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EXPLOSIVE! New evidence on Aurora/Wisconsin Shootings

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Explosive!! NEW evidence on Aurora/Wisconsin Shootings

This blows the story wide open, the PTB think we are stupid but many peopleare waking up to their games, spread this far and wide people!!

Media Whistle blower confirms Wag The Dog is NORMAL


I received this mail in response to my work related to the Bat Man shooting, a report in which I clearly showed it was NOT what we were told. My comments will follow.

Dear Jim Stone,


I’m not sure if I should state my name. I’ve just discovered your site and to be honest I feel a bit shaken reading most of what you’ve published. Not to mention all of the warnings about being censored and intercepted. I hope that my email does reach you though.


First off, I’d like to thank you for all of your hard work. I know that there must be a strong element of danger in it and I admire your courage. I love literature and used to have an even greater passion for journalism and the media. I say used to because I’ve seen first-hand what a news network is like.


Two years ago, I was chosen for a co-op program out of hundreds of applicants at a major broadcasting corporation situated in my city. At first it felt like I had won the lottery but the experience itself ruined my interest in a career in the media entirely. And for that I am extremely grateful.


I was there for 5 weeks out of 6 and at first I was loving it. I got to help out with projects and the employers were real nice. It was only in my last two weeks that I began to hate it. I was switched to mail duty and so I had to drop off letters for people in different sections. By accident one time, I walked into a restricted zone.


What really bothered me was the existence of ‘restricted zones’ in the first place. Everyone acted like one big happy family, yet when it came to asking about certain floors and areas in the building they became instantly venomous. I had used my keycard to get into a room to drop off a letter and instantly realised that I was in the wrong place. Being curious, I looked around for a bit and made sure I put everything back in it’s place. I caught something really fishy though. There were news stories about the G20 summit that was taking place in Toronto that summer. But the thing is I was volunteering in the last week of May. The G20 wasn’t until the end of June! And the stories seemed like they had already taken place. It was really trippy.


The next day security took me in right away and started to interrogate me on why I was in the restricted zone and who was it that had granted me access. All throughout the interrogation they kept on bringing me different cups of water telling me to drink. I drank the first two or three because I was actually thirsty, but I refused to drink the rest. And every few minutes the guard would ask ‘Are you going to drink that?’ I wonder now if the water was maybe drugged. My memory of that day is kind of dark but I think I’m being a bit paranoid.


At last they asked me if I’d stolen anyone’s keycard and after keeping me for nearly 4 hours they let me go. Afterwards my keycard was confiscated and they told me that there had been a mix-up when they had given me mine. The one I had was for people ‘higher up’. I wasn’t given a new one and they also took my building ID, and other possessions that they had given me. They kicked me out of the program a week early complaining to my school and my parents of my ‘erratic behaviour’ saying that I was constantly insubordinate and disrespectful to my superiors. I wasn’t allowed to return to school that year because of the ‘terrible example’ I had set at the co-op program, and I ended up missing my upcoming grad year because I didn’t bother reapplying to another school. I went from being an A level student to a drop out.


When I heard James Holmes story, I felt like I could relate to him in a way. On a much lesser level of course, but I feel like he’s going through something similar to what happened to me. I’m back in school now though. And I look forward to graduating. I was wondering if you could maybe give me any pointers on how I can be of any help to this cause. I hate the world we live in now, and I especially hate how people are being deluded into thinking that everything is changing for the better when in reality it’s only getting worse. I hope I’m not weirding you out or anything. I’m just really excited to know that there are people out there that think for themselves.


I wish you all the best!



First comment – You are obviously an honor student. Your writing is beyond High School nowadays. You did not get the boot for under performance.

I think the fourth glass of water would have been the charm, and the drugs they use won’t make you perceive you are getting high or fogging out. You feel normal all the way through. However, the fact you remembered the interrogation is a positive sign. And the interrogation, along with what you saw, is telling indeed. I have been inside the elite circles and have personally witnessed how they are nice and soft and then absolutley invert when you approach a topic related to one of their crimes – in this case the “restricted zones”. You were a thinker, they knew it, and until they knew you were completely immoral and totally compromised and could be black mailed, their faking the news which you later (accidentally) witnessed would be a sensitive topic for them indeed.

The news is fabricated out of whole cloth long before it’s ever broadcast. This conclusion, which I was well on my way to, was solidified when I discovered this tweet from one of the Colorado shooting victims:

Here is what a photo op photo looks like from a canned “Wag the Dog”

And here is what a photo looks like when real shooters show up and people actually die

And even at that, for the REAL shooting at the Sikh temple there was a coverup – of the fact that it was super well organized with 4 shooters. The observation of “well organized, all coordinated with matching black suits” would not be uniformly fabricated across several witnesses if it was the result of poor observation. The following video is what I consider to be the best testimony from the scene,

The only way ANY witness would turn 1 shooter into 4 is if that witness was cross eyed and wearing bifocals!This testimony was also corroborated by several other independent testimonies, which all perfectly matched.

And in case you did not observe this – there would have been an extremely high concentration of Jewish people at the news agency you went to, and THEY would have been the ones getting venomous when questions were asked about secret areas. Other people would have just said, well, I can’t talk about what goes on there. An Achilles heel of the “elite” is that they cannot control themselves when one of their scams gets prodded. And yes, they were slowly drugging you. You had not crossed the threshold when you stopped taking the water.

I messaged you several times after receiving this testimony from you, to no avail, – but that’s normal now. I wish you the best, and hope this story does not come back to haunt you, Take care, Jim Stone

Individuals at the Sikh temple were producing a high level film about coverups and government corruption

These individuals received numerous threats and were told to stop producing the film or family members would be killed.


The Sikh temple was chosen for the shooting because the producer of an upcoming movie which will speak about cover ups and black ops worshiped there with his family and some of the others involved with the movie. This topic actually made it to broadcast in the first hour after the shooting, but is now buried.

I linked this particular video because the man said it so well



The trail of blood leads TOWARD the emergency exit!

All of you have probably seen this photo:


This blood trail was supposedly left by the little girl who was rushed from the scene. Problem is, that the SETUP CREW dropped the blood while WALKING THE WRONG DIRECTION!!!! So the splashes all go TOWARD the door rather than away from it. Furthermore, it was NOT a double back, because there would have been an outgoing and returning blood trail if that was the case



The facts about the Sikh temple shooting are below. It all panned out

This one was a real shooting, and there were 4 gunmen, not one. To top it all off the FBI media show staged a search on “Holmes avenue” which was widely published until the alternative press hopped on it and yelled PSY OP (obviously the elite think we are simpletons living in a Sesame Street world), and to tie in anything Holmes with this false flag was an act of sheer stupidity. I don’t think even Elmo would have bought that line.


Since then, they have pulled the Holmes reference in most publications, but I found one with the original content and archived it, and it is also still up HERE

As the result of my take on the bat man shooting, I also got a major breakthrough from a media whistleblower, it’s a damning indictment which states that the media records many events Hollywood style and puts them on the shelf for future broadcast, and then just pops in a tape come showtime and lets it rip. According to this whistleblower, they have many news reports ready to go, and I am sure there are a few more phony terror attacks waiting for the play button.

This testimony will be posted as soon as I make contact with the whistleblower again, and if, (as usual) my communications are blocked and I cannot make contact by the end of the day, I am posting it as is. This whistleblower spoke to me because obviously from what is on this web site I am NOT compromised and this whistleblower knew that if I got the message, it WOULD get published.

After seeing this testimony I believe all the news reels and articles related to the Bat Man shooting were produced ahead of time and simply run like a mini series and this is also corroborated by Jessica Redfield in the following referenced tweet where she laughs about “being able to make people think there is gunfire”. Also, in other tweets she made, only two weeks before showtime Redfield said she moved into a new living accomodation with “7 swimming pools and a lake” – a perfect place to hang out while the dust settles afterward. Any side details, such as memorial web sites, can easily be handled by CIA-tards who can’t understand why some things should not be done for a paycheck. Any funds collected could be funneled off to the same pit the Haiti earthquake relief funds fell into.

I think the Sikh Temple shooting was real and impromptu, staged by a Mossad sleeper cell; there are not many Sikhs in the elite Jewish circle and therefore they would view that group as expendable and not needing a lot of caution applied before shooting them up. Hate to say it, but that is simply the way it is.

When they have an entire news sequence canned ahead of time, there will be no witnesses and they don’t have to deal with the variables of a live scenario. So from a “witness” perspective the Bat man shooting held up. The temple shooting fell apart really fast because it was a rush job, a live scenario, and real witnesses were present.

Whoever is on Holmes Street – their “lone gunman”, a scenario widely refuted by witnesses, is the next patsy and they simply profiled him and had him ready to go ahead of time in case he was needed as another face to pin their murderous corruption on.

When individuals in the alternative media discovered the Libor scandal tie in with the batman shooting, it nearly fatally damaged that story all by itself, and this, in conjunction with the tweets I found and made public made a second shooting necessary because the first was too badly damaged. This new shooting was uncovered for what it was much sooner, the “elite” were simply too sloppy with the whole thing. So who knows WHAT they will do next? it’s obvious they are getting desperate.

Once I get all this stuff sorted out to a final answer, I will post it along with the whistleblower testimony that is really very damning. I would like to speak to the whistlblower again before publishing the story, but censorship of mail is a daily obstacle and if I cannot contact this individual again, I am publishing it as I have it now. Most likely this will be posted tomorrow (to allow time for contact, but not allow a huge delay).


Don’t fall for the lone gunman scam

We might have had 3 agents and ONE patsy. In fact, after shooting up the place, the agents may have killed the patsy themselves and then went on to fake being police officers. Israeli intelligence would NOT be questioned, and neither would the CIA. This man tells it as he saw it. “One gunman killed, 3 still inside!” Any deviation from this on the scene witness account is corruption of facts. On top of that, the 4 shooters were in the congregational area. The people there would NOT have messed up their observation of that.


Any story creep after the initial report is likely due to coercion during cross examination.




Shooting “victim’s” tweet throws poison on official story

Jessica Ghawi, one of the “victims” of the bat man shooting had a different name on Twitter. That name is Jessica Redfield. And here is one of her tweets!!!


Why the creepy Buhahahahah response?

Another detail which relates to the above tweet - she was supposed to have witnessed another shooting at a mall in Canada the month before. Said tweet would be an indication that it’s an inside joke, anyone tweeting her, knowing her, would never have put the quote in that perspective unless the Toronto shooting was fake as well, and he knew about it! The odds just do not stack in favor of the “official” story - such a response from her would NEVER have happened if she really bore witness to another shooting a month prior. She’s fake, and she is laughing about it.

Here is her twitter account: GUNFIRE??!!??


“Make up” shooting at Sikh temple in Wisconsin was probably due to this discovery by this web site severely damaging the entire bat man story

The Libor connection did not do the Bat Man shooting story line a whole lot of good either!


MORE TO COME, I have additional goods on this woman that are being ironed out. Seems like she may have received an ENORMOUS payoff for lying in Toronto, but there are many rabbit holes to find and flood. For starters, she was an intern, and after Toronto, moved to a new place with 7 pools and a lake! (possibly for hiding out after the next gig)


A little suggestion from forum member Glitch led to the following:


A tribute to those who died in Aurora

(But not according to the Social Security Administration)





 Alexander J. Boik, 18: 1 record in Social Security database. Born 1920. Died 1992.

 Alex M. Sullivan, 27: No match in Social Security Database.

 Gordon W. Cowden, 51: 1 record in Social Security database. Born 1921. Died 2006.

 Jesse E. Childress, 29: 1 record in Social Security database. Born 1903. Died 1975.

 Jessica N. Ghawi, 24: 1 record in Social Security database. Born 1987. Died 2012 (a possible match) – Maybe the elite killed her before Molech and pegged her on this? The timing matches.

 John T. Larimer, 27: No record in Social Security Database

 Jonathan T. Blunk, 26: No record in the Social Security Database.

 Matthew McQuinn, 27: 1 record in Social Security Database. Born 1898. Died 1965.

 Micayla C. Medek, 23: No record in Social Security Database.


Rebecca Ann Wingo, 32: 2 matches in Social Security database. Most recent of the 2: Died in 2004.

Alexander C. Teves, 24: 1 record in Social Security Database. Born 1988 Died 2012. (a possible match) but the age matches the only other matching death!! ODD.

Veronica Sullivan, Age 6: No match but that’s understandable.

The Synchronicities are VERY WEIRD, FOR EXAMPLE:

We had 2 Alexes, 2 Jonathans, A Jessica and a Jesse, and 2 Sullivans, who were NOT related in any way. Both deaths which actually showed up in the database were age 24. The database does not tell where deaths occurred, so they could have been registered in Sonoma County California for all we know.





Here is how it went down, (or at least. it’s a real safe bet).


“THEY” did not want competition in the search engines for their story. They wanted ABSOLUTE SHUT OUT searches, containing NOTHING other than what they wanted to have show up.

So they tasked a computer to do searches of a list/combination of names, until they came up with names that produced NO hits on google.

They then worked those names into the story, and Voila! PURE PSYCHOLOGICAL IMPACT WITH EVERY SEARCH.

It’s as simple as that.

Here is PROOF!

Read more here:


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