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ZetaTalk: Truth or Fiction?

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I was one of the administrators of the website that publishes current ZetaTalk material for about 1 year around 2010. Prior to that, I had been a member of that same website since 2009. In January 2010 I began producing a newsletter called: “The Planet X Newsletter”, these can be viewed at this link.

I had studied since the fall of 2007 when I became what is known as a Zeta “contactee”. This is an experience that is hard to describe, but essentially it can be said that it is a personal spiritual experience that cements the truth of the Earth poleshift within the awareness. In my experience, I saw the reality of the impending Earth poleshift as a personal vision. Preceding this by about 2 weeks, I had an epiphany of the Truth of the ZetaTalk message when I first began to read the pages of in earnest (I had glanced through the website several times in the past 10 years or so). Because of this, I signed up for Nancy Lieder’s ZetaTalk newsletter and started reading her current material (2007). After reading a few weekly ZetaTalk newsletters, I began to notice that her newsletters were somewhat arcane: highly detailed, assuming prior knowledge of the core ZetaTalk message and with accompanying graphics that were difficult to interpret against her newsletter message. I concluded that Nancy was a woman so into her work that she forgot (or never knew) what the neophyte to her message needs: clear, easy to understand concepts in the writing and graphics that have supportive text to aid the reader in understanding what the graphics mean. Now another thing was lacking in her newsletters was compassion. Her newsletters are written from the standpoint of the detached intellectual: a harsh approach to such an amazing message. My attitude, on the contrary, was to help average people come up-to-speed in a basic understanding of ZetaTalk, so I started my Planet X NewsLetters based on the ZetaTalk message.

Early on in my membership at the “Ning”, I had posted several experiences of meeting and channeling spiritual beings, however, producing the Planet X Newsletter became my new focus. Sometime around Issue #2, I was invited by the owner of the Ning website, Gerard, to join the admin team, which I was happy to do as I saw this as an opportunity to learn more about the ZetaTalk message and to have a stronger position to forward my newsletter to the many members of that Ning website.

My duties were to watch for posts by members on the Ning that were contrary to the ZetaTalk message or were abusive to members disruptive in any way, a typical job for an administrator. The administrators had a separate web interface that allowed us to privately discuss the issues of the day, it was in this web chat where we got to know each other. I was logged in practically every day from about 7:00 PM PST to about 2:00 AM PST the next day. All that year, I got to know several other administrators including the owner of the Ning and Nancy Lieder, the creator of and purveyor of the Zeta’s message to the world.
Now I was a door-to-door salesman for over 20 years (supporting a wife and family of 5 children). What has this got to do with my message? Well, when eating and paying and making the mortgage payment relies upon being an effective reader of people in the 3 to 10 seconds you have when the front door of a house opens, you learn how to read the character of the stranger standing in front of you quickly and effectively. There are many other skills you need to have to successfully sell direct that contribute to sensing and reading people that many books have been written about, but suffice it to say I have these skills. Consequently, I can size up people quickly to know the general kind of person I am dealing with, yet you cannot read their minds, so they can surprise you: After a year of assisting the ZetaTalk Ning I was abruptly dismissed from administrator status without explanation, prior warning or even a thank you for my year plus service. I was stunned at the time to be treated so badly and with no reason to do such a thing, however, as the weeks passed, I was able to piece together what I had felt all along while being an administrator. All the signs I had been seeing in Nancy, Gerard and most especially Astrogal50, were beginning to reintegrate in my mind and I was able to finally able make sense of such behaviour: This was a complete lack of compassion they had towards the Ning membership: no remorse or gratefulness was ever expressed by these people. Once Nancy back-handedly half-apologized to me for a
completely linappropriate public dressing-down of myself.
Nancy Lieder herself is a dedicated woman to her message but she is certainly not without her foibles. Now this is not gossip, I have a very good reason for writing this report which the reader will hopefully understand to this end: That the leadership of this Ning and a few administrators are sociopaths. Sociopaths are people who show no empathy for others and who justify their actions against some concept that is supposed to be more important than the feelings and needs of others. Nancy Lieder is so focused on her work, she loses her objectively sometimes and overshoots to gleefully and wrongfully report a Planet X relevant event. She is also bitter and jaded with unpleasant social behaviour that detract from her abilities these days.  I have personally caught her out (unreported) on a few such issues, but others have documented this behaviour. At the time, I looked the other way and put this unprofessional behaviour down as harmless exuberance, as Zetatalk is such an important message to the world. Another administrator that was there at the same time as myself was “Co S”. We knew each other and chatted often through the admin chat function, him I remember as a reasonable and kind person. Recently, this man has issued a highly-detailed and well-supported Google doc of his proof of Nancy Lieder’s false reporting incidents.

However, “Co S” goes too far and is wrong in his basic summations, as without a doubt Nancy Lieder’s message of ZetaTalk is absolutely true. The report by “Co S” is valuable as a truth revealing Nancy Lieder’s weaknesses and mistakes, but that is all. All the Earth change issues predicted 15 years ago we are seeing today, they have come to pass. The social and political events reported on by the Zetas also have the ring of truth, but that is another article.
Keep in mind that her mistaken claims are minute in comparison to the overall report of ZetaTalk from the Zeta beings. It needs to be understood that Nancy only relays information from the Zetas of “ZetaTalk”, she has not invented the message. The Zetas are those fourth dimensional altruistically-motivated Zeta beings that have been with her since she was very young, providing the world with the truth about an approaching Earth poleshift. Since 1995 Nancy Lieder and the Zetas of ZetaTalk have provided a spectacular message of such clarity and range of knowledge, including a broad range of science disciplines, that one person, let alone a roomful of people, could not reproduce. It is as if a single voice has spoken the message for over 15 years through the many conversations sprinkled thought-out the thousands of pages of
I understand this process of relaying telepathic messages as I have channeled messages telepathically, through “automatic writing”, direct to verbal channels and a few other variations of message-passing from Spirit. I have occasionally visited with Spiritual masters since I can remember. I also understand that a person can get in the way of the message very easily if they become unbalanced, such as being angry or seeking revenge. In my case, she has written “ZetaTalk” to try to discredit me, which I really don’t know why she would bother, but Nancy tends to feel threatened very easily and can react quite viciously to a perceived threat. To be fair to Nancy, I perceive her to be under great pressure, the story of which I am very sure a book can be written which could challenge the belief systems of many people. However it is a fact that she has willingly published information that was not entirely true, or has extrapolated wrongly in her attempt to forward the message of ZetaTalk. However, the distinction must be made between the message and the messenger. All messengers have their issues and make mistakes, so no surprise there. My suggestion is read the message and ignore the messenger.


The ZetaTalk message in brief:
The Core ZetaTalk message states that a long-time member of our solar system, a celestial body which is a cooled dwarf star known today mainly as Nibiru or Planet X, orbits our Sun approximately every 3,656 years. This transient brown dwarf star always enters our solar system from the direction of the constellation Orion. In this direction lies our Sun’s companion, a darkened Sun which is the second foci of it’s orbit: our Sun’s binary twin. This kind of orbit is called a sling orbit: being not circular or elliptical, but “flat” and cyclic. As part of the orbit cycle, this mysterious planet entirely transits through our solar system after passing close to our Sun and extends outward into space to it’s furthest point of sling orbit extension. Several years later and many thousands of miles away in space, it then reverses direction to start the return portion of the sling orbit. On it’s return path, it passes through our solar system again to continue it’s journey back to our Sun’s companion dark star. To visualize the sling orbit, imagine a child in a park swinging on a swing. Now remove the rope and it’s singular point of axis and substitute a gravity-pull between two opposite objects driving the swing motion, this is a sling orbit.


The most critical aspect of the ZetaTalk message is the Earth poleshift. The poleshift is caused by the close passage of Planet X near Earth in it’s outward movement. As Planet X escapes the particle-flows near the Sun, it is free to leave the solar system. As it happens, the solar-system pass-through of Planet X intersects the ecliptic near to Earth’s orbit of the Sun.
Since Planet X is highly-magnetic, a precondition of Earth’s posture is set-up prior to the passage of Planet X: this is the eventual stoppage of Earth’s rotation due to the magnetic interaction with Earth’s mid-Atlantic ridge: Earth’s “third magnet”. Weeks or even months beforehand, Earth begins to slow it’s rotation as the mid-Atlantic ridge is “grabbed” by the magnetic field of Planet X. As the dwarf star gets closer to Earth, the rotation of Earth is slowed more and more, finally in the last week or ten days or so, it grinds to a halt and you have what is known in antiquity as the “3 days of darkness”, a “groaning Earth” and a stopped Earth rotation. Now in addition to this, Earth has stopped it’s orbit of the Sun as of December 25th, 2003! In order to visualize this, think of a ping pong ball suspended in a stream of air, a short video demonstration at this link.

This is almost exactly why Earth has been stopped in it’s rotation, only it is the massive celestial particle-flows from the “waist” of the Sun providing the flow-pressure. This happens because the dwarf star re-directs the normal particle-flows from the Sun on the ecliptic to flow around the dwarf star that reach out like pincers and hold Earth in what the Zeta’s call a “particle-flow cup”. In normal solar-system balance, it is this massive inward particle-flow to the Sun’s middle which keeps most planets in the solar system on the ecliptic plane of the solar system. The planets of our solar-system are held away from the Sun by what is called repulsion-force, so a balance exists and is reflected as the paths of planetary orbit. It is the outward flow of the Sun’s particle-flows above the ecliptic that pushes the dwarf star outwards once it pierces the ecliptic in it’s rounding of the Sun. This is where this dwarf star or Planet X has been poised since about 2004.

As Planet X passes by Earth on it’s much faster outward movement from the Sun, there is a magnetic interaction that grabs hold of the inner-most core of Earth and forces a new and temporary magnetic alignment to Planet X. This is when the Inner-core rolls in-place afforded by a release of the inner magnetic iron-nickel core from Earth’s viscous-magma grasp. The outer shell or mantle of Earth now must re-align as well, so it follows the lead of the inner-core’s new magnetic orientation and virtually rolls the entire outer mantle structure in a delayed fashion to substitute new geography in the place of the north and south pole regions, this is called a physical axes shift, a crustal shift or a poleshift.





The website that houses current ZetaTalk is always under attack. This is because there is a very large and well-funded U.S. government contingent or “black ops” dedicated to limit the reach of the ZetaTalk message. Secret government forces perceive ZetaTalk as a threat to the government including the self-interested wealthy elite who will do practically anything to keep the general public ignorant of the Earth poleshift. This is mainly why the Ning website has hunkered-down and began removing membership that was not, in their eyes, contributing to the ZetaTalk message. They had begun removing innocent membership in 2010 while I was there. As an administrator, I received many appeals from the canceled membership for re-admittance or requests for reasons why they were abruptly removed without a reason. I complained to deaf ears that these people needed some explanation and apologies and assistance to be able to continue to read the Ning web site (out-of-date browser cookies prevented that). This was very disturbing for me, as I was keenly interested in helping people understand the ZetaTalk message. I tried to help, but there were just too many. Since the leadership of the Ning couldn’t care less about them, we had no coordinated effort to help.
This new tact was turning people away from the ZetaTalk message, some of those members rudely removed cited that the Ning website was a cult, and in a way it is, yet as a former insider, I understood the sociopathetic reason for it: to keep the ZetaTalk message “pure” at all costs. It needs to be said that this approach is an ancient method of trying to emulate a text-book, a kind of 1950′ies encyclopedia-like thinking, the value of which is indicated by the faded existence of encyclopedias today. It is much healthier to entertain alternate viewpoints and to answer reasonable challenges, for if something is true, will it not out? Besides, people are more important than the message as the message of Zetatalk would be reflected well through kindness and tolerance, but alas this was not-to-be. Since 2010 the Ning has become a work-house for anyone who wishes to remain there with the threat of membership cancellation at any time were an administrator deem that necessary for some little transgression. The front page of the website suggests that it is a social networking website, but in truth it is only looking for membership to contribute like yoked-oxen in the narrow fashion of absolute obedience to the will of the ownership and to Nancy Lieder’s dictates. This, all without compassion for the needs of the membership and a swift removal with no thanks whatsoever for providing relative news reports and Ning approved information. My suggestion is to occasionally read-only the Ning website for updates on the progression of Planet X and the poleshift, other than that, read


We the Zetas do concur with the writer that these things are true and that such telepathic abilities are very sensitive to the abberations that occur in human beings, without a doubt all humans have foibles as is said and it is extremely important for the purveyor of the messages from beyond to be balanced both in person and in public to attain the best character of the original message. Now we do also say that the Ning website is also highly flawed in it’s management, but this is mitigated by the important message that is brought to the people there, it is for this reason that we do not just speak to only one person, that is ridicules, so we contact many many human beings to get the message out of the approaching poleshift.”

(The image to the left is a genuine image of a real Zeta).

The information regarding Planet X, the poleshift and ZetaTalk in this article is entirely taken from the Website and I make no claims to the information. I also cite the doctrine of “Fair Use” from the U.S. Copyright Office.

Chris Thomas Wakefield.

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    • Jez

      Try disinformation. Nancy Lieder (if that is her real name. The Lie found in her name is a typical example of an elite inside joke) has made two failed predictions regarding the arrival of her planet x. The first and most infamous is May of 2003. The second, which went pretty much unnoticed, because no one cared after the first lie, was the many times she told her followers that PX would be here long before 2012. According to her, 2012 was disinformation.
      As 2012 neared, and Lieder realized her PX would be a no show, she quickly back peddled and told her mindless cult that the Zeta’s had decided that saying it would be here before 2012 was the same as giving a time line…something they weren’t allowed to do. Basically, we’re supposed to believe this advanced species and their galactic community didn’t think of this beforehand? Never mind their lack of forethought, the fact remains they told people it would be here BEFORE 2012…the second “white lie.”
      Lets not forget her other big lie. Last year a fake picture of PX was created and submitted to Nancy for confirmation with her Zetas. As expected, she claimed they had told her it was indeed a genuine capture of PX.
      After her deception was exposed, Lieder still claimed it was a genuine photo, but the people who submitted it were CIA Black Ops and they had photoshopped the “second sun” out. The photo used however, was an image that had been on the internet for years.To see the photo and where the original can be found, cut and paste this into your browser.

      You can believe in Nancy Lieder all you like, but as the old saying goes, Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

      • Fisherman

        Good post reply Jez. I hope you’re not one of those stupid Americans who eat McDonalds and drink beer all day, while you’re president is an illegal alien without a birth certificate. One of those Americans whom are gutless and cannot stand up against Obama. The US is the laughing stock of the world! So Jez, hopefully you’re not an American. You sound to clever to be one?

    • Jez

      Nancy Lieder has made many claims about the coming events that seem to be unfolding before her eyes. How can she be so accurate? Simple, she read the works of Immanuel Velikovsky.
      When Lieder, first started her site back in 95, the works of Velikovsky had been out of print for years and hard to come by, so she assumed ripping him off was a safe bet…she had no idea his books would be republished in the 2000′s.
      All the coming Earth changes that were supposedly told to her by Grey aliens can be found in the books of Velikovsky, who she only mentions in a few brief paragraphs and only in an attempt to make herself seem credible.
      In Velikovsky’s books, he told us that there would be a pole shift, but prior to this event we would see an increase in fireballs, larger and more violent quakes, strange plagues, more volcanic activity, severe and unpredictable weather, madness in humans…etc.
      He also told us some historical facts, like our planets oil did not come from fossils, but was seeded over many years by the regular visit of a celestial object. Lieder makes this same claim, but states her aliens told her this information and gives no credit to Velikovsky.

      Velikovsky also gave us a timeline of when to expect these changes to begin…the first part of the new millennium. This explains why Lieder chose 2003 for her supposed pole shift…She, however, jumped the gun.

      Before anyone starts calling me a debunker, let me state, I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that a celestial object is headed our way, bur its not a planet…its our sun’s brown dwarf companion. I base this on ancient information that was documented by Velikovsky and the Kolbrin Bible. I do not listen to modern sources such as fake alien channelers…they are nothing more than CIA agents…or just some leach trying to take your money.

      Something is coming this way…just be careful who you believe. Ultimately, you can only decide for yourself…listen to your inner voice if you want the truth. If you question or fear the words of others, thats your inner voice sending you a warning.

    • Dawn

      The secret government doesn’t see ZT as a threat…it funds ZT. It only wants you to believe its under attack. Nancy Lieder was in contact with Greys, but these Greys also work with the elite leaders. They fed Nancy a lie and left her to take the blame…she is no longer in contact with these aliens and has resorted to making stuff up…which is why she hasn’t made any real predictions in years. She’s watching the world and guessing like the rest of us.

    • Chris Thomas

      @Jez Anyone who has studied can tell that you haven’t read ZetaTalk, I mean really read it. ZetaTalk is NOT just about the message of Velikovsky or Sitchin and the return of Nibiru, it is far more than that. Your ranting about Nancy Lieder is only because you can’t see past her to the message.

    • Chris Thomas

      @Dawn Your first comment is completely ridicules, your second comment is wrong and confused with who the U.S. Military is in contact with now and your third comment is wrong and confused too since, if you READ her material, would know that she is active with accurate and current ZetaTalk. You are uneducated in the real goings-on with the Zetas of ZetaTalk.

    • Jez

      @Chris. Anyone who has studied Velikovsky can tell that you haven’t read his works, I mean really read it.

      You and I have crossed paths on the Ning more than once. I see you’re still having difficulty when someone questions your word. I’ve always considered you to be arrogant and lacking social skills…Basically anyone who disagrees with you is flat out told they’re wrong, ridiculous or uneducated. I point out Nancy plagiarized Velikovsky and I’m accused of ranting. I must say, my opinion of you stands.
      Its funny, you share the same tactics as Nancy…when questioned, go on the defense and try to make people look foolish….or at least feel foolish for dare disagreeing with you. I don’t know if you’re aware of this or not, but there used to be some private discussions at the Ning, wondering if you and Nancy were one and the same. Now that you’ve been ostracized from the fold, that’s one rumor laid to rest.
      So, now you’re exiled from the cult and you still come here and support your Lieder and claim she is in contact with aliens…whats up with that? When I wanted to break free from Nancy and know whether she was telling the truth or not, I created an alias on the Ning and sent her a fake photo. When Nancy told all of her followers that the Zeta’s confirmed the image was genuine. I had my answer, Nancy Lieder is a liar. After that, I never looked back.
      So Chris, if she lied about that, what else has she lied about? Thanks to my inside sources on her Ning site, I know she had a meeting with the other mods and told them the Zeta’s had said I was a CIA Black Ops agent. Since I know I’m not a CIA agent, this was yet another lie.

      I just recalled a lie Nancy told to us in summer of 2010, when she did a radio interview, where she told listeners that Indonesia would sink beneath the waves before the end of the year…Zeta’s wrong again!

      By the way, I have read Zetatalk…every page, many times over. From 2005 to 2009, I followed Nancy and believed she was telling the truth. I have no problem seeing the message behind Lieder…its identical to the message of Velikovsky. I’m not talking about her alien crap or her prison planet, I’m talking about what matters…the earth changes caused by an inbound object. When it comes to this, Zetatalk almost matches word for word, the works of Velikovsky. As for the rest of Zetatalk, its delusional.
      As for your comments to Dawn, how do you know she is wrong? No offense, but you’re just some guy living on backwater Vancouver Island, who once wrote a planet x “news paper,” inspired by a woman who is known liar.

    • Jez

      By the way, Chris, whats your opinion of the FACT that the Zetas lied twice about the arrival of PX? Telling people for several years that PX would be here “long before 2012,” was a lie.

    • Jez

      Hey Dawn, you may find this interesting….Nancy is not what she claims. This is difficult for some to except, but eventually they will see the light…eventually everyone see’s Nancy for who she is.

    • Chris Thomas

      @ Jez. Hi Jez, yes I remember you.
      The Zetas “lied” about the arrival of PX because they had to. No human is to know the date and time of the poleshift, this is a decree of a high order. So, what to do? The message of the poleshift needs to be brought to the human population of Earth, that was another decree. So we have a seeming clash of decrees, but there never is a clash on the higher dimensions, as down here we have small minds shackled by many taboos one of which is “lying”. A lie is not necessarily a bad thing. Take this case: A man, faced with a taboo of another type will lie to his wife at a certain time, say, 5 minutes before they leave for a party, his Wife, whom he loves deeply asks as she turns before him in her new dress: “How do I look?” The smart man says: “You look lovely, dear” even though he may have a criticism or two, but he will choose another time to bring it up. Why? If you have to ask, a book would need to be written specifically for you to study and understand the subtleties of the relationship between a man and woman.
      So it is that timing and intention is what makes a lie a white lie or just a plain lie. A white lie is for your benefit, Jez, don’t you see that?

    • JM

      I also remember you Jez, I was there when you joined and I received your message, explaining the image was fake, after Nancy publicly declared it was real. I believe it was because of you, Nancy and her minions frowned on people having too many friends…they didn’t want people saying things to a large number of people if they couldn’t control it.
      Chris, you can believe Nancy is in touch with aliens if you like, but as Jez pointed out, everything they told her (regarding coming earth changes) can be found in the ancient writings, from around the world.
      Chris, Lets pretend for one minute that I believe Nancy really was is contact with aliens, the fact remains she has lied in their name…more than once. Never mind the “white lie, ” she declared a fake image of PX was real, according to the Zeta’s…this is unacceptable. She claimed her Zeta’s said the people trying to expose her were black ops agents…unacceptable. As an all edged representative of this alien group, her word should be impeccable…using their name to lie is unacceptable.
      Chris, You seem to be focusing on the ‘white lie’ and ignoring the part of Jez’s comment in regards to claiming PX would be here before 2012….this was a lie. The Photo graph she claimed was real, was a lie. How many lies are we supposed to take from these beings, who claim they can’t interfere with our lives?
      I understand what you’re saying about taboos being created in our mind, this is true to a degree. In the bigger picture, in the eyes of the Universe, these don’t matter. When we come into this physical existence however, we agree to abide by certain rules, in order to function in a society. So yes, it is true that some times a lie can be beneficial. In Lieder’s case, you have to believe she is in contact with aliens in order for this to be acceptable…I don’t believe she is…at least not any more.
      I do believe there are aliens around our world, watching out for us and I believe they gave the boot to the Greys, which is why Nancy hasn’t had an accurate prediction in years and its for this reason she’s claiming every lens flare is PX….she’s basically resorted to making things up as she goes.
      Chris, you can tell me I’m wrong, ridiculous or whatever you like, but the truth is you have no evidence any of us is wrong. Nancy may have got her info from aliens or she could have read Worlds in Collision.

      For the record I do believe our sun’s unlit twin is heading our way, but Nancy’s claim that a planet is next to the sun is just one more of her lies.

    • Chris Thomas

      @JM Yes, Nancy has shot herself in the foot many a time, but ZetaTalk is still the only earthchange explanation regime that can cover all the bases and then some and that has a 15 year track record, but then, I’m guessing you’ve heard all this before.
      Regarding alien contact, this is not rocket science JM, I’ve been in contact with the Zetas myself since 2007, (and spiritual masters since I can remember) and I speak with the Zetas at least every day or two when the opportunity or need arises. In fact I plan on offering Free (of course) Zeta advice for those seeking safe ground prior and during the poleshift.
      I don’t answer all questions, as it would take too much time to send out explanations via email and facebook chat and posts.
      My opinion against the may 15th 2003 and the other Zeta white lie: poleshift will happen “by 2012″ is this:
      I believe the may 15th thing, that it was used to expose George W’s hand in Iraq. The poleshift “by 2012″ the Zetas want to comment:
      “Now we the Zetas do channel through CTW, but this is only occasionally and not in the capacity as we do with Nancy Lieder. So we do answer the odd question when it fits in the general scheme of things, which is becoming more and more these days. Now the lie we issued was to stay the U.S. Government’s plans to begin enslaving the U.S. Population as the poleshift draws near. Now we had to include December 2012 date as a convenient date for us to use against them. Now the convenience on our part we cannot reveal, but suffice it to say that these people running your country are hell bent to election to use whatever resources they have to protect their interests, and that does not include the welfare of the average citizen of the United States. Now we sympathize with those in the know of the poleshift, but we cannot comment on Nancy’s status as she is our main outlet for ZetaTalk information. So for those who wish answers about the impending poleshift, you will have to read between the lines as any intelligent person who do anyways.” (Zeta channel – July 9, 2012).
      I remember thinking, even while I was an admin at poleshift.ning in early 2011, that the Zetas had planted another white lie with the “before or by 2012″ poleshift date. I remember thinking I would discuss this with Nancy, but I thought better of it as she most likely would have taken offence, she’s like that, then she cogitates. So I was right, so what? I don’t care when the poleshift comes now, as the more time beforehand the better as far as I am concerned, right now I’m looking at mid to late 2014.
      Second to last I want to say I welcome people’s comments here as long as they are reasonable.
      The Last thing I would like to post here is a report that I have a video of the PX Moons. This will be posted in the form of a new story here at Beforeitsnews.

    • Paris

      Chris, you keep talking about ZT’s track record…as Jez pointed out, it was taken from Velikovsky. Everything on ZT is found in his books. The elite have known what to expect and when to expect it for the last 60 years because of his books.
      You can justify the many lies all you want, but I won’t. Nancy Lieder and her lying Greys are not here to help anyone. I myself was a victim of her Zeta lies.
      Nancy has left a trail of destruction in her path, if the Greys think this nasty human is a good choice to act as a liaison, then they have an agenda.
      Anyone that believes the Greys are here to help is delusional. They have admitted being in contact with the US government.
      Have you ever considered the Greys are stimulating your endorphins to create a feeling of love and trust?
      The Greys make my skin crawl. Even when I was a believer in Nancy, I could never shake the feeling they were up to something. I had admitted this to her, she would have accused me of being s STS, who feared the goodness of the Zeta’s…bull.
      I am a truth seeker and I always listen to my higher voice…and it tells me to avoid the Greys like a plague.

    • JM

      So Chris, why did the Zeta’s lie about the photo Jez submitted for zeta chat? Why did they go as far as telling people to euthanize their pets before the 2003 date, when they knew this wouldn’t be necessary?
      I’m sorry, but you’re either a disinfo artist or your a victim of the lies…just like we all were.
      I look forward to seeing your px moons that could actually be anything. I’ve yet to see a pic of PX and its moons that couldn’t easily be explained as something like a lens flare. Lothar Schwarz, former Ning moderator and recent defector, has gone public with Nancy’s deception regarding photographs…More lies from the Zeta emissary.

      Nancy Lieder’s achievements can easily be explained. Whether she knows it or not, she is a fraud. I firmly believe Dawn’s comments of alien deception and their elite cohorts is much closer to the truth than anyone knows. To simply write this off as ridiculous is not supplying of us with proof.

    • Jez

      I would recommend people watch the documentary, 188 Days on You Tube. Lucus puts forth many great theories about the incoming brown dwarf and he feels planet x is disinformation….which I agree with 100%…if there was a planet, we’d have seen it by now, were as a brown dwarf would be invisible until it was close enough to the sun to be illuminated by the sun plasma.
      lucus’s brown dwarf would explain why the Dragon would have had a gaping mouth. His web site is the rabbit hole 2 dot com.

    • Chris Thomas

      When it comes to the Internet and the subject of Planet X, you find all kinds of opinions out there. We also find those coming out of the woodwork who use “avatars” in place of a real picture of themselves and post comments and links acting like snipers, shooting disinformation at the work of those who make a genuine effort to educate the public. I wonder why these people don’t come out from hinding with their real names and faces and declare in their own posts on what they really stand for and believe in.

      The picture is of me and my name is genuine, by-the-way.

    • Anonymous

      The falsehoods and lies this “man” posted are beyond belief.

      Not only his past unsavory, he was a mole and shared information with people who should never have seen it.

      This person was using ZetaTalk and the pole shift ning to further his own, personal need for fame and attention, nothing more.

      Funny how he leaves out all the death threats against Nancy Lieder and several others that were posted on his former web site. Those death threats were eventually removed but not by Mr. Wakefield (although he pretends otherwise).

      Funny how left out the visit from the local police department to address those death threats and the stalking of a woman who had zero interest in him.

      Mr. Wakefield is not even a contactee of the service to other Zetas anymore. What does that tell you?

      Are you starting to get the impression that you should not believe a word this man says or posts? Then you are right,.

    • Anonymous

      Well I believe the most important thing is to follow your heart and focus on how to survive this major event. I believe in the message of Nancy Lieder from the Zetas along with the other sources that are out there that believe there is an upcoming pole shift on our planet.

    • Fisherman

      It’s all BULL. In 30 years from now, in 100 years from now, in 300 years from now the world will still be here. Zebras will be dead and then the laughing stock of the entire world. Just like Anerica is currently the laughing stock of the entire world due to the Obama birth certificate issue!

    • somethgblue

      I’m one of those members from Ning that got the boot for simply asking for clarification on some issues that didn’t make any sense to me. If you don’t rock the boat you’re good to go but if you question the veracity of some information, put a fork in ya cuz you’re done.
      I agree with the author on many points, the truth stands alone and cannot be altered, so what difference does it make if some question it. Allowing people to express different view points is healthy, take Jez’s comments below for instance, she can’t seem to wrap her head around the fact that disinformation is a two way street. If you want to see if your message is being taken seriously predict an event (give a specific time) and then watch for reactions.
      Sure it may make it seem like your message has no merit but it also allows you to determine whom is paying attention, this is basic disinformation 101, Governments have been doing it for thousands of years, because it works.

      My point about the ZT message is that it is nothing new and the same information can be attained through research, common sense and learning to ‘think’ with your heart. Velikovsky and Sitchin both talked about the Pole Shift in their books, twenty to fifty years before the internet. The Lowell Observatory was built in 1894 specifically to look for Nibiru Planet X over 100 years ago. NASA using the IRAS orbital space telescope found it in 1983 and reported it to the world but the Reagan Administration made it illegal to talk about.

      So the veracity of Nibiru Planet X was known long before ZT came on the scene, if folks like Jez want to wallow in their ignorance, so be it, no skin off my back. However once one ‘knows’ how Nibiru Planet X affects our planet and the ‘science’ behind it, it becomes child’s play to notice the warning signs.

    • somethgblue

      The important thing to realize is that ZT is delivering a message designed to wake up the sheep, this they have done, without a doubt. ZT was ‘allowed’ to deliver this message as means to and end, to open the minds of this planet to new possibilities, they got played and they played their role well.

      The prediction in 2003 doesn’t bother me, as this was just an attempt to find out whom was paying attention and it worked, mission accomplished. The 2012 hoopla was just an advertising gimmick to sell books and movies however it did have some significance as it was the beginning of ‘our’ spiritual ascension or moving to the edges of the Photon Belt or Golden Nebula.

      I don’t need to search the internet for photos of Nibiru Planet X, as I have taken my own that clearly show its existence next to the Sun and I didn’t have to use my Rocket Surgeon skills to do this. The information is out there for those able to think with their heart. The Powers That Be sling their own agenda and propaganda through the Fake Stream Media but the truth stands alone and cannot be altered.

      The Big Lie is that the public has been fed disinformation for thousands of years and basically is clueless as most of the comments below testify too. Obviously Nibiru Planet X exists however what remains to be seen is if it will be ‘allowed’ to cause the destruction it has in the past or if it is just a tool to awaken the masses.

      Jez, just because NL is getting played doesn’t mean the message is incorrect, the Big Lie you refer too goes far beyond Nibiru Planet X but includes our entire education system. Astronomy that is taught in college is based on ideas and theories that are over 300 years old, the principles behind stealth technology isn’t even recognized (anti-gravity propulsion) which was invented and patented in the 1920s. Most of the public has never even heard of ether physics or string theory, so get real . . . disinformation prevents most folks from even recognizing they have been lied to their entire lives.

      • Chris Thomas

        Somethgblue: I read your two comments and agree with all but ONE thing you said: that Zetatalk is essentially a composition of Velikovsky and others, etc. (paraphrased). When I was authoring “The Planet X NewsLetter”s in 2010 & 2011 I had to study Zetatalk a lot. I had read much ZetaTalk before 2010 too, plus i was an admin at the current ning forum for about a year as well. So with all this exposure of Zetatalk, you can’t help come to the conclusion that it is a genuine and is NOT a copied work. But you will only know that when you do all that study that I did (intellectually). However, to have the “contactee” experience is a big infusion of the truth of ZetaTalk, or more specifically, the Pole-Shift. Many people oscillate between slightly believing in Planet X and the Pole-Shift and then are swayed slightly away by disinformation and still more are desperately pushing the subject away while inwardly they are still tweaked by the irrefutable weather and geological events. Yet you are no where near that kind of awareness and seem to have ascended far above by your powers of observation. I say well done.
        The ZetaTalk term: “Contactee” is a BIG experience. Many of us have heard the saying: “A picture is worth a thousand words” and have to admit it is a true statement. Even those who NEED textual information to absorb knowledge would have to turn to a map or a diagram to get what they need quickly otherwise emphasizing the personal limitations of text-only serial accretion of facts. This hopefully magnifies the limited human-thinking-perspective to glimpse the truth of the reality that we have a mind that operates on the level of a grand perspective, farther even than one’s imagination. This is the benefit of having a Contactee event. Once there, and remember you can’t “think” to it, into it or imagine it, your life is galvanized to the truth and can no longer operate in the morass of the pre-awareness confusion of opinions, beliefs and concepts that buck the tide of the Pole-Shift reality.
        Chris Thomas.

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