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By Mort Amsel (Reporter)
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Connecticut Police Spokesman: Newtown Will Prosecute Independant Journalist Whistleblowers (Video)

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Ive got nothing to add.  -Mort

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    • itsmejohn

      what really grinds my gear…this

    • Anonymous

      The truth is getting out and they don’t like it. It’s not like the police ever falsely arrest people and cause misleading libel to be placed on their records now is it?

    • Anonymoose

      I am more concerned with this cop or any cop lying and fabrications, than the sometimes false information that might be posted here, for instance.

      Here, there are always others who can effectivly debunk the myths or misunderstanding.
      But when dealing with policecorruption, you are dealing with a cult of corruption.

      Police corruption and criminality are a rapidly growing epidemic in this country, to the point of extremes.
      Take what this cop says with a grain of salt and realize that it is possible that he in fact, is a corrupted liar.

    • Anonymous

      Lol. The irony of his statement is not lost on me. How can you prosecute someone for expressing an opinion? We all live in a free world, with free speech, and we can all talk to each other and say whatever we want. That is not a crime, and never will be. Why focus on social media websites? Why not ‘Anyone sending a message using a carrier pigeon’, or ‘anyone talking on a telephone?’. No one can suppress speech, not even the most diabolical regimes in the world have ever achieved that. What difference would it make if anyone posted something on a social media website, they are simply a modern form of communication, the comments have no legal standing and they wouldn’t affect the due legal process in any way. In short, this statement only applies to anyone making a comment that contravenes a law in the USA, if the author is a US citizen, it has no legal standing regarding with regard to comments made by someone in Uzbekistan speaking Svengali, or anywhere else?

      • TruthHurts

        actually this country is not free.

        we have been under the emergency war powers act since 1933 courtesy of the traitor FDR. we have an emergency war powers court system, which is a de facto military court that can only operate on enemy territory. thats why the flag in court rooms have gold tassels and fray.

        that means the states are considered enemy territories and you and I are considered “rebel belligerents”

        look it up. we have no rights.

        • DQ

          I believe the statement was a “free world” not a “free country.” Did you know that FDR knew ahead of time about the bombing of Pearl Harbor? The other boat captains knew as well, moved their ships and carriers out of harm’s way. FDR had a major fit and ordered them back into harm’s way! That bastard should be roasting in hell now. And good riddance! Hopefully sooner than later, the Bush’s, Clintons and Obaminations will be joining them. God has his way of doling out justice for the unjust. And Abraham Lincoln? Don’t get me started on started on that slave mongering bastard. I’m still struggling to find ONE man who was worthy of leading our country that wasn’t evil…… :(

    • William

      Listened to to video, and read the comments, this is why we call them pigs. And I’m not talking “police intgratery and guts” bring on this “PIG”

      • DQ

        Amen to THAT! YOu got it right! They are what they are.

    • devabarry

      this itself appears to be disinformation. The lieutenant was referring to reports of people posing as the alleged shooter or state officials on social media sites. Here’s the full video (the part in question begins at about 2:10)

    • hongryhawg

      Ooooooohhh! I’m so scared. Seriously; if law enforcement had a history of truth and straightforwardness, he might have a point. But we have found that too many times, law enforcement withholds the truth to suit their purposes, be it to keep the populace from realizing what bunglers they are or keeping something a secret because some politician told them to. Freedom of Speech belongs to everybody, not just the self-proclaimed keepers of the STORY.

    • TruthHurts

      but when a pig lies, its legal.

      this man is a traitor! and complicit. he is a part of the false flag cover up. newton must fire him and hire a non-traitor.

    • aznavyvet

      LT. post the statue if you think it is a crime.

    • DeDukshen

      Welcome to another episode of the “America Show!” supplied by the”elite” for your FEARING pleasure!

    • Anonymous

      what i just heard was that if you don’t say what THEY tell you to say or authorize, then you are in violation? … of? … last i checked we still have the 1st admendment … this is getting real folks … the power that be want your guns … they want your freedom …

      my personal experience is that there are a few good cops out there … but they are by and large dirty … dirtier than the so-called criminals they arrest …

      big news out of missouri with regard to 1st and 2nd amendment rights in the very near future … the stuff that revolutions are made of …

    • Hwyone


    • DQ

      That fat POS can kiss my ass! We WILL speak our minds and there’s nothing he can do about it. SOB isn’t worthy of the fat uniform he’s stuffed into. The liars don’t like being called out into the light! KEEP ON CALLING THEM INTO THE LIGHT — watch the cockroaches scatter!

    • anonymous

      Gosh this cop is obviously being fed a page from federal agent provocateurs, to fish around. Any real indepedent journalists who were charged would receive plenty of money to defend themselves. More likely they will pick on some poor slob nobody. And then claim some heroic victory. Hey you cops, want something to chew on? How about in a state of agent provocateur attacks on civilians, which you all help cover up so you can get more toys, we say your agencies involved are already under ‘brotherhood of agency conviction in abstentia guilt’ as has already been duly filed, and of course duly ignored by the US gov, which is not a part of,,the you know, world court? See one of the problems copper is most other peoples in developed nations aren’t as ignorant as sheeple americanos, and know exactly what your doing nazi. provocateur,,, I don’t even know how to spell it!! HAR! HAR! NO really copper kill as many of your citizens (and then play hero) as you want for special benefits and toys, we don’t care. Hero with the big hat. HAR! HAR! Impressive. Wow. HAR! HAR!

    • anonymous

      Hey hero cop, “Do you want to be famous?” “No, I mean really famous!” HAR! HAR!

    • Anonymous

      With power comes corruption. A little power corrupts a little bit, a lot of power corrupts a whole lot! Makes no difference if great power is in the hands of a few or a large group, corruption always seeps in. The outside of the house might look like its clean and white, but inside its rotten!

    • anonymous

      I remember 20 years ago or so I was selling guns with a FFL out of a small business I owned in the country (rented the property) and at the time those chinese sks’s were being hawked by a distributor in southern PA, jerry’s sport center or something like that and I was able to get unused ones (ones that had been manufactured previously, cosmolined up, and stored) for $69.00 a piece. The people in the area thought I, and the guns were bogus, this was about 92-93, jerrys took care to only buy and ship good stuff, man if I had only bought a bunch of them then. Anyway so the criminal DA of the county hatches some misdemeanor charges against me, have to get a lawyer some people around who would back me up, thank god there were a few, and the case gets practically thrown out,,but that’s not the whole story,,apparently the criminal DA had cooked up with the feds some ‘story’ about me before hand,,and didn’t want to be worried about being caught in a frame scam it was just a story that would put much scorn on me, nice huh? The reason I know it had to be beforehand was at the expungment hearing only about 2 weeks after the whole thing was thrown out, the da asked,, did that whole deal embarrass you? (he just had to hint at his plan openly to show me how smart he was) I was actually more embarassed FOR THEM,, one of their ‘witnesses’ who broke down and admitted I didn’t do anything, humiliated and mad as a hornet I was, but I said yes. Anyway for about 2 years or so I go on about my business, but not without the occasional retard criminal helper coming in my store and trying with innuendo and other dumb crap, to harrass me. But I never really did get it then. It was kinda like what the bailiff at the court thing did when he came up to me beforehand and starts talking to me about my navy days and I start telling him about some marine taught school I went to and where it was, and very suddenly and raising his eyebrows he says but there aren’t any marines there, and walks away. I mean I have my dd214, are you people that delusional? After the business I go out on the road driving truck and occassionally would talk about these political criminals in that area,,and the people that followed like sheep,,and the others who were cowed,, and low and behold, I start getting some real professonal harassment, all sorts of antics they would pull a very wicked group of individuals that made it clear they had really made up some stuff on me and I could finally sort of understand it, but down deep I knew it was all just government criminal mafia (sorry thats an insult to the old mafia) people making up stuff to cover for each other. I remember years ago I’d speak to people about the whole ‘scorn me into the ground stories’ they made up, I could tell no really believed me,,regular people I mean,,when I was talking to an operative there would be no reaction, and I actually preferred talking to them anyway they were more intelligent. Man, I do have to say, thank them, it was just make up stories, what they could have done! (who cares about dummy sheep scorn anyway?) The sheep scorn me, oh my that worries me, says the herdsman. HAR! HAR! Anyway america now they are just killing you openly for any political agenda they want. Good luck with that, and copper if your statements appear to me to be some first ‘crowd control’ on the internet, where you all go after the one acting out the most, yes I’ve been to crowd control schools too, the most words in this case, mine is more like soothing the sheep a little FOR YOU ALL before,,, whatever it is YOU ALL do with your sheep. Remember before you waste your time with me, remember what an excellent memory I have and I am now of broke back fame, and junkyard dog personality.

    • whitebear

      I fail to see the logic.
      I should think that I’d want a video to back up my integrity if I were the police.
      But we’ll likely never know why it’s against some law.
      An ex con friend of mine thinks today’s police are more like prison guards at maximum security.

      What happened to protect and serve?
      Why are we the enemy?
      Why can’t the Police see how wrong it is?

      But from the perspective of how it should and can be; not from how bad it is.

    • That Smith-Mundt Kid

      A clear blatant attack on our First Ammenment Right. Onward citizen journalists.

    • anonymous

      Yes, and with these alternative media authors and their minions speaking metaphorically so much, how’s that supposed to work in a courtroom,,maybe what your really psychologically doing is little confessional about the way things really work in Con copper? I mean metaphoric speech prosecutions in Con? I really think you just want to confess copper spokesmouth, why don’t you call up one of those journalists you speak of and confess the whole sordid story of Conn. HAR! HAR! Your attempt at the ‘first’ in internet ‘crowd control’ (alternative media censureship) will be the last. I gaurentee it! even more than mens warehouse,,did i spell that right? who cares,,,zzz zz zzburpzzzz zzzzcough zzzzzz,,

    • Idiot Proof

      Big difference between a cop and a prosecutor, thank God!

    • g-man

      hey geniuses, he’s referring to innocent people being libeled. thats what they did to the killers brother by trying to be first to get the story out. it’s never okay to slander or libel an innocent person. if someone with your name, or a close proximity to it, did something this horrible and your image showed up online by some reporter or anyone else trying to make news, you’d feel the same way.

    • anonymous

      Did anyone hear infodummies talking about how in that movie recently they pointed to sandy hook? Yes infodummies your really going to get them on that one,, infodummies. Way back in Enemy of the State, the birthdate of the evil intelligence guy pursuing the hero, was 9/11/46, to bad it wasn’t 47 cause that would add up to 11,,or maybe,,it was 1 year late???????? HAR! HAR! infodummies,, go after that,, solve 911.

    • zeus

      be aware that there is a very evil illuminati,nwo plot to take away or ammend the first and second ammendment and your rights by these myriad acts of manchurian candidate mk-ultra shootings.
      the next step will be that they take out barack obama or his double or attempt on same to facilitate the final movement toward those changes which everybody will buy into by that time even criminals.
      I see january thru april 15th for their final push toward these events.See More
      better pass this strange coincidence on while you can

      Video: 2 Mass Shootings Connected To Libor Scandal? | Economics and Politics
      People really underestimate how huge the LIBOR scam is. We’re talking $800 trillion. It makes the fiscal cliff look like childs play….
      Video: 2 Mass Shootings Connected To Libor Scandal? | Economics and Politics
      People really underestimate how huge the LIBOR scam is. We’re talking $800 trillion. It makes the fiscal cliff look like childs play….a
      check out the story that one of the guns found in the home or at sandy hook school was actually registered to a party involved in the old fast and furious administration cover up

    • Alazar

      It does at first sound like he’s saying “anyone reporting anything on social media is spreading misinformation and will be prosecuted”, but by the end it seems more like he means “no police officials are giving information on this through social media, so anyone on social media saying they are police and have information is lying and will be prosecuted.” Which isn’t quite as alarming – it’s illegal to impersonate an officer of the law, after all(at least in real life, not sure how often that applies when doing it through the Internet). And like gman said, depending on the information being spread, it could count as libel.

      So I doubt they’re actually going to go after people doing serious independent journalism, or even mean it that way. But the manner he says it can be SO easily construed to mean it that way, I would not be surprised if they were indeed trying to create a chilling effect on independent investigation of the facts.

    • anonymous

      That’s it!!! Infodummies are looking into the 1998 movie Enemy of the State, the scene where gene hackman and the hero of the movie denzil? are looking up info on the inteligence man, with the serious vitamin d deficency, they find that his birthdate was 9/11/46,,because 4+6=10 infowars believes that if one inverts 10 you get 01 that is the clue,,infowars has solved 911, great work infodummies. HAR! HAR!

    • Anonymous

      How can this man(police) sleep at night?, he is become a complicit in the coverup, he should be investigating the SURVEILLANT VIDEOS and NOT intimidating and treating the people that DO NOT BELIVE THE OFFICIAL ACCOUNT, is this become another BENGHAZI FIASCO( video LIE)? or another FAST AND FURIOUS OPERATION(government sending guns to drug dealers)?, sure, we are going to believe every BS the government said, right?.

    • dede

      Check Wellaware

    • Betsy.B.Scott

      A BIG OH PLEASE. They’re trying to intimidate people with their bluff due to them not being able to keep the story from falling apart. No real event just a drill depicted as an actual event with the help of the Department of Homeland Security. Hmm, notice you didn’t hear DHS or the Justice Department making those threats which should tell you something about the threat? That’s all it is a threat to scare people from revealing the line BS they want you to believe as true.

    • Anonymous

      That guy is not who he says he is. He is an actor, just like so many of them. I hope they do arrest the journalists who can then prove what they say. That will hurt the powers that be big time.

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