and fighting to get out of the pretend universe.

VIDEO (3m 03s): Free Guy:


Back to MATRIX-4.dialog…

“Can’t you control her?” STRAWMAN (definition: an informal fallacy based upon misrepresentation of an opponent’s position. To ‘attack a Strawman’ is to create the illusion of having refuted a proposition by substituting a superficially similar yet weaker proposition and refuting it, without having ever actually refuted the original position)!

Conservatives do not want to control anyone. Individual Freedom and Personal responsibility, is our credo – and, of course, individualism over collectivism in Martin Luther King Jr’s line the Left has long abandoned of “Content of One’s Character!” The Women in our Lives choose (are not forced by us, by anyone, not a Patriarchal society) to be with us, because we are not loons and morons like leftists. The Left must always make false narratives and stereotype what Conservatives are (based upon their moronic need to create the Strawman, or any or otherwise twisting of language/terms (and see too my TLB twisting/warping terms part 2). It is the only way they can Win any argument.).

VIDEO (7m 02s): New Rule: Straw Man Arguments | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO):

AND NOW, THE – IS THE ENEMY OF MY ENEMY (as the old saying goes) MY FRIEND… extension/expansion….

The Enemy of my Enemy…. Temporarily useful?!?!??!?!?


CharlesWinston {GAB:@CharlesWinston}

@JLenardDetroit My enemy’s enemy is NOT my friend

And I’m happy to watch them tear each other apart


I felt necessary to CORRECT/AMEND the original adage….

Joseph M. Lenard {GAB:@JLenardDetroit}

@CharlesWinston LOL

I’m not laughing at you or your comment, but that someone repeated that “The Enemy of my Enemy” line to me just yesterday… To which I quickly told them, the old phrase needs an update – I always say:

“I may be able to make a USEFUL IDIOT for my ends/purposes of my Enemies Enemy, temporarily to defeat one Enemy today, but they certainly are NOT, nor likely ever, MY FRIEND, and likely someone needing defeating also tomorrow!”


And if you do see “Matrix: Resurrections” you will see the unlikely temporary alliances there-in that provide as a good fictional allegory to this point and perhaps now you more able to apply it In-Real-Life (IRL). Beyond that, just watch for the clear entertainment and fun and shit blowing up all over the screen enjoyment of the film (but, again, do not forget the lefty loon messaging they could not help themselves but put in as a middle-finger to all us that adopted THE MATRIX to IRL RedPilling)!
[---------------------------------------- WARNING SPOILERS --------------------------------------]
The ultimate Lefty loonism… Gotta employ; no, wasn’t planned, that Wednesday March 8th was “celebrated” as “Women’s Day” and now going to mention; Female empowerment (even though the Leftists don’t acknowledge proper/real gender (the usual hypocrisy, flip-flopping, when convenient, their usual “there is NO difference between Men and Women (when it comes to Trans’ destroying real female athlete records) til it suits their temporary purpose) h/t to mega Feminists (crazies today, not like real Feminists of yesteryear, like everything the Left coopts and distorts and turns it into just another identity politics manure hammer to divide with) and TRINITY was/is really THE ONE, the all-powerful. Yup, you were FOOLED it was really TRINITY this whole time and the BIG DUMB WHITE GUY due to HIS PRIVILEGE got all the Credit until now… And closing the RAINBOW dialog manure is NOT COINCIDENTAL.


Since the start of the Russian, unprovoked, invasion of Ukraine there are some Putin puppet buffoons singing his praises because he said one or two things, they liked in the past…

From GAB (

Still seeing some PUTIN PRAISE posts, mostly on other platforms.

So, gotta say this…

Has Putin said some things that are CORRECT! – YES, that is the HONEST answer (did you see my last two TLB Posts?? Twisting-1 and Twisting-2!! Honesty, sometimes even a Leftist moron can, like a stopped analog clock, be correct) and I’m here for THE BRUTAL TRUTH even though I know some won’t always appreciate seeing/hearing it….

HOWEVER - YOU ARE A USEFUL-IDIOT if you think he says them AS YOUR FRIEND and AS IF HE IS YOUR ALLY! He knows, there are plenty of AMERICAN SUCKERS that can and are easily played! And you are likely one of them if you are running around praising him. Clearly, IMO, again, a useful-idiot, likely engaging in hyper-partisan Alinsky attacks rather than thoughtful reasoned thought and logic based upon more than a Century of History of what has gone on in that region, sucking up to/for a Tyrant!! Engaging in Personalities, and the disdain we rightly feel for the buffoon in the White House right now, but as I discussed in several of my last TLB articles/blogs WE MUST ALWAYS CHOOSE PRINCIPLES OVER PERSONALITIES.

VIDEO (1m 29s): Mr. Jones (1930’s oppression of Ukraine by Russia):


Saying an occasional few things to BLOW SMOKE UP YOUR ASS that you lap up, makes you A SUCKER! Him saying some things, and he has, and when he has, I AGREED WITH HIM, doesn’t make him ANY LESS EVIL and NOT OUR FRIEND. He says things TO EMBARRASS the West on the World stage and provide deflection for his own corruption in Russia, idiot, not because he “wants to help your root out the problem!”

Putin is not stupid, as former KGB he knew a large part of the reason for the collapse of the Soviet Union was not just Western Military might and Reagan’s “Peace Through Strength” but Pope John Paul II efforts to reawaken Christian sensibilities in the Atheist region. Putin recognizes, as did Johnson in signing the Civil Rights Act, to engage in “let them have just enough” an illusion of having the shackles removed and actually turn/twist the Russian Orthodox Church Leaders into apparatchik under him as the new Russian Dictatorial Czar-dom (spare us the “Free/Fair Elections” manure); with him as “President” and then supposedly subordinate as “Prime-Minister” to Medvedev for eight years, now El Presidente’ again. Putin putting on a “Christian” as well as “dutiful Elected Leader” façades, no more a “Christian” nor Elected than idiot Biden, here in USA. And, as to that Religion part, add fake Christians Pelosi, et al, and fake Jew Schumer.

VIDEO (13m 13s): This Is What Putin REALLY Wants (It’s Not just Ukraine)



And, yes, let’s Jen Psaki circle-back to that whole Matrix thing!! Are you one choosing to Live in the ALTERNATIVE (Matrix like) delusion (probably not You, but someone you know?), or REALITY (been Red Pilled)?!?! What this have to do with Orwell, Leftists, Globalists, China, Covid, Masks, WEF, Gaslighting, propaganda, my book, more? Guess that remains for a potential part 2 – if this is starting a new TLB trend for my writings?!?! Or would that be an upcoming part 4? As this is somewhat a continuation (therefore part 3 to Twisting-1 and Twisting-2) in a seeming on-going series (and here when I released Terror Strikes I said I would never write a Trilogy, LOL, and now I’m like all HECK WITH IT let’s add a 4th edition/addition and see if it Sells!

[image source: (NOTE: After 1 years time B4IN Archives pieces and images get stripped to save Archive Server space and therefore thereafter image not visible)]



2023 in review




An aside, Rick and I spoke on Elon’s Brain implants, potential for good and evil… Added thought I hadn’t considered before now (I texted him): I’m sitting at restaurant and now thinking about the chip implant thing cuz there’s part of me that would love to be able to have the chip implant because my mind always goes a million miles a minute and the minute I hit publish on a new article for days afterwards I think about things I’d like to reword or ADD and having the chip implant to be able to crack open the article and make updates for me anytime anyplace of the day or night would be a great thing – but of course I wouldn’t do it because I fear all the other negative downside parts 😂


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