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Sent: Sunday, March 10, 2013 12:06 PM

Subject: FYI from the White Hats blog

Dear V.K.,
Somebody sent this to me.

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John, who wrote the
comment below, is a WH. English M-6 according to Lew. A WH blog comment I
thought deserved to be seen:

9, 2013 at 3:31 PM

is a smart, hard Professional with decades of Intel experience and running a
country. O is a bag Man, run by multiple interests, clueless and impotent.

the GS. Watch carefully.

is happening in the Vatican? Its Bank? Its Papal control? Watch Le Guarde and
Lew. Watch the Basle Committee. Watch as US Law Enforcement at the top corners
the rats.

ALL playing out and it’s ALL coming down on them. We care, we try and we do
respect you all, your rights, hopes and needs. A lot we can not say or it will
prejudice all we are doing out of sight.

you think for a moment we will give up or sell out?

is no price, we want Justice – for all!. But, in a highly sensitive, multi
cause and multi facet world; each step needs care. Parties you would not
believe have been talking to avoid what’s coming. No names, but high! How can
you expect to see what’s so high up off radar? Just Trust it is in play in real

will not give any advantage by pre warning them. Many know the game is up. Many
know their past is dirty and being investigated. Biden tried to hide his
bribes. Sr used US Government planes and Agency staff to help. All names are
known. All will go to Jail. All will lose their Pensions, Homes and families.

have already sworn affidavits. Disgusted witnesses have talked. All the Masters
of the Universe have become Master – bators, fast in fear of what is coming
down now.

Military commanders now see the real enemy is within. Arrogance was common
among all, as they stole with indifference, and produced sons in Crime Families
who were Teflon. Until the gloss wore off. Fancy dress and very dirty knickers
underneath. Now they are exposed as Naked Emperors. Cheap, glitzy Shysters.

the teams do what is being handled. It takes what it takes. Their dollars,
their time, their lives and stress.

years of Cabal theft takes unraveling. On every corner, another bent Agency
Chief or slime bag Attorney waits to block and frustrate. It’s a process of
discovery and time.

Made Men now realize their place in history is recorded for posterity to see.
Crooks and chicanery. Sleazy, rotten men. Teflon Agency chiefs came to earth,
pants in hand. Suddenly exposure is happening – who next?

guys in Reno are playing their cards. All of Europe is active and so is China.
These are huge mind games.

Cabal will not survive. A lot of Vatican accounts will spew out. The Vatican
itself is now at a crossroads. Banking is under attack. Israel will be
subjected to greater scrutiny. There is no appetite for war. The world is
growing up. Educating the masses has led to challenges. When the Elite Cabal
only produce stupid sons, the pyramids shake and crumble.


Left Without Money as RBS Systems Crash

Cook: I wonder if any other banking systems suffer a similar fate in the days
ahead (which may indicate this is some sort of financial system re-set) or if
this is a one-off. Whatever the cause, millions of people in the UK had no
access to THEIR money.

to 17.5 million RBS banking group customers were left without their money last
night as the bank’s systems crashed.

Hayley Dixon, The Telegraph UK – March 7, 2013

Jim Willie CB,*

– Posted Wednesday, 6 March 2013 | Share this article | Source:

The propaganda has turned openly laughable. On the popular major financial news
networks, the recent decline in the so-called Gold price has prompted quite the
parade of clowns on the ship of fools to trumpet nonsense. The widely published
and posted Gold price is dominated by futures contracts, and thus as corrupted
as meaningless. The entire global financial structure is crumbling before our
eyes. The gang of central bankers has applied their monetary policy for four
and a half years since the implosion of Lehman, Fannie Mae, and AIG. The first
is dead, while the second has transformed into a sanctioned subprime lender
again, and the latter is a sinkhole. The deceptive messages are shrill, acute,
and motivated from desperation. The West cannot solve its problems, hardly
properly described as a financial crisis anymore, under the current framework
bound to the fiat paper currencies. The global monetary war is heating up
notably. The heavy liquidity has caused unfixable distortions in every
conceivable bond market niche. The new and better debt devices have been
exposed for their shams. The leading central bankers lost their credibility
long ago. The weakness is as broad as it is deep, a reliance upon paper wealth
and paper structures and paper contracts, during a time of zero bound interest
rates and unfettered hyper monetary inflation to cover the debts. Almost
no foreign US Treasury Bond buyers exist anymore. The US has become
Weimar Amerika, a fascist enclave. ****
** **
*More than a crisis, it is more accurately described as a collapse of
a corrupt inequitable monetary system, and a desperate defense by the
major Western bankers to preserve their power over nations and their
governments*, alongside a vile vicious violent attempt by the United States
to maintain its privilege as owner of the vast US Dollar counterfeit
machinery, as controller of vast banking pillars of paper columns, and as commander
of a vast military. Leave as a footnote the massive blossom of
financial crime, well known to students of fascist business models. The
list of US leaders with Vatican slush fund bank accounts is long. The list
of big US banks under lawsuit or investigation is long. The prosecution
cases against big US banks tossed under the rug for past multi-$billion
frauds is long. The list of big US banks caught in narcotics money
laundering is long, each punished by roughly 1/30-th of a penny per dollar
involved. The list of regulator cases that run interminably against big US
banks without any action for chronic commodity violations is long. The
list of defense contractor fraud and appropriation violations is long, none
even prosecuted. The United States has earned a reputation as a lawless
land in the eyes of a great many nations and corporations with
multi-national reach. The global shun has not just begun, it is well
along. Case in point. In Tokyo, Ireland, and Toronto, the US$100 bill is
routinely rejected by banks for deposits under the pretext of broad
counterfeit. Also, Amazon checks are rejected in Italy and Germany for
deposits. ****
** **
The asset bubbles that require better focus are the US stock market
and the US Treasury Bond market. Each has run close to its limit on
bubble power, no longer operating as buoyant or of reliable viscosity.
*The stock and bond markets suffer from a Weimar dependence, as Reich
Finance has quietly woven into the entire US bond and monetary fabric.* In numerous
previous articles bearing the Hat Trick Letter brand, discussions and
evidence have been produced that demonstrate a heavy dependence upon the
Interest Rate Swap derivative contract for keeping the long-term US TBond
yields low. There is no conceivable flight to safety, a fascist battle cry ripe
with propaganda and disinformation, intended to support the US$-based
financial structures. With new supply from US Govt debt pouring onto the
table, with rollover of matured US Govt debt pouring on the table, with
absent foreign buyers of US TBonds exiting the same table, with unresolved
$1 trillion debt festering without political solution sitting on the
table, the long-term US TBond yields should be over 7% and truly near 10%,
since *the United States is Greece times one hundred*. So naturally the
Interest Rate Swap derivative must be relied upon to keep US
interest rates low. The US T Bond asset bubble is the final bubble before
the US Govt debt default and the global rejection of the US Dollar itself.
Gold serves as a strong viable reliable protection against the US T Bond asset
bubble. Hence the propaganda directed against Gold by the official media.
The powers that be are scared, since the system is collapsing beneath
their feet. Or as my great gold trader source likes to say, they are
shoveling feces from under their feet. ****
** **
The US stock market is more an open sore with pus, since the US Economy
is plagued by a powerful recession better described as a deepening
depression in its middle stages. The Dow and S&P500 stock indexes are
pushing record highs at a time when the many sectors of the US Economy all
uniformly in reverse, all suffering, all cutting jobs, all experiencing
distress to profit margins. *No better evidence exists of Weimar dependence
than an economy in depression while major stock indexes register record
highs.* Roll out the electronic wheel barrows. The dissonance is loud and
clear. Even the public is displaying signs of cognitive dissonance, a
remarkable and new phenomenon. They smell a rotten market held up by false
pillars. The Working Group for Financial Markets operates under the cover
of the Exchange Stabilization Fund, run by the vast expanse of the US
Dept Treasury. The primary activities of a department named with treasury
in the title are to manage multi-$trillion debt and to rig the financial
markets. Witness Reich Finance. In 2010 and 2011, the big factor exposed
was flash trading, the hyper-active algorithms that comprised over 80% of
NYSE stock volume in trades. The private retail investor has largely
vanished. In 2012 and 2013, the big factor to be exposed has been US Govt
secretive support for stocks, with direct lines from the US Federal
Reserve. If and when, unless and until the US stock market falters badly, the
US population will be stirred and motivated for action, as the people
object to lost wealth, phony wealth, and newfound poverty. They will
pursue Gold & Silver in new regiments and armies. ****
** **
A few years ago, the personal response was often anger at
deceptive stories promulgated on the mainstream financial news networks.
They are less news nowadays, more Wall Street and US Govt promotional
platforms with a public address speaker system. No longer is the reaction
laced with anger and outbursts at the television set. Instead, the
personal response has turned into laughter and amusement. *This week,
after profound declines in the corrupted paper Gold & Silver prices,
the Bloomberg and CNBC paid shills have actually stated that the gold market
has suffered a tarnish, that the gold bull is likely dead.* They state
their three well researched reasons, which deepened the laughter and heightened
the amusement. They repeated their segments with shill message. Their
harlots spoke without breaking a smile or revealing their obvious
compromise in integrity. ****
** **
The Reich Finance motivated media maven talking heads stated that 1)
*other asset classes are better performing than Gold*. What plain rubbish!
This might be true for COMEX gold and for mining stocks. Obviously, if
the US Dept Treasury with the ES Fund and the US Fed with its channels
through JP Morgan offices support the stocks and bonds, then all other
asset classes not Reich sanctioned will appear to be worth less. However,
the truly worthless assets are those stocks and bonds supported by the
printing press with Weimar nameplate. Remove the props for stocks and
bonds, and remove the suppression for Gold & Silver, and the major
stocks would drop 30% in 30 days, and major bond yields would rise to 5%
in 30 days, and the Gold price would rise 30% in 30 days, and the Silver
price would rise 50% in 30 days. Reich Finance sponsors major Dow stocks
and USTreasury Bonds with corrupted money and unending propaganda messages.
Both are at nosebleed levels, far in excess of true value. ****
** **
The Reich Finance motivated media maven talking heads stated that 2)
*improved economic data divert investments away from Gold*. What plain
rubbish! The national Gross Domestic Product flirted with 0% in Q4, even
after lifted by the typical routine 5% to 6% adjustment lie. The US
Economy has been stuck in a powerful recession of at least 4% to 5%
decline each year since 2008, with no sign of escape. Each 1% lie on price
inflation translates to a 1% lie on growth. Americans have been so
bombarded by economic mumbo jumbo garbage, that they no longer know what
inflation is anymore.

Numerous measures
reflect distress and backsliding in the national economy, from the broad
ISM indexes (manufacturing, service) to the numerous Fed business indexes
(like Philly Fed, Empire Fed, Richmond Fed, etc) to the sector indexes
(like retail, banking, home sales, etc). For several years the aggregate data
pushed out by the US Govt office elves has been in conflict with the
components that comprise the aggregate. In other words, the majority of
retailers publish distress signals, while the US Govt stat rat clowns post
national retail growth figures. The whole does not equate to the sum of
the parts. Even the supply chain shows direct signs of interruption, long
a Jackass forecast which has finally begun to show itself. See the
Wal-Mart shelves, and the Apple inventory. It could be China at work. ****
** **
The Reich Finance motivated media maven talking heads stated that 3)
*lower consumer price inflation has undercut the Gold demand as a hedge*.
What plain rubbish! My focus has been directed to Shadow Govt Statistics to
note the very consistent CPI rate between 8% and 11% for each of the last several
years. They produce defensible reliable factual estimates on a variety of
economic statistics, free from bias, which for a trained statistical
analyst is very easy to identify. With the nonsensical CPI claimed at 2%
to 3% in managed style by the US Govt clowns, the inflation lie has been a
steady 5% to 6%, in conservative terms. Ironically, of the many people
contacted over the years who invest in the acceptable US stock sectors
like technology or media or retail or banking, they tell me that they do
not believe the US Govt published statistics on CPI (inflation) or GDP
(economic growth). When pressed on their justification for
stock investments therefore, they all say the same thing. These statistics
are all they have to work with, everybody reacts to the same statistics,
and it is all ok. When informed about Shadow Govt Statistics, many
enlightened have heard of them but do not act on their information. ****
** **
The motives for buying Gold are growing with each turn of the season,
and each crumbling platform. The reasons are many and should be listed
in outline form for emphasis. The most important motives are: ****

1) *The major central banks are printing new money with utter
abandon.* The US Fed admits to expanding the US Dollar supply for US TBond
and US Agency Mortgage purchases at the tune of $80 per month. In January
alone, the US Fed poured $1.2 trillion into the big European banks,
through the Euro Central Bank channels. The US Dollar debasement initiatives do
not lift Gold price so much as they undermine the major currencies in
unison relative to Gold. The effect is to shine a bright light on Gold for
its legitimacy. ****

2) *The major central banks are engaged in Competing Currency War in open
style*, with major nations participating. They are justifying
their actions, as to preserve their export trades. They are rendering
damage to other nations which attempt to hedge their outsized reserves.
The victim is global trade, in a steady relentless decline. The
competitive devaluations are deeply damaging to both trade and the trust
behind the fiat paper currencies themselves. The war debases all major
currencies, and lifts the integrity of Gold. ****

3) *The major banks in the United States, England, and Western Europe are
insolvent*, almost without exception. Since April 2009, the United States
blessed the corrupt accounting via a Congressional bill that endorsed a
plan by the gutless Financial Accounting Standards Board. They declared
any big US bank can dictate the value of their assets on balance sheets,
even using original date valuations before market impact, even if no
market exists anymore for the asset. The London banks are busted
from property loans and Southern Europe sovereign debt gone bad, with the
LIBOR scandal adding to their bankrupt image. The European banks are busted,
with heavy reliance upon the property market. The PIIGS nations have
actually suffered added damage from the goony loony Euro Central Bank LTRO
bonds which acted like large grenades. With major banks no longer serving
as a strong physical foundation for the Western monetary system, the flight
to Gold continues in a brisk pace. The big banks will soon buy Gold by
the truck load. ****

4) The sovereign bonds of Southern Europe have recently been joined by UK
Gilts and US TBonds as impaired bonds with little or no global demand.
The Anglo-American bond game has seen its jig up. The PIIGS bonds are
supported by extreme Euro Central Bank efforts. The US TBonds are
supported by extreme US Fed efforts. The Japanese are openly selling their
own Jap Govt Bonds, the opposite. *All sovereign bonds are in effect
supported by the Weimar engines of phony money* and burned oil, complete
with hissing sounds from the great strain. The collection of sovereign
bonds serves as Nemesis to Gold. With the lost prestige and lost squeaky
clean AAA ratings, as the debt downgrade parade continues, the effect is
to lift Gold demand. The race is on whether the US TBond or UK Gilt will
be downgraded next. Maybe both at same time! ****

5) *The negative real rate of interest continues to serve as the primary
cylinder to the Gold Bull Express Locomotive. *Interest rate paid to
savers is abysmal and low. The standard 2% certificate of deposit is
an embarrassment to attract savers and their capital. The official US
Treasury Bonds offer roughly 2% and 3% on the 10-year and 30-year vehicle
in commitment. This is woefully inadequate. The CPI is over 7% in
conservative terms, resulting in a loss of at least 4% per year to savers.
The real rate has been negative since 2003 and will continue to be
negative for years to come, at least until the US Govt debt default. Gold
demand is in lockstep with negative real interest rates. ****

6) *All paper wealth is crumbling and eroding in value.* The global financial
crisis, better described as a global monetary war to preserve the fiat
paper currencies led by the US Dollar, has resulted in colossal damage to
home equity, commercial property, mortgage bonds, junk bonds, secondary stocks,
shipping vessels, even some collectible art. Stocks and bonds are turning
worthless, despite their bubbly prices posted, since they are supported by
artificial corrupted means. The proof is absent legitimate buyers. Mining
stocks have been in deep trouble for four to five years, due to share
dilution, rising costs, difficult deposits, resource nationalism, and
labor strikes. Add to their troubles the shortage of engineers, and Wall
Street mining stock index suppression, alongside spread trades to support the
largest miners (old guard of forward sellers and corrupt players). As
paper wealth continues to crumble and vanish, the tangible assets like
crude oil, farmland, and Gold rise in demand. ****

7) *Absence of reliable inventory in the COMEX.* The shuffling games have
reached extreme levels. Silver supply is shuttled daily from the
old vaults in Basel, London, and the Roman Catacombs. The raids done on
the handy Exchange Traded Funds have been regular and frequent, as GLD
vaults and SLV vaults are the object of the grabs. They act like Wall
Street and London bullion central banks for the privileged corrupted big
banks to draw upon, and thus show the price discount to the spot Gold
price (signal of widespread corrupt shorting practices). The COMEX will
someday shut down, from lack of inventory and lack of clients. The true Gold
price will be revealed when the giant crime scene is shut down. ****

8) *Neither Russia nor China sells any of its gold output on the global
market.* They are each a leader in gold mining output. The largest mining
firms in South Africa, which as global leaders supplied a
tremendous volume for decades, are the victims of marxist nitwits who
have systematically been destroying the national cash cow with higher
taxation and wrecked electricity grid. The gold shortage grows acute, as a
result. ****

9) *The large New York and London banks are being gradually drained
of their gold bullion.* From March to August, an astonishing 6000
metric tons were removed from London alone by large powerful Eastern entities. Many
of the transactions were conducted off-market, with extreme force applied and
duress felt amidst leverage. The players received no press attention, but
the activity was reported to the Jackass by a broker participating in the
process. The shortage of Gold within the power centers will result
eventually in a Gold default among the banks. The Gold price will be
jettisoned higher by an order of magnitude. ****

10) *The gold accounting practices are steeped with fraud.* The
central banks lease out gold, but the party leasing the gold reports it
in accounting, and the central banks report it in accounting. The JP
Morgan gold vaults reside alongside the New York Fed gold vaults, where
perhaps the double counting is doubled once more in overlap, making for
quadruple counting. The gold held in inventory is much lower than reported. The
Russian and Chinese gold reserves are at least three times higher
than reported, possibly five times higher. Then the Congo gold trade, as
in smuggling, accounts for 1000 metric tons on no ledger sheet. The
Gold supply is far lower than reported in the West, and much higher in the
East. The price mechanisms are controlled in the West. The true Gold price
will reflect the true gold inventory. The East will force it. ****

11) *The Allocated Gold Account scandal is fast gaining attention.*
It will see a climax in the German official account demand for
repatriation. Numerous class action lawsuits totaling in the $billions are
underway in Switzerland for massive abuse. The plaintiffs in my view are
forced to sign non-disclosure agreements in order to proceed. The pillage
of private Gold accounts is gaining attention at the lower levels. The
abuse of official national Gold accounts like from Germany, Austria,
Netherlands, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Ghana have come into view. Again, the
true Gold price will reflect the true gold inventory. Libya was liberated
last year (of its 144 tons in London, that is) to compensate for London
bank shortages in gold. ****

12) *The new Gold Trade Finance system is coming into view.* The
Iran sanctions galvanized the development of alternative methods
for non-US Dollar trade settlement among Eastern nations. Iran has many
trade partners, a situation that has remained firm for a few thousand
years. As Turkey and India continue to step forward as gold intermediary
agents, with banks and commercial entities providing the service, watch
the Gold Trade flourish. Their channels could very likely converge with
the numerous Chinese Yuan Swap facilities in place, which started the
non-US$ trade practice years ago. Gold will sit at the core (along with
Silver and Platinum) in the gold trade notes and settlement system. ****
** **
The GLD exchange traded fund is undergoing big changes, with
sudden reduction in its gold inventory. Giant raids are being executed by
the big US banks. They struggle mightily to meet demand and to prevent a
price spike that would result from a default. The news story is simple,
but the meaning is enormously significant. The story is perfect for
distortion by the propaganda trumpets on the mainstream financial media,
which have no motive to report correctly on the details. The Gold holdings
in the SPDR Gold Trust, with trading symbol GLD, remain the biggest
Exchange Traded Fund backed by bullion in the world. It is also the most
corrupt, whose custodians designed it for easy gold bar inventory raids by the
big US banks. *The GLD gold bar inventory decreased 3.02 metric tons to
1323 tons as of February 14th, the lowest level since early October.*
The mainstream news story stops short of asking the natural follow-up
question of where the physical gold bars went, where the delivery was
directed, and who is the buyer might be. The simple fact is stark and
ugly:*no buyer is involved*. It is a basic high volume raid. The big US banks
short the GLD shares and arrive to pick up the three tons of physical gold
bars in armored trucks. The dimwitted sheeple who invest in the GLD fund
have their gold leased and borrowed like stock certificates right under
their sleepy noses. Someday the ET Fund will be drained dry of gold bars,
its investors left dumbfounded. *The GLD share price discount to the spot
Gold price is the hint of abuse via rampant shorting.* My hope is soon a GLD
discount to spot Gold price becomes much bigger and is posted publicly,
even debated. The big raid of gold bars, easily enabled, makes possible
the defense of the Gold price. The massive rise in investment demand is
met by massive raids of the corrupted GLD gold fund, in balance. In the
process, the gold price looks tame, calm, and unaltered. ****
** **
The financial news talking heads and very attractive strumpets
and supposed expert guests talk about Gold being the trade on fear. What
utter nonsense! Gold is the trade against monetary inflation gone out of
control, the plethora of toxic sovereign AAA bonds, the broken insolvent
banks, and the economies subjected to fierce attack on capital from a
rising cost structure. ****
** **
The Chinese gold imports from Hong Kong continue in a storm surge
flow without interruption. The annual data is impressive, as imports to
China almost doubled in the last year. The constant controlled price by
the Western shamans combines with rising Chinese domestic income to enable
a brisk Gold business in bars, coins, and scrap. Every month, huge gold
imports flow to China from Hong Kong on a consistent basis. *The
annual data is out for 2012. It showed a surge of 94% in increased import
of gold bars, coins, and scrap. The 2012 total was 834,502 kilograms,
versus a total of 431,215 kilograms in 2011.* The imports for December
alone were an impressive 114,405 kilograms (=114.4 metric tons), according
to the Hong Kong Census & Statistics Dept. The jump even for a single month
was solid, as imports were 90,764 kilograms in November. That comes to a
12.6% monthly sequential gain for the final month of the year (not
annualized). Income growth within China is significant enough to enable
China to displace India as the world’s biggest gold consumer. Their demand
has grown markedly for copper, energy, and farm commodities also. ****
** **
Furthermore, a very odd red herring appeared in the Q4 trade
deficit report issued by the US Govt. It appeared as a bulging line item,
with industrial supplies as the heading, which showed a big jump. It is
led by non-monetary gold being exported, mostly to Hong Kong. The Hat
Trick Letter reveals more information on the odd story, within the Gold
& Currency Report. On its face, it looks like the Chinese might be
demanding gold bullion to finance the US trade gap, and the US Govt is
concealing this fact. Some gold refiners might be involved, which would
account for the non-monetary gold label. ****
** **
Lastly, the fast rise in minted Gold & Silver coin demand has become
a major global story. Somehow the mainstream harlots like Bloomberg and
CNBC neglect to mention *the record setting demand for coins by the US
Mint, the Canadian Royal Mint, and elsewhere* like for the Austrian Philharmonics
and the Chinese Pandas. Details on coin sales also are provided with analysis
in the February Gold report for the Hat Trick Letter subscribers. One
should know that large investors are pursuing large supplies of Gold bars
and Silver bars. The market in volume in several parts of the world is
extremely tight with low inventory supply. My best source reports that in
certain world market centers, for authenticated large volume sales in the
multi-$millions, the Gold price is near $2000 per oz and the Silver price
is near $40 per oz. The divergence between real physical markets and the
COMEX corrupted market is growing. A point of proof is the fast rising
price premium on Silver Eagle 1-oz coins. So the US Govt itself, through
the US Mint, reveals how the true Silver price is much higher. Another
story not reported by the compromised lapdog servile financial press. ****
** **
It bears repeating, that the US Federal Reserve is stuck in the zero
bound corner. Raising interest rates would cause severe problems, if not
systemic breakdown, and rapidly. The US Fed under Chairman Bernanke is bluffing
with an empty hand, in almost a laughable pathetic way. They are out of
options, out of alternatives, and out of weapons. They have lost all
credibility and have forfeited their prestige. *Worse, by guaranteeing
ultra-low interest rates until the labor market improves through yearend 2015,
the hapless US Fed assures a systemic failure for the United States.* They
assure the breakdown because low rates near 0% raise the cost structure, reduce
profit margins, shut down business segments, and actually result in
widespread job cuts. The Zero Bound kills capital, in a land that has
forgotten what capitalism is. ****
** **
The consequences of rate hike in any exit strategy would be felt in
the following ways: ****

a) Raise borrowing costs to finance the US Govt deficit, and
possibly force those costs to rival the bulging endless war costs. A $700
to $800 billion borrowing cost line item might be considered low. Rate
hikes are totally out of the question. ****

b) The US Fed would torpedo their best clients that accepted
low-cost loans according to the Dollar Swap Facility. The total bestowed
upon European banks alone is well over $3 trillion from the ample supply
in 2011, plus the recent huge round. The biggest Western banks would be
ruined in a matter of a couple months. Rate hikes are absurd on their
face. ****

c) The US Economy would be forced to contend with higher
consumer borrowing costs for cars, homes, boats, and more, while
businesses would be dealing with higher borrowing costs for trucks,
communications equipment, and machinery. Rate hikes are not even remotely
likely. ****

d) The US Housing market would be forced to enter a recognized depression,
instead of the false recovery. This market cannot recover effectively with
sub-4% mortgage rates and subprime lending, courtesy of the US Govt
agencies like the FHA. Rate hikes are not going to happen, period. ****

e) The big US banks would see their US TBond carry trade ruined. It
is their primary source of profit, certainly not commercial lending
or investment banking. The big US banks borrow at near 0% and invest in 2%
or 3% long-dated US TBonds. Higher rates would force them to sell the long-term
US Treasury Bonds, and thus exacerbate any exit strategy by the
cornered US Fed. Rate hikes would be blocked before they happen. ****

f) The interest rate derivatives would cause a nuclear event. The JP
Morgan interest rate derivative collection is over $72 trillion
in notional value. If Interest Rate Swap contracts have been keeping
the long-term rates under 3% for two years in steroid driven activity in
hidden rooms, then their unwind would cause the long-term US TBond yields
to rise toward Greek levels, and far past Spanish and Italian levels. Thus
the label of a nuclear event. Rate hikes would cause a decade of darkness.
** **
The other solutions like the numerous liquidity facilities by the US
Fed, the Dollar Swap Facility for the benefit of European banks, the
vacant Long-Term Refinance Operation bonds by the Draghi Euro Central
Bank, the toxic bond redemptions, the deliveries of toxic paper onto the
Fannie Mae doorstep, these are all pathetic central bank exercises that
solve nothing. They fail to address the grotesque insolvency of the big
Western banks, the rampant deficits of the Western governments, and the
internal insolvencies within the many Western economies. ****
** **
A new trade settlement system is coming, which works around the toxic US
Dollar. While the United States slips inexorably into the Third
World, with several key traits already showing in glaring style, the rest
of the world will follow the Eastern lead. *The Chinese and Russians will
show the way, with a hidden German hand, as the trade settlement is to
be conducted with Gold Trade Notes based upon a core of gold, silver, and
platinum.* If nations wish to be benefit from supply routes, they
must acquire the Gold Trade Notes. The entire system is ready
for implementation, sure to shock the New York and London paper traders in
the empty temples. The paper IOU rubbish will no longer be accepted.
Great changes cometh, in a grand Paradigm Shift. ****
** **
For over two decades, trade has been dominated by the US Dollar
in settlement, led by the crude oil sales by OPEC. It defined the
Petro-Dollar and the Grand Surplus Recycle. Those ways are being gradually
pushed aside. As trade is settled increasingly outside the US Dollar, led
by Eastern nations, the entire global banking structures will shed their US
Treasury Bonds no longer required. Once again, in a more natural order,
the trade will dictate the banking reserve practices. The banks will
accumulate Gold bullion, diversify out of US TBonds (even US Agency
Mortgage Bonds), and begin to act like real banks again instead of toxic
paper factories and obscene derivative casinos. The Jackass does not
discuss the corrupted COMEX paper gold price any longer. It does not
deserve the attention, nor the respect, nor a capital “G” in the
name. Shocking events are coming, like earthquakes and tsunamis to foster
change. The United States will be largely left behind as valid physical Gold
takes center stage in the global financial system, the trade settlement
system, and the banking system. The next important new bankers will be
those in physical possession of Gold bullion without encumbrance of
counter-party, like the Sprott Fund, like bullion banks that do not
cooperate with the diabolical New York and London banks. ****
** **
*home: Golden Jackass website *
*subscribe: Hat Trick Letter*
Jim Willie CB, editor of the “HAT TRICK LETTER” ****
** **
*Use the above link to subscribe to the paid research reports,
which include coverage of critically important factors at work during the
ongoing panicky attempt to sustain an unsustainable system burdened by
numerous imbalances aggravated by global village forces. An
historically unprecedented mess has been created by compromised central
bankers and inept economic advisors, whose interference has irreversibly
altered and damaged the world financial system, urgently pushed after the
removed anchor of money to gold. Analysis features Gold, Crude Oil, US
Dollar, Treasury bonds, and inter-market dynamics with the US Economy and
US Federal Reserve monetary policy.*
** **

From subscribers and readers: ****

least 30 recently on correct forecasts regarding the bailout
parade, numerous nationalization deals such as for Fannie Mae and the
grand Mortgage Rescue. ****
** **
*”I have been a Hat Trick subscriber since 2005. I consider
your publication beyond excellent. It is indispensable to understanding
the mega-trends of the past such as the housing bust, bank
insolvency, monstrous US Government $trillion debt, the Fed’s QE to
infinity with no feasible exit strategy, and more. Essentially, your
analysis exposes and documents the massive corruption ruining the future of
young and old alike in America. A simple thank you is really not
sufficient to express my deep appreciation of the time and effort you put
into the Hat Trick Letters.”* (Elaine W in California) ****

*”A Paradigm change is occurring for sure. Your reports and analysis
are historic documents, allowing future generations to have an accurate
account of what and why things went wrong so badly. There is no other
written account that strings things along on the timeline, as your
writings do. I share them with a handful of incredibly influential people whose
decisions are greatly impacted by having the information in the Jackass
format. The system is coming apart on such a mega scale that it is
difficult to wrap one’s head around where all this will end. But then, the
universe strives for equilibrium and all will eventually balance
out.” *****

(The Voice, a European gold trader source) ****
*”It has been my hope that the financial collapse would occur within
a slower time frame, like a year from now. I have followed your articles
on various sites for a while, and have to say that you are very perceptive
and accurate as well as analytical.* *You have been more accurate,
detailed and thorough than others, and your Big Picture analysis is
usually spot on. I have noticed that it often becomes public news 3 to 6
months later. It is not easy connecting all the dots and understanding the
implications one event has on everything else, then interweaving all the
threads to grasp that big picture. I don’t usually spend the money for a
subscription, but I feel your information is vital to know.”* (KathyN
from Arizona) ****
** **
Jim Willie CB is a statistical analyst in marketing research and
retail forecasting. He holds a PhD in Statistics. His career has stretched
over 25 years. He aspires to thrive in the financial editor world, unencumbered
by the limitations of economic credentials. Visit his free website to
find articles from topflight authors at **. For
personal questions about subscriptions, contact him at *[email protected] *****




of course – especially “middle-class Christians” – like to believe
that these kinds of things don’t go on in the United States. Undoubtedly, they
occur in Third World countries, in some European capitals, and – no doubt – in
the Middle East, but surely not here. But the Bible says that “We are all
sinners” (Romans 3:23) – and Americans are no more immune from these sorts
of things than anyone else. The only thing we might be better at is in covering
them up.

you read this material, you will be amazed at what’s been happening – at what
the elites have been up to over the years; and you will be shocked by their
unfeeling callousness and cold cynicism. Moreover, you will be stunned as you
begin to grasp the fact that it’s into this gloomy, cheerless and dismal world
that the leadership of today’s evangelical church is taking us with its
new-found appetite for politics, and in the process polluting the church.

need to realize that it’s not without reason that the Bible says:

kingdom is not of this world; if my kingdom were of this world, then would my
servants fight … but … my kingdom (is) not from hence.” (John 18:36)

“Do not love the world, or anything in the world. If anyone loves the
world, the love of the Father is not in him. For everything in the world …
comes not from the Father …” (1 John 2:15-16)

whole world lieth in the evil one.” (1 John 5:19) read more:

NESARA- Restore America – Galactic News


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