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U.S., Italy, Germany All Agree—9/11 Was An Inside Job

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Some people still believe the official fairy tale that the September 11, 2001 “terrorist” attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon was the work of nineteen pious, fanatical Muslim plane-hijackers armed with boxcutters.  The corporate-controlled U.S. media uses the 9/11 anniversary each year to crank up patriotism and to bolster public support for the so-called “war on terror” and government spying on Americans.

But top military, intelligence, and political honchos from the United States, Italy, and Germany all agree—9/11 was an inside job, a mass murder of nearly 3000 people orchestrated at the highest levels of the U.S. government to serve as a pretext for invading Iraq and Afghanistan and installing the Surveillance State.  It’s worth comparing their observations:

Andreas von Bulow—former German defense minister, cabinet technology minister in Helmut Schmidt’s administration, and member of the German parliament for 25 years—wrote the bestseller The CIA and September 11 (still no English translation from the German).  In 2003 he told the U.K. Daily Telegraph why he believes the U.S. government carried out the September 11 attacks in its quest to achieve global domination.  “”If what I say is right, the whole US government should end up behind bars,  They have hidden behind a veil of secrecy and destroyed the evidence—that they invented the story of 19 Muslims working within Osama bin Laden’s al-Qa’eda—in order to hide the truth of their own covert operation.”

Von Bulow asserted that the World Trade Center collapsed due to explosives, not the impact of airplanes.  He said that no planes flew into the Pentagon or crashed in Pennsylvania, and that mobile phone calls made by those on the latter flight were simulated by the CIA.  He also claimed that the Israeli intelligence service, Mossad, was involved in the attacks and that it warned Israelis to avoid the Twin Towers in the days before 9/11. [1]

In a subsequent interview, von Bulow argued that World Trade Center Building 7 was used as a command bunker to run the attack using remote control technology in order to guide the planes in, after which the crime scene was destroyed by imploding the building.  Building 7 was never hit by any plane and suffered only isolated, minor fires, yet it fell into its architectural “footprint” in free fall in a few seconds, the hallmark of controlled demolition.  Von Bulow pointed out that the alleged hijackers’ flight instructors told investigators that the suspects couldn’t even fly Cessna’s, let alone complex, large commercial airliners.

Commenting on the implausible collapse of the three World Trade Center buildings, von Bulow noted, “The towers came down in the velocity of free fall which is totally impossible, they fall down in 8, 9, or 10 seconds.  The [official] pancake theory is ridiculous.”   As to whether the U.S. government will launch a new false-flag terror attack to further its goal of geopolitical domination, he commented, “I would hope that one ‘new Pearl Harbor’ is enough, but I cannot be sure.” [2]

Francesco Cossiga, former President of Italy (1985-1992) and former Prime Minister, told Italy’s most respected newspaper, Corriere della Sera, that the 9/11 attacks were run by the CIA and by Israel’s spy agency Mossad and that this was common knowledge among global intelligence agencies.  In November 2007, Cossiga declared:  “…All the [intelligence services] of America and Europe … now know well that the disastrous attack has been planned and realized by the American CIA and the Mossad with the aid of the Zionist world in order to to falsely incriminate Arabic countries and to persuade the Western Powers to intervene in Iraq and Afghanistan.” [3]

Cossiga was forced to resign as prime minister in 1992 after he admitted the existence of—and his role in setting up—Operation Gladio. Gladio (“The Sword”) was the Italian arm of a clandestine network under NATO and CIA auspices which carried out dozens of bombings and other “false flag operations” across Europe from the 1960s through the 1980s—atrocities that were falsely blamed on domestic left-wing groups or foreign opposition.  In Italy, Cossiga has gained respect as an outspoken, honest politician.  His revelations about Operation Gladio led to an Italian parliamentary investigation of Gladio in 2000 which determined that the false-flag murders of innocent men, women, and children were being overseen by the CIA. [4]

Paul Craig Roberts, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration, former Wall Street Journal associate editor and columnist, writes: “We already know that the official story of 9/11 is hogwash. No evidence exists that supports the government’s 9/11 story. The 9/11 Commission was a political gathering run by a neoconservative White House operative. The Commission members sat and listened to the government’s story and wrote it down. No investigation of any kind was made.”  He adds, “It has been proven conclusively that World Trade Center Building 7 fell at free-fall, which can only be achieved by controlled demolition…. NIST [National Institute of Standards and Technology] has acknowledged this fact, but has not changed its story.”

Reviewing the “voluminous evidence that conclusively proves that the official story is a lie”, Roberts suggests: “Ask yourself why your government thinks you are so totally stupid as to believe such a fairy tale as your government has told you about 9/11.”  He gives credit to the “many 9/11 Truth organizations whose members are high-rise architects,  structural engineers, physicists, chemists and nano-chemists, military and civilian airline pilots, firemen and first responders, former prominent government officials, and 9/11 families. The evidence they have amassed overwhelms the feeble official account.” [5]

Alan Sabrosky, former Director of Studies at the U.S. Army War College–Strategic Studies Institute, believes “It is 100% certain that Israel did Mossad.”  An ex-Marine of Jewish ancestry, Sabrosky, who has lectured widely on defense and foreign affairs, is “absolutely certain as a strategic analyst that 9/11…was a classic Mossad-orchestrated operation. But Mossad did not do it alone. They needed local help within America (and perhaps elsewhere) and they had it, principally from some alumni of PNAC (the misnamed Project for the New American Century) and their affiliates within and outside of the US Government, who in the 9/11 attacks got the “catalytic event” they needed and craved to take the US to war on Israel’s behalf, only eight months after coming into office.” [6]

PNAC, a conservative think-tank whose members were mostly fervent Zionists, issued a report in 2000 calling for a restructuring of the Middle East according to American priorities, but ruefully noted that selling this aggressive interventionist agenda to the American people was unlikely “absent some catastrophic catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor” (PNAC, “Rebuilding America’s Defenses,” p. 51).  

Finally, Morgan Reynolds, ex-Bush Administration insider, “prosecuted” top administration and military officials for the 9/11 inside job before a standing-room-only crowd at the Wisconsin Historical Society in 2006.  Reynolds, who served as Labor Department chief economist under President George W. Bush (2001-2002), indicted Richard Cheney, George W. Bush, former Joint Chiefs Chairman Richard Meyers, World Trade Center lease-holder Larry Silverstein, and others for mass murder, conspiracy, and high treason.  He argued that the conspirators created a false cover story of suicide hijackings in order to demolish the World Trade Center with explosives—a psy-op designed to coerce the American people into supporting a pre-planned invasion of the Middle East, huge increases in military spending, and the suppression of civil liberties.       

Former Director of the Criminal Justice Center at the National Center for Policy Analysis, Reynolds stated that everyone in the global intelligence community realized that 9/11 was an inside job as soon as it happened.  The obvious tip-offs, he said, were the unprecedented stand-down of U.S. air defenses, the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center, and non-protection of President Bush in Florida.  Reynolds predicted that politicians and the media will help expose the 9/11 hoax only after a growing grassroots movement reaches critical mass. [7]

Messrs von Bulow, Cossiga, Roberts, Sabrosky, and Reynolds aren’t likely to be interviewed any time soon in the heavily censored mainstream media because their accounts of what happened on 9/11 contradict the official scenario.  To the establishment, these distinguished men are wild-eyed “conspiracy theorists” (the smear-term that is used to denigratre anyone who questions the official doctrine).  Ironically, the U.S. government’s official version of 9/11 is itself a conspiracy theory.

Von Bulow, Cossiga, and Sabrosky would be especially unwelcome because all three allege that Israel’s Mossad was deeply involved in the 9/11 mass murder.  This is a taboo topic not only in the corporate-controlled media but even among large sectors of the so-called 9/11 Truth Movement.  If one mentions a possible Mossad connection, one is immediately accused of anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism.  (Or if the person raising the issue is Jewish, he is branded a “self-hating Jew.”)  Broaching this topic is a career-ending move for any mainstream print or broadcast journalist.

Yet there is compelling evidence that Mossad was heavily involved in carrying out the September 11 attack, either as prime mover or as junior partner in collusion with the U.S. government.  The best short summaries of this evidence can be found here:

*Laurent Guyenot, “Was 9/11 an Inside Job, or a Mossad Job?” (July 16, 2013;

*WikiSpooks dossier, “9/11: Israel Did It” (

*Veterans Today article, “9/11 and Zion: What Was Israel’s Role?” by Nick Kollerstrom (with Jim Fetzer) (

Readers seeking more in-depth analysis can consult Christopher Bollyn’s book Solving 9/11: The Deception That Changed the World or his website (

To the architects of the 9/11 attack, killing 3000 people was collateral damage, a small price to pay for furthering their geopolitical objectives.  The real criminals should be arrested and tried for their involvement in the crime of the century.  Yet the criminals walk free, completely unhindered.  The 9/11 Truth Movement, and the independent-minded individuals who have raised their voices, have not penetrated through to the masses of people.  I suggest there are three reasons for this:

First, the American people are largely disorganized and powerless.  There is no mass movement for progressive change.

Second, the powers that be have succeeded in “dumbing down” much of the population into apathy, fear, conformity, and ignorance.  People are conditioned not to rock the boat, not to investigate anything controversial that might get them in trouble.  Despite the Internet, most people do not seek out vital information about what is really going on in the world.

Third, the 9/11 Truth Movement is itself timid and half-paralyzed.  Many of its members fear that if they bring up the question of Mossad’s possible involvement, they will be branded as lunatic Jew-haters and lose whatever respectability they might have.

Perhaps what is needed is for several nations (or cities) to bond together in a “9/11 Truth Zone,” to issue a list of the chief suspects, and to announce that if any of those key suspects set foot on the soil of any of these nations (or cities), they will be arrested, pending a trial before an international tribunal.  That might bring the issue of the unresolved 9/11 crime into prominence.

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