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They are Coming! 90% of the Population Dead -NWO & the Luciferian 10 Commandments Decoded...

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Located on one of the highest hilltops in Elbert County, Georgia sits the enigmatic granite monument known as the The Georgia Guidestones; many refer to it as the American Stonehenge. This gigantic structure is almost 20 feet high and is made of six granite slabs, weighing a total of 240,000 pounds. The most stunning detail of the monument is the message engraved in its stones: Ten rules for an “Age of Reason.”

The origin of that strange monument is shrouded in mystery because no one knows the true identity of the man, or men, who commissioned its construction. All that is known is that a man by the name of R.C. Christian (which isn’t even his real name) wanted to build it. He said he represented a group of men who wanted to offer direction to humanity.  R.C. is more than likely short for “Rose and Cross” of the Rosicrucian’s—which is simply the precursor to the Freemason group today.

This leads me to believe that the originators of the stones are those who are members of the mysterious group known as the Illuminati—which is the leading branch of the Freemasons.

This group is known to secretly rule the world from behind closed doors and their ultimate objective is to create a New World Order; which is frighteningly similar to the “ten rules” or “ten commands” written on the granite of the Georgia Guidestones.

But just what are these “ten commandments” on the guidestones and what progress has the Illuminati made towards their objective? Now that is the question….

Rule #1:  Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

If the world’s population was limited to 500 million people like the Guidestones imply, then that would mean that the elite would have to exterminate nine-tenths of the words entire population, killing somewhere around 6.5 billion people.

Some of the ways in which they are currently implementing this “mass extermination agenda” is through vaccinations, chemtrails, pestilences, fluoride in the water, abortion, and GMO’s; to name a few.

This reduction of the world’s population fits perfectly into the philosophies of the Illuminati. The conclusion is simple. They believe there are just too many people on the planet and killing the majority of the “useless eaters” is a benefit to the New World Order. Thus it made number one on their list. 

Rule #2:  Guide reproduction wisely – improving fitness and diversity.

This rule requires the creation of laws indicating how many children are allowed per family.   Furthermore, “improving diversity and fitness” can be obtained with “selective breeding” or the sterilization of undesirable members of society. This used to be called “eugenics”, until it became politically incorrect because of the Nazis; who knowingly initiated the use of “eugenics” when they tried to mass murder the Jews and undesirables of society.

This is exactly what the elite want to do on a global scale; create the ‘perfect race’ of humans without flaws. This is also why Planned Parenthood has targeted poorer communities; they are attempting to push a “superior race” by eliminating the world of unwanted births and “useless eaters”.

Rule #3:  Unite humanity with a living new language.

Considering the English language is pretty much universal, I think the elite have this one, “in the bag.”

Rule #4:  Rule passion – faith – tradition – and all things with tempered reason.

This one suggests that there should be government control over matters of faith and religion. The funny thing is that this is exactly what we are fighting against, yet here they are trying to determine what religion should be established throughout the world.

The ultimate goal of this plan is to establish a “One World Religion” be it the Papacy, Islam, New Age Universalism, or something else. They want one religion to rule them all.

This one is a “work in progress.”

Rule #5:  Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.

This rule states that it is the government’s responsibility to protect all people. Considering that I would assume this would strip us of our right to bear arms and protect ourselves.  

At this moment the Obama administration is working overtime to try to disarm American citizens. He has threatened to sign executive orders and many cities have made it illegal to carry a gun.

Furthermore countries across the globe have given up their right to bear arms, America is just the next target of the elite.

Rule #6:  Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.

This rule overtly suggests the New World Order’s world court should oversee all matters. Resolving the “external disputes” involves the global reach of the governing powers. Aren’t we seeing this happening with the United Nations? This one is also “in the bag.”

Rule #7: Avoid petty laws and useless officials.

This rule allows the elimination of “petty laws” thus allowing the New World Order to streamline the legal code, lending all power of interpretation to the individuals who hold that power. Rather frightening.

Rule #8: Balance personal rights with social duties.

In other words individuals must have a concern for their personal welfare, but they must also remember that they have “social animal” tendencies. Therefore, for the sake of the group, their individual rights are stripped away.

Our rights have been being stripped away for years now! We already see this happening with the Obama administration who sideswipes Congress almost monthly. The Constitution and Bill of Rights are nothing more than papers to many government officials and a dictator is now ruling from the Whitehouse.  I’d say they have this one “in the bag”.

Rule #9: Prize truth – beauty – love – seeking harmony with the infinite.

This one insists on replacing Judeo-Christian values with New Age views of spirituality and “harmony.” They want a bunch of ‘land worshipping’ zombies who are willing to give up their souls to “save the planet.”

This is why they are pushing global cooling, global warming, no excuse me, its now called climate change! Climate change is a lie and a fraud! The elite want you to believe in it because they want a bunch of people who value plants and animals more than they value human life, that way when rule number 1 comes into play, it will make the elite look like saviors!

Rule #10: Be not a cancer on the earth – leave room for nature – leave room for nature.

The last rule of the Guidestones,  is particularly disturbing as it compares human life to cancer on earth. Considering the first rule was to keep the world’s population under 500 million, then we must consider that the 10th rule reiterates this point while telling us the vast population of planet Earth has become a consuming cancer. With this state of mind, it is easy to rationalize the extinction of nearly all of the world’s population.

To sum it up, the primary purpose of the Georgia Guidestones is this: MASS GENOSIDE!  Welcome to the 21st Century!

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    • Rob Roselli


      First, great article. I’ve also done extensive research on the Georgia Guidestones and their meaning. Here’s a bit of information you may not be aware of, the Rose-Cross is the 18th or 6+6+6 degree of Freemasonry; this is no accident. (yes we’re far away from the “Israel as God’s Chosen People” hacks like Hal Lindsey and John Hagee with many of the other neo con RINO hacks).

      I have been warning for years “beware the environmental movement, beware the environmental movement” in honor of anti-10 Commandment 10 above. And when you see that word “reason” run don’t walk; think French Revolution.

      There’s way too much to explain here, here’s my site But if you go there you missed one VERY important number; it’s right in the middle of one of your photos….try and figure it out before you visit the site (hint: think Obamacare)

      • Lisa Haven

        Oh yes ObamaCare is totally part of it. I mentioned it on the video, but not in the writing. The death panels play into that HUGELY! :)

        • Rob Roselli

          There’s a numerical connection which is way too coincidental to pass off; look at the date, March 22. “322″, the number of Skull and Bones and very close to the Spring Equinox dedicated to the universal goddess, Diana, Artemis, Athena, Isis, etc. or deities of nature worship; don’t want to go off on that tangent but think “WHORE OF BABYLON”; who is “she” married to? The male or Re/Ra/Osiris/Baal/Tammuz/Marduk or in our modern world “RC Christian” who as I mentioned is really the 18 or 6+6+6 Degree of the Freemasons.

          Now what date was “Universal Health Care” signed into law, “officially” Tuesday March 23. Now Jesus Christ started preaching when he was 30 and here we have Odumbo signing “Universal Health Care” into law almost 30 years to the day of the 3/22/1980 date. Not sure on the day difference; knowing the secretive Skull and Bones there could have been something about the day offset. Any thoughts?

          And remember there was the big rush to get this thing signed; why else if not to hit that date? And I found a passage in something called “Rosicrucian Digest” where they were clamoring for universal health care back in the 40s

        • Dustdevil

          Rob, sorry I couldn’t reply direct, but the ‘REPLY’ button didn’t pop on your comment, so I had to reply to Lisa, to get this up as a follow-up to your query about Obamacare and 322.

          Are you ready for the real answer, AND Revelation decoded? Ok, here goes:

          Georgia Guidestones date: 3/22/1980
          Obamacare signed: 3/23/2010 (was that 1-day a fluke, or an intentional ‘date-line’ offset?)
          Difference? 30-years
          Age of Jesus at start of his ministry: 30 years
          Age at time of Jesus’ death: 33-1/2 years
          Time of ministry: 3-1/2 years

          Ok, now, if you take all known data from the Bible, and you actually understand some significant Jewish and Nation of Israel facts, you can calculate a lot of the world’s greatest questions – QUESTIONS that the ILLUMINATI THINK they already know, and have been passing down to their ‘enlightened’ leaders for years.

          The length of a Biblical generation has been given, in the Bible, as three lengths. Originally in the earliest texts, it was given as 120-years. Later, in the old testament, it is given as 100-years, but lastly and upheld not only in the New Testament, but in the words of Jesus himself, the length of a generation is 70-years.

          Jesus tells you through John the Revealer, that “Israel shall return, and that surely, this generation shall not pass, till all these things be done” – so he’s telling you, when Israel returns to earth, all will be finished that he has promised, before ONE GENERATION has passed that existed at the time of it being ‘risen from the ground as bones reconnected’. Israel was refounded May 15, 1948. Jesus promised to return, hence he MUST be back (to not be a liar) before May 15, 2018.

          Now, he also adds words to this, and says that just as a farmer know when his figs cast their fruit to the ground, so too shall you (his children) know when the time is near, and that he shall not wait the full time, but shall return before that time has expired. SO, he can return (and apparently will) before May 15, 2018.

          Now, one last detail here – Jubilees come once every seven years. The first verifiable one that was celebrated after Jesus’ death was 167 AD. Every 7 years, it comes, and after 7 Jubilees have came and gone, the 50th year is called ‘A Great Jubliee’, and lasts for the full year. The last ‘Great Jubilee’ was in 1967-68 (Jewish year starts in September), and ran until 68-69. The next one starts Sept. 21, 2017. During the year that follows, it is considered HOLY, as a Sabbath, and no work shall be done. God does not work on Sabbath, therefore, it is highly expected, HE WILL RETURN Sept 20, 2017, since he must come before Sabbath-year starts.

          Now, you know when Tribulation ENDS, now do the math backwards, and see if you don’t get verification for a few other dates. Backward from 9/20-21, 2017 (new day starts at sunset in Hebrew calendar) for 1260 days, you get April 11, 2014. Back 30-more days, you get March 11, 2014. This is the 5th Seal, the ‘half hour of silence’ while the chosen are marked in their heads (3/11 till 4/11/2014). This is the 2nd half of Tribulation, or the 1290 days (referenced later in Revelation, when Jesus says ‘…and the 1260 days, blessed is he who survives the 1290 days’. There’s a reason he said that, it’s the bad half of the Tribulation. Now, back from that point 1260 more days, and you get 9/20-21/2010. This is the actual start of Tribulation. Anything happen that day in history? Well, lots, but nothing we know of jumps out at us.Right now, we can only calculate the beginning date based on the end date, but soon if correct (around mid-April 2014), violence, uprisings, geology – it should all start to confirm this date timeline. Due to internal numerology to the various occult groups, they have set ’322′ or ’3/22′ as a ‘start-point’ that is not disclosed.

          Maybe this 6-month-exact ‘early-start’ is significant to their efforts of ‘getting a jump on things’, possibly there is some 6-month period that they are aware of, or think they are aware of, that is significant that we do not know about (such as the 5-months of ‘locusts’, or a miscalculation of the ‘half-hour’ that has caused them to add it and the 5-months, to arrive at some 6-month adder that is incorrect).

          There are many factors that revolve around these dates, and many misinterpretations – such as the falsehood that ‘a contract is started, and broken, by the antichrist at the midpoint’. This is not quite true. The contract is broken by him, but is it brokered by him? Is it broken at the midpoint of tribulation, or the midpoint of the contract, and are they the same? Is the contract also a 7-year contract? Only tribulation is given. Rapture was a creation of Darby in the 1840′s, to draw tent revival crowds, so ‘rapturists’ are NOT going to buy any given date if they think themselves devout, and are still standing here past ‘half-time’, yet not a single one of them will go and do the one-day research to find that Darby created ‘The Rapture’ as a revival sell-point, he couldn’t back it up then, and it is such ingrained legend now, you can’t convince them otherwise. NO RAPTURE, God only promised ONE return, not a half-dozen, or two, or five. Darby put words in God’s mouth – not good.

          As for 322? well, it could be a date, or a day of the year (which would be 11/18 or Nov 18), it could be an era (as in Greek, for the Greek Orator Demosthenes, who died that year, and that the Greek Goddess Eulogia came down to speak for him, in legend – and this is the Skull and Crossbones 322 justifier?) Now, tied all together, the goddess ‘Ishtar’ is actually the giant icon standing in New York Harbor, not ‘Lady Liberty’, Ishtar, goddess of sexuality, is what we have as a national symbol, known in the bible under her other name, Ashteroth or ‘Queen of Heaven’ (Jeremiah 7:18), whom the ‘Bonesmen’ decided to camouflage under another weak, pagan goddess by the name of ‘Eulogia’. (Not only my conclusion – see: for more details on this fairly obvious connection)

          The Georgia Guidestones are obviously ‘Rosicrucian’ in nature, hence ‘R.C. Christian’ being the benefactor. Two men who worked on it claim, after seeing pictures of Ted Turner (of CNN legend) was the man who called himself ‘R.C. Christian’ in 1979, when they dealt with him in their granite shop. Ted Turner? Yeah, him and Jane Fonda are devout Illuminati de-population cheerleaders.
          Are they anything else?

      • TIME

        Dear Rob,

        I am shocked you failed to make note that the GGS sit at 33* have you eve been there?


        • CrowPie

          @ Time – Mason,….. Much?

        • CrowPie

          For clarification …that’s not an accusation, rather, slang for the hunt for the mysteries.

        • TIME

          Dear CowPie,

          No, not really Mason’s as it were, I do know a quite a few but it’s really more of a quest for knowledge.
          Also I did live in Athens so it was a 15 minute drive to Elberton, where there are a number of folks I know that are Rosicrucians, even a few Mason’s.


        • CrowPie

          Thanks for the insult and the reply…….

        • CrowPie

          Oh and I was going to let you off the hook…..but the references in your first comment……..really obvious……….

          You never really “KNOW” who it is that is behind the IP address that is being used…..Do You?

        • Mayhem

          Some know, Reggie :wink: :razz:

      • INSIGNIA777

        My comments are not directed to anyone specifically, but nonetheless, to everyone of you.

        With reference to the Georgia Guide Stones.

        The ancient Mystery Religions of Babylon and Egypt are staring you in the face. Few recognize this.

        • CrowPie

          I’ll agree with that….

          Nice Avi

        • SkyWolf

          Correct you are INSIGNIA777.

          The next step into the rabbit hole is the question…

          “Who oversees the commandant of “maintaining” (i.e. preserve, sustain) the 500,000,000 “balance”… of humans, that are “allowed” to live.

          Lucifer… is tallying his votes here.

        • SkyWolf

          Dear, Dustdevil

          RE: Recent comments:

          I shall instruct my secretary to make an appointment, for myself, to read the massive diatribe submitted buy yourself .


          (Does anybody really spend time to read all that?) … (No)

      • Pix

        So seeing as you claim to have done extensive research on the Georgia stones,… what does it mean when someone spends a small fortune on a public megalithic monument, but doesn’t care about the misspelled words on it?

        Idiot with more money than sense? Or perhaps an illiterate psycho with god delusions, what with the pseudonym being “R. C. Christian”?


      • No time

        You have done a great job, keep it up.

      • No time

        What I would like to know is where the 90% comes from. Why not 89% or 91%? So there must be something in the scriptures to explain this. Why can’t they start out small and see how that goes? Take out 10% at a time, and gradually keep increasing it to 90%.

    • SaddHartt

      Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, who shed your blood for those who believe and accept the Sacrifice you made and suffered, for our Salvation. Son of the one true God, the God of Abraham, God of all that is seen and unseen, the God who created all that has been, all that is, all that is to be, come in Glory on your White Stallion, with your Army of Angels, and cleanse this world, of this terrible evil. We thirst for your rule, command, grace and love.
      Have mercy on those who have asked you into their hearts and given their Souls to you.
      May there still be time, although time is short, for those who can still be saved.
      Thank you for Peace Beyond Understanding, Your Grace, Mercy, and Love.
      Thy Kingdom Come. Thy Will, be Done. Praise and Glory to God Almighty. Forever.

    • shock an awe

      I think they need to consider fukushima as it will effect all not just the poor.

      • No time

        What about the alien grays? And what about those freaks up on the moon that control the matrix machine?

    • Wess

      Well if they wanna have death panel for the useless eaters i.e. the elderly then all the old useless eaters in washington should be on that list cause they are all old. Obama is what,? 70?………. I mean really they are all old as hell. Or wait they dont want the rules to apply to them right?? lololhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Gods gona get all u old dirty sorry evil bastards………

    • Anonymous

      If 90% were reduced in a short timeline…I think that would be more catastrophic than not reducing, because what in the world would happen to 90% of the houses, business, cars, farms, animals, operational plants like chemical/toxic wastes/nuclear etc?
      If all that was left unattended it would all be a ticking time bomb for whoever was left…..I think greed/power and control took a hold of their materialistic greedy minds while ignoring the rules.
      I think what’s coming is more of a cleanse and that’s why they built their underground tombs, thinking they can escape whats coming!

    • Paso

      Tsk Tsk.. someone got up on the wrong side of the conspiracy box to translate that. This is what happens when paranoia overrules logic.

      The stone says MAINTAIN humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

      Not “reduce to”, or “eliminate all but”.
      Which logically suggests the world population will someday be less and 500,000,000. And the rule states don’t let it become higher than that again. What will be will be and a mass dieback has been predicted by scholars for a long time before the stones ever appeared.

      If you read them as they are written without adding a bunch of paranoid delusions they are in fact good guidelines, for a new civilzation just starting out.

      #1 Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
      (more than that effects the condition of the earth)

      #2 Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity.
      (survival of the fittest has done just this for centuries)

      #3 Unite humanity with a living new language.
      (all people on earth should be able to communicate with one another)

      #4 Rule passion — faith — tradition — and all things with tempered reason.
      (believe what you believe but temper it, don’t become so passionate about your beliefs that they infringe on others rights or beliefs)

      #5 Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
      (pretty self explanatory, Justice for all)

      #6 Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
      (Rule as you will but no more invading neighbouring countries because they spit in your cheerios, that will be settled by a court.)

      #7 Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
      (less politicians, and stupid petty laws, who doesnt want this one?)

      #8 Balance personal rights with social duties.
      (If your community NEEDS you to help, get off your sunday couch spot and do it)

      #9 Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite.
      (infinite respect for truth, beauty, love and harmony, if you consider that all living things are beautiful where can you go bad with this?)

      #10 Be not a cancer on the earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature.
      (We kinda need to live here, so lets look after it, its not like we can just move to a new neighbourhood and let the earth become a ghetto)

      Am I saying there are no conspiracys? No I am not, they very much exist.
      But this one, is a stretch to try tie to nazis, obamacare, and genocide…

      • jumangi

        I completely agree with you Paso. Religious fanatics always try to find the negative in everything. I don’t agree with the complete control of the banking families, but all of those rules should be a standard for the future civilization

        • FScott

          I have a suggestion why don’t you and Paso start the depopulation process now and sacrifice yourselves.

    • William

      Avoid petty laws and useless officials.

      Just out of curiosity, has anybody really read this? Alex Jones says it’s bad so it must be. Jesse Ventura did a show on this right after his hunt for some lizard men and he said it was a bad thing.

      Protect people with honest laws and just courts. Oh hell no.

      • Paso

        Oh yes Wiliam, less politicians and truly fair courts? whatever will we do lol

        As for FScott, You have a Deal. When paranoid people like you and the author of this article create another world war I will probly be the one who has to march out and sacrifice myself to protect you…. Arent I lucky? :???:

        Why does everyone assume people have to be murdered to get our population down to 500,000,000?

        Nature has a way of correcting itself, via natural disaster or something a simple as a naturally occuring virus that causes sterility is a large percentage of the population. You know these rules might not apply to a civilzation on earth for another 1000 yrs, or may never apply? Doesnt mean they arent a good idea.

        Mind you, with as many panicy idiots liking this article as there are is it any wonder the human race has a record for genocide and world wars? Good grief people you are afraid of words written on a stone….. Come on now, pull yourselves together. Save your fear for something really scarey like a big hairy spider :wink:

    • MSG Chicken

      Why the Georgia Stones are baloney.

      The people who did this want to be your leaders. A leader sets an example.

      Therefore, the leaders should all commit suicide. BUT THEY DON’T. They make YOU do that. Is that a leader or CON MAN???

      You decide…. Then again, if you believe them. Maybe they should decide!!!

    • WhyHurtPeople

      TO EVERYONE: For those who have not noticed, Lisa here has just woken up and is supplying us with information that goes back to 1972 by R.C. Christian from the Rosacrucions and the beginning phase of the guide stones. Good JOB LISA. I’m glad you are waking up. Here is some unsolicited advice. Go lock yourself in a room with a computer and read ten thousand stories on youtube, Veterans Today and you will be much more informed and then come back and do some postings. I really am happy you are awakening. The problem with the newly awakening is they don’t realize they only just awoke. At least you did. Maybe you can figure out how much longer until the treasonous SSG drops the curtain? Also, I was just kidding about You tube. 99% of the crap on there is well, CRAP!!!!!!

    • gees

      I’ve never been sure what to make of the stones and don’t pretend to know much about them either., so please feel free to correct anything you can prove wrong. What i do say is that from the pictures i have seen of them, they don’t look very old as the writing and the stones appear to be in good condition and the English language written upon them appears to be perfect modern queens English, with no Americanisation to the words. Until recent years the word ‘cancer’ was unheard of and is, as far as i know, a more recent modern word to describe an illness/infection (depending on your belief) for which there was previously no known word or understanding thereof until recent modern times.

    • TombRaider

      Wow, 90% huh….This place is going to stink for a long, long time. You’ll find news like this only on BIN…

    • djordan

      There is no secret. Scientifically the planet is designed to support 500 million people without harm to resources and the environment. Try again. This is your interpretation. Furthermore this has all been said since it was placed.

    • Sean

      They are Not reducing the Population by 90%, the Polar Shift will reduce the Population by 100% with a Mini Ice Age to follow, once Again.. “Nubiru” every 4th cycle Flips the Poles

      Weight 240,000 Pounds and on one of the Highest Elevations, whats that tell you ? ever see a near future map of America and the World ? Wonder why China is building Cities with no one in them ? will house 400 Million

      Wonder why they Built these DUMB’s 5 miles Deep, with full Cites in them

      Wonder why so many Sinkholes, Loud booms, Earthquakes and Volcanos the Plates are Shifting ! Land masses are raising already..Others will Sink !

      This is a Game being Played for your Souls, the Rosicrucian’s are one of the Peaceful Groups in the Illuminalti Card Game, Ron Paul is a Rosicrucian, the Atlanteans are also a Peaceful Group in the Game..

      Look at the “Unique Cards” and you will find a Crystal Pyramid that they just found last year, some say decades ago, or read Jon Pineal’s book, that Edgar Cayce talked about ” Children of the law of one” the lost teachings of atlantis..Atlanteans also built the Pyramids in Egypt, Tibet and Pyrenes, you can also read Thoth and the Emerald Tablets, he is carved inside the Pyramids in Egypt with a birds head ( yes he had a birds head) not a costume, like you been told

      look at the Black Knight Satellites and the message Tesla recieved, they are the Watchers in the Bible..Arcturians Positive 6th density

      What are the illuminalti..just a bunch of RH Negative Blood Type and Other..Aliens

      Its all just a Game being Played on the Humans !

    • JmmyH

      I’m totally against graffiti, but those stones need to be spray caned in red “666″
      I might put that on my bucket list.

    • Authentica

      Definition of cancer is “a malignant and invasive growth” sounds like a description of the elite psychopaths to me – They are the ones polluting, stealing, pillaging, corporations raping the Earth, using dangerous technologies, destroying real education, defiling Nature’s gene codes, witholding beneficial technologies.. Not regular folks just trying to live a decent life :idea:

    • Jiliane

      wake up people! we can stop everything that is right over the horizon
      If everyone stopped doing what they’re doing and made sure every human
      being had food, water, clothes and shelter our entire planet would change over
      night and the future of the human family will continue!

      seek knowledge

      • No time

        What about Nibiru? Like the guy just mentioned, its going to wipe us all out.

    • raburgeson

      Keep that polished up, we want that for a lid for a mass grave, we are waiting for them.

    • LindaJoyAdams

      The author never said to kill anyone. And if we were not at war with each other we would already be living on planets al over space.. This is more about space inhabitation .. and expanding to other planets just as we did when many people got crowded into areas and headed out.. He also was very good land manager with awards for that and often said that those who did not take care f the land would cause govt make them some day for food supply for all.. He did come from a family that had an inherited disease and if genetic help would be available to prevent those… is still not killing anyone. READ THE WORDS not all those trying to make something evil from them We probably have another 100 years before living in space becomes a choice and we do need to take care of the one planet we have to live on now. Linda Joy Adams daughter of R C CHRISTIAN

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