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***2012 The Core Slowing?!?!***

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The Intel Hub
By Andrew

People tend to dismiss 2012 as either some kind of Mayan conspiracy theory or simply the restart of their long count calendar. The corporate news has failed to even acknowledge the fact that the Mayan calendar is one of several that point to a re-start on Dec 21st, 2012. Here’s a clip from fox news, Fox and Friends, in which they discuss the Netherlands preparing for the end of the world.  It’s cut out by an emergency broadcast test – 1:28 seconds -)

For the astrology types, it marks the end of the age of Pisces, best known as the “Jesus Fish,” Pisces the fish. We will be entering the Age of Aquarius, the water bearer. (You might be more familiar, but I’ve heard it said there’s a line in one of the 4 books about Jesus; that he was asked what to look for in the end times. He was quoted as saying, “look for a man bearing a pitcher of water.” He also said he would be with us “until the end of the age.” That being said, the end of the “age” is Dec 21st, 2012. I also know that there are numerous biblical quotes that in the end, “It will be as the days of Noah.” Many of the fringe religious elements claim that this means that there will be man eating giants and fallen angels roaming the earth. I’d like to say, simply, that the best known thing about the days of Noah is that there was a lot of water, and a few survivors on a boat.

To understand any of this, you have to understand a very basic fact, a fact that most people should already know. Our planet is in an extremely delicate balance, and that life can even live here is absolutely miraculous. The planet we live on is in an extraordinarily delicate balance. What makes it livable, of all things, are the composition and the fact that we spin. As I’m sure you know, an object that is spinning creates centrifugal force. The simplest demonstration of this force is as follows. Hang a rope, or some other object, and start spinning it. It will start to bulge out in the middle. The faster you spin it, the wider the bulge. If you could spin a water balloon, it would start to flatten out.  If you spin it fast enough, it will become a wide disc, no longer a sphere.

This principle exists with the planet as well, as it is mostly liquid internally, with a thin crust. The diameter east to west is 45 km longer than it is north to south. That being said, the sea level isn’t what we think it is. It’s measured in England. The sea level around the equator is to the tune of 400 + ft higher than in England. This is a product of the spin, and the bulge. It’s literally millions of cubic miles of water. The spin allows for most of the land that we have to exist.

This is not the only product of our spin. The earth has an iron core, and due to the spin, produces an electromagnetic field, much like a generator does. (This has potential to create free energy for everyone, but that’s a topic for another time) The electromagnetic field creates our north and south poles as well as our outer magnetosphere. The magnetosphere is simply put; a force field of magnetic shielding that protects us from most of what the sun spits out.  Therefore, we only get visible light, heat, and UV rays.  Without the magnetosphere, life could not exist, and the earth would be scorched beyond recognition. So, to conclude this bit, the earth as we know it exists simply because we spin.

As well, it is commonly known that all bodies within the solar system spin and  have an orbit. It takes the sun 11 earth days to make one rotation. Beyond all of that, our solar system exists in a galaxy made up of billions of stars and planets, which are, as well, spinning. The spin of the galaxy is infinitely more powerful than what I can imagine.  It spins with enough intensity that the milky way is mostly flat, rather than spherical.  A little known fact about our solar system is that we don’t simply spin in a circle. We spin around the galaxy in the pattern of a sine wave, gently traversing from the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere, back and forth, over thousands of years.

This is where the elementary school physical science comes into play. Because of our magnetic field, and the earth’s spin, water draining in the northern hemisphere creates a clockwise rotation. A toilet, a drain, anything. As well, tornados and hurricanes spin clockwise in this hemisphere. If you are in the southern hemisphere, the phenomenon is reversed. Draining water will spin counter clockwise and cyclonic storms spin counterclockwise. If you were to stand right on the equator, and flush a toilet, there is no spin whatsoever. The water simply pours down the hole. For you and me, and everyone else for that matter, this basic physical principle is incredibly important.

These articles demonstrate something is off with the spin.

The magnetosphere started to open up 2 years ago.  There has been not one other mention since this news came out.

Very recently, it came out that the outer layer of the atmosphere, the thermosphere, suddenly shrank without explanation.

There is a reason for all of this. I learned early on in this “awakening”, via Dr. Brooks Agnew, that we are approaching the galactic plane, the galactic rift, or more easily known as the galactic equator. We are in the process of traversing from one hemisphere to the next. And as basic physical principles apply to a small microcosm, such as the earth, they also apply to the macrocosms, the galaxy.  When we cross the equator, simply put, the sun, and all of its orbiting bodies must spin the other direction.  The orbits must reverse.

Looking at biblical history, and other history, this has happened over and over again. It is such a shame (and not meaning this as blasphemy) that we were taught that the ten plagues of Egypt were brought down by God. They experienced three days of darkness, and wild plagues. Rivers running with blood, frogs, locusts, and most importantly, 3 days of darkness. It is not the only account of 3 days of darkness. Egyptian history holds a previous record of exactly the same thing, three days of darkness. Meanwhile, over on our side of the world, the Hopi’s recorded a period of three days of intense sunlight.  So intense, in fact, that they had to hide in caves, and would test it by poking sticks out, which were scorched.

By all of this data, I’m coming to the conclusion that we are about to see this for ourselves. The planet will cease spinning for 3 days as we cross the galactic plane. It will then resume its spin the opposite direction, which will most certainly be as destructive to human life as anything we have ever seen.  The equatorial bulge will shrink in partially, and the ocean will slosh. The crust of the earth will be sent through a massive shift, toppling mountains and forming new ranges in days. The poles will most probably shift, and as well, the crust of the earth itself may shift to a new location. There will be no magnetosphere to protect us from the sun, and whichever side faces the sun for those three days will be intensely scorched by everything the sun has to offer, including those things that are entirely destructive to life.

The signs of this coming are everywhere, but this single phenomenon is also the biggest cover up in my lifetime, maybe the biggest cover up ever. You see, this is basic science.  The powers of the world are aware of it, and have been getting ready.

Never mind the quality of it, the simple facts of Denver International Airport will tell you that something is seriously wrong about it -

And why did they  put in a massive seed vault, 2 years ago? -

And as for those spirals, the most famous now being the Norway blue spiral, they aren’t failed missiles, unless there are a hell of a lot of failed missiles occurring – )

See this website for a listing of the actual occurring disasters and cover ups.  You don’t even need to read too many of them, the list is beyond extensive - 

As for the spirals, see here for the best explanation I have found 

It’s also of interest to note that as the galactic plane has the most gravitational pressure; it is also going to be the most populous location of the galaxy.  You remember that Chinese UFO that shut the airport down? I had to look at it a couple of times, but we basically just had the cosmic equivalent of a bullet flying past our head. It was a comet, and no one said a word about it. Just covered it up as a hoax, or an alien flag ship, but nothing valid. That comet would have been a holocaust and a nuclear winter all by itself, had it been a bit closer.  The distance of that comet was so close that it visibly interacted with our outer atmosphere.  And NASA claims that millions of miles is a near miss.  Where were they on this one?

In digging into all of this research, it’s kind of crazy to come to this conclusion, but it answers many questions.  Waterworld and Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient truth” came out in the 90’s, and started convincing people that man made global warming is real, and we must act. This lie continued until it went from a fringe to a mass of people demanding changes to save us from ourselves. Recently, a Russian hacker discredited Al Gore and exposed climate gate, and now we have two sides. One still believes we must change, or we’re all doomed in 40 years, and the other side considers the whole thing a fraud. Quite a brilliant strategy, actually. (What’s really interesting is that the entire scam of man made global warming was created by a member of the Rothschild dynasty, who lives in China. Gore was his public figure, but one man launched the whole scam)

Not too many people can accept that we’re starting to see the major signs of planetary climate change that are occurring through natural, uncontrollable phenomena. It’s really a great cover up. Unfortunately, not only is this going to be covered up, but as it gets more and more obvious, we will be forced other news. Nuclear war with Iran and Korea. The economy. The idiots that are running our government. When the danger becomes imminent, and undeniable, those same idiots are going underground, into bases that have been constructed over the last 30 – 40 years.  I have personally been inside of one of these DUMBS (deep underground military bases). They are quite incredible. I have slept at least 100 feet under ground in Maryland, when I was 20 years old, and had no idea the significance of such a base. Denver International is the biggest in the world, and riddled with occultic architecture suggesting that it will be a “re-birthing” point for the world. Those that actually own most of the world have in in plan to maintain humanity to only 500,000,000 “slaves” in “perpetual harmony with earth and nature.” After all, when something is set in stone, it tends to bear SOME meaning, right? –

By all of my research, earth has been under control of the most incredibly evil people for over 1,000 years, perhaps several thousands of years.  Artifacts such as the Babylonian battery and South American wooden gliders suggest we’ve had different technologies similar to our own current technologies. In fact, there is an artifact known as the London hammer that was discovered firmly pressed in a block of granite.  It is over 100,000 years old, and the wooden handle has turned to charcoal.  Human remains have been discovered that stand over 36 feet tall, accompanied by battle axes that weigh up to 70K pounds.  –( ) It has been discovered THIS year that the pyramids of Egypt are over 10,000 years old, pre-dating our written history.  For some reason, that wasn’t newsworthy, but we get an earful of Lindsay Lohan going to jail.  Even Gerald Celente has released what he calls the “white papers” with his latest trends journal discussing the topic of the pyramids. He claims it as an ominous warning, that we may have almost destroyed our own species in the past, and may be on the cusp of doing it again.  (I have to mention as well, because Celente said it best.  Iran’s leader wants a televised debate with Obama.  We have enormous tension with Iran right now, and I have to agree, that is a fantastic idea.  However, he’s too “busy” going on The View to have a debate with another world leader, a debate that might save millions of lives.  How completely Orwellian)

It will be as in the days of Noah alright. The ocean will flood the land. Water will appear to turn to blood, as the crust of the earth cracks and fissures under the intense adjustments, and gases and other substances penetrate the water tables (see anything BP oil spill).  Animals and insects, having a much stronger intuitive instinct than us humans, will flee in mass numbers from dangerous areas, and thus it will appear to be a plague.  As we have all, as Americans, become entirely dependant on “the system” for our daily survival, the worst side of humanity will show itself.  It only takes three days without a meal before people will become more vicious than animals. Children are even more dangerous than adults, as they rely more on instinct than knowledge.  As the earth will be hurling through space, through the most populace realm of the galaxy, meteors and comets will make many near misses and impacts. The funny part is though, that it is the earth hurling itself toward the comets and meteors, not the other way around.  As for a companion star to our sun (Nemesis, Nibiru, Marduk, Wormwood, Satan, Devil, Horned destroyer, etc) something is responsible for our sine wave orbital pattern.  Perhaps that’s it, but only speculation.

The brighter side of things requires a fairly intense understanding of quantum mechanics, string theory, and 11 existing dimensions in the universe.  ( ) The video is a very basic demonstration of dimensional planes. Without giving you the long spill, the polar shift is going to alter the earth’s energy field, and there is a synthetic energy grid created by the pyramids of the world (to include those that are under the ocean, everywhere, where humans once lived). We, as humans, are 3 dimensional beings, with a multi dimensional spirit. With the shift in the earth’s energy field, it is claimed by those that actually know of the Mayans and other ancient cultures that the energetic shift will bring us into a fourth dimensional realm of being.  Even further out there than that, it is little known, by ancient texts, that we were once a fourth dimensional being… that is, BEFORE the fall of man.  I cannot prove any of this with hard evidence, as our history books are so entirely fabricated in so many ways as to really not know what our real history is.

To conclude, I think my mother has said it best when discussing conspiracy theories.  There’s some truth to it, and a lot of garbage.  What I have really been discovering is that ultimately, that statement holds true for everything we think we know. It’s mostly garbage, with some scattered truth. If all of what I’m saying is true, the spirals in the sky should pick up, to the point that they become almost commonplace over the next 2 years, as our core slows its spin to a halt, and the magnetic interactions are visible to the naked eye.  The most recent was seen over Sidney, Australia 2 months ago, and was given the same cover story of a failed missile launch. Those spirals are the final warning of impending, massive floods, based on ancient petro glyphs.  I have to agree with the major cover up to some extent, because if everyone knew about this… well, it wouldn’t be business as usual, and the stupid, panicky people would make the transition much more difficult.

You can visit Andews Youtube page here

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