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~ Welcome To February Bringing us Alot of Movement~

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Greetings Love Beings, The 3d or lower vibrations continue dissolving opening up the space for the Higher Energies to continue moving us forward. We can Anticipate Much Movement in February towards the changes this Planet Needs to Exist Completley In the 5d Frequencies. This is this Planet’s Destiny and cannot be reveresed. Up We Go, Should Be a Very Exciting February energetically with many events unfolding for the Highest Outcome for Humanity. We Love You, Love The Earth Allies

Canadian Government ordered to hand over Native Residential School documents

An Ontario Court ordered the Harper Government to hand over all documents and records pertaining to the First Nations and Native Residential Schools to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission on Wednesday.

Despite the Canadian Government’s refusal to provide those documents housed in Library and Archives Canada, the Honourable Justice Stephen Gouge stated that ‘the obligation for the Goverment to provide the materials is clear.’

Full story:

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New law to prevent elder abuse

The decision to move loved ones to a senior care facility where their needs can be more fully met is a difficult one made even more so by reports of elder abuse at such facilities. For many people considering whether to place loved ones in assisted living, this is a factor that deters them. Politicians are taking steps to make sure that elder abuse doesn’t take place at senior care facilities, and there are many things that family and friends can do to insure the safety of their loved ones.
What is elder abuse?
In order to prevent elder abuse, people need to understand what it is. According to the National Center on Elder Abuse, the elderly are especially vulnerable and therefore more likely to be abused. Elder abuse comes in many forms including neglect, financial abuse, and even physical, verbal, and sexual abuse, though this is very rare. Neglect can include the withholding of basic hygiene needs or the withholding of proper nourishment. The elderly can also be abused financially such as when a care provider is pocketing funds intended for the elderly.
Preventing elder abuse
At least one lawmaker in New York is taking a stand against elder abuse. James Tedisco, a New York State assemblyman has recently proposed a law that will insure that all senior care facilities check the sex offender registry before hiring an employee. While this law and others like it, we can do a lot to prevent elder abuse, there is still much that people can do to combat elder abuse themselves.
Know the signs

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    We have passed through the Portal that was 2012!

    We have battled with the increasingly intense Energies that have

    bombarded us with ever relentless rapidity since 2011!




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    Post in Media

      In the media section I posted a couple of images that have puzzled me. My Soul Connection in this life suggested that it was our guardian angel. What do you think?

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    Tom Lescher – Astrology Forecast For Week From 30th January 2013 – 31 January 2013

    Thanks to Lucas2012infos Posted on January 31, 2013

    Uploaded on 30 January 2013 by Tom Lescher Beyond the pain of losses and the joy brought on by gains, There is a knowing in my soul that always will remain.
    It beckons me ever onward toward a higher plane,
    Where infinite serenity and Love forever reign.
    This week we can reach that still point within with fixed 3/4 Moon in Scorpio (Sun in Aquarius). From this place of stillness we can see the future! Freely step up, out and into a new space both internally and in the outer world. Time to re-invent yourself yikes!

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    ~ Thursday Night Love Party On The Grid! You Can Join Us Live NOW!~

    You can Join Us Live Until? …..   Right Now On the Higher Grid Transmitting Love into Planet Earth=Heart at This link:

    Love The Earth Allies! We Are Here and Love You Unconditionally! The Victory of The Light Is Nearly Complete for Planet Earth=Heart!~

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    Latest Earthquake Activity – February 1, 2013

    Follow the link to see quake
    activity for the past seven days.

    Visit Live Earthquakes Map
    for live quake reporting.

    Map of the quake in SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS

    All quakes with magnitude 4.5
    or greater are highlighted.

    February 1



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    Volcanoes Today, 1 Feb 2013 – recent updates on world-wide volcanic activity

    Source: Volcano Discovery – 2/01/13

    Four strong earthquakes signal angry ‘Ring of Fire’

    Source: The Extinction Protocol – 2/01/13

    February 1, 2013 – EARTH – The Pacific ‘Ring of Fire’ has been angry over the past day, producing four strong earthquakes since yesterday afternoon- not counting the 5.9 quake which just struck Papua New Guinea. North-central Chile was the first to feel the Ring’s wrath, as a magnitude 6.8 quake went off at about 3:15 p.m. EST, centred roughly 40 km north of Vallenar, the capital city of Chile’s Huasco Province. Reports say that it shook buildings as far away as Santiago, nearly 600 kms to the south, and closer to the epicenter; some buildings in lower-income areas of Vallenar suffered collapsed walls. According to a Reuters report, one unfortunate woman died shortly after the quake, of an apparent heart attack.

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    Fields of fire: 4 volcanoes now erupting simultaneously in Kamchatka

    Source: The Extinction Protocol – 2/01/13

    February 1, 2013 – KAMCHATKA – Volcanic eruptions are hardly a rarity. It seems that a new one goes off every few weeks or so somewhere in the world. But a string of four volcanoes erupting in close proximity to one another is virtually unheard of. That, though, is what has taken place in recent weeks on the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia’s Far East. Four different cones and mountains, all within 180 kilometers (110 miles) of each other, have been active simultaneously since late November.

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    Volcanic activity worldwide 31 Jan 201

    Source: Volcano Discovery - 1/31/13

    Indonesia’s Mount Lokon volcano shaken by double eruptions

    Source: The Extinction Protocol – 1/31/13

    January 31, 2013 – INDONESIA – Mount Lokon in Tomohon, North Sulawesi, erupted twice throughout Thursday (31/01/2013) afternoon. Head Volcano Observation Post Lokon and Mahawu, Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation (PVMBG) Bandung Geological Agency, Ruskanda Farid Bina, said the first explosion occurred at 6:54 pm and was followed by a second explosion at 10:44 pm, and that was followed by a boom that sounded up to the settlements located around the crater.

    “We could not observe the height of the eruption of dust because of the condition of the fog around the crater. At first eruption eruption dust altitude of about eight hundred yards,” said Farid. He said the series of eruptions occurred after an increase in seismicity that occurred on Wednesday (30/1) at 22:54 pm. “Until now the status is still at alert level three,” he said. –Inilah translated

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    6.0 magnitude earthquake shakes southeastern Alaska

    Source: The Extinction Protocol – 1/31/13

    January 31, 2013 – ANCHORAGE, Alaska —A strong shallow earthquake has shaken southeastern Alaska, but officials say there is no danger of a tsunami and there are no immediate reports of any damage. The U.S. Geological Survey said the 6.0 magnitude quake struck about 1 a.m. Thursday and was centered in the ocean, about 188 miles south of the capital, Juneau. The Tsunami Warning Center says there is no danger of a tsunami. The earthquake was widely felt across the region, according to the Alaska Earthquake Information Center. However, it had no immediate reports of any damage.

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    UFOs @ Sakurajima Vulcano Japan 2013 – And the show goes on and on Pt. 4

    UFOs AROUND Sakurajima Vulcano Japan

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    Complete Victory of the Light Is Near!

    Complete Victory of the Light Is Near!

    The Galactic Free Press Update: Anticipate Huge Energetic Movement In February.

    Greetings Love Beings, We have just gone through an Incredible Full Moon in Leo which rules the Heart. As a result, Many Heart activations have taken Place intensely over the past 72 hours. This has Definitely Lit UP the Higher Grid and is Quickly moving us forward into an Exciting Energetic February in the Oneness Energies. Lots of cleansing is also underway collectively as the old paradigm continues to die and this includes all ego. The Higher Selves Are Now Going to Arrive IN Physical Manifestation. The Human Angels Are Truly Awake, Prepared and Ready at the Front Lines. The Light’s Victory Is Arriving Fully.


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    Waiter stands up for special needs child!

    Usually, when a waiter refuses to serve someone at a restaurant, customers complain. In this case, customers cheered.
    The waiter in question, Michael Garcia, has been receiving goodwill and friend requests on the restaurant’s Facebook page since word spread that he stood up for a child with special needs.
    Garcia, who works at the Houston restaurant Laurenzo’s, was waiting on a family, regulars with a 5-year-old child, Milo, who has Down syndrome. The server said that another family at the restaurant commented on Milo’s behavior, which Garcia described as “talking and making little noises.” Garcia moved the complaining family to another table, but they were still unhappy. “Special needs children need to be special somewhere else,” the father reportedly said.
    The waiter then took a stand. He told that such talk is ignorant and is due to people’s fear of the unknown.

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    The Gift of January’s Pause

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    Soren Dreier ~ Rambunctious Souls


    Thank You to Gillian

    Zen Haven | January 30 2013

    Are you one of the: “Freedom loving, fear fighting, pattern breaking, don’t give a shit anymore, sweet and loving rambunctious souls?”

    Be proud, stand strong and keep on keeping on.

    True freedom first step is: Not giving a rats ass of attention to whatever people are thinking of you.

    People are breaking out in vast numbers right now of whatever prison they conceive themselves to be imprisoned in and the matrix is coming down very hard.

    Either very obvious and direct or by its nasty fabrication of brainwashed unconsciously willingly self-appointed status quo drones, either in your so called friendships, fellow co-workers or family members.

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    KP’s Blog~ Energies have Upgraded Extensively “Drop Your Paradigms!!!”

    Posted on 2013/01/30 by kauilapele

    Kp with 12-12-12 Sun on Kauai
    (click to enlarge)

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    You are being released. What do you do now? by Ron Head


    It is now obvious to those who are awakening that there have been great changes made by the rising energies within this last month, so much so that many are not only noticing the changes within themselves and each other, but are communicating this.  There are, for some, even glimmerings of psychic openings where none were before.  Almost all of you in this awakening state are feeling yourselves primed and ready for you know not what.

    Our message to you today is that you do know what.  It is the manifestation of your heart’s deepest urgings.  There has always been a time for this to happen.  That time is now.  The conditions in which you find yourselves at this point are best described as release.  You are being released.  What do you do now?

    We suggest that your hearts and your highest selves know the answer to that and are much better prepared to handle it than you are.  They have worked long and diligently getting you to this point, answering each intent and desire in your heart.  So what we would recommend for those who have done their clearing and learned to spend time in their heart space is, throw the reins up onto the neck of your horse and hang on.  Release.

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    Gaia Update: Alignment of Hue~manity Higher Templates with incoming Cosmic waves

    31 Jan

    Alignment of Hue-manity Higher Templates with incoming Cosmic waves presents Higher Choices to individual Hue-persons in “Hue-person-recognizable” forms. These Cosmic-wave-aligned Higher Templates are incoming to assist each human to choices to transform into Hue-man.

    Simplicity programs being transmitted enable recognition for most. Those with CBS (“Complicated Brain Syndrome”) will not receive, and require additional transmutation prior to reception. Pain is not required, but CBSs will likely choose the pain path for a period.

    Higher Hue-manity continues evolution at accelerated pace due to this Hue-manity Higher Template/Cosmic wave alignment.

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    Tearing Down to Rebuild ` Rethinking Complaining

    Daily Om by Madisyn Taylor January 31, 2013

    When we spend all of our time complaining, we are in essence in constant destroy mode rather than building mode.

    We all know someone who has elevated the process of complaining to a high art. Sometimes funny, sometimes exhausting, these people have the ability to find a problem just about anywhere. In its more evolved form, complaining is simply the ability to see what’s not working, in one’s own life or in the external world, and it can be quite useful if followed to its natural conclusion—finding a solution and applying it. However, many of us don’t get that far, and we find that complaining has become an end in itself. In small doses, this is not a big problem, but if complaining has become a huge part of our identities, it may be time to take a good look at how we are spending our energy.

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    Earth Ally Ellion~ Society Labals

    Like labels on a bottle of their pills, society loves to pin one on ya.  It’s what identifies the “real world”, aka duality.. 3D.  Graduating to 4 has put the Whole into a kind of perplexity.  A nebulous world of grey fog.  People try to feel their way through it, but there is nothing to grab.  It all seems to be falling apart at the seams.  Why?  Because it is.

    The evolutionist and the seers both agree that change is constant, but never has a society experienced such a rapid and “tangible” feeling of it happening!  I mean. evolution takes time, prophecy and developments take time.  The realization of “this is it its happening”,  all the time, can be a bit unnerving for those seeking respite.

    Yet there are those who are quite comfortable in this environment.  One might say, they’ve arrived.  Think of anyone living right now.  We were all mostly born in a time when change was a lot more “manageable”.  Things were “normal” as far as we could understand that word.  Now, it seems, nothing is.  No sooner do you think stability of sorts has been established, when some new iconoclastic event or events, take their place.

    Yes, the world is coming apart at the seams, and if you’ve loved what seemed. it might be getting scarry.

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    Rainbow Worlds Beyond the Veil ~ Cobra January 31, 2013

    Posted by Cobra at 12:53 PM

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    ~ A Special Message from The Earth Allies~ You Are The Starship

    Merkaba – 1 – Will

    ~Everyone on this Planet was Chosen, Hand Picked, out of the GODZILLIONS of Beings in Existence, to Be Here for this Experience. All of Humanity were the Ones, Specifically Chosen for this Experience of Awakening from out of the dream of illusion.~

    ~Love Is Everything, although it is nothing material, all material stuff was created in the  illusionary dream, for the sole purpose to make Humanity slaves, so they could pay the controllers, work hard and then die. As Humanity awakens they will drop all of these things, As Love, Joy, and Living~Experiencing the Truth will Be all that Matters ~

    ~WE are not here to take this Planet Away from Humanity. We are Here to give it back to Humanity. The “world” will fall away, it does not exist and is not real, as it was created in the dream, and the dream is no more. Only the True Reality of the Highest Possible Thoughts are Now in Existence and Only The Highest Possible Outcome will Manifest.~

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    Your Software is Your Path to New Communications

    Welcome to Brenda’s Blog 


    Nine people killed, as freak hailstorm rains ice boulders on Indian villages

    Source: Extinction Protocol – 2/01/13

    February 1, 2013 – INDIA – Hailstones the size of boulders have rained down on villages in southern India. At least nine people were killed when the violent weather hit several villages in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The hailstorm which lasted for almost 20 minutes, destroyed crops, houses and live stock, causing devastating financial implications for residents. It was once-in-lifetime experience for people living in seven villages in Chevella, Moinabad and Shankarpally. The hailstones started falling from the sky on Tuesday night and covered the entire villages under the snow-like blanket.

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    Ring-shaped prominence and Earth directed CME erupts from Sun – January 31, 2013

    Source: The Watchers – 1/31/13, By Adonai

    An Earth-directed Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) on January 31, 2013 (07:09 UTC) was accompanied by a large prominence eruption best visible in light with a wavelength of 304 angstroms. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory captured this footage from 10 p.m. EST (03:00 UTC) on January. 30, 2013, to 4 a.m. (09:00 UTC) the next morning. In this video, the imaging cadence is one frame every 36 seconds.

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    Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Emotional Healing

    Angel Wisdom Friday, February 1, 2013

    It is time for emotional healing

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    Heavenletter #4452 – New Music Is About to Begin

    Heaven Letters Published on: February 1, 2013

    God said:

    If I were to ask you this minute what you most want in the world right now, would you hesitate to ask? Would you be wanting to be sure you were asking for what you wanted most and not something less than optimum? Of course, you wouldn’t want to waste this wish.

    I have a feeling that if I were to ask you this right now, you wouldn’t be so sure what to ask. Much of the time, you are so certain, yet, when put to the test, you might be more cautious.

    If I gave you three choices, that would be easier, yet not necessarily a shoe-in.

    Of course, if you had a sick child, you might well know without hesitation.

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    3MIN News February 1, 2013: Quake Watch Update, Solar Magnetics


    By: Suspicious0bservers

    Published on Feb 1, 2013

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    Moon Hippie Mystic~ To the Angels

    With Gratitude -

    You are the Rainbow Light that I call upon to LOVE me, Nurture me, and Heal me

    You are the Rainbow Bridge that takes me where I wish to go

    You are my Light Guardian sent to keep me safe and sound

    You are always here for within me is where you dwell

    You are the one I see above me and you wrap your arms around me everyday

    My pain is your pain that you Soothe and Heal

    You are the images in my mind’s eye and the Joy I feel when I imagine this “place”

    This place is LOVE and I AM learning the power this place brings

    This place is LOVE and this is my Home

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    Oracle Report Friday, February 1, 2013

    Oracle Report

    Disseminating Moon Phase - Moon in Libra

    Ruling Mahavidya: Matangi

    Venus and Mars move into different signs today; Venus enter Aquarius and Mars enters Pisces.  So a change-up in the energy is in store today, especially regarding relationships.  

    During Disseminating Moon phases, we need to be aware of what we are hearing – what is being said.  Pay attention to what people are telling you.  Everyone wants to be heard today, so be mindful and include everyone who needs to be involved in any kind of discussion.  If important decisions need to be made, ask for help or input from others.  It’s a ”group effort” type of day, so other perspectives should be valued.

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    U.S. spring crop season jeopardized as drought persists

    Reuters – 1/31/13, Carey Gillam

    The last of the 2012 drought-stricken corn is seen at Mayne’s Tree Farm in Buckeystown, Maryland October 27, 2012.

    Credit: Reuters/Gary Cameron

    (Reuters) – The unrelenting drought gripping key farming states in the U.S. Plains shows no signs of abating, and it will take a deluge of snow or rain to restore critical moisture to farmland before spring planting of new crops, a climate expert said on Thursday.

    “It’s not a pretty picture,” said climatologist Mark Svoboda of the University of Nebraska’s Drought Mitigation Center.

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    Jesus through John – Your are very close to an important boundary

    Jesus Through John February 1, 2013 by John Smallman

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    Visionkeeper – Our Technicolor World…

    One World Rising Posted on February 1, 2013

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    Madagascar cyclone kills five

    Global Post – 1/31/13, Agence France-Presse

    Five people were killed as pounding rain and high winds from tropical cyclone Felleng battered Madagascar on Thursday, officials said.

    “Four people died after a house collapsed in Antananarivo and one person drowned in Maroantsetra,” in the north, Raymond Randriatahina, an official with the national disaster management agency, told AFP.

    To read the rest of this story, visit Global Post.

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    Severe Weather Outbreak Recap: Jan. 29-30, 2013 – 2/01/13, Chris Dolce and Jon Erdman

    iWitness weather user fshelton25 says he was driving home on Interstate 75 in Adairsville, Ga. Wed., Jan 30 when he saw a wedge tornado right in front of his car.

    An unusual, widespread January severe thunderstorm outbreak began on Tuesday morning, Jan. 29, 2013 and has delivered a swath of damaging winds and some tornadoes from the Southern Plains to the lower/middle-Mississippi Valleys, Ohio Valley, Tennessee Valley and Mid-Atlantic, a distance of roughly 1700 miles over a little less than 48 hours. The storm system also produced strong non-thunderstorm wind gusts in parts of the Northeast and New England into early January 31.

    Severe Reports Tally (as of Jan. 31)

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    Disastrous Pile-Ups Snarl Major Interstates – 2.01.13, and Associated Press

    Detroit, Mich. Semi trucks collided as part of a massive crash along I-75 Thursday morning. (Image: Associated Press)

    Blinding snow squalls passing through the Great Lakes Thursday created nightmarish chain reaction crashes near not one, but two major cities.

    The first massive crash happened Thursday morning on Interstate 75 south of Detroit, Michigan. The second played out on Interstate 70 about 10 miles west of Indianapolis, Indiana early Thursday afternoon.

    To read the rest of this story, visit

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    “Dragon Tail” – Huge filament eruption – January 31, 2013

    Source: The Watchers – 1/31/13, By Adonai

    A large filament stretching hundreds of thousands of kilometers erupted on Thursday, January 31, 2012. The eruption lasted about 4 hours and was located in the northeast quadrant of the Sun.

    The following SDO video shows a variety of views of the break-up of this structure.

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    The Heart Song for February 1st 2013

    The Heart Song for February 2st 2013 is

    You Are Not Alone by Michael Jackson

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    Earth Nears Date for Closest Asteroid Fly-by Ever – 1/31/13

    Earth is nearing the date of the closest asteroid fly-by ever.

    On February 15, asteroid 2012 DA14 will fly on a path that puts it just 17,200 miles from earth, which is closer to Earth than some communication satellites, according to Universe Today.

    A NASA diagram shows the asteroid’s close trajectory.


    To read the rest of this story, visit

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    Groundhog Day

    GFP Note: For more information on Candlemas, or the Presentation of Jesus at the Temple, visit Wikipedia.

    Groundhog Day 2005 in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, USA


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    The Morning Blessing 02.01.13

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    Groundhog Day 2013: What are we all doing in Punxsutawney? – John Luciew, 2/01/13

    The Punxsutawney pilgrimage has begun. Thousands are steaming into this otherwise small, sleepy Western Pennsylvania town. Come the wee hours of Saturday, some 35,000 shivering spectators are expected to be gathered in nearby Gobbler’s Knob for the grand awakening. That magical moment when Punxsutawney Phil his pulled from hibernation by handlers clad in top hats and tuxedos. All to inform the world of winter’s duration.

    Will it be six more weeks of slogging through snow, wind and cold before the welcome respite of spring? Only if Phil’s shadow says so. Or, will we get a welcome reprieve from the all-knowing weather rodent, who kindly predicts an early spring? If so, one better hope for clouds.

    To read the rest of this story, visit

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    From Our God-Self : Your Soul Is Always Happy!

    Ute Possega-Rudel ~ Messages From The Realms Of Light ~  1 February 2013

    VIDEO (recommended)


    The wisdom of the ages is now arising in the heart of mankind. I AM Arising! Every heart is being now ignited by Me, but it takes time for many to recognize Me in their awareness!

    My Divine Love is now fully present on Earth and can be received by everybody that desires so.

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    Mahala ~ Mahalas Astrology ~ Planet Alert February 2013

     1 February 2013

    January was very challenging for many people. What a month that was with all the flu and colds that were going around and more stuff from the past coming up to be looked at and released. We were moving through the sign of Capricorn which is ruled by Saturn, and Saturn is in the sign of Scorpio. This means there was the interchange between those two planets. Saturn rules karma and old stuff, and Pluto rules transformation. The energy felt very heavy last month, at least to me.

    Now the sun is moving through the sign of Aquarius, which is ruled by Uranus. This is the planet of change, and Uranus is in the sign of Aries which means this month will bring us some kind of new beginning. We are getting closer to the Spring Equinox in March. This is when the Sun moves into the sign of Aries and we will start the astrological New Year. I am really looking forward to spring. I can hardly wait until the flowers start blooming.

    I think many of us were looking forward to being in a new energy after December 21, 2012, and thinking everything would be alright from now on.  The new energy is here, although we need to adjust to it so we can create what we choose to experience.  We are in the time when what we think manifests almost instantly. This means to really pay attention to what you think, and focus on “Thinking with your heart”.

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    Kryon: 2013 ~ What Now?

    Commentary from the Galactic Free Press~ Kryon Mentions an 18 year span for the changes. We do not see this, as we know Humanity has 2 more years to awaken on this Planet and move into the 5d frequencies. Just and FYI! Love The Earth Allies

    Sunday, 6 January, 2013  at Phoenix, AR  (posted 1 February, 2013)

    Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. So it is that this particular message would be the one that is published first in 2013. There would be those who would be listening now, who would say, “Well, now that the marker has been passed of 2012, what’s next?” This is the Human Being speaking who is always looking forward and never back, who doesn’t usually stop and look around, who always wants to measure energy by what’s coming instead of what was or what is. So we’re not going to go there just yet. Instead, we’re going to say to you, “I want you to stop and look at what you’ve done.” For in order to look forward, you must understand what’s behind you. What is behind you is the conquering of an old energy, above and beyond what any of the prophecies ever said you would be able to do.

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    Love is an Inside Job ~ A God Message from Suzanne Spooner of TAUK

    ; Suzanne Spooner

    From Suzanne:   A client asked if I would TAUK through a birthday message for her son. He has generously allowed me to reprint his message here. I asked him if that would be ok as the message was so beautifully global about love, self love and relationship to others. I am sure all of us have experienced a heat break or frustration in a relationship before, oh to be human! I hope this assists others on their paths as well.

    My Son,

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    Published on Feb 1, 2013

    What I am feeling as I come to the computer from a long meditation is almost beyond words. My awareness is that many souls, even twin flames, are being reunited at this time in the first Aquarian cycle of the first year after 12-21-2012. Yes, it does involve me — and many more, I am told. Mysteries of separation and creation are being unveiled, allowing many of us to see more clearly and choose how we will relate to one another to co-create heaven on earth, healing the planet and her most enigmatic creature: Man. Male and female, masculine and feminine energies are coming together at this time and in the months immediately ahead of us. It’s a beautiful thing to feel and will be an awesome thing to witness as the reunion occurs, changing everything. This is the transformation, or as my mentor, Dr, Bruce L. Morgan, called it, the antiadromea. Not sure how to spell that, and I’m likely saying it wrong. He attributed it to Carl Jung and it meant the reverse flow of energy.

    Commentary from The Galactic Free Press~ In 2012 We Announced that 2013 Not Only Meant the Reconnection with the Higher self but with Twin Flames. The New Earth Represents Balanced Harmonics, and this Means that only twin flame relationships will exsist. Love The Earth Allies

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    Meredith Murphy ~ News From The Ideafrontier : Map Of The New Reality

     Recognition Of Where You Are ~ 1 February 2013

    February dawns and we begin to realize where we really are: we’re in the middle, each of us emerging into the new in perfect time.  We’re in the middle of bridging the old into the new. In the middle of crossing from one reality into another. in the middle of downloading and integrating all that is taking place, and all we’ve summoned. We’re in a moment of releasing ourselves to the wisdom of SOUL, recognizing that it is Soul–the expansive aspect encompassing the continuum of our own being, which is wisely orchestrating our participation in this here, this now. Rather then feeling this Soul as something separate, outside of us, dictating–mysteriously–this moment, that moment, we are beginning to remember that Soul flows forth animating this experience and we are learning the dance of this sentience. The incredible dance of conscious, multidimensional collaboration with All-That-Is, in the form of our fully realized, most expansive, inclusive self–as Soul. 


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    Let’s Get That Ball Rolling ~ February Is Demanding MOVEMENT!!

    Welcome to February!!  I am breathing a sigh of relief that the craziness that has been January, is now behind us!  Instead of the winds of change blowing us to smithereens on even subatomic levels, we now have the winds at our back, pushing us forward.  For some, that can very well be interpreted as, pushing us out of our comfort zones.

    There are two readings from yesterday that sit strongly at the forefront of my mind this morning.  The detail and understandings of both of them became clearer and clearer as the day progressed.  I also realized, primarily due to my last reading of the day, what the field is really showing you.  I mean, I knew, but with this lady’s reading and actually the conflicting energy coming thru the phone, the point was underscored:

    No matter what your life may look like on the outside, what your circumstances may be on the inside, ya know, ego chatter, YOU are ready.  The readings over the last several days have been showing us what is needed to set all the prepared fields of energy into motion.

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    SaLuSa 1~February~2013 All Lower energies are falling away

    Mike Quinsey

    For a long time the energy quotients upon Earth have been slowly growing, but since you have experienced a major upliftment in them they have greatly increased. It means that your levels of Light are increasing at a far greater rate, and the results will gradually be seen as more people look to be released from the hold of the dark Ones. The Light has long been revealing the truth about their activities, and they are no longer able to fool you with their plans to hold onto power. It is in fact quickly becoming obvious to them that their time is up, and they cling to whatever gives them hope of avoiding the inevitable end of their reign. With the understanding of what has gone on in the past that has supported the dark Ones, it is possible to life your lives without fear of their actions. That denies them the conditions that they have flourished in, and before their very eyes they see their power slipping away. Consequently our allies can more easily work to speed up the long awaited changes, and you will not have long to wait too long to see them.

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    ET Discovery Could Happen Within 10 Years: World Economic Forum

    Huff Post – 2/01/13, Lee Speigel

    The ongoing search for Earth-like planets is closing in on the probability that life exists outside of our home planet.

    The discovery of alien life or Earth-like planets and the implications to the world was a crucial item on the agenda at the annual World Economic Forum, or WEF, in Davos, Switzerland.

    World business leaders and prominent politicians gathered to discuss issues or risks that the world may have to confront in the next decade.

    To watch the video and read the rest of this story, visit Huff Post.

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    Big Story Weather – February 1, 2013 – 2/01/13, Joshua Kelly

    Big Story Weather from January 31: The big stories from yesterday included the heavy rainfall that fell along the Northeast and on the Eastern Lakes it was the heavy snowfall. The second major news from yesterday was the Arctic air mass that moved through the Northern Plains. There were some places that saw wind chill values as low as -50F along with high temps only getting to -10F.

    Weather Outlook for February 1: A few lingering lake effect snow showers over the Eastern Lakes, otherwise high pressure will dominate the weather from the Plains to the East Coast with some very cold air in place as frost and freeze warnings are issued for Florida. A few light snow showers will move through North Dakota with the next Clipper system. High pressure over the Northern Rockies will also keep the West Coast dry and cool for the most part. A few snow showers will be found in the Northern Rockies. Below is the weather for a few select cities this afternoon.

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