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By Mort Amsel (Reporter)
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Ten Commandments Stone Found

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At the foot of this hill there is an ancient rock inscription.

Many scholars now believe that it contains the Ten Commandments, including 3 instances of the Tetragrammaton, inscribed in old Hebrew letters.

The above inscription is very unique for several reasons. First, it is written in an ancient Hebrew script. Second it is located near the small town of Los Lunas in the State of New Mexico, USA. Third, the inscription is of the “Ten Commandments”.

This proves that a Semitic people, probably Hebrews, arrived in the Americas long before Columbus or the Vikings.

This is pretty wild stuff.  Game changer.  What does it mean?  It means we still don’t know much of anything about our REAL past. The investigation continues though..  -Mort

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    • Pix

      It’s fake. Look at the green lichen covering the surface of the stone and then the lack of it in the letters. Compare it to the lichen covered lettering in the rock just above it. That proves the Hebrew writing is newly carved. QED.


      • five4ty7am

        I’ll second this. Definite hoax.

        • Mover

          It should have been written in Aramaic. Hoax for sure!

      • Anonymous

        You are right but i still believe Porky Pig died for our sins.

    • Anonymous

      i guess thats puts a new meaning to we are all palistinians now, the jews will stop at nothing to steel land and move the new world order forward in quest of world take over .

    • JMO1970

      Either way , i do not doubt the reality of the Ten commandments in fact i know they exist just like our past history did too. . I only wish that all history would be reported correctly and when it was found. The history of mankind is the most important thing. Since they said they found the Arc and Noah’s ark then i think people need to bring it out and let us get on with the reality and we ourselves should be the ones to decide what we believe in and not what they should decide what we should see.

    • ElOregonian

      Sorry Mort, they started arriving in 1586 in earnest but actually started arriving with Cristobal Colon (Christopher Columbus) to escape the Inquisition since he was a Sephardi Jew from the Genoese Region of Italy but raised in Catalan. He left to secretly seek a place of refuge and to be able to practice his Hebraic faith away from the Catholic church and still be protected by the Spanish crown.

      Twenty-five percent of the conquistadors were conversos – people who had been forced to convert from Judaism to Catholicism during the 15th and 16th centuries. Many of them came here in hopes that they would find a place to live where they could openly practice their Judaism. Many of them went far north, up to what is now Taos and Angel Fire, Albuquerque and into northern Arizona thinking they could escape the Inquisition. Many of them hid there for generations. The grandmothers on their deathbeds would tell their grandchildren, “We’re really Jews.”

      I know this as being a descendant and with a family heritage of 437 years permanently here.

    • mr big

      misleading title to article. before it’s news seems to do that, habitually.

    • xlgmedium

      Geez, the Jews really do want everything.

    • Anonymous

      the story is all wrong, moses didnt come down the hill with the tablets, he climbed the hill – took two tablets, and thats when he saw god..

      ive done it many times, i can get you some too if you want..

      • Anonymous

        I have some tablets with writing on, so perhaps these are giant sleeping pills from the ‘Hilltop Pharmacy’?

    • Troll King

      This proves absolutely nothing of the kind! Any modern day Hebrew could have wrote that with a little knowledge of “ancient Hebrew”. :neutral:

    • Djedi

      What a crock! In any case the 10 commandments are extracted from Egyptian writings, Moses is just an allegoric story, as ALL scripture is. Funny thing is, it’s all natural science, from astrology to psychology to quantum physics!

    • Room With a View

      Didn’t Moses throw them on the ground and smash them when he came back down from the mountain? Was Moses a giant? This story is BS.

      • Anonymous

        the whole bible is BS, so of course this is BS..

        • Realist

          You got that right. Only a mindless imbecile believes that bible (or any other religious text) is true.

    • Rickintoronto

      Graffiti dumb ass

    • Anonymous

      take the hint mort you stupid loser.. .read the comments, no one cares for your garbage idiot.. get lost!

    • Anonymous

      Sorry folks, after Moses shattered the first tablets in anger, the Lord rewrote them on new tablets and instructed Moses to place them in the Ark of the Covenant. (Deut.10) Find the Ark and you find the tablets. I sincerely doubt the two have become separated.

      Rev. 11:19 seems to hint that the Ark now resides in Heaven. Though archeologist Ron Wyatt writes extensively about finding the Ark and temple artifacts hidden in a cave on a hill once used for crucifixions. Then there are claims that the Ark is in Ethiopia . . . .

    • Hawbs

      i gotta give you guys the MOST ODD COMMENTS award on this one. i read about this quite awhile ago. you can all read about it too on google. thanks to mort. this is a story that is not proved, neither was it debunked. it may be true. this stone has the ten commandments written in paleo-hebrew with God’s correct name on it 3 times. Yahuwah. paleo-hebrew predates modern hebrew. your old testament bible was originally written in paleo-hebrew. this stone was officially found in 1933 with others seeing it in the 1800′s. there are no people living near the find. could it be that the israelites managed to migrate to north america? who knows. one of Yahuwah’s commandments in leviticus is to keep a copy of the 10 commandments in or near your home. how do native american indians look to you? a bit middle eastern with dark hair and dark skin? think about it.

      • anonymoustache


        All these other comments prove is that most commenters are experts on EVERYTHING
        but they would rather post negative comments on every post than write their own posts and suffer the scrutiny.

        how can I take seriously what these people have to say when all they have to say is without validation-
        everything is pretty much just because they say so!

    • yes2truth

      Mesopotamia was the cradle of civilisation and all peoples including Mayans, Aztecs, Incas, Red Indians so called, that inhabited the Americas would have come from Mesopotamia originally.

      The Israelites (NOT JEWS) were great sea farers including the Levites (The Welsh) who were the priesthood and descendants of Moses and Aaron. The Vikings (Norsemen) were the Tribe of Benjamin. The Irish are Danites – Tuatha de Danaan of the Ancient Irish histories.

      • Anonymous

        Oy! That’s why a pastrami on rye (mustard no mayo – do ‘ya got the seedless?) is loved the world o-va.

        • yes2truth

          Have you considered stand up comedy for a career. It’s great when the audience chucks the rotten tomatoes. LOL

      • Marine1014

        There seems to be a few Kenites wanting to put their two cents in on the comments !! You can tell by the way they talk/ write!

        • yes2truth

          Like it. LOL

    • Anonymous

      Count ‘em, there’s eleven. The eleventh states, “Thou shalt not perpetrate religious hoaxes”.

    • cece

      Right. First, Moses carried the ‘tablets’ (this is no tablet) down from the mount. Unless Moses was 50 feet tall, no human could carry that one boulder, much less two of them, down a mountain. Second, the Ten Commandments are in the Ark of the Covenant, which is in God’s possession. And third, I don’t think Moses ever lived in New Mexico.

      • Realist

        And fourth, Moses never existed.

        • cece

          Prove it.

        • Anonymous

          god said’moses come forth moses come fifth and lost the race!!! lol!

    • Anonymous


    • airspoon

      FAKE!!! I call BS… It’s amazing what some people are willing to believe…

    • Fianna

      Just look at the guy in the pictures, if that’s not a Wannabe Cowboy City Slicker, he is to clean to have been doing any real research digging.
      I want more info on the huckster in the pic!!


      NO WAY, PIX!…NICE TRY…but, how many people know ancient Hebrew Script???…duh…not to dang many!…but, this is very troubling, just the same…how did that stone get to New Mexico?…it’s supposed to be somewhere between Israel, Egypt & Saudi Arabia…
      is this man a Mormon?…Mormons like to believe that the U.S. was a place Jesus visited, I think…yet, none of their archaeologists have been able to find anything to verify any accounts in the Mormon bible.
      Joseph Smith met an angel alright…but, it wasn’t of God.


        @ me…correction…to typo…

        - ‘not ‘too’ dang many’



      realist…that’s all YOU know!…you need to do some research, Pal…ur talking off ur hat on that one!
      lots of evidence has been found to prove the veracity of the Old Testament & the characters within it…
      come on, I challenge you…do a study…find out, before you spout off verbal vomit…

      • Anonymous


    • munkeysuit

      el mao!

    • Joerg Klaemt

      Wasn’t Moses supposed to have carried that Tablet down the Mountain?
      Unless he was a Nephilim I doubt that he could even budge that monstrosity.

    • Anonymous

      WOW! That Moses was one hell of a strong guy to have carries these down the mountain on his shoulder ! Was he in the WWF as ( stone cold Moses ?) V ( the rock) hahahah :lol: :lol: :eek:

    • GEEZAS

      Aha! There is my recipe for my beyond awesomely good peanut-butter Jelly Cake! Thanks for finding it.

    • HereAmI

      This looks much more like the script we use today than anything the ancient Hebrews had. I can see lots of our letters and numbers either the right way round or backwards. Just something they did whilst waiting for it to get a bit cooler so they could continue their walk, methinks.
      The “scholars” who think it is the Ten Commandments should have their pocket money stopped for two weeks, and be given a good smacked bottom and sent to bed early without their tea.

    • whatareyouthinking

      Has anyone ever read the Book of Mormon? IT is about the people who were in America before Columbus. This seems obvious.

      • Confederate

        Sorry but I don’t read fantasy! Most of all when this book was read from the bottom of a HAT! I guess the hat was made of TIN FOIL! :roll:

        • yes2truth

          We don’t need to know what the Book of Mormon says to know that America was discovered hundreds of years before the Italian Jew Columbus was born.

    • Ericzipp

      Humm, wouldn’t the Mormons be happy if this was true. It could show that their bigamist founder wasn’t totally a compulsive liar. More in likely this is a hoax by a Mormon. The Book of Mormon falsely claims the native Americans were of Hebrew decent.

    • mwebb

      what is most troubling about this is that
      the actual JPS Tanakh printed version in my hands publication date 1985
      exodus 20 7
      to be

      “you shall not swear falsely by the name of the Lord your God :
      for the Lord will not clear one who swears falsely by his name . ”

      this is matched by the Everett Fox translation but disagrees with the KJV , which is what is shown on the rock in NM
      but the stone allegedly predates the KJV

      the text on the stone in NM is
      wrong (or the translation is wrong). yet it matches the FALSE translation that shows up when doing a google search for JPS tanakh exodus 20 7

      how is this possible ?
      refer to Deuteronomy chapter 4 verse 2

      “2 Ye shall not add unto the word which I command you, neither shall ye diminish from it, that ye may keep the commandments of the LORD your God which I command you. ”

      don’t change anything – yet it has been changed .

      someone has gone to a great deal of trouble to tell a very large FIB

    • predictability

      To.Mort Amsel-
      Very Good article even tho Pix! is the fake one anyways
      Moses was like any other prophet Like! *Examples*>
      -yashua -samuel -Jona -Isis -abraham -
      peter-paul-matthew -Noah -malachy.
      maybe spelled Wrong Sorry Sue me ^___^!
      God was trying To explain with his word!
      But u should know how Devilish and negative his
      Followers Are. Me i personaly Hate lucifer Aka satan.
      Aslo i Saw like 3 Commenters State.
      #1It’s My Perspective; Didn’t Moses.
      #2Anonymous:moses didnt come down the hill with the tablets,
      also #4Realist Ur like negativity i believe in the HOLY BIBLE!
      and im not God Nor jesus So don*t even Try to compare! Me! Nor Judge Me!.
      Moses Did and was a prophet For God even though some Put him in a childish Book Like WWF! Lol Really!.
      and for those doubting The HOLY BIBLE.
      Think about it.
      i Never Knew what it ment technically i considered myself
      RETARTED for Not seeing God In All of his Holy ways and miracles.
      Even though lucifer is like Abusive Soulmates!.
      peace predictability.

    • Jack Heart

      I wrote in depth about this almost two years ago including the Los Lunas stone. National Geographic has plagiarized my posts point by point including hiring of Scott Wolter to disseminate their theft. I don’t really mind. I intended them too. But the thing is they aren’t even a quarter way through the points yet. They don’t get it yet, they just got to the part about the Goddess. If anyone is impatient with the plodding intellect displayed on National Geographic’s Unearthing America, maybe they would like to try to figure it out themselves. Here’s the link to pick it up at the beginning but if your well being is dependent on believing you are in a Christian nation founded on Christian beliefs I suggest it would be better for you to go back to your grazing.

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