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President Trump is Helping Our Enemies to Create the WEF Great Reset 4th Industrial Revolution, 5G, Internet of Things/Internet of Bodies and mRNA Digital ID Wireless Tracking Transhuman Agenda

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Technocratic Tyranny and Fascist Technologies Unleashed Under the False Pretense of the Pandemic 

President Trumps Embrace of AI, The 4th Industrial Revolution, 5G, The Internet of Things- IS ANYTHING BUT AMERICA FIRST.

Don’t you Think It Is Damn Well Suspicious that President Trump Never Warned us about the Coming Great Reset NWO Dictatorship?  Nor by One Damn Member of His Administration?

Now can you Guess Why DJT Likes 5G and AI So Much? Why He Likes the Transhuman mRNA Vax So Much? 


It was President Trumps Executive Order that Authorized the development of the mRNA Vaccines for use by American Citizens back in 2019 for Flu Vaccines…


5G Systems have Been Secretly Rolled Out and Installed Behind Our Backs Without Our Consent. 

(They are Hiding Them in LED Street Lights on Every Street)

AND AMERICAN CITIZENS WERE NEVER ASKED IF THEY EVEN WANTED THE DAMN INTERNET OF THINGS TO BEGIN WITH…                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
The Pandemic has been used as an excuse to push every Intrusive Act that could be gotten away with. 
Forced Masks
Quarantine of the Healthy
Social Distancing
Facial Recognition
Public Temperature Testing
Suppression of Drugs that Work
Forced Use of Drugs that Kill
Guilt Tripped
(But they all Pale Compared to the mRNA Agenda)

President Trump literally Fast Tracked the Wet Dreams of Klaus Schwab’s Dystopian Nightmare.

The Excuse that the Sleeping Masses had to Suffer to see the Truth No Longer Works for ME.

President Trump Should have had FULL DISCLOSURE and EXPOSED All of the CRIMINALS and TRAITORS at the Very Beginning of His Administration.


We can No Longer Make Excuses for President Trump. He Knows Damn Well What is Coming with the Great Reset Agenda. He is After All, Helping to Make It Happen…

Artificial Intelligence and Robots will Take away Most Americans Jobs and Create a Digital Prison of Perpetual Surveillance.

It will Force A complete Great Reset to our Existing Systems and Way of Life.

President Trumps Continued Support for the mRNA Vax has pissed His Supporters Off Big Time. 

But Once they Finally Realized that HE WAS INSTRUMENTAL IN THEIR USE AND DEVELOPEMENT, They Will Be Furious.

Once the Masses Wake Up and Realize WHAT THE HELL The Great Reset is, what the (IoT), (IoB), 5G and the mRNA are all Really About, DJT will Become Even Less Popular than FFFF Joe Biden is Right Now.  

The Globalist Transhuman Agenda is Coming to America, and President Trump IS INVITING IT.

(My next following Report will DIVE DEEP into how Nefarious all of this Really is)

@OratorBlog  10-23-2021

The (NDAA) and (MSEHPA) Give the Power of complete Dictatorship in a Medical Emergency (Real or Fabricated) (NDAA) 2018 National Defense Authorization Act-
(MSEHPA) Model State Emergency Health Powers Act
(NSCAI) National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence

The NSCAI is a key part of the government’s response to what is often referred to as the coming “fourth industrial revolution,” which has been described as “a revolution characterized by discontinuous technological development in areas like artificial intelligence (AI), big data, fifth-generation telecommunications networking (5G), nanotechnology and biotechnology, robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT), and quantum computing.”


Techno-Tyranny: How The US National Security State Is Using Coronavirus To Fulfill An Orwellian Vision. April 20, 2020

(This is the Main article and Source most other Links)

The FOIA document, obtained by the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), was produced by a little-known U.S. government organization called the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence (NSCAI). It was created by the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) 

Last year, a government commission called for the US to adopt an AI-driven mass surveillance system far beyond that used in any other country in order to ensure American hegemony in artificial intelligence. Now, many of the “obstacles” they had cited as preventing its implementation are rapidly being removed under the guise of combating the coronavirus crisis.

Last year, a U.S. government body dedicated to examining how artificial intelligence can “address the national security and defense needs of the United States” discussed in detail the “structural” changes that the American economy and society must undergo in order to ensure a technological advantage over China, according to a recent document acquired through a FOIA request. 

This document suggests that the U.S. follow China’s lead and even surpass them in many aspects related to AI-driven technologies, particularly their use of mass surveillance. This perspective clearly clashes with the public rhetoric of prominent U.S. government officials and politicians on China, who have labeled the Chinese government’s technology investments and export of its surveillance systems and other technologies as a major “threat” to Americans’ “way of life.”
The FOIA document, obtained by the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) was produced by a little-known U.S. government organization called the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence (NSCAI). It was created by the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and its official purpose is “to consider the methods and means necessary to advance the development of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and associated technologies to comprehensively address the national security and defense needs of the United States.”

Competing With China on Technology and Innovation

This brief is part of the China Risk and China Opportunity for the U.S.-Japan Alliance project.

Aside from broader issues of trade and economics, the United States and Japan should consider the specific risks and opportunities related to competition with China in high-tech innovation. A so-called fourth industrial revolution is under way, a revolution characterized by discontinuous technological development in areas like artificial intelligence (AI), big data, fifth-generation telecommunications networking (5G), nanotechnology and biotechnology, robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT), and quantum computing. Breakthroughs in these fields can potentially shift the future balance of economic and military power, prompting governments and large corporations to compete aggressively now over their development and applications.

National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence.  August 13, 2018, Section 1051
On August 13, 2018, Section 1051 of the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2019 (P.L. 115-232) established the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence as an independent Commission “to consider the methods and means necessary to advance the development of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and associated technologies to comprehensively address the national security and defense needs of the United States.”
In order to get the Commission’s work underway quickly, the Department of Defense agreed to assist the Commission in certain administrative matters, such as human resources, office space, and contracting. The joint Memorandum of Agreement can be found here.


The Commission established an advisory committee on June 24, 2020. A copy of the charter as filed with Congress and the General Services Administration can be found here.

National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence. August 13, 2018, Section 1051

National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence

Committee’s Official Designation. National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence (“Commission”)

Freedom of Information Act:
Freedom of Information Report
Freedom of Information Report Final

An Analysis of Chinas AI Technology for Possible Implementation in America                 
(This document suggests that the U.S. follow China’s lead and even surpass them in many aspects related to AI-driven technologies, particularly their use of mass surveillance.)

Chinese Tech Landscape 
NSCAI Presentation 

(This document suggests that the U.S. follow China’s lead and even surpass them in many aspects related to AI-driven technologies, particularly their use of mass surveillance.)

Top Pentagon official: China a threat to ‘our way of life in the United States’

The U.S. government and establishment media outlets often blame alleged Chinese espionage or the Chinese government’s more explicit partnerships with private technology companies in support of their claim that the U.S. is losing this advantage over China. For instance, Chris Darby, the current CEO of the CIA’s In-Q-Tel, who is also on the NSCAI, told CBS News last year that China is the U.S.’ main competitor in terms of technology and that U.S. privacy laws were hampering the U.S.’ capacity to counter China in this regard, stating that:

CEO of the CIA’s In-Q-Tel

Googles Eric Schmidt is an EVIL BASTARD and a CIA Asset.  So are Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Oracle.

You can Be Damn Sure These Globalist Traitor Technocrats Will Do Everything in Their Power to USHER IN THE GREAT RESET.

(Think of all of the Atrocities Committed in the Name of the Cold War?)

Michael Dempsey – former acting Director of National Intelligence and currently a government-funded fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations – argued in The Hill that:

“It’s quite clear, though, that China is determined to erase our technological advantage, and is committing hundreds of billions of dollars to this effort. In particular, China is determined to be a world leader in such areas as artificial intelligence, high performance computing, and synthetic biology. These are the industries that will shape life on the planet and the military balance of power for the next several decades.”
In fact, the national security apparatus of the United States is so concerned about losing a technological edge over China that the Pentagon recently decided to join forces directly with the U.S. intelligence community in order “to get in front of Chinese advances in artificial intelligence.” This union resulted in the creation of the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC), which ties together “the military’s efforts with those of the Intelligence Community, allowing them to combine efforts in a breakneck push to move government’s AI initiatives forward.” It also coordinates with other government agencies, industry, academics, and U.S. allies. Robert Work, who subsequently became the NSCAI vice-chair, said at the time that JAIC’s creation was a “welcome first step in response to Chinese, and to a lesser extent, Russian, plans to dominate these technologies.”

Pentagon, Intel Agencies Set Up New AI Joint Office

The Pentagon is moving out quickly to get in front of Chinese advances in artificial intelligence, and is rushing a plan up to Capitol Hill to work with the intel community more closely.

As can be seen in the list above, there is a considerable amount of overlap between the NSCAI and the companies currently advising the White House on “re-opening” the economy (Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Lockheed Martin, Oracle) and one NSCAI member, Oracle’s Safra Katz, is on the White House’s “economic revival” taskforce. Also, there is also overlap between the NSCAI and the companies that are intimately involved in the implementation of the “contact tracing” “coronavirus surveillance system,” a mass surveillance system promoted by the Jared Kushner-led, private-sector coronavirus task force. That surveillance system is set to be constructed by companies with deep ties to Google and the U.S. national security state, and both Google and Apple, who create the operating systems for the vast majority of smartphones used in the U.S., have said they will now build that surveillance system directly into their smartphone operating systems.
Also notable is the fact that In-Q-Tel and the U.S. intelligence community has considerable representation on the NSCAI and that they also boast close ties with Google, Palantir and other Silicon Valley giants, having been early investors in those companies. Both Google and Palantir, as well as Amazon (also on the NSCAI) are also major contractors for U.S. intelligence agencies. In-Q-Tel’s involvement on the NSCAI is also significant because they have been heavily promoting mass surveillance of consumer electronic devices for use in pandemics for the past several years. Much of that push has come from In-Q-Tel’s current Executive Vice President Tara O’Toole, who was previously the director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security and also co-authored several controversial biowarfare/pandemic simulations, such as Dark Winter.

co-authored several controversial biowarfare/pandemic simulations, such as Dark Winter.


Don’t like dystopian surveillance? Flatten the coronavirus curve

Use of mass surveillance for “contact tracing” 
To Track Virus, Governments Weigh Surveillance Tools That Push Privacy Limits
Geolocation and facial-recognition systems can locate vectors of infections, but they also gather highly personal data

Surveillance signals

The Department of Justice reportedly requested that judges grant the ability to detain people indefinitely.

Companies like Clearview AI are now pitching their facial recognition technology made from billions of photos scraped from social media and the web to state agencies that could use the tools to track people with COVID-19

Privacy advocates are concerned about a range of signals that have emerged in recent days.
Sources familiar with the matter told the Wall Street Journal last week that the government is considering using facial recognition and geolocation data to track COVID-19 patients or those suspected of having contracted the virus. In the face of a national emergency, some laws confer broad powers on government officials that privacy advocates say may extend to smartphone data.

AI leaders like Facebook and Google are reportedly working with the federal government on data-sharing tools for tracking COVID-19. Smaller companies that apply machine learning to COVID-19 infection tracking are also working with the government, sources familiar with the matter told the Washington Post. Companies like Clearview AI are now pitching their facial recognition technology made from billions of photos scraped from social media and the web to state agencies that could use the tools to track people with COVID-19. On Saturday, the Department of Justice reportedly requested that judges grant the ability to detain people indefinitely. That’s a potential suspension of the constitutional right to habeas corpus and could grant the DOJ new powers in other stages of the legal process.


Joint Artificial Intelligence Center Created Under DoD CIO

Eric Schmidt: I Used to Run Google. Silicon Valley Could Lose to China.


How the CIA, Mossad and “the Epstein Network” are Exploiting Mass Shootings to Create an Orwellian Nightmare

(They All Played for the SAME TEAM)

Following another catastrophic mass shooting or crisis event, Orwellian “solutions” are set to be foisted on a frightened American public by the very network connected, not only to Jeffrey Epstein, but to a litany of crimes and a frightening history of plans to crush internal dissent in the United States.

How the CIA, Mossad and “the Epstein Network” are Exploiting Mass Shootings to Create an Orwellian Nightmare

Following the arrest and subsequent death in prison of alleged child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, a little-known Israeli tech company began to receive increased publicity, but for all the wrong reasons. Not long after Epstein’s arrest, and his relationships and finances came under scrutiny, it was revealed that the Israeli company Carbyne911 had received substantial funding from Jeffrey Epstein as well as Epstein’s close associate and former Prime Minister of Israel Ehud Barak, and Silicon Valley venture capitalist and prominent Trump backer Peter Thiel. 
Carbyne911, or simply Carbyne, develops call-handling and identification capabilities for emergency response services in countries around the world, including the United States, where it has already been implemented in several U.S. counties and has partnered with major U.S. tech companies like Google. It specifically markets its product as a way of mitigating mass shootings in the United States without having to change existing U.S. gun laws.
Yet, Carbyne is no ordinary tech company, as it is deeply connected to the elite Israeli military intelligence division, Unit 8200, whose “alumni” often go on to create tech companies — Carbyne among them — that frequently maintain their ties to Israeli intelligence and, according to Israeli media reports and former employees, often “blur the line” between their service to Israel’s defense/intelligence apparatus and their commercial activity. As this report will reveal, Carbyne is but one of several Israeli tech companies marketing themselves as a technological solution to mass shootings that has direct ties to Israeli intelligence agencies. 
In each case, these companies’ products are built in such a way that they can easily be used to illegally surveil the governments, institutions and civilians that use them, a troubling fact given Unit 8200’s documented prowess in surveillance as a means of obtaining blackmail and Israel’s history of using tech companies to aggressively spy on the U.S. government. This is further compounded by the fact that Unit 8200-linked tech companies have previously received U.S. government contracts to place “backdoors” into the U.S.’ entire telecommunications system as well as into the popular products of major American tech companies including Google, Microsoft and Facebook, many of whose key managers and executives are now former Unit 8200 officers. 
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has made it no secret that placing Unit 8200 members in top positions in multinational tech companies is a “deliberate policy” meant to ensure Israel’s role as the dominant global “cyber power”, while also combating non-violent boycott movements targeting Israel’s violations of international law and stifling the United Nations’ criticisms of Israeli government policy and military operations abroad.

As Jeffrey Epstein’s links to intelligence in both the United States and Israel — the subject of a recent four-part series exclusive to MintPress — began to be revealed in full, his financing of Carbyne came under scrutiny, particularly for the company’s deep ties to Israeli intelligence as well as to certain Americans with known connections to U.S. intelligence. Ehud Barak’s own role as both financier and chairman of Carbyne has also added to that concern, given his long history of involvement in covert intelligence operations for Israel and his long-standing ties to Israeli military intelligence.
Another funder of Carbyne, Peter Thiel, has his own company that, like Carbyne, is set to profit from the Trump administration’s proposed hi-tech solutions to mass shootings. Indeed, after the recent shooting in El Paso, Texas, President Trump — who received political donations from and has been advised by Thiel following his election — asked tech companies to “detect mass shooters before they strike,” a service already perfected by Thiel’s company Palantir, which has developed “pre-crime software” already in use throughout the country. Palantir is also a contractor for the U.S. intelligence community and also has a branch based in Israel.
Perhaps most disturbing of all, whatever technological solution is adopted by the Trump administration, it is set to use a controversial database first developed as part of a secretive U.S. government program that involved notorious Iran-Contra figures like Oliver North as a means of tracking and flagging potential American dissidents for increased surveillance and detention in the event of a vaguely defined “national emergency.” 
As this report will reveal, this database — often referred to as “Main Core” — was created with the involvement of Israeli intelligence and Israel remained involved years after it was developed, and potentially to the present. It was also used by at least one former CIA official on President Reagan’s National Security Council to blackmail members of Congress, Congressional staffers and journalists, among others.
Given recent reports on the Trump administration’s plan to create a new government agency to use “advanced technology” to identify “neurobehavioral signs” of “someone headed toward a violent explosive act” using data collected by consumer electronic devices, the picture painted by the technology currently being promoted and implemented under the guise of “keeping Americans safe” is deeply Orwellian. In fact, it points directly to the genesis of a far-reaching surveillance state far more extensive than anything yet seen in American history and it is being jointly developed by individuals connected to both American and Israeli intelligence.
As MintPress noted in a past report detailing Israeli military intelligence’s deep ties to American tech giant Microsoft, Unit 8200 is an elite unit of the Israeli Intelligence corps that is part of the IDF’s Directorate of Military Intelligence and is involved mainly in signal intelligence (i.e., surveillance), cyberwarfare and code decryption. It is frequently described as the Israeli equivalent of the NSA and Peter Roberts, senior research fellow at Britain’s Royal United Services Institute, characterized the unit in an interview with the Financial Times as “probably the foremost technical intelligence agency in the world and standing on a par with the NSA in everything except scale.”
Notably, the NSA and Unit 8200 have collaborated on numerous projects, most infamously on the Stuxnet virus as well as the Duqu malware. In addition, the NSA is known to work with veterans of Unit 8200 in the private sector, such as when the NSA hired two Israeli companies, to create backdoors into all the major U.S. telecommunications systems and major tech companies, including Facebook, Microsoft and Google. Both of those companies, Verint and Narus, have top executives with ties to Israeli intelligence and one of those companies, Verint (formerly Comverse Infosys), has a history of aggressively spying on U.S. government facilities. Unit 8200 is also known for spying on civilians in the occupied Palestinian territories for “coercion purposes” — i.e., gathering info for blackmail — and also for spying on Palestinian-Americans via an intelligence-sharing agreement with the NSA.
Unlike many other Unit 8200-linked start-ups, Carbyne also boasts several tie-ins to the Trump administration, including Palantir founder and Trump ally Peter Thiel — another investor in Carbyne. In addition, Carbyne’s board of advisers includes former Palantir employee Trae Stephens, who was a member of the Trump transition team, as well as former Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff. Trump donor and New York real-estate developer Eliot Tawill is also on Carbyne’s board, alongside Ehud Barak and Pinchas Buchris.
Yet, privacy concerns with Carbyne go beyond the company’s ties to Israeli intelligence and U.S. intelligence contractors like Peter Thiel. For instance, Carbyne’s smartphone app extracts the following information from the phones on which it is installed: 
Device location, video live-streamed from the smartphone to the call center, text messages in a two-way chat window, any data from a user’s phone if they have the Carbyne app and ESInet, and any information that comes over a data link, which Carbyne opens in case the caller’s voice link drops out.” (Emphasis added)
According to Carbyne’s website, this same information can also be obtained from any smartphone, even if it does not have Carbyne’s app installed, if that phone calls a 911 call center that uses Carbyne or merely any other number connected to Carbyne’s network.

Israeli intelligence, Blackmail and Silicon Valley
Though many of the individuals involved in funding or managing Carbyne have proven ties to intelligence, a closer look into several of these players reveals even deeper connections to both Israeli and U.S. intelligence.
One of Carbyne’s clearest connections to Israeli intelligence is through its chairman and one of its funders, Ehud Barak. Though Barak is best known for being a former prime minister of Israel, he is also a former minister of defense and the former head of Israeli military intelligence. He oversaw Unit 8200’s operations, as well as other units of Israeli military intelligence, in all three of those positions. For most of his military and later political career, Barak has been closely associated with covert operations. 



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  • phicrappazappa

    This expose’ should be top of the page at BIN – and stay there until the masses understand that Trump is controlled opposition now. Pfizer donated 1 mil to his campaign. As always… follow the money.

  • Nomorelies

    Every bit of this article is BS!!!! F-ing sheep wake TF up. If you believe any of this crap I’ll pray for your dumb ass!!!!! Just another lib refusing to admit how bad Joe Biden really is. Let me ask you libs and far left this question. Do you like wtf you see happing to this country. If you do? your a f**king moron!!!!!!!!

  • Kec

    Are you working for the CCP? This article is a trademark for the CCP. Such a shame.

  • Mathew John

    In case you forgot President Trump gave a speech at the UN where he said that the future does not belong to the globalists, it belongs to us!

  • Isabel Rhingen

    If you think Trump is a black hat, you have not been paying attention.

  • Qman2Q2Q

    total BS

  • Katherine

    Trump tied the tattered bow on the entire “covid” slither death cult con and brought you to where you are, right now. Please keep that in mind.

    Just because he “talks” the talk and says just what you desire to hear, does not mean that he is FOR you.

    He is taking advantage of you because you seek God, goodness, justice and mercy. For that, he is worse than the others.

    At least the others are upfront about their hatred. Please do not fall for it.

    IF he does make a comeback…”JUST IN THE NICK OF TIME”, (who knows) don’t fall for it.

    He did not come through the first time, though he certainly could have if he were legit. He will not be your friend nor your savior the second time around, (IF) either.

    Please repent and Pray for wisdom and discernment.

    Also keep in mind that Trump has been, is privy to everything that is going on, that has been going on and that will go on.

    Because of the conning and coercing through illegal means by the criminals in “charge”, adults and children have taken and soon infants will take the liquid death brew; aka “vaccines”.

    The liquid death brew has brought about ruinous and cataclysmic results.

    There are now innumerous, dead and permanently disabled souls. There have been countless suicides.

    The devastated families are left to deal with all of this.

    Trump has not, as yet, denounced these…

  • Slimey

    He is a strange mix of something. Either a DUPE, a player, or a conniver (but whose side)? I do know every person he picked has ended up doing or being the OPPOSITE of what should have been done and has become a liability for our side. :cool:

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