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By Ophelia Océane
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Lindsey Williams Issues A Dire WARNING : There Is Something Very Drastic In The Works

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Lindsey Williams: The most dastardly act that has ever been perpetrated on the American people in the history of this country probably took place on Sept. 13, 2012. You saw it in the national news, and everyone heard what Mr. Bernanke said, but very few realize the significance of what he was talking about when he said that the Federal Reserve, as of that day, would begin purchasing $40 billion in mortgage backed securities and Treasuries each month, indefinitely, from that point on. After this announcement, Mr. Williams said he called his contact and confidante in the oil industry who has inside knowledge on what the new Fed QE policy intends to do for America. Lindsey Williams: (To his contact by phone) I think there must be more behind this than what meets the eye, will you please answer some questions for me? He was more than happy to answer, and here are some of the questions that I asked. Lindsey Williams: Now I understand that the Federal Reserve is going to purchase $40 billion in Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS) every month. He said that’s correct. Am I to understand that this $40 billion is in mortgages, whether they be toxic or non-toxic? He said that’s correct. Let me then put it in simple terms… it’s your house. It’s the mortgage on your house. If you’re house it mortgaged, then the Federal Reserve could have possibly purchased the mortgage in September, or October, and every month… Lindsey Williams: Where is the Federal Reserve going to get $40 billion every month? Indefinitely? The contact said immediately, and without hesitation, they are going to get it out of thin air (print it). Lindsey Williams: So they are going to print money out of thin air to purchase a home, a shopping center, any property held as security for the loan? Yes. Lindsey Williams: The bottom line of this program: The banks, and those who control these banks in the Federal Reserve, will control every piece of mortgaged real estate in the U.S. before it is over.

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    • Anonymous

      It would seem that behind the veil of national sovereignty, ownership still rules the ground. I suppose when enough of the country is mortgaged the new owners will assert their possession. And I suppose we will stand down and be taken over.

      • Anonymous

        I’m going to have to go with a “NO” on that whole ‘stand down and be taken over’ thing. Just don’t like the way that sounds. :evil:

      • Patriot

        What happens if those mortgages get sold to communist China, Russia, etc., and the USA gets blackmailed into not opposing them all over the world?

      • dr Meno

        That is exactly what they have in the workings. Watch my vid on this,

        QE3 and the repossession of the USA. I explain how it will take place.

    • desertspeaks

      this isn’t news, the federal reserve “a privately owned corporation” has been doing this since it’s inception, as have local banks.. when you purchase a home with a so called bank loan. The bank doesn’t loan ANYONE ANYWHERE AT ANY TIME, MONEY! you get check book money that the bank creates out of thin air.. there is NO MONEY CHANGING HANDS!
      Did you get that, the banks NEVER LOAN MONEY! it’s created out of thin air when you sign the contract on your signature! It works the same on any so called loan from a bank! They will never hand you cash, you get a check, which you can then cash but they will NEVER EVER LOAN YOU CASH/MONEY and they NEVER HAVE and NEVER WILL!!

      • Louis

        You have defined the mortgage scam perfectly. By signing the mortgage contract, you indenture (enslave) yourself and your future earnings to the bank usurer parasites who will collect huge interest on the transaction.

        Furthermore, you can never actually “own” the property you mortgage. The US Constitution only allows “equitable” ownership rather than “actual” ownership of private property. Stop paying property taxes on your property, and it will be seized and you will be evicted from it.

        Lastly, no one in America owns private property as an actual “person.” You own it as an “object.” Note that all public documents denote the holder’s name in all capital letters.

        The US Constitution was fashioned according to Roman and British Admiralty Maritime Law.
        Under these laws, actual persons are denoted by using all small letters or a mix of small and capital letters. But objects are denoted by the use of all capital letters.

        This point of Roman law is called “capitus diminutio,” which mean “a diminishing of status through the use of capitalization.” Note that all official documents issued to any US citizen denote that person’s name in all capital letters.

        Despite all the flowery language of the US Constitution, bankers and lawyers have (by legal trickery) reduced American citizens to the level of slaves and objects.

        The Act of 1871 altered the US Constitution, created the District of Columbia, and allowed foreign bankers to dictate US economic policy. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 allowed foreign bankers to print and coin US currency.

        Bankers are now initiating the final stage of destroying the US dollar and replacing it with a digital banking system over which banker tyrants will exert absolute control.

      • Anonymous

        Try as you will to educate the commoners of their plight,only the bright will understand.Sad,but true.I am investing in gill nets and guns even though I consider myself to be a conservationist and an environmentalist.In times of plight people need food. :neutral:

    • trouble8696

      Lindsey Williams Issues A Dire WARNING…Load of Crap…The significance of what Bernanke was talking about…A hidden message to his Buddy’s, that Looting of America will carry on with QE3…It will Push Liquidity into the Equity market pushing assets price higher …It wont help the economy a Bit or the unemployment & housing…What it will help though IS… richest 5% of households…Yeah Ladies & Gentlemen…5 % richest household… that the real winners in Bernanke’s QE Lotto are the big-time speculators…50% gain of QE3 will go to them…Ask Pastor Lindsey Williams…How the Evil ones use to FIX the economy B4… He will go BLANK_______ :lol: …If Feds were serious about Fixing the ECONOMY or kick starting IT… they should abandon the asset purchases altogether and provide another round of fiscal stimulus to extend unemployment benefits, enhance the food stamp program, and rebuild the nation’s worn infrastructure ( don’t get angry Folk’s )…That’s the way these Bastards use to FIX the ECONOMY…Before these SET of Evil & nutcase took Over…EVIL – Replaced – by Nutcase – EVIL…So Lindsey Williams should understand…that there is nothin Very Drastic at Works…Just the Same Old Game …with different lots of Evil Nutcase …The Saddest thing here for U.S Citizen IS… Looting of America’s resources goes on …by the sadistic Satanic cult led by the richest and most powerful people in the world …who have infiltrated government on a local, state and national level…No Wonder, Bob Chapman use to call Pastor Lindsey Williams … Johnny-come-lately… :lol: …O my Goodness…

      p.s Agenda 21, the United Nations plan of Sustainable Development…should be studied carefully…U guys will find the connection between …Agenda 21 & QE3…

    • HDThoreau

      At the end of the day, you don’t own what you can’t secure. And I imagine 100 million people pointing a gun to their or their agents head would leave them only with their fiat paper to fondle.

    • Don't be hating!

      Fear mongering crap. USA is broke so as everyone else/including you if youre’re reading this!

      • adavancedatheist

        The U.S. issues its own currency, so it can no more go “broke” than a bowling alley has to shut down because it has run out of points.

    • Anonymous

      Are you really listening to that guy? lololololo….

    • isisinanna

      When the government owns 90% of the country, where will it leave us? One less potential for anyone to be self sufficient or independent . Scary stuff. Hopefully, the people that own their properties out right will not suffer as well- Who can say what will happen. WE’re in trouble. How do we get out?

    • hungry4food

      Grants , Research testing, GEO engineering, Bureaucracy, and Politics, is what causes Big Government Disease called Ideology, and why we the people must fight the disease with the Only remedy we have available …. VOTE out the DISEASE called Ideology that strays to far away from the Laws that Bind us together .
      Here are some links to a Very Diseased Government , read the LIVELEAK link first

    • Patriot

      That is a big problem — another reason to get Obama OUT, ASAP!
      People can vote to do that.
      There are 4 judges that allowed PERJURY in court to drive out a poor self-litigant without a jury, illegally & unconstitutionally (violating 7th Amendment)!

      EASY, CLEAR, DOCUMENTED PROOF is at STILL Supremely Unjust — http://[email protected] .
      That site also shows EEOC rubberstamping, as they never questioned employer witnesses!

      Another site – – shows EMAILs that he was standin up against orders to discriminate on blacks & men, plus evidence he was BAD reverse-discriminated against in an office full of women.
      Two Congressmen now got documents proving it all. — LET THEM KNOW WE WANT THE CROOKS OUT !!
      Email: [email protected] OR call him at (512) 473-2357.
      Also, contact U.S. Rep. Ted Poe, who has proof of the corruption, too.
      Call him TOLL-FREE
      — at D.C. (866-425-6565); Kingwood, TX (866-447-0242); & Beaumont, TX (877-218-1997).
      Urge ACTION to put the crooked judges out, grill the EEOC, & compel an FBI investigation to HELP that poor man before he possibly dies in his tent some winter and to make justice in America’s courts.
      (…& send this to others — make a “perfect storm” AGAINST corruption!!)

    • Blacksheep

      Wow, here’s our chance to do something to help fix this country for keeps or until Congress spends all the profits away…. :idea:

      Send our Navy armed with some cutting edge top-secret equipment out to locate that Russian ship that sunk with 40 tons of gold-ore in its cargo hold… Confiscate the cargo and pay off our nation’s debt :smile:

      Now we don’t tell the Russians what were doing here, so we need a coverup… :wink:

      I know, bring along Obama for a few laughs, we just might need a good career oriented liar… :evil:

      OK, so the idea stinks… :lol:

    • Anonymous

      hello? “mortgaged properties ” ALREADY belong to the banks

    • putupjob

      Yes, they probably will own all the mortgages.
      Then, of course, we have to pay up for all the profligate spending and commitments so it will be necessary to seize the assets of everyone else (401 K, property liens, confiscation of bank accounts, etc.).

    • Ozzie_Thinker

      This NWO puppet keeps popping up on infowars I feel sure. Trouble8696 commenter is much closer to the “mark”.

    • Anonymous

      This is the way all communist countries operate. I had relatives in Peru, in the 70′s when they accidentlly elected a communist, all ranches/farms that were not producing to the expectations of the newly formed communist government were seized – owners sent packing to the city to fend for themselves. They lost everything. It took many years for Peru to recover from their mistake.

      Very similar to what happend in Africa. Land owners lost.

      It could happen here if we don’t stop it.

    • airspoon

      Here we go with these “anonymous insider contacts” who happen to have all of the juicy details, though you can’t know who these contacts are, because then you won’t buy the books when you realize this guy is nothing more than a profiteer.

      If what Lindsay Williams says is true (which I have no doubts in my mind as to its frivolousness), then there is no reason to keep this so-called “anonymous insider” anon. If Mr. Williams really is the bastion the truth that he claims to be, then he would out this contact in order to enact any kind of real change. Of course though, this is nothing more than a ruse in order to get gullible sheeple (the worst kind, -those who think that they are awake, but are fast asleep like most other people), to spend money on William’s books and provide an audience for him to sell himself. He’s even worse than Alex Jones (though in a slightly different way).

    • Peggas

      Speaking of no money, just paper, my son wrote me a check for 25,000 to repay a loan. I went to his bank and they told me they did not have 25,000 in cash. I had to settle for 5000 cash and deposit the rest. NO MONEY IN BANKS!!!!

    • MovingtotheCenter

      Finally the Fed has figured out that they need to prop up the HOUSING MARKET to get us going out of this recession. Buying into mortgaged backed securities makes sense. The Fed is FORCING banks to lend out the trillions of dollars that they have on reserve. The Banks have been making money and not doing their job. They are in the business of making loans…. period. For the past 4 years the banks have been stingy with making loans… even to QUALIFIED people. The banks were given free money through TARP and have just sat on it. The Fed’s recent moves makes total sense.

    • snoop4truth


      For the hoaxes of EDDIE CRAIG, Google “Eddie Craig And The Former Deputy Sheriff Hoax”, or click here.

      For the hoaxes of CARL MILLER, Google “The Carl Miller Hoax”, or click here.

      For the hoaxes of ANTHONY WILLIAMS, Google “The Anthony Williams Hoax”, or click here.

      For the hoaxes of ROD CLASS, Google “Rod Class And His Many Hoaxes”, or click here.

      For the hoaxes of DEBRA JONES, Google the “Debra Jones Hoax”, or click here.;

      For the hoaxes of DEBORAH TAVARES, Google “The Hoaxes OF Deborah Tavares”, or click here.

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