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“Official” 9/11 Story Destroyed! Irrefutable Un-doctored Photographic and Scientific Evidence, Whistleblower Videos, Expert testimony and Undeniable Truths!

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Hello friends,

In this post I am going to PROVE beyond the shadow of a doubt that the “Official” explanation of what happened on September 11 2001 (9/11) is a total fabrication from beginning to end. THERE WERE NO PLANES! No planes hit the twin towers, no plane hit the pentagon and no plane crash landed in a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania!

That’s right, the mainslease media is hiding the truth from you… as are many in the “alternate” media!

There were no planes… the evidence is overwhelming and undeniable, as you will soon see.

“Oh but people saw planes hit the towers! They said so on TV !”

Oh yeah? you sure about that? Have you ever heard about “crisis actors” and the way they lie and cry on cue for the camera as they did at the FAKE Sandy Hook slaughter?



Before you start hemming and hawing, review the evidence and make up your own mind… and please pass it around.

All the information and evidence is readily available on internet, as you will see.



As the “official” story goes…

On 9-11-2001… 4 jets were hijacked by a bunch of Arab terrorists, who, until that day, only had limited experience piloting small single engine planes such as Cessnas, Pipers etc… And although it’s like going from carving a turkey to performing open-heart surgery, on this day, September 11th  2001, the four “terrorist” pilots managed to fly Boeing passenger planes, at low altitudes, hitting three of their four intended targets with precision, the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. As for the forth and last plane which was headed to crash into the White House… it was supposedly overtaken by heroic” passengers and wound up crashing in a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

Did I forget anything?

Oh yeah, this band of Arab terrorists somehow fooled ALL of the United States defense systems:

“Actually, you do not need any of the expert evidence to know that the US government’s story is false. As I have previously pointed out, had a few young Saudi Arabians, the alleged 9/11 hijackers, been capable of outwitting, without support from any government and intelligence service, not only the CIA and FBI, but all sixteen US intelligence services, the intelligence services of Washington’s NATO allies and Israel’s Mossad, the National Security Council, NORAD, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Air Traffic Control, and defeat Airport Security four times in one hour on the same morning, the White House, Congress, and the media would have been demanding an investigation of how the National Security State could so totally fail.”

The author of this quote, Dr Paul Craig Roberts, was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy Under president Reagan and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. 



We were repeatedly shown the same

DOCTORED videos and images of animated jets

slamming into the Towers over and over and over

till we bought into the “official” story

without question.


Without further ado, I am now going to prove to you, using sworn expert testimony and un-doctored photographic and video evidence, that not only did NO PLANES hit the Pentagon or the field in Pennsylvania, but in fact, NO PLANES hit the Twin Towers either! You’ve been duped. We all have been. It was a Hollywood production from beginning to end.

Here’s what really happened that day… or what really didn’t happen that day…


This post is broken down as follows:

Exhibit A: No planes hit the Twin Towers

Exhibit B: No plane hit the Pentagon

Exhibit C: No plane crashed in ShanksvillePennsylvania (Flight 93)

Exhibit D: Building 7…no plane either


Conclusion: Beware of “Controlled Opposition”


 - EXHIBIT A: No planes hit the TWIN TOWERS… 


- Since when can Aluminum cut through reinforced concrete and steel?….

since NEVER… it can’t!


Let’s start by looking what happens to an aluminum airliner when it hits WATER…  



It breaks into pieces!… WATER!

And what happens when an aluminium military jet flies into a concete wall at 500mph? (BTW same speed as the supposed jets that hit the towers!)


It telescopes into it’s self and is rendered to dust…



Now lets look at a jet airliner demolition…

Jet airliners are made out of aluminum foil for heaven’s sake!!!

Check it out (view from 1’10 min on)



Yet we are supposed to believe that on 911, these hollow aluminum foil jetliners went straight through the towers…








The modern day civilian transportation airliner is made out of aluminum and is hollow, similar to an aluminum can. If shot into a concrete and steel wall, an aluminum can would be crushed on impact and fall to the ground. Fact is… there is NO WAY an aluminum jet could cut through a reinforced concrete and steel structure. The plane, if there was one, would have telescoped into it’s self upon impact, the wings and the tail sections would have seperated from the fuselage, and the whole thing would have fallen to the street below! Even the engines would have probably fallen to the ground outside following impact.

This image represents the impact site of Tower 1. Notice the little person in the red rectangle. Her name was Edna Cintron. She is standing about where the left wing attached to the fuselage of the “plane”.




This is a close up of where the left wing supposedly went through.

Notice Edna on the right.


Do you really believe the left wing fit through this tight space?

If a plane truely when through this tower and came out the other side… shouldn’t we be able to see straight through to the other side?



This is the same view as above, enlarged… notice Edna (light green oval) is not alone (red oval to left). Notice the two yellow arrows. They point to two massive steel reinforced walls that the aluminum wing supposedly sliced through! The light green arrow is pointing to the steel reinforced concrete floor the wing supposedly also went through!

The blue rectangle at the top shows that the inner steel layer stayed in place when it should have imploded inward upon impact. Instead we see that the explosion was rather towards the outside, ripping away the external steel stucture outwards.


- The plane’s aluminum nose goes through the building???

  I don’t think so…




The following video is by a visual arts professional and exposes how they achieved this fakery… and what they did wrong:



- John Lear

The sworn testimony you are about to discover was given by John Lear, the son of Learjet inventorBill Lear. 




John Lear is 65 years of age, a retired airline captain and former CIA pilot with over 19,000 hours of flight time, over 11,000 of which are in command of 3 or 4 engine jet transports, has flown over 100 different types of aircraft in 60 different countries around the world. He retired in 2001 after 40 years /19’000hrs of flying.

He holds more FAA airman certificates than any other FAA certificated airman. These include the Airline Transport Pilot certificate with 23 type ratings, Flight Instructor, Flight Engineer, Flight Navigator, Ground Instructor, Aircraft Dispatcher, Control Tower Operator and Parachute Rigger.

As a witness in a lawsuit, Mr Lear has given his sworn expert testimony that it would have been physically impossible for Boeing 767s, like Flights AA11 and UA175 to have hit the Twin Towers on 9/11, particularly when flown by inexperienced pilots:

·   “No Boeing 767 airliners hit the Twin Towers as fraudulently alleged by the government, media, NIST and its contractors’, he stated in the affidavit.

·  ‘These crashes did not occur because they are physically impossible as depicted, for the following reasons: in the case of UAL 175 going into the south tower, a real Boeing 767 would have begun ‘telescoping’ when the nose hit the 14 inch steel columns which are 39 inches on center.

·   ‘The vertical and horizontal tail would have instantaneously separated from the aircraft, hit the steel box columns and fallen to the ground.

·   ‘The engines when impacting the steel columns would have maintained their general shape and either fallen to the ground or been recovered in the debris of the collapsed building.”


- Extreme heat was responsible for weakening the structural integrity of the Towers… Oh Really?!?

We were told that the extreme heat from the jet fuel fire melted the steel columns causing them to bow and weaken, such that the structure could no longer support it’s own weight and came crashing down.


Observe the above photos.

The slash across the Tower in the top image is supposedly the entry site of the “terrorist’s” plane.

Oh… but wait… aren’t there 2 women visible right where the heat should be at it’s hottest?

The one standing is Edna and the other, anonymous, is laying down… their long flowing hair not even singed, not the slightest evidence of excessive heat anywhere to be seen. One is touching the side of the building with bare hands; the other laying on her stomach on what should be a very hot surface.

And we were told that the towers fell within an hour of these photos due to “the intense heat” from the jet fuel fire. As you can see there was no intense heat, no fire! It’s all bull!

These two women were murdered, as were over 3000 others, several minutes after this photo was taken, when the buildings were professionally taken down by CONTROLLED DEMOLITION. 


- Proof that “OPEN AIR” jet fuel fires don’t burn hot enough to melt steel:

As you can see below, jet fuel burns at 1,890°F (1,030°C) in an “open-air” combustion.


And in this chart below, observe that steel’s melting point is 600°F hotter… at 2500°F! Therefore it is not possible that the heat generated by burning jet fuel could ever have gotten hot enough to melt the steel supports… and certainly not after only one hour!




More proof: A Chechnyan 40 story skyscraper burns like a torch for hours and never collapses!



 - Proof that the “Official” 9/11 videos were DOCTORED… NO PLANES HIT THE TOWERS. 

This next Video is a live news-feed from a News helicopter which was filming the scene when the 2nd explosion went off at Tower 2… with no plane anywhere to be seen!

If this does not WAKE YOU UP… nothing will.



This image is a screenshot from a German video which has since been removed from internet.

It showed the original footage on the left and the doctored footage on the right… simultanously!



The original live footage on the left clearly has the blue Hudson river as a backdrop with boats floating on its surface and the New Jersey shore line in the distance. In this video an explosion is seen, but no plane. This video is THE video used to create the doctored version, as you will see!

The doctored video to the right, however, has the background totally white-ed out to better contrast the fake plane overlay. When played side by side, the truth speaks for itself.

By the way, that is an NBC logo in the bottom right hand corner of the deceptive, doctored video. NBC is obviously in on the conspiracy… as are ALL the media houses the world over who have so successfully kept the lie going for 19 years.

And for the record… ”conspiracy theory” does not mean “made up story” as some people out there seem to think… a conspiracy merely describes an act as being planned and executed by more than one person… ex: several people “conspired” to rob a bank.

Conspiracy “an evil, unlawful, treacherous, or surreptitious plan formulated in secret by two or more persons; plot.“ (

One person alone would have had a hard time pulling off 9/11, so I think one could safely call it a conspiracy, in fact… a massive conspiracy.

Must see:  How they made the “Doctored”, deceptive video:

Digital Computer Recreation of 9/11 WTC ‘Airliner’ Impact


- So, if there were no planes… what brought the Towers down?

- Evidence of explosives found in 911 dust samples:

Military grade Nano-thermite explosive was found in 9/11 dust!



Dr Neils Harrit, a chemistry professor from the University of Copenhagan found military grade nano-thermite explosive material present in the dust samples taken from ground zero. The nano-thermite he found was in both the reacted and un-reacted forms. By Mr Harrit’s calculations, tons of it would have had to have been placed strategically in advance in order remove the steel supports and have the building fall in it’s own footprint at free-fall speeds. The nano-thermitic ignition reaction can INSTANTLY produce heats in excess of 4000°F! More than hot enough to instantly melt steel, wouldn’t you agree?

In fact they used more nano-thermite than needed to bring the buildings down and it continued reacting for a whole six weeks later. Nobody could approach ground zero because of the molten metal and the heat it produced. 


- Others believe small nuclear devices were used:

“Dr. Ed Ward has documented what he believes is the use of micro-nukes on the World Trade Center complex attack that took place in September of 2001.

One of the smoking guns in this case is that over 5.3 billion pounds of steel was instantly turned into 2 billion pounds of dust, but that’s not all.

Massive steel beams were bent like pretzels as the towers collapsed.”


- A jet fuel fire could not result in six weeks worth of molten metal at ground zero

“There are several published observations of molten metal in the basements of all three buildings, WTC 1, 2 (“Twin Towers”) and 7. For example, Dr. Keith Eaton toured Ground Zero and stated in The Structural Engineer, ‘They showed us many fascinating slides’ [Eaton] continued, ‘ranging from molten metal which was still red hot weeks after the event, to 4-inch thick steel plates sheared and bent in the disaster’. (Structural Engineer, September 3, 2002, p. 6.)”



MUST SEE VIDEO: Incontrovertible Proof that we are being lied to about the presence of molten steel at ground zero.

First you will hear a government official deny that there are any witnesses to the “molten metal” claim, and then hear the actual testimony of witness after witness after witness stating that not only was there molten steel, but it was like a foundry with rivers of molten metal, like lava!








Front view of Pentagon. The supposed plane came from behind (red arrow).

Notice the highway that runs right next to the “crash site” (blue arrow).

On 9/11, the highway was full of cars, yet no one witnessed seeing a plane!



The above image was taken just minutes after the “crash”.

The red arrow shows the roof is still intact and has not yet collapsed, the yellow arrow shows the impact site.




Shot taken after the roof collapsed. Look at all the traffic on the Highway! Yet nobody saw a plane.

Do you see any evidence of a plane crash?




Observe the exit hole on the inside of the Pentagon. Do you think a plane created this hole? Looks more like an unexploded missle exit.

Look at all the light poles and metallic structures in the flight path that are still standing. Do you think a Boeing jet could fit through there without knocking them over?



This shows you the relative size of the plane they claim hit the Pentagon.



They told us that there were no remains of the plane because it vaporized into thin air on impact?!? due to the intense heat perhaps from the jet fuel?!? LOL. But within the red circle in the image above there are no signs of fire, no burnt, blackened walls. In fact you can clearly make out office furniture and computer monitors…

… and in the blue box, notice all the windows are still intact!


- The Pentagon Video:

The Pentagon must have hundreds of security cameras around the perimeter, wouldn’t you agree? Below is the ONLY video they would release… what a joke!


The impact is at the 25 second mark.

Don’t blink, you might miss it!



Did you see a plane? A far cry from the Tower videos!

Why not give us a few more camera angles?




 - Exhibit C: No Plane crashed in Shanksyille, Pennsylvania!



This movie made about Flight 93 is pure fantasy… complete and total propaganda!

The official story is that the box-cutter toting Arab “terrorists” were gang rushed by a few courageous passengers, who luckily were able to document the whole event over their cellular phones to their friends and family, (some were on the phone as long as 20 min) at cruising altitudes of 30’000 ft.

If you stop and think about it, you know full well that you cannot get a cellular signal once off the ground and certainly not at 30’000 ft.

Especially not 19 years ago!

How could anybody have believed such obvious BS? But we did…


These next photos show two actual plane crashes… notice the plane parts, scattered belongings, body parts, luggage etc…



Now look at the crash site of Flight 93…


Don’t believe me? do a “Google Image” search of the Flight 93 crash site for yourself!


The following video is a must see, amazing footage and honest reporting from the Flight 93 crash site:

Listen to what the local news had to say about what they found at the site.

- Eyewitness – Crater Too Small For A 767, No Bodies, No Wreckage



There…I have proven to you beyond a shadow of a doubt that


Not on the Twin Towers

Not at the Pentagon

Not in Pennsylvania

we have all been deceived…


But now the clincher… 


- Exhibit D:  There was a 3rd building at the World Trade Center to collapse on 9/11 … Building 7



Did you know that about 7 hours after the Twin towers collapsed, at 5:27pm, a third building, the Salomon Brother’s building, Building N°7, collapsed as well? That’s right…



First they said that Building 7 collapsed because of collateral damage and office fires… then they changed the official story and admitted that they demolished Building 7 “because it represented a danger to the public”.

Only problem is that it takes WEEKS to set-up a controlled demolition, especially one in the middle of one of the most populated cities in the world… more lies.


- BBC and CNN both announced the collapse of Building 7 prematurely

… the BBC did so 27 minutes before it actually happened… on tape!


See the video for yourself



- The BBC got sued and LOST for lying about 9/11 tens years later:

As a result of this screw-up by the BBC, Documentary filmmaker saw an opportunity to expose the 9/11 lie…



In September 2014, he won his case:


- Controlled demolition of Building 7 FINALLY Confirmed: 

Press release:  World Trade Center Building 7’s Controlled Demolition: 9/11 Consensus Panel Releases New Evidence from Witness Testimonies and Architectural Drawings

June 1, 2014 –The 24-member 9/11 Consensus Panel –, which includes physicists, chemists, engineers, commercial pilots, attorneys and lawyers – today announced three new studies confirming the controlled demolition of World Trade Center 7.



So let’s recap:


· It’s impossible for a hollow aluminum plane to pass straight through a reinforced concrete and steel building, at any speed!

·  Extreme heat did not bring down the Towers: Jet fuel “open air” combustion burns at 1890°F, but steel’s melting point is 2500°F… that’s a difference of 600°F

·  Evidence that the “Official” videos depicting Tower 1 and Tower 2 attacks were doctored

· Military grade nano-thermite incendiary explosive was found, in reacted and un-reacted forms, in the Ground Zero dust by Dr Neils Harrit.

·  A small nuclear device might also have used, as suggested by Dr Ed Ward to explain the reduction of 5.3 billion pounds of steel into 2 billion pounds of dust within seconds.

·  Molten metal was witnessed for up to six weeks after 9/11. As already proven, extreme heat was not the cause of structural weakness or collapse. So what is keeping the steel molten for six weeks running?

· There is absolutely no evidence that would give validity to the claim that a plane hit the Pentagon. More likely a self-inflicted missile strike.

· There is no evidence of a plane crashing in the field in Pennsylvania. No plane parts, no luggage, no body parts… nothing.

· The BBC and CNN had advanced prior knowledge of the World Trade Center’s Building 7′s imminent collapse and reported it 27 minutes prematurely blaming collateral structural damage from the Twin Towers as the cause. They later recanted saying that Building 7 was brought down by “controlled demolition” in order to secure the safety of the citizens. lol

·  A new report confirms that Building 7 was brought down 7 hours after the Twin Towers by “controlled demolition”.


Why is what happened on 9/11 so important?

Because ever since this elaborate and apparently convincing hoax was perpetrated, the whole world has been conned into supporting the rape and pillage of countless countries in it’s name and have looked the other way as over a million people have been slaughtered in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and others, all victims of this contrived war on terror… all due to the lie that is 9/11!

We have been told that terrorists are everywhere! They tell us that we need to spy on our neighbors and give up our freedoms in order to be safe. We are told that the governments of the world have no choice but to listen to all our conversations, and read all our emails and that we need to trust them to keep us safe.

Who is going to keep us safe from the real terrorists… the ones who really want total dominance over us and really mean us harm?

The muslims aren’t the ones spraying chemtrails daily over our communities or putting GMO in our food. They are not the ones putting poison in the vaccines (SV40, mercury, aluminum etc.) or the ones fear mongering and hell bent on starting WWIII. They are not the ones humiliating us at the airport with pat downs and cavity searches and they are not the ones trampling on our hard earned rights and freedoms. They are not the ones responsable for the derivatives bubble, precious metals manipulation nor the pending economic collapse and they certainly are not the ones responsible for 9/11!

It’s time to wake up…



How is it that Alex Jones and his team of crack “investigative reporters” (Paul Joseph Watson, David Knight, Kurt Nemo, Anthony Gucciardi, Adan Salazar, Kit Daniels, Rob Dew etc…) haven’t discovered or reported the TRUTH?

It’s called “controlled opposition”. If you’re not sure what that means, look it up.

Alex Jones on the Howard Stern show, suppressing the TRUTH and admonishing “No-Planers”:



It might be a little unfair to single out Alex Jones… there are MANY more names we could add to the list.

You know who you are.


Why is it important to know the truth of 9/11?  Because if you understand what really happened, or what really didn’t happen, then you realize that you’ve been brain washed and can now begin the “media propaganda” de-programming.

When I say media, I mean the “presstitute” media, the propaganda pusher media… anything on television or in newsprint! The media are the ones keeping the truth from us.

Turn off the television… there is a reason they call television shows “programs” and speak about “television programming”, because that’s what it is. They have programmed us over the years through their mindless sitcoms and propaganda news shows to accept everything they say on face value, and this needs to stop.

We need to start using our own critical thinking and logic once again.



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    • Anonymous

      There can’t be anybody that still believes in the 9/11 fairy tale.

      • Sean

        Steel melts at around 2000 around 800 degrees, anyway

        I agree with your post, but the problem is Millions of Human Beings Died and everyday in Syria, Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan, just to name a few, “Innocent” Human Beings are being Murdered and no one seems to give a Damn, unless its themselves in America or their Children, Wives and Husbands, like they are anymore important, than the “Innocent”

        By now the World knows it wasn’t Muslims or Christians or Buddhists, its the same game being played out as before and before that, by the Rh Negative Bloodline of Cain/Egypt/Hagar.

        I did a few Articles on Jim Stone Freelance Forum, since they keep deleting mine on this Website and will not post them online.

        • James Smith

          Steel melts at a temperature of 2,777 degrees Fahrenheit. Office fires at their maximum temperature is 1,517 degrees, you remember that the next time you charcoal grill. 9/11 was in fact proven to be muslim complicit with the bush crime family and congress. Remember the supposed 19 saudi hijackers…. the official but lying story? The saudi muslim regime financed 9/11 for their own globalist u.n. communist objectives, period.

          • 2QIK4U

            American Saudi and Jew’s are all guilty. Freemasons don’t have borders.

          • Anonymous

            What temp does paper melt at?

        • chefjim

          Glass melts at 800 degrees F.? I think not. The melting point of ordinary soda/lime glass (made for windows) is about 1500 degrees. Also, the link doesn’t work at the bottom of your comment.

      • chefjim

        Are you kidding? Every single liberal on this planet believes the lie. Just stop people in the streets of any big city in the US and ask them, “do you believe the official story of the “attack on the World Trade Center”, that is, did insane Mooslime terrorists hijack our airplanes and fly them into our buildings causing them to collapse?

        8 out of 10 will say yes. That is how fast asleep the whole world is while the PTB pull one false flag op after another until the biggie in which millions will die and Martial Law will follow.

        Search for TRUTH, there is only ONE: His name is God and His Son is Jesus Christ who is God in the flesh. Learn about Him in the King James Bible and avoid the newer versions because they are copyrighted by the world publishers for filthy lucre and full of deliberate changes to water down the Truth and to cast doubt on the Historicity of Jesus Christ. The KJV is the ONLY BOOK that has no copyright. It is FREE and so is the Salvation that is offered by Jesus Christ.

        The end of the age is HERE and we will soon be changed in the twinkling of an eye (True, Born Again Christians) and will arise to the call of Jesus Christ in a voice like a trumpet saying “Come up hither!” Don’t miss that. It’s not too late, just believe on Jesus Christ (by learning about Him in the KJV) to the repentance of your sins and you will be saved forever to be with the Lord!

        • maryaha

          Amen and amen, Chef Jim! It is a sad fact that most people still believe this ridiculous and demeaning hoax actually happened. They are, for the most part, intelligent people, but they refuse to believe their government lies to them on a daily basis. What is even sadder to me is that the pastors of churches, both large and small, are also living under this illusion and repeating the lies that Muslims attacked us on 911. Would Muslims like to pull something like this off? Probably. Are they violent because the Koran demands it? Absolutely ~ but that doesn’t mean they pulled this off. It could have only been pulled off by those at the very top that have the ability to pull all the strings necessary to make this massive psyop happen.

          I think we are being hoodwinked every day now, like this attack in Paris by…guess who…Muslims. Don’t believe a word of it. Our realities are being micro-managed, but my life and my future are in the hands of my Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ. Until He returns or calls me home ~ come quickly, Lord Jesus.

          • Sulletje

            The really sad thing is that people hide behind their religion. All your talk is void because you’re believing something without any evidence. This means your judgement is flawed.

        • StraightDopes

          chefjim -

          i agree with the bulk of your post, but i certainly disagree with the first part.

          i really DON’T believe that the majority of people still believe in the 9-11 official conspiracy theory. the constant repetition of the lie that we are in the minority, and that the majority of the public still believes the official fairy tale, is part of the psychological warfare being waged against us. it’s intended to demoralize us. don’t let that happen with you.

        • theawakezone

          Every single liberal ?? To me it seems like you are the one at sleep (totally) talking about religion…..Soooo boring!!!! Wake up FFS!

        • Bob DD

          8 out of 10 people believe in the 911 story. That’s why Barry lied over and over again: “repeat a lie over and over again and people will believe it.” Can’t fix stupid!

      • Cori

        Most everyone I know believes, my family even visited the 9/11 memorial….


        Billy P, have you not seen all of the “zombies” out there wandering in a daze while living life through their electronic opium? Maybe if we could get apple to sell an iTruther product, people would wake up?!? Until it effects everybody in their daily lives, most people just don’t care! What would scare people more than knowing their own government is out to be their owner & master is the idea of change. People are comfortable in their lives right now (if things are going decent or better for them) & don’t want it to change. Putting the truth in their face only makes them despise us.
        They don’t want to hear it, they don’t want to see it & they really don’t want to be forced to think about it.

      • 1 darkstar

        You’d be surprised to know that many people STILL DO.

      • Alex DeLarge Jones

        Believe it or not, the majority of american sheeple still believe in the official story of 9/11. It’s very hard to believe, but it is the unfortunate reality still.

    • truthzilla

      Something went through that hole…It’s not an explosion, that would go outward…the outer structural steel is gone and the concrete core of the box beams are bent in…I know that 911 was a fake and an official lie…But, I think controlled drones went through those holes…But, the buildings came down by something more exotic, See Dr. Judy Woods work.

      • LifeIs

        truthzilla not at all. There is no concrete in the box columns.

        Those were just steel. And there was an aluminum facade on the outside.

        And you’re looking at CGI, not a real picture of the drone damage.

        Remember American Airlines Flight 587 ?? November 26, 2001. Queens. At normal speed,
        over-use of the rudder pedal in turbulence caused the vertical stabilizer (tail fin) to break off.

        The engines fell off, due to aerodynamic forces, before impact with the ground. That’s at NORMAL speed.

        The fictitious hijacked 9-11 planes were going twice that fast. That means 4 times the aerodynamic load. They COULD NOT bank before impact as the fake pictures show.

        They would have fallen apart in the air.

        Not to mention, they’d be moving so fast, they would be streaks, blurs, in any given video frame.

        The REASON for all the fake CGI pictures-video, and the reason for the Judy Woods disinformation, is: The buildings were brought down by sub-terranean nuclear bombs.

        People described “fireballs” coming up from below ground level. Some were burned by the radiant heat. And you never saw ANY of that in ANY news video.

        The USGS report on the dust doesn’t tell you what’s radioactive and what isn’t, but they did report the signature of uranium decay – barium and strontium – in proportions that prove they came from the same source.

        Dimitri Khalezov has some information about nuclear demolition.

        This site has information.

        William Tahil does too.

        Here are some fireballs from below statements.

        You haven’t seen any real video of the collapses. Or the drone damage.

        • LAYNALAND


    • Ideas Time

      Great job. I have know for years now but many people are still clinging on to the lying disinformation put out by the corporate gv and lying CMSM. You could haul these people to be exterminated at a FEMA Camp and they would be chanting all the way USA, USA. USA. Time for the culling I guess.

    • tardasaurus

      Look at pictures of the pentagon and you`ll see trees next to the burned building, those trees still have leaves and bark on them.
      Jet fuel that burns so hot that it melts steel in new York but that same jet fuel didn`t even burn hot enough to burn the leaves and bark off of trees at the pentagon?
      The grass by the hole in the pentagon isn`t burned, scorched or even wilted from what should have been intense heat from burning jet fuel.
      Building materials, including spools of plastic conduit,in front of the pentagon hole are in pristine condition.the plastic conduit on the spools isn`t melted or deformed in any way.

      The official story says that the heat from the burning jet fuel melted the steel, since the tower collapsed straight down we have to assume that the steel on all 4 sides melted at the same rate otherwise the building would have fallen over sideways.
      the floor size of the world trade centers was 208ft by 208ft so at the pentagon we should expect to see an area up to 208 ft from the building completely scorched and barren from burning jet fuel hot enough to melt steel, but is that what we see? NOPE!

      There is absolutely, positively NO WAY that a huge commercial passenger jet hit the pentagon.

      • HereAmI

        You, sir, are an extremist, and Mr Obama has a pen, and he has a phone.

        • Neo

          Truth is stranger than fiction, as they say. You know why? Because it is not limited by human imagination which is constrained by a person’s world view. The truth IS EXTREME. So I would be happy to be labeled an ‘extremist’ :grin: :grin: :grin:

      • Guitarilla

        That was a cruise missile.

    • Texas Lovin\'

      BEWARE OF ANYTHING from INFOWARS and ALEX JONES! WE ALL KNOW THIS WAS FALSE BUT DO NOT ALSO BELIEVE ALEX JONES! They knowingly intermix real and fake stories to confuse his listeners; but this one we already knew was faked; and he’s trying to regain his deadbeat creditability!


      Alex Jones was BILL HICKS, who talked about HOW the US Gov SHOULD BE providing FALSE INFORMATION to mislead theoryists by mixing real and planted stories so the listeners don’t know the truth! In Bill Hicks last comedy show, Bill talked about doing this, and creating a character named “AL”. It wasn’t a real joke but one of his ramblings and bingo, he died and Alex Jones was born…

      - Fake Alex/INFOWARS intermixes real stories with CIA/CNN planted FAKE STORIES to decieve everyone! This was only a Real one we already knew. He and they move the NWO and all their agenda FORWARD, under the cloak of theorists like BILL! Ah but what better way to inplant fake news then to insert them between Real Ones… BEWARE!

      - The Real #1 Alex Jones was replaced by BILL HICKS (#2 Alex Jones of today). Look at old photos and you’ll see one was fat, when Bill came in, his appearance, character, voice, tone, etc. totally changed in weeks. WAKE UP PEOPLE FROM THIS CIA PLANT!

      - Fake Alex #2 says the same comedy style, his jokes and his laughter
      - Fake Alex #2 has the exact same hand jesters, whenever he talks
      - Fake Alex #2 has the different facial features, hairline, ears; shoulders, hands, etc

      - A INFOWARS reporter was also caught and videotaped which was placed on youtube at a mass gatherings and was getting arrested. This tape shows the INFOWARS reporter talking and answering a cop, where he talks about his national media company, and when he pulled out his CNN/TWC Official ID and showed it to the cop, the cop LET HIM GO! Yeah – INFOWARS IS A CNN (aka CIA PLANT); and INFOWARS IS A CNN HOLDING MEDIA COMPANY!

      I was fooled like so many people like you with Alex #2 but once this was all brought out, it all made sense. Ok Bill, you did fool some of us, but we learned who you were… Bill – my you and your family rot in hell for eternity for the treasonous crimes you are, and have committed to your country and its people; and your moral crimes against humanity.

      If anyone loves their spouse, children, family and community, stop thinking everything he says is real! Please pass this on so the true patriots can win over the bribed Bill Hicks; I mean the Alex Jones #2; I MEAN THE CIA/CNN US GOV.

      • James Smith

        Your bill hicks extremely lame story is a blatant bald face unsubstantiated cointelpro agent lie…. nice try, but major fail…. the cointelpro idea is to have people believe in your hick’s nonsense misinformation’s, disinformation’s and out right lies. You know the routine…. so as they look stupid using those unsubstantiated associations. Most of us real deal patriots that trusted and thought alex jones was a patriot have since realized he’s not on the level and has been proven and confirmed a blatant controlled opposition cia combative enemy treasonous traitor and that’s a provable prima facie incontrovertible fact, period…. /alternative/2014/11/mr-alex-jones-is-under-arrest-what-is-going-on-3069416.html

        • HereAmI

          Please, James.
          “Prima facie” means “at first sight”, so do not mix this term with your other favourite, “incontrovertible fact”.

      • Heart Of Winter

        Have you seen Alex Jones’ standup comedy? It’s atrocious. Nowhere near as funny as Bill Hicks.

      • The Real Deal

        Stop comparing that fat tard Jones to a real American hero, Bill Hicks.

        Bill was a genius, Alex is a blabbering halfwit.

      • Tide Elephant

        You’re absolutely right, there was an original Alex Jones but he was replaced by Hicks.

    • abnegative

      True enough though there were various factors invloved in taking down the towers . Veterans Today released what was downloaded to Gordon Duff by the kremlin and Edward Snowden . The VT article is very comprehensive at to what (did) happen who/what /why. This article speaks of what did not happen . The engineers who have debunked the given story also did a great job .

    • Anonymous

      the fish stinks from it’s head

    • James Smith

      P.S. By the way…. your plane with the nose supposedly protuding though the other side of the towers videos are phonies…. you know fakes, a hoax, period and that’s a verifiable provable incontrovertible fact…. We just observed that the official story of 9-11 is in fact a “conspiracy theory”… and a wacky one at that, one that happens to be physically impossible!

      There must be another explanation, one that doesn’t require us to rewrite most of Newtonian Physics. There is, in fact, another explanation that is supported by the empirical evidence, the observed events of the day. It is more than a “conspiracy theory” at this point. It has been sufficiently verified, tested, and refined to be rightly called a “conspiracy reality”.

      True, there are competing conspiracy “theories”, but they only compete with the OCT not the conspiracy reality, as they all have anomalies, inconsistencies, improbabilities, and out right impossibilities that will keep them forever in the realm of “theory” unsupported by fact. These conspiracy “theories” that eschew the OCT only to embrace other utter nonsense (like: planes didn’t hit the WTC, holograms and “video trickery” were used instead; the three WTC skyscrapers demolished on 9-11 were destroyed by exotic, space-based, directed energy beam weapons; a commercial jet really did hit the Pentagon) are in reality all part of a concerted COINTELPRO-style USG disinformation campaign designed to splinter and marginalize those of us who have solved the Rubik’s Cube of 9-11. These “theories” don’t compete with what is known to be true by the vast majority of the 9-11 Truth Movement, they are deliberate and elaborate disinformation campaigns designed to make those of us who do know the truth look foolish by association. Here’s some of the real deal 9/11 mass murdering criminals….

      • Idiot Proof

        There may have been directed energy beam weapons used on 9-11, but the Twin Towers were brought down by nuclear devices, there is no arguing that fact. No explanation fits the actual evidence better. Remember, ther MSM called the WTC location GROUND ZERO! Tell me when that term was ever used in describing anything other than the location for a nuclear or atomic bomb detonation…

      • StraightDopes

        James Smith said:

        ” These conspiracy “theories” that eschew the OCT only to embrace other utter nonsense (like: planes didn’t hit the WTC, holograms and “video trickery” were used instead; the three WTC skyscrapers demolished on 9-11 were destroyed by exotic, space-based, directed energy beam weapons; a commercial jet really did hit the Pentagon) are in reality all part of a concerted COINTELPRO-style USG disinformation campaign designed to splinter and marginalize those of us who have solved the Rubik’s Cube of 9-11. These “theories” don’t compete with what is known to be true by the vast majority of the 9-11 Truth Movement, they are deliberate and elaborate disinformation campaigns designed to make those of us who do know the truth look foolish by association.”

        right on, brother… right on.

        those who blather on and on about space beams, judy wood (who clearly doesn’t even understand her own nonsense – see the judy wood vs. Greg Jenkins debate on youtube – never mind the fact that she was in a mysterious 7 year coma), “no planes” (for an excellent debunking of this, look up Anthony Lawson’s work on youtube) etc. add nothing of benefit to the body of 9-11 research and only serve to DIVIDE us while aiding the traitors in their task of painting us all as lunatics. such people should be ignored.

      • James Smith

        And I say, to your comment…. if good men do nothing? It would be like leaving a sign up that communist criminals are displaying and it says jump in here…. but if you jump in without knowing who’s telling you to jump, patriots and the unwittingly dive in and break their necks…. and my job is to tell them, my country men and women…. that sign is bogus and extremely dangerous, the water is murky and only one foot deep there and I have every right to inform them in defense of my country.

    • Lance Ciepiela

      Foremost, the official United States of America 9/11 Commission Report omits new forensic evidence of the use of explosives that might have been the actual cause of the destruction of the World Trade Center Twin Towers and the collapse of the third World Trade Center Building 7.

    • Idiot Proof

      Someone’s been playing around with wikipedias jet fuel page, jet fuel’s open air burn temp is 549 degrees, that table on wiki is bull…

    • Daughter of the Church

      Credible presentation, however this is incomplete. If 3 planes never hit any targets, and a 4th one crashing over Penylvania was not an airliner, were are the “passengers”? Those “passengers” seemed to have “surviving family members”

      Answer: the “passengers” of 4 airliners must be a total fabrication. It has to be demonstrated.

      • HereAmI

        Kool Aid is now supplemented with fluoride, apparently.

        • James Smith

          That was a terrible rebuttal without a single fact to support your position…. all we’re receiving is your ignorant unsubstantiated opinions with no substance?

      • yes2truth

        @ Daughter of the Church

        Had it possibly dawned upon you that if there were no planes, there were no passengers either. The only ‘evidence’ that there were some planes are doctored film footage and some people making alleged phone calls to alleged loved ones.

        As it has now been proven that there were no planes and therefore no passengers you have to start using your imagination as to who these people were that were feigning the making and receiving of those calls – well paid actors and actresses perahps?

        • James Smith

          Don’t you remember…. one 9/11 plane landed in an Ohio airport where the mayor was nationally and publicly complaining, asking what the hell is going on, where dozens of credible witnesses said they saw the whole passengers list exit that 9/11 plane and enter the nasa building to never be seen again. The odd part is they never left that building alive…. so they were probably lead, one at a time to the bathroom where a liquid nitrogen attack and murder was waiting for them…. you know frozen through to the bone in seconds and then just take a hammer and bust them up in little, easy to flush them down the toilet, pieces…. you suppose?

        • James Smith

          It’s for sure you don’t want the truth to be known…. especially when you criminal combative enemy cointelpro punks remove the evidence….… why did you earlier remove this site…. why did you do that…. must be something there you don’t want the American people to read? You know that’s correct.

        • LifeIs

          The FBI admitted in court that Ted Olsen didn’t speak to Barbara on the phone. Barbara was the source of the box-cutters story.

          Since 1995 the public has been able to buy voice simulation software, to make anybody’s voice sound like anybody. Hollywood uses this. It sounds exotic, but it isn’t.

          The passengers who flew to Cleveland were complicit individuals who were disappearing under cover of the event. Faking their deaths.

          They included Global Hawk program engineers and executives and associated military personnel. And Barbara Olsen. And Israel’s own “Let’s Roll” hero, Daniel Lewin.

    • Bill Lyle

      @Idiot Proof
      How does the mini nuke theory fit better? In the pics, you see a woman, standing inside the “impact zone”, relatively unscathed. Not bad, for surviving a nuclear detonation. This argument is as flawed as the idea that a plane vaporized, but paper passports didn’t. I’d buy cruise missiles, and a thermite-controlled demolition, before I’d ever consider a nuclear event. It just doesn’t add up.

      • James Smith

        These cointelpro agents, are the only ones on the net that want you to believe in their bald face lie about mini nukes. The traitors also know everyone won’t fall for and believe their lies, like me, who know that nuke temperatures are in the millions of degrees. The objective is to marginalize the reading victim in an attempt to make them regurgitate that nonsense so as to they look stupid by association. They’re paid and on the job cointelpro 7/24/365 every single second…. so they never ever give up or concede to the known substantiated truth because they’re not real deal patriots, just blatant paid sell-out treasonous traitors.

        • LAYNALAND

          you got that right…thumbs way up.


      • LifeIs

        theonetruesatan (1) the nuclear bombs were underground. Their purpose was to create a cavity beneath the core of the building.

        The core drops down into the cavity, and it pulls the building in on itself as it does so.

        that’s the whole point. to bring the building straight down.

        (2) you are looking at CGI fake pictures. you haven’t seen any real pictures.

        the planes, the damage to the buildings, the building collapses, all are CGI.

        do the arithmetic. video frames per second. feet per second travelled by a plane
        flying at 500+ mph. all those pictures looking straight up at planes? a plane would be a streak. a blur.

        and the planes simply could not maneuver at that altitude at that speed. they would disintegrate. just like American Airlines flight 587 two months later. that plane was at normal speed. And wind resistance increases as a square of velocity. fly twice as fast, you get 4 times the aerodynamic load.

        (3) it would have taken truckloads of thermite to cut all those massive steel box columns, and to produce the fireballs seen by witnesses but NOT by news cameras and “amateur” photographers.

        And thermite would not make the debris so hot weeks and months later. Hot enough for large steel beams to be glowing red hot.

        Yes, military drones hit the buildings. The air defense system was not allowed to get a look at them close up. The drones were to sell the idea of hijacked planes. The drones had nothing to do with bringing the buildings down.

    • Bill Lyle

      I got a really wacky theory: Planes DID hit the WTC. However, that’s not what took them down. Yes, the official story is a ridiculous lie (so please don’t lynch me for abandoning any mini-nukes-cloaked-in-holographic-images theory, that may be de rigeur, this week).
      All 3 towers were a controlled, thermite demolition. The planes were merely a smokescreen, to explain it away. Make no mistake, there were planes involved. There’s too much civilian footage out there, to seriously refute that.
      Building 7 collapsing alone, for no real reason, other than who the tennants were, should be enough to prove that to anyone.
      The question should no longer be HOW, but WHY. Many theories (some more plausible than others) try to explain why this tragedy (and yes, false flag attack) happened, but no one seems to be able to come to any consensus as to who was truly behind it and why.
      With the word Disinformation being bantered about constantly, the name Alex Jones comes up all the time. Could it be in the realm of possibility that perhaps 75-80% of people who espouse some of the wackier theories, whom are hailed as “Patriots” are simply making a mockery of those who genuinely want the truth? Just because they claim to be Truthers, doesn’t mean they’re telling the truth.

      • an argie


        To enter “The war on Terror” “legally” – WITH the support of U.S. citizens.
        The ACTUAL agenda is quite simple. To obtain the oil reserves, pipelines and other natural resources in the Middle East and Africa.
        The “Axis of evil” isn’t Iran, Iraq, Lybia, North Vietnam, Syria, Mali or Sudan… It’s the American Zionist government aiming for a new world order!

      • LifeIs

        No there is not “civilian footage out there.” <<< about the "amateur" video/pics.

        And an airplane travelling at 550 mph is covering 807 feet per second.

        Divide that by 30 frames per second.

        Your airplane is travelling at 27 feet per frame.

        If you're looking up, nearly perpendicular to its direction of travel, it's a blur.

        It's a streak.

      • Ambicatus

        i agree Bill, and i value my opinion rather highly. and well, i saw it as the beginning of ww3. There was a major event, and ww3 started, and now its spreading more and more, stuff just takes a while.

        i personally am lookin forward to march 5 an tx68, o tx68 your mah boy blue dont lets doomlords down, i want my next marker, and well, here is the next marker:

        Luk_21:26 men fainting from fear and the expectation of what is coming on the earth, for the powers of the heavens shall be shaken.

        and, well, i aint seen nobody fainting yet. BUT, if tx68 drills calif or sumin, then well, they will get scareder, and, the cure, is available, that which removes Fear. so im looking forward to the people getting scared, so i can help them, and cure their fear, with MORE FEAR. :twisted:

        It is, the beginning of Wisdom.

        Jud 1:22 And show compassion toward some who are doubting,
        Jud 1:23 but others save with fear, snatching them out of the fire, hating, even the garment defiled by the flesh.1 Footnote: 1See Gal. 5:19-21, Rom. 8:5-10.

        Love that Book i do , mm yes. Scare them i will, yes.
        Because, when you learn of the Nature of the ULTIMATE SCARY, That Which is The Deity That Inexorably Kills, He who can Kill the soul, then all other fears become petty, and one can begin enjoying life.
        Because, That Which is Scariest, in all the Universes, likes you, its a rad feeling, and all other worrys fade away.

        Have a Blessed Sabbath, resto relaxo, think about how rad the world is getting! no more lame roman blegh.

    • Carro

      You can have all the proof in the world and…. SO WHAT???
      No one is going to do anything about it.

      Do you believe the ones responsible will arrest themselves?
      Do you believe the Military Industrial Surveillance Security Complex will do something stupid and cut off their own funding and personal Make Rich Schemes?
      Do you believe a bought off Judiciary will step in and put their lives and the lives of their families in jeopardy?
      Do you believe the International Court of Justice or a foreign power(s) will step in?
      Do you believe that We The People with popguns could ever take on a military that has weapons and drones of which there is little defence?

      America is what it is today
      Nothing less than a fascist state where the merger of Corporate and government powers rule.
      Elect whom you wish.
      They are all owned by the same

      At the end of the day, the most important subject and question for the vast majority of Americans today is… you take Ohio State and the 6.5 points, or can Oregon cover?

      • lovehamma

        Not that I dont agree…but how do we put this well beaten (more like “circle-jerked”) dead horse to rest? Its like a 40/60 split of people who believe the twin towers/pentagon was an inside job, to those who do not. I would also argue that the 60% who do believe the ‘official’ story are the same 60% who spend eight hours at a desk, push paper from one side of said desk to the other, come home to their wife (who spent the whole day doing something she hates as well), flip on the TV, and zone out to some mindless reality drivel. The sad truth, my friend, is that most Americans probably aren’t even aware, or simply don’t want to ‘wake up’ to the truth. God forbid they have to think for themselves! Its easier to just work their desk job, get their check cut every month, drink beer and watch football. Not to say that football (Go ‘Hawks!) or beer or money are particularly bad things. Just like eating cake and brownies isn’t always bad…like all cocktail, always in moderation, right? Kind of off on a tangent here, but thats the truth of America. We’re impulsive, were arrogant, and we use the TV to replace intelligent thought.

        Proving to everyone 9/11 was an inside job is like trying to prove the Holocaust didn’t happen, or we were warned that the Lusitania would be attacked, or that the Titanic was replaced with her damaged sister ship, The Olympic, days before her maiden voyage. It might make someone gasp and drop their glass of water, but the history books have already been written on the subject. To many, the planes are a foregone conclusion. The psycological phenomenon of Groupthink (highlight, right-click, search google for) will prevent any of those stuck in this proverbial rut from changing their mind for fear of embarrasment.

        The truth is, gentlemen, we are fighting a battle that doesn’t need to be fought. If there really is a “TPTB” or “The Elite” or “The Cabal” or whatever you want to call them, they will lose eventually. We really don’t have to do anything but sit back and watch… not like jingoistic meatheads watching the NCAA championships. Watch like a birdwatcher. Calm, cool, collected. If something is going to happen, we won’t predict it, nor will we stop it. Let nature do the work. :wink:


      • StraightDopes

        wow… here he goes again.

        and he actually almost seems to believe that we, as Christians worship a “White man.”

        it’s almost as if he thinks the Middle East is northern Europe. :lol:

        and now, he’s going to log in under his innumerable profiles to downvote my comments into oblivion.

        you, sir, are a rank bully and everything you claim to hate.

      • Piggy Christian

        :lol: :lol: :lol:
        You DO worship the “image” of a white-skinned man as god.
        See my avatar, idiot???
        :razz: :razz:
        Is that a “common” image of your Long-Haired, Full Bearded white-skinned Caucasian “mangod” you pathetic christ-OID in my arse, straight THE DOPE????
        :shock: :shock:
        Why, it is!!!

        And you think you are NOT worshipping the image (because “your” mangod NEVER existed) of a white-skinned mangod, you call “jesus”???
        You call yourself a “christian”, straight THE DOPE :?: :?: :?: :?:

        Can’t you figure this one out??
        :shock: :shock:
        YOU LUNATIC (for the image of a white-skinned mangod, of course)!!!
        One thing is for CERTAIN about you and “your” fellow “ euro-Caucasian male so-called ‘christians”, Straight THE DOPE.
        :shock: :shock:
        You christians are the most self-absorbed, dim witted, mentally retarded CREEPIEST “people’ on this planet!
        :evil: :evil: :evil: :twisted: :twisted:
        SO STUPID, Straight THE DOPE, that you actually think that you do NOT worship the IMAGE of a white-skinned mangod (jesus), as “god”???
        :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
        Well, what DO you worship as “god” then, douche bag named Straight THE DOPE???
        :razz: :razz: :razz: :

      • The Real Deal

        So you’re saying you love the white man…

    • VirusGuard

      A very good post indeed but its not a case of people knowing that 9/11 was a false flag and more a case of Americans having no balls to hold the government to account.

      No 9/11 and we would have not war with Syria and if the people in the US don’t stop the government from bombing Syria and giving guns to terrorists then don’t blame me if Russia gets involved and turns the US into glass.

      Doing nothing is no loner an option.

    • spaniel

      Good job on this article, however I disagree that mini-nukes could have been used…this is impossible and radiation fallout could easily be detected.

      And nukes go off with a bang, not a slow burn.

      • Central Scrutinizer

        You keep using the words “prima facie incontrovertible fact”.

        I do not think they mean what you think they mean. :lol: :lol:

      • James Smith

        I mean exactly what I said I said…. it wouldn’t be so funny if you were hogtied and dragged off to jail for complicity in high treason as accessory to mass murder after the fact, maybe even before the fact… would it? [Latin, On the first appearance.] A fact presumed to be true unless it is disproved.

        In common parlance the term prima facie is used to describe the apparent nature of something upon initial observation. In legal practice the term generally is used to describe two things: the presentation of sufficient evidence by a civil claimant to support the legal claim (a prima facie case), or a piece of evidence itself (prima facie evidence). … I can completely understand why you would want to twist the facts of my prima facie presentations.

      • lovehamma

        Re-read your definition of “prima facie.” ‘A fact PRESUMED to be true unless it is DISPROVED.’ if it is presumed, and has the possibility of being disproved, it can not yet be stated as incontrovertible. You could argue that what you are saying is incontrovertibly prima facie, but not that this prima facie statement is incontrovertible.

        Not only is this statement intrinsically inaccurate, it also makes you sound like a pedantic ass. :wink:

      • Central Scrutinizer

        “Inconceivable !!!”

        :grin: :grin:

      • James Smith

        The cointelpro plan is you’re working me for a permanent James Smith banning…. because I’m way too effective at exposing you and your communist u.n. ilk as bald face provable liars and that’s a verifiable provable incontrovertible Prima Facie fact, smiles.

      • lovehamma

        You would think his grammar would at least be intelligible with all this writing he does. It could be all the useless, made-up, nonsensical stuff that he tries to say just makes it unreadable.

      • yes2truth

        @ the smith whack job,

        Nah, BIN doesn’t ban whack jobs, they keep those for entertainment purposes only. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

        BIN bans the likes of me – too near the mark for them. :shock:

      • James Smith

        The whole chicken scratch walk up and down this comment board is all criminal cointelpro sock puppet accounts. All of you are the same person or a small cointelpro team and this whole skit was planned ahead of time…. just like 9/11 was was planned by the bush crime family. I’ve been banned from “cointelpro BIN’s” comment boards twice, so I’m guessing the third time is the charmer and you’re canned for good, I can only assume? Did you know that a smiley face icon is synonymous with immaturity? Especially when the discussion involves mass murder?

        • LAYNALAND

          I just voted thumbs up on this posting, James, but, they are preventing me voting…I click, nothing happens…

          YOu know that you are over the target, when they go to these extremes…am I right?…L. :idea:

          thumbs way up on this post!!!

      • lovehamma

        We’re watching you James… :cool:

        • LAYNALAND

          lovehamma…the fact is…we’re watching you…and, there are more of us, than there are of you…don’t you forget it!!!…pal. L. :razz:

      • yes2truth

        Smith you’re like a vinyl record with the stylus stuck in the grove:

        Criminal cointelpro sock puppet click; criminal cointelpro sock puppet click; criminal cointelpro sock puppet click; criminal cointelpro sock puppet click; criminal cointelpro sock puppet click; criminal cointelpro sock puppet click; criminal cointelpro sock puppet click; criminal cointelpro sock puppet click; criminal cointelpro sock puppet click; criminal cointelpro sock puppet click; criminal cointelpro sock puppet click; criminal cointelpro sock puppet click.

        Here’s some smileys now I know that you like them. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

      • yes2truth

        oops groove.

      • LifeIs

        spaniel what are you talking about?

        Witnesses, lots of them, said the ground shook BEFORE the collapse (s.)

        Witnesses, lots of them, said fireballs came up from below ground level.

        The fallout was detected, all right.

        Here’s the proof right here.

        And here.

        April 3, 2011, New York Post: “Dr. David Prezant, the Fire Department’s chief medical officer, has found that firefighters who dug for victims at the World Trade Center are getting cancer at a higher rate than firefighters before 9/11 — and some types of cancer are “bizarrely off the charts,” say sources briefed on the seven-year, federally funded study.”

        He has not yet disclosed the data, but sources say he has cited unusual rises in three blood cancers — leukemia, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and multiple myeloma — as well as esophageal, prostate and thyroid cancers. ”

        I’m not aware of any study of civilian cancer rates.

        Most of the radioactive material remained underground. These were nuclear bombs UNDER the buildings, to drop the core down, to pull the building in on itself.

        And the bombs used minimal amounts of uranium. They were DT fusion bombs. Uranium hydrides, made with deuterium and tritium, produce the fission. The flash from such a bomb is almost all gamma rays and X rays.
        Those produce the electromagnetic pulse that Judy Wood noted. Gamma rays strip electrons from air molecules.

        And if you STILL think the federal government and its “news media” can’t hide fallout from you, I’ve got two words for you. Santa Susana. The meltdown and releases of radioactive material were hidden from the public
        for twenty years.

        So, clean DT fusion bombs. Underground. Contaminated debris dumped.

    • Ideas Time

      The good thing is that we know they lied about everything but a lot of fools still buy the main stream narrative, that being said all these fools need to figure out is that if lied about one thing they likely lied about everything else too. You have to be brain dead or the most gullible fool left alive to buy the gv, MSM regurgitated garbage.

    • James Smith

      You should know? And not because it takes one to know one… it’s because you are one?

    • GC-Project

      Great Article! Urge everybody also reviews the Edward Snowden information that Gordon Duff put out in the his series of articles found by searching “Nuclear Education” on Alex Jones and all the rest of the controlled opposition censored the proof that micro nukes took down the towers! You’re a FOOL if you listen to or support Alex Jones the traitor that lied and said Leo Wanta was as real as the Easter Bunny. Leo writes for VT!

      • The Real Deal

        You hit the nail on the head.

      • LifeIs

        yes2truth there were three. Below ground, in bedrock. That’s where the cavities were produced, that the cores fell into.

        You’re talking about alleged EMP (electromagnetic pulse) effects — and you don’t realize a modern nuclear bomb will produce an EMP.

        Almost ALL the flash is gamma rays / x rays. They strip the electrons from air molecules. That’s the source of the electricity.

        These are DT fusion bombs, with minimal uranium in the form of uranium hydrides.

        The purpose of the bombs is to create cavities under the central cores of the buildings. The core falls and pulls the rest of the building in on itself.

        • yes2truth

          @ Lifels

          If that’s the case then how did the basement remain intact with all the weight of the debri on top?

          Where was the nuclear fall out in New York? Where are the hundreds of thousands of people dying from radiation poisoning?

          How did these nukes atomise car engines and door pulls, but not the rest of the bodywork of the cars two or three blocks away from WTC 1 & 2 with other buildings reamining intact that stood between the cars and WTC 1 & 2?

        • yes2truth

          You also said:

          “The purpose of the bombs is to create cavities under the central cores of the buildings. The core falls and pulls the rest of the building in on itself.”

          This statement is garbage, because the buildings were NOT pulled in on themselves – they were atomised in mid air and turned into dust and blew away on the wind.

          • James Smith

            Does military grade super nano thermite sol-gel explosives ring any bells? /alternative/2014/08/america-is-under-attack-and-the-american-people-know-it-too-3015792.html

            • James Smith

              Why…. this is why…. /alternative/2014/08/america-is-under-attack-and-the-american-people-know-it-too-3015792.html …. and it’s nothing but the truth, so help me God. There’s all ready a proven consensus…. and 9/11 was proven beyond any reasonable doubt to be an inside job perpetrated by the bush crime family and their objective is one world u.n. communist centralize government, period.

            • James Smith

              Does 100Tons of super nano thermite sol-gel explosives ring any bells…. no bells for you because your objective is to marginalize those who know the truth.

            • LifeIs

              James Smith it would take a very long time, and a lot of work, to rig the towers for conventional demolition.

              And people would notice 100 tons of thermite being hauled in and placed about. And the wiring for same.

            • rustywhite

              I want to reply to my own comment one more tine….

              I difuse, and neglet and dispose and retaliate and deny everything ….ever…………..



            • The Real Deal

              Hey hey hey, take it easy on youporn, bro. :lol:

            • VirusGuard

              Would take 50 men about 2 days from what i read and they could do that spread over a few weeks and get away with it.

              The laws of physics were broken on 9/11 buts whats 2,000 dead when the USA killed 20 million native americans using smallpox and no one went to jail over that one did they now.

            • LifeIs

              VirusGuard ah, you think nobody would notice the wiring all over the place, and the cutter charges?

              And the box columns are very large, and the steel in them is over 4 inches thick at the bottom of the building.

              And such demolition would not make fireballs several stories high, come up from the ground, as witnesses described.

              And which we didn’t see in the (fake) tv news video.

              And such demolition wouldn’t make the debris so very hot for so long. Hot enough to make steel glow red,
              weeks and months after the demolition.

            • LAYNALAND



            • I am Mann god

              James, I do NOT view videos on BIN for two reasons.
              :idea: :idea: :idea: :idea:
              One is to NOT give away my “position” by activating videos or downloading PDF’s, etc.
              Two is I can read, consume, and store data 100 times faster than when viewing and listening to a video.
              For me, watching a video is a waste of time.

              So, again, I ask you again, James, is there a specific reason why that this thermite type of explosive was used, and not some other type of munitions:?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?:

            • Red Mann

              Now, why would the Poster known as Look up…Wake up delete the following two posts?
              There is NO TOS violation at all of BIN policy.
              There is, though, a LOT of FACTS to show to BIN readers, and some predictions about how history is recorded in the future, unless things change now.
              :cool: :cool:
              Anyway, I am sure it was just a mistake.
              So, in trying to promote a sense of “Fair Play”, when presenting new ideas on BIN, here are the two posts, in their entirety, for your reading pleasure, fellow BIN readers!

              You can have all the proof in the world and…. SO WHAT???

              No one is going to do anything about it.

              Do you believe the ones responsible will arrest themselves?

              Do you believe the Military Industrial Surveillance Security Complex will do something stupid and cut off their own funding and personal Make Rich Schemes?

              Do you believe a bought off Judiciary will step in and put their lives and the lives of their families in jeopardy?

              Do you believe the International Court of Justice or a foreign power(s) will step in?

              Do you believe that We The People with popguns could ever take on a military that has weapons and drones of which there is little defence?

              America is what it is today

              Nothing less than a fascist state where the merger of Corporate and government powers rule.

              Elect whom you wish.

              They are all owned by the same

              At the end of the day, the most important subject and question for the vast majority of Americans today is… you take Ohio State and the 6.5 points, or can Oregon cover?
              Jan 12, 2015, 4:53 am

              WOW, totally with you all the way, Carro!
              Very, very, accurate observations of the “obvious”!

              Let me add to your very accurate facts about the leeching Federal government of united Fraudulent Fascist states of TORTURE and MILITARY TERROR!
              “No one now wonders how the white man “sterilized” his race, and was so “mentally ill””.

              The Caucasian race did NOT grow last census here, IT SHRANK (when Latinos were factored out)!!!

              I am reporting the painful truth!

              The white-skinned euro-man of N. Amerika is NOT reproducing fast enough to cover the loss of numbers from death!

              You had better learn about Glyphosate and stop your ‘believing’ attitudes on this one!!
              Glyphosate is in the very genome of…….everything (SOY, CORN, CANOLA, SUGAR BEET, Potato, Squash, hops, malt, and so much more), almost, in the US right now.
              From Budweiser to nearly every processed food in the MASS bio-Weapon Food Stores of AmeriSCUM, to, in the next few weeks, the French fries at McDonald’s bio-weapon Food Centers, something or someone is hell bent on sterilizing all the Caucasian males they can lay their hands on here, in the united Fraudulent Fascist states of Bio-weapon Food TERROR!!!!!

              I bet many BIN readers would probably all be interested to see the way that history is written in 300 years about the demise of “The West” and the type of “judeo-christianity” that was found in the United States of America at that time!!!!!

              I propose that the cadence and usage of the English language will change, and everything communicated using language will be done “in rhyme”, to a beat (easier to remember).

              Keeping that change in mind, the History of the united Fraudulent Fascist states of TORTURE and MILITARY TERROR will go something like this:

              TITLE: History of the White Scam “judeo-christian” Man
              White man
              A no longer present Race of Caucasian WAR CRIMINALS, OH YEA!
              White man
              Spread Depleted Uranium Munitions ALL OVER Arab Land
              White Man
              They thought that “no RETRIBUTION” WAS GOING TO STRIKE “MY” LAND??
              White man white man white man white man

              White man
              The Caucasian male was the ultimate SCAM MAN
              White man
              These ULTRA-VIOLENT maniacs worshiped the image of a white-skinned man!
              White man
              For over 500 years, They Killed to Hoard, and would KILL to HOARD MORE, OH, YEA!
              White man white man white man white man

              White man
              He ATE the GMO Foods
              White man
              He also Slurped down the GMO Budweiser, too
              White man
              No one now wonders how the white man “sterilized” his race, and was so “mentally ill”
              White man White man White man White man

              White man
              So, we “saved” them
              White man
              From the clutches of their FOUL “re—lig—on”
              White man
              Their ‘culture” just expired on it’s own
              White man
              And, after that, PEACE to ALL on Earth did FLOW!
              White man white man white man white man

              And, that, I’m afraid, is how the “History of the West” will be written, my fellow ameriiSCUM!!!!!!!!

              And, it makes me feel good to see the sudden downfall of this VILE, ULTRA-violent, HOARDING, sexually perverted “White “judeo-christian SCAM Man” culture, here, in the united Fraudulent Fascist states of TORTURE and MILITARY TERROR!!!!! :mrgreen:
              Jan 12, 2015, 5:44 am

            • James Smith

              You can remove this again too federal agents cointelpro BIN. The 9/11 plane landed and its passengers and all aboard were ushered into the nasa building to never be seen again. I propose, the 9/11 victims were then lead to the bathrooms to meet their liquid nitrogen death and cold blood murder, no pun intended. With liquid nitrogen they would be frozen through to the bone in seconds and then you just take a hammer and bust them up into little pieces and flush them down the toilet. Fake moon landing scumbag nasa = liquid nitrogen? Don’t they have plenty of liquid nitrogen there at nasa?

            • I am Mann god

              Smith, you are an idiot who knows next to NOTHING about the World Trade Center attack.
              You are “counter-Intel” employed, as you are way to eager to ‘spread the word’ about data that is over 10 years old.
              Employed by NSA, “Smith”???
              You are probably a “christo-CREEP”, also.

              I will answer the question, Smith, you IDIOT!
              Cause if you did NOT know this most crucial bit of information (and you do NOT know it), then you are a “Plant” on BIN, meant to spread dis information and hysteria.

              Thermite was used because……………………………… unlike all other military grade explosives, there are NO built in “chemical markers” to identify the manufacturer, lot number, effective dates, etc in thermite.

              IT CANNOT BE TRACED.
              IDIOT named “Smith”, go away!
              You are a FRAUD and a disgrace to your ‘employer’, the NSA.
              :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

            • James Smith

              I thought…. rationally…. I would give you blatant mistaken or cointelpro complicit criminal traitors a good swift “grand finale” kick in the mouth….. using their own quotes…. but quoting them with a twist; “When an honest man, honestly mistaken, comes face-to-face with undeniable and irrefutable truth about…. “the military lab grade, extremely high tech, very sophisticated nano aluminum manufacturing process called “dynamic gas-phase condensation”, he is faced with one of two choices, he must either cease being mistaken or cease being honest.” – Amicus Solo. And I say; that earlier Solo quote was being used out of context in reverse psychologies by cointelpro and it was expected. And my quote; facts are stubborn things, mass murderer’s = psychotic freaked out sociopathic weirdo’s? Several mistakes were made all right…. and none of them had anything to do with…. in any way, honestly mistaken. Can’t be traced is not the truth or fact….. it’s a false statement.

            • rustywhite

              You have a really different lifestyle than us…do you not?



            • Anonymous

              but James.. EVERYONE is being “watched”.. some, more diligently than others.

            • James Smith

              I am Mann god, And that’s Mr. SLUG, Smith and I don’t use reverse psychologies because I only deal in the verifiable substantiated facts.

            • rustywhite

              Your “facts” are very….very….very ….FAR from “verifiable”…………….


            • James Smith

              A very sophisticated nano aluminum manufacturing process called “dynamic gas-phase condensation”. There were only two places in the whole world that fateful 9/11 day that possessed such a elaborate machine…. and one of them was located in our U.S. military facilities.

            • rustywhite

              Okay…so I just went and read all sorts of stuff about….…and what does that have to do with 9/11?…

              We have discussed nano – graphite (graphene) and Electro magnetic scalar interferometer technology on here and other places and yet no one will look at the simple physics of things…

              If you do not believe in the physics of 9/11, prove all of us wrong and go drive your car (at 120 mph) into the very first concrete bridge abutment you find. I will “GARONNTEEE” you will not take the bridge out….


            • LifeIs

              James Smith the “nano” particles of iron found were produced by the underground nuclear bombs. They vaporized the lowest levels of the cores. You know, the steel ones.

              There wasn’t any nano-aluminum found.

              And why on Earth would anybody freeze the passengers to death in Cleveland?

              The folks who landed in Cleveland were participants. They were complicit. They were Barbara Olsen and the Global Hawk engineers and military people and executives of the Global Hawk program. And Danny Lewin the heroic Israeli commando who gave Israel its own “Let’s Roll” story.

            • LAYNALAND

              THE PASSENGERS THAT LANDED IN CLEVELAND…may have been taken off the planes and, most likely, ended up in the underground base located there…I hear the Reptilians like them to be, caged and served up, for dinner…disgusting and demonic…they will all have their end in the fiery lake…guaranteed.
              L. :idea:

            • LAYNALAND

              one grammatical error of small import…james…such ‘an’ elaborate machine…not ‘a’ elaborate…the rule here is ‘no two vowels, side by side’…a consonant must precede a vowel.

              I would love a copy of that book?
              You didn’t tell me what it was named?


            • LifeIs

              I am Mann god nah, “James Smith” isn’t NSA. Or US at all. ‘Cause he’s blaming the Saudis. And desperately trying to steer people away from the nuclear bomb cavities underneath the cores.

              It’s not an honest difference of opinion, either, ’cause he’s ad hominem all over the place, whenever anybody talks about nuclear demolition.

              And he’s careful not to do that with regard to Israel’s fingerprints all over the 9-11 attacks.

              ‘Cause defending Israel would give away who he works for.

            • The Real Deal


            • LAYNALAND

              I had never thought about ‘liquid nitrogen’ with regards to 911…very interesting concept and plausible…yours is the first on that analysis…and I commend you. L. :idea:

            • James Smith

              LAYNALAND. Yes, I see you noticed that information…. didn’t you? At least my story is plausible and very hard to attack because there must be some explanation as to where they went? But this article here is so full of holes you can pick it apart in seconds for its inconsistencies and outright fallacies. It was said, the on looking observers waited days on end hoping for the 200 9/11 passengers to emerge from the nasa center but they never did. That was one of my hidden points that you clearly understood. You received my deliberate inadvertent point that was left for the astute to examine. Bravo.

            • LAYNALAND

              oh yes he would, t.r.d. …he is just a gentleman, which you, are not…l. :razz:

            • LAYNALAND

              your ‘position’…at n.s.a. or some other nefarious headquarters within cobra’s u.s. of a.?

              please, do tell!

              and, you give yourself away, posting an avatar like that – my Jesus would not use his middle finger to make a point…he would look at you, and rebuke the demons in you, I.A.M.G. …I can guarantee you, you are not god, man.

              only someone working for the above groups would ever key what you let slip out, in your middle paragraph.

              I think you have been outed.

              L. :idea:

          • LifeIs

            yes2truth they were pulled in on themselves.

            The lower parts of the cores were pulverized.

            The cavity beneath the core is not nearly as big as the whole building. That’s why you have surviving basement, which was standing on bedrock.

            The fallout in New York is detailed here.

            The hundreds of first responders who were studied are here:

            April 3, 2011, New York Post: “Dr. David Prezant, the Fire Department’s chief medical officer, has found that firefighters who dug for victims at the World Trade Center are getting cancer at a higher rate than firefighters before 9/11 — and some types of cancer are “bizarrely off the charts,” say sources briefed on the seven-year, federally funded study.”

            He has not yet disclosed the data, but sources say he has cited unusual rises in three blood cancers — leukemia, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and multiple myeloma — as well as esophageal, prostate and thyroid cancers. ”

            Quoted by

            The TENS of THOUSANDS of radiation victims since are un-studied, just like the Santa Susana were unstudied and undocumented.

            And again, these were clean DT fusion bombs. They use minimal uranium. They do not produce ANYTHING LIKE the fallout of Manhattan Project bombs, or hydrogen bombs from the 1950s.

            And again, almost all the radioactive material was contained underground, until the debris was hauled away.

            And again, you are describing EMP effects. Clean DT fusion bombs produce an EMP. Almost ALL the flash is gamma rays and x rays. They strip electrons from air molecules.

      • James Smith

        You’re combative enemy criminal and that’s a prima facie fact…. /alternative/2014/08/mr-glen-canady-is-100-cointelpro-and-heres-the-proof-proof-proof-3020574.html why do you criminal cointelpro punks keep remove the proof? That’s not very fair… but then you’re not about fair, your a criminal, period.

      • James Smith

        I can prove glenn is 100% cointelpro a combative enemy treasonous traitor and I would stake my life on those facts….

    • Anonymous

      Buy a .22 and a few long rifle loads and a few shorts. A long rifle .22 lead bullet will penerate a steel road sign on private property but a .22 short will not. Study the specs of tensile strength of aircraft grade aluminum and strutural steel. The aluminum is more than 16% more tensile strength than the steel. Read the specs on the thin steel perimeter panels and examine the CUT OFF PANELS at one of the impact sites. This puppy was planned long, long ago. When the engineers found out that the nuke demolition systems would be forced on them when the steel was already up 5 floors, they became angrier than any bar fight. I heard some of the shouting from less than 5 feet away. My job was to document these systems from materials in the public library system and the University library system. This I did from 1969 to 1972. You would think Dr. James Fetzer would grow weary of being drooled all over from this hologram stuff, but when you have to round up puppies you get spit on your hands. has BY FAR the most comprehensive and accurate research and reports on the attacks of 9-11-2001, including that by the illustrious Dr. James Fetzer, phd.. Get on it. The bad guys and the mewling sphincter boys of CFRtv land are wallowing in the blood of innocent people and I do not like it. Richard Gage of A&E for 911 Truth is a foot dragging shill and somebody’s stooge.

      • James Smith

        Prove what you say…. you can’t because your incorrect…. here’s the truth cointelpro agent…. /alternative/2014/08/america-is-under-attack-and-the-american-people-know-it-too-3015792.html

      • James Smith

        The International Criminal Court has the most extensive and BY FAR the most comprehensive, accurate research and reports on the bush u.n. muslim attacks of 9-11-2001 and that’s a verifiable fact. Why haven’t the C.C.I. arrested the punkass 5 members of the bush crime family, you know the truth the scumbag u.n. communist brothers that were proven to be in fact the criminal mastermind perpetrators behind 9/11, that’s a another good question?

        • LifeIs

          James Smith well…all the power, military and otherwise, of the US government, prevents ANY American from being arrested or otherwise molested by the ICC. By law.

          The law is the American Service-Members’ Protection Act enacted in 2002.

          To quote Wikipedia:

          “The act prohibits federal, state and local governments and agencies (including courts and law enforcement agencies) from assisting the court. For example, it prohibits the extradition of any person from the U.S. to the Court; it prohibits the transfer of classified national security information and law enforcement information to the court; and it prohibits agents of the court from conducting investigations in the U.S.”

          It authorizes the President to use “all means necessary and appropriate to bring about the release of any US or allied personnel being detained or imprisoned by, on behalf of, or at the request of the International Criminal Court”

          “to protect United States military personnel and other elected and appointed officials of the United States government against criminal prosecution by an international criminal court to which the United States is not party.”

          And that’s your ICC.

    • nyetyme19

      WOW! Not one person on here even considers that, these pictures, photos of people in the WTC, after the plane crashes into the building, are photo shopped? Really!! Come on people! You people are way and I mean way out there!! Here’s the problem with this conspiracy theory. From what this article above is stating that the orchestrator would have to have millions of new yorkers in on it for this to actually happen, correct? Physically not possible! Never in this world would such an horrific event such as this, be 100% fabricated. Now I am not discounting the fact that there are some holes in what actually happened on 9/11 and how it happened. If anyone is really interested in the finding the truth, you should go back to when Bill Clinton was POTUS and start there for if you believe in the corruption of government, and if what involvement that administration had in this. I believe they did when it comes to the pentagon, I believe the democrats had something they needed to hide. Keep in mind the fact pentagon is the size of a small city. Not everyone that works there, knows absolutely everything that is going on. But the WTC and heroic people that brought that other plane down, was all legit actual real terrorists events. So see someone leaked that out of the bag, started all these conspiracy and blame bush. Easy enough, President of the United States, why he is the president, he brilliantly orchestrated this terrorist attack,, because us republicans just want war, we need oil and we conquer people that don’t give us their oil. You people are so brainless. You people have no idea, think your so smart, because you can break down piece by piece of how things should explode or melt and at what impact would it take to bring down a building, its not hot enough, its needs to be hotter for the steel to melt and the building to callapse. And One guy with million hours of flying every damn plane in the world, yet he has never flown a plane into a building now has he? You probably think the holocaust was fabricated also probably? That the US gained power from tyranny and oppression and we have stolen all of our wealth from all other nations? Completely clueless to the facts in our history. Its not possible that we created our own wealth is it? You are all looking in the wrong places for the corruption and that’s exactly what these the corrupted people in government want from you.

      • James Smith

        So your objective is to defend the bush crime family the blatant 9/11 mass murderers?

        • Central Scrutinizer

          It’s the same sworn objective of all of us ‘conintelpro’ types. To walk by your cage and poke you with a sharp stick, just to get a laugh as you go through your antics here online.

          Now, go away or I shall taunt you a second time!

        • nyetyme19

          Yeah cause you know in America we the people are the real enemy in our governments eyes, but what you all are blind to is which branch of government? Really, I am trying to point out that the world we live in, is more sinister then anyone can really imagine. But for you people that are still hung up the 9/11 attacks being faked and Bush was the one that orchestrated it, Never stand to think that the really people behind it all, have you believers in this conspiracy deceived, none of you have a clue, you are so far from the truth, it might as well be a fairly tale. Because really the truth is there, you all are looking in the wrong places.

        • nyetyme19

          @James Smith – I don’t have an objective here. After everything I had stated, all you can come up with is bush mass murdered and I am defending him? If anything, Bush was protecting our freedoms from terrorists, but none of you mind numbed robots can wrap your head around that simple fact. Because liberal media created this mass illusion of lies, you people are too dumb to see past it. You’re missing the common sense in all of this, your are missing the political correctness of what is going on in reality of the world in which we live. But whatever, you are entitled to your opinion, I am just trying to enlighten you people to the fact that you have been misguided and mislead into believe false truths and it is all backwards.

      • James Smith

        So your objective is to defend the bush crime family the blatant 9/11 mass murderers? Smiles.

      • nyetyme19

        well yeah since obviously I am against this article and I object to the “so claimed facts” that are written with it, I must be an idiot. If you really believe that Hollywood and government created this 9/11 hoax so we could go to war? Then, I am really wasting my time, but for the sake of the argument, I will continue.
        It’s amazing to me how many people really never stop to think for themselves of the actually reality of the events that are happening around us, and put the pieces of the puzzle together yourselves. You always rely on someone else to claim what they know is fact and you all believe in all the propaganda, you people are asking the wrong questions, and believing in false answers. All of this while we are being deceived by the media and our politicians on a daily basis, the media are the ones that are creating the illusions. Like on this site, most of this on b4, is all illusions, you know, fake! Made up! Bull crap! Question for you all would be why? None of you people seem to be concerned with the rest of the worlds problems, because you still can’t wrap your head around 9/11. Like I said, the answer to 9/11, is not in the investigation of 9/11. There is a history here that started 60 years or so, about the time JFK was killed. There is a beginning to this agenda, there is a middle, and we are living the outcome right now and its going to get worse.

      • LifeIs

        nyetyme19 who kept the air defense system from intercepting, looking at close up, the alleged hijacked planes on 9-11.

        Who was holding a hijacked airliner exercise at the time of the attacks

        Who failed to intercept “American Airlines Flight 11″ from the time it was supposedly hijacked,
        8:14 AM, until the supposed impact with the North Tower at 8:45 AM?

        Who failed to intercept “United Airlines Flight 175″ before the 9:03 AM alleged impact with the South Tower?

        Who failed to intercept “American Airlines Flight 77″ before its alleged impact with the Pentagon at 9:38 AM?

        Why are you defending complicit parties? 8:45 to 9:38 is 53 minutes.

    • LifeIs

      Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, 1897

      Protocol 9 Item 13

      “. You may say that the goyim will rise upon us, arms in hand, if they guess what is going on before the time comes; but in the West we have against this a maneuver of such appalling terror that the very stoutest hearts quail – the undergrounds, metropolitans, those subterranean corridors which, before the time comes, will be driven under all the capitals and from whence those capitals will be blown into the air with all their organizations and archives.”

      • Judge Roy Bean

        PROTOCOL No. 9
        1. In applying our principles let attention be paid to the character of the people in whose country you live and act; a general, identical application of them, until such time as the people shall have been re-educated to our pattern, cannot have success. But by approaching their application cautiously you will see that not a decade will pass before the most stubborn character will change and we shall add a new people to the ranks of those already subdued by us.
        2. The words of the liberal, which are in effect the words of our masonic watchword, namely, “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity,” will, when we come into our kingdom, be changed by us into words no longer of a watchword, but only an expression of idealism, namely, into “The right of liberty, the duty of equality, the ideal of brotherhood.” That is how we shall put it, – and so we shall catch the bull by the horns … DE FACTO we have already wiped out every kind of rule except our own, although DE JURE there still remain a good many of them. Nowadays, if any States raise a protest against us it is only PRO FORMA at our discretion and by our direction, for THEIR ANTI-SEMITISM IS INDISPENSABLE TO US FOR THE MANAGEMENT OF OUR LESSER BRETHREN. I will not enter into further explanations, for this matter has formed the subject of repeated discussions amongst us.
        3. For us there are not checks to limit the range of our activity. Our Super-Government subsists in extra-legal conditions which are described in the accepted terminology by the energetic and forcible word – Dictatorship. I am in a position to tell you with a clear conscience that at the proper time we, the law-givers, shall execute judgment and sentence, we shall slay and we shall spare, we, as head of all our troops, are mounted on the steed of the leader. We rule by force of will, because in our hands are the fragments of a once powerful party, now vanquished by us. AND THE WEAPONS IN OUR HANDS ARE LIMITLESS AMBITIONS, BURNING GREEDINESS, MERCILESS VENGEANCE, HATREDS AND MALICE.
        5. The people have raised a howl about the necessity of settling the question of Socialism by way of an international agreement. DIVISION INTO FRACTIONAL PARTIES HAS GIVEN THEM INTO OUR HANDS, FOR, IN ORDER TO CARRY ON A CONTESTED STRUGGLE ONE MUST HAVE MONEY, AND THE MONEY IS ALL IN OUR HANDS.
        6. We might have reason to apprehend a union between the “clear-sighted” force of the GOY kings on their thrones and the “blind” force of the GOY mobs, but we have taken all the needful measure against any such possibility: between the one and the other force we have erected a bulwark in the shape of a mutual terror between them. In this way the blind force of the people remains our support and we, and we only, shall provide them with a leader and, of course, direct them along the road that leads to our goal.
        7. In order that the hand of the blind mob may not free itself from our guiding hand, we must every now and then enter into close communion with it, if not actually in person, at any rate through some of the most trusty of our brethren. When we are acknowledged as the only authority we shall discuss with the people personally on the market, places, and we shall instruct them on questings of the political in such wise as may turn them in the direction that suits us.
        8. Who is going to verify what is taught in the village schools? But what an envoy of the government or a king on his throne himself may say cannot but become immediately known to the whole State, for it will be spread abroad by the voice of the people.
        9. In order to annihilate the institutions of the GOYIM before it is time we have touched them with craft and delicacy, and have taken hold of the ends of the springs which move their mechanism. These springs lay in a strict but just sense of order; we have replaced them by the chaotic license of liberalism. We have got our hands into the administration of the law, into the conduct of elections, into the press, into liberty of the person, BUT PRINCIPALLY INTO EDUCATION AND TRAINING AS BEING THE CORNERSTONES OF A FREE EXISTENCE.
        11. Above the existing laws without substantially altering them, and by merely twisting them into contradictions of interpretations, we have erected something grandiose in the way of results. These results found expression in the fact that the INTERPRETATIONS MASKED THE LAW: afterwards they entirely hid them from the eyes of the governments owing to the impossibility of making anything out of the tangled web of legislation.
        12. This is the origin of the theory of course of arbitration.
        13. You may say that the GOYIM will rise upon us, arms in hand, if they guess what is going on before the time comes; but in the West we have against this a maneuver of such appalling terror that the very stoutest hearts quail – the undergrounds, metropolitans, those subterranean corridors which, before the time comes, will be driven under all the capitals and from whence those capitals will be blown into the air with all their organizations and archives.

    • robobbob

      I’m not looking to take away from the good work here, or support the govs version of events, but it should be noted that while steel melts at 2600 +/-, it begins to lose strength at 1300 or so, and by 1800 it is red hot and only has less then 60% of its strength. the steel didn’t have to actually melt to fail, it would have lost almost all of its structural integrity long before that.

      • rustywhite

        Have you ever used a torch to cut rebar?

        I will give in to the notion that some heat might have produced SOME stress on the structural members that held up the “FLOORS”.

        But you just cannot convince me that a little fire was able to “pulverize into dust”…the 40+ inner columns AND melt the steel rebar in them…Some of the rebar was 6″ thick!!!!!…Do you know how long it takes to cut thru 6″ inches with a oxygen/acetylene torch or a Plasma torch?

        People have to understand the difference in a “column” and a “beam” to understand some of this….It is almost impossible to take an object like aluminum and have it interact with something as strong as rebar reinforced concrete with any kind of positive effects. Aren’t you glad they make all of those bridges in Florida with concrete instead of aluminum? Have you ever taken a beer can filled with gasoline and thrown it at a wall?…(Don’t answer that)



        I think this is a cool thread and could be one of BIN’s best into the introductory stage of becoming a “respected” site.

        • nyetyme19

          @ Rusty White – No wonder our country is falling apart. We have people that know nothing of what they are talking about. First, lets start with the weight of the boeing 767. It may be an aluminum frame, but by no means is this even comparable to an aluminum can. These jetliners weight thousands of tons. Add the weight times the speed of the jetliner and collide into concrete reinforced wall and the result is what happened on 9/11 (by the way these reinforced steel beams are bolted together, they are not one solid object from the ground up). And when metal is heated up, it will bend and fail. Go take and oxygen/acetylene torch and go heat up any steel and see how long it takes before it starts to bend. There is your answer.

      • LifeIs

        robobbob not at all. The steel frame needs only a fraction of its strength, to support its own weight.

        And they have fireproofing material on them.

        At 1300 F or so the window glass melts. And the heat escapes.

        If the floors collapse, they don’t bring down the steel frame. No such thing has ever happened.

        All the fire from the “ups batteries” (pre-positioned fuel) and the furnishings was for show.

        The towers imploded because the cores fell into the cavities underneath the buildings. Made by the nuclear bombs. These are DT fusion bombs with minimal uranium triggers. The deuterium and tritium are present in the form of uranium hydrides.

        nyetyme19 if the pictures were real, they would match eyewitness accounts, and they do not.
        And they would show events that are physically possible. And they do not.

        Jetliners cannot operate at that speed, at that altitude. They would break up in flight like American Airlines flight 587 in November, 2001.

        Steel framed skyscrapers cannot collapse due to fire. They never have. Anywhere. And that includes the WTC tower that had a major fire in 1975, before the fireproofing was applied to the steel. (the North Tower.)

        And in case you forgot, WTC 7 was never hit by any plane.

        So, where are the pictures of the fireballs coming up from below street level? As people saw, as people were burned by.

        Where are the videos that show the airplanes as streaks, as blurs. They are supposed to be travelling at 807 feet per second. 27 feet per frame.

        • rustywhite

          HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          Finally, someone that has both sides of the brain firing…..



        • rustywhite


          so you are a 19 year old that lives in the eastern standard time in new york?

          I am actually almost orgasmic thinking I could have as much influence upon the world as you have attributed to me….

          Ain’t life grand?


    • sk1951

      I know how much time and effort went into making this post. And it is so sad that the evil believers slander this wonderful “open source” site with names like fake news site. But you did a wonderful job assembling some very good information into one place. A book mark site for me for sure. Wonderful…thanks again.

    • nyetyme19

      @rustywhite, am I 19? lol give me break! you’re orgasmic over your influence? what influence? one person agrees with you and you think you’re influencial? lol get over yourself. My point in commenting is that almost everyone on here is still so caught up in 9/11 conspiracy hoax. Really? why? what are trying to prove? Other then the fact that our government is corrupted, well hello that’s obvious. But you people have got it backwards, and you are too blind to see otherwise, because you think your so smart, breaking down temperatures and looking at videos claiming other sorts of destruction should of happened if A was this and B was that. So I understand when you read a remark by me that tries to tell you otherwise and you think I’m dellusional. You’re all missing the common sense of reality here and i’m trying to point it out. But you can’t get passed that this 9/11 thing was manufactured because of Bush, because the media did one hell of a job setting that narrative for that now didn’t they? I suppose you think Obama is the best president ever? Ever notice how the media is so orgasmic for him, it’s disgusting really. Get off it, if there was an ounce of truth to what you people believe we wouldn’t be having this conversation now would we?

      • rustywhite

        You don’t know much about sarcasm do you?


    • The Real Deal

      Alex Jones has sold out long ago. And lost all credibility when he began hanging out with the pedo weirdo Charlie (Tiger Blood) Sheen.

      I don’t know if planes were used or not. But i can tell you that the 5 dancing Israelis arrested, let go, & and then announced on a TV show in Israel that they were in America on 9/11/2001 to DOCUMENT THE EVENT! Now if that isn’t evidence enough of prior knowledge…then i don’t what is.

      The put option Stocks on United and American Airlines just days prior, Larry Silverstein and his insurance scam, and building 7 should be absolutely enough to warrant not only a new investigation, but arrests to follow and then, hopefully, some convictions.

    • Jim Fetzer

      For further proof that none of the official 9/11 aircraft actually crashed,
      see “The Midwest
      9/11 Truth Conference, Part 2″. Beware of ops here to mislead you.

    • Einstein


      They will order the judges to dismiss any lawsuit or their families will be murdered. The same happened with Obama’s forged documents, Oklahoma City and the murder of JFK which were all done by the same cabal of jews. Throw in the Sandy Hook Hoax and many many more.

      • LifeIs

        “I’ve chosen to go to court rather than accept a payoff from the 9/11 victims compensation fund. I am suing because unlike other investigative avenues, including congressional hearings and the 9/11 commission, my lawsuit requires all testimony be given under oath and fully uses powers to compel evidence.”

        - Beverly Eckert — that’s a really good link with photos, about her murder. They don’t mention voice simulation

        Eckert was killed in a plane crash — and the pilots were slandered after their deaths — using a phony cockpit voice

        The kind of voice simulation used in the movie business, the software for which has been available to the general public since 1995.

        “Gallop says a large explosion caused the ceiling above her to collapse. When she regained consciousness, she made her way, son in tow, through the hole the alleged plane was supposed to have created. She says she never saw any evidence that a plane had hit the building.”

        Gallop was not permitted to present her evidence in court.

    • Anonymous

      I feel like I am feeding baby birds. Normal aluminum has a superior tensile strength to mild structural steel. Aircraft grade aluminum is much stronger and would have had and did not have trouble slicing through 1/4” and 7/16” structural steel. Dr. Fetzer, you did this. You were a Marine, maybe a city boy protected good kid U.S. Marine. But a Marine. You know a water balloon can be thrown through a plate glass window. You know a lead bullet from a .22 caliber long rifle load will pass through a steel road sign. Stop this inane hologram garbage with all these phonied up videos. Yes, the Naudet video is strangely convenient. That is because the mayor’s office and the entire NYFD management KNEW, I say, KNEW about the 1969-1971 nuke preset AND Naudet knew and probably was in place to document the deed. Now, there are a huge number of people studying editted video footage where the jet present in the first several years of editions of the Naudet video no longer is seen. Just a hint of a streak and KABOOM. This is deceptive, you know it, and JDean has a coupon for a heart ultrasound for $23 dollars. I am getting one on the mainland somewhere if no franchise in Hawai’i and you should too. Excellent job tieing together all of this false flag activity. Please find a place for John Lear to hide so he can tell the truth about what is the most reasonable explanation for jets with superior tensile strength wings loaded with fuel obliterating thin steel panels and knocking precut sections out. Forget the bloody CNN WTC jet contract photoshops. Those who know steel know jets flew through those panels. As do the witnesses. The Twin Tower aluminum siding was thin and negligible to 200,000 pounds of jet travelling at over 250 mph, but were hologram proof.

      • CrowPie

        Well Done!

      • LifeIs

        Anonymous it would help if you actually had some facts.

        Like the speeds of the alleged planes.

        AA flight 11 — 466 mph.

        UA flight 175 — 590 mph.

        To begin with, those planes cannot fly at that speed at that altitude, and maneuver – as in banking before impact.

        They would fall apart in flight, as did American Airlines flight 587 — in November of 2001, in Queens.

        Flight 587 was flying at NORMAL speed (less than 250 mph) at low altitude, and the pilots used the rudder too much, in turbulent air. The vertical stabilizer and the engines fell off in flight, due to aerodynamic forces.

        Wind resistance increases as a square of velocity. UA 175 was supposedly going over twice as fast as 587.

        So you KNOW those were not airplanes, that flew into the WTC towers. Just as many witnesses said, “small plane,”
        “sounded like turboprop,” they did not look like or sound like jetliners.

        There are three reasons for the high speeds. (1) That’s the speed of the military drones that were the actual aircraft. (2) To prevent anyone from getting a good look at them, or a good picture. (3) To sell the story that
        the “planes” had enough kinetic energy to liquify the steel and cut through it.

        590 mph is 865 feet per second.

        If your video camera is running at 30 frames per second, that’s 29 feet of distance per frame.

        Your analogy of lead and road signs is comically inappropriate. Lead has greater density than steel. Aluminum airplanes do not.

        The inertia of the lead bullets is greater than the inertia of the steel sign. So the lead keeps going instead of stopping.

        This is why we don’t make bullets out of aluminum, dude.

        And your disinformation is complete with the assertion that the planes were cutting through “thin steel panels and knocking precut sections out.” What nonsense.

        The towers had massive steel box columns spaced three feet apart. That’s what supported the weight of the buildings, and could resist winds in excess of hurricane force, and could resist jet airplane impacts. Those PERIMETER COLUMNS provided almost all that strength.

        The tower cores were also made of the same massive steel box columns.

        And don’t forget those are all braced by the floors.

        What happens when one of your super airplanes hits a bird in flight, Anonymous ?? Massive damage to the aluminum airplane, that’s what. Because the bird – though soft and squishy – has more inertia than your wonderful aluminum structure.

        But you imagine they are so very strong, they’ll cut through very strong steel box columns — which by the way are under a load from above, and therefore even harder to displace– and which are braced by the steel-concrete floors. BIRDS can knock those planes out of the sky, but those buildings can’t ? Ridiculous.

        • CrowPie

          ICE COLD! Dr. Pepper HERE! Ice cold. :grin:

        • Don - 1

          A plane hit the Empire State building in 1945. Much of the plane simply broke apart on impact and FELL to the SIDEWALK.

          The idea that a plane could MELT into a steel building is ludicrous.

          It was all computer made graphics.

        • James Smith

          Hey Mr. boiler room cointelpro agent don…. you forgot something, what about the explosions to the outside walls of the 9/11 towers just one second before both 9/11 plane impacts dove through those explosions. Oops.

        • LifeIs

          James Smith what makes you think there were explosions prior to the impacts of the drones?

          I haven’t seen any witness statements to that effect, and I haven’t seen any pictures, real or fake.

        • saul trane

          If the penetrations of the planes through the WTC perimeter columns were physically impossible, why has no scientist (in the world) ever proved it with real data? Seems like the truth movement would be all over that. If it could be proved scientifically, using physics, either with analytical models or FEA simulations, that the video footage of the of the plane impacts are physically impossible, then the proving of 9/11 as being an inside job would be a wrap. It’s over. There could be no other possible explanation except for news media manipulation, deception, and complicity in a criminal, government-orchestrated conspiracy.

          Yet this has never been done. Why? Why is there not one qualified physicist in the entire world who will step up and challenge the bogus physics of WTC airplane attacks? Even Judy Wood, with an advanced degree in applied physics, won’t address the subject using scientific methods. Why?

          In fact, all existing scientific research on the physics of the WTC attacks, conducted by independent teams of physicists and engineers (spanning over a decade) has ALL concluded the opposite, that the planes would have EASILY penetrated the towers, and that what was seen on television is totally congruent with the laws of physics.

          I believe reason provides the answer. The “impossible physics” claims are BS. If such claims could be supported scientifically, it would have been done a long time ago.

    • John_mk7

      I have been reading articles on this site for years now and until now never felt it necessary to make an account or comment on anything, but this nonsense really pushed me to say something. I stood there on 9/11 on the 79th st Pier in Brooklyn, NY with my father and watched the plane go overhead. You can call it a hologram, project bluebeam, aliens, illuminati, satan worshipers, jews, nazis, space marines, zombies, angels, demons, MK1, Haliburton, The Titanic, All Roads lead to Rome, Jesuits, Flat Earth, Hollow Earth, Obama, Antichrist, King of Shambala on a magic carpet, Biker Mice from Mars, Street Sharks, Bob Sagat, whatever you want…. but you can be rest assured of one thing, there were most certainly planes that day and they most certainly hit those towers. Now, I do not think they took them down, but I know for a fact that a plane came over my head and went into that tower.

      • LifeIs

        John_mk7 what you suggest is physically impossible.

        There were classified drone programs, that became RQ 180 and X47b and well, the Global Hawk.

        And, we’re talking about jetliner-sized drones here.

        But jetliners just cannot operate at 550, 590 mph at low altitude. Even if the computers – which control the plane – would allow the pilots to try.

        Which they wouldn’t.

        I don’t know what you saw, or imagined you saw. I notice you said, ” I stood there on 9/11 on the 79th st Pier in Brooklyn, NY with my father and watched the plane go overhead.”

        …and “I know for a fact that a plane came over my head and went into that tower.”

        THE plane, as in one. Which one? The 466 mph one or the 590 mph one?

        590 mph is 865 feet per second, headed toward the south face of tower 2.

        466 mph is 683 feet per second, headed toward the north face of tower 1.

        And if they were “over your head” in Brooklyn, at high speed and low altitude, they must have been hard to get a good look at.

        Ah but the 25 Rules of Disinformation textbook tactic of mentioning a zillion unrelated topics
        identifies you as a liar.

        You know, William Joyce got hanged just for propagandizing during WW2.

        Participation in 9-11, after the fact included, is treason.

    • rustywhite

      Okay…I just have to get this off my chest and I am done…

      I don’t want to have to deal with comments from posters that have no first hand experience in building construction or design.

      If YOU have never strung rebar into columns or designed buildings with Autocad, then save your time and don’t respond.

      The Official story would have us believe that aluminum airplanes hit steel reinforced buildings and the jet fuel turned the steel to liquid.

      It cannot happen that way….



      Don’t give me any bs wiki quotes to try and debunk what happened.


      Rebar is encased in concrete. Concrete acts almost like an insulation for the rebar. The concrete of the columns would actually have to melt or pulverize to allow the heat to get to the rebar in the columns… THAT did not happen.

      I, personally, do not know what actually happened …I was not there and I wasn’t part of any investigation and all I have to go off of is what I read from countless investigations….

      But I have theories and I am inclined to go with my gut instinct and something about that whole 911 thing just doesn’t feel right….

      I could care less what the final outcome is of all this…..It will not make one iota of difference in your life….If they arrest Cheney and Bush, will it make your life any better?

      Oil is crashing, the dollar is crashing, asteroids are coming in, Niburu is gonna kill us…..

      Jeez, I think it might be time to go and hang out at …..The Tony Robbins website for a while…..This place will give you ulcers…………


    • rustywhite

      And one more thing…………

      Here is a little info you might want to ingest . If you were to put “one” ..steel reinforced concrete column (designed in accordance to the wtc columns) at the end of an airport, you could crash dozens of planes into it before it would fail……..STEEL DOES NOT MELT IN CONCRETE………….Every single building and nuclear plant that has been designed has had to have a contingency preparation for an aircraft being flown into it….since the 70s…………But the administration says, ” We never imagined planes would be used as weapons”…..hang on, I may have just had a hernia from laughing so hard typing that…….

      good luck to all in this time of deception….May you get all you desire and or deserve.


      • LifeIs

        The perimeter columns – and the interior core columns- of the WTC towers did not contain concrete.

        They were steel box columns. Period.

    • til

      The no-plane theory for 9/11– why it may not be as crazy as you think


      1) flight 11 never took off, and the flight that was labelled flight 11 by air traffic control was 10 miles from manhattan at 8:46am (see

      2) the footage of “flight 175″ hitting the south tower is clearly fake (planes shouldn’t slide into a steel wall without exploding on contact; the explosion takes place too far from where the plane impacted; there are videos that show contradicting flight paths; all the videos have a flat cartoonish character; the plane never has any significant detail; other camera oddities (see

      3) in the footage of the first and second hits on the towers, the “planes” slide into the towers without slowing– this is impossible according to laws of physics (unless the planes completely disintegrated upon impact– but then they wouldn’t have left plane-shaped holes)

      4) No black boxes were found at ground zero (officially). It’s not that boxes were found where the data was destroyed– NO BOXES WERE FOUND AT ALL. These devices are meant to withstand incredibly extreme conditions. (the rumor that black boxes were found and kept secret is likely a psy-op meant to prop up the planes story)

      5) plane wings shouldn’t slice through the steel beams of the WTC and leave a perfect imprint (certainly if plane wings could easily cut through steel columns and floor slabs, it is not clear why the planes didn’t pass all the way through the towers)

      6) almost no plane parts were found in the WTC rubble– when the rubble was SIFTED for human remains (see the book “9.11 Revealed”)

      7) witnesses exist who saw the south tower explode but never saw a plane

      8) plane parts, such as the too small engine found in the streets of lower Manhattan, look planted. Why would they need to plant plane parts if real planes were used?

      9) a very good case for no planes can be made at the Pentagon or Shanksville– very little to no clear plane debris, suspicious (too small) holes

      10) unlikely the terrorists could have piloted planes the way they did according to the official story

      Logistically, for a false-flag operation:

      1) using missiles/pre-planted bombs easier to control than real commercial planes and managing a real hijacking situation

      2) having no planes avoids problems with air traffic controllers seeing something they shouldn’t see (for instance if there was a plane-swap)

      3) having no planes is the easiest way to avoid military interception, and much easier than a stand-down that would involve thousands of military personnel

      4) psy-ops effect of the attacks is stronger if it defies a certain logic (the bizarre plane crashes)

      5) having the media distribute a set of fake videos of the south tower hit is sufficient to plant the meme

      6) having the media complicit in the operation helps ensure that they won’t question the event

      7) “big lies” (such that there were no planes) are often more effective than smaller lies (i.e. planes were used but they were controlled by remote control)

      8) the paradigm shift required for people to question whether real planes were used in the attack helps keep the actual nature of the event hidden and the perpetrators safe

      Evidence that planes were used:

      1) the gov’t told us there were planes; the news media repeated this as fact

      2) a plane was shown hitting the South WTC tower on TV, many times, from many angles

      3) the Naudet movie of first hit appears to show a plane hitting the North tower

      4) witnesses claim to have seen planes

      5) a small number of plane parts were found at each crash locale

      Counter arguments to “evidence that planes were used”:

      1) gov’t and media often work togehter and lie together

      2) yes, this was how they planted the meme that planes were used

      3) the footage is blurry and what hits the tower is not clear

      4) some witnesses were planted as part of the operation; other witnesses may have seen a missile flying in the air; eyewitnesses may hvae seen a plane that happpened to fly by at the same time as the event occurred; possibly some sort of high-techhologram-cloaked missile were used instead of planes; in any case, eyewitnesses are of course notoriously unreliable

      5) some plane parts were planted to support the idea that planes were used


      The idea that no planes were used in 9/11– that the crashes were faked with bombs and missiles– is clearly counter-intuitive. However, logistically, avoiding the use of planes has many benefits if you presume that 9/11 was a false-flag attack. Moreover, there are many pieces of evidence to point to some sort of fakery with regard to the idea that real planes were used.

      Note– real planes may have been used as part of the operation as “fly-bys” — these would give eye-witnesses something to “grab onto” that they saw a plane that was involved in the event.

      Major problem with the no-plane theory– requires a complicit media and more people involved in the plot. But clearly 9/11 was a huge operation and conceivably many people were willing to lie in service of some operation of which they didn’t know the extent. After 9/11, speaking out would mean death.

      What this theory DOES explain is the complete inability of the mainstream media to question the official 9/11 story in any way– because they were in on it!

    • Anonymous

      This article is an ambitious project too full of errors to be considered useable material. It is devoid of understanding of many important causes of events easily shown with a video camera but more difficult to explain. Go to for the most comprehensive and accurate research and observations available about the insider attacks on the U.S.A. on 9-11-2001. Except the hologram crap. Go to Pilots for 9-11 Truth and talk to actual builders who use steel and aluminum in their day to day work. A commercial radar station caught jets slowing down before impact at the WTCs. This recording is featured at Pilots for 9-11 Truth. The United States Coast Guard Report on What Hit the Pentagon on 9-11-2001 original was done without Department of Homeland Security interference andf convinced Major General Albert Stubblebine(ret.) that his intial analysis was based on just a photo or two and was incorrect. He later stated from extensive photographic evidence that a remote controlled A-3 Skywarrior and a Global Hawk cruise missile BOTH hit the Pentagon that morning. Please find this rare report. See all the parts saved and others scattered all over the lawn and smuggled out. Definitely A-3 Skywarrior and a Global Hawk. This report never stays up for long and my computers are hacked 24/7/365 1/4 days a year. get that ‘A plus’.

    • The Real Deal

      What’s wrong with this thread? The replies are all over the place, not in order.

      • Bill Lyle

        Been happening a lot, the last few days.

    • Twisted_Leads

      IF no planes, then what was burning with all that black smoke and orange flame indicative of an oxygen deprived petroleum fire?

      If there were planes, then how do 2 identical towers struck by different types of jets in different locations cause the towers to crumble EXACTLY the same way? (without additional explosives)

      IF #7 failed do to Progressive Collapse due to Fire Induced Thermal Expansion (a new type Failure Mechanism never before experienced, NIST), then why isn’t EVERY building evaluated for this Mechanism? Shouldn’t the Occupancy Certs of each structure be pulled until the architects evaluate for their buildings?

      Many questions to pursue. . . .

    • spaniel

      Lifels: No,No and No, a thousand times no.

      Radioactive fallout cannot be concealed, if one was used, you could go there with a Geiger counter and measure high radiation.

      Conventional techniques were used, the ground did shake (explosives) ….too bad that the perps that did this have gotten away with murder.

    • saul trane

      Thanks for posting my video on the first page of your article (“9/11 No-Planes Theory: Debunking “The Key” (CGI Plane / Live Video Fakery)” which nobody seemed to notice debunks the no-plane live CGI theory proposed by Truther, Ace Baker. It demonstrates that using live video compositing to insert a computer animated plane into a live broadcast can’t possibly work, and can’t even accurately replicate what’s seen in the live footage.
      Get more info here:

      Here’s what else you got wrong:

      – Commercial jets could not have penetrated the steel perimeter columns of the towers.
      Wrong. And all existing scientific research on this says you’re wrong. See it here:

      A fully loaded 767 with fuel, people, and cargo, weighs about 150 tons. Moving at 3/4 the speed of sound, that’s an enormous amount of momentum and kinetic energy. The perimeter box columns on the upper floors had steel walls less than 1cm thick. The planes EASILY punched through those columns.

      – Planes can’t fly that fast at that altitude.
      Not normally or safely, but they were flying at 600mph at 30,000 feet and then dove full throttle before impacting the towers. If you think they would immediately slow down upon entering the lower atmosphere, you might want to look up “momentum”.

      - The plane’s aluminum nose goes through the building.
      No, it doesn’t. See why here:

      – The plane didn’t decelerate at impact.
      Yes it did:

      – The witnesses of the planes were actors:
      No they weren’t:

      – The holes show steel blown outward.
      Wrong. Only the outer aluminum cladding on the columns was blown off/out by the fuel explosion. All the steel was punched INWARD. Get the facts here:

    • Michael Carrigan

      I went to a funeral attended by hundreds of a friend of mine who is said to have been on the plane that hit the Pentagon? If there were no planes, does anyone have any credible theories on what happened to him, preferably with first-hand knowledge?

      If so, please provide a court-ready affidavit.

      • Nyyk4

        First off sorry for the loss of your friend. Secondly, don’t expect a legitimate response from anyone on this site. They will call you a paid gov. shill (which doesn’t even exist) just for saying you knew someone. I live in NYC and two people I went to high school with lost their lives on 9/11, my friends father lost his life and other acquaintances. Conspiracy theorists will say anything and everything to make you sound like the crazy one….however I would still love to see someone respond to your question. I am guessing they will say he was paid off by the govt just like all the “fake dead” people from mass shootings in the country since it’s just impossible to happen in a country with 300+ million people in it with a significant amount of mentally unstable people with easy access to guns. So I guess he went to “fake dead island” according to the rest of the nutters here.

    • Anonymous

      people in the US are dangerously dumb

      • nyetyme19

        Planes did crash into the WTC, 4 million eye witnesses in NYC can attest to that.

    • theawakezone

      Thanks for a good post! Some time ago I found this oddity in a footage from the so-called plane crashes.

      WATCH CLOSELY ! you can see, that in this video ( ) the so-called plane when approaching the second tower that there is a space between the towers, but when the so-called plane pass this space you cant see it between the towers :)

    • Ideas Time

      It is sad that there are sill millions of people who still believe the govs version and that the bushes are not in jail.

    • Canderson

      What you say is true, no planes hit the twin-towers, it is live? CGI, at some videos you can see parts of the wings turn up behind of a skyscraper while the rest of the plane remains in the foreground.

    • Canderson

      A missile hit the pentagon, and they probably shot down one plain, dissidents to the new world order were put on that plain, and where the missile hit pentagon, and in the twin-towers. They killed more than two birds with one stone. Building 7 is about Enron, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

    • Canderson

      CIA Flashback: “We’ll Know Our Disinformation Program Is Complete When Everything the American Public Believes Is False.”
      William J. Casey

    • Canderson

      Well If you think someone is a dis-info-agent then you put out the truth, if the public hook on to it, then the accused dis-info-agent has to topple it, put out more truth until he or she is useless to their spook-superiors, the powers behind, then they got taken out or suicided.

    • Canderson

      Then you got the 911 Gold heist, Jim Willie talks about that (Like in Die Hard 3, the movie)

    • Canderson

      Nahh, mini neutron lensed nukes + nano-thermite at core places. And when they built the twin towers they did not weld the beams only riveted them together. The twin towers were built to be destroyed. Fabian-socialist timeline up to 150 years or more.

    • Judge Roy Bean

      Two planes hit the towers, after that you can argue how the buildings came down, building 7 was brought down.

      • Canderson

        no planes hit the towers. It was plains … the cgi version, invented planes. Then the towers were leveled.

    • robobbob

      I appreciate that 911 was an inside job, and that controlled demo was the probable cause of collapse, but you need to back off of:
      “steel’s melting point is 600°F hotter… at 2500°F!”
      while steel doesn’t melt until 2500F, its starts losing strength at 900F to 1100F. by the time it gets to 1800F or so, its lost over 80% of its strength. no matter how well designed and built, the towers wouldn’t keep standing after losing that much integrity.
      the real “not so smoking gun” is the fact that there are people standing at the center of what needed to be the roaring inferno that would have softened those beams.
      if there was no concentrated jet fuel fire, those beams were destroyed by something else.

    • Ross

      Just FYI the World Trade Center was the home of the world largest bank holding 100 million in gold, 100 million in bearer bonds, and 100 million in diamonds. It was also the worlds greatest bank robbery!

    • Ideas Time

      I run into people all the time that still believe the 911 lies and propaganda. It is hard to believe how so many people won’t face the truth. No wonder this country is in so much trouble. Of course the MSM would cover up this article and at the same time tell us to trust them.

    • Ideas Time

      The only people who believe the 9/11 fairy tales are the paid trolls. What a shitty job to try and ridicule people who care about truth and hate corporate gov lies backed up by the lyin MSM.

    • mastwow

      the whole world knows 911 was totally faked. Where do we go from here?

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